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tv   News 9 Noon  ABC  October 6, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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how that's done. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. >> now at noon, police say a man was driving 90 miles per hour before crashing right through the front of this building. the alibi he gave in court today as he faced several felony charges. officials of a concord school speak out about what they had to say about an employee accused of sexually assaulting a student. >> a milder afternoon out there, when we see this warmer stretch ending with a chance of showers ahead. sean: extreme flooding, the rain has stopped in south carolina but the danger is not over yet. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 at noon.
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sean: good afternoon. we begin with new details about a crash that led to felony charges against the driver. the cadillac crash right through the front of this former dunkin donuts. the driver is charged with leaving the scene where his coveted that his cousin was injured. we were live in the courtroom. ray: a suspect, jason martinez morales told one of his cousins -- jason martinez morales is facing five felony charges, including reckless conduct for allegedly doing this, crashing his cousins cadillac sunday night into a vacant building on main street in manchester. according to the affidavit, inside the car that time, -- the three had been drinking at a bar and while the cousins were
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driver seat despite alleged objections. he had 90 -- he hit 90 miles per hour in a 30 mile per hour zone. he allegedly said "i' m going to kill you guys, we are all going to die." he hit a light pole and went airborne, crashing into the building. one of the cousins told police he tried to hold onto morales what he broke free and fled. one cousin was taken to the hospital for lacerations in his leg. the other cousin who was seated in the back seat to not require medical attention. morales has been ordered to not have any contact with his cousins. >> he may not go it than hundred feet -- 300 feet of those people. ray: morales told officers a different tale.
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adding, he was the only sober one, so he had to drive and lost control. he is due back in court on october 20 for his probable cause hearing. sean: jackets and man accused of crashing his suv in salem all driving under the influence of heroin is facing a judge. alexander dimaggio is accused of possession and -- an officer saw an suv stopped against a light pole what the driver passed inside -- passed out inside. dimaggio tried to drive out before running over a fire hydrant. a concord school was speaking out about a former employee who is charged with sexually assaulting a student devil years ago. paperwork alleges that donald levesque assaulted the student in 2013 and 2014.
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school said levesque was a teacher' s assistant there. they ended all affiliation with him due to his personal written communications with a former student outside of his work hours, not on the srs premises. the school also said at no time did shaker road school have any knowledge of committal conduct described in the complaints against levesque. there is a new push to get double murder charges against former patriots player aaron hernandez dropped. lawyers try to get the charges tied to the 2012 murders of daniel de abreu and safiro furtado votto dropped. the defense claims there was insufficient evidence given to a grand jury to establish probable cause. now to the historic flooding in the carolinas. at least 13 deaths have been blamed on the storm. nine dams have been breached and
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elizabeth hur is in the carolinas. elizabeth: neighborhoods evacuated near a breached dam in south carolina. >> there is a dam further up that is going to bring more water down. get out while you can. elizabeth: this is the scene from several condemns where officials are warning residents things will get worse before they get better. >> start praying, that' s all i did. elizabeth: roads turned into rivers. several businesses nearly wash away and more than 500 roads and bridges across the state damaged. 100 of them in columbia. roads still shut down with huge chunks of roadway missing. despite the fact that south carolina is starting to dry out, the danger for more flooding remains as many rivers continue
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to rise, threatening to breach more levies. the effort of rebuilding is underway. 1300 members of the national guard are on the ground helping to repair the -- the region. >> yet people displaced from their homes, businesses that are a wreck, i don' t know how long it will take for us to overcome this. elizabeth: it could be weeks if not months if the damage seen here can be rebuilt. for now, all eyes remain on those rising rivers with more flooding still a major concern. sean: we do have a scam warning to tell you about. eversource is warning its customers to be careful who they are giving personal information to. officials say scammers use several tactics, including threats to turn off power unless a payment is made. eversource says representatives will never demand instant payment over the phone and do not require the use of prepaid
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governor hassan just announced she is running for senate candidates on both sides of the aisle appeared to be lining up to replace her. chris sununu has jumped into the race but will likely face a strong primary challenge. frank edelblut and jeb bradley are weighing their options. on the democratic side andrew hosmer and colin van ostern have announced plans. several others have also expressed interest. in the race for president, george pataki is in the granite state today having lunch with the chester county republicans before heading to scott brown' s no bs barbecue. marco rubio is also in new attend a house party. afghanistan.
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the head of u.s. forces -- what the u.s. -- what the head of u.s. forces says about the incident. kevin: milder afternoon as temperatures jump again. we will talk about the one shower chance coming up. sean: if you are looking to add
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who is it that's got the foreign policy experience to deal with what has become an increasingly complicated world at a time when america needs to emerge and restore its leadership? no one really has that experience, except for maybe one. john kasich's for us. new day independent media committee, inc. is responsible for the content of this
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it is time to deal with skyrocketing out-of-pocket costs. commentator: the 32-year-old head of a pharmaceutical company raised the price of a life-saving drug overnight by 5,000%. i'm announcing a detailed plan to crack down on these abuses. commentator: he may be lowering it after hillary clinton blasted him out of the water. her plan would limit the out-of-pocket costs that consumers have to pay. clinton: nobody in america should have to choose between buying the medicine they need and paying their rent. i'm hillary clinton,
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sean: welcome back. federal investigators are on their way to florida to try to fight answers about what become the country' s deadliest cargo crew -- shipped debt faster -- ship disaster. bazi: searchers trying to spot survivors of the el faro across hundreds of square miles of the atlantic. the ship allegedly sunk in hurricane joaquin and a team is trying to find out what happened. >> this is a huge challenge, there was a large debris field. bazi: the focus is nearly cargo ship' s last known position, miles off of cricket island, not far from where crews have found
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s lifeboats, empty and badly battered. >> we have reports of other life rafts and lifeboats. we need to get out there right away. bazi: search teams are racing against ocean currents, hoping to find survivors. each of the 33 crew members had a suit designed to help them float and stay warm. the company that owned the el faro lames engine failure are stalling the ship. it' s captain believed he could avoid the hurricane. >> his plan was a sound plan that would have enabled him to pass around the storm. bazi: families of the crew are critical of the decision. they hold vigil as they wait for answers. >> i know is out there floating around, they will pick them up anytime. bazi: investigators say they will look at the ship' s safety
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records but their first priority is to look at the physical evidence from the ship that is perishable. sean: the head of u.s. forces in afghanistan testified before congress this morning. joseph campbell also addressed the u.s. airstrike on a doctors without borders clinic in afghanistan last weekend, killing at least 22 people. he testified the hospital was mistakenly struck. afghan forces reported being on fire and asked for support while in combat with taliban forces. >> the decision to provide aerial fire was a u.s. decision made within the u.s. chain of command. a hospital was mistakenly struck. we would never intentionally target a protected medical facility. sean: he also testified about the number of u.s. troops that should stay in afghanistan. he spoke briefly about it at the pentagon, saying afghan forces
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kevin: get away from the clouds in the roth -- in the north country and we have temperatures jumping into the 60' s this afternoon. sean: we will talk weather, plus it' s getting cold outside. we will give you some tips in planting a tree. check out all these colorful ball leaves -- fall leaves.
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-- you >> now, the storm watch nine forecast. kevin: another cool start to the day with temperatures dropping into the 30' s and 40' s. not quite the levels we saw yesterday morning and temperatures this afternoon about six or seven degrees warmer and a lot of locations. the exception will be to the north country were clouds have been building in from a system up through southern parts of canada. you get down to where most of us live, you can see the bank of clouds. we start to get into that part
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you notice farther south, it is a lot of blue sky which will be experiencing -- we will be experiencing through a good part of the afternoon. this is certainly one of those signs we are heading into the fall season. the clouds will linger around through the afternoon and temperatures struggle to get back above 60 degrees there while the rest of us, it will be 60' s to even some lower 70' s which we do again tomorrow with parcel sunshine -- with partial sunshine. hurricane joaquin heading off screen and you' the rainfall and the organized rain you' ve been seeing in the flooding down for the carolinas. and offshore. start system. we get a couple of sprinkles tomorrow but otherwise we are relatively dry with one rain chance in the seven-day forecast. lower 50' s up north.
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areas that fell to either side of 40 in the southern area is back to the low to mid 60' s. places like manchester and salem are reaching 70 degrees this afternoon. the clouds try to give away -- give way later tonight only to build backend. once it does go by, it -- a push of arctic air comes in from canada and that will be around temperatures after highs tomorrow in the 60' s lower 70' s dropback from the mid-50' s to mid 60' s. we will have a lot of sunshine tomorrow ahead of the next system which starts to thicken up the cloud cover thursday night. by friday, front on the door and stash on the doorstep with around. the rest of us around here it looks like partly to mostly weekend after the system moves by on friday. 60' s for most this afternoon. more of a struggle and the northern parts of the state with
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the forecast shows the warmest of the days with parcel son -- with partial sunshine. we get full sunshine on thursday but temperatures by then start to cool off and remain cool what the chance for some scattered showers centered around friday afternoon. in the north country that could start in the morning. once that system pulled by in the evening we gradually clear out saturday and it looks like a great holiday weekend. it will start cool saturday but gradually work each day all the way to columbus day on monday. >> welcome, i am joined by margaret from unh. ball is a popular time to plant some trees and that' s what we' re going to shoot -- show people how to do today. >> the first thing is, you want to choose the right tree for the right place. >> this looks kind of cute, but
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>> you will notice, one of these is starting to go out elsewhere want this to come up after we take that one down. and planting it early so it will be ready. >> it goes to about 75 feet. >> it has beautiful fall foliage and it will get rather large. >> sometimes i might encounter something here. we are known as the granite state, are we? >> before you dig the hole, you want to make sure you follow the trunk down to where it gets a little wide at the base and that for most of the roots are going to meet and it' s called the root flare. after that, you want to measure the width and the height of the root ball you will be putting in. you take as deep as the height, but no deeper because you don' t want to settle. >> some people might think they are protecting a young tree from the wintertime and the harsh environment by digging a deeper. that'
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>> the number one reason trees die is because people plant them to deeply. it should be two and a half to three times as wide as the root ball. >> do i want to expose some of the root ball or just leave it intact like we have? >> you don' t expose it but you want to make sure that root flare does show above ground. >> once we are set and the tree as in, what we do next? >> this is a sandy soil so we will need to add a little bit of backfill. we need to add about 30% compost to the backfill. then i will turn it all in together. if i need line or some other sediment i will add it as well. you put in about half deep, temperate down and make sure you water it well. then you put the rest of the
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if you can create a shallow saucer to hold water, because the next most important thing is water. you need to make sure you get an inch of water on it a week from either rain or your supplemental watering. >> that much, for how long? >> the first year and a half. we tend to have dry octobers in new hampshire so water this until the ground freezes. >> a few years from now this will be healthy and growing. this is pretty much universal for any type of tree. thank you very much margaret, that is it for today' s grow green.
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sean: a farmer in oregon has grown a monster of a pumpkin. this bad boy weighs almost 2000 pounds. if the largest pumpkin in oregon and the fourth largest in the world. the grower says it takes a lot of work to cultivate something like that. it will be on display at the harvest festival for the next several weeks and they will make the most concedes ever with one batch. kevin: when you need a forklift, that tells you everything you need to know.
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it as huge? kevin: we continue to look at warmer temperatures of the next couple of days and partly sunny skies. the chance of showers friday which moves away in time for the weekend. sean: starting tonight at 5:00, recent rain washed away part of one cemetery, the effects on those graves and the work being done to repair it. getting a mortgage should be easier now thanks to new rules about the paperwork involved. have a great afternoon. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but the republicans... v they want to go back to letting v the super wealthy call the shots. they don't stand up for equal pay for women. they don't support paid family leave. they don't even really support refinancing student debt. we've got to get this economy working for the vast majority of americans, not just for those at the top. that's what i intend
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to do as president. i'm hillary clinton and
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i'm a committed conservative that believes in getting results. we made florida number one in job creation... 1.3 million new jobs, 4.4 percent growth, higher family income, eight balanced budgets, and tax cuts eight years in a row that saved our people and businesses 19 billion dollars. i also used my veto power to protect our taxpayers from needless spending. and if i am elected president, i'll show congress how that's done. v i will campaign as i would serve -- keeping my word. i will run with heart. and i will run to win. jeb: proven conservative. real results. right to rise usa
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