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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  October 11, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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tt4watv# 1d " qzh! `4i stephanie: right now on news 9 at 11:00, fall foliage bringing hundreds of thousands of tourists to new hampshire. how it' s bringing business to the north country. travelers halted this holiday weekend on southwest flights. what technical problem the airline is still trying to fix. hayley: here comes some warmer air. highs on columbus day will be in the 70' s, but this warmth doesn' t last long. my forecast ahead. >> there is someone out there that committed a murder and is still possibly here. stephanie: and a family searching for answers five years after a manchester woman was found dead in her home. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9. stephanie: the leaves are peaking in the granite state with warm weather to wrap up the columbus day weekend.
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hayley lapoint has your weekend forecast. hayley: looks beautiful through the remainder of the weekend. temperatures will be going up in a big way. not as chilly as the past couple of nights. 55 in laconia, 49 in concord. 57 in manchester. we will dip a few degrees lower by tomorrow morning, but completely clear skies across the area. lots of clear air to our west. temperatures start out on a cool note tomorrow morning. 46. we warm up drastically into the upper 60' s by lunchtime. later in the afternoon, temperatures in the mid-70' s. even a few upper 70' s. this does not last the rest of the week. we make a turn the other way. i will have the seven day forecast coming up.
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the weather and the foliage are drawing hundreds of thousands of people to the state. new hampshire tourism officials say 660,000 people will make their way into the granite state this weekend, up 2.5% from last year. visitors are expected to spend $97 million while they' re here. the owners of one motel in lincoln says have guests from all over the world. >> they all come to see the fall foliage. it is very important for them. fortunately, we are able to offer something beautiful. >> it does not matter if you go north or south. the foliage is beautiful. and we have a beautiful day today. it is all coming together this weekend. stephanie: if you want to go leaf peeping tomorrow, go to first to get the most out of your trip. another draw this weekend is the 19th annual lincoln craft
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festival. the village shops and town green along main street are packed with vendors. more than a hundred artisans from 15 states are selling their crafts and food. one vendor in particular had a long line of people waiting to buy a cannoli straight from the north end in boston. >> i come up here just to sell cannoli. in lincoln, i sell out. i bring more every year. it is amazing. when i get you, you are mine. stephanie: there are lots of different foods from jam to fried dough. the milford pumpkin festival wrapped up today. the 26th annual festival had a pumpkin catapult, beer and wine tasting, and haunted trail. this morning, festivalgoers ran in a 5k, and some graft goods at an arts and crafts fair. about 25,000 people attended the three-day celebration. travelers flying on southwest had to wait in airports today
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after a technical glitch slowed down the airline' s website and booking system. the system controlling digital boarding passes, the mobile app, and check-in system stopped working. a few southwest flights at manchester airport were delayed abc' s reena ninan tells us how nationwide. will get on the flight. reporter: that was the consensus among passenger sunday. what southwest called a technology issue sent gremlins throughout its network, leading reservation centers and terminals in chaos. >> usually, it is good. but sometimes, it gets you. reporter: hundreds of flights and thousands of passengers put on hold with nothing to do except hurry up and wait. >> they took my name down manually on a piece of paper. the las vegas airport. long lines of passengers forced
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to be pedestrians. in los angeles, tents shaded passengers from the sun in 90 degree heat. the problem began at 10:00, when southwest began manually issuing passes. they tweeted, we apologize for the technical issues. we appreciate your patience. as southwest employees handed out water to frustrated customers, by 1:30, the number of affected flights reached for 50 -- 450. the airline is advising passengers to arrive two hours before departure' s. reena ninan, new york. stephanie: a canadian man died while hiking in lincoln this weekend. officials say a 24-year-old from quebec collapsed about three miles up the falling waters trail near shining rock. conservation officers and other hikers gave him cpr on the
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ground while a medflight team arrived, but they were unable to save the hiker. conservation officers assisted a hiker who became sick this morning on mount washington. a 22-year-old woman from maine was hiking up the ammonoosuc ravine trail just before noon when she felt ill. she was able to hike down the mountain with help from officers and her boyfriend. she was taken to a local hospital for treatment. it' s a murder that' s gone unsolved for five years. in 2010, police found the body of 53-year-old lynne brennan in her manchester home. wmur' s mike cronin joins us live with how her family is still searching for answers. reporter: it was five years ago today that lynne brennan' s body was found, but it is unclear how she was killed. her brother does not know there were many details. it has been five years since his sister was murdered, but time has not healed the void felt by rudy melk.
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>> it has been awful. sorry. reporter: on october 11, 2010, brennan was found in her apartment in manchester. her death was ruled a homicide, died. no arrests have been made. >> i am a control freak. there is no control here. there is no positive affirmation. reporter: brandon -- brennan was a mother of three. her sons passed out flyers in search of answers. but melk is doubtful of solving the case. >> we are educated people. the farther along it gets, the less likely it will be resolved. the only people involved are the attorney general and the community. reporter: he says his sister was going through a divorce at the time of her death and had been living in the apartment for a
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she was not the type to put herself in danger. >> she was at home. what i have been told is there was no forced entry. reporter: as the family continues to grieve, melk wants to keep the case fresh. >> there has to be someone out there that knows what happened beyond the person who committed the murder. there always is. reporter: the attorney general' s office was not available for an interview today. if you have information, you can make an anonymous tip. mike cronin, news 9. stephanie: bridge street in pelham was closed at the state line for two hours while police responded to a car crash. police say the crash happened when a car was turning into tobacco junction convenience store. a 34-year-old driver suffered life threatening injuries and was airlifted to boston.
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20-year-old granddaughter are at a local hospital. officers say a one-year-old was properly restrained in a car seat and was not hurt. a motorcycle crash in salem shut down part of north main street . officers say an suv and motorcycle collided when the suv was turning. the driver of the motorcycle seriously hurt his leg and was airlifted to boston. a passenger of the motorcycle suffered non-life threatening injuries. officers say the driver of the suv was 16 years old. traffic was rerouted in the area for a few hours. a car caught fire on route 106 in laconia this afternoon. check out this video. laconia fire department says a ford 250 was fully engulfed in flames when they arrived. nobody was hurt. a motorcycle crash backed up traffic on route 125. police say the driver of the motorcycle abruptly stopped and was rear-ended by a car. the motorcyclist was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.
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a driver hit a state trooper' s cruiser today on i-93 south in campton. state police got a call saying the driver was weaving in and out of traffic. minutes later, he hit a cruiser. catherine d' angelo was arrested for driving while intoxicated. the sergeant was treated for minor injuries. now to commitment 2016, gop hopeful lindsey graham is stumping across the granite state today with the help of his friend and two-time new hampshire republican primary winner, john mccain. the senators held town hall meetings at the pelham veterans of foreign wars and the goffstown odd fellows hall. graham and mccain then attended a house party at the home of the new hampshire speaker of the house, shawn jasper, in hudson. tonight, local and state leaders met in manchester in preparation for tomorrow' s convention that will feature eight presidential candidates. the no labels problem solver convention dinner was held at the currier museum of art.
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including south carolina senator lindsey graham. tomorrow, graham will be one of eight candidates to speak at the convention at the radisson hotel. that event will also be run by no labels, a national organization. >> it is made up of democrats, republicans, and independents dedicated to breaking gridlock in washington and getting the parties to work together to solve the people' s problems. stephanie: organizers expect more than 2000 people tomorrow. this week, voters in derry will get to weigh in on the town budget after the state supreme court rejected an appeal filed by the town council. a judge had previously ordered the town to hold a special election. the town council passed a controversial budget earlier this year that includes several cuts, including to public safety. but residents filed petitions, and the election is now set for tuesday. coming up, a woman who grew up
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intruder. how her medieval combat skills saved her. and a lucky someone bought a million-dollar powerball ticket in the granite state. hayley: we are getting lucky this weekend with beautiful weather.
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stephanie: turks mourning today after 95 people were killed in a bombing yesterday. and they are accusing their government of not preventing the attack. abc' s alex marquardt reporting tonight from where the bombs exploded in turkey' s capital city. reporter: they came out by the thousands in turkey' s capital to remember the dead and vent anger. chance of "the state will be brought to account" directed at the turkish government for allowing the attack to happen. as hundreds assembled for a peace rally, two blasts kill nearly 100 people and injure hundreds more. today, many of them de -- the
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family members calling for a stop to the fighting. >> i really cried while watching the news. it is so sad. no humanity, no emotion. just brutality. no different from iraq or syria anymore. reporter: it is the deadliest terror attack in turkey' s modern history. the latest chapter of violence as the government thousand to take on kurdish militants and isis. in the past few months, turkey has been more involved in the war in syria, allowing american jets to use its bases to carry out strikes. turkey believes it was suicide bombers that carried out the kurds or isis. no one has claimed responsibility. stephanie: a memphis police officer was shot and killed this afternoon while off duty in a memphis suburb. 31-year-old officer terence
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oldridge joined the memphis police department a little more than a year ago. he died at the hospital after being shot several times. oldridge is the fourth memphis officer shot and killed in the last four years. a man is in custody but has not been charged. fallen police officers were honored today in manchester. the annual footrace for the fallen 5k started at manchester police headquarters on valley street and ended inside gill stadium. the event is in its ninth year. >> it is a great time for law enforcement, supporters of law enforcement, families, to come together and reflect on the sacrifices our colleagues have made in the line of duty. and also to reflect on every single officer serving today. stephanie: all proceeds benefit the manchester police athletic league, which connects officers with you. a woman who grew up in new hampshire fought off an intruder
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at her home in indiana. karen dolley woke up and found someone standing in the hallway. the 43-year-old is trained in medieval combat. she punched the man in the face 10 times and grabbed her japanese combat sword. she held the blade to the intruder until police arrived. >> i could see that guy standing right here. i just started punching and said "get out." stephanie: officers arrested jacob wessell. police say he was high and apologized on his way out. one granite stater woke up a millionaire today. a $1 million powerball ticket was sold at the shell station on nashua road in londonderry. the winner matched all five numbers but not the powerball. here' s the numbers again. we won' t know if the winner has come forward until the lottery office opens tomorrow. >> now, meteorologist hayley lapoint. hayley: beautiful weather today. a lot of you taking pictures of the gorgeous foliage.
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wanted to share a couple with you. this one sent in by kathy on u local. had to share with you this cool picture. you see the flying saucer-looking clouds? those are called lenticulars. they form on top of the mountains and remain in place. sometimes, they are mistaken for ufo' s. this was taken from lake winnipesaukee looking towards the amount washington mountains. presidentials, i should say. clouds over the northern part of clear. overnight, but not as cold as we have been recently. we have a new air mass on the way bringing in warmer air. like late-summer with high temperatures in the 70' s almost statewide.
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we will have some more beautiful weather tomorrow with more sunshine. today, 69 degrees in concord and manchester. mid 60' s up north after starting out in the upper 20' s and 30' s. we had a nice rebound statewide. here is where we are right now. 40 implement. 54 in laconia. 50' s basically for all of southern new hampshire. not quite as chilly as it has been this time of night for the past couple of nights. towards the west, there is some major warm air. fargo, north dakota got to 97 degrees. that is warm for mid-october. we are not getting that warm, but you will feel the warmer air by des moines and minneapolis moving closer to us tomorrow, which is why temperatures will be in the 70' s.
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bright and sunny all day tomorrow. if you have to go to work, good commuting weather. completely dry. checking out the foliage, good for that too. tomorrow night, clouds starting to move in. the next storm system approaches. there may be some early sunshine tuesday, but a lot of clouds fill in for the rest of the day. we have a funnel boundary bringing in more seasonable october air. tonight, cool temperatures, but not cold, per se. upper 30' s in the northern part of the state, but most of us in the 40' s. that is where we start at 8:00. patchy fog, but bright and sunny. beautiful blue sky for the foliage tomorrow. upper 60' s by lunch. eclipsing mid-70' s later in the afternoon.
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i would not be surprised if windham or londonderry get close to 80 tomorrow. showers on tuesday and wednesday. thursday looks like we will see partly sunny skies. it gets a lot cooler. on friday night, do you see that? stephanie: trying not to look. see no evil. hayley: mountain snow. cold enough for some of us to get some snow. stephanie: i want to focus on tomorrow. it will be beautiful and in the 70' s. hayley: it is new england, right? summer one day, winter the next. stephanie: you never know what is happening. jim foley is here with his pick of highlights. jim: they say everything is bigger in texas, including big screens at at&t stadium.
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was admit it. >>"republican kevin mccarthy saying ...the committee
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investigating benghazi and clinton's emails was created to destroy her candidacy..." unbeatable, right? but we put together a benghazi special committee... what are her numbers today?" republicans have spent millions attacking hillary... ...because she's fighting for everything they oppose... ...from affordable health care. equal pay... she'll never stop and the republicans know it.
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jim: the early domination of the 2015 new england patriots is already compared to the 2007 pats. after today, the 2015 squad is actually outperforming the one of eight years ago. cowboys loudmouth greg hardy just doesn' t learn. second quarter, tied at three, tom brady takes the snap at the one-yard line and sneaks it in for the touchdown, 10-3 new england. third quarter, 13-3, brady to dion lewis, in the open field. this guy can make defenders miss. 10-yard touchdown reception, 20-3. fourth quarter, brady throws it
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also known to make defenders miss, 59 yards to the endzone. patriots win, 30-6. through four games, the pats have 149 points. that' s one point better than the 2007 team with 148 points. the buffalo bills were the only other afc east team in action today. they played the tennessee titans. good defensive matchup. third quarter, 3-0 titans, adding to it with antonio andrews' one-yard touchdown run, 10-0 titans. later in the third, bills quarterback tyrod taylor shows his speed. 22 yard touchdown. that makes it 10-7. fourth quarter, down by six points. taylor rolls right and hits chris hogan for the touchdown. the extra point was good, and the bills win, 14-13. six weeks down in the high school football season. the importance of a win grows larger as the season gets shorter. friday, winnacunnet recorded a statement victory over
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top-ranked pinkerton, holding the astros to just seven points. then yesterday, goffstown set itself in prime position to take the north conference, beating bedford. now the grizzlies have a one-game lead over the bulldogs. also, goffstown is primed to take over the number one ranking in the state power poll, especially with the astros' loss. now salem, timberlane, and merrimack all sit just one game back of pinkerton in the south. exeter is the only other remaining unbeaten, leading the east. winnacunnet has three wins, keeping itself in the playoff race. nashua north and bishop guertin are tied at 4-2 in the west conference. both earned wins this weekend. straight goals in the second period, then the monarchs tie it up. last night' s overtime hero, alex
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lintuniemi scores for the second straight game. and again they go to overtime, but adirondack takes this one. stephen buco scores the game-winner. monarchs lose, 3-2. brad marchard is out indefinitely with a concussion. yesterday, the bruins forward took an elbow to the head during boston' s loss to the montreal canadiens. marchand left the game right after the play and did not return. dale weise did not see marchard when the two collided. a former unh wildcat scored his first nhl goal yesterday. trevor van riemsdyk plays for the chicago blackhawks, and in yesterday' s 4-1 win over the new york islanders, he stuffed home the rebound off patrick kane' s shot from between the circles. contender round opener in nascar' s sprint cup series, bank of america 500. lap 182, caution as there' s smoke coming out of the car of justin allgaier. he goes to the garage. joey logano makes contact, but he' s ok. lap 195, kyle larson and kyle busch crash by the entrance of pit road. nascar penalized busch for
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entering pit road too fast. joey logano led most of the laps in this race and he takes the lead again with 34 laps to go. logano takes the checkered flag, advancing to the round of eight. still ahead, the american league in action for the playoffs.
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tt4watv#@5d " lzt& 2g< jim: american league divisional series -- series tied. fourth inning, lorenzo cain takes dallas cargill deep to left. 1-0 royals. jason castro knocks both runners in. astros take it 4-2. franklin pierce announces four inductees to the hall of fame -- craig stewart, karissa hookstadt, jennifer leedham, and
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stephanie: that does it for news
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