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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  October 6, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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tom: now at 11:00, it took the jaws of life to get a boy out of a tree in manchester. >> i was scared that i wouldn' t get down at all. tom: the 9-year-old tells us what he was thinking as firefighters got him to safety. shelley: franklin firefighters are using a recent arson case as an example in their new campaign. the action they want residents to take when something doesn' t seem right. mike: nice and mild today, and and sunny and even a little bit warmer on wednesday. how long until that changes and it cools back down. tom: florida senator marco rubio campaigned in bedford tonight. his criticism of the leading republican candidate, donald trump. shelley: this is some of what the coast guard found when searching for the container ship that sank during hurricane joaquin. the key piece of evidence investigators hope to find. >> no one covers new hampshire
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like we do. now, wmur news 9 tonight. shelley: tonight, we' re hearing from the young boy who was stuck in a tree last night in manchester. firefighters needed the jaws of life to free him. good evening, i' m shelley walcott. tom: i' m tom griffith. firefighters were already close by when the boy needed help but that' s actually what got him into the tight spot in the first place. wmur' s mike cronin joins us live from manchester to explain. mike: anthony and his friends have climbed the tree many times before but this time there was a little complication on his way down. anthony is safely on the ground now but monday night there were some tense moments for this 9-year-old when he got stuck in a tree. >> i was scared that i wouldn' t get down at all. mike: he was at his friend' s house on blucher street in manchester. the boys saw a fire truck nearby and wanted to know what was going on so they started climbing. >> so i tried to get a closer look.
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not fully. mike: anthony tried coming down but his leg got wedged between two large limbs twelve feet in the air. neighbors flagged down firefighters who were leaving that previous call. >> i was grateful for when they came and when they showed up. mike: firefighters tried to lift anthony but he says that hurt so they brought in heavy machinery. >> they had to use the chainsaw to get this branch down so they could use the jaws of life to free me. >> within minutes it was over. >> when they used the jaws of life, they had a blanket over me. i didn' t really know why they would have a blanket over me, but it just felt like i was comfortable and safe. mike: first responders made sure he was ok. >> i got sent into the ambulance and right now i just feel relieved that i didn' t have to go to the hospital. mike: aside from some minor scrapes and bruises anthony says he feels great. his friend couldn' t believe it. >> i was thinking once he got stuck, we' re gonna need the firefighters. i knew right away because the
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way he got stuck. >> yeah, just a childhood thing you know? climbing a tree and a freak accident and everything turned out well. mike: anthony says this won' t be his last climb. >> i think i' m really lucky and i should pay more attention. >> i' m going to still climb trees, but i' m going to do it safely. >> he has a great sense of humor and he' s learned a valuable lesson. he would also like to thank the firefighters for rescuing him. live in manchester, mike cronin, wmur news 9. tom: bypass 28 in derry has reopened after a crash that seriously injured a woman. two cars collided right in front of the derry fire station. one driver had minor injuries that the other was trapped with multiple life-threatening injuries. police say the woman was not wearing a seatbelt. she was taken to the hospital by med flight. firefighters and franklin say an arson arrest is proof a new
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program in the city will make a difference. witnesses told investigators at the scene of the fire that had seen a woman walk into the home with a gas can in hand. before it actually went up in flames. police use that information to make an arrest. as suzanne roantree reports, leaders in franklin are now encouraging more people to say something if they see something. >> the see something-say something program is fairly new to franklin but already some of the businesses in downtown are offering support. the fire chief says the program is really quite simple. it came be very helpful in deterring crime. >> if you see something that is suspicious in nature and doesn' t run -- doesn' t look right, report it to police or the fire department. >> following the sandy hook shootings in december 2012, franklin' s fire and police chief is the concept of see something-say something to
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empower worry educators and happening in their community. >> most recently this past spring, with collaborative efforts with the city of franklin it was brought to our community to raise community awareness. >> with the government' s approval, signs like this one a downtown franklin are starting to pop up around the city. he hopes of business and residential areas embrace the program. >> it may not just be in franklin. it could also be in communities around us that can link some of the crimes from other communities and suspicious activity and help foil some of those events. >> he says that national homeland security department is paying for the program. >> it has filtered down through the state of new hampshire into the local communities. it' s a collaborative effort and
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hopefully all the communities will empower people to know that if there' s something bad happening in the neighborhood or any areas of the community that they should report it. >> over the next few weeks, the fire and police chief of hope they can introduce the see something-say something program to more businesses in the city of franklin. suzanne roantree, wmur news 9. shelley: a man from keene is charged with animal cruelty after police say he kicked a dog and it died. police say the 17-year-old pekingese chihuahua wandered into toby tousley' s yard. he initially tried to shoo the dog away, but when the dog tried to go to the bathroom, tousley kicked it. he turned himself in to police, and was released on bail. the man behind three robberies last november will spend 10 years in prison. james whinnem pleaded guilty to robbing a gas station convenience store in manchester, a bank in manchester, and another bank in dover. surveillance video from the bank
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helped police identify him. whinnem was also ordered to pay back more than $11,000. tom: marco rubio is back in the granite state tonight and poised for a fresh day of campaigning tomorrow. this evening he spoke at a house party in bedford. adam sexton begins our commitment 2016 coverage tonight. adam: he is dodging more incoming fire from donnell from -- from donnell trauma -- donald trump, who called him a total lightweight with $12 in the bank. but rubio and his campaign are not taking the bait. campaigning in bedford, senator marco rubio is shrugging off of prank pulled by the front runner donald trump who sent rubio a care package of natural spring water and a note insinuating the senator is sweaty. >> i don' t care about that.
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we' re going to focus on the country. on what america is facing. >> the florida senator continues to pitch himself as the candidate with fresh ideas, focused on the future. >> our policies are stuck in yesterday. a retirement program designed in the 1930' s. higher education policies from the 1950' s. so-called antipoverty programs from the 1960' s. energy policies from the 1970' s and tax policies from the 1980' s and 1990' s. >> the rubio campaign is keeping both eyes on the ground game. >> it wasn' t that i was recruited, i decided to go with him. adam: david sherman of new boston had been with scott walker. now with walker out of the race, he' s decided to back rubio. >> he' s got some new ideas, young and energetic. >> rubio talked about the momentum he hopes will put him over the top. >> we can make the republican party the party of the 21st
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century. >> he stayed long after sunset to shake every hand and take every selfie. >> this is an important job interview. it' s the most important political office in the world. we look forward to coming back. >> senator rubio is back out on the campaign trail tomorrow. scheduled stops in manchester and dover. tom: former new york governor george pataki is campaigning in new hampshire today. this evening, the republican presidential candidate was in rye, where former senator scott brown has been hosting republicans for a no b.s. barbecue as he calls it in his backyard. this was the last of six stops pataki made during his latest trip here. democratic presidential candidate lincoln chafee wrapped up his date by meeting the cheshire county democrats in keene. he' s the former governor of rhode island. this afternoon he also met with voters in exeter.
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shelley: two republican presidential candidates arrive tomorrow, south carolina senator lindsey graham has a 10 day visit plan. he has a town hall meeting in brookline on the agenda tomorrow. new jersey governor chris christie will be new hampshire for three days and will hold for town hall meetings during that time. tomorrow' s event is in raymond. the town of marlborough is under a boil water notice right now. a water sample taken yesterday tested positive for e. coli. residents should not drink water without boiling it first. officials are not sure when that order will be lifted. >> the ntsb is hoping to find the data recorder that was on board the ship that sank during hurricane joaquin. the coast guard shared images of the debris that have found so far. searchers are still looking for the 33 crew members are any other evidence from it. the ship lost contact last thursday while in the bahamas
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approaching. searchers have not heard a ping from the data recorder so far. >> the voyage data recorder is an instrument that activates upon touching water, so once it is actually in the water, it will begin hanging, and it has a battery life of 30 days. tom seven crew members have ties : to new england in maine or massachusetts. shelley: the general who is leading the american effort in afghanistan says the military needs to change the timetable for leaving that country. his response to an american airstrike that hit a hospital. >> with flooding threat still looming, the work to rebuild here in south carolina is underway. we will look at the damages, coming up. mike: a pleasant pattern
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will it last to the end of the week and into the weekend? the forecast is coming up. >> this hair and was spotted today. you can submit your pictures and
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others by joining onto uloca tom: the sun has come out after nearly two weeks of rain in south carolina. the huge mass of water left behind why all that rain that has not gone out to the ocean. >> the potential for rising delayed his concern for authorities in south carolina. danger. authorities carefully watching 18 dams that risk of reaching under pressure. >> the next 36-48 hours are going to be a time that we need to continue to be careful. >> it' s been a horrifying few days here. 11 trillion gallons of water were too much for the ground to absorbed, making rivers overflow from charleston to columbia. residents finally returning home
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it' s a scene reminiscent of a giant yard sale, if it wasn' t so tragic. >> at least some of my stuff is going to be saved. i don' t know that some of these other people are going to be able to salvage anything. >> nearly 500 roads and bridges remain closed. as many as 40,000 people still don' t have water. the national guard now on site. the governor says it' s too soon to put a dollar figure on the damages but they are keeping an eye on rising creeps -- creeks and rivers and keeping everyone safe. tom: the top commander for u.s. military operations in afghanistan is recommending more troops stay in that country
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longer than planned. general john campbell testified before congress today. he said the conditions on the ground have changed since president obama announces plan to only have 1000 american troops in the country after 2016. the general says a deadly u.s. airstrike this weekend that hit medical clinic run by doctors without borders was a mistake. >> to be clear, the decision to provide aerial fire was the u.s. decision made with the u.s. chain of command. the hospital was mistakenly struck. we would never intentionally target a protected medical facility. tom: general campbell says he airstrike is under investigation. u.s. officials have set the airstrike was based on an afghan request. >> a united airlines flight and -- from houston to san francisco had to make an emergency stop after the copilot passed out. the plane was diverted to albuquerque, new mexico, and landed safely this morning.
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consciousness by the time the plane landed and was able to walk off the plane. he was taken to a local hospital. united hasn' t released any information on his condition or what caused him to pass out. tom: tom hanks is on a mission to return a missing student i.d.. here is his tweet from earlier today. the actor says he found this student i.d. in the park, and if its owner still needs it, his office will make sure she gets it back. hanks himself benefited from the kindness of strangers earlier this year when a man found his credit card on the streets of new york and returned it. one good deed deserves another. the weather deserves another good day. mike: 60' s today, low 70' s tomorrow. we will take it. a beautiful shot out there in markets where earlier today and a time lapse throughout the late morning and early afternoon.
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there along the coast, making way for beautiful evening. 68 the official high in concord, 37 was the morning low. you see the big jump from morning temperatures into the afternoon. you need the jacket early in the day but you can lose it by early afternoon. it' s mainly fair out there but the wind direction is critical. that drives temperatures up until they turn around to the northwest. slightly lower temperatures as we go in to, that' s if we get a few clouds and showers. there is a shower chance friday afternoon but the clouds -- we could still be in the 60' s for the tail end of the week. the weekend looking pretty good right now, a cool start and a mild finish by columbus day on monday. right now are lining up in the
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s in whitefield and mid to upper 40' s in many spots from concord north and west, just a little above that. we bottom out in the 40' s for many and artist of the north. right now he told is hitting about a week late on the calendar, but still plenty of great color statewide, especially for -- the farther north and west that you go. the next front will bring some showers are way. as for tonight and early tomorrow we will see fog and some low cloudiness giving way to plenty of sunshine and a week down three approaches from the moisture. a few sprinkles up north should be about it in terms of rain chances until sometime friday afternoon. moving ahead to thursday, slightly cooler than it will be tomorrow. nice and mild readings by the afternoon into the low to mid 60' s. tomorrow we are above that, low
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70' s concord and points out. same story in the upper valley, back to the monadnock region just a bit cooler in the great thursday little cooler than tomorrow, about 60-65 from the lakes region and points south, likelihood of a sea breeze along the shore. fair skies, valley fog early tomorrow will quickly burn off. take a look at the next seven days. low 70' s tomorrow, the best chance of a sprinkle tomorrow afternoon in the north country, best chance of showers statewide will be friday afternoon in friday night, but it clears out in time for the weekend. breezy on saturday and cool. in temperatures climb by sunday and once we get into columbus day, low 70' s may hold.
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jamie the playoffs are underway : in major league baseball. the american league wildcard game was tonight, with the winner advancing to play the kansas city royals. the yankees hosted the astros. no jacoby ellsbury in the lineup. the $21 million centerfielder was benched in favor of another right handed batter against the lefty astros pitcher dallas keuchel. 2nd inning, colby rasmus with a blast to right. a homer of masahiro tanaka. 1-0 astros. that would be all they would
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need. they did get more, in the 4th inning, carlos gomez with a solo shot. 2-0 astros. elsberry pinch-hit in the eighth inning. astros pitching shuts down the yankees 3-0. houston advances to play the royals. nba exhibition. celtics in italy taking on olimpia milano. isiah thomas with the steal and easy transition lay-in. will see the new guy, david lee 13 points, seven rebounds, three assists. celtics win 124-91. italy. vermont at dartmouth. late 2nd half, finally a goal.
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nile walwyn, who kicked it -- off the corner, that made it 1-1. the game-winner, dartmouth. the big green improve to 5-3-1 this season. welcome to the new manchester monarchs. training camp is open for business at saint anselm college. the american hockey league monarchs, as you may recall, moved to california after last season. the new monarchs are in the east coast hockey league. one step down in talent, but probably a step up in terms of exciting games to watch. they have a new coach, richard seeley. they host an exhibition game against adirondack this sunday at 3:30 at saint anselm. >> is going to be a fast paste game. the guys work hard. jamie speaking of hockey teams : getting going, welcome back to
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they are young but with a ton of talent. that includes all 3 goalies and the leading scorer from last year, tyler kelleher. he is a junior now. they start their season on saturday night against aic, american international college. that game is at home in the new and improved whittemore center at 7:00. >> we had that exhibition game, we got off to a good start, not a good second but we go back in the third. we are anxious to get going here and play game at home. >> high school football, the top five changed. number two goffstown ready to host number three bedford on saturday at 1:30, that' s a game of the week. a monster showdown, both undefeated. announcing the head coaches for the chad east-west all-star football game, which will be held june 25 at saint anselm college. craig kozens of laconia returns
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he led the east to the 29-15 win over the summer. paul lavigne will coach team west. he was the head coach for west in 2014, with his team winning 24-7. the chad game features graduating high school seniors from the granite state. always fun to watch. tom: still to come on newsnine tonight. you' ve seen our home at last series on new hampshire chronicle. shelley: now, the wmur news team behind that series is being honored for making a difference in the lives of granite state children. it is time to deal with skyrocketing out-of-pocket costs. commentator: the 32-year-old head of a pharmaceutical company raised the price of a life-saving drug overnight by 5,000%. i'm announcing a detailed plan to crack down on these abuses. commentator: he may be lowering it after hillary clinton
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blasted him out of the water. the out-of-pocket costs that consumers have to pay. should have to choose between buying the medicine they need and paying their rent. i'm hillary clinton,
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who is it that's got the foreign policy experience to deal with what has become an increasingly complicated world at a time when america needs to emerge and restore its leadership? no one really has that experience, except for maybe one. john kasich's for us. new day independent media committee, inc. is responsible for the content of this advertising. i thought southern new hampshire university was only online. but then i visited and saw that there was this amazing campus, with a great campus culture. the community was just amazing, i really feel like this is
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i've made so many friends here, friends that i know i'll have for life. i have everything i need to succeed right here. there's always something happening here. this is such a fun place to be. everybody really loves what they're doing here. visit snhu and see for yourself. tom: we are pleased to share tonight that wmur and new hampshire chronicle have received a national honor. shelley: anchor jean mackin and producer mary-paige provost were in washington d.c. today to accept the angels in adoption award, which recognizes dedication to children. the state division for children, youth & families says your response to home at last has been life-changing. many of the children featured have found permament homes, and dcyf has seen an increase in foster home and adoption applications. well done, great job. thanks for joining us for newsnine tonight at 11. tom: jimmy kimmel live is next, followed by night line.
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