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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  October 8, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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should stand. the state's response is pretty clear and simple. they say owen labrie was found guilty of certain uses of computer service pros hib ited and the letter of the law needs to be followed. la bring was convicted of the felony level offense that basically says he used the internet to lure a 15-year-old into a sexual assault on the campus of the exclusive st. paul's prep school in concord. his lawyers filed a motion to have that verdict set aside because of two reasons. first, they said that the statute was never meant to apply to two teenagers who knew each other, and simply used the internet to arrange a date. but prosecutors said in their objection that the law doesn't differentiate between people who are acquainted and anonymous people prowling the internet looking for victims. defense lawyers also said the fact that labrie will have to register as a sex offender for life is too harsh. prosecutors say it's up to the
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write laws, and it's not open to judicial interpretation. legal analysts have said it's extremely rare that a motion to set aside a verdict is granted. the judge has 60 days to issue an other, but it's likely it will be made before the october 29 sentencing date. live in the newsroom, andy hershberger, wmur news 9. jennifer: tonight police are more worried about a manchester woman after the roommate she might have disappeared with has been found dead. 36-year-old steven andrade's body was found in a motel 6 in tewksbury, massachusetts where he had apparently killed himself. more than two weeks ago he was reported missing along with 57-year-old sue hutch i son. police found hutchinson's silver bmw which they say andre was last seen driving. >> the fact that there's a self inflicted gunshot wound by steven andrade, we're starting to be more concerned that something untoward may have happened to sue hutchinson.
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andrade had been dating huff i son's daughter and although the two did break up they say there were no reported problems between hutchinson and andrade. tom: how to the state's fight against a heroin epidemic. three people have been indicted for conspiring to distribute and fentanyl. the investigation started with a shooting in manchester and led to the arrest of jeannette harding. two others of lawrence massachusetts also arrested. authorities say they seized four kilos of heroin along with more than $750,000. in addition to 17kilos from the lawrence apartment. in the ongoing battle against the epidemic, some treatment providers on the ground are wondering if more can be done to get immediate help for people struggling with the addiction. jennifer: for how the first recommendation coming from top officials is to seek help online or with a phone call. but as adam sense on the reports, one nonprofit is calling for a more pro-active
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approach. reporter: if you're desperate for drug treatment in new hampshire, right now the best advice from the state is to go online to nh in a live interview on news 9 wednesday night, drug czar jack woznak hammered home that point. >> i think we need to do a better job at making sure that people understand we do have nh, there are websites out there with where you can see a list, put in your zip code and find treatment. who have available beds. we have available treatment. reporter: but some in the treatment community feel a click of the mouse or a phone call is too passive an approach. >> it's nothing against the proifers that we have in our state, there just aren't enough. reporter: melissa cruz of hopeful new hampshire recovery says there's a big difference between availability of treatment and the ability to access it. >> we have a kid living in a
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doesn't qualify for any recovery treatment. reporter: for now, the new hampshire providers association says the most important thing someone struggling with addiction can do is get an assessment to determine the level of care they need. >> we do have quite a few folks that are capable of doing substance abuse evaluations, so it shun be too difficult to call and get that assessment the same day or shortly afterwards. jennifer: tonight a hotel fire is under investigation in hampton. just after noon today flames were shooting out of the beach view inn on ocean boulevard. this fire broke out in the back of the building on the third floor. ocean plaintiff was shut down for a time, though there are no reported injuries. tom: commitment 2016 coverage now and with governor hassan setting her sights on the u.s. senate, there is now an officially declared democrat
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open seat in concord. josh mcelveen has more on today's announcement by executive counselor, colin van ostren. josh: three days after maggie hassan made her decision public, van ostren made his move, he made his candidacy official this morning. >> my name is colin van ostren. reporter: its with a quiet setting, but a business roundtable 'manchester is where it happened. >> i'm running for governor in 2016 to create a brighter future for our state. reporter: he's no stranger to new hampshire politics. having worked with senator shaheen and congresswoman kuster. but he says his other endeavors will suit him well for the governor's office. >> i bring the background of someone who has led businesses, some of our state's more successful employers like stoneyfield and southern new hampshire university. reporter: it's a resume that will likely be examined by the
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fellow executive counselor, republican chris sununu, who on thursday welcomed him to the contest. >> it's important that we're out there talking about the issues that matter to people, whether it's education reform or how to get our stagnated business economy moving forward. reporter: the candidacies of sununu and van oh stren come with a historical footnote, the secretary of state can't recall a time that the two scared off in a race for governor. but it's a dynamic that the newest candidate thinks will offer a contrast. >> we'll have a debate next fall about the issues we've disagreed on on the council. josh: it's a safety bet more will get involved. we'll see what happens. josh mcelveen, wmur news 9. tom: straight ahead, the story
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rarely shared. >> i was in the truck driving, watching the water in my mirror and everything come behind me. jennifer: he outraced a wall of water 30 feet high to save lives in alstead. 10 years later he is sharing his heroic story of a day he and many here in the state will never forget. hayley: after another dry stretch of weather we're going to have some cloudy and more rainy weather coming in, i'll talk about the timing of these showers and give you a preview of the weekend forecast. >> the bruins season opener is tonight and the u.n.h. hockey
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tom: tonight the town of alstead
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anniversary of the october 2005 flood. jennifer: in 30 hours six to 11 inches of rain fell on southwest new hampshire, four residents were killed as a wall of water washed through town. long-time public works director david crosby remembers exactly where he was that day, and shares his heroic story with our jean mackin. >> i knew what was next, because you could see the ground just fluffing off and going away. i stayed the there as long as i dared. reporter: what happened next is a moment of heroism and history rarely shared, until now. david crosby did not seek safety on higher ground, he did not run for his own life. he drove downhill to save other lives, with a 30-foot wall of water in his rear view mirror. >> i was in the truck driving, watching the water in my mirror, and everything coming behind me, and tell the people in the village that were on the radio
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everybody out of there. cab -- can't describe it. there was trees snapping, there was power lines doing this, coming down behind me. things arcing and snapping and there was a sound to it, all right, it's eerie. jennifer: tonight you will hear more about david krz by's entire heart stopping and heroic action as that flood rolled into alstead and with a he did when his own family called for help. that's during our special rising above, alstead 10 years later. it's tonight at 7:00 right here on wmur. tom: luckily nothing like that in the forecast tonight. hayley: no, but we do have some rain in the forecast, but we actually need it, we're still pretty dry. josh: i'm in litchfield, new
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hampshire, at spooky world, i've just been wandering around the haunted hayride and some belled across some really scary things. it is time to deal with skyrocketing out-of-pocket costs. commentator: the 32-year-old head of a pharmaceutical company raised the price of a life-saving drug overnight by 5,000%. i'm announcing a detailed plan to crack down on these abuses. commentator: he may be lowering it after hillary clinton blasted him out of the water. her plan would limit the out-of-pocket costs that consumers have to pay. clinton: nobody in america should have to choose between buying the medicine they need and paying their rent. i'm hillary clinton,
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tom: it is haunted thursday, and tonight we are taking you to spooky world. jennifer: it is the place to go
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few this year, a haunted hayride. let's check in with meteorologist josh judge. josh: that's right, jen, i'm along the route here for the haunt hayride and i'll tell you what, it is pretty scary and it's getting darker and scarier as we go along. it's at mel's fun way here in litchfield, and with me here is the owner, michael acamando. and there is something going on behind us that -- oh my! wow. did not see that coming. is everything okay? we are here, obviously some bad things have been going on here and i think as it gets darker it might get a little scarier. tell me about this haunted hayride. >> the haunted hayride is over one mile long and it's just one of the nine scenes that we've built over the hayride. we have over 100,000 of square feet on the 80 acres we have here, of haunted atrackses.
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josh: i'm just going to pretend that i'm not surrounded. >> our new 32 attraction, crazy clowns, there to attack you. josh: also tell me about -- i'm feeling breath right on my back here. the new exhibit on the river? >> the colony is three to four acre walk that you go through the woods where people have moved in that don't belong here and litchfield hasn't been able to get rid of them. josh: the website really quick and you guys are open the weekend. >> yes, spooky for all of your information. josh: thank you very much. how about the weather, is it looking spooky, haley? hayley: more like spectacular than scary. we have beautiful weather in store once we get past tomorrow. look at these live pictures from across the state this evening. and we have some beautiful pictures here of the sunset going on, of course that's happening aa lot earlier and earlier each night here, the
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sunset happening after, just around 6:15 now and temperatures follow suit, going down as well. these are the high temperatures we got to today, the average high for this time in october about 64, and we got there. 62 degrees in portsmouth. 61 laconia, upper fifth in the northern part of the state. rochester, 53 portsmouth. manchester. but already some 40's, up in plumb it it's 49. and 52 in whitefield. here's the scoop on the satellite and radar, we've been enjoying all the sunshine. today we had that beautiful crystal clear blue sky, barely any clouds in sight. that changes when you look to there. this is the precursor of those clouds to this storm system through. it's going through the lakes region or at least the breaks region over the next couple of
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hours here, and eventually will march through our area during the day tomorrow. here we go on future cast, this will take you hour by hour through time. tonight mainly clear skies at least through the evening, this is about 10:00, so temperatures will take a pretty big dip quickly. but then the clouds will fill in. here we are by 7:00 a.m. most of you should be able to get to the bus stop and get to work without getting wet. but the rain showers will be starting up in the northern part of the state first. then over spilling the rest of the state through the day. and probably about midday and the early part of the afternoon is with we'll see the heaviest steadiest rain moving through. here's 5:00 in the evening when you're heading home from work on friday, maybe going to the football games, be prepared for wet weather, though not widespread, there will be some on and off showers tracking through the area. here's your saturday morning, starting out with maybe some patchy fog or clouds, but look at this, they basically all go away through the rest of of the
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perfect for checking out find, going apple picking, whatever you have planned for this weekend, should be good to go. 30's up north tonight, 40's across the rest of the state, with with the winds calm, and we'll have just passing clouds, but the clouds will certainly thicken up and increase through the night. kind of a cloudy dreary day tomorrow. and temperatures in the 50's by the time we get to midday. fall foliage update for you, peak conditions in the far northern reaches of the state. we'll have high color, especially when you get into the lakes region, the mount washington valley and tupper valley. moderate color through the rest of the state. beautiful weather for checking out the leaf peeping, close to 70 degrees on monday. and next week we'll have the chance for more scattered thundershowers and cooler weather. but it's not often that we get a whole three-day weekend here in new hampshire with great weather, and looks like we're going to do that. jennifer: perfect.
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>> the season opener for the bruins is tonight. last year the bruins missed the playoffs for the first time since 2007. u.n.h. hockey, they begin saturday night against a.i.c. this is the senior class.
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these guys step up and be productive? over their first three years combined they only accounted for 31 goals. in comparison, five players in last year's class combined to 26 goals. >> that part about the senior class, we're a close knit group and we kind of hold the team together from maybe not from an outside perspective but, and we really don't, you know, whatever the stats are they are, but we just want to win. >> i think dan will have a great senior year. i think our senior class is going to have their best career season here at u.n.h. and that's going to be important for us. >> this week's home town here royce a young try athlete. jason king tells us how she had a chance to compete against the best in the world. reporter: haley marcos started swimming and running in the
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12 her father suggested a triathlon. >> i was so nervous and scared before it, but once i finished this is like this is awesome i want to do this again. reporter: the senior at dover high school now runs cross country and competes on the school's swim team. but she also fits in her own strength training and biking on the side. for two years he's been involved with the junior elite series which earned her a trip to the recent world try at been grand final in chicago, she was part of team u.s.a. and finished 7th in the 16 to 19 age group. >> the u.s. swept the podium too, that was so exciting, just to be part of u.s. women's triathlon history. reporter: academic she's fifth in her class, so she is clearly able to manage her athletic schedule with her workload. >> i do homework in the car, like any chance i have to do homework i'm doing homework just so i can maximize my sleeping and training time after school. reporter: haley is a member of
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the national honors society, athletic leadership council and is also a peer mentor. she plans to study engineering in college at a college that will let her run cross country and swim, so she can continue to pursue her love of try lath lon. >> celtics continue their preseason in italy, they played real madrid this afternoon. look at the steal here and they whip it right out of the court. so 15 turn overs for the celtics in this one. bradley led the way with 17 points. celtics win 111-96. jennifer: right now on, the northern lights were visible in parts of the mount washington valley last night. so we are sharing a spectacular picture of the lights from a granite state photographer. tom: we'll see you back here tonight right after "how to get away with murder." jennifer:
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