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tv   Closeup  ABC  October 4, 2015 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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is that fair to say? gov. kasich: i like to give people answers. i am who i am. josh m.: there is a lot going on in the news. you made some news by talking about what youapoa wld be when it comes to what' s happening in syria, calling on congress and the president to create safe havens, sanctuaries. gov. kasich: so people don' t have to run and leavthr countr please create a no-fly zone. give people -- we create a no-fly zone. if people want to violate it, there will be consequences
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kurds to provide sanctuary. ourselves in a region er we can' t sit still over there much longer. josh m.: how much time do we have legitimately? you talk about coalition building to create these sanctuaries. do we try to get everybody on board? president, that' s what i w be doing. you have all these candidates talking about what they are going to do. that is 18 months away. m trying to talk about the most practical approach to something. do i think the administration is going to listen to me? do i think congress -- i think it is an idea that allows us to get involved that sends a message to the russians, how dare you try to tell us what our message ought to be.
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a lot of people in the region would breathe a sigh of relief. if we continue to create all then we situio re dealt. josh m.: a lot of people -- the country is war fatigued, to a certain degree. you' re talking about putting boots on the gun these sanctuaries, guarding a no-fly zone. it sounds like a dangerous mix. it might be a tough sell. gov. kasich: everything is a tough sell when you are lk abt ob pits d warfare. the upside -- we should have a no-fly zone. to enforce that no-fly zone, it would be our air force or whoever ith c maintain that no-fly zone.
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if isis would intend to invade, it would then require us to be involved with, perhaps, boots on the ground in a coalition. in terms of the russians saying you have no right to put one up, we should put one of. if they violate it, there will be very secure -- severe consequences. no more red lines, no more weakness. josh m.: a lot of people going to the assad regime as a very dangerous one. a lot of people say the world is safer with saddam hussein and bin laden in it. gov. kasich: asa -- assad has to go. i did not want us to be directly involved in this. i think we should have supported the rebels long time ago to remove assad. we are going to have to deal with isis. there is no two ways about it. they are spreading their
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either pay me more later or pay me now. i' m in favor of action now. sanctuary for pelen syria and to be able to say that we are back, we are strong. in terms of saddam hussein, if they had not -- if we had not weapons of mass destructio i nevewode vod in i don' s, - wars, and i have a record of this. when the marines were deployed in beirut, i was opposed to that. i thought getting people in that civil war was a mistake. interest. we should bring coalition -- people into coalition with u accomplish our goals, and come home. his idea that we' re going to convert everybody to be like we are -- this idea that we are
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like we are, come on, josh, that doesn' t work. isis is a threat to europe right now, and they have to be dealt with. this is a practical look at what we should be dngt e en. josh m let' s talk about the campaign. you pickedtht -- nod from former u.s. senator humphrey, who raised eyebrows a couple years ago with the edrds noted -- edward snowden situation, callehia ri gov. kic ion knre iy ts,ut i ink snowden -- i think snowden is a traitor. when it comes to intelligence, there is a balance. we need to make sure we have the intelligence. at the same time, we want to protect civil liberties. that' s why i' ve always felt there should be an intermediary with the government, unless we
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have a jack bauer moment, where we know we need to use common sense and act quickly. we need an expedited process to make sure, when information is gathered, there is a purpose for it. you have to check the checker. gov. kasich: oversight -- josh m.: oversight is something you have been talkinabt t. you fall somewhere between rand paul and chris christie on this. gov. kasich: we need the intelligence, but it cannot be willy-nilly. there needs to be a reason to gather intelligence, unless you are in a situation where the is aablu emergency and you have to act quickly. josh.: what about the rest of the republican field? it is so big. during the last debate, donald trump got a lot of attenon omheodats. at one pointcara cut to you and you put your arms up in frustration. are you frustrated with how things are? gov. kasich: the first debate was fine. it was more orderly. the second was a demolitio derby, and i just did not want
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to crash my car into the wall. i think each of the debates will be better. talked about the national chairman saying we should not pay attention toewamhi or change the order. i completely disagree. i' m not frustrated. we are rising in new hampshire. i' m in the top tier. you get there by doing the town hall meetings, where people can poke you, snowden, look in your eyes, figure out -- poke you , smell you, look in your eyes, figure out who you are. you have to answer questions and speaks to the fos. i o it. i' m having a great time doing i' ve done now 18 of them. it is cool. josh m.: it is almost as if you pranthpres about this. t president. he was a mailm. i don' t have folks who are
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one new hampshire does is it brings about -- what new hampshire does is it brings out a certain equality. you can' t by the new ham primary -- you can' t buy the new hampshire primary. gordon humphrey is a great conservative. i have been a conservative on my lifetime. he checked me out at five or six town hall meetings. he took his time. as a result of that, he is a great and strong supporter. it is huge boost -- is a huge boost to us to have a great conservative like gordon hampering -- gordon humphrey in new hampshire. josh m.: is donald trump good for the process? gov. kasich: i don' t answer the question. i' m not going to answer yours. i' m not really frustrated out here. i' m having a reay od tim sh.: some members of the field are. gov. kasich: that' s good for them. i'
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i only got in this race -- when you think about it, it seems like two years ag it was a little bit over two months, and it is working. we are doing better in i i e p tier in new hampshire. and if i get crushed here, it is probably over. i have to do my best here and in iowa. we are building in other ste but this is pivotal for me, no question. josh m.: we have about a minute to go. as you go through the process the next couple of months, you put a high emphasis on new hampshire. you still have a day job in ohio. gov. kasich: that' s why we have cell phones and faxes. i still go home. that' s my number one job. ohio is up 347,000 jobs. listened to. it is a complete turnaround. that' s part of the reason why i know i he the skills to shake of the system, but -- shake up the system, but deliver the
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josh m.: so, moving forward, do starting to pay more attention and move away from the theater? bit. s lips are moving, they must be lying. the reason i talk about my record of balancing the budget, turning the pentagon around is simple. you can judge a peon by what they' largdeee i know how to fix washington, shake it up, and how to transfer power, money, and influence to the folks jo m one thing that people cannot say about you is that john kasich is not convicted in his beliefs. we will be right back with more about saving new hampshire passed first in the nation -- new hampshire' s first in the nation primary. it is time to deal with skyrocketing out-of-pocket costs. commentator: the 32-year-old head of a pharmaceutical company
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raised the price of a life-saving drug overnight by 5,000%. i'm announcing a detailed plan to crack down on these abuses. commentator: he may be lowering it after hillary clinton blasted him out of the water. her plan would limit the out-of-pocket costs that consumers have to pay. clinton: nobody in america should have to choose between buying the medicine they need and paying their rent. i'm hillary clinton,
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welcome josh m.: welcome back. reince. this -- reince priebus said there are no sig sauer' s when it comes to the -- no sacred cows when it comes to the primary. let'
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committee man from new hampshire. this makes a lot of people nervous. steve: me, too. josh m.: but we also have been down this road before. how real is the threat? steve: i think the threat is real every four years. both national parties took a laissez-faire attitude. they did not try to control the timing. they left it to thes thank goodness we had bill gardner at the helm. primary and number of ti the party has realized they have nominating process and has become more aggressive. what we have tried to do and have been very successful in doing -- this will be the seventh go ou f me. every four years, we seem to run into it.
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i' ve done it every time except 2004. new hampshire, south carolina, and iowa are about making sure candidates have a shot. about 16 candidates, 10 of them could not run r president, t for the chance they were given between iowa, new hampshire, and carolina to build a national campaign. it is good for democracy and very good for the republican party. josh m.: you talk about the resentment that comes from the states. in the last cycle, the challenge came from the state of nevada. moving up the calendar. the words from the head of the national republicapay -- timing is interesting. we are in the middle of one of the most dynamic primary seasons ever. are there forces gathering that
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ev reince has been the most supportive chairman of t reblanta party of any chair in history. we have more help to keep the state purple and hopefully move it back to a red state. this was part of a number of issues he talked about. there is a whole segment of the party, particurlpeleit g donors, who would love to have a one-day national primary. it favors the people with big money. we could end up with brad pitt as our nominee in a one-day national primary. our most fervent tea party activists would like to have a secaucus every week lein up -- have a caucus every week leading up to the primary. there are 28 contests in march. our nominee is not going to
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it will be picked in march. i think it is a really good system. a rotating regi pma is, in my view, a disaster. if you had to fly between california and oregon and move all around, like i say, 10 or 11 of our candidates would have no chance because they just couldn' t have the name recognition or bui a base. we are going to start in january. reince was given a retrospective, looking forward. it' s always an issue. we will mount the same defense we have before and hopefully be successful again. josh when i heard the words from the chairman, this was a trial balloon to see what the pushback might be like, not just some sort of off-the-cuff comment that maybe he wished he did not say. do you believe that was a test? do we have to show some sort of
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recognition, hey, we are listening, we are prepared? steve: i think runs made -- reince made a great point. we have never taken it for granted and we never will. i don' t think his timing was really off. the normal process is to start the discussion in january at the rules coite, continu l, then at the summer meeting, then the party hands the rules to the convention rules committee. we have had a nominee, like john mccain, who said they were trying to play around th new hampshire primary in 2008. he dispatched me on a private announcement to go to minneapolis. a lot of people say they speak for john mccain, here is what john mccain really says -- having a nominee who strongly supports helps. there is one misconception. parties weren' t involved, the
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secretary of state could use state latour adv. but if either party decided they wanted to adopt a rule to get rid of either state -- release date, they can. -- get rid of either early state, they can. you, the candidate, forfeit all of your delegates earned not only in that state, but all of the delegates you would earn nationally. that' s what is the so-called death penalty. that' s the threat. i think people in the country are getting it. i started in 1992 bringing members to the national committee up here. some folks, like the late, great off -- governor greg was involved. he was against new hampshire. he saw how it worked. he was the one who proposed and led the effort to adopt the
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strengthen chandr -- strengthen new hampshire. when they come here, they see it is good for the party. josh m.: we only have a couple minutes to go. whether you like the caucuses or not, how important is it that the early states joined together -- join together and explain what they do, have a common message? steve: i love iowa and south carolina. it is important we stick together. we stick together or we hang separately. i' m not a fan of caucuses. i like -- it is important we stick together. the case we make to the party is, well, you might not like one of these states, but, taken together, it is great -- a great
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it involves a great range. i think we all rise or fall as a trio, with our drag along cousin from nevada. steve: josh m.: there have been partisan issues when it co just autve issue out there. how important is it that republicans and democrats stick together on this? bill gardner said, the only way new hampshire loses this is if new hampshire voters lose the will to keep it. does the younger generation get it? steve: i think they do. because we are so used to doing this for 100 years, the modern primary for over 50 years, people take it for granted. we could do that until the parties started exercising their influence. everybody has to keep participating. both sides work together.
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i can' t think of a time that republicanha ud it to attack a candidate i was a little disappointed at pushback in some of my democratic colleagues, who were trying to go after the republican party in general. we have to be on the same team. left to the republicans, we never would have added nevada. that was a concession we gave to the democrats and then senate majority leader reid. josh m.: when it comes to bill gardner, maybe he is a ml figure to a lot of people outside of new hampsrebu ca dohis alone. we have to have high turnout and high participation. that has to be part of the message. steve: one of the reason we keep the primary is the involvement. we have to have a record high turnout. everybody who' s eligible to vote votes. that' s one of our trump cards. i hope we have a great turnout on both sides of the aisle in this next primary. josh m.: best of luck to you. some work to do. steve dupre, rnc committeeman.
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we will be right back.
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you want to feel connected. informed, included, inspired. so, when important things happen, we're here. your local tv and radio broadcasters. america's number one source for news, weather and information. on every screen in your life. we are broadcasters, always here for you, wherever here may be. text "tv" to 52886. tell washington local stations matter. josh m.: welcome back to "closeup." new hampshire' s attorney general opened an investigation into pharmaceutal companies to see if their actions maybe fueling least. preliminary information indicates drug companies may have deceptively minimized the
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risk of addiction from painkillers and exaggera eirit this came as state agencies highlighted new efforts to fight opioid addiction. >> more people are dying at drug stash of drug overdoses -- are dying of drug overdoses than a any poininurta's history . reporter: the governor calls this the most pressing public health and safety challeng that the state faces, but she says many positive steps have been made to combat it. gov. hassan: we have double funding for prevention a treatment. we have added two additional detectives. reporter: for first responders are now authorized -- more first responders are now authorized to use the anti-overdose drug, narcan.
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and training to administer it is available. as forgetting addicts into treatment -- fo as for getting addicts into treatment same day -- gov. hassan: it could depend on the type of treatment being recommended. reporter: a new treatment center is being bltbuthgorn yse treatment is -- more centers are needed. as for keeping therug from ross and the border -- from crossing the border -- >> they are willing to do anything to help us. josh m.: one lawmaker is offering a tough approach for those who sell this drug or are convicted of it -- a public registry for heroin de alers, along the lines of what is required for senrs
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of dealing heroin in new hampshire, not only with you neighbors know it, so what everyone else. >> i think they are equally as bad to the public. reporter: representative jack flanagan is the prime sponsor of the bill. he believes this would serve as a public servi a a deterrent. it is the scarlet letter approach. it would meet constitutional challenges. so far, the attorney general the idea. >> i need to understand the benefits and how it would help address the problem. reporter: some might argue it would be unfair put a lifetime tag on a 21-year-old. >> i think it is the first step we need to combat it. it' s that part of the enforcement piece. reporter: he appreciates the creativity, but uld need to
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the chief does not fall on the softer side of symth >> i will not apologize because they have a disease and the only way they can handle thei die bseing drugs. they are eroding the quality of life of residents in the city and they need to be incarcerated. josh m.: it appears everything is on the table in the wn hein thanks for watching. we will be back next week. until then, it is the bye week. have a great sunday anyway. [captioning performed by the national captiininite, wh rpoib f its captioenacra.
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if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but the republicans... v they want to go back to letting v the super wealthy call the shots. they don't stand up for equal pay for women. they don't support paid family leave. they don't even really support refinancing student debt. we've got to get this economy working for the vast majority of americans, not just for those at the top. that's what i intend to do as president. i'm hillary clinton and
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