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tv   News 9 Noon  ABC  October 7, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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sean: now on news 9, streets shut down, drivers diverted, and hundreds without water after a massive water main break in manchester. a bail fight in court today for a hollis then engaged in -- accused of engaging in pornographic child fantasies. met. jury selection for the massachusetts teenager accused of murdering his teacher today. kevin: another mild afternoon ahead of a front bringing changes for the end of the week. rain chances ahead. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9.
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sean: good afternoon, everybody. i' m sean mcdonald. we begin with that major water main break on brown avenue that shutdowns avril street in the queen city -- shut down several streets in the queen city. wmur' s andy hershberger is live. andy: this water main break is causing a variety of problems. first is the traffic castle. this is the intersection of town avenue and south beech street. you can see there is a big hole that have developed. they are trying to excavate it now. traffic has been stopped coming southbound, going northbound, eastbound on south beech. this area is virtually shut down. also on exit 293, exit 2 coming
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northbound side of 293. that rim has been closed so they can clean up some of the debris that washed down that direction. ' s second issue is that 700 -- several hundred people in this area are without water. a main burst this morning, and tens of thousands of gallons of water wash suede is intersection. the pavement buckled, the road was shut down, and crews began to try to fix the problem. phil: what we are trying to do right now is isolate the break. hopefully we will have it taken care of within a short period of time, hopefully an hour or so, and then we will dig it up and fix it area -- it. sue: i turned on the water to rinse her coffee cup, and no water. her house is pretty old, and i am having a renovated. i thought it was there.
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this is awful. andy: we can see this is going to be a pretty insensitive repair -- pretty extensive repair. most of these people will be getting their water back on once they isolate this break and are able to cap it. they will get their water back on probably within the hour. we understand the rest of the customer should be on the early afternoon. for road repair, that will take much longer. reporting live in manchester, i am andy hershberger, wmur news 9 . sean: quite a mess. a day in court for a man who allegedly engaged in child pornography fantasies. at today' s hearing was to fight his high bail. ray brewer is live outside the court in nashua. the defense offered several reasons why the veil should be produced during ray: -- be reduced. ray: that is right.
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the defense also argue that pelusi' s bail is currently the same as his codefendant, and that is just not fair. we also learned that he met his codefendant at a support group for people with a sex edition. -- a sex addiction. pelusi is charged with possession of child pornography. not present but very much a focus of the hearing was a part-time psychology professor. anthony: at the probable cause hearing, the state conceded that she is the more culpable party. david: both of their actions are serious and put children' s well-being at. rate: the state alleges the pair exchanged communications about having sex with young children. charge.
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information gathered from pelusi' including the alleged shot photography, which came to light to police. someone to get access to someone' s private information, using them to get around a password, get around a work requirements, to get around investigations. ray: however, the judge so that was a matter to be decided at another hearing. pelusi' s alleged statement to police kept the bail at $29,000 cash as the prosecution requested. while he is only facing the one charge right now, the prosecution said we are very early on in the process, and there is a possibility that additional charges could be brought current reporting live in nashua, ray brewer, wmur news 9. sean: thanks. new details this noon about a crash in derry that left one person with life-threatening injuries.
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route 20 near scobey pond road. the driver of the kia was met slighted and is increased -- in critical condition at tufts. she failed to stop for a stop sign. a massachusetts woman faces several charges, including dwi after a hit and one -- a hit and run in manchester. maria feliz hit a vehicle, refused to give the other driver her information, and drove away. police found her in the bedford hannaford parking lot. she displayed signs of being under the influence and refused to comply. she locked her car doors and forced them to physically remove her from the vehicle. or is election is underway for the massachusetts teenager accused of killing his teenager -- his teacher. philip chism was 14 when he was charged in the death of his teacher colleen ritzer in 2013.
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and her throat had beenn slit with a box cutter. will this continue for the holiday weekend when the state will welcome 660,000 visitors out there? a little pressure on the weather department. [laughter] kevin: i feel that every weekend, but it feels like timing will be on our side. we have white a few clouds -- we have quite a few clouds, a lot in the way of sunshine making for a beautiful afternoon. nothing more than a shower in the afternoon. it will drop temperatures by another 5 degrees to 10 degrees. from there, after highs in the 60' s and lower 70' s, we drop it off later tonight and tomorrow only to rebound again gradually over the course of the holiday weekend. we will have much more on that with futurecast coming up in just a few minutes. sean: thanks more people are being forced from their homes in.
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south carolina purity 11 trillion gallons of rain have already soaked the carolinas. rivers are flowing 10 times faster than normal. to put that in perspective, that is nearly 500 times more water than what is in the merrimack river today. abc' s elizabeth hur has more on the situation. elizabeth: this morning, more evacuations near another compromised dam near columbia, south carolina. we are told at least 11 dams have failed in the state, and flooding remains a major concern with several rivers at or near flood stage and expected to continue rising through the weekend. tom: it was coming through the kitchen walls, bathroom walls, bedroom walls because it was up over the sandbags we put on the door, and it just kept rising. elizabeth: the columbia can now also breached. the national guard is using helicopters, transporting heavy
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equipment, dropping sandbags weighing thousands of pounds to try to stabilize the water levels on the can now. home. we do not have anything to even flush toilets or take showers. elizabeth: 40,000 homes wednesday morning or so without centers. many residents finally able to take -- to return home. devastation. rocco some of my -- robert: some of my stuff was able to be saved. elizabeth: authorities are concerned about more flooding. crews are working around the clock to make the repairs to protect the residents. elizabeth hur, abc news, columbia, south carolina. sean: that caret home, residents in marlborough are being told to boil their water. water tested positive for e. coli. marlborough has a community
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including an elementary school. it is unclear where the contamination came from. another round of samples will be tested today. straight ahead at noon, the search continues for the 33 crew members whose cargo ship went missing in the hamas last week. the new -- in the bahamas last week. the new focus today. and a disturbing find during an associated press investigation. the nuclear threat that vertical times. plus, in today' s cook' s corner, a yummy dessert cake
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it is time to deal with skyrocketing out-of-pocket costs. head of a pharmaceutical company raised the price of a life-saving drug overnight by 5,000%. to crack down on these abuses. commentator: he may be lowering it after hillary clinton blasted him out of the water. the out-of-pocket costs that consumers have to pay. should have to choose
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i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. sean: new this noon, the associated press has reported that the fbi has stopped russia from providing radioactive material to extremists, including isis fighters. they have interrupted for attempts in the past five years alone during the latest case occurred in february of this year. doctors without borders are calling for an independent investigation to the u.s. airstrike on a hospital in afghanistan that left at least 22 people dead. the military originally said the
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troops requested the airstrike after coming under fire and that it was a mistake. the white house calls it a tragedy and says the president wants answers. search crews back in the water this new looking for signs of anyone who might have found the thinking of the el faro ship. so far, only one body has been recovered. 33 crew members were on board when the ship sunk. three of the core members are -- three of the crewmembers are massachusetts natives. a vigil will be held tonight for one of the missing sailors. in the coming weeks, thousands of inmates will get out of jail early. this is one of the largest discharges of federal prison inmates in u.s. history. approximately 6000 prisoners will be released between october 30 and november 2. all of the inmates are drug offenders, and they went through appeals process to win their release. a beautiful day out there right now. kevin: it is gorgeous if you are in the southern half of the state where you have the
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sunshine. further north, stuck in the clouds for the present time. the same type of weather tomorrow and certainly for friday. sean: coming up and our news 9 kitchen, we are giving you a
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>> now, meteorologist kevin skarupa with your stormwatch 9 forecast. kevin: we continue on with what looks like a pretty nice afternoon in the southern half of the state. as you head farther north, we are looking at a situation where the clouds have been ranked -- banked up. continuing to come out of southern parts of canada. make their way across the border into new york. one or two of those may survive a few western or northern areas of the state may see a very afternoon. all of this along the front, which will drop our high compared to what we have today -- about 58 degrees to attending degrees --t
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to 10 degrees. that is the first of the two systems after a sunny day for us tomorrow. we will continue to see the next system arrived. kind of the alberta-type system. you will see more rainfall than snow. scattered showers by friday. upper 50' s of north come amid xts -- north, mid 60' s in the middle area. chance of showers in the afternoon goes to clearing skies as we drove to 30' s of north and 40' s elsewhere. it will be a cooler day tomorrow . we are expecting full sunshine, temperatures between 55 and 65. a clearer start tomorrow afternoon. the northwestern half of the state does not like it is going to be an all day rain, but will be there.
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the end game is to get us out of here later on friday night despite a chance of some showers for anyone traveling to get to their holiday weekend destinations. days looks to be on saturday s to lower 60' s. a gradual warming trend, next of the one we' re going to see on friday, likely not arriving until sometime on tuesday. perfect timing for the three days of the holiday weekend. a blend of sun and clouds are northwestern areas with the wind out of the west. temperatures cool off tomorrow, a completely opposite day as far as the guy conditions are concerned. s a stumbles away friday night setting up holiday weekend. coolest of the days will be saturday, back into the 60' s statewide sunday. we jump above the average again by monday with a blend of
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sunshine and clouds for: mistake or let' s head to cook' s corner. sean: we are doing desserts. we are joined by a senior at kingswood high school, jillian lemay, and pat brideau as well. thank you both for being here. we will make a dessert today, right? gillian -- jillian: yes. we are making a peppered peach poundcake. this is sugar, water, lemon juice, and heavy cream. we' re going to take our chocolate and vanilla poundcake and cut a square. sean: look at that little thing. that is nice. jillian: we add our sailing, we will brush it with some brandy, and this is just sugar, water, and brandy, and it is a small amount of brandy to the water.
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peppered peach filling an hour vanilla. re are jillian: [laughs] thank you. we repeat the process with the applecare and this is basic fruit, sugar, cornstarch, water, and a little bit of brandy. we will be taking some fresh apples and peaches -- dessert here. jillian: yes, and we will saute this. while this is going, i have some with cream, and we will put -- i have some whipped cream, and we side. this. jillian: we will stick that right there. sean: there is a whole program at the high school. program. it is a student-run restaurant where students are responsible for everything, to include
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ordering the food, receiving it, waiting tables, cooking the food. it is completely done by them. i am obviously the one that chases them around. [laughter] sean: and the public can come in and eat? pat: it is open to the public tuesday, wednesday, thursday from 12:00 to 1:30. sean: this is a lot of fun. jillian: what i just did is took some water, -- butter, sauteed the peaches. sean: we have a couple of seconds here. -- sean: and this will be part of a fundraiser. pat: we are going to a fundraiser at wayside in bethlehem, and this is a dish that we put out. it gives the students time to work with other chefs in the industry, and each chef is responsible for a course.
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sean: very nice. thank you very much. beautiful dish. who is it that's got the foreign policy experience to deal with what has become an increasingly complicated world emerge and restore its leadership? experience, except for maybe one. new day independent media for the content of this
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sean: you may see something cool if you look in the sky tonight. nasa is launching a sound rocket between 7:00 and 9:00 p.m. several people in the states along the east coast may see colorful, glowing kevin: sound. -- kevin: it may reduce the risk of space travel. sean: hope for finding survivors during the ship that sank during hurricane joaquin. and many local residents want to
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