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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  October 7, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> i was scared that i wouldn' t get down at all. sean: now on daybreak, a boy who got stuck in a tree in manchester is describing how he was rescued. he says he plans to keep climbing but with an important lesson learned. a serious crash shut down a busy road in derry for hours last night. and firefighters had to work hard to free a woman trapped in the wreckage. kevin: another mild day on the way ahead of the next system. when it arrives with your forecast ahead. sean: a veteran police officer
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and now you can help support his family, including two young children. announcer: no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 daybreak. sean: just waking up, welcome to your wednesday morning. i am sean mcdonald. a beautiful day tuesday. today, more of the same. the possibility of showers up north. kevin: within a few degrees of yesterday. lingering clouds yesterday. mostly cloudy with a risk of the shower north of the white mountains. south of there, temperatures in the 40' s with a blend of sunshine in clouds. the front approaches late today and that is our best chance of a shower of north. otherwise, temperatures in the 60' s to lower 70' s. temperatures start dipping tomorrow and a better chance by the end of the week. details on that and we look ahead to the holiday weekend. let' s take a look at your
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we' re joined live by 95.7 wzid' s deb davidson. deb: on 293 in both directions between exits 5 and 3, we have lain chefs the two crews working on for bridges. slow down through the area. everett turnpike up to speed making your way through the bedford tolls. down through the lane drops or from merrimack to nashua. 101 is a nice ride. 95 looks great as well from massachusetts up to maine with no delays through the hampton tolls. this report brought to you by peters honda, nissan and kia of nashua. i am deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. sean: the boy who got stuck in a tree in manchester monday night is speaking out about his ordeal. firefighters actually had to use the jaws of life to free him. wmur' s ray brewer is live at the manchester fire department to
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explain how the rescue unfolded. good morning. ray: good morning. nine-year-old anthony telling us that he and his friends have climbed the tree on blucher street many times before but this time he ran into problems on his way down. anthony says he had climbed a tree monday to get a better look at a fire truck nearby. when he started climbing down, that is when his leg got stuck between a couple of branches 12 feet off the ground. neighbors managed to flag down the firefighters who were just clearing the scene that anthony had been watching. they tried to lift the boy out but unfortunately that her so instead they pulled out the heavy equipment, including the jaws of life. >> i got sent into the ambulance and right now i just feel relieved that i didn' t have to go to the hospital. i think i' m really lucky and i should pay more attention. i'
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ray: anthony says aside from some minor scrapes and bruises he feels great. he intends to keep climbing but he has quite the story to tell. live in manchester, ray brewer wmur news 9. ,sean: a woman in the hospital this morning after a crash on bypass 28 in derry late yesterday afternoon. emergency officials say the t-bone crash happened at the intersection with english range road. the driver of one vehicle was thrown to the other side of her car. and crews had to cut the side of her car off to free her. police say she was not wearing a seatbelt. she was flown to a massachusetts hospital. the other driver suffered only minor injuries. concord police say they have arrested nine people in the last week for selling meth. as part of the investigation, officers executed several search warrants and also seized more than 30 grams of meth, a small amount of heroin and about $40,000 in cash. the arrests follow a six month
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firefighters in franklin say a new program to crack down on crime is already proving to be effective. the see something, say something program is simple, if you see anything that is suspicious or doesn' t seem right or if you see someone that may need medical attention, report it right away. even if you don' t think it seems too serious. >> it may not be just in franklin, it could also be in communities around us that if we can link some of the crimes from the other communities and some of the suspicious activities it will help foil some of those events. sean: chief lachapelle says the program already helped them make an arrest in connection with an arson last month. city officials are trying to spread the word to both businesses and residents in the community so that everyone can keep a sharp eye out. residents in marlborough are being told to boil their water until further notice. a water sample taken at the town hall on monday tested positive for e-coli. right now it is unclear where the contamination came from or how long the boil order will
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federal investigators are now focuing their efforts on finding the data recorder from the ship that sank during hurricane joaquin with 33 people on board including seven from new england . the owner of the el faro says the ship was scheduled to be retrofitted. but that the captain had a sound plan before setting off. wmur' s andrew spencer reports. andrew: people gather for vigils from florida to maine, as the days stretch on with no word from the 33 crew members aboard the cargo ship el faro. their family member ask, why did the el faro sail, and continue to sail, as a tropical storm grew into a hurricane as it neared the bahamas. >> i don' t think that they should have shipped them out when they knew that was going on. that makes no sense to me at all. andrew destiny sparrow says her : father was responsible for steering the ship. her mom relayed the news, the coast guard says the ship sank. search crews found debris spread across more than 220 square miles. >> i drove over to her house and i started crying and was just holding her, because it' s hard.
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andrew tote services, which owns : the el faro, insists the weather seemed favorable at the time and no reports from the captain seemed alarming until the ship lost its propulsion. >> his plan was a sound plan that would have enabled him to clearly pass around the storm with a margin of comfort that was adequate in his professional opinion. >> when the ship sailed on tuesday evening, the storm was nowhere near what it was at the time that the vessel became disabled. andrew all of that will be part : of the investigation by the national transportation safety board. >> we will be studying the meteorological conditions and all of the factors that went into the decision making to sail on that day and to continue sailing. andrew the ntsb expects that : investigation to take at least a week. andrew spencer, wmur news 9. sean: here at home, efforts are underway this morning to raise money to help the family of a north hampton police officer who
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due to a heart condition. officer peter cormier was an 18-year veteran of the police department, a member of the new hampshire air national guard, and the sniper leader for the seacoast emergency response team. he was also married with 17-month old twins. lieutenant dawn sawyer of the greenland police department, where cormier' s brother jamie is also an officer, has started a gofundme page to help the >> pete' of duty death. he' s not eligible for a lot of the benefits that would come with that. it does not mean it is any less tragic but now we have a family and tickets to support we want to raise as much money as we can. sean: the effort has already raised more than $31,000. calling hours for officer cormier are tomorrow night in hampton, he will be laid to rest on friday. still to come this morning a , local mother is taking on target after finding what she says is a potentially dangerous toy on store shelves. especially given the current
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new england is known for beautiful fall foliage and now a massachusetts man wants to share the color with the rest of the country three leaves at a time. , and in the next half hour crews are racing to repair and , protect a cemetery in laconia. before more of the ground crumbles and washes away. 6:09. you are watching news 9 dunkin' donuts smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. savory...smoky... and unmistakably flavorful. with one today.
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that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. kevin: starting with a beautiful temperatures in the 40' s. we are shaping up to another warm afternoon. temperatures either side of 70
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today as we wait for a cold front to arrive from the west later this afternoon. eventually, a chance of showers later this week. details on that andy weekend forecast coming up. sean: thanks. a seacoast woman is asking target to pull a toy from store shelves, calling it potentially dangerous. susan haight spotted the party-packs of toy pens made to look like hypodermic needles over the weekend. she says the product is appalling, especially considering the current heroin epidemic. and with discarded needles turning up in parks and on school playgrounds many parents , agree. >> it is sickening. i don' t know how anyone could think it is appropriate for halloween or whatever they' re thinking, i just find it unacceptable. sean: so far target, has refused to pull the toy and told news 9 that other retailers sell similar items. haight isn' t giving up and has launched an effort on facebook trying to get others to add pressure. do you remember the guy from massachusetts who started
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selling snow from all the blizzards last winter? now he is looking to cash in on another season. 27-year-old kyle waring is now selling new england fall foliage. he preserves them so that the color is enhanced and will last for years. for $20 you get 3 leaves and a customized message. he will ship anywhere in the u.s. rush delivery is available. you can come to my yard and grabbed them for free. coming up, pound for pound, they have more protein than beef and provide many other valuable nutrients. one local farmer is hoping to add crickets to your dinner menu. plus search efforts continue , after a mudslide in guatemala and now it seems that the government knew last year that
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america's largest live-donor liver transplant program... right now. nation's best... the right outcomes... for who matters most. lahey hospital and medical center specializing in you. sean: welcome back. amtrak officials now say they hope to have the vermonter service back up and running by this weekend after a train derailed on monday.
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seven people were hurt when the train crashed into a rockslide but all are out of the hospital this morning. crews are now working to remove the derailed cars and locomotive and repair the damaged tracks. federal investigators are still reviewing the crash, including how fast the train was going and when the brakes were applied. government officials in guatemala have now declared a canyon neighborhood uninhabitable days after a massive mudslide buried an entire village under more than 40 feet of dirt. at least 186 people are now confirmed dead in that slide with 300 still missing. a government report nearly a year ago showed that the area was unstable and that people should be moved out, and prosecutors are now trying to figure out why no action was actually taken. there is a warning this morning for eversource customers, beware of a scam. the company says many customers have reported fraud attempts, including threats to shut off
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s electricity unless they make an immediate payment, often in large amounts. eversource says its representatives will never demand instant payments over the phone, and they don' t require customers to use pre-paid debit cards. farming in vermont is nothing new. one family is raising a rather unique crop and looking to expand. the swanson family owns tomorrow' s harvest, an organic cricket farm in williston and these insects are intended to end up on your dinner plate. right now, they are raising european house crickets in a shed. apparently that' s a variety of crickets. but they are raising money to expand to a five thousand square foot warehouse. the family says crickets are a great source of protein and are environmentally friendly. >> they produce almost no greenhouse gases, they use very little space, they can actually be raised off of food waste eventually. sean: right now, there are just 4 other cricket farms for human consumption in north america. the swansons say crickets can be
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sauteed and eaten whole or i guess they can go in cookies. powder that can be added to things like cookies or pasta. with chocolate chips? [laughter] crickets are allowed. are you going to say anything or am i just going to keep talking? let' s talk about the weather. kevin: let' s do the weather. we start off with the under cast a top mount washington. near 40 degrees atop a rock pile. tomorrow a front comes through. you see clear skies south of the white mountains. patchy fog in areas where temperatures have dipped to the upper 30' s. and a lot of 40' s were you had clear skies. a few 30' s with a couple breaks
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a thicker overcast developed yesterday as a weak system bank in the northern and western terrain. not much in the way of precipitation, could be a sprinkle or shower for northern areas later on. you can see the effect of temperatures, berlin down to 33. farther south and you are anywhere from the upper 30' s in sheltered valleys to low and mid 40' s elsewhere. 45 in laconia. a few degrees above where we were yesterday. that is a trend that will slide back over the next few days. warmth for one more afternoon and then went turned to the northwest behind that. " her air starts to dive in out of canada. high temperatures today from 64 in pittsburgh to 72 in nashua and maybe manchester. ocean water temperatures are down in the mid 50'
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s thanks to the rougher surf from hurricane joaquin. tomorrow we will be a bit cooler, 55-65 with a chance of a shower tonight. the wind will not be that gusty overnight. it will be out of the northwest around 5-10 miles an hour. for sunshine tomorrow. tomorrow night, clouds start increasing ahead of a quick moving system to the west. the ultimate version of an alberta clipper system. precipitation lingering into tomorrow evening. if you are traveling, there will be some showers tomorrow afternoon. we go right to fair skies and it look like that lasts through the holiday weekend. after a warm day we start to cool off. next three days from the mid-50' s to the mid-60' s. a couple or starts for the
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temperatures will be in the 60' sunday. the warmest of the three days will be columbus day monday when temperatures go from the 60' lower 70' s. crickets. sprinkled with sugar? let' we start with ray brewer. ray: a nine-year-old boy who had to be pried out of a tree by life is speaking out. nine-year-old anthony says he and his friends have climbed the tree many times before. on monday, they climbed it to get a better look at a fire when he started climbing down, his leg got stuck between ground. anthony says he is fine and intends to keep climbing, he is going to do it safely. sean: a woman was flown to a massachusetts hospital with serious, life threatening injuries after a two car crash
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on bypass 28 in derry. firefighters had to cut the side of her car off in order to free her from the wreckage. a go fund me page is helping raise money for the family of a north hampton police officer who died suddenly over the weekend from a heart problem. because officer peter cormier didn' t die in the line of duty, his family doesn' t qualify for many benefits. still ahead on daybreak check , this out. scientists have discovered a new species on an island that seems to be teeming with
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who is it that's got the foreign policy experience to deal with what has become an increasingly complicated world
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at a time when america needs to emerge and restore its leadership? experience, except for maybe one. new day independent media for the content of this advertising. sean: scientists in indonesia have discovered a new species of mammal. take a look at this thing, it is called the hog-nosed rat and researchers say it has features that have never before been seen by science. kevin: the rat features a large, flat, pink nose like a pig, large ears, small mouth and long
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front teeth. it is the third new species found on the same island in the last 3 years. sean: it is kind of neat looking, i do not think i would grab it. a teenager and eagle scout from saint louis has created an amazing mural using an unusual medium. connor wright used rubik' s cubes to make this 200 square foot mural of legendery baseball player stan musial. kevin: he used almost six thousand cubes, and actually built the original on his dining he then spent 50 hours on scaffolding, gluing them together at the saint louis cardinals' ballpark village. sean: that is really cool. kevin: it only comes in certain colors. sean: did he actually solve the puzzle? coming up in the next a little half hour, girl has been pulled from her kindergarten class after a month of learning. but she did nothing wrong and seemed to be excelling.
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plus talk about overcoming , obstacles. a soccer goalie is showing off skills even though he doesn' t
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i had no idea snhu had this amazing campus. even the walk to class is amazing. i love the sense of community. people actually hold the doors open for you here. all my professors really know who i am here. they genuinely want you to succeed. i've made so many friends here. friends i know i'll have for life. snhu is the place for me.
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announcer: no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 daybreak. sean: good morning. october. beautiful red sky in meredith. we could see rain up north. the southern part of the state shaping up to be a nice day. and nine-year-old boy who had to be rescued by firefighters after getting stuck in a tree in manchester is speaking out about his ordeal. hear from him. a man from keene is facing an animal cruelty charge after
6:29 am
s 17-year-old dog. and repairs are underway at a cemetery in laconia after heavy rains caused a culvert to collapse, leaving a gaping sinkhole dangerously close to gravesites. rain. kevin: and a lot of clouds developed yesterday. this morning, that line of clouds extending to the east, almost to near sunrise. we do have those clouds up north. otherwise, clear skies. temperatures from the lower 30' s mid 40' s in southern spots. 60' s. cooler later on tonight. showers by friday. disappearing more and more each here' s a look at i from our -93 common man camera in windham. kevin: for a look at the morning drive here in the granite state, we' re joined live by 95.7 wzid' s
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deb: the commute has been great. we have not seen any major problems. 293 up to speed through the mill yard. lane shifts between exit five and three due to ridge maintenance, slow down. the everett turnpike is moving well through the bedford tolls. up to speed from merrimack to nashua. 101 is smooth to and from the coast. 111 and the spotting turnpike up to speed. on the seacoast, 95 is moving well in both directions and through the hampton falls. this report brought to you by peters honda, nissan and kia of nashua. i' m deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. the boy who had to be rescued after getting stuck in a tree in manchester is now speaking out. >> i was scared that i wouldn' t sean: he did. firefighters needed to use the
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anthony from that tree. fortunately, crews were already closed by when the boy needed help. ray brewer joins us live in manchester now with the details. boys will climb trees. ray: they will. anthony says he has climbed the tree many times but this time had some trouble getting down. nine-year-old anthony is safely on the ground now, but monday night there were some tense , moments for him when he got stuck in a tree. he was at his friend' s house on blucher street in manchester. the boys saw a fire truck nearby and wanted to know what was going on, so they started climbing. >> i tried to get a closer look. i got a bit of a closer look but not fully. ray: anthony tried coming down but his leg got wedged between , two large limbs twelve feet in the air. neighbors flagged down firefighters who were leaving that previous call. >> i was grateful for when they came and when they showed up.
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>> i was thinking once he got stuck, we are going to need the firefighters. i knew right away because the way he got stuck. ray: firefighters tried to lift anthony, but he says that hurt so they brought in heavy machinery. >> they had to use the chainsaw to get this branch down so they could use the jaws of life to free me. ray: withinminutes it was over. >> when they used the jaws of life, they had a blanket over me. i didn' t really know why they would have a blanket over me, but it just felt like i was comfortable and safe. ray: first responders made sure he was ok. >> i got sent into the ambulance and right now i just feel relieved that i didn' t have to go to the hospital. >> it is just a childhood thing. climbing a tree and a freak accident and everything turned out well. ray: anthony says this won' t be his last climb. >> i' m still going to climb trees, but i' m going to do it safely. ray: aside from minor scrapes and bruises, he feels fine and has learned a valuable lesson. jawed alibaba in man -- live in manchester, ray brewer,
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wmur news 9. sean: thanks. charge of animal cruelty after police say he killed his neighbor' s dog. officers say 55-year-old toby tousley kicked the 17-year-old pekingese chihuahua after it wandered into his yard. being kicked one time. tousley turned himself in on he is set to be arraigned in december. a nashua woman is accused of firing a gun while riding in a car. two acquaintances of 24-year-old rosalie morell told police that they were driving in the area of west hollis and pine streets monday night when morell fired a shot inside the car. no one was hurt. morell was later arrested on a charge of reckless conduct. a convicted bank robber has been sentenced to ten years behind bars. 35-year-old james whinnem pleaded guilty to three separate robberies that happened in november of last year. court documents say he held up a gas station in manchester, then two days later robbed a bank in the queen city. and two days after that he robbed another bank in dover. besides jail time, whinnem was
6:34 am
also ordered to pay more than $11,000 in restitution. sean: republican presidential candidate marco rubio is back in the granite state with a busy day of campaigning ahead of him. the florida senator spoke at a house party in bedford last night, fielding questions on everything from partisan gridlock to russian involvement in syria. he' s laughing off a fresh barrage of insults from donald trump. on the republican front-runner monday, sent rubio a care package of trump ice natural spring water and a note insinuating rubio is sweaty. >> i do not care about that. this is a campaign about serious issues. he' s a sensitive person and he does not like criticism. we are going to focus on the country and what america is facing. sean: senator rubio has 3 scheduled campaign stops today. he starts in manchester with a tour of a business in the millyard, and from there he is headed to dover and wolfeboro. two other presidential contenders will also be in new hampshire today. south carolina senator lindsey
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graham has a town hall meeting in brookline. and new jersey governor chris christie will hold a town hall meeting in raymond. portsmouth police are asking for your help in tracking down 3 men behind a serious assault. early sunday morning police say a man was attacked near the intersection of fleet and hanover streets. the suspects are described as one white man and two black men, all between the ages of 25 and 30. after the assault, the suspects took off in the direction of deer street. the victim suffered serious injuries, including a concussion. police are asking anyone who may to call the seacoast crime stoppers. state police are investigating a drowning in the ellis river in bartlett. troopers say local officers were conducting a welfare check when they found the body of a at this time, the man' s name is not being released. sean: mother nature created quite the mess at a cemetery in laconia. heavy downpours left behind some
6:36 am
serious damage at union cemetery. the water flowed over the banks of the already eroding durkee brook, causing it to come dangerously close to gravesites. to make matters worse, a culvert collapsed, leaving behind a gaping sinkhole that is thirty feet long and 8 feet deep, and again, very close to gravesites. >> it certainly is a surprise to us. the extent of the problem also meant it was going to be extremely expensive. we will take care of it and hope it does not rain again this hard this year. even if we have another rainstorm and we get this fixed and we get durkee brook fixed we could be in good shape. sean: the cemetery already got an emergency wetlands permit so it can begin repairs, which may cost upwards of $100,000. kids across the world will be bypassing the bus stop this morning in honor of day. the global event involves communities from more than forty countries. walk to school day started back in 1997 as a way to build
6:37 am
walkable communities. now, thousands of schools from all across america participate every october. a number of schools here in new hampshire will be taking part today. take some pictures if you are doing one of these events and send it to our u local page. coming up on daybreak, a controversial move by a high school in maine. we' ll explain why it decided to cancel school dances except for prom. and neiman marcus has unveiled its 2015 christmas book. yes, kevin we' ll take a look at , some of the fantasy gifts the company is offering. kevin: mild temperatures for another afternoon but cooler air awaits. we have all the details on that
6:38 am
re watching news 9 d kevin: wednesday morning. a look at plymouth, the dividing line between thicker cloud cover in the north and clear skies in southern spots. s to a few skies. extended forecast. up. sean: 42 minutes past the hour. jury selection begins today in
6:39 am
teenager accused of raping and killing his teacher. philip chism is being tried as an adult in the 2013 death of 24-year-old colleen ritzer. chism was 14 years old when he was charged with killing ritzer in a bathroom at danvers high her body was found in the woods chism' s attorneys say they plan to use a mental health defense. thousands of federal inmates will be released early as part reduce the nation' s prison population. the bureau of prisons says about 6000 federal inmates will be released between october 30 and november second. all of the inmates are drug offenders and they went through an appeals process to win their release. the releases are part of a national bipartisan effort to rethink decades-long sentences for drug offenders, who make up roughly half the federal prison population. a little girl in virginia was kicked out of kindergarten for something she had no control over. amina durham' s parents say they received a call from school officials on monday, saying they noticed that amina' s birthday is
6:40 am
so she is actually too young to start kindergarten. the 4-year-old missed the cutoff date by a month. and despite already starting class, the school withdrew her as soon as it realized the mistake. >> she has been in school for a month now. couldn' t someone have picked up on this earlier before she gets all into the routine? they are sorry they looked past , the mistake and there' s nothing we can do. >> i' disappointed. my daughter' to school. i feel like it just discourages her. sean: the school district said it could not comment on the situation because of student privacy. an unusual decision by a high school in maine has a lot of people taking this morning. officials at gorham high school decided to cancel all school dances, except for the prom. administrators say modern dances inappropriate for a school event. in recent years they say they , have seen more grinding despite chaperones' warnings to avoid that kind of dancing. >> i'
6:41 am
ve got to look out for the safety of all my students and try to help us have a positive culture. sean: the principal says he will host other activities, like a bonfire, to get students to interact, as he says, a little more appropriately. on our facebook page, we are asking what you think about this school dance decision. tim writes, wouldn' t it be better that they' re grinding with clothing on in a supervised area than grinding with clothes off somewhere else? ryan writes, i don' t blame them, they would probably get sued at some point by a parent for sexual harassment. and george writes, don' t worry, kevin bacon is on the way. sean: turning now to sports. the season came to an end for the new york yankees last night. they lost to the houston astros last night in the american league wild card game. the final score was 3-0. the astros now advance to the american league division series, where they will face off with the royals. game one is tomorrow night in
6:42 am
kansas city. a high school soccer goalie in pennsylvania is turning a lot of heads on the field. that' s because he does not have legs. emmanuel hilton came to the school one year ago from an orphanage in the african nation of congo. at first, he couldn' t even speak english but now he speaks the , language fluently and is a vital member of his school' s soccer team. >> he inspires so many guys. he inspires me to come out and do my job better. the guys see him moving and they pick up their intensity. he' s completely exceeded our expectations. sean: emmanuel is allowed to kick with his arm, but that' s the only break he gets. amazing stuff. authorities in florida are investigating a bizarre crime involving former red sox pitcher bronson arroyo. his former personal assistant is accused of selling his yacht without his permission. police say the assistant told arroyo the yacht sank, but he actually sold it for $22,000, far less than then $167,000 value. what a deal for somebody.
6:43 am
arroyo only learned about the sale when the new owners contacted him. the assistant is now charged with grand theft and forgery. the texas rangers have come up with a new way to combine savory and sweet. see if you like these things. they are offering fans a cotton candy hot dog at their concession stands. apparently they made it to the postseason. according to bleacher report, the sweet spot cotton candy dog is topped with cotton candy-infused mustard and a dab of pink or blue cotton candy. the new dog costs ten dollars. if you want to try this combination. i don' t know about this. kevin: from the first half hour, i' m fine with this over crickets. sean: sauteed crickets do not sound so bad for me. kevin: and yes, they made the postseason. sean: so they can still sell them.
6:44 am
temperatures block -- temperatures dropping into the 30' s and 40' s. we get back to the 60' s and lower 70' s in the afternoon. a few extra clouds up north. that plays out today. an accent on the clouds and there might be a shower and later this afternoon as a front makes its way in. the hind that, a push of cooler air that drops temperatures another five degrees or seven degrees and holds that there as the next system makes it way towards us. the next system making its way, a weak alberta clipper type system, which you associate with january or february. it is not going to drop snow this time but it will provide a burst of shower activity for us on friday. temperatures and the 40' s for the most part. a few 30' s sprinkled in. anywhere between 36 and 46 from
6:45 am
some of the sheltered valleys with clearer skies to the areas that are overcast and in higher elevations. fairly quiet with thick fog and a couple spots. a significant chance to dry out yesterday. high temperatures this afternoon, 60' s to a couple sections touching 70 degrees. eventually we fall into the 90' s . the front moving through mid to late afternoon. then we start to see the skies clear later on tonight. tomorrow, 55-65 from north to south. we see the clouds drift in after full sunshine tomorrow. that system moving across the northern tier of the u.s. shower chances should not be all day but they will be out there friday. as it starts to give way later friday evening, the clouds we start the evening with give way to clearer skies. that sets up some nice timing for not only the weekend but for
6:46 am
some folks the columbus day weekend. maybe even getting monday off. the weather should cooperate for all three days. temperatures on either side of 70. west wind, 60' s up north and extra clouds with maybe a shower. clear skies tonight. and a lot of 30' s up north and 40' s elsewhere. extended forecast shows cooler temperatures tomorrow with full sunshine. similar readings but different sky conditions friday. clouds and scattered showers. friday evening, clearing skies overnight and what should be a nice weekend. 50' s to near 60 saturday, 60 statewide after a chilly start sunday. climbing back to where we are today for monday, columbus day. temperatures will be running milder than normal through tuesday before a front arrives and we start to knock back the temperatures. the foliage conditions looking good. sean: setting up the perfect weekend.
6:47 am
wmur and new hampshire chronicle have received a national honor. anchor jean mackin and producer mary-paige provost were in accept the angels in adoption award, which recognizes dedication to children. the state division for children, youth and families says your response to "home at last" has many of the children featured have found permament homes, and dcyf has seen an increase in foster home and adoption applications. neiman marcus has released its 2015 christmas book. the book includes items ranging in price from ten dollars to $400,000. some of the fantasy prizes include a world view exploration at the edge of space for $90,000. an arch motorcycle and ride experience with actor keanu reeves for $150,000.
6:48 am
interactive mirror that uses a wi-fi connection to allow people to get personalized service from a store stylist, right in their own home. speaking of mirrors, a lingerie shop in china has installed a new smart mirror that can take a woman' s bra measurements. the mirror scans customers' bodies as they do a 360-degree twirl. the data is then sent to a shop assistant' s tablet, which bra size. the shop claims the mirror is more accurate than measurements taken by hand. it says the all digital images taken of customers are deleted after the scan. technology. 6:52 on this wednesday. still to come on news 9, a final check on your top stories including a case of animal , cruelty out of keene. police say a man kicked and killed his neighbor' s dog. tt2w`t3n`1d$ bt@q\nl tt2w`t3n`1d$ "a@qlb( tt2w`t3n`1d$ bm@qgi$
6:49 am
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sean: 6:55. updating our top stories derry , police are investigating a crash that left a woman with life-threatening injuries. police say two cars collided on bypass 28 yesterday afternoon. one of the drivers was not wearing a seatbelt and has to be flown to a massachusetts hospital. the other driver suffered minor injuries. a man from keene is facing a
6:52 am
charge of animal cruelty after neighbor' s dog. officers say 55-year-old toby tousley kicked the 17-year-old wandered into his yard. a seacoast woman is asking look like hypodermic needles, from store shelves. susan haight says the product is appalling, especially considering the current heroin epidemic. so far, target has refused to pull the toy pens people and marburger being told to boil their water. the advisory comes after a water sample taken at townhall tasted positive for e. coli. kevin: nice start to the day. partly to sunny skies away from the mountains. high 60' s to lower 70' s. the extended forecast through the holiday weekend. a cool start to saturday. 50'
6:53 am
s to near 60. we warm up through the holiday weekend, 60' s to near 70 by columbus day. sean: the crabapple trees are already starting to lose their leaves. that is too quick. coming up next on "good morning america,," more than one in five americans say they don' t plan on visiting the dentist in the next 12 months. half of them say the cost is the main region.
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