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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  October 8, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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her nobel peace prize speech and they'll be announcing the new winners tomorrow, as well. >> that's what's making news in >> they are not the stereotypical people that we think of when we first think addicts. >> a new poll shows that heroin is the biggest issue facing our state. police are looking for the driver they say costs this crash in nashua. then ran off. what troopers spotted the vehicle doing moments earlier. kevin: a bit cooler but a lot of sunshine. more changes for the holiday weekend. >> the race for governor is starting to take shape with another candidate set to launch
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like we do. now wmur news nine daybreak. >> good morning, everybody. i' m sean mcdonald. a beautiful day yesterday. kevin: kind of cooler sunshine out there today. we will drop by five or seven it comes with a light wind and sunshine. a lot of -- a little bit of fog out there this morning. a fair sky that continues to the good part of the day today. a clear start to this evening before clouds start increasing ahead of the system that comes through tomorrow. temperatures have dropped into the 30' s up north. lower 50' s from manchester to the coast. highs today in the 60' s. upper 50' s in the north country. extended forecast. let' thursday morning ride. davidson.
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deb: right now we are seeing lane restrictions on 93 south in the concord area. it is right between exits 12 and 13. the crews are doing drainage work. it should be wrapping up at 6:00. give yourself some extra time. right now things look good from manchester with no delays on 23. 293 north and south, we have five and three due to bridge maintenance. the everett turnpike is a smooth commute. 111 and the spalding are all up to speed. i am deb davidson. sean: crews work to the night to repair a burst water main at the intersection of route avenue in
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intersection of brown avenue in manchester. the road is now open to traffic. hundreds of people have died from drug overdoses in new hampshire in the last couple years. and countless more have been treated. according to a new granite state poll, heroin is the most important problem facing our states. it is the first time in eight years that jobs in the economy have not topped the list. rare brewer is live in derry this morning where crowd gathered to discuss the epidemic, especially the impact on young people. ray: 150 parents and educators gathered here at the dairy boys and girls club last night to talk about opiate abuse, and the need for high quality, ongoing treatment. it was a form that was entitled "our children and the opiate crisis." several therapists talked about how many young people started using prescribed painkillers to treat sports injuries but then
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when their prescriptions run out, many turn to the cheaper and more available heroin. she talked about how she lost her oldest son to an overdose. >> we need to be supportive and we need to be educated, not just on what to look out for for signs but what to do if ha eaven help you it hits your home. ray: governor maggie hassan speaking at the form last night, adjusting the need for additional funding to combat drug abuse and strengthen education and prevention programs in communities. with the heroin epidemic continued to rise, more communities are holding forums like this one. sean: thanks. the man in charge of leading new hampshire' s fight against the heroin epidemic sat down with josh mcelveen yesterday and says the best thing to do if you or someone you know needs help, go
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>> they put in their zip code, and they can see the treatment providers in the neighborhood. their telephone numbers. they can start:. it is not as easy having your appendix out, but it is easy to use, very friendly. it maps every service and the state of new hampshire. there are a lot of service providers. sean: that website is nh, which will help connect people with drug treatment options. with governor maggie hassan announces she will run for senate, the pastry placer is starting to grow. colin then i' ll string will -- colin van noster and launch his campaign today. the democrat has served on the executive council since 2012 and works at southern new hampshire university. fellow executive counselor chris sununu has already announced he is running for governor on the republican side. right now, state police are
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last night, and then ran off. the trooper spotted a black suv driving erratically along the everett turnpike. when the trooper tried to catch up, found the suv had crash. the drivers of the other two cars were treated for minor injuries. police have not been able to find the driver of the black 2003 mercury suv. pio olice say speed and drugs are likely to blame for a crash in pelham. the driver was flown to a boston hospital with life-threatening -- injuries. he went off the left side or bridge street yesterday and hit several trees knocking him unconscious. manchester police are looking for the masked man they say robbed the shop and go on massive b-6 treat. -- on massabesec street. a west stewartstown man who faced intense scrutiny after his step daughter was murdered four years ago is behind bars this
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morning on unrelated charges. 52-year-old wendell noyse is charged with resisting arrest. after complaints about disturbances in a mobile home park and store as well as tampering with a utility meter box. no arrests have ever been made and the murder of 11-year-old selena cass. the case remains open. the man accused of stabbing a mother of five to death inside a supermarket in maine is expected to plead guilty to murder today and ask for a life sentence. colin mcallister is charged with stabbing wendy. mcallister did not know the woman. still to come on daybreak, doctors could be making a lot more house calls in new hampshire, sort of. telemedicine will soon be available for thousands of patients.
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sean: this little boy is getting his wish. after spending a year in the hospital. he was able to walk out under his own power. in the next half hour, manchester spinous are sporting a little extra fuzz, but all those beards are helping local children.
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kevin: it is thursday morning. partly cloudy and mostly clear skies and what should be a nice day today. a fall field to the air with the highs and the low-to-mid 60' s. rain chances before we get to the holiday weekend. the details in futurecast coming up it sean: your ipad, smart phone or computer could be key to helping you get medical attention. anthem blue cross blue shield is introducing telemedicine to its 290,000 customers in new hampshire' s. once patients register and answer a questionnaire, a doctor will appear on screen within
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all are licensed in new hampshire to discuss nonemergency health issues. >> i ca honestly say in three years and two monthsn, i have only sent one child to the e.r. and that was for a burn. usually i am referring them back to their primary care physician the next day. if it is something i feel i cannot treat. sean: starting january 1, most anthem blue cross and blue shield members will have a normal office co-pay for an online visit. a little boy from massachusetts after spending more than a month in the hospital. >> yay, christian! sean: christian caruso the spinal cord and brain leaving him paralyzed and unable to speak or breathe on his own. doctors thought he would only be in the hospital for 14 weeks but that stretched into 14 months. now, incredibly, he walked out of the hospital on his own power
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on his own. doctors say they expect christian will make a full recovery which is great news. coming up, it has been 10 years since floods devastated alstead. we will speak with people who lead the effort to repair the miles and miles of damaged roads. buy local.
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sean: house republicans are excited to go today on their choice to replace john boehner. their choice today is not necessarily a lock. that is because there is some dissent within the party, and some members could break with party lines when the full house votes later this month. current majority leader kevin mccarthy and congressman jason chaffetz are running for house speaker. for the first time since the ebola outbreak began, more than a year and a half ago, the world health organization says an entire week has passed with no
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the u.n.' s health agency says sierra leone might be free of the disease, though they are tracking 500 people in guinea where there is a risk of further spread. more than 11,000 people have died of a bullet west africa since march last year. the federal bankruptcy court for new hampshire is moving. the court is renting space in manchester, but by the summer of 2017, it will relocate to empty space at the u.s. district court house in concord, a move that will save a lot of money without costing any jobs. this is part of a mandate that the federal judiciary reduce the amount of space it takes up i 3% across the country -- by 3%. granite staters are willing to pay more for locally grown fruits and vegetables. according to a study by unh, new hampshire resident spent 21% of their grocery budget on fresh produce and many like to support
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local farms and feel that locally produced produce is a better product. though most buy at grocery stores instead of farm stands or farmers markets. this month marks 10 years since the deadly flood in alstead. one of the most import and projects after the flood was to get the roads open again. that work fell largely to the state department of transportation. andy hershberger met some of the people who faced a giant task and tackled it head-on. andy: their job was to put the roads and bridges back together. a task at times that seemed pretty overwhelming. >> i think the first thing that comes in just the displacement of that community. it was the first thing that just caught my eye. andy: mark had seen this destruction before he was in north carolina for hurricanes fran and floyd. but the alstead flood wqas different -- was different because it was his
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>> when you find large segments of no pavement and nothing to reference, it' s definitely overwhelming. andy: he' s been a week working on route nine between roxbury and turn his attention to route 123. and a six mile stretch of road that was virtually destroyed. they developed an approach where cleanup and construction would happen together, getting rid of the debris relying on a relatively simple approach. >> so we started basically we found we had a lot of wood mixed with tires. we had 90 something tons of tires that had washed down. andy: wood was burned for three days. stumps were shaken and the dirt given to parcel had lost topsoil. every effort was made to get personal items back to their owners. >> it was tough. you felt bad for the people over there. people that live in the
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so, as we are doing this of what they are feeling. andy: the cleanup lasted months. more permanent fixes to the town and the entire area would take years. sean: i can still remember being there. this had. kevin: it had been almost 10 years since we had had a major disaster like this weather-wise. but it was the beginnings of what has been a chain reaction, where we have seen just about every type of storm in the granite state since. we start off early this morning with your weather headlines, which is a fairly quiet day on tap. sunny skies, cooler temperatures as we not temperatures back yesterday in the 60' s. today we settled for 56 up in pittsburgh and lancaster to 66 in nashua or salem later on this afternoon. clouds increase after midnight tonight. showers around tomorrow, but the
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clears out friday night setting up nice weather for the columbus day weekend. a good deal of sunshine around, the light northerly breeze which will pick up a long area lakes and turn to a sea breeze on the coast. this in autumn version of alberta clipper system that would come out of canada and give us a quick hit of snow in january. this will be a quick hit of rainfall moving through. anywhere between the 10th of an inch to maybe on upwards of a quarter to a half inch of rain fall coming from this during the daylight hours to mop it we have fallen back to the phrasing mark -- to the freezing mark in northern parts. everyone within a few degrees of 60 in the afternoon. temperatures are running a few degrees warmer than yesterday, except in the north country. coolest of the air rotates through to the time -- for the time being. more cool air to start the three-day holiday weekend. highs today, as i mentioned, upper 50' s in the north country. low and mid 60'
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a light breeze should feel pretty good. clear start to the evening. showers by early tomorrow morning for western and northern areas. then it continues to develop in the central and eastern parts of the state later in the morning. on and off to the afternoon and winding down tomorrow evening. and that eventually sets of the clearing skies later tomorrow night. and getting us back to the sunshine for the day on saturday. big area of high pressure in control. coolest of the afternoons for the holiday weekend will be saturday. 50' s to lower 60' s. coolest of the knights will be saturday because the clouds will be clearing. lows statewide could be done into the 30' s. then we hit a warming trend for the remaining holiday weekend. high temperatures today in the mid 60' s. bright sunshine, but a cooler afternoon. a gradual increase in clouds overnight tonight after a clear start to the evening with blows dropping back into the 40' s. your extended forecast shows temperatures leveling off the next couple days. sunshine tomorrow.
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clouds and some shower activity, places. that should pull away friday night. good timing for the weekend. if you have monday off, that the warmest of the three days, is temperatures much like yesterday did back to either side of 70. if you want a mental picture of what columbus day will be like, it is going to be just like yesterday. sean: i can remember a few years back on glum mistake, it was really warm -- -- on columbus day. we went swimming in the ocean. i will not try that this year. our top stories. we start with ray brewer. ray: a new poll shows that granite staters consider the heroin epidemic the number one problem facing the state. 150 parents and educators gathered in derry last night. several doctors and therapists spoke about how many young people start using painkillers to treat sports injuries and then get hooked and turn to the cheaper heroin.
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sean: state executive counselor colin van nostrand is set to launch his campaign for governor. today the democrat in concord is the second candidate to join the race. republican chris sununu is already in. police are looking for the driver they say cost a three car crash in nashua last night then ran off. the driver of a black 2003 mercury suv crashed getting off exit one on the everett turnpike. still to come on daybreak, daddy' s home. a little girl cannot wait to hug
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dad i had no idea snhu had this amazing campus. even the walk to class is amazing. i love the sense of community. people actually hold the doors open for you here. all my professors really know who i am here. they genuinely want you to succeed. i've made so many friends here. friends i know i'll have for life. snhu is the place for me.
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in the low and mid 60' s. with nothing but sunshine. that changes quickly overnight tonight. showers pushing in tomorrow morning pick sean: a weather speed bump before the holiday weekend. repair yourself. love these clips. soldier homecomings are always an emotional time and one little girl in colorado could not wait any longer to see her daddy. 300 soldiers were still lined up information in colorado yesterday. there she is. a little girl made a break for it to get a hug. the crowd cheered. the girl ran back to mom. the soldiers have been gone for eight months, but you cannot blame her. they have to wait to see their family. she wants to get a hug. kevin: other soldiers completely stoic, of course. sean: coming up, president obama is issuing an apology after an airstrike hated doctors without borders hospital in afghanistan. there are calls for an
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working for the vast majority of americans, not just for those at the top. that's what i intend to do as president. i'm hillary clinton and
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sean: welcome back on this thursday, october 8. a live look, 51 degrees. we have another nice day on cap it we have some rain coming tomorrow. kevin will talk whether in a moment. first, top stories. dozens of people turned out in derry last night for a public forum on the opiod crisis. this comes as a new wmur-granite state poll shows that heroin is the most important problem our state is facing. there are new developments in the search for a pair of missing roommates. manchester police say the man has been found dead, but the woman is still missing.
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suspected drug dealer is now behind bars following a year-long investigation. more on the stories in the moment. more nice weather on cap today? kevin: it certainly looks like it. really nothing but sunshine after a new valley fog burns off. that is the next system that moves to quickly tomorrow and pushes to the east tomorrow not, setting up what should be a really nice weekend for folks that even have monday off. it looks like the intolerant -- entire holiday weekend looks good. sean: a warning to all the trees , leaf keepers are coming in droves. here' s a live look at i-93 from our common man camera in windham. kevin: for a look at the morning drive here in the granite state, we' re joined live by 95.7 wzid' s deb davidson. good morning, deb. >> good morning. thankfully, not too many leaf
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commute looks nice on 90 through -- 93 through the state of new hampshire. overnight roadwork wrapping up between exits 12 and 13 due to bridge maintenance and authorities are asking you to use caution. also sing roadwork up at 89 in the lebanon area, getting reports from d.o.t. that exit 19 are some roadwork going on and they are asking motorists to reduce speed as you approach the exit. right now through manchester, 293 is moving well as is the everett turnpike into nashua. i' m deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. sean: thank you. topping the news, a new wmur-granite state poll shows that heroin addiction is now the most important problem new hampshire is facing. nearly half of granite state adults say they personally know someone who has abused heroin in the last five years.
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residents 18 to 35-years-old. ray brewer joins us live in derry now. where people dealing with this epidemic first-hand spoke out at a public forum last night. ray: about 150 parents and educators showed up at the derry boys and girls club for an informative and very direct forum called, "our children and the opiate crisis." >> before i came here, i stopped at the cemetery. ray: straight talk about an issue now hitting at the heart of every new hampshire community. >> i lost my oldest son peter 10 months ago last weekend to an overdose. ray: experts talked about gateway drugs and warning signs, but the emphasis was on awareness and education about an opioid crisis hitting all ages, many of them young people between the ages of 19-25. experts say those young people fun, but they need more to get the same feeling.
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out, they often turn to the street where pharmaceutical drugs are very expensive. >> so the person that you are buying them from says to you "i that something else is mostly likely heroin. ray: the crowd got to see what heroin looks like, what it costs, and how it is now often mixed with fentanyl. >> now are taking a drug that stronger, and they' re overdosing. ray: the governor calls the opioid crisis the most serious public health and safety citing the need to continue , medicaid expansion. >> we need additional funding for substance abuse. we need to continue to strengthen prevention and education efforts in our communities. rise, as is attendance. the governor also adding that working together as communities and government can not only stem the tide, but reverse it.
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live in derry, ray brewer, wmur news 9. sean: there are new developments this morning in the search for a pair of missing roommates from manchester. police say 36-year-old stephen andrade was found dead on tuesday at a motel in tewksbury, massachusetts. officers believe he shot himself. manchester police have been looking for andrade and his roommate, sue hutchinson, for about two weeks. hutchinson is still missing and investigators believe andrade was the last person to see her before she disappeared on september 20. on monday, police found her car, a silver bmw, at gold' s gym in merrimack. they are now asking anyone who may have information on her whereabouts or who had recent contact with andrade, to call the manchester crime line. berlin police ended a year long narcotics investigation with the arrest of 30-year-old man. ricardy roseaux of rumford, maine, is charged with four counts of selling a controlled drug and one count of conspiracy to sell. police took roseaux into custody after a traffic stop tuesday
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night, then searched his silk screening business on main street. cash, prescription pills and , drug paraphernalia. >> the defendant sold a controlled drug, that being cocaine, 28 corroborative -- two a cooperative individual for $300. different types of drugs. he could face more charges as police continue their investigation. littleton police have made an arrest in connection with an armed robbery. they say 25-year-old eric briggs held up the circle k on cottage street at knife-point sunday night. in a statement littleton' s , police chief said " it is clear that this armed robbery was the direct result of heroin use." fire officials in massachusetts are trying to figure out what sparked a three-alarm fire at a mill in oxford. the building houses a lumber repurposed and company. at first, firefighters were kept back from the flames because officials were concerned that
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toxins could be sent into the air, since the building' s former occupant was a chemical company. hazmat crews and the department of environmental protection were called in to monitor the air quality after the fire was put out, it was determined that the air is safe. today is national depression screening day, and harbor homes in nashua is holding a special depression awareness event. from 9:00 until 5:00, people can go to harbor homes at 45 high street for a free depression screening. screening for mental health, inc. will provide a comfortable and private way for people to meet with clinicians in order to assess their mental health status. inmates at the women' s prison in in the annual making strides against breast cancer walk. the inmates will walk around the recreational yard 34 times, which is equivalent to five miles. this is ninth year in a row the inmates have participated in the walk. last year, they raised more than $400,000 for breast cancer research. about half of manchester' s police officers are sporting
5:35 am
beards as part of a fundraiser for the child advocacy center of hillsborough county. the officers started growing their beards just seven days ago, and so far they have raised $11,000. the child advocacy center works directly with the county' s police departments, interviewing children who may have been sexually abused or witnessed a crime. >> they have very limited funds through state and federal grants, so we thought, let' s give back to an organization that has given much to the city of manchester. and the manchester police police department this year alone they have done over 300 , forensic interviews of children. sean: chief nick willard says the officer who raises the most money will get some bonuses, like a day off from work. coming up on daybreak, a frightening scene in connecticut. a teenage girl is caught on camera jumping from a moving car in order to escape a kidnapping. and a new seating design could give airline passengers a lot more room to recline.
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arrangement that stacks passengers on top of each other. kevin: a quick living system after sunshine today, eventually
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>> a live look in concord, 40 four degrees early this morning. we have clear skies with the moon visible along with venus early this morning, looking at temperatures getting back in the low-to-mid 60' s with sunshine and a light northerly breeze, clouds and showers tomorrow. we will have deter us on the holiday weekend coming up. sean: the coast guard has ended its search for the missing crew members on board a u.s. cargo ship that sank off the bahamas during hurricane joaquin. seven of the 33 crew members have ties to new england. jon nicoll, a retired captain who now lives in wolfeboro, spent nearly 40 years on the same route the el faro ran to puerto rico. he says he is looking hard at the captain' s decision to head into the storm instead of going around it. nicoll says the fact that the storm turned from a category-one to a category four within just a few hours could have been key factor.
5:38 am
>> it was very explosive, so to make a decision, you know, is a very tough one. and to guess what he was guessing is even tougher. sean: nicoll predicts the ntsb will be looking into whether the crew may have been under time, despite the menacing weather. company executives have denied that theory. authorities in the eastern european country of moldova says the fbi helped them thwart potential smuggling of nuclear times in the last five years. u.s. officials were concerned that the smugglers would try to sell the materials to extremist groups such as isis. ,in one of the rates, -- raids authorities took down smugglers , with links to russia. the commander-in-chief apologize for a deadly bombing on a doctors without borders clinic. this morning with the latest on the administration' s mea culpa. >> general john campbell will
5:39 am
a house armed services committee . when he appeared before a senate panel earlier this week, he said the bombing of a doctors without borders hospital was a mistake. wednesday, the white house said president obama phoned the head of the aid group to personally apologize for the u.s. airstrike, which killed at least 22 people. and he called afghanistan' s president to express his condolences for the afghan civilians who lost their lives. >> when we make a mistake, we' re honest about it. we own up to it. we apologize where necessary, as the president did in this case, and we implement the kinds of changes that make it less likely that those kinds of mistakes will occur in the future. >> president obama said the u.s. will review the attack, but doctors without borders says it still wants an independent investigation. in washington, i' m nikole killion.
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sean: dramatic video out of connecticut shows a teenage girl jumping out of a moving car in order to escape a kidnapping. the incident happened monday morning in bridgeport, connecticut. the 17-year-old victim told police she was walking to school when a woman in her 40' s lured her into her car, assaulted her, and started driving. at one point, the girl was able to jump from the moving car. she was not hurt. the driver is still on the loose. two men in texas led police on an unusual chase. they were riding horses as the officers went after them. police say the men got into a fight at the rodeo and then galloped off, refusing to stop. one of the men eventually pulled his horse over. the other left his horse in a backyard and took off on foot. the officers later tracked him down. a flier advertising a south carolina high school' s homecoming dance is sparking dismay among some parents. the flier instructs female students to "leave something to the imagination." it also includes a quote from a fashion designer that reads your dresses should be tight enough to show you' re a woman and loose enough to show you' re a lady.
5:41 am
flier only addresses the dress code for girls and says nothing about boys' attire. turning now to sports, the boston bruins host their season opener at t.d. garden tonight. they will face off 7:00. the national league wild card game played out at pnc park in pittsburgh last night. the pirates were home in this game for the third straight year. they hosted the chicago cubs. the teams were battling it out for the right to advance and play the cardinals in the next round. this was a complete game shutout for cub' s pitcher jake arrieta, who is the favorite to win cy young award in the national league. the cubs win the game 4-0. we are one day away from week 6 of friday night football. and it' s a light one with only 12 games on the schedule. the game of the weekend comes on saturday the bulldogs versus the grizzlies. the game features number 2 goffstown hosting number 3 bedford a pair of undefeated
5:42 am
, teams, likely to determine the north division champion. these are two of the top offenses in the state. game time on saturday is at 1:30. wishing both teams the best of luck. on our website this morning, we are featuring a slideshow of the most popular car colors in north america. can you guess? the color topping the list is white. black comes in second. grey, third. silver, fourth. that surprises me. and red rounds out the top 5 most popular car colors. i feel like every car out there nowadays is silver. airbus has filed a patent for a new airplane seating plan that stacks passengers right on top of each other. the double-decker seating arrangement would allow passengers on both levels to recline their seats until they are flat. the top level seats would go where carry on luggage usually goes and in order to get to your seat, you' d need to take stairs or a ladder. experts say there is very slim chance you will see this seating plan anytime soon, because most airbus patents remain just
5:43 am
ideas. it is just an idea right now. hey, if i had to climb a ladder and i see would recline all the way, i don' t know, doesn' t sound so bad to me. it does seem a little and human to sack people on top of each other, though. kevin: an interesting idea. sean: how does the light work? kevin: can negate you a drink at their desk and they get you a drink up there? we start out with clear skies early on in what should be a really nice autumn day for us. temperatures are going to be cooler than the last few days. it looks like low and mid 60' s for most. mid and upper 50' s and parts of call us county where temperatures have dipped into the 30' s. fairly quick mover coming out of canada and the great lakes today, eventually running tomorrow morning was showers that will be around tomorrow afternoon before pulling away tomorrow evening. right now, anywhere from the 40' s to lower 50'
5:44 am
s in southeastern areas of the state. are there to the west and further to the north, we start to cool off your 40. upper 30' s to near 40 up in central parts of the state. notice the lower 30' s. i think by the time we get to sunday morning, we could be looking at mid-20' s and parts of the north country is that will be the coolest over the next several days with clear skies and light winds. high temperatures in the low and mid 60' s, a seabreeze gets going by about 1:00 to 2:00 at area beaches. inland sections between 60 three to 65. 60 to 63 as you get through the foothills and central parts of the state. on the other side of the white mountains, likely in the 50' s today as you start off in the 30' s. as you will notice, a good deal of sunshine around and eight clear start to the evening as well before clout' s moving a before midnight and showers quickly follow. a sunrise tomorrow, shower starting to push into northern areas of the state. it may take several hours for
5:45 am
that to occur tomorrow morning. likely after 10:00 or 11:00, we will start to see some showers. it should not be all-day rain. off and on and a couple of pockets of moderate to heavy showers at times tomorrow. it pulls away tomorrow evening. we dry out tomorrow night, clear skies for early saturday. it should be because of the three days for the holiday weekend with-the 50' s to lower 60' s. lows in the 30' s and even 20' s up north. then we start the turnaround in the other direction, height back in the 60' s on sunday and into monday, 60' s to lower 70' s. similar to what we had yesterday before the next system arrives and the cold front will be in the pacific northwest this morning, comes your with a chance of showers by tuesday. we start off the day with temperatures in the 30' s up north, 40' s elsewhere. everyone into the 50' s by lunchtime, low and mid 60' s by 3:00. extended forecast, similar tomorrow, but different sky
5:46 am
clouds and scoured -- scattered showers. rainfall inns tomorrow evening. that gets us back to sunshine for saturday, temperatures in the 50' s to lower 60' s. chilly conditions continue but then we start to warm up, low-to-mid 60' s on sunday. a day similar to today. on monday, a day very much like yesterday with temperatures in the 60' s to lower 70' s. quick moving front tuesday. through the extended forecast. sean: are you getting a little bored over there? kevin: i would not say board, how about relaxed? birthday. on this date 20-years ago our website first appeared on the web. you may not know in the early days of the internet, our website was ground-breaking. many of things that are standard on sites today first appeared on
5:47 am
>> i remember distinctly no one knew what it was, what is the world wide web? i didn' t even know what it was, actually. sean: it was an interesting time. tune in tonight at 11:00 for more from the station' s first webmaster. and the late 1990' s website link that actually made headlines. we will have more on that. still to come on news 9 daybreak, an interesting family tradition. we' ll tell you how many generations wore the same sweater in their school pictures. and now time for our ulocal hot shots. this is max and walley, apparently, bonding over the captivating glow of the fire. staying warm. you can submit your pictures and video, and join the thousands of ulocal members, by logging onto
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20 every night and rarely lets
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bettina was brought to the taronga zoo wildlife hospital after being found wandering alone and suffering from dehydration. awfully cute. cute combination. let' s just skip weather and play more videos. a family in texas has been practicing an interesting tradition for nearly six decades. kevin: three generations have worn the same sweater in their first grade class picture. seven-year-old brady gose was the most recent family member to wear the sweater. his dad wore is back in 1982, and before that, his grandfather wore it in 1958. brady says he knows his own son will wear the sweater one day, too. shape. s. girls? happening? sean: that is a great question.
5:51 am
news 9 daybreak, marking the anniversary of the flood. but when into -- what when into repairing. >> the heroin epidemic. m nikole killion in says he' s sorry for a u.s. bombing on a medical clinic. what went wrong, coming up. sean: another contender is governor. he is expected to officially announce his candidacy today. hand-crafted...layer by layer. the new macchiato from dunkin' donuts. experience the flavor of fall with a new hot or iced
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