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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  October 2, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> i was terrified. sean: now on "daybreak," a gunman opened fire inside a college classroom in oregon killing nine people. he seemed to be targeting one religion. kevin: the trends are our friend as far as hurricane joaquin is concerned we'll have the latest update and look toward the weekend ahead. erin: have you seen these two people? they disappeared on consecutive days two weeks ago. sean: a fight between two people ended with their baby in the hospital. charges. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur "news 9 daybreak." happy friday.
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sean: good morn. i'm sean mcdonald. did you notice the sunset? it was gorgeous. a nice, pink sky. kevin: sailor's delight. temperatures have slipped back. that's our reaction for the weekend. with more in the way of sunshine up north than we'll see in southern areas. we'll run the risk of a shower later tonight and tomorrow morning. you'll notice the line of showers going through southern parts of new england this morning. this attached to a nor'easter off of the coast of the carolina. even farther south of that, hurricane joaquin. hispanics mid 30's in the north country. near 50 in southern spots. most areas in the 50's today with the northeast breeze fairly persistent, keeping the cooler air locked in for the weekend. much more on the weekend coming up. i want to look at your friday morning ride joined live by deb davidson. good morning, deb. deb: good morning, kevin. all major roadways are up to speed. that's great news as you
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morning commute. i want to remind you on 293 northbound, we have closed. that's due to some construction. keep that in mind as you direction. the everett turnpike is maintenance. no delays. they do slow down through the work area. southbound looks good through the tolls and down through the lane drops. out on the seacoast, we're not seeing any delays from massachusetts down to maine. this report being brought to you by autofair. from the traffic network, i'm deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. >> because you are a christian, you are going to see god in just about one second. and then he shot and killed them. erin: a gunman opened fire inside a college classroom killing at least nine people and wounding seven others. he made people stand and declare their religion. sean: that's right. the shooter identified as 26-year-old chris
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in a shoot out with police. brandi hitt is in roseburg, oregon where classes are cancels and memorials are growing. reporter: terror and chaos at umpqua community college. >> i hear screaming after the first gunshot. then i looked out. i saw the people running reporter: students describe running for cover and hiding as a gunman opened fire in roseburg, oregon late thursday morning. >> we're hiding in the small space. a budge of us were hiding. reporter: police have confirmed ten fatalities as the suspect continued the shooting rampage. >> somebody is outside one of the doors. reporter: officers say they exchanged gunfire with chris harper-mercer in the buildings. he is now dead. shooter. i will not give him the
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credit that he probably sought. reporter: law enforcement said four firearms, three pistols, and an assault type rival were recovered at the scene. they hinted he may have left messages behind. >> what was the motive? what led him to the school? who was the target? reporter: as the victim's families and friends gathered at a vigil, a frustrated president obama addressed the nation for the 15th time following a mass shooting. president obama: the united states of america is at the one advanced nation on earth in which we do not have sufficient common sense gun safety laws even in the face of repeated mass killings. reporter: the president now calling crime scenes like this one routine. agents with the fbi and atf are here. the campus will remain closed until at least monday. many students say they dent know if they will ever be able to return. sean: we will certainly continue to monitor that story.
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asking for your help in finding two people from manchester who have not been seen in nearly two weeks. erin: sue hutchinson and stephen andrade were roommates and disappeared on consecutive days. ray brewer live with a look at timeline in the case. ray: police believe that 36-year-old stephen andrade was the last person to see his hutchinson. she was last seen on september 20th. he was last seen on the following day. the pair lived together in an apartment on kaliff road in manchester. it is unclear exactly where hutchinson was last seen. they believe that andrade spent the sunday night at his brother's house in both. he was spotted at the game spot and hasn't been heard from since. families were both say this is unusual. >> the family members feel she was someone that was regimented, had
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her routines, never missed works or visits with her mother. when monday the 21st came and they didn't see or hear from her, it raised a regular flag. ray: hutchinson's car was found days after she disappeared. they are looking for a silver 5 series bmw. it is registered to hutchinson. andrade may be driving. they don't know if the pair is together. reporting live in manchester, ray brewer, wmur news 9. erin: merrimack police have arrested the man that assaulted his seven-week-old baby. chase mariscal, 21, is charged with endangering the welfare of a child and simple assault. police say he got into an argument with the boy's mother early yesterday morning and grabbed the child and held him in the air without supporting his head. mariscal bare indicated
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when the mother broke in, mariscal dropped the baby. we spoke with the child's grandmother. she did not want us to show her face. >> the baby wasn't crying or moving. he was just laying there. i was just, you know, -- it was scary. it was really scary. erin: the child was treated at the hospital. initial scans show no damage. mariscal is being held on $10,000 cash bail. sean: mascoma bank is reaching out to customers after discovering a skimming device. a man was spotted added a device behind the bank on north park street. it was placed early in the morning on saturday, september 12th, and removed later that night by the same man. the man charged in connection with an overdose death in 2013 has pleaded not guilty.
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he is charged with involuntary manslaughter. his attorney, who also represented whitey bulger, says his client is struggling with drug addiction. one of the bail conditions is that he not enter a rehab program. erin: a manchester man is accused of using violence and drugs to force a man into prostitution. he was at the jail at the time. stephen tucker faces one felony account. prosecutors say he forced a woman to work as a prostitute for about a year. the victim had a drug problem. tucker started giving her heroin and then later could beat her and withhold drugs if she didn't quote work. tucker is due back in court later this month. sean: schools across the state are helping tackle hunger here in new hampshire. one school got creative. erin: fires can be dangerous. local firefighters have an important message. sean: in the next half an hour,
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kevin: friday morning, october 2nd. a lot of clouds this morning. temperatures either side of 50. 50 is the reality for highs over the weekend. we're going to dodge a few showers here and there. we'll have the details on future cast and updating the latist advisory coming up. sean: kevin, thanks. next week is fire prevention week. it kicks off this week with a parade. erin: dozens of fire trucks will roll down elm street on sunday. it is really the largest
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parade of firefighters emergency apparatus in new england. this week's theme is smoke detectors. >> we found in many cases that smoke working. we're trying to get the message out. lives. that's what we're here for. erin: after the parade, head on over the fire headquarters for a variety of activities. sean: dozens of high schools across the state took part in the third annual new hampshire tackles hunger challenge last weekend. one school and community went above and beyond. the national honor society organized a drive. they did far more than just ask people to drop off money or a can of food. some students made videos and the whole school got involved. >> we do it during homecoming week where all of the students are encouraged to bring in cans for their class. we have a competition between all of the classes where we get points depending on how many cans we bring in. >> i think it is awesome
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who are less fortunate. everybody really does care about each other. >> this food drive is the biggest food drive that we have all year long. without it, we should be strapped for the rest of the year. this will help us out through december. sean: big kudos to all of the student that is stepped up. the drive collected 5 5-,200 pounds. you can still help by donating tonight or tomorrow. erin: it is a great program. the best downhill skiers in the world could be coming back to new england. the u.s. ski and snow board association is hoping to bring the ski world cup to killington, vermont next year. it would be thanksgiving weekend and would include new hampshire native mikaela shiffrin. we haven't had them in
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our area since 1991. isn't i look at snow makers. soon enough it is going to be cold enough. coming up, paris is trying to clean up the street. it will cost you if you leave a cigarette butt on the street. erin: hurricane joaquin
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will tt2watv#`84 bt@qd^ tt2watv#`84 "a@qtrd
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tt4watv#`84 " dztq cd\ tt4watv#`84 " entq 3@< tt4watv#`84 " gzt& *gd tt4watv#`84 " hnt& :i( tt4watv#`84 " iztq p p tt4watv#`84 " jntq bp0 tt4watv#`84 " lzt& z=l sean: the city of paris is trying to clean up a big problem. there's a $76 fine if you leave your cigarette butt on the sidewalk. they have 350 tons littered each year. they have installed garbage cans with built
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sean: the ikea is no longer selling pull blinds. ikea's ban will be in place worldwide by the end of the year. erin: the state is teaming up with the premium outlet for a job fair today. if you are looking for a job and you'll like to work at the outlet, only employers will be offering work. the state budget now in place, the trustees of the new hampshire community college are now freezing tuition for the year keeping in state prices at $200 per credit. the community college system has not raised tuition since 2012. they actually lowered the cost last year. sean: where will he go? hurricane joaquin continues to pound the bahamas with winds of 135 miles per hour. the prime minister has issued mandatory evacuation orders as surging waters reach the windows.
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phone and power service has been knocked out. more than a foot of rain could fall before the storm pulls away. the question is exactly where it will head from here. looks like at this point heading out to sea? kevin: i think that's where most of the major maps that are trustworthy looking three or four days out is trending at this point. it is to put it farther away. that is nothing but good news up and down the coast. there's plenty of rain in the carolinas. they can see six to ten inches of rain. nothing related to joaquin itself. it is going to be a cool, breezy pattern. weekend in the 50's. the closest pass will be several hundred miles. rough surf. there's a look at rainfall to the south. it is close enough to our south that we have to track it hour by hour as we work our way into the weekend. there's the nor'easter to the south. that's expected to continue to gradually work its way to the northeast. again much like joaquin
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remain off shore. temperatures in the mid 30's up north. near 50 in southern areas. a thicker cloud cover than we have up north. that's a trend that continues through a good part of the weekend. high temperatures today in the 50's. northeasterly wind 10-20 miles an hour. we'll make it feel cooler than that. you can see the showers not far away. battling a lot of dry air. 30's up north. this will get eaten away a bit as it tries to approach. i think if we're going to see some showers over the weekend, probably our best chance will be overnight tonight. maybe around very early tomorrow morning. you can see the future cast hinting at that. we start with a shower. you'll notice as the day goes along, a lot of that falls apart. the nor'easter continues to fall apart as well. those clouds and that risk of a shower continues into saturday areas. you'll start to see the clouds start to fade a bit, dry out by the time we get toward sunday.
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will be to the south. trends on all of the computer maps recently have been to our east. at least most of the major maps. there are still a few out of the runs that we get. there are literally about 30 of them that the computer maps. that's what we call the spaghetti chart. you'll notice a lot of the tracks here and a lot of them centered along a system being several hundred miles. the main effect would be some rough surf monday night, tuesday likely lingering into wednesday. you'll note there are a couple of others not necessarily agreeing with that. at least at this point, the bears are watching. it looks better than it did just a day or two ago. into the 50's today. breezy and cool into the afternoon. tonight temperatures drop back into the 30's up north, 40's elsewhere. then we're back into the 50's tomorrow. best chance of a couple of showers will be early in the day in southern areas. shower thereafter through saturday night. i think the clouds may sunday. that will get temperatures a little
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bit warmer. from there, joaquin passes to the southeast monday afternoon setting up more sunshine and temperatures pretty close to the average into the 60's thereafter. sean: very cool. in the 50's, huh? kevin: it has. especially after the warm september. erin: now we want to check our top stories. here's ray. ray: manchester police wanting your help in finding two people. hutchinson and andrade were roommates. hutchinson was last seen on sunday september 20th. andrade hasn't been seen since the next day. erin: an arizona man accused of assaulting his seven-week-old son. 20-year-old chase mariscal is charged with endangering the welfare of a child and simple assault. the baby was treated for non-life threatening injuries. a manchester man is accused of using violence and drugs to force a woman into prostitution for nearly a year.
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he was in jail at the time of the alleged crime. sean: coming up this morning, the pumpkin people are back.
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erin: it is starting to really feel like fall. that means the jackson pumpkin people are back. sean: they are back. this is the 28th year. conway is joining in on the fun as well. from now through the end of the month, you can check out more than 70 displays. organizers say real pumpkins can't be replaced with fake ones weeks. aft 20th, some may not be standing anymore. vote for your favorite. there's so many good ones. if you have a chance, go check them out. it is fun to do. erin: the muppets while you are there. sean: yeah.
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur "news 9 daybreak." sean: welcome back. good morning. 48 degrees. it is going to be cooler the next few days. erin: we have chances for rain. we're going to look at that. first the top stories. we are learning new details about a deadly shooting on the campus of a community college in oregon. authorities have identified the man they say shot and killed at least nine people before he died in a shootout with police. manchester police are asking for your help in locates a woman and man who have been missing for nearly two weeks. and as new hampshire continues to battle the heroin crisis, one lawmaker is proposing the state create a registry for convicted
6:29 am
heroin dealers. sean: "chronicle "was up in lincoln. kevin: you get in farther northern areas of the state. we're going to hope for sunshine to go along with it. foilage always looks better with the sun out. you'll notice the shower activity to the south. a couple of those will try to creep in later hon this afternoon or evening. it is a long train of moisture. hurricane farther south of that. a lot of that trying to escape to the south here. end game for us around here would be more clouds than anything else. we'll have partial sunshine up north and a northeast wind going through the day. sean: i like your description. a train of moisture coming up the east coast. kevin: choo choo. for a look at the drive, we're joined live deb davidson. deb: good morning. 93 southbound looks great through the state of new hampshire. i need to give you a
6:30 am
warning there's a crash at exit 46 in massachusetts. blockage. traffic is beginning to back up. i can guess shortly it will be backing up to the state line. keep that in mind as you head out this morning. if you are on the everett turnpike, there's ongoing bridge maintenance between exits five and three. that will be there for the next month or so. no problems southbound through the tolls. the lane drops or from merrimack to nashua. 101, and 111 are all up to speed at this hour. i'm deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. erin: thank you. our top story. the investigation continues into a deadly shooting on the campus of an oregon community college. sean: a gunman opened fire yesterday morning killing five -- nine people and wounding seven others. hill. everybody was going
6:31 am
everywhere. >> what was going through your mind? >> i hope i make it. erin: chris harper-mercer was killed in a shootout with police. sean: people say he demanded the victims state their religion. reporter: president obama got visually angry during his statement about the oregon shooting saying our thoughts and prayers are not enough. campus chaos. >> i've never been more terrified for my life. ever. community college shattered after a gunman went on a mass rampage the first week of school. >> it was rapid fire. you could hear the people. you could hear them moving and crying. reporter: the shooter was identified at 26-year-old chris harper mesiter. witnesses claimed he demanded to know the student's religion
6:32 am
>> it's been a devastating day. reporter: victims were remembered thursday while president obama cried another case of senseless violence. >> somehow this has become routine. the reporting is routine, my response here at this podium ends up being routine, the conversation in the aftermath of it. we've become numb to this. reporter: the president implored the public, congress, gun owners, and even the media to act on gun control declaring this is something we should politicize. sean: all right. here at home, manchester police are asking for your help in throw -- locating a pair of missing people. erin: they say sue hutchinson and stephen andrade haven't been
6:33 am
ray brewer live in manchester. other agencies are offering stance in the case. ray: that's right. it will offer manchester police department any resources it has to help find these two people. >> for the last week and a half, we haven't seen or heard from either side. reporter: 57-year-old sue hutchinson and 36-year-old stephen andrade were roommates. hutchinson disappeared on sunday, september 20th. andrade was last seen the following day. police say it was hutchinson's family that situation. >> the family members feel she was someone that was very regimented and had her routines. she never missed work, visits with her mother, doctor's appointments. when monday came, it raised a red flag. ray: they say the disappearance
6:34 am
>> we believe his spent the night at his brother's house. at some point, he left his brother's home. he was at game stop in bedford at 4:26 p.m. on the 21st. ray: also worrisome, hutchinson's buick century was found two blocks from her home two days after she disappeared. a 2005 bmw is also missing. it is registered in hutchinson's name. andrade could be driving it. police say andrade and hutchinson have some distinctive marks. andrade has an abz tattoo on his neck and bmg tattoo on his left shoulder. hutch inson has a dragon tattoo on her neck and guitar on her wrist.
6:35 am
if you are any information, you are asked to get in touch with the police. sean: all right. thanks. a railroad is filed a federal lawsuit against the city of poston mouth. this is the latest move in a battle over increasing the amount of propane moving through that city. b and m which is part of pan am railways claims it is preparing the railway. they claim that portsmouth has opposed the expansion of c-3, a propane distributor, over safety concerns. it alleges the city is jeopardizing the propane supply for the winter. the railway has asked a federal judge to block any effort to stop it from transloading poprin itself. >> we've made it clear that the city needs to do whatever it can within the bounds of the law to protect its citizens from any kind of hazardous activity.
6:36 am
that compasses the transloading. sean: in a statement, maggie hassan said it is troubling that pan am is refusing to work with state and local officials regarding activities that pose real safety and environmental threats to our citizens. erin: police, politicians, and other community members came together in hudson last night to discuss potential solutions to new hampshire's heroin crisis. speakers at the heroin in hudson forum shared stories about addiction, discuss resources for addicts, and outlined warning signs of heroin abuse. hudson ems says it has responded to 46 drug year. >> what i've been saying to my colleagues, if you don't think you have a heroin problem, go ask what's happening. this is an issue that we have an epidemic in new hampshire. this is a national epidemic. erin: kelly ayotte is sponsoring legislation that's meant to
6:37 am
and prescription pain medication sean: one lawmaker is offering a the drug. they are proposing that the state create a public registry. he thinks it would be useful tool for both law enforcement and the public. offenders list. like we have sex offenders, we have drug dealers selling heroin. it is equally as bad. we are looking at impacts of their ability to get social services, reporting to the police chief in the town they live in. sean: the bill would be considered during the legislative session. erin: some presidential candidates will be hitting the campaign trail here in the granite state this weekend. john kasich will told a town hall meeting today. ted cruz will begin a two-day visit by making stops in nashua,
6:38 am
rick santorum and carly fiorina will arrive tomorrow. they will attend the practical forum. sean: here's a cool update. last month we told you about a new hampshire-based new hampshire that's releasing a calendar showing handicap pets from across the country. one of the dogs featured has been adopted and is coming in new england. the dog, named turkey tom, is expected to flown from montana to his new home in vermont today. great news. erin: it will be good news for other animals in the calendar. coming up, a warning for people spending time outdoors. one woman is on a mission to stop them from taking selfies with bears. sean: a big surprise gets an emotional reaction from one man. everybody is talking about this. why he was brought to tears by opening an oven kevin: heavy rain. a long line of moisture. we start to get in on
6:39 am
activity. kevin: starting off friday morning with clouds. we'll have the thicker
6:40 am
clouds cover in southern areas. high temperatures today and through the weekend in the 50's. the crisp, autumn air continues to work its way in. we'll have the details on how long the stretch is expected to last. erin: 6:43. the u.s. military says that 11 people were killed when a plane crashed in eastern afghanistan. sean: six u.s. airman and five passengers died when the c-130 plane went down by jalalabad. the passengers were civilian contractors working with the nato resolute support mission. no word on what caused the plane to crash. erin: police in massachusetts have finally filed charges with a murder that happened years ago. james witkowski is abused of killing leana bruce. bruce was 21 and had just graduated from tufts university. a wallet contained a piece of paper that had
6:41 am
matching witkowski. right now he's in police for another crime. he's expected to be arraigned next week. sean: a new study shows a dangerous trend developing on the nation's roadways. the number of people driving under the influence of drugs is on the rise. the study by the governor's highway safety association found that 40% of drivers killed in crashes in 2013 tested positive for drugs. those drugs covered everything from method to blood pressure medication. the most common drug involved was marijuana. erin: is woman in new york is on a mission to spread an important warning. do not take selfies with bears. dozens of pictures have been showing up on social media, showing people dozing with bears. stickers to remind people to enjoy the distance. >> people don't realize when you make the kind of pictures when you get in close proximity to a bear, you are putting a bear's life in danger,
6:42 am
not to mention your own. erin: allman says she worries the selfies could lead to more bears being put down if wildlife officials think they are becoming too comfortable around people. sean: let's talk about sports. the yankees are going to the playoffs. the win in the series finale clenched the playoff spot. they won the game 4-1. the sox will finish their season with three games at the indians starting tonight. erin: the boston bruins just won more exhibition games tonight. yesterday the team held the media day. the regular season begins thursday night when they host the winnipeg jets. sean: a woman in virginia got an unexpected reaction when she surprised her husband with a big announcement. take a look. >> you are pregnant? [crying] sean: there's a reason for this reaction. dana graves let her
6:43 am
husband, arkell, know she's expecting by putting the ultrasound picture in the oven. tears. the couple has been trying to have a baby for nearly 17 years. >> the reaction was priceless. i wasn't expecting that at all. i knew he would be emotional. i was not expecting the reaction that i received. >> i've never been that excited before in my life. i mean -- not mainly for myself, for her. sean: the couple says their baby boy is due in february. i would break down in tears if something like this happen. this came as a surprise. she expected to lose some weight. she wasn't. went to the doctor and you are pregnant. bun in the oven. erin: there were a lot of buns. sean: i don't think it represents each child. kevin: it wasn't to scale. good to know. maybe there are more surprises down the line. start off with a lot of
6:44 am
clouds early on. near 50 another the coast. you head farther north and were in the mid 30's in parts of the north country. partly cloudy skies up in the area early this morning. looks like one of those days today where northern areas get in more sunshine with the peak of the foilage season there. for central and southern areas, in and out of the clouds. along with that, the risk of a shower. i think between this afternoon through sunday afternoon probably our best window of time to see a couple of showers for southern areas and maybe some light rain that may last for more than two or three hours. maybe overnight tonight in extreme southern new hampshire. beyond that, we go in and out of scattered, very brief, light activity or some sprinkles from time to time. temperatures in the 40's to near 50 degrees this morning. really nothing to slow you down as you head out on the morning commute. we are expecting quite a few more clouds today in southern areas. up north you'll be in and out of the filtered sunshine along with the partly sunny sky into the afternoon as the leaves continue to change there.
6:45 am
high temperatures mainly in the 50's. i think this is a trend for us this weekend. highs mainly in the 50's. we are looking at a situation here where we have temperatures just kind of holding at temperatures at or below the average for a string of three our fordays as we wait well to the south. there it is. thickest of the cloud cover. you notice there might be a shower around. here's the best chance that i mentioned overnight tonight or very early tomorrow morning. could see a tenth to maybe two tenths of an inch of rain. you can see a cupful sprinkles. can't rule out one. i think a lot of that suppressed to the south along with that train of moisture that's up and down the east coast. from there, you'll notice the clouds early sunday trying to break apart and drying out just a little bit. a little bit of sunshine through the afternoon. the temperatures will come up a couple of extra degrees. it will be in the mid to
6:46 am
upper 50's on sunday. there's joaquin to the south. category four. you can see it lifting to the north. most of the maps as this has continued to progress through time. keep that system far enough to the east. it would be a solid two to 300 miles south of cape cold. that would mean rough surf. most of the maps do the same thing. a couple of outliers are here farther to the west. it ising? -- it is something we will be tracking. we're in the 50's tout there today. again tonight dropping back into the 30's and 40's. a little bit more sunshine on sunday. because of that, a couple of notches warmer. we continue to watch hurricane joaquin has it passes to the southeast on monday. that's the most likely possibility right now. most of the maps have been converging on that. once it goes by, temperatures into the mid to upper 60's. there will be another front coming through. maybe temperatures dip after that. getting back closer to
6:47 am
the average. sean: sounds good. kevin: not the worst of weekends. not the best either. erin: if you are looking for something to do, how about this? head to manchester. the ringling brothers and barnum and bailey's circus is putting on shows. the circus begins tonight at 7:00. sean: they asked me to do the strong man bid, but i was not available. erin: you are doing odd -- another strong man competition. sean: we asked about corn mazes. beech hill, scamman farm, moulton farm, and the number one farm according to the viewers is sherman farm in conway. starting today, we want to know where the best pumpkin patches are in new hampshire. cast your vote on the facebook page or web
6:48 am
i suspect even if it is cloudy, people will be out picking pumpkins. erin: all of the good fall stuff. still ahead, a final check on your top stories, including a search for two missing people from manchester. a u local hot shot photo of the morning. looks like the sky isn't taking any chances. it is getting ready for joaquin wherever it might be. i love the rain slicker. submit your own puffers and video.
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local members by i had no idea snhu had this amazing campus. even the walk to class is amazing. i love the sense of community. people actually hold the doors open for you here. all my professors really know who i am here. they genuinely want you to succeed. i've made so many friends here. friends i know i'll have for life.
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visit snhu and see for yourself. erin: 6:55. updating or top stories. sean: manchester police are asking for your help in finding 57-year-old sue hutchinson and 36-year-old stephen andrade. erin: an arizona man is accused of assaulting his seven week old son in an argument with the child's mother. chase mariscal is charged with endangering
6:51 am
and simple assault. sean: a manchester man is accused of using violence and drugs to force a woman into prostitution. he claims he was in jail at the alleged time. he's due back in court later this month. erin: as new hampshire continues to battle the heroin crisis, one lawmakers is proposing the state create a registry. the bill would be considered during the legislative session. sean: a lot of clouds this morning. a few breaks in the overcast farther north. allowing temperatures to go back into the 30's. it is 40's to lower 50's elsewhere. highs in the 50's. the chance of a shower in southern areas later this afternoon. i think the best chance will be overnight tonight. there could be a shower or sprinkle at any time. temperatures remaining cool and crisp. sean: got to break out the sweaters. : coming up next, more details on the man who opened fire at a community college in
6:52 am
oregon yesterday kills at least nine people. survivors say the gunman state their religion shooting. of course the president had some pretty harsh words about that. sean: police didn't even want to say his name. all eyes are on joaquin, hurricane joaquin up the east coast. the question is where it will make land fall, if at all. erin: we'll be watching the skies.
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