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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 12, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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tt4watv#@64 " lzt& u $ making news in america this morning -- travel warning. a computer glitch forcing hand-written tickets at airports. security lines wrapping around terminals terminals. and outside. what you should know before traveling today. national stage. to debate. the the democratic front-runners preparing to face off. a deadline quickly approaches for joe bide on the ept ter race. plus, the mistake president obama says hillary clinton made. a group of swimmers swept out to sea by a rip current. people race to their rescue. major mistake.
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an implosion doesn't do as planned. wait until you see how this one ends. well good monday morning. we begin with the chaos at airports sparked by a major computer glitch at southwest airlines. >> they were forced to revert to the old way of doing things, issues hand-written tickets to thousands of passengers. that meant long lines and short tempers. take a look at l.a.x., one of the major airports bracing for more today. hundreds of flights. >> our aunt was on an air flight. she went inside. it took her and hour and is a minutes to get through the line. >> reporter: overnight, a warning from southwest airlines. plan ahead. arrive two hours early and print your boarding passes. >> i'm still not 100% confident
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>> reporter: the airline left scrambling yesterday after a problem sent gremlins all along their system. >> it's usually good. sometimes that murphy's law gets you, doesn't it? >> reporter: hundreds of flights and tens of thousands of passengers put on hold. >> they took my name down manually at the gate. >> reporter: this was the scene from the monorail at the las vegas airport. long lines of passengers. in l.a., tents shaded passengers from the sun as they cooled their heels in the 90-degree-plus heat. the airline tweeting, we apologize for the issues. we are working to restore appreciate your patience. southwest doesn't know what will be fixed. this is the latest in a string
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last month, american airlines experienced a glitch that kept passengers from checking in. and united was plagued by a similar issue twice over the summer. we turn our focus to the race for 2016. the democrats gears to go head to head in the first debay. >> hillary clinton faces off with four other candidates. all eyes are on one man on the sidelines. vice president joe biden. will he make a run for it? kenneth moton joins us from washington. >> reporter: good morning, reena and kendis. sources say this week is the one for the vice president. meanwhile, hillary clinton has been ignoring her democratic rivals for months. thunderstorm night, that will end. the time has come. hill the time has come. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will face off. they'll stand center stage in the primetime debate in las vegas.
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it's a chance for the vermont senator to show a much larger audience why he's exciting the democratic base. >> join the political revolution. let's transform america. >> good to see you. >> reporter: the biggest political story of the week may not be the debate. in a few days, we could hear word from vice president joe biden. over the weekend, he was at home in wilmington, delaware. dodging reporters. >> get out of my way, will ya? >> reporter: spending time with family. deadlines to make it on tate state ballots fast approaching. >> he wants to be president. he thinks he would be a better president than hillary clinton. i still think the personal is weighing on him quite a bit. that will be the deciding factor, to me. >> reporter: the republicans are not resting. they're already two debates in. a new cbs/"new york times" poll shows donald trump in the lead at 27%. ben carson is six points behind. >> what's the secret to my popularity? honestly? it's my looks.
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that's the only thing i can think of right now. >> reporter: unlike the republicans, there's a much smaller democratic field. so candidates like martin o'malley, jim webb, and lincoln chaffee, desperate for attention in this race will finally get one in the debate tomorrow might. >> donald trump. handsome and modest. thank you, kenneth. president obama is weighing in on the e-mail controversy plaguing hillary clinton. in an interview with "60 minutes," the president acknowledged clinton's use of a private e-mail server was a mistake. at the same time, he said he didn't think it posed a national security problem. the intense focus on the issue was partly because of politics. >> what i think is that it is important for her to answer these questions. to the satisfaction of the american public. they can make their own judgment. >> president obama also said there is no evidence that her
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something or store information. happening overseas right now, thousands are mourning the victims of turkey's worst terrorist attack in years. [ explosion ] that blast shattering a weekend peace rally in the capital of this key u.s. ally. nearly 100 people died in the suicide bombing. overnight, turkey detained four isis militants. it's not clear if those arrests are linked to the peace rally bombing. the turkish air force is also attacking rebel forces. so far, we can tell you no group that attack. in neighboring iran. breaking news about the washington post reporter tried for espionage in that country. state tv is reporting that jason rezaian has been convicted. an iranian official says, are available. the california-born rezaian could appeal within 20 days. he reportedly faces at least ten years in prison. a police officer in memphis has been shot and killed.
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the second memphis officer to die in three months. officer terrence oldridge was shot multiple times near his home, just before leaving for work. there are reports he may have gotten into an argument with a neighbor. there is a suspect in custody. he was an expectant father. his fiance four months pregnant. two reports have concluded that a cleveland police officer's shooting of an african-american boy were justified. the officer and his partner were responding to a 911 call of someone in a park with a gun. 12-year-old tamir rice had a pellet gun. tamir's family, including his mother, is outraged. a scary moment for passengers on an allegiant flight. passengers and crew were able the use the rear doors and stairs to evacuate. there were no injuries to report. allegiant air had three emergency landings in a two-week
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former president george h.w. bush makes no bones about it. he's a houston astros fan. and yesterday, he threw out the first pitch before the team's third playoff game with kansas city. the 41st president is a regular at those games. note the orange socks. the 91-year-old bush saw his astros win, 4-2, to take a 2-1 lead in the series. >> those socks are mild. >> he has fancy socks. >> he has a lot of energy. >> gets the autographed ball. the players love that. next, slowly creeping back up. have gas prices finally hit rock bottom? and the alarming video. a town's councilman hit with a stun gun and placed in handcuffs. why police say they arrested him. dramatic rescue. clinging to a pier after a rip current. the dramatic rescue caught on camera. rt current. the dramatic rescue caught on
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a remarkable sight in tampa, florida. a water spout. it moves over the skyway bridge. startling drivers. then the funnel cloud lifts a u.s. postal semi truck right into the air. ripping it apart. the driver walked away uninjured. mail scattered across the highway. the insider lottery fraud scandal in iowa is spreading. the former iowa employee convicted of rigging a drawing is now facing charges in wisconsin and colorado. all three cases, the prizes were allegedly claimed by a third party, not the buyers of the ticket. all had ties to the former lottery working who is now appealing his conviction. we've been benefitting from
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the low oil prices at the pump. now we might benefit at airports. airlines are starting to pass on to customers some of what they've been saving on jet fuel. fares coming down 9% from august to september. they are almost 20% less than the same time period a year ago. don't look now. gas prices, they are going back up. the average this morning is $2.32. a week ago, self-serve regular was three cents cheaper. no complaints. gas still about 90 cents lower than a year ago. crude oil prices are inching up. but gas prices, we're told, should head back down again soon. peter pan fell to earth at the box office this weekend. in fact, "pan" was one of the biggest flops of the year. instead, "the martian" was tops with $37 million. "hotel transylvania 2" added $20 million. and "pan" came in third. >> "the martian" crossing $200 million already. when we come back, a quick-thinking hero. a tow truck driver in the right
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it was undergoing routine maintenance. no passengers or crew members on board. it was scheduled to fly from singapore to hong kong. it didn't quite make the flight. now for a look at morning road conditions. lingering showers meant for a slick commute for minnesota to the tennessee valley. wet highways from seattle to portland in the pacific aside from the problems at southwest airlines, airport delays only in minneapolis. we move on now the another controversial confrontation with police in prairie view, texas. an officer used a stun gun on a >> councilman jonathan miller on his knees. crying out in pain. it started outside miller's home when he asked officers why they were questioning his friend. one of the female officers involved responded when sandra bland was arrested. a dramatic rescue at an auto auction in massachusetts thanks
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to a quick-thinking tow truck driver. a man lost control of an suv and drove straight through the wall of a building where the cars were being auctioned off. he slammed into a crowd. one man was pinned under an suv. sam surillo jumped into his tow truck. and pulled the bmw off that man. >> the next thing i know, people are yelling, somebody's trapped under the car. somebody's trapped under the car. i just put the car down that was on my truck. drove over there as fast as i could and lifted the bmw up. >> the man who was pinned and ten others were air-lifted to the hospital. he says it feels good to know he cameras also rolling for another amazing rescue after an in a rip current in ventura, the girl's father and four others tried to save her. they were overcome by the current, as well. managed to pull all six people
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from the water. a demolition of a housing project in scotland didn't go as planned. six high-rises were expected to be destroyed. two of them were still standing after the dust settled. spectators turned the cheers into boos. hundreds of families were not allowed back into their apartments overnight. the rest of the towers will be demolished the the old fashioned way. with machinery. new york giants tight end daniel fells remains in the hospital, fighting not a possible to injury but the mrsa infection. to amputate his foot. the so-called superbug mrsa is resistant to antibiotics. athletes and military personnel are at higher risk than most people because of the close quarters and shared e equipment. chase utley is appealing his suspension. baseman is being penalized for this slide in saturday night's game against the new york mets. utley collided with ruben
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tejada, who broke his right leg. major league baseball says the slide violated all of their rules. we could have a ruling on the appeal by game time tonight. if not, utley gets to play until there is one. more baseball playoff action from our friends at espn. john, john. buccigross, anderson. to baseball games, playoff games played on sunday. >> yes, we're going to get right to it. we have a lot to get to here for you this morning. we'll go right at it. blue jays-rangers. in the american league. jays swinging to stay alive. and they do. troy tulowitzki. a three-run shot off chi chi gonzalez. tulo puts his team up, 5-0. rangers threatened a bit in the seventh. it was 5-1. mark lowe against robinson chirinos. robinson better there. the jays get their first post season win since clinching the '93 world series. still in a 2-1 hole. but they take this one.
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live to play another day, 5-1. the state of texas had two playoff games on sunday. this one in houston. game three, astros-royals. jason castro, his team is losing. 1-0. he singles up the middle. two astros score. a 2-1 lead. top of the sixth, dallas keuchel. his amazing year continues. gets alex gordon there. keep it 2-1. again in the seventh. now it's 3-1. strikes out lorenzo cain. he is 1-0 in the playoffs. astros lead the series, 2-1. up next in "the pulse," political pointers. president obama's advice for kanye west. and michelle obama revealing some of her favorite tunes. obama revealing her favorite tunes. excellent looking below the surface, researching a hunch...
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okay, topping "the pulse" -- president obama handing out you might say some valuable advice to kanye west. >> west says he may run for president in 2020. what does the current commander in chief have to say about that? >> do you really think this country is going to elect a black guy from the south side of chicago with a funny name to be president of the united states? that is crazy. [ cheers and applause ] that's cra. >> the president just used the term "cra." he said as president you spend a lot of time with strange characters who behave like they're on a reality show. a clear reference to his wife's clan. the first lady on the spotify list on the international day of the girl. it was all about girl power.
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classics from diana ross, bill lee holiday, number one is beyonce. girls girls who run the world who run the world who run this world >> rounding out the top five, number two, ain't no mountain high enough. followed by mary j. blige's doubt. when the day comes, and girl on fire, by alicia keys. >> all right. good play list there. rapper curtis jackson was not on the play list. he's also known as 50 crept. >> just two months after he filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy, he listed it for the lowest price ever $8.5 million. it was originally on sale for $18.5 million.
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checking our top stories this morning. southwest airlines scrambling to fix major computer problem that is triggering widespread delays. tens of thousands of people had to wait in long lines as the airline issued hand-written tickets. first trial over a massive explosion at a fertilizer plant has been canceled. it was supposed to start today but a settlement was reached yesterday. the president speaking out about the private server scandal for hillary clinton. he admitted using it was a mistake but he said he didn't believe national security was in danger. hot in southern california. late-day showers in the pacific northwest. warm and dry along the upper northeast. finally this morning, we look overseas.
4:58 am
a huge display of military might and fighting words in north korea. >> the north korean dictator says they're ready to take on america. bob woodruff is there for an extravagant military parade. >> reporter: we're aloud into north korea to see only what the government wants us to see. our every movement controlled. our handlers bring us undergroing. the people are taught to not trust americans. when we get too close, we're shunned. overseen at every step by the supreme leader kim jong-un's father and grandfather. patriotic music plays. suffering. no sense of nation that totally shuts off at night, as the satellite image shows. there is extreme national pride. ? we're masters of the world. >> reporter: we're taken to a park.
4:59 am
highlighting monuments in miniature. it's for tourists. but even so. >> bob. >> reporter: yes. >> you're not allowed here. the massive parade. the forced pageant try and power. all people pledging allegiance to kim jong-un. he tells the crowd we can deal with any war with the united states. parade over. we find this woman eager to talk about the day. seizing the moment. >> the happiest moments in my life. >> reporter: for months, there have been concerns that kim jong-un would launch another ballistic missile at the time of this parade. it's not happened so far. experts believe it could happen soon. bob woodruff, abc news news. >> fascinating look at north year na ya. enjoy your columbus day. or happy thanksgiving if you're


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