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tv   Closeup  ABC  October 11, 2015 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. josh: carly fiorina is climbing in the polls in new hampshire and around the country. she' s in studio talking about planned parenthood and the crisis in syria. with governor hassan putting her self and the senate race, then austin -- van ostern wastes no time. carly fiorina is my first guest.
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josh: congratulations on all your success so far. you' re not celebrating at this point. ms. fiorina: we have a long way to go, but i and gratified. when people got to know me, they tend to supporme josh: what will you do? about syria and the situatio unfoldg er ms. fiorina: we need to recognize that russia, iran, syria and iraq have entered into an unholy allian. syria, iran in particular what to dominate the reon power. prt obama' s refusal to act made the situation more dangerous thant edtoe. i would make it clear that our jets will fly wherever and whenever they want. with the turks, which they'
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ve been asking us to do, to create a no-fly zone and the northern pa e uny. we need no-fly zones for humanitarian purposes d precthrelse e backin r the long haul i would convene a summit of turkey, saudi arabia, jordan, kuwait bahrain, oman, the kurds and the egyptians and ask what t need tdeatsi every single ally i have named have asked for specific things. them for three years. the jordanians have asked for bombs and materiel. support them in a leerip effort , we need to. every one of those countrias a vested interest in defeating isis and pushing back on russia' s ambition in re they need to have leadership,
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building, that ds ke time. there is a humanitarian cris taking pce and new fly zones, which john kasich, you just pointed out, feels like this needs to be done immediately. do you feel like you can get everybody on board msor we have to. russia has threatened our miliryanve ithai the russian general marched into it. a sign of weakness that this president has put i john kerry and hillary clinton called bashar al-assad a positive reform and said she could reset our relationship with russia. everyonef aconha conveyed weakness to russia and russia is challenging our esceirtl we must stand up to that. josh: one more question about this topic. the removal of a side, and a lot of people feel, will cree
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a lot of people feel like the world was a safeple en hse w iit ms. fior it is counter productive for president oma to ctie s bha al-aadgo president obama has been saying that for three yrs and sure all assad is not going. he now has allies. i think we should quit talking about bashar al-asd. i think we should act to defeat isis and push back on ru sh: let me ask you about a domestic issue, presidential but iss re cgreson is the recent government funding fight when it cos pnn parenthood. it ceso urelfsn abti do you believe that the fight defunding and reho i ng ms. fiora: i was talking about more than my beliefs. you do not have to be pro-life, as i am, to understand that we
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cannot find with taxpaye money and organization that purposefully aborts fetus is alive so they can harvest their brains and their body par a ic we cannot permit this to stand. it has nothingo wh heu are pro-life or pro-choice. josh: the organization itself? ms. fiorina: i have been called a liar by the media. the truth is, this is happening. not only is it happening, planned parenthood does no rfm mmra. not only is this happening, planned parenthood is a lical operation. they have funneled million dollarinolic contriti dt pro-ab cte why e f this through taxpayer dollars? i have called on the republican congress to pa a budget the american people would expect. in that budget, there should not be funding for planned parenthood. let the democrats and presi oba stand up and explained us.
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everyone that has attacked me for pointing out what is going on, for pointing out the scenes in this video, most admit they have never seen the video th wl t tcthe video. somehow they know this is no happenin this is hag. josh: i will point out that ededap we will see how this goes. videotapes. happening. you do not even have to be that that scene exists, although it does. it has been released over and over. it is at minute five and 56 second all you have to do is watch people haggling over the price at a luncheon. you do not negotiate over prices unless you are takg ne : how far do you go with it? do you shut down the government over this ise? ms. or does congress has decided to pass a contin reluon in that, there is funding for planned parenthood. i find that disappointing an think e jotyf te
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jo: moving forward, substance abuse and heroin is a major issue. something a lot of people did experience dinthrent debate, having lost a child to substance abuse. as you travel new hampshire, what are you hearing. what kind of approach and help can come the federal lel . ora: first, it most clearly is an epidemic. every evt i have in new hampshire. but also in iowa and south carolina. every event t one person comes up and says i, too, and going through this yesterday a woman approached me and sa with trsn r esmy daugs eight heroin addict. we talked about that. my heart goes out to everyone of them. this is an area where we must invest more. we are not investing enough in the treatment of menl ils general and in drug addiction treatment in particular.
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in this case, i think more money needs to flow into communities. we know that people who are struggling with substance abuse, they cannot go onto a website and talk to a government bureaucrat. they need to have a place where they can be cared for. we also know that if we are going to solve this problem, not only do we need to invest more in treatment, we need to reform today we have the highest incarcatn ten e world. nonviolent and mostly drug-relatedffse throwing them intoai we are crowding our jails and we are not helping yo. this is a holistic problem that we need to approach st. josh: let' campaign. the glass ceiling, you get asked does it really exist anymo? you' ve been having a lot of success, hillary clinton is on we have a governor challenging
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our senar,oth females . is there a glass ceiling anymore? ms. fiorin i' ve always said that women can achieve anyth they tly put their minds and hearts to, as long as there is a real meritocracy. in other words, a system that rewards merit and contribution and results. not to du you know, not how long have you been there. that is called a seniority system and it is how most government agencies work, how long have you beenhe a w y kw? i also think that women' wa here is the good news. if we are going to be as great a nation as we must be, then everyone' s potential must be fulfilled. women are half the potential of this nation. all of us are better off when men and women, boys and girls, get to fulfill their potential. and achie what they intend and want to achieve.
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let' s talk about new hampshire. i think itasast week, rnc chair reince priebus hinted at some changes that would include a lottery system. it made some people nervous in new hampshire. this i first go around, what do you make of new hampshire' s place in the pres ms. fiin iont ow why reince is talking about changing the rules at this point. i think voters can sort this out. i appreciate new hampshire. what new hampshire writes do is take their citenip resi sioly what new hampshire does not do is pay a lot of attention to things that ultimately do not matter. they do not pay attention to the polls, the pundits, how much money you are raising. they pay attention to the candidates and they st t e ndat. that is the way democracy is supposed to be. i apprecteewamhire i
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this presidential cycle before we start talkingbo cngg rus. josh: you do bring an interesting perspective. when y a tnkg out rug for president, you started spending time inew mpir18ons o. you spent time in california. you live on the east coast. did you think to yourself why do i have to go to new hampsh and then you come up here and have a better understain initially, was there a curiosity as to why? ms. fiora: not really. one of the comments i have made is that candidates are revealed over time.
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new hampshire reveals people. it is one thing p aadn vion that is t ryevli itvehed. it is otr fo caide ndmes livingorne backyardivnd that ipelyat and realpe. i thin irt y want t pnte uniteds,eee preparbeleot orchesedge packagednerepele it ith p aadn teleon ats t,evle nd know who you are. the process and new hampshire is revealing of candidates. i think that is a goodhi jo: it has been successful for carly fiorina. thank you for joining us. you spend a lot of timup . ora: josh: i do. josh: in the coming weeks we are going to see you. msor count on it. josh: we' ll be right back. it is time to deal with skyrocketing out-of-pocket costs. commentator: the 32-year-old head of a pharmaceutical company raised the price of a life-saving drug overnight by 5,000%. i'm announcing a detailed plan to crack down on these abuses. commentator: he may be lowering it after hillary clinton blasted him out of the water.
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her plan would limit the out-of-pocket costs that consumers have to pay. clinton: nobody in america should have to choose between buying the medicine they need and paying their rent. i'm hillary clinton,
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josh: welcome back. that did not take long, three days after governor hass s her sights on the senate, executive counselor colin osrn wasted little time in jumping into the race fo veor he is our guest. congratulations on the mov how did you arrive? mr. van ostern: i think it is critical that we keep our st movingorrd i look forward to introducing myself to voters and talking about how we can build a brighter future anstng ec josh: it did not come as a surprise that you jumped in to the race.
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a lot of people expected you to be a candidate. was it predicated on the decision by the governor . n te: of course. she' s been doing a great job. i think we need to keep new hampshire moving forward. i have ideas about how we can create a brighr tu. certainly until she resolves the budget, which we had a good budget compromise a few we ago, and until she made her decision, it was not appropriate for me to behiinabt 2016. josh: you' ve been complementary of the goverr t y srt k voters , where do you differ? are there any errors? something you look back and say maybe i would have done ffen josh: i thk w ir mo irireio each of different people. i was not a former legislator, as our governor is. my experience is in the business world. i' ve been a business leader at stonyfield yogurt and southern new hampshire university
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my focus is how we can strengthen our economy by keeping more young people and young families, new businees ansttu iouste. josh: you talk about a business leader and republicans say this guy has been working witne shaheen, andy custer, calling yourself a business lead -- the charge from the republicans is thaisn eraten mr. te: ultimately, the race will be about voters thannye ndat i' m proud of my record at stonyfield, i managed a $100 million business that was hang properroh profitable growth. i was not doing th ane i think any work in the private sector requires a great f pele i i left there to help launch a new college at sthn w hae ivsi. i joined the team the day before we took our first student, a couple years later we have 3000 students enrolled and the va majotyakoner t -- zero
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is a policy issue we are facing so i hope to bring that peen. josh: e budget veto and the stalemate that lasted three months, and a lot of democrats are wondering what is the govern's d me did you agree with the path she took? mr. van ostern: i think we' ve seen bipartisan compromise and progress. it has been a little slower than i would' ve liked. i unrtaty er politics a foot in the state house. she' s had a lot of dermatn. a gorn who focuses on civility and bringing people to work together and being determined on a goal makes progress. the example is not just the budget but medicaid expans that has been a contentious issue on the executive council, a three-to vote multiple times. when we got it done, a year later, 42,000 fellow citizens have access to hltca. and we are seeing overwhelming support on a bipartisan basis from the health care community,
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uninreaturr's, that will bring costs down for everyone to sometimes you need to fight yo way throh d ats e pr w. josh: moving for, if you are the first democrat tju i chris sununu is also in this race. a recent poll suggests you have some work to do when it to na i it is a presidential election year and we now have a very high profile senate race between governor hassan d nar ke ayotte. how do you break through? mr. van ostern: the governor' s office affects a lot of people' s individual lives. over the course of the next year i will have the opportunity to talk to voters abo wre tta t state. i think that that presence of campaigning is iornt new hampshire has independent-minded voter who turn out at elections at higher rates th mt hestes when it comes to how we move our
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sothg erayots re abou sh: shaheen has been mentioned side, state senator hosmer chs papp as another executive counselor. shaheen caters it? mr. van te: there are multiple qualified candidates. this cannot be about us, it has to be about new hampshire citizens and their lives. a month ago i met a waitre in keene who is 10 months over, struggling with her reve from heroin. she' s spending her time counseling other went e tyaiabt fe without ro this needs to be about her. about five-year-olds who are going into public kindga anha t towns in our state that do not have public kindergarten. it is about entrepreneurs going into business and do not have access to talent and that ishy we need ssgera. jo: you be ro epidemic. a recent poll suggests new
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hampshire voters nowee this as the most important issue facg the state. are you satisfied with the approachheta h ten mrvarn: i think we are moving in the right direction. it is clearly a crisis and everyone what knowledge th w all n me. probably what is most important missing 4 --he's no one bullet -- we have to continue the expaioof medicaid. thousands of citizens are gettg ce tneh addiioice vehe seco lca oan state hery heal ce erno ableo ou tnt becaus a not sure whether folks are going to h health care said there' s a lot of things we neeto do. more on prevention, recovery. medicaid. thousands of citizens are gettingi think the way we have to attack this as a state is the same way you treat the disease of addiconor han being, that is to surround them with support. that is what we are doing as a state.
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and we are moving forward -- law enforcement, health care couny ads. josh: you are a candidate now. just about everything you do is going to be under the microsco and criticedy e he side. one of the criticisms after ur candidac ty ll y t covarn tweet deleter leader. you deleted tweetsroyo atacun why did you do that? mr. van ostern: i do not think pictures of my two-year-old riding his tricycle are lent i' m excited to be using social media to eagwi voters. one of the things i' ve don executive unlois a rebo wk dan send i tdsop after er meeting. new hampshire voters are connected thhe lde mohaosotr at. i' m happy to continue that and i look forrdo init josh for the next year, with so much emphasis, on the election in new hampshire you talked about the education and economy. is there a particular emphasis
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mr. van te: the two are connected. we have a great economy and the best quality of fen e country. opportunity does not extend everyonee e e ur oldetathcotr o highchadlee. our college tuition' s second highest in thent a sis stde. having a focus on bringing and keeping more young peoe, star the life i' ve lived in the last 15 years convinces me this i the best place to raise a f and grow a business. i' m going to make sure we keep doing th ming forward. mr. van ostern: certainly it is a gorgeous time of year. you' ve got to love the welcome centers on i-90 three with folks coming to participate in toisecom josh: congratulations on your decision. good to see you. we will be back to talk about the u.s. senatra now that it is shaping up. governor hassan made her announcement, e's challenging kelly ayotte for her seat.
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josh: welcome back to "close up ." maggie hassan deciding she' s going to for aunor reelection and challenge kelly ayotte, the incumbent republican for u.s. senate in 2016. my guest is john distaso. we went back-and-forth about this. were you surprised? john: seems like the governor
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was heading that way in the final stretch. in the late summer at midsummer it seemed like it might t otr y. josh: we were in agreement . john: it looks unlikely but now she is in. josh: we have a long way to go. it is going to be expensive. what kind of race do youec iso ? as exciting as everyone thinks? john: exciting, maybe not to the average voter buexti f there' s going to be a pouring of money into the race. last time in 2014 it was $30 million spent by outside interests on the brown-jeanne shaheen race. this might match that. the only thing that might keep it down is there will be a presidential general election going on. josh: kelly ayotte is very popular with the nationart they do not want to lose this seat. john: this is a critical seat, as democrats try to win back the
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senate. the democratic establishment washingt wl y rru th governor to run p they got the candidate they wan thesarthe two top officeholders separating out jeanne shaheen, the two top officeholders in their respectivear. what is happening already, each side is painting the other as a tool of special interests. that is kind of buy the bo. ulmalyheweetowth roads toe about turning out the vote in a presidential election year whicisomim tgh to do. it favors democrats. kelly ayotte is formidab josh: woody think the ripple effect is going toe t ssnal race ? we have a snapshot of what the governor' s ceig lk ke frank guinta' s polls indicate he' s very vulnerae. not much action. john: i'
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i think -- you mentioned that jack flanagan is in washon e usmari lde the republicans really do not have any other candidate that is ready to step up or there has been rumors about a state presidt. again, i think it is a matter of who is on the top of the tke for chid the house tends to go with the tide back and forth in terms of party, rather than the senate, which also depends on the individual candidates ruin sh: we have about a minute. i should have pressed you for this but i want to talk e mmtsade by reince priebus. saying there is no sacred cows and suggesting h op t enids. what aoueangpe wiinar is this a different kind of
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john: i think it is more serious. when the chairman of the tialar cesutnd says that he wou le see an earnest investigation and a change that would take a primarily from new hampshire, it sounds an alarm bell. we are all alarmed. we are all objective but at the same time we went to see the primary continue. i think it is gog b meth igog to continue although i threw to the convenon next summer. josh: we will see what the pushback is like. good to see you. that will wrap up this edi of "cle n hpsre we will be back here next week. until then, go patriots.
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if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but the republicans... v they want to go back to letting v the super wealthy call the shots. they don't stand up for equal pay for women. they don't support paid family leave. they don't even really support refinancing student debt. we've got to get this economy working for the vast majority of americans, not just for those at the top. that's what i intend to do as president. i'm hillary clinton and
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