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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  October 10, 2015 11:30pm-12:05am EDT

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>> kirk: he got hit there. >> chris: no noles back has ever had a better game against the hurricanes. remarkable. >> kirk: no, it is remarkable. >> chris: he's got a high pin threshold. >> kirk: he does. jamal carter who is known as the hammer in the secondary, number 6, just lowered the boom on that right side, i don't know if it was a hand or a shoulder, but he kind of waved the coaches, saying, i'm going to stay out here. miami is playing so well, they've got to be careful. cook will hit a crease and he can go all the way to the end zone. >> referee: false start. 77 offense. five yards. still first down. >> chris: it was cook that had the game-winning touchdown run a year ago down in miami. >> kirk: here it is coming from the left. not this one, but that one. right there. ballack chully actually came out. jamal carter, the junior, out of homestead, he can hit you. and he came in at full speed and hit dalvin cook.
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football tells you how much of a collision that was. >> chris: have not had a turnover tonight yet. first and 15 after the penalty. cook again right back to work. gets a short gain. inside of 3:30 now. >> kirk: miami with all three time-outs. but they're definitely thinking about coming up with a stop to try to get the football back.
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>> chris: espn will have "sportscenter" right after the cal/utah game. 10-10, right there. recap of a busy day in college football. highlights from the mlb postseason. "sportscenter" at night later on espn and on the watch espn app. noles trying to bleed the clock out, protect a hard-earned victory. second and 13 here. golson takes off quickly.
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canes are ready for him. knock him down. it will be another third and long. they'll need about 11 yards, as golden spends his second time-out. >> chris: interesting with 3:30 to go, using their time-outs. >> kirk: they're all in on this series, pretty much. >> chris: well, cook, we talked about the hamstring problem. he's been electric from the start. long touchdown run, over 70 yards in his first score. caught a pass, walked in and then another burst here. the go ahead touchdown. here in the fourth quarter. playing against his hometown team and against his good buddy joe yearby on the other side. one tough customer. guy, by the way, that was facing that trial for misdemeanor battery, allegations that he struck a woman outside a bar here. it went to trial. took a half hour, the jury found him not guilty and all the seminole fans took a deep
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breath -- oh. we're going to have number 4. >> kirk: well, they took a team picture. one where he came in, 4 came into the picture, and then one where, okay, you have to step down sand and -- it was that serious. >> chris: it was a six-beak suspension. >> kirk: he was going to be on the team or not on the team, depending on the outcome of that. maybe the play of the game right here. >> chris: so cook is on the sideline. golson has five receivers to work with. low snap. and a flag -- a false start on the offense. they're probably lucky that that false start nullified the play, because golson was in trouble. >> referee: false start. offense, 78. five yards. third down. >> chris: that snap was low. >> kirk: it was late. they're going to call it on
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but i think hoefeld had a miscommunication on the snap and when he's supposed to fire it back there. i think that was on the center. >> chris: now they need 16 on third down. golson. has room to run. now flips it short. whitfield makes a man miss but can't make a second man miss. raphael kirby, the linebacker, wrapped him up at midfield and he goes out of bounds, so, the canes can keep that final time-out. >> kirk: they keep the time-out and the clock stops and you're looking at plenty of time. now it's a matter of execution and trying to be able to move the ball down the field. but time at this point is not something that brad kaaya has to have extreme urgency when he gets the football back here. not at the beginning of the
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>> chris: mistakes by the noles there. canes went all-in. spend the two time-outs. and now elder standing at his 10 yard line. beatty, of course, will try to pooch it deep. that's a high kick. not a very good one. elder jumps forward, makes a fair catch at the 19 yard line, so, the hurricanes are going to be 81 yards away with 2:450 work with. as we check in with cassidy. >> all right, chris. last time we talked, michigan state was in some trouble, but l.j. scott scores on a three-yard run and sparty survives, 31-25. over on espn, utah up 16-10 in the second. chris, herbie, back to you. >> chris: all eyes on this hurricane offense. down by five. in a similar situation to last year at home. >> kirk: as a quarterback in a rivalry game, this is what brad kaaya has been dreaming about,
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having an opportunity like this to drive the length of the field and win the game. >> chris: first down throw is batted down. newberry got a hand on that throw. >> kirk: i cannot get over the difference in newberry from a year ago. it's as if the light has gone off for him in his senior year. he plays with such effort. i think all of the defensive linemen, there's a lot of guys with a lot of talent up there. i don't think if anybody plays with the motor that 4, newberry, plays with. >> chris: second and ten. kaaya throws it underneath. barrios trying to escape, can't. and it will be third and four. >> kirk: remember, stacy coley is in the locker room. tonight. he's not available. he leads them tonight, seven receptions, 139 yards, so -- you're looking at scott and you're looking at barrios and
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up. catch made. and it's yearby with a first down across the 36. >> kirk: i really think just watching how year by came by came out of the backfield, that's who he wanted to get the football to. northrup, open field. plenty of room to work with. but i think the entire time, they cleared it out and he checked it down underneath to yearby. >> chris: inside of two minutes now. kaaya again batted down. walker that time. this is a noles defensive line so good, especially late in they >> kirk: when you are only rushing three guys, you have big bodies that are athletic, that are rotating, by the way, they're moving a lot of
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different people in and out. featherston, the sophomore, comes into a game, with a really long wingspan. >> chris: kaaya told me that's what drives him crazy by afs. there's a throw, incomplete. well covered but herb waters. third and ten. got two plays to get ten yards and keep hope alive for al golden and this team. >> kirk: and you don't have to panic and go down field. i mean, the throw, for example, to yearby was a great play. i mean, dumped it down on a five-yard route. he catches it, he picks up another five, six yards and it's a first down, so -- he doesn't have to panic, with 1:40 and feel like he has to go down field. >> chris: kaaya on the run. delivers a high throw. catch made. fighting back is waters.
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it will be fourth down and three and it will come down to this. obviously, fourth and three. running. the one time-out. with the assumption if they keep this drive alive, they have to hold onto that last time-out. >> chris: miami didn't come here for moral victories. they need a play here. keep their chances alive. for the third time of the drive, it's batted down by the noles! and they'll take over in the final minute! >> kirk: how about charles kelly bringing the pressure? and by the way, guess who got his hand up there? newberry again. the big number 4 at 66 the ladder.
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watch 4 right in the middle. you see blitz. he's dropping. when he dropped, he kept his eyes on kaaya. see the doubles in the middle, eyes on kaaya and if he doesn't make that play, waters catches the football and it's a first down. >> chris: for miami fans and players, heartbreaking shades of last year. when they were in a similar situation, driving and deflected passes undid their chances. that ended in a ramsey pick. miami miami. having the lead here is going to be more pain at the hands of their arch rivals. the noles are going to make it 27 in a row in the acc. six in a row over the hurricanes. >> kirk: this florida state football team has a lot of talent. better. so many new faces in key areas. to me, it's the offensive line and everett golson, as they gel, they're going to get better. a big showdown with clemson down the road.
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they've been so close. al golden. you can only imagine what they're going to deal with now if they have to go back home to miami and deal with the aftermath of losing yet again to a viral in florida e rival in florida state. >> chris: kaaya will be gutted after coming up short again to the seminoles who just find ways to make plays. here. jimbo fisher controlled early in this game. dalvin cook just a monster evening. 222 yards rushing. ran for two, caught a touchdown pass and it will be a lock trip back to the 305 for miami again. walker and that defense coming up huge on the final drive. the ford wrapup coming up in moments with cassidy hubbarth. canes and noles treat us to another classic here.
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didn't look that way early. miami show ed ed spice. florida state, again, just a little bit better at the end. and they move to 5-0, 3-0 in the acc. canes have to keep it together. they can't come unraveled the way they did last year. much earlier game than those games. this is only the conference opener. doesn't affect their chances of winning the coastal. but it can be tough to recover from that. >> kirk: they could have another shot at florida state. >> chris: the noles keep rolling heather. >> heather: coach, a rivalry game. a very emotional one, indeed. congratulations on the win. now, once again, like last year, came down to the final series. tonight? >> a lot of resiliency. this team keeps evolving. don't worry about anything but the next week. that's all we're worried about. this team keeps growing. we have a lot of young, very talented football players that are learning how to be champions. championship ball.
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that's what this game always comes down to. >> heather: one of the doubts coming in was your super stud, any doubt in your mind? >> after wednesday, when you look in his eyes, there's a different guy in there. he's unbelievable. he told me, coach, i'm ready. i was scared he was trying to be ready and he was not, but let me tell you something, i'm glad he's on my team. >> heather: and your quarterback was great, as well, tonight. what gave you the confidence in everett golson to open up the play book for him? >> it's been evolving, trying to understand how we call the game. he still has a long ways to go. a lot of things we left on the field. but he is understands what the system is and how we play and he's doing a great job of managing the game. now he's making the big plays. >> heather: coach, big win over miami. going to talk to your super star, dalvin. congratulations on an exceptional performance. and like coach said, we didn't know whether or not you were going to play. at what point did you know that
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you'd be able to do what you did tonight? >> up and down all week and the trainers got me ready. they did a great job doing that. it was a last minute thing. coach asked me if i felt good, i told him i felt great. i was ready to go. >> could you have pictured a better way to come back? you are a miami native. biggest game of the season for you and best performance by an fsu running back ever by miami. cold you have scripted it any bay better? >> no, man. we came out here, competed. that's the outcome. you know, i'm just happy for my brothers and this win. you have to love it. >> >> heather: you did have to address that hamstring in the first half. how much of a concern was it? how much did you have to take care of it tonight? >> you know, i had to stay warm. it wasn't that -- it just got tight on me on that long run. i had to go aggressive. >> heather: congrats on a great win, dalvin. >> chris: cook is our at&t strong performance.
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showed you a very high pain tolerance. it began with an electric touchdown run early. added another one. caught a touchdown pass and then, of course, the run there at the end to seal it. reminiscent of last year's game. it was miami that night. jumping out to a big lead, battling back. turns around tonight here. feels good, of course, because he grew up in miami. so, the noles have louisville here next. they got seven games in seven weeks. the first five are acc games and of course the big showdown with clemson november 7th. they'll be favored in all the other games around that. >> florida state will be able to look at the film. always great when you can win and still learn from it. when you have new offensive linemen, a new quarterback, you're only going to get better each week. that's exciting for florida state and for miami, you just wonder. looking at them, sitting over there on the sideline after that game, again, you wonder where their mindset will be.
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losing to cincinnati, getting ready for a rivalry game, losing the way they did. are they going to be ready to lock in? and there's so much still to accomplish this season and as we said, if they're able to gather themselves and stay focused and play the way they did tonight, who knows? maybe they'll end up in charlotte and have a chance at florida state again. >> >> chris: they have virginia tech and clemson. better not be as gutted about this loss as they did in the immediate after math. florida state, 29-24, another great chapter in this rivalry. next saturday night on abc, it will be penn state visiting ohio the ban the banks of the river. for kirk and heather and our entire crew, i'm chris fowler. good night from hall theed for ford wrapup show coming up next. >> chris, thank you. pressure.
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they got huge wins today. show you those highlights in a bit. but first, over on espn right now, number five utah taking on number 23 cal. travis wilson to cory butler burns. 54 yards. that would make it 17-10. it's 24-10 right now, again, over on espn. crazy game between rutgers and michigan state. l.j. scott gets in with the three-yard td run. then, take a look at this. would get sacked on third down. so, they have to go for the end zone, right? ah -- that's not what he was thinking. he would end up spiking it on fourth down here. ah -- that's a not top ten on "sportscenter." game over. michigan state survives. they got a big one against michigan next week. how about number two tcu taking on kansas state.
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>> fourth quarter. trevone boykin. they would get the two-point conversion. so, tcu up 45-42. now, later in the fourth. tied at 45. boykin. finds josh docketson. 55-yard touchdown. tcu sir vives, ooif survives. oklahoma state taking on west virginia. we pick it up in o.t. timed at 26, fourth and one. walsh on the keeper. and in. oklahoma state would hold off west virginia on the ensuing possession to win 33-26. the red river rivalry. texas up on oklahoma. quick pass to marcus johnson. he breaks s s tackles and he is gone. charlie strong with a strong statement to his haters. huge 24-17 win. top 20 battle in the big ten. michigan and not northwestern. opening kick of the game.
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michigan with a dominating 38-0 win, notching three straight shutouts for the first time since 1980. number one ohio state at home, taking on maryland. second quarter. ohio state up 14-7. cardale jones. take a look at this catch by braxton miller. can you believe he was a quarterback last season? miller could score on the next play. and then jones, here in the third, finds jalen marshall. wide open. j.t. barrett, three rushing touchdowns in this game. ohio state wins it. georgia and tennessee. scary moment. nick chubb is hit low. seems to land awkwardly on his leg. chubb on the ground in pain. would have to leave the game with help. mark richt says he is optimistic chubb won't need surgery. would be chubb, georgia struggling. especially finding a way to stop josh dobbs. 312 passing yards, 118 rushing and five total tds in the upset
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win. elsewhere in the s.e.c. alabama, its 57th straight win against an unranked opponent. florida, they remain undefeated. leonard fournette, the tenth player in fbs history to rush for 10,000 yards in the team's first five games. #beast. clemson gets their 13th straight home game at clemson memorial stadium. types the longest streak in school history. and next week, "gameday" is in ann arbor for michigan state and michigan. that's it for this ford wrapup. receive you next week. (nature sounds) she can rage, and roar, and crack, and storm. but mother nature can't stop us.
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the clock, ask your doctor or pharmacist about fluzone high-dose. fluzone high-dose vaccine. stephanie: right now on news 9 -- 10 fire departments responded to a house fire in new boston. no one injured, but the cause of the flames is under >> it' s hard to wrap my head around that some of the houses i played in as a kid are just gone. stephanie: alstead residents remembering flooding 10 years ago. hayley: clouds are invading tonight and will stick around for some of our sunday. do rain showers come with the clouds? >> when you are in your 20' 30' s and you have breast cancer, you feel very alone. stephanie: a former miss new hampshire overcomes a battle how she'
11:55 pm
to help others. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9. stephanie: right now, temperatures dropping tonight across the state. a live look in hampton, where it' s chilly. good evening. i' m stephanie woods. fortunately, the cold isn' t going to last. meteorologist hayley lapoint tells us about a warm-up to start the week. hayley: and even tomorrow you will feel a little difference. during the day it was chilly. none of us got out of the 50' s. right now 30 berlin, 34 plymouth , in the 30' s in concord. a lot of areas will likely wake up with frost tomorrow morning. the saving grace is the clouds are about to move in and second,
11:56 pm
a degree or two colder than where we are now will be the lowest tomorrow. with the sunshine, the clouds will go away through midday. in the afternoon, bright and s. s. full forecast coming up. stephanie: 10 fire departments responded to a house fire in new boston this evening. a multi-family home on chestnut hill road caught fire around 8:00 p.m. nobody was hurt, and new boston fire says the home could be a total loss. firefighters are trying to figure out how the fire started. the red cross installed free smoke alarms in nashua today. volunteers helped families create evacuation plans and worked with the nashua citizens emergency response team to prepare for emergencies. it' s part of the home fire preparedness campaign, a five-year initiative to install smoke alarms and reduce fire deaths. if you need a smoke alarm, you can call your local red cross
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installed. people in alstead are remembering the 10-year changed their lives with the dedication of a plaque. a decade ago, four people were killed and dozens of homes washed away from the flood wmur' people in alstead are commemorating the somber occasion. mike: it was a low-key but special ceremony for the people of alstead, as they remember the day that changed this town forever. along the cold river on ground that was once underwater now stands a reminder of an event that alstead residents will never forget. >> 10 years and two days ago, our town and our hearts were devastated by what we simply call the flood. mike: dozens gathered on a beautiful saturday afternoon to witness the dedication of a it' s built in memory of the four lives lost, in recognition of the homes and property destroyed, and in gratitude for all those who helped with >> it'
11:58 pm
s very painful, but this is a special town. i always thought so. all these people around me, i know at least half of them. mike: on october 9, 2005, floodwaters swept through town, wiping out everything in its path. >> there were trailers, cars, parts of houses, outdoor furnaces still going with the smokestack sticking up, and i' ve never seen anything like that in my life. >> it' s hard to wrap my head around that some of the houses i played in as a kid are just gone. mike: some lost everything, but over the years the town was rebuilt and people rose above the devastation. >> this is all part of our psyche now, that this happened and that we dealt with it and that it looks so nice around here now. mike: the plaque is now another sign of a community that recovered. it cost $1,000 to build, and was paid for by resident donations of $20.05 each, representative of the year 2005.
11:59 pm
needed in a split minute. mike: as people came together in 2005 for support and strength, they' ve come together 10 years later, this time to reflect. >> we' re all talking about the flood and we' re reminiscing about the flood and we' re remembering how good we were to each other after the flood. and this is what community is about. and that' s why i' ll live here the rest of my life. mike: residents say years from now, people may not understand the flood, but the plaque serves as a testament that this town and its people survived. in alstead, mike cronin, wmur news 9. stephanie: new hampshire state police say they had to chase after a japanese man in canterbury this morning. 70-year-old chikara ishikawa of japan was allegedly speeding on i-93 just after 7:00. troopers say when they tried to pull over ishikawa, he refused to stop. another trooper set up a spike strip down the highway and stopped the car. ishikawa is charged with reckless driving, disobeying an officer, and resisting arrest.
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actor randy quaid was arrested this morning at the canadian border in vermont. vermont state police say the "independence day" actor and his wife were detained by troopers at the highgate springs port of entry. quaid is wanted in california on felony vandalism charges after he and his wife, evi, were found squatting in a guesthouse of a home they previously owned in 2010. the two are expected in court for a hearing next week. the pumpkin festival is this weekend in milford and fall is in the air. thousands gathered on the historic milford oval for the food and fun. the 26th annual festival features a pumpkin catapult, beer and wine tasting, and haunted trail. and tonight they shot off fireworks. organizers say their volunteers make the three-day event possible. s anything from helping us just put on the festival to maybe doing their own nonprofit booth, be it a scout troop or the lions club or the rotary, it' it'
12:01 am
work for months on this. stephanie: the festival will be open tomorrow from 10:00 to and the sandwich fair is also going on this columbus day weekend. the fair runs until monday, with gates opening at 8:00 in the morning. the parade starts tomorrow at 1:00 in downtown sandwich. you can check out livestock, marching bands, and rides at the fair. admission is $10 for adults and $4 for kids age 8 to 12. children under 7 are free. and it may look like fall in sandwich, but winter is coming to the white mountains. we could see the flakes flying this morning on our sky cameras atop mount washington. temperatures were in the mid-20' s, with winds gusting over 80 miles per hour. the general manager of the mount washington auto road tells us that the snow arrived late this year, and now that it' s here, it' s a sight that can' t be missed. >> we have some brilliant colors right now, and now they are contrasted by the white top northern presidentials, so it is
12:02 am
just beautiful blue sky overhead now that the clouds have cleared, snow on the mountains, and color in the foreground. stephanie: if you are thinking about taking a ride on the mount washington auto road, staff says to arrive early to beat the crowds. you can drive it yourself or take a guided tour. october is national breast cancer awareness month. every two minutes, a woman in the u.s. gets the terrifying diagnosis. one former miss new hampshire is trying to help and inspire breast cancer patients through their hardest days. wmur' s kristen carosa has her story. kristen: mary morin carlin was diagnosed with breast cancer at 36 years old. she has just wrapped up her treatment. now her focus is shifting to help others going through the same thing and reminding them that no one fights this alone. mary morin carlin grew up in bedford. >> i graduated from unh and i served as miss new hampshire. kristen: since then, she moved
12:03 am
had a baby, not realizing her life was about to change. >> i was in shock. i thought here i am, i am 36 years old and i have a 2-year-old daughter and a husband. kristen: mary felt some pain in her right breast in february and she went to her doctor. after several tests, she was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer. >> a week and a half after being diagnosed, i had both breasts removed and then rested for three weeks, and then i started eight rounds of chemotherapy over the course of six months. kristen: through this process, mary has discovered she is high-risk for breast cancer and ovarian cancer. >> the next step is in november, i will have my ovaries, uterus, and cervix removed because i have another genetic variation for uterine cancer. kristen: during this time, she' s kept her family and her miss new hampshire friends close by her side. she is partnering with a former contestant and friend who' s also
12:04 am
create "fighting fabulously." it' s an online support group for women. >> when you are in your 20' s and 30' s and you have breast cancer, you feel very alone. kristen: mary also wants to create gift bags to give out to breast cancer patients to make them feel better after going through treatments. her hairdresser and owner of bonne vie salon and spa in derry is holding a fundraiser on sunday, october 18, to raise money to help make that happen. >> all of these nice things we hope we can provide them and put a smile on their face, and also help them financially with all of these extra things. kristen: mary says she wants to fill the bags with special things that she wished she was given when she was going through treatments. when the bags are created, some will go the norris cotton cancer center in manchester, and the rest will go to the cancer center where she received treatment in new york city. head to for the event details.


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