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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 7, 2015 3:05am-4:30am EDT

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so, call or go online right now. the preceding was a paid presentation for the worx air, brought to you by worx. tt2w`t3n`1d$ bt@q\nl tt2w`t3n`1d$ "a@qlb( tt2w`t3n`1d$ bm@qgi$ tt4w`t3n`1d$" dztq !s\ tt4w`t3n`1d$" entq qw< tt4w`t3n`1d$" gzt& hpd tt4w`t3n`1d$" hnt& x^( tt4w`t3n`1d$" iztq 27p tt4w`t3n`1d$" jntq g0
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t. >> how could they -- these four-wheel drives, hundreds of them. where are they coming from? >> reporter: toyed says it does not know how isis is getting its vehicles and that it is
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impossible to control indirect or black market sales. but no one from toyota would agree to appear in our report. and when we went to last moss big toyota dealer meeting in las vegas hotel security officials flashed lights into our camera lens and order us to stop taping or else. >> sir, if you could just walk right out this way. >> reporter: in a statement to abc news toyota said it's not aware of any of its dealerships violating the company policy to not sell to terrorists. this is all part of a broad u.s. effort by the treasury department to crack down on isis and stop it from using all of its cash to resupply and reequip its terrorist army. brian ross, abc news, new york. >> fascinating report, brian. thank you. auto workers may walk off tomorrow. their union has rejected a issued a strike notice. fiat chrysler says it is continuing to work toward an agreement. the union could call a national strike involving all 40,000 members or could stage strikes
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at specific plants that would cause production problems elsewhere. a new development in the volkswagen emissions test cheating scandal. a massive recall of those 11 million diesel-powered calls will begin in january and is expected to take all of next year. in the u.s. the fix must first be approved by the epa. we're expected to learn more when vw head of american operations appears before congress. and that's tomorrow. now to another mid-air scare. the second medical emergency in the cockpit in only two days. a united airlines co-pilot suffering a seizure, passing out yesterday on a flight from houston to san francisco with nearly 200 people on board. he regained consciousness and was able to walk off the plane on his own when it was diverted to albuquerque. on monday you may recall an american airlines pilot died in the cockpit from an apparent heart attack. to new jersey now and a man from that state is in jail now after being busted with hidden cocaine at newark airport.
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ten pounds of the drug was found stuffed inside food products. the street value of the cocaine said to be about $170,000. the man had flown in from peru. and now he's facing smuggling charges. a consumer alert this morning. if you're going to be making pumpkin pie for thanksgiving, better get that pumpkin filling now. apparently, experts say there isn't enough pumpkins for jack-o'-lanterns at halloween but that might not be the case for the canned pumpkin used in those turkey day pies. the looming shortage is being blamed on june's record rainfall in illinois, which is the center of u.s. pumpkin growing. >> don't we always have one of these shortages we talk about this time of year? >> are we just buying into the hype? >> wasn't there a turkey shortage last year? >> interesting. >> we all survived. >> i'm not taking any risks. i'm going to go -- >> you're going to go out? well, you know it was a beautiful day in new york city yesterday and there was a beautiful event right across from our studios in central park.
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as you can see, it was all about peace. >> that giant peace sign was organized by the woman you saw there, yoko ono. the widow of former beatle john lennon. it was a sort of gift to lennon, who would have sturnd turned 75 years old friday. >> more than 200,000 people took part in the peace sign. trying to set a guinness world record for the largest group of people to form a peace sign. they came up a few thousand shot. but still -- >> pretty impressive. >> very impressive scene there. coming up in "the mix" the most elaborate holiday gifts in the just released neiman marcus catalog. what would you pay to send a loved ones into space? >> depends if they return or not. also ahead, the overnight factory worker who just won the $310 million powerball jackpot. her big plans now involve her family, her boss, and her boyfriend. >> but first, presidential candidate ben carson, political firestorm, his comments on gun violence and allowing teachers
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try meta today. and for a tasty heart healthy snack, try a meta health bar. two accidents marred the annual balloon fiesta in albuquerque, new mexico yesterday. one balloon landed on a tractor-trailer park at an intersection. another became tangled in power lines, knocking out electricity to nearly 3,000 customers.
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accident. more than 500 balloons are taking part in the festival this year. the community college of philadelphia was locked down after report of a teenager on campus with a gun. no gun was found, but police believe he may have ditched the weapon. a student said he had had an argument with a teen who had pulled a gun on him but after the dispute the teen walked calmly to class and sat down. witnesses say they never saw a gun. but it was the campus shooting rampage in oregon that's making headlines this morning for republican presidential hopeful ben carson. >> it was carson's comments about what he'd do if a gunman pointed a gun at him that's triggering an uproar. here's abc's cecilia vega. >> reporter: this is what ben carson says he would have done had he come face to face with the gunman in that oregon classroom. >> dr. carson, if a gunman walks up and puts a gun at you and says what religion are you, that is the ultimate test of your faith. >> i'm glad you asked that
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question. because not only would i probably not cooperate with him, i would not just stand there and let him shoot me. i would say hey, guys, everybody attack him, he may shoot me but he can't get us all. >> reporter: carson didn't end there. the gop candidate also bashing president obama's plan to visit with victims, saying if he were elected he would not go. >> i would probably have so many things on my agenda that i'd go to the next one. >> reporter: this all comes after the retired neurosurgeon wrote on facebook, "i never saw a body with bullet holes that was more devastating than taking the right to arm ourselves away." and suggesting some kindergarten teachers should be armed. and defending himself on "the view." >> you said that you'd be very comfortable if kindergarten teachers had guns in the classroom. why do you think that's a good idea? >> not all kindergarten teachers. i said people who are trained. >> okay. >> and understand all the implications. and you obviously are not just going to have a weapon signature on the kindergarten teacher's desk. >> reporter: the republican
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against gun control since last week's shooting but in iowa hillary clinton making the case for tougher laws. >> we have to act against those people who should not have guns in the first place. >> reporter: and ben carson accusing hillary clinton and president obama of playing politics with these mass shootings. but right now he's the one making headlines on that very topic. cecilia vega, abc news, musketini, iowa. >> reporter: the federal law enforcement association releasing comments saying dr. carson's may seem tactically reckless but they have great merit. we should learn from 9/11 that if not for the brave passengers on flight 93 who exerted extraordinary courage the fatality count may have been worse. >> okay. many people would be surprised that they're coming out in favor of this. but it does seem a little reckless but it's also a good thing for carson. when he made comments,
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controversial comments about muslims, he gained more than $500,000 in funds in support within a 24-hour period. so we'll see what sort of impact this has. >> so you think he's sort of reaching out to a specific target of republican voters? >> i'm not sure that he's reaching out. i think he's just speaking his mind and he's having some success fund-raising as a result. >> okay. >> so we'll see. coming up, america's newest multimillionaire. >> yes. the lucky factory worker from michigan who's the sole winner of last week's $310 million powerball lottery jackpot. her numbers. straight ahead. and ahead in our next half hour, what happened to this bathroom? what one flight attendant did to her that's causing an online uproar. you're watching "world news now." today, 1 out of every 4 american kids is hispanic. that means many of the future doctors who will care for us, the engineers who will build our cities, the scientists and entrepreneurs of our country can be your kids.
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i was done. >> reporter: but she didn't quit as soon as she could have. she waited until her lunch break to check her numbers. >> i was having a really bad night at work. thought might as well check my
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numbers while i'm sitting here waiting for my lunch. i didn't believe it. i had to go back to work and get verified from a couple other co-workers and just couldn't believe it. >> reporter: leach is taking the lump sum, about 140 million after taxes. so what will she do with all that cash? a little house shopping. leach says she will stay in michigan and buy up property for her family. >> i'm going to take care of my kids. i don't want them to have to work like i had to work and deal with the kind of things that i had to deal with over life. i just want to make it a good life for them. >> reporter: and there may be a marriage proposal in her future from her partner of-3036 years. >> i said he'd have to sign a prenup now. >> reporter: leach says she has hired an atern and financial adviser who would help her manage the money. reena? kendis? >> bazi, thank you. she has 11 grandkids. so that money's going to spread
3:22 am
out over all the kids. what would you -- would you still be working here if you had luck? buying -- >> maybe not the overnights. but i might be selling lottery tickets. >> i think you've got those numbers all squared away. >> we'll be back. got to offer us today? balance transfer that's my game bank you never heard of, that's my name haa! thank you. uh, next. watch me make your interest rate... disappear. there's gotta be a better way to find the right card. whatever kind you're searching for, lets you compare hundreds of cards to find the one that's right for you. just search, compare, and apply at a one, a two, a three
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don't wait. call today to request your free decision guide and find the aarp medicare supplement plan to go the distance with you. go long. hard to believe that christmas is around the corner. >> yes. >> since 1926 neiman marcus has issued their christmas book. lots of fun things in there, right? among the cool things that you can get, for $150,000 an arch moat motorcycle and ride experience. this is keanu reeves and guard holinger's motorcycle company. they'll take you on a two-day ride along the california coast. another is a tour of italy. and that's $150,000. >> 150,000 for a tour of italy? yep. and then it gets better. there's also a world view edge of space trip.
3:26 am
>> that makes sense at 90,000. >> you do? you think so? >> yeah. expensive to go to space, outer space. >> and this one, my kind of favorite. the iris atfell, 93-year-old fashion icon. you'll get a trunk of her accessories for $80,000. >> some pricey accessories. >> they include vintage finds handcrafted by women globally that inspired her personally. >> i looked through the christmas catalog, and i've got to admit i could not find this particular thing in catalog. this lamp that was designed by some folks in london. lasting enjoyment. look at that. that's how you turn on these lamps. >> that is not what i'm thinking. >> it's called the slap it lamp. you can slap it, pinch it -- >> wait. you're glossing over something here. this is someone's booty. >> this is 'form of a butt. clearly it's not nikki minaj's booty because it wouldn't fit on >> oh. >> but you have 10 different
3:27 am
>> and this is really selling? >> it's 149 pounds. less than $300. >> the butt is $149? >> yes. the lamp b p lamp. >> you mean $149 in london -- >> xwrep less >> yes. less than 300 -- >> okay. they have a new music video based on bieber's "what do you mean." take a look. it's pretty impressive. when you nod your head yes but you want to say no what do you mean when you don't want me no more but you tell me to go >> very cool. >> isn't that cool? >> it was directed choreographed edited and filmed by david moore, and it is pretty impressive i think. this should actually be justin bieber's. is his music video better than this one? >> it's very cool. if i was bieber i would look into this for the video to this song. it's hard enough to do it on a segway, just walk down the
3:28 am
this is very impressive to coordinate this. you're wowed by it.
3:29 am
hour. this morning on "world news now," washed away. property and lives as well as dreams destroyed. in the historic floods in the carolinas. the imminent threat in the hours ahead as this emergency is far from over. controversial comments from presidential candidate ben carson. his views on gun violence. the oregon campus shooting and the president's tribute to those victims. setting off a heated debate. and new this half hour, bill cosby one step closer to a criminal investigation. >> the brand new lawsuit filed by a fashion model. why her case is being watched so closely by prosecutors. and later, tom hanks proves
3:30 am
what he did to make sure an i.d. card he found in the park was returned to its owner. it's lost and found in "the skinny" on this wednesday october 7th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning. i'm reena ninan. >> and i'm kendis gibson. we're going to get started right now with our top story because we're still following the overwhelming flood damage in south carolina. so many families losing everything they own as the water continues to rise. >> reporter: waterlogged roads are still collapsing long after the rain has stopped. more dams are expected to break. and the death toll is rising. here's more from abc's alex perez. >> reporter: in south carolina all eyes on at least 18 dams that could burst under pressure. >> the next 36 to 48 hours is going to be volatile. so what we'll tell you is don't let the sunshine fool you. >> reporter: 1,000-pound sand bags at the ready. they'll be dropped by these national guard chinook helicopters to stabilize this
3:31 am
on burwell lane, water lapping at the roofs of homes. a flood of volunteers. robert wise finally back at his house, which was underwater. >> what's it like to come back and see your neighborhood in shambles like this? >> it's overwhelming. there's no way to describe it. >> reporter: 11 trillion gallons of water. enough to fill more than 130,000 rose bowls. it's making already swollen rivers overflow long after the rain is gone. and as many as 40,000 people still have no water. >> and i have three children at home. we don't have anything to even flush toilets or take showers. >> reporter: long lines for free bottles of water from the national guard. and this is what we're seeing on the ground here. the inside of so many homes ending up on the lawn and now headed to the garbage. that boat on the front porch there carried by the storm actually belongs to a neighbor that lives about half a mile away from here.
3:32 am
south carolina. the ntsb has now joined the investigation into the sinking of the cargo ship "el faro." 33 people were on board when the ship went down last week during hurricane joaquin. in 15,000 feet of water. only one body has been recovered so far. investigators say finding the voyage data recorder will provide crucial information. >> the voyage data recorder has a lot of information. it would give information about everything that happened in the 12 hours before it actually hit the water. >> that recorder will ping for 30 days after it's touched by water. the justice department is set to release a record number of prisoners, nearly 6,000 federal inmates will walk free later this month. that's the largest number ever to be released at one time. most of them are non-violent drug offenders. it's part of a white house push to reduce the country's overcrowded prison population. a texas inmate has been
3:33 am
during a robbery which netted $8. juan martin garcia received a lethal injection last night. he acknowledged shooting the victim but denied the robbery, an accompanying felony that made it a capital case. republican presidential candidate dr. ben carson isn't backing away from some controversial comments about guns and last week's deadly shootings in oregon. carson says president obama is playing politics with the attack by going to visit the victims on friday. he says if he were in office he wouldn't do that. carson is also suggesting that some kindergarten teachers be armed as a way of avoiding future school massacres. >> not all kindergarten teachers. i said people who are trained. >> okay. >> and understand all the implications. and you obviously are not just going to have a weapon sitting on the kindergarten teacher's desk. and i know that -- >> what would the weapon be? >> before his appearance on "the view" yesterday carson was on fox news channel.
3:34 am
claiming he may have been shot but at least many others would not have been. he doubled down on that position later on another fox show. >> i want to plant the seed in people's minds so that if this happens again, you know, they and sometimes we have to -- >> in a book published yesterday carson defends the right to own armor-penetrating ammunition. he also says calls for greater "is just the kind of thing that our founders feared." moments on board another passenger jet. this time a united airlines co-pilot losing consciousness mid-flight, forcing the plane to make an emergency landing. it comes just a day after an american airlines pilot died in the cockpit. more now from abc's david kerley. >> we have the airport in sight. united 1614. >> reporter: a jetliner with only one of the pilots at the controls. the united co-pilot had a seizure in flight, announced by the captain according to a passenger. the co-pilot, as you can see, regained consciousness and
3:35 am
walked down the stairs himself during the emergency stop in albuquerque. a different story, american airlines captain mike johnston, just 57, died while in the air. he'd had a double bypass nearly a decade ago, and his family in utah has been told it was likely a heart attack taking the pilot who loved to fly. >> watching those big jets and looked up and said i'm going to fly me one of them someday. and his mom said he always just had a passion for that. >> reporter: these incidents, especially involving the death of a pilot, are rare. only eight others like this in the past 20 years. those statistics only reinforce how unusual it is to have an incapacitated pilot two days in a row. david kerley, abc news, reagan washington airport. federal regulators are calling for a record fine against a drone operating company.
3:36 am
to operate the drones after it the flights occurred in two of the most congested air space in the country, new york and chicago. skypan was offering bird's eye views of those cities. for a new york city man who's johnny hincapie burst into tears decision. he was convicted in the high-profile murder of a utah tourist on a subway platform during a robbery. several victims have come forward saying hincapie was not present at the time. apparently, more legal troubles for bill cosby and his sex abuse scandal. a model who has accused cosby of drugging her at the playboy mansion in 2008 now suing for sexual assault. chloe goins says cosby gave her a drink which made her black out. when she came to, she was being attacked. she was able to sue because she was underaged at the time of the alleged assault. >> i recognize that i've taken legal action that many of the
3:37 am
never be able to take. for that reason i offer this message to those very women. your experience was just like mine and mine just like yours. >> the l.a. district attorney's office said last week that it is reviewing a police investigation into goins' allegations for a possible criminal case against cosby. your flu shot may do double duty. it may also protect you from pneumonia. a vanderbilt university study finds that most patients hospitalized for flu-related pneumonia haven't had a flu shot each year flu epidemics send more than 200,000 people to the hospital. and about a fourth of them die from pneumonia. flu shots reduce the risk of influenza by about 50%. missing your doctor's appointment's going to cost you money. but so will making the appointment. and now we know much more. harvard medical school figures the average visit to the doctor
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more than half of that is the waiting time and filling out forms. only about 20 minutes is harvard says the total cost, about $43 in lost time. i believe that. >> yeah. >> isn't there an app? there should be an app for diagnosis. >> that would help you. there is. i don't know if it's truthful. okay. an odd couple of sorts is doing fine together at the zoo in richmond, virginia. say hello to kumbali and kago. >> kumbali is the young cheetah. kago is the labrador pup. they were brought together at the zoo when kumbali was taken away from his family because he wasn't gaining enough weight after he was born. >> zookeepers say they're now nearly inseparable and that they clearly enjoy each other's company. they claim kumbali and kago might not even know they're different from each other. visitors say seeing them together is kind of awesome. >> and apparently pairings like this have been going on for 30 years. that's according to the richmond zoo officials.
3:39 am
>> i wonder if it's at that zoo or just overall. it's a great idea. that's a cute combo. coming up in "the skinny," your chance to rent daniel radcliffe's apartment. for $19,000 a month. >> what? >> is it furnished with harry potter's magic? >> it might be worth it. also ahead, never-before-seen video of the late steve jobs released just before that movie that profiles him. what we're learning from apple's founder. and the breast-feeding mother outraged over the way she was treated on an airline flight. the dispute on board and the airline's explanation after this look at today's forecast map. you're watching "world news now." hey buddy, let's get these dayquil liquid gels and go. but these liquid gels are new. mucinex fast max. it's the same difference. these are multi-symptom. well so are these. this one is max strength and fights mucus.
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if not, please call this number now. this affordable plan through the colonial penn program has coverage options for just $9.95 a month. your rate is locked in and can never go up. and your acceptance is guaranteed, with no health questions. see how much coverage you can get for just $9.95 a month. call now
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medical experts are split on whether it's safe to drink alcohol during pregnancy. a new commentary in the british medical journal says that some health providers say it's okay for women to consume some alcohol in their second and third trimester. most will say, though, that pregnant women should abstain from alcohol altogether. however, they agree on two things -- that women should stay away from alcohol in the first trimester and they should avoid heavy drinking during the entire pregnancy. >> okay. so controversial study there. speaking of controversy, a breast-feeding mother in arizona says that she was shamed by flight attendant on an american airlines flight out of chicago. and this apparently happened because she was using a breast pump on the airplane at the bathroom. >> and the confrontation between that mother and the flight attendant was captured on the mom's new ipad. here's abc's brandi hitt. >> i was in there
3:44 am
>> you know what? you need to -- >> reporter: an airplane argument over using a breast pump. >> if i don't pump regularly, my breast milk supply goes down. >> reporter: mariana hanniman was on a recent american airlines flight heading home to phoenix to see her 4-month-old daughter. >> she's so proud she's walking. >> reporter: when she started feeling the need to pump. so she went to the airplane bathroom and says she warned passengers waiting in line she would be pumping. >> flight attendant comes and knocks at the door and she's like choo, choo -- she's like, are you okay? like yes. i breast-feed. so i'm pumping. >> reporter: hanniman says the flight attendant then ordered her to open the door while exposed. the other passengers watching. >> i had the pump connected to me. she diminished me. >> you are so rude. i need your name -- >> go sit down. i'm not giving you my name. >> reporter: it's not the first
3:45 am
while flying. in 2006 this mom says a delta flight attendant ordered her to cover up while breast-feeding. >> all of a sudden there's a ticket agent standing there saying i'm so sorry but the flight attendant is saying that you have to be removed from this flight. >> reporter: american airlines says it has apologized to hanniman and "our policy is that women can breast-feed or express milk at any of our facilities, seats and in lavatories on the plane." american airlines says its flight attendants' number one priority is safety. they will check on anyone in a bathroom for a long time and recommend new moms needing to pump just give them a heads-up, reena and kendis. >> that's good advice, let them know you'll be in there for a while. because it is a bit troubling to flight attendants if someone's in there for too long. but she said apparently the folks knew. >> that's what she said. but i guess it's one of those educational tools for flight attendants. and american airlines say they do plan to use it as an educational tool but it is a good idea because those flight attendants are there for our safety and security primarily. >> you're a big supporter of flight attendants, aren't you? >> oh, i would make a great flight attendant. >> you would. and you would have given that lady a free drink.
3:46 am
but probably not a beer because then she'd have to pump and dump. so try diet pepsi. or maybe just some water. water's very good when you're pumping. >> i just -- it's such an awkward topic for me. >> you get very, very uncomfortable when we talk about breast-feeding i've noticed. >> it's just -- >> breast-feeding and childbirth makes kendis very uncomfortable. you didn't understand the pump and dump thing until today. glad i'm opening your horizons. >> okay. >> thank you. >> it's all good. it's nature. oh, when we come back, how tom hanks saved the day. >> and some high-priced celebrity real estate is hitting the market.
3:47 am
skinny so skinny time now for "the skinny." and topping our headlines this morning, tom hanks on a quest to track down a certain fordham university student. >> yeah. the oscar-winning actor and director reportedly while strolling through new york's central park yesterday spotted a woman's fordham university i.d. >> he immediately took to twitter alerting his 10 million followers, "lauren, i found your student i.d. in the park. if you still need it, my office will get it to you." and he signed it hanx with an x.
3:48 am
it didn't take long for a woman claiming to be lauren's roommate who tweeted that the i.d. had been returned, calling hanks truly a gentleman. >> it is hard when you're in college and you lose your i.d. because that now tracks so much of what you do. >> it does. in a lot of places it's hard to even get into the halls, any of the buildings. he's a gentleman and a scholar you might say. at least he plays one in the movies. >> we all know him best as harry potter. but the very grown-up actor daniel radcliffe is renting out his manhattan apartment for the magical 19,000 bucks a month. that's a lot. >> is there gold in that? radcliff paid more than $4 million for it eight years ago. the two-bedroom apartment is located in the trendy soho neighborhood. >> very swanky. and as you can see, not exactly sprawling. the kitchen essentially in the living room with no real dining room. but that is a fancy kitchen. come on. >> but it does have a gorgeous master bath with dual sinks, walk-in shower, and enormous soaking tub. steal in new york.
3:49 am
that's a great deal. >> and another piece of celebrity real estate hitting the market on the west coast. >> we're talking about ben affleck and jennifer garner, who called it quits. and they're reportedly looking for a buyer for their home in pacific palisades. >> and according to "variety" magazine they're asking 45 million bucks. the sprawling 8,800-square-foot 1930s ranch-style home was owned by actor gregory peck. the couple bought it just six years ago for over 17 million. just over 17 million. that's a pretty large markup, though. >> that is. and rounding out our celebrity real estate report, beyonce and jay-z are moving into a new rental in l.a. near the playboy mansion. >> but this is no ordinary rental. the hip-hop power couple is reportedly renting -- >> this $45 million palace. signing a one-year lease for, get this, 20,000-square-foot mansion for a jaw-dropping $150,000 a month. >> wow. i wish i had that kind of money. the home features an indoor olympic-size pool. >> as well as an outdoor
3:50 am
and you may recognize the house. it was featured in the 1998 film "the big lebowski." >> it looks so impressive. it looks almost like the white house. >> it's bigger than the white house. >> coming up, a rare look at steve jobs. the white house.
3:51 am
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downy fabric conditioner. give us a week, and we'll change your bed forever. want more freshness? add new downy fresh protect. it's like deodorant for your clothes. downy, wash in the wow with one film already out, a second movie critical of apple co-founder steve jobs is set to hit theaters in just over two weeks. >> but now abc news has exclusively obtained video of the high-tech visionary never before seen in public. and what it shows speaks volumes. here's abc's chris connelly. >> reporter: it's steve jobs as you've never seen him. in frank conversations with his colleagues at apple. >> the greatest thing is when you do put your heart and soul into something over an extended period of time and it is worth it. >> reporter: an inspirational visionary who undeniably changed
3:54 am
our world. jobs continues to fascinate. even after his 2011 death at the age of 56. demanding, creative, touched with genius. the man who helped bring the world the macintosh personal computer, the ipod, and the iphone can now be seen on screen in two films. the documentary "steve jobs: the man and the machine." >> and he was paid 7,000. he told me he was paid 700 and he wrote me a check for 350. and that hurts because we were friends. >> reporter: and as played a michael fassbender in "steve jobs," a chronicle of his life and career. >> you didn't have seconds. you had three weeks. the universe was created in a third of that time. >> reporter: execs have criticized both films, though. on the fourth anniversary of jobs' passing monday, apple showed employees this rare footage obtained exclusively by abc news. >> i want you all to go into one of our retail stores in the next
3:55 am
one of the apple retail store employees a hug. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> reporter: a candid steve jobs, thanking them for their work on the iphone the day before its release. >> and i think everybody who's worked on iphone and made those sacrifices is going to feel that it's been worth it. >> reporter: and even addressing an employee's inquiry about the history behind those ripped jeans. >> uh. there's no history. they're just old. [ laughter ] like me. but i'm very comfortable in them. and -- there's no excuse. [ laughter ] >> reporter: chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> do you know apparently he didn't let his kids use the ipad. >> is that right? >> and he limited their technology, use of technology. >> that's shocking from that. i was at steve jobs' last presentation, apple presentation in san francisco, and even though he was sick at that point his presence really took over that entire room. >> and don't forget to miss our -- don't miss our updates on
3:56 am
3:57 am
tt2w`t3n`1d$ bt@q\nl tt2w`t3n`1d$ "a@qlb( tt2w`t3n`1d$ bm@qgi$ tt4w`t3n`1d$" dztq !s\ tt4w`t3n`1d$" entq qw< tt4w`t3n`1d$" gzt& hpd tt4w`t3n`1d$" hnt& x^( tt4w`t3n`1d$" iztq 27p
3:58 am
tt4w`t3n`1d$" lzt& 8*l good morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm reena ninan. here are some of the top headlines we're following this morning on "world news now." the ntsb says finding the data recorder from a sunken cargo ship will provide crucial information about its sinking. the ship went down last week in hurricane joaquin with 33 people on board. a convicted killer in texas has been executed for fatally shooting another man in a robbery that just yielded $8. juan martin garcia apologized to the victim's family members moments before he was put to death. a model who has accused bill cosby of drugging her at the
3:59 am
him for sexual assault. chloe goins says cosby gave her a drink which made her black out. when she came to, she was being attacked. the time you spend on a doctor's visit costs an average of $43, and half of those two hours is spent waiting and filling out forms. only 20 minutes is actually spent with the doctor. those are some of your top stories on this wednesday, october 7th. >> announcer: from abc news this is "world news now." we say good wednesday morning to you, everybody. we're going to get started this half hour with the search for clues in the sinking of that cargo ship during hurricane joaquin. >> crews so far have found very little debris from the ship. they say finding the voyage data recorder is key, but they have to first find the ship. abc's linzie janis reports from search headquarters in florida. >> reporter: the coast guard says it's narrowing in on the search zone, recovering that new debris from the "el faro," including this container door.
4:00 am
but so far no new signs of the ship's missing crew members. the ntsb on a mission, too launching a team of investigators to jacksonville. the most crucial piece of the puzzle likely under 15,000 feet of water. >> we'll be looking at the voyage data recorder. that will be of utmost importance. >> reporter: we're learning more about the "el faro's" crew and its captain, michael davidson, who routinely made the round trip from jacksonville to san juan, puerto rico. he was used to navigating dangerous storms. just six weeks ago crew member roosevelt bootsy clark now among the missing posted this message with the message "ship went through tropical storm ericka. big shout out to the captain." and just weeks later, "no rough the cargo here." clark's cousin telling us families of the crew were angry they were in that hurricane. >> why did they send them out of storm? >> reporter: she says she's not
4:01 am
and prayers at this vigil for two crew members who grew up on the same street in rockville, maine, 34-year-old danielle randolph and 23-year-old dylan mecklin. families are gathering once again here at the seafarers hall for an update from the ship's owners. they want answers but they're also still clinging to hope. linzie janis, abc news, jacksonville, florida. >> and just north of where linzie is the sun finally came out in south carolina but people across the state are still bracing for more historic flooding. nearly a dozen dams have failed and hundreds of roads remain closed. it could take days for some rising rivers to crest and overnight curfew remains effective in the state capital as residents assess damaged homes and toss out sopping wet belongings. >> at least i have -- some of my stuff is going to be saved. i don't know that some of these
4:02 am
other people are going to be able to salvage anything. >> and this morning the storm is now being blamed for at least 17 deaths across the carolinas. crews are working through the night to block a hole in the canal that is threatening columbia's water supply. now to the hospital tragedy in afghanistan. the u.s. is taking responsibility for that mistaken bombing of a doctors without borders clinic. 22 people were killed. while the air strike was requested by afghan troops there's some question whether the u.s. should have gone ahead with it. the american personnel may not have followed proper procedure. >> to prevent any future incidents of this nature i've directed the entire force to undergo in-depth training in order to review all of our operational authorities and rules of engagement. >> campbell the top american commander in afghanistan also told congress the u.s. should leave more troops in that countries than originally planned. politics now. and republican presidential candidate dr. ben carson causing some campaign controversy, you might say, with some comments about guns and last week's oregon college attack.
4:03 am
on fox yesterday carson said if he faced the gunman he would have rallied others to attack him in hopes of saving lives. then later on on megyn kelly's show, also on fox, carson seemed to double down on his position. >> i want to plant the seed in people's minds so that if this happens again they don't all get killed. and sometimes we have to -- >> in between those fox appearances carson was on "the view," where he said he supports arming some kindergarten teachers as a way of defending schools. carson's new book, by the way, includes his defense of the right to own assault rifles and armor-penetrating ammunition. a new jersey priest has pleaded not guilty to pointing an unloaded gun at an 8-year-old boy. supporters of reverend kevin carter packed the courthouse during yesterday's hearing. the priest said the incident was nothing more than good-natured fun between sports fans. he likes the giants.
4:04 am
the boy is a cowboys fan. a memorial service and funeral are being planned for the seattle-area high school football player who died after being injured on the field. we now know the type of injury that caused his death. we get more now from abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: kenney bui's family and friends say the 17-year-old died going doing what he loved. playing football. >> he was always smiling and happy. he was just -- he's a good person. >> reporter: bui, a senior, passed away monday. friday night in washington state. he's the fourth high school football player to die in just the last month. roughly 1.1 million kids play high school football. last year injuries on the field killed five players. 56 in all since 2005. >> it is a shocking number. there's no doubt about this. it really has you scratching your head and saying what are we doing wrong? >> reporter: there is no easy answer. but sideline care may sometimes be lacking. >> high school players may not have the same medical care as
4:05 am
the college players. >> reporter: but overall the game is getting safer. better equipment, safer tackles, and more focus on recognizing and treating concussions. but is that enough? >> doctors have to be more vigilant. the equipment companies continue to look to see if they can make safer helmets. the padding issues. the way kids tackle. everything should be examined. >> reporter: and officials now tell us that bui died of a head injury. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. in pennsylvania a woman trapped inside her bathroom by an intruder used her head and her lipstick. she wrote "call police" on the bathroom window and waved her arms and toilet paper until someone noticed. see the message and did call police. drunk. >> the individual in question was intoxicated, was actually ride back by a friend, was unaware of the neighborhood he was in and it seems as if he just stumbled into the wrong house and fell asleep. >> you can't make this up.
4:06 am
but the woman didn't know that. just that someone was in her house and she didn't want to make any noise. besides, she didn't have her phone with her. the man has been charged with criminal trespassing. >> that's a rough hangover. okay. so california now has one of the toughest equal pay protections in the country. governor jerry brown signing the bill into law yesterday at the rosie the riveter park near san francisco. it requires employers to prove that any pay gap between workers is due to factors like skillet level or seniority and not gender. >> this is really a big deal, important. the inequities that have plagued our state and have burdened women forever are slowly being resolved. >> many critics say the new law will drive even more businesses out of that state. fiat chrysler has less than 24 hours to make a better offer or face a strike. otherwise auto workers may walk
4:07 am
off the job at midnight. they rejected the company's first offer last week by better than 2 to 1. the union could call for a walkout at all fiat chrysler plants or just keep that facility's. the company said it is continuing to work toward an agreement. >> okay. so new developments in the volkswagen emissions test cheating scandal. a recall of those 11 million diesel-powered cars will begin in january in europe. in the u.s. the fix must first be approved by the epa. we're expected to learn more when vw's head of american operations appears before congress tomorrow. and we know several things now about the woman who bought last week's winning $310 million powerball ticket. one of those things is that she works. and actually not at work. >> she's not at work. >> right now. >> we're talking about 50-year-old julie leach, who used to work an overnight shift at a fiberglass factory. but she quit immediately after learning she had won. she says she'll be using some of her money to buy some land and
4:08 am
build houses for her family. >> leach took a lump sum payment of $197.4 million. that's about 140 million after taxes. >> we'll take it. >> good for her. and for many people who are up like yourself right now or work the overnight hours, she is our hero. she's what we strive for. >> you mean don't work hard at your job, just play the lotto? >> yes. dream and somehow win 140-plus million dollars. thrown out of school because of the color of her hair. and also ahead, it's harvest the first lady's bounty as she invites young guests to bring in the vegetables. and later, tom hanks and steven spielberg talk about what they have in common away from the movies as they preview their thriller "bridge of spies." that's after our look at the forecast map. you're watching "world news now." st map. you're watching "world news
4:09 am
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medicine. let's end this. a little too much school a little too much school spirit led to what you might call a bad hair day for this 10-year-old girl. she put blue streaks in her hair because that's her school's color. her mother thought it was okay. her classmates and even teachers thought it was cool. but school rules say dyed hair is distracting. so she was sent home with a note. >> really. >> i thought her hair was on fleak. >> this is a term we were talking about at the commercial break that -- >> kids were all -- it was on fleak. it was awesome. potentially showing its true colors is the world of fantasy sports. >> it is a multibillion-dollar industry. unregulated. in which sports fans try to
4:13 am
players. but now after a recent incident it's raising questions about the risk of insider trading. here now is abc's david wright. >> combines one-day fantasy sports with winning life-changing amounts of cash. >> reporter: if you watch football, you've definitely seen the ads. >> pick your team and get your cash winnings after monday night. >> reporter: promising big bucks for being a monday morning quarterback. >> we're making a millionaire every week this season. >> reporter: the websites draft kings and fan duel taking fantasy football to new limits. the two sites took in $60 million in just the first week of the nfl season. but the outrage after claims that an employee of draft kings won big money on the fan duel site. >> touchdown! >> reporter: draft kings denies all allegations of wrongdoing by the employee. both sites issued a joint statement noting that "nothing is more important than the integrity of the games we offer." critics say these sites, which
4:14 am
are not currently regulated, are tantamount to straight up gambling and ought to be treated the same way as other forms of sports betting. one congressman now calling for hearings on capitol hill. >> how is it any different from sports betting? i don't see it. what, because you call it fantasy? >> reporter: david wright, abc news, new york. >> we should also note that the fantasy sports trade association says for now draft kings and fan duel have decided to prohibit employees from participating in online fantasy sports contests for money. what the heck is this sports thing? i don't get it. >> it's a weird thing. i know since you watched the baseball playoffs last night and watch football you've seen these commercials all the time. you can't get away from it. but these fantasy leagues, 10% of americans take part in the fantasy leagues. not necessarily the betting but the fantasy leagues. >> do you do this? >> i don't do any of the fantasy leagues or any of the betting. >> okay. >> i do my betting in vegas. well, coming up, the dream team. steven spielberg and tom hanks together again. >> yeah, we're going to tell you what critics are saying about just days away from its national theatrical debut.
4:15 am
you're watching "world news now." world news now." tt2w`t3n`1d$ bt@q\nl tt2w`t3n`1d$ "a@qlb( tt2w`t3n`1d$ bm@qgi$ tt4w`t3n`1d$" dztq !s\ tt4w`t3n`1d$" entq qw< tt4w`t3n`1d$" gzt& hpd tt4w`t3n`1d$" hnt& x^( tt4w`t3n`1d$" iztq 27p tt4w`t3n`1d$" jntq g0
4:16 am
okay. so it's not even in wide release
4:17 am
getting some rave reviews. >> cold war thriller the brainchild of dream team tom hanks and steven spielberg, already predicted to strike oscar gold. abc's juju chang sat down with the dynamic duo. >> they've got a spy pilot with a head full of classified information. we want you to negotiate the swap. >> brooklyn, usa. >> reporter: it began as a media frenzy. inspired by actual events. >> today a federal grand jury indicted rudolph abel on charges of conspiracy to commit espionage. >> reporter: "bridge of spies" tells the story of james donovan, a most unlikely candidate for an unsavory job. defend a soviet job charged with espionage against america. >> everyone deserves a defense. >> reporter: then he was tasked with negotiating a spy swap. his client for a captured american u-2 pilot during the height of the cold war. >> people in my country consider this an act of war.
4:18 am
thriller, part courtroom drama. what appealed to you about this story? >> what appealed to me was a man who really believed in, you know, the letters of the law. >> we agree to the rules. and that's what makes us americans. case, but he did. he took this case at a time when it was very dangerous. >> we want you to defend him. here's the indictment. >> here's a guy, a family man, plucked from obscurity into these extraordinary -- >> this was the thing i thought was extraordinary in order to get to play. days. he said he was -- >> he wouldn't be the first. >> said he was actually fishing in scotland. was actually working under the orders of the president of the united states. >> you never asked me if the charges were true, if i am indeed a spy. cold war. >> what else do we have? >> what's coming up?
4:19 am
>> well, you know, the thing i haven't done with tom yet, one of the films that i just think is one of the best things tom's ever done is "sleepless in seattle." >> it's you. >> it's me. >> a rom com? >> i've never made a movie like that before. i would love to do a movie like that with this guy. >> is it true you're entering this incredibly productive time now that you're empty nesters? >> yeah. i think we both are. >> man, oh man. i put my head down for like the last four years. i'm looking forward to having some time off. i got grandkids stacking up now. >> do you really? >> oh, yeah. the best time you could spend as a granddad is with a $3 wading pool and a garden hose. you can stand back there -- >> that's 7 1/2 hours of baby-sitting time. >> that's awesome. >> the next mistake our countries mistake could be the last one. >> reporter: juju chang, abc news, new york. >> i had no idea he's a grandpa. >> yeah. colin has a kid. it's fascinating to see steven spielberg, who has done so much, say i would really like to do a rom com. >> you're totally right.
4:20 am
that would be really good. >> the movie, by the way, opens october 16th in wide release. >> 86% approval -- rotten tomatoes rating. >> that's a good thing. >> coming up, harvest time at the white house. >> that's a good thing.
4:21 am
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meta is clinically proven p to help lower cholesterol. t try meta today. t and for a tasty r heart healthy snack, r try a meta health bar. it started off as a first for the white house since the 1940s. >> and now it's grown into a family tradition for the obamas. abc's serena marshall takes us to mrs. obama's harvest. >> reporter: it's a tough sell. >> quesadillas. >> i like macaroni and cheese. >> reporter: convincing any kid to go for those healthy greens. but first lady michelle obama is at it again. >> are you guys ready to dig up some stuff with me?
4:24 am
pitchfork and gloves. >> i just got a manicure. >> reporter: to encourage kids to eat healthy. the first lady digging up sweet potatoes while her staff and national park service rangers, all responsible for maintaining the garden, helped out alongside the local fourth-graders. the garden started in 2009 to encourage her kids to be healthy and eat better. this is the first garden on white house grounds since world war ii. and seeds from the vegetables even given as a gift to the pope in 2014. the 1100-square-foot guard zen planted every spring and harvested twice a year, all with the help of local kids. after the hard work it's time to prep the food and of course eat. >> i think my favorite part of today was eating the food. it was really good. really liked the salad. oh, and the muffins. awesome. >> reporter: and while the first lady may have convinced 9-year-old evelyn to eat healthy -- >> so you have a good happy life. you exercise. you'll probably live a longer
4:25 am
>> reporter: the battle remains for others. >> i'm not so into vegetables. so one of the vegetables i like -- i like corn. >> reporter: one thing that makes this year's harvest different from years past, the google expedition cameras. these 16 gopros creating 3-d virtual reality of the first lady's garden and taking it into class arms round the world. serena marshall, abc news, washington. >> a lot of people don't give first ladies credit for what they've been able to transform and do. and i think this initiative by michelle obama has helped a lot of schools and children learn about eating health. >> i agree. and a lot of people don't give you credit for your green thumb. >> my -- oh, yes. would you like fried green tomatoes or -- is that squash? >> i think it's a zucchini. it's a big zucchini. >> i just can't get over my beautiful hat. i'm very stylish when i garden. >> it's like a farmers only commercial, isn't it? that's the news for this half hour. commercial, isn't it?
4:26 am
tt2w`t3n`1d$ bt@q\nl tt2w`t3n`1d$ "a@qlb( tt2w`t3n`1d$ bm@qgi$ tt4w`t3n`1d$" dztq !s\ tt4w`t3n`1d$" entq qw< tt4w`t3n`1d$" gzt& hpd tt4w`t3n`1d$" hnt& x^( tt4w`t3n`1d$" iztq 27p tt4w`t3n`1d$" jntq g0
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