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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  October 5, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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making news in america this morning -- weather disaster. cars underwater. homes surrounded. hundreds of rescues. historic flooding with no signs of slowing down. we're tracking it all. tracking joaquin. the hurricane slamming bermuda >> now on "daybreak," a car plowed into a former dunkin' donuts building in manchester overnight. police are still looking for the driver involved. >> he's, like, i said just shot four people. they are in my closet.
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opening up fire inside his apartment. >> after a frosty start, we start a warming trend. >> we haven't seen this level of rain in the low country in 1,000 years. inundated south carolina. forecast, rescue efforts continue this morning as new concerns start to surface. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur "news 9 daybreak". sean: good morning, new hampshire. thanks for waking up with us on this monday. i'm sean mcdonald. weather-wise, beautiful day out there yesterday. the question is will the workweek be okay? there was a question if joaquin will visit. looks like that is heading out to sea. kevin: nothing but sunshine today, tomorrow, and wednesday. we start off with mostly clear skies. for some areas, the first frost of the season. other areas up north, a
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hard freeze with back. control. that's going to mean a good deal of sunshine. either side of 40. a lot of 30's and some mid and upper 20's up. highs today getting back into the low to mid 60's. light wind and a good deal of sunshine. much more on your workweek in just a bit. let's look at your monday morning ride joined live by deb davidson. good morning, deb. deb: good morning. 93 southbound there's some left lane closures by the exit 13 onramp. the left lane is closed to exit 12. that's due to some road construction. the crews are out there working. after that, you are completely up to speed all the way into manchester and down to salem. 293 northbound the onramp to exit four is closed for construction. watch for lane shifts. that's due to some bridge maintenance.
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everything looks good in both directions from bedford to nashua. this report is brought to you by pete's honda in nashua. sean: manchester police are looking for the driver that crashed into the former dunkin' donuts. one other person was hurt. ray brewer is live to explain what happened. good morning, ray. ray: good morning, sean. police are telling us that it appears the dark colored cadillac was coming up the granite street when it crashed into the front of the street. it was about 11:00 last night. now according to scene. the car which has temporary license plates ended up halfway inside. the driver ran off. so far police have not been able to track him down. a passenger in the car was taken to the hospital. their injuries are not considered life threatening.
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the neighbors say it was unbelievable to see it. >> it doesn't make sense. just to ram into a that. i'm not sure what's going on. there could have been people sitting in there right now. ray: as you can see here in front of the store, there's that's where people would have been when the dunkin' donuts was open. that was the entrance to the shop here. so far police have not released a description of the driver of the car. if you have any information, you are asked to get in touch with manchester police department. reporting live, ray brewer, wmur news 9. sean: all right. thanks. a pelham man faces charges after police say he fired several shots inside his apartment. when officers arrived saturday night, they say 67-year-old mark schlagel was sitting in a care naked and holding
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a loaded gun. he claimed that four people tried to break into his apartment by cutting a hole. there's no evidence that anyone was there. everywhere. lord knows the bullets could have went through the floor, hit my husband and me. sean: they found four pistols, two rifles, shotguns, and more ammunition. shooting. schlagel was taken to mass general hospital. he's due in court next month. search and rescue efforts continue in south carolina. some areas have picked since friday. look at the aerial footage. countless cars and roads are under water. it is the worse rains in 1,000 years. more rain is coming. lana zak has a look at the devastation. ray: seems like it is ravages south carolina. >> it is an
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reporter: grown men up to their neck in water. >> everything that i own that i know of has been destroyed. all of my memories is all gone. reporter: onlookers hope the flood will stay away from this em. >> water is getting closer and closer. reporter: after curfews, many counties are waking up to scenes of destruction today. >> we haven't seen this level of rain in the low country in 1,000 years. that's how big this is. reporter: officials warning the flash flooding are expected to continue and may come on suddenly. >> just because the rain stops doesn't mean the danger is over. reporter: this is one of many roads collapsing. even some rescue workers in need of rescue. >> we had a mother and child stranded. a rescue worker tried to get to him. he got stranded. we used an aerial residue get all of them. we started picking people off rooftops.
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reporter: several deaths caused by the rushing water. >> we couldn't get the car out. i started on foot. i thought we were going to die. reporter: a massive rescue effort has saved hundreds of live. more are expected as rains continue today. lana zak, abc news, washington. sean: hurricane joaquin as search efforts continue for a cargo ship that disappeared. crews searching from the air and the water have found a debris field that appears to be debris and containers from the el faro. there's no sign of the 33 people who are on board. four of theme people are from maine. the government in the bahamas is still trying to assess the damage caused by joaquin. hundreds of home haves destroyed. there's severe flooding on several islands. the damage is described as major devastation on island. three people were hospitalized with mild hypothermia after their
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boat started taking on water in the merrimack massachusetts yesterday. the high school girls, taking part in a textile river rogada. high winds blew water into their boats. two different teams ended up in trouble minutes apart, sending 14 girls into the water. the race, which is the second largest in new england, was canceled midway through the day. frisbee memorial hospital is teaming up with walgreens to make narcan more available. it is used to counteract the effects. the hospital will release more details later today. they say that doctors will be able to provide standing orders to be filled by pharmacists at walgreens there in town. still to come, sunday was a great day for a jog. not only for humans. this moose took a tour and showed off his agility. look at that. the leaves are starting to turn. there's a great place in manchester to check out the foilage.
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we'll take you up the western observatory. and surveillance video shows a wild crash.
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i had no idea snhu had this amazing campus. even the walk to class is amazing. i love the sense of community. people actually hold the doors open for you here. all my professors really know who i am here. they genuinely want you to succeed. i've made so many friends here. friends i know i'll have for life. snhu is the place for me.
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kevin: monday morning, october 5th. temperatures in the lower 40's. 30's elsewhere. 20's in parts of the north country. a frost we haven't seen. details on a warming trend with your forecast coming up. sean: speaking of manchester, you see a lot of crazy things. it is not every day you see a large bull moose running through the streets. one of the news crews spotted the animal on the west side yesterday morning. it started rolling. look at that. we followed him before we jumped over a car and disappeared down an alley. residents were amazed. >> i love it. i think it is pretty cool. >> it was amazed. it was amazing.
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the loose. sean: that was my reaction. the moose was last seen running into the woods. life seems to be back to normal for everyone involved. you can watch the entire video on the web site at just a little trip to the city. the western observatory provides great views. the observatory is on the national register of historic places. it is made out of granite from allenstown. with 88 steps to the top, it is 360 feet higher than elm street. the tour helps raise money for the manchester historic association. >> in addition to being able to go up the observatories, we're doing a walking tour. there's a legendary swimming pool. top of the mcintyre ski area. it is a little bit of a nature hike. sean: if you didn't get a chance to check it out, don't worry. it will open again from 10:00 until 4:00 next saturday and sunday.
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admission is $10 per person and $25 for families. coming up, it was a record weekend at the movie with matt damon's new thriller proving to be a huge draw. the death toll is
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search teams are sean: welcome back. search teams in guatemala are losing hope of finding people alive after a mud slide buried an entire neighborhood. 130 people are confirmed dead and 300 are missing. a hillside collapsed covering homes. it is 45 feet deep in some areas. many of the buried homes are filled with water. schools are closed in malaysia today and tomorrow because of dangerous air pollution caused by smoke from a burning forest in indonesia. several airports had to
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close for a few hours yesterday because the vidsability was poor. the smoke has started to spread to thailand. they are calling on indonesia to enforce stricter rules on burning by farmers. matt damon is back on top with out of the world numbs. his space thriller, "the martian" pulled in $55 million. last week's number one "hotel transylvania: 2" slipped to second. dead and company has chance to see them perform. they are giving away 10,000 ticket. no tickets will be sold. the group is going on check them out. a man in mexico has the largest collection of harry potter item in
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the world. he's now sharing. he has nearly 4,000 items, including figurines, clothes, and toys. yesterday he opened the museum in mexico city to display everything. he says his collection was getting so big, it started to lose meaning. a farmer in michigan dug up far more than soybeans. he thought he hit a fence post. turns out he found a partial skeleton of a woolly mammoth. it was an adult male that lived by 13,000 years ago. they think it was probably killed by humans and stored in a pond. they have a partial carcass. kevin: partial? i seem to think it won't move that easily. once it is there, it is there. we start off with a look ahead. the weather headlines.
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cold start to the day. a lot of areas seeing temperatures back into the 30's to 40's. we get back into the lower half of the 60's into the afternoon for most. a few upper 50's in the north country. the gradual warming trend into the 60's tom. 60's to near 70 degrees on wednesday. looks like we'll have a shower chance moving through after a cool front slides through wednesday night and thursday night into friday. a good deal of sunshine expected for us out there today. a weak area of high pressure in control. hurricane joaquin moving north, northeast around 15 miles an hour. carolinas. temperatures either side of 30 up north. coolest spots i've been seeing is 27 in jefferson. 27 along lake francis. farther south, temperatures in the lower range of the 40's. we are running a little bit cooler than even we time. we are seeing a lot of spots going between two, three, our seven degrees cooler than yesterday. you can see the coolest
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of the air continuing to rotate through. a little bit of a warm up here. tonight even with the clear skies and the light winds, temperatures only drop back into the upper 30's to mid 40's. high temperatures today as i mentioned for most will be between 60 and 64. there will be a couple of upper 50's up in far northern areas of the state. it comes with a good deal of sunshine today. patchy fog could form in some of the lower lying valleys. tomorrow we're back to sunshine. temperatures in the 60's statewide. likely into the 60's on wednesday with partly to mostly sunny skies. a cool front later in the day. no fanfare with that in the way of showers. thursday will be ahead of the next system which tries to arrive on friday. tale being told on joaquin as it continues to move away to the northeast. the closest pass for us will be later on tonight. some of the southeast facing beaches will continue to see the wave action. that should be about it
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for us around here. we start off the day with most locations in the 30's. jump into the 50's by lunch time. into the lower 60's by mid afternoon. with the light wind, we drop back tonight from the upper 30's to mid 40's. extended forecast shows a warming trend. a good deal of sunshine around for the first half of this week. something we sorely lack through a good part of last week. we will continue to see the warmer temperatures. looks like the warmest of the days will be on wednesday. temperatures in the 60's to even some lower 70's. we fade back into the 60's after the cool front moves through wednesday night. thursday which should be with sunshine. increasing clouds providing really the only true chance of showers here in the extended forecast which looks to be on friday. shouldn't be an all day rain. the front coming through. tough to time out. at least that moves away in time for next weekend. sean: there's a big concern of rain. i had a chance to check it out. it was fun. the weather was great. kevin: true autumn feel of the air.
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sean: let's check out the top stories with ray brewer. ray: manchester police are looking for the driver who smashed his car into a dunkin' donuts on main street. it happened about 11:00 last night. the dark colored cadillac rammed into the now vacant building. there was a passenger in the car who was taken to the hospital. the injuries are not considered life threatening. sean: a pelham man is accused of firing several shots inside of his own apartment because he thought someone was breaking in through his closet. he was naked when they arrived. they found seven guns and more than 10,000 rounds of ammunition. three teens were treated for hypothermia after their boat started sinking yesterday after in the regatta. coming up, if you are looking for a good guard dog, how about one that weighs about 20 pounds?
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chased off three bears. kevin: starting off with temperatures in the upper 20's. as cold as 27 in places like francis and jefferson early this morning. 30's for most. some areas some patchy frost that haven't seen frost that haven't seen it so far this season. sean: below freezing up there. a lucky movie fan is the proud owner of an iconic costume from star wars. a bidder paid $96,000 for the by key key. she wore a bikini? i don't remember that. kevin: it is made of rubber that was painted and a collar used by
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bidding started at $80,000. sean: i remember seeing the movie, i just don't recall that outfit at all. kevin: not at all. sean: a puppy is grooving you don't have to be big to be effective. jules is one years old and 20 pounds. she didn't hesitate when three bears wandered into her yard. kevin: she ran right after them. neither she nor the bears were hurt. wow. look at that. sean: she wasn't kidding around. kevin: look at the tongue. sean: you've seen the little dogs. kevin: pack a punch, i guess. sean: those bears have a story a to tell. jump roping is popular. having four legs makes it easier. plus classes resume at a community college in oregon days after a deadly shooting rampage. there are new calls for
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it is time to deal with skyrocketing out-of-pocket costs. commentator: the 32-year-old head of a pharmaceutical company raised the price of a life-saving drug overnight by 5,000%. i'm announcing a detailed plan to crack down on these abuses. commentator: he may be lowering it after hillary clinton blasted him out of the water. her plan would limit the out-of-pocket costs that consumers have to pay. clinton: nobody in america should have to choose between buying the medicine they need and paying their rent. i'm hillary clinton,
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur "news 9 daybreak." sean: good morning tow. it is monday, october 5th. a live look outside at portsmouth where it is 43 degrees. some parts of the state up north are below freezing this morning. it is going to be a nice day out there. kevin will talk about the forecast in a moment. first let's get to the top story. we are following a developing story out ofman chester. right now police are searching for the driver who crashed a car into the follower dunkin' donuts and then fled the scene. salem police say a man is facing charges after he crashed his suv at the mall while driving under the influence of heroin. and a gilsum man in a
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crash that seriously injury his passenger is scheduled to face a judge today. yesterday was one of the quintessential fall days in new hampshire. kevin: we get some warming. most locations above 60 degrees today. looks like 60's statewide with a good deal of sunshine around tomorrow into wednesday as well as we start the warming trend out there. temperatures have morning. some temperatures as cool as 27 up north, manchester to the shoreline. a chilly start. you are going to want to bundle their kids up. they will head home with temperatures in the lower 60's this afternoon. sean: i feel like everybody has switched over to the official fall clothing. it has been cool out there. let's check out the roads. you might need the heat on in the car. here's a live look at i-93. kevin: the sweater vest can't be far away. sean: yes. kevin: joined live by deb davidson. good morning. deb: good morning. right now 93 southbound we're getting word from the department of
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transportation that the earlier road construction is now all cleared up and completely out of the way. all lanes are open and moving well through the early morning commute. 293 in both directions. we need to watch for some lane shifts and construction on the bridges between exits five and three. that has been there for a while. it will continue to be there for another month or so. the northbound side at exit four remains closed for construction. right now 101, 111, and the spaulding turnpike are all up to speed at this hour. 95 looks good in both directions through the hampton tolls. this is brought to you by peter's honda, nissan, and kia of nashua. from the traffic network, i'm deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. sean: all right. thanks. now back to the developing story we're following out of manchester. police are on the lookout for a hit and run driver. they say a man drove into the former dunkin' donuts last night and then fled the scene. ray brewer live at the
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building now. ray, do we know if anyone was hurt in the crash? >> : there was a passenger in the car. the person was hurt. we don't know the extent of their injuries. they are non-life threatening. this all unfolded about 11:00 last night according to the police. it appears the cadillac was driving when for some reason it ended up crashing through the front of the former dunkin' donuts on main street. the building has been vacant for sometime. after the crash, police say the driver took off from the scene and they are still looking for him this morning. at this point, we don't have a description of the driver. if you do have any information about this accident, get in touch police department. reporting live in manchester, ray brewer, wmur news 9. sean: an atkinson man accused of crashing his suv in salem is
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28-year-old al exander dimaggio was spotted. yesterday was officer was patrolling when he saw an suv stopped against a light pole with the driver passed out inside. when the officer approached, he regained consciousness and tried to drive off. he ended up crashing into a parked car before running over a tree and a fire hydrant. a man facing charges in connection with a serious crash in gilsum is due in court today. the 21-year-old was driving drunk when he night. the car was speeding when he went off of the home. his passenger suffered serious injuries. he was flown to dartmouth hitchcock medical center. he was not injured. he is scheduled to be arraigned today on charges including aggravated dwi. a man from romania is scheduled to make what court appearance after being arrested for aggravated sexual
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assault. miklos szekley assaulted a victim. they were acquaintances. a public forum tonight. they recently discovered syringes in the wakefield school property. they are now checking before resays for any disregarded needles. they invited the parents to a forum to discuss the problem. the forum starts at 6:30 tonight. authorities put their skills to the test during an active shooter training exercise. the drill took place yesterday. in the training session, two shutes were found and taken into custody. patients were then treated. officers evacuated the school and searched people for weapons. once the school was clear, the exercise was over. >> as you all know, these kinds of situations give us the opportunity to look at what might have been done better, differently, what might be more effective in the future, and this is
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where you want to do those things. where the risk is low. >> hopefully it will never happen. if they do, we have to have our training to fall back on. we have to plan for that and allow our first responders enough practice and training so they feel comfortable responding. sean: to capture the drill, the cameras were placed on walls in the school there. many first responders wore them to later review the response. sean: a new hampshire lawmakers is calling for a statewide audit of untested rape kits. the audit is needed because no one seems to know how many untested kits there are. last month the lab director said there were seven rape kits in his lab that had not yet been tested. he noted that new hampshire had a quote very low backlog. the state fire marshal's office is investigating a fire that destroyed a home in madbury. they rushed just after 4:00 saturday afternoon. when they arrived, heavy
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fire was coming from the house. no one was hurt. in commitment 2016, two presidential candidates are arriving in the granite state today. hillary clinton will hold a meeting this morning. then she will discuss her early childhood education plan at another event. george pa pataki is kicking off a visit as well. he will be in hanover, lebanon, and keene, and rye. an interesting move by lawmakers in argentina. why they passed a measure that requires trained clowns at hospitals. and a new product without having to drink coffee. kevin: we start off with a chilly temperatures across the area. through the afternoon, temperatures warming up within we'll talk about
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coming up. >> you are watching wmur "news 9 daybreak." now news 9 continues. kevin: monday morning, october 5th. temperatures in the upper 20's to near 30's up north. 30's to lower 40's to the shoreline. low and mid 60's into
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the afternoon. a blend of sunshine and clouds and what should be a warming trend. the details coming up. sean: thanks. 5:40. after a weekend where grief and gratefulness came hand in hand, the oregon community is facing the future and starting to pick up the pieces on the campus where nine people were shot and killed is re-opening in a limited capacity today. survivors are telling their stories through relieved family members. kim hutchinson has the latest. reporter: the campus of umpqua community college re-opens monday. classes won't continue until next week. counselors will be available and students can pick up their possessions they left. >> we want to make sure the students are taken care of in a comfortable setting. >> classes and events start again october 12th. churches opened their doors to anyone needing support.
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>> christian and non-christian, we don't care where you are. if you need someone to talk, cry on, pray with, we're going to be there. reporter: survivors are telling their stories. a pastor said his daughter lacey survived because his classmate treven protected her. >> all of the sudden i felt his body. part of his body was on mine. we believe that in treven's last moments, we believe he made a conscious effort to cover my daughter. i sincerely 100% believe his blood saved my daughter's life. reporter: kim hutchinson, wmur news 9. sean: parts of france is being plagued by severe flooding.
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it transformed saturday night into a terrifying flood zone. 16 people were killed. the flood waters were so strong, they swept away homes. colleges in the philadelphia area are on high alert this morning following a threat of violence. statements from schools like temple university say the threat was posted on social media following the deadly shooting in oregon. the fbi, atf, and explosives officials sunday. authorities say the threat did not mention a specific school, but it time. schools are encouraging students to report any suspicious activity. a typhoon that tore through parts of aye sha is blamed for killing nine people. at least six people were killed when the twisters touched down and 168 others were injured. the typhoon slammed into the philippines before making its way to china.
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16 fisherman are missing. activist in syria say the militants destroyed a 2,000 ,000-year-old arc. it was one of the most recognizable in palmyra. isis seized the city in may. people gathered to rally for the ivory parade. introduced to keep people from selling, import, or buying any ivory rhino horns. 96 elephants are killed tusk. hunting will make african elephants clears. lawmakers have passed an unusual law.
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hospitals in buenos aries to hire clowns. they will be required to foul rules, such as learning the most common diseases among children. one hospital is planning to add a course in clown performance. the law goes into effect in march of next year. let's talk sports. the red sox announced that john farrell will return as the manager. he left the team in august to undergo treatment for cancer. he finished the treatment last week. the full recovery time is three to six months. interim manager will return as bench couch. lavelool got a contract extension. harvick needed to win the race in order to advance. that's what he did. harvick dominated
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>> i think when we look at everything that's gone on over the last couple of years, it has just been a lot of fun. it is just the never quit attitude. that's what stewart -- he told me last year. whatever you do, do not quit until they throw the checkered flag. sean: he didn't. kyle busch finished second followed by murray. the u.n.h. hockey team played an exhibition game. this is the final game before the regular season begins next weekend. the wildcats quickly tied it up. in the second period the x men scored three unanswered goal. u.n.h. was not giving up. they scored four times to win the game. final score of 6-4.
5:39 am
maggie hassan helped drop the puck in celebration of a new lottery tickets. it has a top prize of $100,000. there's also a second chance drawing to win a trip to the nhl winter@classic on new year's@day@tickets go on sale fo@$5 starting today.@ if you need some@extra energy, and yo@don't want to drink@coffee, one company is@offing an alternativ@for you.@caffeinated peanut@butter.@the product called stee@is designed to@consistently releas@energy.@it delivers protein an@electrolites.@one serving as as much@as two cups of coffee right now you can get a jar for $5. there are people that don't like coffee. kevin: one serving and two cups of coffee. that's high test.
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don't give it to the kids. kevin: good point. poor teachers in the yikes. we start off with the fair skies this morning. about as chilly as we've been for several areas of the state. most. upper 20's up north. still hovered around. you'll notice a lot of clearer skies across the area. just a few clouds around as we go through the afternoon. you can clearly see to the southeast hurricane joaquin continuing to fade north, northeast. that system will continue to pull away into the northern atlantic. eventually some higher seas for us. temperatures in between manchester and coast. as you can see here, down into the mid 30's. down to 37 in londonderry. we're going to see a couple of these other readings here. then you get back into some of the sheltered valleys down to 31 in marlborough. 35 in hillsborough. 35 in franklin. you get up into the
5:41 am
lakes region. a few upper 20's here. most of those resevenned. places like francis and jefferson early this morning down to around 27. temperatures today up into the upper 50's to lower half of the 60's. eventually a sea breeze cools you off. there could be a couple of 64's from nashua through salem this afternoon. a lot of 60 to 63 degree readings elsewhere. either side of 60 as you get up into the north country. a good deal of sunshine today. fair weather clouds more than anything else. the fairly light wind out of the north through the afternoon. tonight temperatures drop back again. they won't be quite as chilly as what we're morning. should be anywhere between 36 and about 46 from north to south. tomorrow edging up a couple of extra degrees. a lot of locations will get up into the 60's tomorrow. looks like we'll be there on bend a couple of southern spots away from the coastline could tip out either side of 70 on wednesday afternoon. subtle front comes through wednesday night. we start to cool off
5:42 am
thursday. the next system from the pacific northwest eventually starts to make its way in. track from hurricane joaquin well off shore and pulling away into the northern atlantic. over time it will continue to weaken as it does so heading into cooler water. we could see some higher surf because of that. especially at the seacoast starting tomorrow after it makes its closest past. high temperatures today. a blend of either side of 60 before dropping back again tonight into the 40's in southern areas and some 30's up north with mostly clear skies. a little bit of valley fog. warmest days tomorrow and wednesday. we'll have a subtle front coming through wednesday afternoon and with full sunshine we get back into the upper 50's to mid 60's. friday we're looking at more clouds. that should be the end game to be getting us into the weekend. temperatures either side of 60 which is what we experience this weekend. sean: all right.
5:43 am
looks like a good forecast. you have a dog at home. you think you can do this. children in brazil had an unexpected helper stop by while they were jumping rope. a dog watched them play and picked up how to swing the rope. the kids had no problem allowing the dog to become their official rope swinger. kevin: my dog would do anything if there's food involved. i don't know about that. i guess. sean: he can help you jump some rope. kevin: dogs are smart. sean: they are. a device to make your shopping trips quicker. a special scanner that's meant to shorten weight times. the hiker who snapped this picture says they know where the old man of the mountain went. apparently he moved to mt. jefferson. you see the profile? submit your pictures and video by logging on at
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sean: if you like to travel, listen up. aaa has released a list of the top destinations. london, rome, cancun, paris, and dublin. amsterdam takes the sixth spot. dominican republican and jamaica also made the top ten. all ten of those sound nice. kevin: tens of thousands of people treated to a site. more than 500 air balloons filled the sky at the international balloon fiesta. the nine day event kicked off saturday. the balloons come from nearly 20 different countries. apparently from out of the world. organizers say it is one of the most photographed events in the world. sean: go up in the sky we will. that was awesome. a yoda one.
5:45 am
you and me -- kevin: where do you think it is headed? sean: you and i should hop in the yoda and goes to the top ten destinations in the world. we'll post aragonny on facebook. kevin: it will take a while. sean: this can shorten the times in the register. put the groceries and the machine will scan each item. kevin: they say it will not replace human cashiers. it will help customers and except money. sean: are you sure? kevin: robots taking over the world. sean: it could be the future. an interesting sight in manchester. a wayward moose was of spotted running through the city's west side. ray: manchester police looking for the driver that slammed his car into the building. coming up, what happened to the passenger inside the car. reporter: it's been called a once in a lifetime flood. south carolina is under water. all of the details coming up.
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sean: a local hospital is teaming up with walgreens to crisis. how they plan to make narcan more available. and the french bulldog scared away not one but
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i thought southern new hampshire university was only online. but then i visited and saw that there was this
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with a great campus culture. the community was just amazing, i really feel like this is my family. friends that i know i'll have for life. i have everything i need to succeed right here. there's always something happening here. this is such a fun place to be. everybody really loves what they're doing here.
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