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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  October 4, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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tt4watv# 1t " qzh! `_p, stephanie: a man' remarks to his neighbors and the sound of gunshots prompted a call to police. >> he was like, i just shot for people. stephanie: no one was shot, but police did make a significant -- [no audio] police say the driver was using the heroin hayley: at the time. a cold start monday morning, and warmer temperatures as we go through the work week. my seven-day forecast will help you prepare for the week coming up. stephanie: a moose on the run in the manchester. and we will show you his leap over a car. no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 tonight. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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stephanie: paypal a man has been arrested after police say he shot the gun in his apartment. thanks for joining us. i' m stephanie woods. police say they found the man naked in his home where he believed he was shooting burglars. mike cronin is in pelham with what police found inside. mike: police say that mark did fire his gun multiple times inside his apartment. his neighbors are rattled, but luckily no one was hurt. this is what police say they found inside mark' s home, for pistols, two rifles, one shotgun, about 200 gun magazines, and more than 10,000 rounds of ammunition. that is not why they were called to his nashua apartment. >> we started hearing these loud bangs. mike: jennifer kent lives downstairs. around 6:00 saturday, she says he began firing. >> he was just shooting everywhere. lord knows, the bullet could' ve
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mike: breanna was helping her parents move in next door to the suspect. >> he' s like, i just shot for people. mike: her family called police. officers found him in his apartment naked, sitting in a chair with a loaded gun, yelling for police. >> it was kind of scary because we did not know what happened. we didn' t know if he killed people or was mentally insane. mike: mark schlegel was arrested, charged with reckless felony conduct. he told police quarter people try to break into his apartment. he allegedly thought he shot all of them. >> there was no forced entry or anything where he shot to suggest anybody was present. new hampshire regional medical center, then to massachusetts medical of valuation. >> it is new hampshire. people do have a great deal of firearms in their homes. that isn'
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ordinary. what is is the amount of ammunition. military veteran and has mobility issues. >> not particularly known to police. mike: kent said she' s never had a problem with him before. >> he' s very quiet. mike: police say he is still in the hospital. he will be arraigned next month. mike cronin, wmur news 9. stephanie: police say an atkinson man was on a heroine when he crashed his car in a mall parking lot. before 6:00, salem police officers noticed a car stopped against a light pole at the mall at rockingham park. 28 or old alexander dimaggio was passed out. when the officer tried to wake him, dimaggio regained consciousness and drove off, crashing into a car and running over a tree and fire hydrant. no one was hurt. dimaggio is charge with reckless conduct and possession of heroin.
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granite state on this first weekend of october. here is a live look in meredith degrees. most of the state is under a frost advisory. for exactly where you can find the advisories, let' s head over to meteorologist hayley lapoint. hayley: this is a cold night, and for some of us, the coldest night we' ve had so far this fall season. already 38 in concord, 39 we continue to go down from here. this is what i expect by daybreak tomorrow and what you will be encountering as you bring your kids to school. temperatures in the 20' s in the great north woods, mainly in the 30' s through the rest of the state, and likely there will be some frost. there was a frosted visor he new hampshire. if you haven'
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sensitive plants. for the bus stop tomorrow, lots of sunshine, but definitely cool. comfortable and pleasant conditions for the afternoon. i will talk more about the entire workweeks forecast coming up. stephanie: rain was a serious problem in south carolina today. in the capital city of columbia -- [no audio] the rescues of people on cars, off rooftops, and in homes. >> crews using a rope to rescue a person trapped on this flooded south carolina road, and take a look at this mom' s face, grief and relief as firefighters get her four-year-old son out of a stranded car and back into her arms. and marathon of rescues in south carolina, and the situation,
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they' ve lost visual contact. >> two firefighters, rescue today. you look in the distance, and you see scenes like this. submerged. the water come off to the rooftops of some homes, and these residents, trapped. rhodes, giving way. jeff grade and says the water was rising by the second. he escaped with his wife. their home, somewhere underneath all this water. >> it' s tough because everything all my memories. alex: countless neighbors like scott weber, volunteering all day and night to get people to safety. >> when i saw what was going on, i just felt the need to help. alex: some who lost everything they owned, just grateful they will get a chance to start again. >> it' s hard, but i' m so glad we are safe.
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alex: in the caribbean, hurricane joaqin uin is weakening, but it left damage behind in the bahamas. it damaged hundreds of homes and caused severe flooding. it' s now a category two storm as it moves closer to bermuda with sustained winds as high as 105 miles per hour. two u.s. coast guard cutters will search through the night for a missing cargo ship that hurricane in the bahamas. this afternoon, lifejackets, containers, and an oil sheen authorities haven' t confirmed if the materials came from the ship . 33 people are on board, and family members say four are from maine. the committee college campus in oregon that was the sight of a deadly shooting west thursday will reopen to students and staff tomorrow. all classes and campus events at umpqua community college have been canceled through october 12.
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people gathered at churches today to offer their prayers are the nine victims and seven people still hospitalized. the daughter of pastor randy thursday and survived. >> i' covers it. also as a dad, realizing that i t get theirs back. stephanie: police continued to search the apartment where the shooter lived with his mother. he died in a shoe that with police. authorities in new hampshire played out a worst-case scenario in a training exercise. an active shooter took place at goffstown high school it in the training session, two shooters were found and taken into custody to patients were then treated. officers of actuated the school and searched people for weapons. >> as you all know, these kinds of situations give us the opportunity to look at what might' ve been done better,
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effective, and this is where you want to do those things, where the risk is low. >> hopefully come it will never happen, but if it does, we have to have our training to fall back on. we have to allow our first responders enough practice and training so they feel comfortable responding. stephanie: to capture the drill, go pro cameras were placed on walls, and many first responders wore them so they could review the response. fish and game officers had to rescue a grouse hunter who got separated from his group in odell. he didn' t have a sell signal, so he hiked up muse mountain to get one. he made a plan with conservation officers, that his cell phone died soon after. officers found the hunter using his last known gps cornets -- coordinates. the state fire marshal' s office says they are investigating a fire that destroyed a home and madbury. several fire departments rushed there just after 4:00 yesterday
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the house. thankfully, no one was hurt. a moose on the loose in manchester? some people on the westside caught this site, a moose running through the streets. his wild ride was all caught on camera. >> i love it. i' m a hunter. >> i was amazed. it was amazing. i was like, look at that big old thing. stephanie: it' s not the typical wildlife for the west side of manchester. a wmur news crew caught the moose -- [no audio] neighbors were shocked to see the video. >> that' s crazy. stephanie: some wished they could have caught a glimpse in person or caught the moose. >> i want that moose. >> what do you mean? >> i want to take it home with me. stephanie: the moose cuts across a yard, then picks up speed on redmond street, but then the moose elites over a honda civic and disappears down an alley.
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>> we are having a barbecue later. stephanie: some were worried about the harm it could' ve caused. moose can weigh up to 1500 pounds. >> i was like, can the catch that thing yet? i' m not going outside. stephanie: the moose is still on land, but manchester police say they last saw him running into the safety of a goffstown woods. no injuries were reported. coming up tonight at 11:00, a new poll shows donald trump' lead among republican president for candidates is slipping in new hampshire. him. some people got a unique view on the fall foliage. to experience the weston observatory yourself. hayley: clear skies now means cold, frosty conditions when you
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stephanie: welcome back. in commitment 2016, two of the democratic candidates for president were in rochester talking to the stratford county democratic committee. former rhode island governor lincoln chafee has several events planned throughout the state. former maryland governor martin o' malley is planning to unveil
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addiction tomorrow. o' malley says any effort must include support for people who want to recover from addiction. >> make the investment to create a continuum of care so that when we do intervene, we have places where people can go when they need the inpatient and follow-up treatment. stephanie: o' malley says the centerpiece of the plan is a national overdose prevention council, which would coordinate with state agencies and local governments. republican provincial candidate carly fiorina metta voters in arrive. former massachusetts and after scott brown is hosting a series of town hall events in his backyard for republican candidates. she' s in the middle of a three-day visit to the granite state. tomorrow, she has events in manchester, as well as a house party in bedford. two more candidates arrive tomorrow. former secretary of state hillary clinton will hold a town hall in manchester and discuss her early childhood education
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plan in the afternoon. former new york governor george pataki as a trip planned. he will be in hanover tomorrow, then lebanon, keene, and arrive. donald trump is leading the field of republican presidential candidates. the latest poll shows his lead is shrinking. the nbc news-"wall street journal" poll shows trump with a five-point lead over carly fiorina. last month, a same poll had trump with a 16-point lead over his closest competitor john kasich. this poll was conducted after the second republican debate. former president george h.w. bush says he is healing well after breaking a bone in his neck this summer. bush fractured the vertebra in a fall in july. he continues to wear a neck brace. his chief of staff says the 91-year-old is almost back to 100% you would this week, he and
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home in kennebunkport, maine to return to their home in texas for the winter. the observation deck of the western observatory in manchester was open to visitors, but if you missed it, you have a chance. visits act as a fundraiser for the manchester historical association. the tower is 160 feet higher than elm street and is a great spot to see fall foliage. >> in addition to being able to go up the observatory, we are doing a walking tour of oak hill. you can go to the top of mcintyre ski area. it' s a little bit of a nature hike. stephanie: the observatory will be open from 10:00 until 4:00 in saturday and sunday. admission is $10 per person and $25 for families. bruins legend ray baroque and governor maggie hassan dropped the puck at today' s unh exhibition game in celebration of the new lottery ticket.
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the scratch ticket featuring the bruins has a top prize of $100,000. there' s a second chance drawing to win a trip to the nhl classic. tickets go on sale for five dollars tomorrow. this pumpkin earned the prestigious title this weekend in massachusetts. it' s the champion in this year' s giant pumpkin contest. it weighs in at 1922.5 pounds. gary vincent grew it in plainville, connecticut and takes home a $5,500 rise. >> now meteorologist hayley lapoint and your storm watch nine forecast. hayley: that is one big pumpkin. i grew one in my garden, and it was barely three pounds. i give him a lot of credit for doing that. here is a time lapse of the beautiful weather we had today him. portsmouth started out with clouds, and then basically all you had was blue sky and serious
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-- cirrus clouds. it is going to be one cold night, the coldest night for some of us that we' ve seen all fall are just a few high clouds in the great north woods. otherwise, we have a star-filled sky and moonlight. no rainfall anywhere near. temperatures are beginning to fall. 34 degrees in whitefield. 37 in laconia. 36 in lebanon. still in the 40' s in manchester and portsmouth. those places will likely be the warmest spots early tomorrow with temperatures in the upper 30' s. the rest of us, upper 20' s, low 30' s. the winds have thankfully started to die down. they have been rustling all throughout the weekend. finally, we will see a break from that over the next couple days. here are the temperatures i expect overnight. upper 20' s and the great north woods, north of the notches.
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that does include plymouth and conway. 33 degrees in concord. in the low-to-mid 30' s in the monadnock region with some spots, even with temperatures above freezing, could get some' s frost -- get some frost. that is why there' s been a frost advisory. areas to the north, you guys have already had your frost. because of that, the national weather service doesn' t issue frost advisories anymore. the growing season is technically over. for those of you in this blue area, before you head to bed, run outside real quick and cover up any sensitive plants you have out there. early tomorrow morning, we will have lots of sunshine, may a patchy fog and low clouds in new hampshire. a bright and beautiful day tomorrow with temperatures warmer, as well.
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we are going to see this happen on tuesday, except temperatures are little bit warmer. lots of sunshine and dry weather through this week, and each day will be a little bit warmer than the last. the average high this time in october, 65. we are finally going to climb out of this cool stretch and get close to 70 degrees by wednesday. a quick update on joaquin, still churning near bermuda, getting pummeled by heavy rain and gusty winds, but not a direct hit. it is now a weaker hurricane, 84 miles per hour. temperatures tomorrow make it into the 60' s across the state with lots of sun, and as i mentioned, not much rain in the forecast.
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otherwise, a great-looking week. temperatures, feeling pleasant during the day and cool during the night. stephanie: a crisp fall week. when do you think we are going to get peak foliage? and hayley: it' s probably this week, especially hayley: in the great north woods. stephanie: it seems like you see it and it' s gone. we' ve got to get out there. jason king is here. jason: it' s that time of year, time for hockey talk. unh opens up their season next
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>> now jason king and news 9 sports.
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jason: history on this, the final day of the major league baseball' s regular season you a dodger starter clayton kershaw became the first pitcher since randy johnson in 2002 with 300 strikeouts in a single season. kershaw struck out seven over 3.2 innings of work. he finished the regular season with 301 k' s. the red sox announce that manager jon ferro would -- farr ell will return as manager for the 2016 season. boston bench coach torey lovullo has been serving as interim manager will return to his previous position as bench coach. he got a two-year contract extension. on the field, the sox wrapped up 2015 with the indians in cleveland. top of the first. [no audio] xander bogaerts comes around to score.
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porcello with a pick up -- pick-off. lawn each as an whole is going to score to make it 3-1. that -- each is an to score to make it 3-1. don orsillo called his last game for boston after 15 years. the baseball player picture wasn' t clear until today, the final day. here are your american league wild-card teams. houston is in. they will play at new york tuesday night. the division winners were the blue jays, royals, and rangers. in the national league, the cubs will take on the pirates in pittsburgh on wednesday night in the wild-card game for the national league. the division leaders in the national league with the mets, cardinals, and the dodgers. it'
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s that time of year. hockey season begins later this week. unh played an exhibition against st. francis xavier today. the regular season begins next weekend for them. unh down 1-0, colin mcdonald feeds richard boyd. 1-1 after one. nice backhand feed to corey mcintosh. that gave st. francis a 4-1 lead. the wildcats came alive in the third. he scores on the power play to make it 4-3, and then andrew snaps a wrister into the back of the net. shane heiser men would get his second of the game, redirection halfway through the third, giving new hampshire its first lead of the game. the wildcats rallied to win it 6-4. >> technically come it wasn' t our best.
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as sloppy as we were in the second, i thought the team battled back. i liked the way they competed in the third. >> our team, we have a lot of character, a lot of character guys. this win is going to propel us. we will take this win and build off of it. jason: while the patriots enjoyed their biweekly, the rest of the division was in action. chris ivory had a career day for new york. that touchdown, and the jets win 27-14. the bills were home with the giants. 16-3, new york. the only back in the league with a touchdown in each of the first four games. that made it a 16-10 game. eli manning dumps adopted jennings to giants win 24-10 to both teams are 2-2. here is a look at the afc east
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the jets are right behind them at 3-1. the round of 16 wrapped up at dover today. find out which former champion was eliminated from the chase. that' s after the break. it is time to deal with skyrocketing out-of-pocket costs. commentator: the 32-year-old head of a pharmaceutical company raised the price of a life-saving drug overnight by 5,000%. i'm announcing a detailed plan to crack down on these abuses. commentator: he may be lowering it after hillary clinton blasted him out of the water. her plan would limit the out-of-pocket costs that consumers have to pay. clinton: nobody in america should have to choose between buying the medicine they need and paying their rent.
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jason: the third race in the chase, the aaa 400 at dover. kevin harvick essentially needed to win the race in order to advance, and that is what he did. he dominated the race, leading 354 laps. the defending series champion is still alive. kyle busch finished second, followed by jamie mcmurray. stephanie: when you look at everything that has gone on over the last couple years, it' s been a lot of fun. it' s that never-quit attitude. that is what stewart told me last year. he said, whatever you do, do not quit. jason: here is a look at the tail end of the chase. kyle busch, ryan newman, dale earnhardt junior barely got into the jamie mcmurray, jimmie johnson, pulmonary, and clint bowyer were eliminated from contention. stephanie: we have a new story into the newsroom. this is the scene in manchester where a car drove into the front of the old dunkin donuts at
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granite street and main street. the crash just happened. stick with us on tt2w`tif`nd( bt@q82\ tt2w`tif`nd( "a@q(>8 tt2w`tif`nd( bm@q#54
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