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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 8, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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making news in america this morning, flooding danger. a rush to higher ground in the carolinas. evacuations under way. some people packing up for the second time with dozens of dams on the verge of collapsing. breaking overnight, new documents claiming numerous hack attempts on hillary clinton's e-mail server. the countries allegedly involved and clinton backing away from another policy flip-flopping on her former boss. a tanker overturns bursting into flames. the new video just in. and call it a wild, wild card win. the party under way in chicago
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right now after the cubs' big victory. and good thursday morning. i'm marci gonzalez in for reena ninan. >> i'm kendis gibson. we'll begin with the south and south carolina specifically bracing for more deadly floods. the death toll this morning at least 19 with raging floodwaters pushing more than a dozen dams to their breaking points and putting nearly 50 others in danger. >> and the view from inside the storm zone is nothing short of dramatic. in the town of andrews, a coast guard helicopter came to the rescue of an 88-year-old grandmother and her two grandchildren whose home was surrounded by water. >> and the danger may not lift until this weekend. abc's stephanie ramos has the latest. >> reporter: cleanup and damage control. both under way in south carolina. as residents get ready for another surge of water, roads are caving in.
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the rush of water even bringing caskets to the surface and 62 of the dams in the state on the verge of collapse with the rivers now rising. >> this event is not over. >> reporter: the death toll is growing in the state. 19 now dead since the rain began. >> we're holding our breath and we're saying a prayer. >> reporter: in columbia, officials evacuated a thousand people living below the beaver dam. >> they have gone nonstop to help prevent a major catastrophe. >> reporter: two were killed. their truck swept away. reportedly. warning. >> this is a situation where if that road is closed it's closed you. >> reporter: in downtown columbia chinook helicopters dropping sandbags to hold up this massive breach in the levee system. columbia nave tiffs have never seen anything like this.
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since living here. >> so we're just going through it right now hoping and praying that god watches over us. >> reporter: stephanie ramos, abc news, washington. overnight. investigation of hillary clinton's e-mails. the ap reporting clinton's private e-mail server was the attempted of cyberattacks originating in china, south korea and germany taking place after clinton's time as secretary of state. they were apparently blocked by security product but the report indicates there was a period of time after clinton left the administration when that protection had not been installed. so that means the server was potentially vulnerable during that time. >> meantime, clinton has broken with president obama and is no longer supporting a u.s. trade deal with pacific rim nations. clinton's opposition puts her in line with her democratic primary opponents and it might just be a move against potential candidate vice president joe biden.
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more now from abc's cecilia vega. >> reporter: hillary clinton opposing one of president obama's top priorities, a political flip-flop on his 12-nation trade pact, the transpacific partnership which she once backed as secretary of state. >> we had to have a trade agreement that would create good american jobs, raise wages and advance our national security. what i know about it as of today, i am not in favor of what i have learned about it. >> reporter: it's clinton's fourth major split in less than a month from her opposition to the keystone pipeline to calling for a no-fly zone in sierra and the deportation strategy no longer works separating from the white house and the joe biden threat looming. he may not actually be running for president, but joe biden is starring in that new campaign ad. >> things can change in a heartbeat. >> reporter: in black and white,
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that killed his first wife and their daughter, nearly killing his sons too shaping his future. >> incredible bond i have with my children is a gift i'm not sure i would have had had i not been through what i went through. >> reporter: paid for a group of supporters hoping to convince the vice president to enter the race. the ad hits the airwaves ahead of tuesday's first democratic debate. cecilia vega, abc news, cedar rapids, iowa. president obama has apologized for the deadly u.s. afghanistan. the president's phone call to the head of doctors without borders came days after the strike killed 22 people at the group's facility in the city of konduz. he also promised the u.s. will look into making changes to make sure this doesn't happen again. >> the united states when we make a mistake, we're honest about it, we own up to it. we apologize where necessary as the president did in this case. >> despite the apology doctors without borders held a press
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calling for an independent investigation. there's been an apparent close call for a u.s. warplane with russian forces in a major escalation in syria. in an extraordinary display of russian force, more than 25 cruise missiles were fired at targets 900 miles away in syria. president vladimir putin says those were isis terrorists but the u.s. says there is no evidence those terrorist targets were hit. >> i've said before that we believe russia has the wrong strategy. they continue to hit targets that are not isil. >> u.s. officials say russia is creating a dangerous situation for u.s. aircraft which have had frighteningly close encounters with russian warplanes. at least one u.s. plane was forced to change course because a russian jet got too close. the search for the crew of the u.s. cargo ship that sank near the bahamas has been called off. the coast guard said it was a painful and difficult decision
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to stop looking for the 28 americans and 5 polish citizens lost last week during hurricane joaquin. the ntsb is still searching for the ship's data recorder and president obama has promised to give full support to the investigation saying the grieving families deserve answers. >> two of the students injured in the mass shooting at a college in oregon have been released from the hospital. chris mintz hailed as a hero hailed for confronting the gunman recovering at home after he was shot seven times. also home this morning, 18-year-old ana boylan who played dead when she was shot in the back. most of the funeral services for the nine people are taking place over this weekend. all right, we're going to switch gears to a quick baseball highlight from last night's national league wild card game. >> kyle schwarber of the cubs hammered a two-run home run right out of pittsburgh's pnc park. wow. that put chicago ahead of the pirates, 3-0 and that was more than enough, that's more than they needed. this was the scene outside
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wrigley field after the cubs won it, 4-0. this was the cubs first playoff win since 2003. full highlights coming up from the guys at espn. all right, still ahead, $600,000 discovered in a backyard. where did it come from? dramatic escape. a teen pulled from the street and put in a car jumping from the vehicle to get away. survive story in the south carolina floods. a woman and her grandson saved by a cross? your body was made for better things than rheumatoid arthritis. before you and your rheumatologist move to a biologic, ask if xeljanz is right for you. xeljanz is a small pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz can reduce joint pain and swelling in as little as two weeks, and help stop further joint damage. xeljanz can lower your
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guardrail and look at this. the flames that erupted. the driver of the truck passed away in that crash. the collision may have been triggered by a mattress and a box spring that apparently fell off of a van. a huge stash of cash found buried in a suburban backyard in southern california has been linked to a million dollar armored car heist. federal agents collected $600,000 yesterday behind a home in san bernardino in southern california. two armored car drivers were charged last year with stealing the money from a bank of america shipment. the rest of the cash has yet to be recovered. a potentially crippling strike at chrysler factories across the country has been averted. some 40,000 members of the united autoworkers set to walk off the job overnight but negotiators for both the uaw and chrysler reached a new tentative contract just in time. no details have been released but the uaw has tweeted that it has secured significant gains
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this should be a big day in washington. volkswagen's top american executive heads to capitol hill to discuss the emissions scandal with members of a house committee. michael horn is expected to tell lawmakers that while it straightens out its problems, volkswagen won't sell diesel vehicles in the u.s. for its upcoming model year. horn will also say he first heard about it in the spring of last year and that he was assured by engineers that it would be fixed. and europe's third largest budget airline is promising some super cheap fares. norwegian air's ceo says one-way lights from the u.s. to europe would cost as little as $69. the fares would be kept low by using new fuel efficient aircraft and flying between smaller regional airports. that would save on landing fees which are charged at major airports and those fares are possible as soon as 2017. >> okay. it will cost you $69 to get there. about $3,000 to get back.
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he slipped interest a catwalk. luckily he was wearing a harness and firefighters were able to pull him to safety through a manhole. now for a look at your morning road conditions, some relief is in store for flood ravaged south carolina. but roads will be wet from the midwest into the great lakes with flooding conditions across western texas and much of new mexico and roads will be wet across parts of florida. a florida judge is under fire after locking up a victim of domestic violence. >> yeah, judge jerry collins found the woman in contempt of court because she ignored a subpoena to appear at the trial of her alleged abuser. her husband spent 16 days in jail accused of strangling her at knifepoint as she held their 1-year-old baby. the woman told the judge she didn't show up because she was suffering from depression and anxiety but the judge sentenced her to three days in jail. >> my anxiety and i'm just -- >> you think you're going to have anxiety now? you haven't even seen anxiety. >> advocates for domestic
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violence were outraged saying the woman was revictimized by that judge. and a wild scene at a home depot in detroit. a shoplifting suspect was being chased by security after he jumped into a waiting suv, a woman took out her handgun and opened fire. the vehicle drove away. it's believed the suspects made off with more than a thousand dollars in merchandise and detroit's mayor says the woman was justified in her actions. others, though, disagree. >> yeah, i'd say. meantime, police in bridgeport are searching for a woman in a suspected attempted abduction and released this video showing the alleged victim jumping out of this moving car. the 17-year-old girl told them she was lured inside the car. then assaulted by the driver before she was able to leap to safety. that 17-year-old was reportedly not hurt in that jump. another remarkable story of survival as those historic floodwaters swamp south carolina, clara gantt and her
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grandsons say they were saved by a cross. she says her car was swept away way by the raging floodwaters before coming to a stop right next to a huge red cross. you see there. gantt and her grandson hung on to that cross for five hours until they were finally rescued. the them's week five gets started with the colts taking on the texans. >> but both american league division series begin as well today. now those national league highlights we mentioned from neal and nicole at espn. >> she's nicole, i'm neil. tony's producing. he's a pirates fan. nicole is a cubs fan. >> i had a good day. tony did not. here's why. jake arietta on the mound for the cubbies and a wild card game in pittsburgh. you know, he's 17-0 when given three plus runs in support this season. >> i knew that. >> he got that in the first two innings. 11 ks. allowed four hits.
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cervelli gets it to sterling marte. they got the cardinals next. >> tony has hockey. here it is, oh, from the cubs, just keep the good things in chicago. jonathan toews raising the cup, drop the puck on a new season. what a game this was between the rangers who got beat by tampa bay in the eastern conference finals last year and chicago beat the lightning in six to win it and it looks like -- it looks like it's tied here. patrick kane knocked it in but the ref had blown the whistle. premature blowing of the whistle, lost sight of the puck. barry said it was a good call. who am i to argue? >> thanks, guys. one more item from last night's game. >> things got a little weird in the seventh when chicago pitcher jake arietta was hit by a pitch, the benches cleared. nothing too serious here.
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throwing a punch, pittsburgh's sean rodriguez, take a look, unloaded on a cooler. that gatorade cooler in the dugout because he wanted the orange gatorade, not the red one. >> i understand the rage. >> yes. >> gatorade ended on the floor. much like the pirates season. that's what happens when you unleash the man bun. up next in "the pulse," making money. from dead leaves. the company selling foliage. a family's school photo tradition. the sweater standing the test of time. well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out, which can make it hard to get air in. so i talked to my doctor. she said... symbicort could help you breathe better, starting within 5 minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. symbicort helps provide significant improvement of your lung function. symbicort is for copd, including chronic bronchitis and emphysema.
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this season. >> yesterday league owners not only approved more games in london but say more international destiny guess destiny ations will be considered. mexico, germany and canada. and they will be announced later this fall. >> i'm thinking azerbaijan will be next. beautiful new england foliage and anyone can enjoy it. >> a company offering to ship those leaves anywhere in the country. ship will send you three whole leaves for $19.99. each leaf was picked and color balanced from vermont and new hampshire and they're specially treated to last for years. >> okay, so the same guy behind this company is the same person who made headlines last year for selling massachusetts snow. >> he's on to something, i guess. >> i guess. people buying it. next a very big holiday gift is in the works for employees of independent book stores.
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>> we're talking about best-selling author james patterson announced he will give away bonuses ranging from $1 to $35,000 for a total of a quarter of a million dollars and nominate your favorite book seller on line. >> patterson has given millions to libraries and book stores and sold more than 300 million books from crime thrillers to children's stories since 1976. >> good guy. finally a family tradition centered around 61 years' worth of school pictures and one single sweater. >> that's so cool. the yarn starts back in 1954 sweater. it's now been worn by five boys posing for their first grade pictures often the same family stretched across three generations. >> yeah, and 7-year-old brady gose is the latest to pose in that same sweater worn by his dad, grandfather and two great uncles and, yes, young brady does intend to pass the sweater
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new light. flonase, this changes everything. our top stories this morning, hillary clinton's private e-mail server was reportedly the target of attempted cyberattacks originating in china, south korea and also germany. an ap report this morning says those attacks took place after clinton's time as secretary of state. president obama has apologized for the deadly u.s. air strike on a hospital in afghanistan. he personally called the hid of doctors without borders but she's still demanding an independent investigation. the death toll now at least 19 in south carolina. the state bracing for more deadly floods even after the rains have stopped. more than a dozen dams are at their breaking points. a quick look at today's weather elsewhere. rain will stretch from the midwest to the great lakes with thunderstorms rumbling across western texas. and finally this morning, taking an in-depth look at the
4:58 am
girl behind the hero. >> malala yousafzai is the youngest ever nobel peace prize winner but a new film strips away the celebrity showing us this feminist pioneer is still a teenager at heart. here's abc's amy robach. >> there's a moment when you have to choose whether to be silent or stand up. >> reporter: when the taliban shot malala yousafzai in the head, the bullet ricocheted around the world. >> the bullet would silence us. >> reporter: a new film by davis guggenheim who happens to be my brother-in-law shows us she's not just a hero but a teenage girl. >> two hands. >> reporter: you were willing to show all sides of you to davis. why did you trust him so much? >> big mistake. >> yeah, that's what i was going to say. i trusted him and i thought he was going to be more of how good i am and then he just -- what came out was that my brothers were speaking against me.
4:59 am
>> she's a little bit naughty. >> reporter: the taliban targeted you and shot you. but it's how you reacted to that bullet that really made you a hero. was it easy to forgive the taliban? >> before that i had a little bit fear but after that day i realized now no one can stop me. >> reporter: are you fearless? >> i am. well, i am scared of dogs. >> reporter: her campaign for education has taken her to kenya, nigeria and the lebanese border where she opened a school for syrian refugees on her birthday. what do you want girls to walk away thinking and feeling? >> girls should think there's no limit for their dreams, what they can do in this world, what they can achieve in this world. there's no limit. >> i am one of 66 million girls who are deprived of education and our voices have grown louder and louder. >> reporter: i'm amy robach in new york.


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