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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  October 7, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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shelley: now at 11:00, our poll shows heroin has become the top concern for new hampshire voters. tonight, those touched by the crisis explain how to help users. the first democrat is officially entering the race for governor. executive councilor colin van ostern tells wmur he' s declaring his candidacy. hayley: cooler air moving in for thursday and we keep the sunshine around for another day. will wet weather threaten over the holiday weekend? shelley: the search for survivors from the sunken container ship in the bahamas is over. hear from a local man who used to navigate that same route. it has been 10 years since destructive flooding hit alstead. we talk to some of the people who lost everything about how life has changed in the decade since. >> no one covers new hampshire
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now, wmur news 9 tonight. shelley: heroin is now the most important problem facing new hampshire, according to a new it' s the first time in eight haven' good evening, i' m shelley walcott. close to half of new hampshire residents say they personally know someone who has abused heroin in the last 5 years, that number jumping to 60% for residents 18 to 35-years-old. some of those people came out tonight to a forum in derry. wmur' s jennifer crompton was there. jennifer: about 150 parents and educators showed up at the derry boys and girls club for an informative and very direct forum, called ' our children and the opiate crisis.' >> i have to start by saying, before i came here, i stopped at the cemetery. jennifer straight talk, about an : issue now hitting at the heart of every community.
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>> i lost my oldest son peter ten months ago last weekend, to an overdose . jennifer experts talked about : gateway drugs and warning signs, but the emphasis was on awareness and education about an opioid crisis hitting all ages, many of them young people 19-25. >> the scenario we see too often, is a 16-year-old who suffers some kind of sports injury or a college kid that suffers a sports injury is even more common. jennifer: after they start taking the pain killers for pain, they start taking them for fun. they need more for the same feeling but then their prescription runs out so they get them on the street, where they' re very expensive. >> the crowd got to see what heroin looks like, what it costs and how its now often mixed with fentanyl. >> now are taking a drug that
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overdosing. jennifer there was straight talk : about the need for narcan that can stop the opioid effects a life-saver, as is access to treatment. the governor calling the opioid crisis, the most serious public health and safety challenge we have as a state citing the need to continue medicaid expansion. >> we need additional funding for substance abuse. we need to continue to strengthen prevention and education programs in our communities. jennifer forums like this are on : the rise, as is attendance and that' s good news for confronting this crisis. as the governor put it, working together as communities and government, we can not only stem the tide but reverse it. in the newsroom, jennifer crompton, wmur news shelley: 9. this afternoon, the man charged with leading new hampshire' s fight against the heroin epidemic sat down with josh mcelveen. he says the best thing to do if you or someone you know needs help is to go to the website
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>> they put in their zip code. and they can see the treatment providers in their neighborhood. there' s names, there' s addresses. they can start calling. it' s not as easy as having your appendix out. but it is easy to use, it is very friendly, it maps every service in the state of new hampshire and there' s a lot of , service providers. again, that website is n.h. shelleyagain, that website is n.h.: treatment dot org. it' s designed to connect people to places that can help them with drug treatment. new information tonight on the search for paired missing roommate from manchester. police say stephen andre was found dead yesterday in to ask barry, massachusetts. manchester police say andrade and his roommate, sue hutchinson, were last seen about two weeks ago. hutchinson is still missing. on monday, police found hutchinson' s car at gold' s gym in merrimack.
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police are asking anyone who saw either of hutchinson' s cars after september 20 to please give them a call. shelley: we have breaking news in the race for governor. wmur has learned exclusively that executive counselor colin van ostern will declare his candidacy at an event tomorrow morning in manchester. the democrat made this decision quickly after governor maggie hassan announced she would challenge kelly ayotte for u.s. senate next year. van ostern has served on the executive council since 2012. fellow executive councilor chris sununu is also running for governor on the republican side. republican presidential candidate marco rubio held a town hall in wolfeboro this evening, and talked about the importance of hard work and education. >> that' s why our safety net programs, our so-called anti-poverty programs that don' t cure poverty, actually cure poverty by encouraging work and education. by requiring everyone who' s on
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public assistance, if you' re not disabled and you' re receiving public assistance, you must either be working or going to school so you can find a job and never have to get from the government again. shelley the florida senator says : he believes the most important lessons and values are taught at home, and it' s the government' s responsibility not to do anything that makes it harder for families to succeed. new jersey governor chris christie was in raymond tonight for a town hall. the republican presidential candidate says this is his 25-th town hall in the granite state. christie held two others this he' ll be here through tomorrow, and has a 26th town hall planned republican presidential candidate lindsey graham will tomorrow. the south carolina senator has multiple events planned in keene. at sundown tonight, the coast guard ended its search for the missing crew members on a u.s. cargo ship that sank off the bahamas during hurricane joaquin.
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seven of those crew members have wmur' s suzanne roantree tonight spoke with a retired cargo ship captain who spent decades traveling the same route. suzanne: retired captain john nicoll who now lives in wolfboro is part of the shipping industry who today is mourning the loss of the 33 people on board el faro. several having ties to massachusetts and maine maritime academies. >> we have lost friends, colleagues, and alumni. we honor them best by continuing to commit to the excellence they bravely pursued. suzanne while the maritime : academies come to grips with the tragedy, those who are closest to the industry are asking questions of their own. jon nicoll a retired captain who spent nearly 40 years on the same route the el faro ran to puerto rico is looking hard at the captains decision to head into the storm instead of going around it. he says the fact the storm turned from a category one to a category four with in just a few
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>> it was very explosive, so to make that decision is a very tough one and to guess what he suzanne larry legere who works : at casco bay lines in maine. since the 1970' s. legere says his friend would have meticulously plotted his >> he' s very thorough in what he he' s been a master mariner for many years now. suzanne nicoll says as the : investigation continues, the e-mails and phone calls between the company that owned the el faro and it' s captain will be very important. >> i don' t know what the company was saying, i don' t know what he was saying, but i have known captains in the past that have gone through bad weather like that. suzanne nicoll says the ntsb now : faces the challenege of retrieving the voice recording device on the ship. >> from what i understand the ship went down in 15,000 feet of water.
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suzanne: nicoll predicts the ntsb will also being looking into whether the company pressure to deliver cargo on time, despite the menacing weather. company executives denied that and say their captain had a plan that would have kept the ship out of danger if it hadn' t lost power. live in the studio suzanne roantree wmur news 9 shelley: your next doctor' s visit could be an ipad swat away. shelley: your next doctor' s visit could be an ipad swipe away anthem blue cross blue shield is introducing telemedicine to the more than 290,000 people it covers in new hampshire. >> your visit will begin shortly. shelley anthem blue cross blue : shield is putting doctors right at patients' fingertips. through a new online care service called live health online. >> while online care may be new to you, the professional you' re about to see is quite familiar with seeing patients this way. shelley a change in new : hampshire law now means you can now use your smart phone, tablet or computer to have a live video visit with a doctor. previously, state law prohibited telemedicine unless there was a
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pre-existing face-face relationship with a doctor. >> and the access is 24/7 you said. that' s correct. >>that' s correct. the access for live health online is 24/7. these physicians are available. they' re all licensed in new hampshire so for our members accessing care is quite easy. shelley here' s how the service : works. patients must register online. answer a short questionnaire. and within a few minutes, a doctor arrives for your visit. hello. >> hi dr. mia. shelley dr. mia finkelston says : most of her online house calls are for colds and the flu. >> i can honestly say in three years and two months that i have only sent one child to the er and that was for a burn. so usually i' m referring them back to their primary care physician the next day, if it' s something i feel i can' t treat. shelley starting january first, : most anthem blue cross and blue shield members, including people who buy plans on the exchange, will have the normal
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office copay for a visit. doctors calling live health online a portal to the future of >> i think we' ve only seen the tip of the iceberg here. shelley and again, doctors on : live health online are available 24/7, 365 days a year including holidays. they are all us-based, board certified doctors, there to discuss non-emergency health issues. the crowd of emergency vehicles at hampton beach this morning was just a drill. first responders were tested on how they would handle a release of hazardous materials during the busy hampton seafood festival. after fake victims were taken to hospitals, a national guard civil support team put on hazmat gear and headed into the ' hot zone' . to identify and contain, whatever chemical or poison might have caused the disaster. the results of the drill will include analysis of each organization individually, and how they worked as a group. this week marks 10 years since deadly flooding hit alstead
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of the night. >> my neighbor was pounding on my door and told me i had to get out. shelley coming up on news 9 : tonight we return to alstead, and talk to some of the people who lost everything their homes, their belongings, and some of their friends. hayley: the temperatures felt good today.
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different in that dep shelley: in the coming days, the town of powell' s debt will be marking the 10th anniversary of the ousted floods. tonight we revisit some of the victims of that devastating floods see how they are doing their lives. here is jean mackin. >> it was about 6:00 and my neighbor next door was pounding on my door and told me i had to get out. jean marlene wade got out of her : home along the cold river just in time, taking her husband who was in a wheelchair, to the fire station before the wall of water took their house all i could hear was like stones >>all i could hear was like stones banging.
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: her home gone, the only possessions she could find fit in the back of a pickup truck. and still she stood tall and stoic. >> we' re doing alright, the children are very upset because they are worrying about me but i am a strong woman and i' m going to get thru this. i guess it made me a better person strong. jean she rebuilt nearby but : still on the banks of the river. >> oh yeah, its very hard to believe its been 10 years. jean: 10 years ago rock wilson evacuated his home at midnight and returned the next morning to find it destroyed. >> it was pretty much put out into the roadway. it was close to being in the road. it was definitely destroyed. and he lost so much more. jean: his good friends, sally
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their house when it was swept away, and they lost their lives. and to this day a cross and a flag mark where their home once stood. >> i remember them, i mean, i knew them really well. that' s hard, remembering them. jean rock went on to become a : selectman, took over his father' s metal working shop, and rebuilt the family home on higher ground in alstead. >> i was born and raised here, this is my town so i wouldn' t leave. jean marlene also stays right : here. no river can move her from the place she calls home. >> from then on i just started building my life on faith and im still here, soon to be 81. i love this little town. shelley: tomorrow night, we' ll
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continue our coverage of the 10th anniversary of the alstead floods. you' ll hear a story we' ve never told before from a man who saved lives as the water rushed in. our special airs at 7:00 tomorrow night here on wmur. >> now, hayley lapoint and your storm watch 9 forecast. hayley: it' s amazing we can go to such extremes with the beautiful weather we' ve had and how dry it been, and how wet it was with that storm. very quiet weather, mainly clear skies and a couple of clouds of it passing through the sky. clear skies in claremont, at least in spots. that' s a little problematic if you want to go out and see the northern lights. we' ve had some reports in a few pictures of the northern lights,
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the problem is a lot of us still have some clouds passing overhead so you cannot see that. hopefully within the next couple of hours or before the sun comes up you can take a peek and see. lots of clouds still north of the notches and a batch of along the i-89 corridor and down into manchester. this is a weak cold front passing through. it doesn' t even have any rain showers associated with it up behind it, there is some cooler air. tomorrow it will feel cooler and more chris compared to the early september whether we had today. 71 in nashua, upper 60' s in lebanon and jaffrey. the northern part of the state got into the 60' s as well. upper 40' s in berlin it might feel, deathly not a school tonight because the clouds passing through. 55 in concord and still at 60 degrees in manchester. the advertised for this time in
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october is about 64. today we were well above that when we got to 70. over the next couple of days we take a little dip. 60 on friday and over the holiday weekend we start to make a rebound and were on our way back up. pretty typical for october. we sometimes get these dips and then we go back up. overnight tonight, any passing clouds basically fadeaway, maybe some patchy fog up north early tomorrow morning. more sunshine, perfect for outdoor activities especially in the afternoon. soccer and football practice all looks good with sunshine and copter tempora -- comfortable temperatures. friday morning will have clouds increasing and rain showers moving through as well. probably a rainy morning up to the north, but down to the south, still dry and cloudy. in some of the heavier rain will
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pass through during the midday hours and take off to showers by friday evening. but they moved by pretty quickly and were back to sunshine bus saturday. here' s the forecast for tonight, 30' s up north but mainly 40' s everywhere else. by lunchtime mostly sunny skies and low 60' s in the afternoon. great weather over the long holiday weekend with temperatures warming up a little bit more each day, getting close to 70 degrees on columbus day. then we get back down next week, but great holiday weekend weather. perfect weather for anything. shelley: jamie is standing by with a preview of sports.
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the nhl season, including a i'm a committed conservative that believes in getting results. we made florida number one in job creation... 1.3 million new jobs, 4.4 percent growth, higher family income, and tax cuts eight years in a row that saved our people and businesses 19 billion dollars. and if i am elected president, i'll show congress how that's done. right to rise usa is responsible for
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call the shots. they don't stand up for equal pay for women. they don't support paid family leave. they don't even really support refinancing student debt. we've got to get this economy working for the vast majority of americans, not just for those at the top. that's what i intend i'm hillary clinton and
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jamie opening night in the nhl. : including the canadiens at the maple leafs. the blue jays were there to cheer on the leafs. former unh star james van riemsdky wasted no time getting his first goal of the season. he scored in the 2nd period for toronto. it went off his skate. tied the game 1-1. good start for montre al. they win 3-1. the bruins open up tomorrow night at home against the winnipeg jets. to the baseball postseason, where the national league wild card game played out at pnc park in pittsburgh. the pirates home in this game for the third straight year. they hosted chicago. the cubs and the bucos, for the right to advance and play the cardinals in the next round. third inning kyle schwarber two
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that jumpstarted the cubs and gave them a 3-0 lead. they kept coming. 5th inning, dexter fowler unloads into the right field seats. solo shot 4-0. it got heated in the 7th. cubs pitcher jake arrieta was throwing a shutout, but he hit a couple of batters here. the pirates return the favor. the benches clear division rivals playing for the 20th time this season. that can happen. a complete game shutout for jake areata. cubs win 4-0. the cubs and cardinals series is going to be wild. there they are, this will remind you of boston back in 2004. the cubs finds outside wrigley field all out there celebrating. they have not won world series since 1908. the cubs team is red-hot. they are dancing to the first game against the cardinals. girls soccer.
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two of the best, hooking up at gill stadium londonderry at central. 1st half londonderrys laural goding to mckenzie donovan who shoots on net. the save is made. corner kick in the 79th minute centrals sara swetland corner . unh football, they have reached their bye week with a record of 3-2 this is the last time they will have a week off until their season ends. next up, the wildcats play at number 33 william and mary until then, the guys are trying to improve. >> we' ve gotten better in the last two weeks. we played good football and created turnovers. we' ve done some really good things. we got to start taking care of some of those because that comes back to bite you if you don' t do the right things with it. jamie we are 2 days away from : week 6 of fnf. and it' s a light one, with only 12 games on the schedule. the game of the weekend comes on
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we stopped by both practices today. were talking about number 2 goffstown hosting number 3 bedford. >> insert homecoming week so it' s a big deal for us. everyone in the school knows it is bedford week. >> it' s a big week. we have a good team coming up that are undefeated. >> it' s a fun week, it' s going to be a homecoming. it will be exciting to see how we shake up against bedford. >> anytime you get to go against the top-ranked team you get a little excited. know it' s going to be a good football team and we are excited. jamie: of tripleheader of college games had lighted by the under the lights miami. >> i want to see how the bedford
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shelley: tonight and up eight to a story we brought you last week . about half of manchester' s police officers are sporting a beard as part of a fundraiser for the child advocacy center of hillsborough county. this is video from last week. the officers started growing their beards just 6 days and so far have raised $11,000. the center works directly with the county' s police departments interviewing children who may have been sexually abused or witnessed a crime. >> they have very limited funds through state and federal grants so we thought lets give back to an organization that has given much to the city of manchester. for the manchester police department alone they have done over 300 forensic interviews of children. shelley chief nick willard says : the officer who raises the most amount of money will get a day off from work and a suite at
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next season.
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