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tv   News 9 Noon  ABC  October 12, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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amy: breaking news at noon, a missing manchester woman found dead in her home. kevin: warm afternoon out there with sunshine and some big changes through the week. amy: presidential candidates in manchester for the no labels convention. what issues they are speaking about today. a water main break is slowing traffic in salem. how long it could take. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 at noon. amy: the search for a missing manchester woman is over. a body, believed to be that of
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her apartment. good afternoon, i' m av camino -- amy coveno. ray brewer joins us live with good afternoon. ray: good afternoon. we are here live where sue hutchinson lived with stephen andre. we still have to wait on the official results, but the a/d' s office says it looks like stephen andre killed sue hutchinson before taking his own life. they were roommates living at this building. andre had been dating hutchinson' s daughter. three weeks ago, hutchinson' s family reported her missing and andre was the last to see her alive. he was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound last week.
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odor. detectives located a crawlspace inside a closet and found the body of an adult female believed to be hutchinson. one neighbor said he came over when he noticed the police cars and fire engine. >> i could tell that something had been discovered. i was anxiously waiting to hear the news and hoping that they had found something good regarding this whole situation. ray: while not wanting to go on camera, sue hutchinson' s landlord described her as a kind person, always willing to do things for others. she had been a tenant for five years and there were never any problems. the ag' s office hopes to release more information this afternoon. wmur news 9 bang. amy: the second water main break in salem in the last three weeks. the latest happened at the intersection of pleasant and
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main earlier this morning. utility crews shut the water off and begin work to replace the decades-old pipe. residents were without water until 11:00 this morning. crews expect to have the intersection open within the hour. >> the pipes in this area are pretty old. s. s. it is a cast-iron pipe. amy: salem is in the middle of a study to discover which pipes need to be replaced. a spectacular columbus day in the granite state area it is so beach. look at hampton beach. kevin skarupa is here. kevin: despite the warm temperatures, water temperature at hampton beach, 55 degrees. with temperatures in the 70' s, if you are so inclined, you will
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notice sunshine and the peak of the foliage. it will be nothing but sunshine. even a clear start tonight. already back above 70 degrees from manchester to rochester. everyone gets above 70 degrees this afternoon. it is nothing but sunshine. each of the next six days, we are cooler than the day before. we will talk about all of it in a few minutes. amy: right now, presidential candidates are gathering in convention. the national organization aims to break the gridlock in washington by encouraging both parties to work together. radisson where eight presidential hopefuls are speaking. now. organizers expect more than 2000 people to attend. donald trump is at the podium. [laughter] >> when we talk about no labels and getting along and i' m not
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much. tip o' neill and ronald reagan, i look at that as the ultimate. two people, different views, different everything, they liked and they got things done. amy: that was donald trump a few moments ago. scheduled to speak later today or chris christie, bernie sanders, george pataki, jim webb, and john kasich. tomorrow, democratic presidential hopefuls will take the stage for their first debate . five candidates will meet in nevada for the democratic primary debate. hillary clinton will be center stage. bernie sanders and martin o' malley will be to her right and left. the debate begins at 9:00. people in derry will get to vote on the town budget tomorrow after the state supreme court rejected an appeal filed by the town council.
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election. they passed a controversial including cuts to public safety. residents filed petitions to restore those cuts. southwest airlines says a delays across the country has been fixed. the system controlling digital yesterday. right now, southwest is manchester airport. karen travers tells us more. >> i' i' m going to get on that flight. karen: that was the general passengers on hyundai. what southwest called a technology issue, left its website in chaos. you. karen: hundreds of flights and tens of thousands of passengers put on hold with nothing to do
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except hurry up and wait. >> they took my name done manually on a piece of paper at the gate, which made me feel a little bit uneasy. karen: this was the scene from the monorail at the las vegas airport. long lines and passengers forced to be pedestrians. in los angeles, tense shaded passengers from the sun. the troble began around 10:00 a.m. as southwest begin manually issuing boarding passes. by midmorning, they tweeted, we apologize for the technical issues, we are working to restore service to our customers and we appreciate your patience. as employees handed out water to frustrated customers, by 1:30 p.m., the number of affect flight -- affected flights reached 450. southwest does not know what caused the problem or when it will be fixed. they are advising flyers to leave four hours before -- two
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hours before. amy: the tapwater in marlborough is now safe to drink. he tested positive for e. coli last week. the water is now safe. fewer than half of granite stater' s on public water systems have access to florida native water. that places us 43rd in the country. fluoride nated drinking water protects against tooth decay. next on news 9, a texas councilman tasered by officers ./ were justified. dell announces it is purchasing massachusetts. headquarters. kevin: only one way to go is the temperatures remain warm through the afternoon. it will be a gradual progression
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amy: we are cooking italian with the ships -- chefs from the coliseum restaurant.
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amy: a man has been arrested in connection with the shooting death of an off-duty police officer in memphis. lorenzo clark is a neighbor of the officer area it is unclear if he will face more charges. 31-year-old officer terence oldridge joined the memphis police department a little more than a year ago. he died at the hospital after being shot several times. he is the fourth memphis officer shot and killed in the last four years. an investigation is underway in a houston suburb after a councilman was tasered. police say he was resisting arrest. the lawmaker says he did nothing wrong. >> put your hands behind your back. >> he is going to have to taser you. elizabeth: a taser takedown in texas raising weston. -- question. the incident caught on this police body cam begin with the
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26-year-old city councilman asking officers were three of his friends were being weston -- question in his front yard. >> i' m a city councilman. elizabeth: the video showing tensions with desk quickly escalating. >> go over there before you go to jail. turnaround. >> did your hands off me. elizabeth: before miller is tasered on his knees with his back to police. he spoke to the news. >> it went from me asking questions to me basically being put facedown in the ground. elizabeth: in a statement, police insisting this was a clear case of resisting arrest. the female officer seen in this video was at the scene during the traffic stop and controversial arrest of sandra bland over the summer. who authorities later found dead
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meanwhile, miller was charged interfering with public duties. the officers involved are still investigation. elizabeth hur, abc news. amy: dell announced it is purchasing emc in a deal valued at $67 billion. dell headquarters will remain in texas, but the combined business headquarters will be in massachusetts, where emc is based. the deal still needs approval from emc shareholders. i imagine you have across-the-board approval for today' s weather. kevin: i have a laundry list of things i want to do. i want to get out there and soak it in. amy: bottle it, maybe, for february. kevin: we will talk about it coming up. amy: coming up in cook' s corner,
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the colosseum is in the kitchen preparing people want change, they want reform, they want to see something done, but just carping about it and whining about it and making speeches about it doesn't get it done.
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more than i have. i've always been unorthodox in this and against the grain. but you know what? i know how to get it done. new day independent media committee, inc. is responsible for the content
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>> now, kevin skarupa with your forecast. kevin: in some cases, it will be 15 degrees higher than average. concord' s record high is 87 degrees. we are still going to come up 10 degrees shy of that. i don' t think anybody is going to be complaining about that. just a few high clouds dotting the sky with that foliage in the southern parts of the state. we are looking at a beautiful afternoon across the area with all of that fall cover. eventually later tonight, evening clouds will start drifting in and we could have a series of batches of cooler air which could not the temperatures back. it is not going to come all at once with one strong front, but just a few degrees per day. by the time we get to the end of the week, highs in the 40' s to lower ranges of the 50' s. here is the first system.
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showers along with it when it arrives tomorrow morning. the upper-level system following behind it will be around for wednesday. we may have a couple of showers out there, here or there. upper 70' s for southeastern parts of the states. mid and upper 60' s elsewhere in the state. we are much warmer than we were yesterday at this time. we had temperatures drop back into the 30' s and 40' s overnight. 5-10 degrees ahead of pace. we finish off in the 60' s yesterday. a clear start to the evening. we are not going to start the day tomorrow with any showers. that system backs out to our west makes slow, steady progress. just a couple of passing showers. i think that holds true. if you brakes of sunshine. each of the next couple of days, temperatures are going to start slipping back word -- backward. that eventually is going to bring in much cooler air by the
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time we get to the end of the weekend. another front coming through thursday night and friday morning. that likes laboring -- that likely brings us the coldest air we have had. 70' s, statewide this afternoon. clouds start increasing tomorrow morning. temperatures will still be in the 60' s to the lower range of the 70' s. there will be a passing shower tomorrow. on wednesday, we are between 55 and 65. notice the drop in the temperatures continuing through the end of the week. another front coming through air. we may see a few snow flakes in the northern half of the state before we make our way to the weekend. let' s head to cook' s corner. amy: those cooler temperatures mean comfort food is not far behind. joining us is michael from the colosseum in salem. the kitchen smells marvelous. >> absolutely. amy: we are talking feel cutlet. >> absolutely.
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we are using a very tender piece of veal. provimi, you are getting the best quality veal money can buy. amy: folks can find it in the supermarket? >> i don' t think so. [laughter] >> it is that good. we are making pizza. you put more garlic and oregano. we are going to put a little bit of garlic. amy: ok. >> put this a little higher. we are going to use a little bit of olive oil. then the veal cooks very fast. it is going to cook faster than i' in. let that absorb the garlic flavor. amy: what you have going on at the colosseum this fall? >> we have thursday nights and we are doing a lot of catering
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i will show you what we have with the veal. amy: you want me to just? sure. amy: you put the veal in there. >> superthin, paperthin, you can cut it with a fork -- that is how tender it is. they could very fast. once i put it in, i start flipping it. i keep the heat on low. here is the caesar salad we make. we do catering. there is a catering menu online. we are famous for our caesar salad. we have won many awards. we can make tableside caesar salad i do cable at the restaurant. i start flipping this over once it starts cooking. amy: browning up already. is veal something you have to brown all the way through? >> this one is so good, you can cook it a little less. it depends on the person. once we do that, i put a little salt, a little pepper, and then
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the oregano. a little oregano here. and of course, basil. when you are making this, you use different types of tomatoes. it little bit of parsley. the dish? >> we are. restaurant. amy: can you do it quickly? >> absolutely. >> put it a little higher. this is a very simple dish. you can make this at home. i believe you can buy this. let me see. how much time we got? amy: we are out. >> it is sitting the plate. restaurant.
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we will be who's toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis and jeb bush had the best record. billions in pork, vetoed. eight budgets, balanced. and tax cuts every single year. right to rise usa is responsible for the content
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who has the plan for jobs? jeb. tax cuts for the middle class. eliminates special loopholes. an explosion in growth and new jobs. jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. kevin: we are looking at temperatures in the 70' s statewide this afternoon. a lot more clouds around and a couple of showers tuesday and wednesday. the drop continues through the end of the week. amy: got to love one columbus day is a beach day.
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kevin: how about that? amy: starting tonight at 5:00, a new way to make sure you are getting the best rate from your utilities. a new type of overhead bin will hold more bags and make it easier to get those bags once the plane lands. which airline is already installing these new models. thanks for joining us. have a great afternoon. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy.
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if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. v back to letting the super wealthy call the shots. they don't stand up for they don't support they don't even really support refinancing student debt. we've got to get this economy americans, not just for those at the top. that's what i intend to do as president. i'm hillary clinton and
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