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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  October 2, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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shelley: now at 11:00, the states division of youth and families is under review by the governor. the second batch of mosquitoes has tested positive for triple-e. why this number is so much lower than last year. hayley: chilly, breezy and cloudy weather continues. do we see any sunshine this weekend? the hour by hour forecast coming up. shelley: get ready, friday night football is here. all the highlights, including two of the top 5 teams in the power poll facing off. >> no one covers new hampshire like you. now, wmur news 9 tonight. shelley: the death of a toddler has prompted governor maggie hassan to put the state' s child services agency under review. good friday evening to you, i' m shelley walcott. the mother of that toddler has been charged with murder. the attorney general' s office
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wants an investigation to see if more could have been done to prevent the girl' s death. wmur' s stephanie woods has our top story live from concord. stephanie: the attorney general' s office says the division of children, youth and families met sadie willott' s family before her death. but they say that' s not the only case that' s troubling them. >> more than anything, i know that every granite stater wants every child, our most vulnerable citizens, to be safe, and that' s what this review is about. stephanie: governor maggie hassan has demanded an external review of the division of children youth and families following the death of city will it. -- sadie willott. manchester police have charged her mother, 22-year-old katlin paquette, with murder. the attorney general says sadie' s family visited dcyf before her death on september 6. >> but after the death of sadie willott, the attorney general and i both decided that we needed to review not only that
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see if we are truly living up to that fundamental principle that all children should be in safe environments. >> what we want to have is the best system to protect the children. stephanie: attorney general joseph foster says his office looked into how dcyf handled sadie' s case and others and found some concerning patterns. >> there were cases that we saw where there were a number of interactions and the cases would be found unfounded. then there was the determination that there was no abuse of neglect. when you see enough of that pattern you begin to wonder after there is an event whether changes need to be made. stephanie: dcyf director lorriane bartlett recently said they are challenged by a lack of staffing. since march reports of alleged child abuse and neglect have increased by 33%. >> what is the proper case load for someone to carry? can they handle the number of cases that they have and we' re
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hoping that this outside person will give us the expertise to know the proper number of cases and how many people are in fact needed. stephanie: the commissioner of the department of health and human services which oversees dcyf said the department will cooperate fully with the investigation. live in concord, stephanie woods, wmur news 9. shelley: police in conway and north conway say they' ve responded to three overdoses in just a week. today, first responders were called in when a man was found slumped over the wheel of his car in a parking lot. he was given narcan as he was rushed to the hospital. first responders resuscitated two other overdose victims with narcan last friday and saturday. tonight hurricane joaquin slammed the bahamas, bringing wind, heavy rain, and strong surf. and while the track now takes a category three storm out to sea, there' s another storm threatening the mid-atlantic coast this weekend. meteorologist hayley lapoint is tracking it all.
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joaquin, hoping it would take more of a and easterly track and that is what is going to happen. there it is in the bahamas, turning away. it was downgraded to a category three hurricane earlier this evening. you see the heavy rain in south carolina and north carolina, that is part of a storm system keeping rain and clowns around us. in the meantime, the hurricane, 125 miles per wind speed. we will be in the clear format storm system. rain showers linger over new hampshire this evening. that will be the case saturday, especially in the southern part of the state. more on the forecast and a couple of. shelley: for just the second time this season, a batch of mosquitoes has tested positive for triple-e. this one was in candia. state health officials are warning that the threat from mosquito-borne viruses isn'
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over yet. jean mackin explains why this season is different from years past. jean: the deerfield fair is in full swing and the furthest thing from the minds of fairgoers, mosquitoes. >> not today. it is wicked cold. mosquitoes. jean: but state health officials say mosquitoes carrying the life-threatening viruses west nile and eee are still out there. while no human cases have been reported in new hampshire, 4 towns had mosquitoes or a bird test positive for west nile virus since september. two for eee including the latest found in candia. candia is just a few miles from one of the most popular events in the state this weekend the deerfield fair. state health officials say don' t be fooled by the cool weather . they want people to take precautions until the threat is over by the first hard frost >> at this point we' ve had
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detections across the state and even as far north as holderness so its really important for everyone in the entire state to take precautions against mosquito bites. >> people bundled up at the fair admit they' re not anxious about mosquitoes. >> i haven' t seen one in a while. but that is a little scary. >> i have no concern about mosquitoes. >> i have seen very few mosquitoes this year it has been so dry. they need to lay their eggs in the water. jean: health officials say while dry weather can cut down on mosquito populations and cold keep them at bay the ones still alive are still a threat >> even though it is getting colder and there are fewer mosquitos out there the ones that are out there are more likely to become infected with these viruses. jean: so keep in mind, it is still mosquito season in new hampshire. shelley: there have been significantly fewer instances of triple-e compared to last year. 18 batches of mosquitoes tested positive, all by this point in the season.
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three people got sick with triple-e, and one person died from complications from the disease. three animals tested positive for triple-e, and one batch of mosquitoes tested positive for west nile virus. officials in oregon say the 9 people killed in yesterday' s shooting at a community college in oregon range in age from 18 to 67. investigators say the shooter was armed with at least six guns and 5 ammunition magazines when he attacked umpqua community college in roseburg. city leaders are asking for support for the families of the victims. >> these families are currently living through the nightmare in the most personal way possible. what we' re asking our community to do now is reflect on this, try to support the families, certainly support the college. shelley: the shooter was killed in a gun battle with police. seven people were wounded in the
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attack. coming up on newsnight tonight, members of the republican party gather to celebrate one of their own. the salute to judd gregg for his decades of service. haley: a stubborn weather pattern overhead. more showers and clouds. the winds continue to be breezy. coming up. >> get ready for friday night football. channel nine. shelley: nice going, ladies. cheers from the cardinals. jason king will have all your
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the friday night football it is time to deal with skyrocketing out-of-pocket costs. commentator: the 32-year-old head of a pharmaceutical company raised the price of a life-saving drug overnight by 5,000%.
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commentator: he may be lowering it after hillary clinton blasted him out of the water. her plan would limit the out-of-pocket costs that consumers have to pay. clinton: nobody in america should have to choose between buying the medicine they need and paying their rent. i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. shelley: the new hampshire republican party honored one of its long-time leaders tonight, former senator judd gregg. the gala in manchester was a way to thank senator gregg, his wife, and the entire gregg family for their service to new hampshire. gregg represented new hampshire in the u.s. senate and congress, and served as governor of new hampshire. republican candidate john kasich made time while campaigning to take a wmur candidate cafe. around the lunch table, he
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joined undecided voters who the institute helped choose. talking about personal things like how he met his wife. mr. kasich: i say, how are you. she says good. i keep walking to where my top aide was. i said, i have seen the most of a woman in my life. you have to come in and make an excuse. shelley: he will also appear sunday at 10:00 a.m. where he will discuss how he will discuss the crisis in syria. haley: looks like the rain is over and done with but there might be a couple of sprinkles around. it has been a cool start to october.
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average high, 66. we only got to 55 and concord. 54 was the high in nasa luck. warmer -- nashua. warmer up in the great north woods. opposite tonight. clear skies to the north. temperatures colder. 50' s with the clouds and showers. the temperatures, really not going up in a big way. tomorrow is going to be the coolest day we have had in a while. 53 will be the high. all we could muster with the clouds and showers. 58 sunday. finally climbed the 60' s. mid-to-upper 60' s by the time we get to mid week. a cool feel when the wind hits you.
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we have had winds higher than that through the day. looking at a bend of clouds, basically from south weare to get some rain showers too. especially in the monadnock region. you see the darker shades of green down to concord. that is where you have some of the moderate rainfall. things have lightened up. at least for the time being. we have a rontal boundary along the east coast. that is what is bringing the clouds and showers. the closer you are to the coast, the more clouds and showers you will get. the winds continuing to come down out of the northeast, too. the southeastern part of the region, a fire hose of moisture. 10-15 inches of rainfall over the weekend.
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hurricane joaquin, a category three hurricane and will go out to sea. lots of clouds in the southern part of the state. sunday, that is where we will see some sunshine. a couple of showers get in saturday. sunday looking like the brighter. don' t be afraid to head to the fair. but on a couple of layers. weekend. week. newsroom. this is a picture a news 9 viewer sent in.
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exactly caused the accident or how many injuries, but we are monitoring the situation. avoid that area if it is one you normally travel. any updates, we will bring you as soon as we learn them. jason king is standing by with the latest on friday night football.
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>> let' s show them what kind of heart we have. jason: head coach paul silva looking for a little respect for his undefeated cardinals, could they stay that way tonight, friday night football starts right now. >> i am a quarterback and you are watching friday night football. right here on channel nine. jason: thank you, maxwell. his milford spartans are off tonight. they have a big one at lebanon tomorrow night. some good games on the schedule between two teams in the top 5 of this week' and salem. salem in white excellent opening . 75 yard drive for them nick . the blue uniforms. nick shumski takes the pitch, then throws downfield to charles sibanda for a nice gain and a first down.
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the blue devils get the touchdown as doug maroun runs it in from two yards out. 7-0 salem. chilly night for the cheerleaders. ensuing kickoff great blocking , for mason wallace, who heads up the left side for a long kickoff return deep into salem territory. that sets up last week' s exeter hero, kicker evan royer, for a 32 yard field goal attempt but salem' s matthew ayotte gets a piece of it, and the kick misses to the right. kyle ball scored his 2nd td for exeter with 7 seconds to go in the game. exeter wins 14-10. the 15th all-time game between these two teams. salem leads the series 8-7. a pair of 2-2 teams went at it in hampton. the warriors fall spaulding and , 2-3. dover both looking their first wins.
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breaking an 18 game losing streak. 2 td passes from jack priester to eric stevens. the lancers home with portsmouth, 21-12 londonderry in the third quarter. cody graham scrambles and finds christian pete for a portsmouth touchdown. after the 2 point conversion it was a 21-20 game. fourth quarter, jake stevens rose to the right and decides to keep it. good run inside the 5 yard line, that would set up this david wiedenfeld score, he reaches the ball over the top, touchdown lancers, 27-20. three touchdowns tonight. jimmy zimolka takes the hand-off on the speed sweep, nice moves down the sideline, good gain, helped to set up a field goal. lancers beat the clippers 30-20. pinkerton at merrimack, the tomahawks had the astros on the ropes in the first half, but
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pinkerton rallies to win it 42-30 two. they are nick coombs and mike 5-0. curley both rushed for 3 td' s and over 100 yards. a north conference showdown between memorial and concord . this was also a collection sight for the new hampshire tackles hunger program. second, play action fake. he rolls out and finds chris cummings in the endzone for a td the score. 21-7 concord. memorial qb nick keaney runs for a touchdown out of the shotgun . that made it 21-13 concord. hard-hitting game. watch as brad ascollio tries to run it up the middle. concord wins 28-19 the crusaders still looking for their first win. they are nashua north got a big 0-5. win on the road, beating central 21-7. shane legraw had a 40 yard td
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catch, while mike muchemore and greg stanton led the defense undefeated goffstown at nashua south grizzlies cruise 61-14 casey gervais and conor bourque each went over 100 yards on the ground to read the ball twice tonight. from one unbeaten to the other bedford hosting keene black , birds in the white uniform. zachary tucci with a planned-run all the way check out the spin move. picks up a first down before john wright puts a good hit on him. a good play for keene here qb , quarterback sean corrigan looks at several options, then finds alex abreu on the right. a touchdown run here by thomas norfleet. big game next week bedford at goffstown on saturday in the land of the grizzlies. cardinals, 43-0.
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the stevens cardinals are out to a fast start in division three this year. stevens entering the night at 4-0, hosting the 3-1 lakers, / stevens in red, 7-0 lakers, . malik carter 39 yard touchdown catch, made it the lakers 14-0. weren' t done, nick brothers rips off a 30 yard touchdown run, . they would miss the point after. 20-0. stevens couldn' t do much on offense. 42-0, the final. winnisquam and somersworth in the bears improve to 5-0 with a the graveyard. 26-0 win. christain serrano ran for 125 yards and two touchdowns. he also through two touchdown passes. the newport tigers are
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undefeated in division three, at falmouth tonight. 3rd quarter, already 42-7 newport, tyler shannon with a big run, 32 yard gain, taken down inside the 10. a few plays later, jake dows takes it in from two yards out, . that right there made it 49-7. the wildcats still fighting, jacob shoemaker hits koal simonds for a short gain, but the tigers are looking good at 5-0. they win big, 56-7. bishop brady at raymond the giants were tested, but they win 27-22. >> come on, let' s go. jason: merrimack valley home with kingswood. 14-0 home team in the second quarter when ian curtin dumps it off to nick bartlett, he makes some moves and finds pay dirt, a touchdown. 21-0 for the price. 28-0 when the defense gets on the board. evan lavoice is picked off by bradford merrill.
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through for -- pride improved with a 4920 when. -- -- 49-20 win. looking to get in the win column. penn brook, comes off the edge and forces a fumble. the drive did not go anywhere. blue knights, not making it easy. in on the stop. later, the spartans, on the drive, roll out. that would set up a touchdown. the spartans win, 47-20. the eagles win 34-7. two scores and running for another. another huge night of offensively.
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the eagles 4-1. huskies, 4-1. they win by a shutout, 12-0. you can watch all the games on a website. also follow us on twitter. that does it for week five. can you believe, we are past the halfway point of the regular season. good luck the teams tomorrow and on your sats. still to come, the bruins on the ice.
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jamie: just two games to go for the boston red sox, after tonight' s game in cleveland. they are putting the wraps on their season with a series against the indians. no scoring early on, but then cleveland able to open at up. carlos santana, all three runs will come around to score. cleveland took a 3-0 lead. 4-0 in the top of the north when david ortiz hit a homer. but the indians win 8-2.
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gets. a former new hampshire fisher cat, that is artistry. the less exhibition game for the bruins before the regular season thursday. first period, loui erickkson preseason. alex ovechkin scored in the 3rd and then evgeny kuznetsov gets this game-winner in the shootout as the cap swing to dovers brian -one. murphy was one of the lineman in the game. homecoming at unh tomorrow the wildcats host elon. >> they have improved their physicality on their side. >> they look good. good on defense. they have some athlete. haven' t been giving up too many
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jamie: dartmouth on the road. the state at home.
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