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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  October 12, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> the case of a missing manchester woman appears to have been solved with a gruesome apartment. good evening, and thank you for joining us. i'm jean mackin. tom: and i'm tom griffith. sue hutchinson disappeared on september 20th. last night police returned to her calef road apartment, a location they had already searched twice. jean: andy hershberger is there now to explain what they found. reporter: manchester police say were called to this apartment on calef road by members of sue hutchinson's family who said they had noticed an unusual odor inside the building. hutchinson had been reported missing on september 20th, her roommate who shared this calef road apartment, steven andrade, disappeared a short time later. andrade was found dead october 6th at a massachusetts motel from a self inflicted gunshot wound. when police searched the calef road apartment sunday, they say they found a crawl space behind a false wall in a closet.
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in that crawl space they found a body they believe is sue hutchinson. >> so right now the next step is that there's going to be an autopsy probably tomorrow, at which point we expect a medical examiner to make a positive identification, and also try to determine the cause of death. in the meantime the police detectives continue to gather information from the suicide scene in massachusetts as well as what we think is now the murder scene in manchester, with the goal to be able to try to give the family and the public as much information as we can about what happened and why it happened. reporter: authorities say that based on statements that an created made, they think he killed hutchinson, concealed her body and then committed suicide. more information is expected to come out tomorrow. tom: the superintendent of schools in nashua tells news 9 appropriate action is being taken after the discovery of a book called death notes. the names of some students found inside. wmur's jennifer vaughn in the newsroom with more on the book
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and the school's response. reporter: tom, this book, death notes, is in fact available in stores. we also found it for sale at several online locations too. a copy was brought to an administrators at nash would north on friday, this is based on an japanese cartoon where characters can write down the names of people who have wronged them and the book has the power to cause harm to those listed. several students' names were in the book. the school says at no time was any child dver in danger and there is no evidence that anything further was planned. in an e-mail sent to parents, the principal wrote in part, please know that the safety of our students is our primary concern and that we will fully discipline the student who developed this list in accordance with the nashua school district student behavior standards. and the school has also reaped out the the parents of students who were included in this book, to answer any specific questions they may have as well.
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live in the newsroom, jennifer vaughn, wmur news 9. jean: it's certainly a crowded ride home on some highways right now, as we draw this holiday weekend to a close. you can see things are moving pretty well on 93, that's through windham. but they are slow going southbound on 293 through manchester. live images here, some other areas are having more trouble as well. let's go to peggy james for tonight's traffic watch. it's a busy one out there, peggy. >> yes, this columbus day we've got lots of backups, not in the usual spots however. 93 northbound, which is usually our trouble spot, is moving quite well from the border up into manchester. southbound traffic is a big headache right now, 93 southbound backs up from derry. starts to clear out a little bit as you get to 111. 293 some heavy volume there, southbound as well. moving north towards the hooksett tolls, southbound traffic is backed up on 93 from penacook pretty much down to the
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bow junction right now, we're also seeing very heavy volume on 89 southbound from stickney hill road down to 93. the everett turnpike is heavy north and south but no crashes to tell you about. 101 west you have your usual delays through bedford. 101 east we have a report of a car fire and that's going to have things backed up at exit 7. there are people on the scene there, a car fire will have things backing up eastbound. 95 southbound is crawling from york, maine all the way down to the hampton tolls. from the wzid traffic network, i'm peggy james. tom: thank you. you can hardly ask for better weather than we had this holiday weekend, and there's another warm day in the forecast before things start to cool down again. millions josh judge has a look. josh: yes, tom, it's a real nice day out there, how can you go wrong with today. and more warmth on the way.
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tomorrow not quite as nice as though. our current temperatures are down a degree or two from where we topped off earlier. but we are all in the 70's, not temperatures you typically associate with columbus day. low humidity, lots of sunshine, sure has been nice out there and plenty of sun right now, but look to our west you can see that rotating system here moving toward us, ever so slowly, and during the overnight hours into tomorrow, that will team up with another weather system that's heading in our direction as well, they both come in our direction and increase the chance for clouds and showers during the day tomorrow. future cast will show you how that works overnight into tomorrow. some scattered showers, so certainly not a rainout tomorrow. still warm as you can see here, not quite as warm, but more clouds around,es as we go through the day tomorrow. we'll talk about the rest of the week ahead and how much cooler it will get, coming up in your full forecast. jean: today's warm weather meant a lot of people spending their holiday outside and not just apple picking or leaf peeping.
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people were out soaking up the sun and sand at hampton beach. jennifer crompton talked to people who called this weekend picture perfect, and they're probably taking a lot of pictures. reporter: you're not kidding, and i'm tell you, here in portsmouth everybody, or most everyone had the day off, not everyone. but most people taking advantage of this gorgeous weather combined with the holiday weekend. we saw people everywhere, we saw boats in the harbor, people sitting in be the sand on the beach, and like you said for a beautiful holiday family weekend it really has been picture perfect. the leaves finally starting to turn. the skies clear, the air unseasonably warm. it all came together as if on cue, apple crest farm in hampton falls, like a set from a movie about idyllic family traditions. >> we've got pick your own
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there's an animal barn yard. we've got cider donuts, make your own scare crow. reporter: lots of eating, lots of pictures, lots of just absorbing it all. >> it is very much like norman rock well, it very new england. typical new england style. i just love it. reporter: a say so nice that if kids weren't picking pumpkins or apples, they might be finding shells. the lawsons brought their grandchildren to hamp son beach -- hampton beach. >> i'm molly, his oldest granddaughter. >> i'm caroline, the middle granddaughter from amherst, new hampshire. >> my name is lawson and i am the smallest. reporter: this holiday me beach a wonderful surprise for many. >> nothing better to go to the beach in october if it's warm. reporter: from toes in the sand to dads and sons having lunch on the boulevard, a gift for businesses too. for many it was their last hurrah as well.
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close at 6:00 today, columbus day monday. but it's been a great season. reporter: it's actually the 44th season that the sea catch has wrapped up on columbus day, and it's always bittersweet, especially when you realize that the next holiday is thanksgiving. the chance of that being beach weather pretty slim. live in market square, jennifer crompton, wmur news 9. tom: commit in 2016, and eight candidates with very different opinions all speaking at the same event. they say they have the same goal of ending part sanship in washington to get things moving again. wmur's heather hamel live at the problem solver convention, pitched as an opportunity for those undecided voters to get a real feel for the candidates. heather? reporter: that's for sure, and they took advantage of. that it was a full house at the radisson today. a chance for voters to hear the candidates' standses on many of the issues and also get an autograph or two.
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the star power, the frontrunner donald trump has seen for the past several months followed him here to new hampshire today. he was swamped by reporters before he even took the stage. but four of his opponents also participated, touting their plans for having from the economy to drug dependence and clean energy, gun control. their ideas were different, but they all said that it was important for the president and congress to work together to fix the country's problems, and that was the ultimate goal for this convention. >> believe me, i will take care of the people in this country far better than any of the folks that you're looking at right now, that i can tell you. >> i want to take what we did in south carolina to washington. i want to unleash the greatest economy in the world. >> that's why trust is so important in this also, and there has to be a sense of trust that you develop with the people you represent. >> the question is how do you solve the problem, how do you actually get it done, as opposed
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reporter: governor kasich is also participating on the republican side, however he is speaking in the next few minutes, he's the last one to speak. there were also three democrats that spoke by satellite, they're in las vegas right now preparing for the debate. heather hamel. tom: by the way, that debate will be the first one for the democrats in the 2016 presidential race. abc's karen travers has a look at what's generating the most buzz for tomorrow's matchup. reporter: las vegas has been the site of many legendary prize fights. and tuesday night it's round one for the democratic presidential contenders. front and center for the first clinton. to her right, vermont senator bernie sanders, who keeps inching up in the polls. it's a high stakes showdown and an opportunity for clinton's rivals to go after her head to head on the issues that are hurting her in the polls. president obama weighed in on the controversy over clinton's personal e-mail server, in an
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interview on "60 minutes." >> she made a mistake, she's acknowledged it. reporter: but looming large over the democratic field is of course vice president joe biden. sources tell abc news the v.p. will announce his campaign plans this week. biden spent the weekend in delaware with family, but gave no hints of his plans to reporters. >> get out of my way, will you. reporter: the president said he'll let biden make his own decision, but had had big price. >> i think joe will go down as one of the finest vice presidents in history, iity he's done great work. reporter: the democrats are getting a much later start, but with only five candidates on stage will have much more opportunity to break through. jean: how about this, manchester is one of two test cities for a new political app that rolled out today. the man who helped start nap ster and served as facebook's first president is one of the
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it's designed to engage young people in the political process by helping them find information about candidates and issues and connect with other people who have similar opinions. brigade started testing today in manchester, and in san francisco. tom wants to know if that leads to socializing, from the app. tom: you never know. classes are back in session at that community college in oregon tonight, the scene of a mass shooting. up next the special steps the school took to help students feel safer. jean: the pentagon will pay for repairs at a hospital hit by a u.s. air strike. it's also making an offer to families of the people killed. josh: it has been very dry and pleasant weekend, but there's rain on the way for some. >> it was like a chess game. tom: another water main break in salem, what we're learning about the town's infrastructure at 5:30. jean: and at 6:00, if you bought a lottery tick net londonderry,
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someone won a million dollars. tom: classes resumed today at umpqua community college, the oregon school where a gunman killed nine people this month. jeerps counselors were on hand for everyone who wanted to talk.
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some saying they wanted to avoid the media, which were only allowed on campus for a little while. but well wishers were asked to stay away unless they actually had business on campus. tom: south carolina has reopened a main interstate more than a week after record rain destroyed bridges and dams. 13 miles of southbound lanes of interstate 95 were opened to driver this is morning. the northbound lanes should open later tonight. the shutdown meant driver has to take a 170-mile detour along a key route to the state capitol. work is still under way to clean up and inspect smaller highways, more than 200 state roads are still flooded. jean: two americans have died in a helicopter crash in afghanistan. the crash happened yesterday at the headquarters for the team training afghan security forces. today nato confirmed the two of the five people killed were american service members. the cause of the crash is under investigation, but officials say
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after u.s. forces mistakenly bombed a hospital in afghanistan, the pentagon says the department of defense will macon dole ends payments to victims. wmur's aixa diaz is live in our washington bureau, and president obama has apologized for the deadly air strike? reporter: that's right, jean, he personally called the doctors without borders organization to express his condolences, and now the pentagon says it will be sending condolence payments to civilians injured in the attack and to the families of those killed. the u.s. forces mistakenly bombed the doctors without where borders hospital this month during an air strike, killing 12. it will also make payments to repair the hospital and if necessary the administration will seek additional authority from congress. the department of defense is now investigating this attack and looking into what exactly went wrong.
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calling for an inprobe by a swiss based fact finding commission. live in washington, aixa diaz, wmur news 9. josh: not really anything bad you can say about today's weather unless it was too hot for you, some are saying that. but it was a pretty nice one after a gorgeous weekend. started off in the 50's on saturday, 60's yesterday. and then today 70's, some spots getting close to 80 in the upper 70's for highs in many locations. littleton right now, we've been getting great reports of the foliage in the north country and other spots around the state too from this weekend. another nice look at it there, we're 72 degrees still, and the high temperatures thus far this afternoon, upper 70's. 77 degrees in berlin, also concord, manchester, nashua, rochester and not far away, in many other locations as well. these temperatures though, for
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will be heading downward, but there is another day of pretty warm temperatures out there on the way still. so that's the good news any way here in concord, everywhere else as well. these are the current temperatures now, can you see a tiny bit a downtick. but they will be heading downwaters over the next couple days, but tomorrow will still be on the warm side for this time of year. 7 of right now, tomorrow down near 70 and falling in the 60's. today, unofficially 77-degree high for today, that's well above the average, 62 degrees, but the record is 87 degrees. so obviously we came nowhere near that. lots of sunshine, but the cloud will start continue crease for a couple of reasons. not much in our immediate neighborhood, which means if
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you're heading out this evening, clear and quite comfortable. but this front, along with a rotating low pressure system to its west there as well as some clouds coming up from the south, sort of converge together overnight and through the day tomorrow, we may start off with some sunshine tomorrow early in the day, but it will fade and there will be a chance of some scattered showers as we go through the day as well. overnight clear, then the clouds start to move in mostly off the ocean from that system i just pointed out. all the while some sunshine before that happens, so it may be around for a while tomorrow morning. then just scattered showers here and there off and on at any time during the day. you could see one or two passing through. plenty of usable hours during the day, and again warmer conditions for tomorrow as well. wednesday it starts to cool down, breezy if not windy, and just a spot shower or two. let's take you through it piece by piece of what to expect for the next several days. it will still be on the warm side, many places still in the 70's tomorrow. but look at those temperatures,
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slowly falling each of the next several days, by the time we get to the end of the week and particularly the weekend, it's going to feel not only like fall again but cooler than average by the time we get to saturday and sunday. and take a look at the overnight lows this weekend into next week too, so get ready, enjoy it while it's still here. tom: burr it is great. jean: thanks, josh. tom: takeoff trouble for a flight out of las vegas, up next, passengers heard an explosion just before an engine caught fire. jean: and it will take days to clean up the mess left behind when rain filled a high school stadium.
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the republicans finally admit it. >>"republican kevin
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mccarthy saying ...the committee investigating benghazi and clinton's emails was created to destroy her candidacy..." "everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together a benghazi special committee... what are her numbers today?" republicans have spent millions attacking hillary... ...because she's fighting for everything they oppose... ...from affordable health care. equal pay... she'll never stop and the republicans know it. >>i'm hillary clinton and
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jean: southwest airlines says it's fixed the technical glitch that delayed hundreds of flights yesterday. problems cropped up in several places including the airline's website, the mobile app and with the airport check-in system. many fliers had to be checked checked in manually with paper boarding passes. such frightening moments on board an allegiant airlines flight when one of the engines caught fire during takeoff. tom: passengers and people in the terminal watched fire crews race toward the plane. david kurley has the story. reporter: calm in the cockpit,
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this aleejant flight. passengers heard a pop or boom. the pilot aborts the takeoff, quickly stopping the plane. fire crews pouring on water as passengers inside watched. the passengers finally get downstairs to the terminal but are still unsure exactly what happened. the f.a.a. tells us the right engine caught fire on that takeoff, with no reported injuries. allegiant will only say the mishap was a mechanical issue, adding that passengers were reaccommodated on a replacement aircraft and that the airline will be conducting an investigation into the root cause of that mechanical issue. that mechanical issue, according to the f.a.a., was an engine fire which will now be
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and the agency. jean: alaska airlines will be the first to use a new kind of overhead bin that adds almost 50% more space. tom: boeing developed the space bins, which will hold six bags perfect section, two more than current bins. they are deeper and when they're opened the bins hang two inches lower than standard models, making it easier for people to lift and reach their bags. alaska says that by 2017 close to half of its passenger fleet will have these new bins. jean: long as it doesn't take away from the elbow room, right? straight ahead, some very old school fighting skills were used by in new hampshire native after a man broke into her house. how she cornered the intruder. >> makes life interesting. tom: age is nothing but a number for this man, wait until you see
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tom: at 5:30, a familiar task
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they spent this columbus day repairing another water main break. a woman has serious injuries after a motorcycle crash in epsom. the crash slowed down traffic on one highway. jean: actor randy quaid faced a vermont judge today, that's where he and his wife were arrested trying to cross the border from canada. josh: and how much longer will temperatures like this stick around? we'll check out the week ahead and when the cooler weather returns. tom: another broken water main has raised new questions about the infrastructure in salem. welcome back, everyone, i'm tom griffith. jean: and i'm jean mackin. since spring the town has had six water main breaks. tom: that's right, and wmur's suzanne roantree talked to town officials about the ongoing problem, and this latest break, and she joins us live in the studio. suzanne? reporter: it was just after
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midnight when utility workers were called about the water main break at the intersection of main and pleasant streets. it's just one of many to plague salem over the last five months. since the middle of may, salem utility crews have been called to a half dozen water main breaks. not unlike other new hampshire communities, the town's under ground infrastructure is aging. >> the age of the pipes in this area are pretty odd, from the 1890's. this one here is early 60's, it's an older style pipe, cast iron pipe. reporter: while the water main breaks are a nuisance for drivers, they are also costly, not just at the town itself, but also to businesses like the tuscan market. joe says he got an early morning phone call alerting tom the situation. >> the entire street in front of the tuscan kitchen kind of caved in. the guys here in salem jump right on and it they've been working on it literally since then. and they know how important it is, it's literally in front of our front door.
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reporter: in than aeffort to get ahead of the cost of the breaks, salem is conducting a study of the pipes under ground. >> the engineering study is identifying the age of the pipes, the frequency of breaks and also the road program, we're trying to look at the pipes we can replace before the road program goes in. reporter: but each pipe they take a look at will be unique, its condition a virtual unknown. >> some of the older pipes are, last a long time. reporter: and others will not. >> it's like a chess game, you don't know what the age of the pipes, a lot of them, but the integrity of the pipes under the ground is hard to predict. reporter: crews at this morning's break at main and pleasant were able to repair the pipe and had the road open to cars just in time for the lunch crowd. suzanne roantree, wmur news 9. jean: thanks. thousands of people are headed home after spending the holiday
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weekend in new england. our famous foliage cooperated for the visitors, showing off bright colors, even in spots that haven't reached peak yet. beautiful in plymouth tonight, we're at 71. meteorologist josh judge says the warm weather will stick around at least for another day. josh: yes. tomorrow the weather will be warm, not quite as warm or sunny as today, but still it will be well above average. let's take a look at the current temperatures right now. amazing for this time of year and these aren't even the high temperatures, it was a couple degrees warmer in some spots an hour or two ago. look at all the sunshine we've been seeing as well, virtually no clouds until the last few minutes when a few were drifting through the white mountains. that will continue a little longer, but this is a spinning weather system to our west that is gradually going to make its way toward us. the cold front rolls through first and it also joins forces with the weather system down here and they're both converging toward us like this. so tomorrow we will see the
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increase of clouds, but look at that, temperatures still above average, upper 60's in northern and parts of central new hampshire. you get into southern new hampshire, once again in the 70's tomorrow. but you know it won't last long this time of year. we'll talk about how the temperatures plummet coming up. tom: two people were hurt in a motorcycle crash in epsom this morning, police say the man was back on his feet by the time emergency crews arrived, but a woman was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. the crash closed one lane of route 28 for about 90 minutes, the cause of the crash is still under investigation tonight. a state trooper received minor injuries after his cruiser was hit on i-93 in campton. 62-year-old ka katharine d'angelo was driving erratically when she hit the cruiser, she was arrested on a charge of driving while intoxicated. the it sergeant was treated for minor injuries. jean: randy quaid is being held on a half million dollars bail tonight, quaid and his wife were arraigned this morning in vermont.
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vermont state police say the independence day and christmas vacation actor and his wife were detained trying to re-enter the country from canada. quaid is wanted in california on felony vandalism chargings after the couple was found squatting in a guest house at the home they previously owned. tom: a woman who grew up in new hampshire had some unusual skills to draw on when an intruder broke into her house. karen dollly happens to be trained in medieval combat, so when she woke up to a man standing in her hallway, she jumped out of bed, punched himself times and grabbed a japanese sword and held him down until police arrive. >> i could see the guy standing about here and i just started punching like this, get out get out get out. tom: police say the man was under the influence when he broke into dollly's home. he was trying to use her house as a hiding spot. they say he also apologized on his way out. jean: good for her, don mess with karen. tom: how to the great pumpkin
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growing in new hampshire, this thing is impressive. jean: here's the first place winner from this weekend's milford pumpkin festival, at 1751 pounds. the grower is from boscawen, he briefly held the world record in 2012 when a pumpkin he displayed at the deerfield fair. the largest pump inever grown tops 2,000 pounds. he wins $600 and bragging rights. tom: and boscawen grows some great pumpkins, they have special soil up there. jean: all right. getting the best electric rate to be easier, we'll explain. tom: also a new england company is at the center of a record setting deal, how much del computer is paying for this data storage specialist. josh: after our dry weekend the rain chances are returning to the forecast in the week ahead, we'll take a look at what our first rain chance arrives.
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outraged over the lied and
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jean: the markets were open today, stroof closing bell provided by the new york stock exchange. the dow picking up 47 points to 17,131. the s&p up by two, nasdaq picked
5:36 pm
up eight. new hampshire's public utilities commission has launched a new website to help people find the best electricity rates. tom: you choose from residential or small business options and then from all the electric providers in new hampshire. you can compare different supplier options to see what works best for you. state officials say it's important to read the fine print on each plan because things like low income assistance can make a big difference, even among competitive suppliers. jean: del's merger with the massachusetts company is the largest tech deal ever. del will pay $67 billion for e.m.c. which specializes in data storage. the hopkinton based company has been facing increased competition from companies like amazon and microsoft. del will keep its headquarters in texas. the headquarters for the new
5:37 pm
hopkinton, massachusetts. some mail in tampa may be a little late after a water spout picked up this semi truck carrying those deliveries. we'll hear from the driver when we come back. tom: in sports tonight, the bruins play this afternoon, we're going to show you how they did against the lightning. $1 million richer and they
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people want change, they want reform, they want to see something done, but just carping about it and whining about it and making speeches about it doesn't get it done. nobody has shaken up the system more than i have.
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i've always been unorthodox but you know what? i know how new day independent media is responsible for the content
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tom: heavy rain in washington state turned a high school stadium into a pool. jean: it created a water fall down the steps and quickly filled the bowl of the stadium, it turns out fallen leaves covered the storm drains, meaning the water had nowhere to go. people in the neighborhood say this isn't the first time this has happened. and even no the water is now gone, it's going to take a few days to clean up all the mud left behind. tom: no games there. jean: yes. and more dramatic video, out of florida, where a water spout picked up a semi truck. tom: that truck belonged to the post office and tonight we're hearing from the driver who survived the whole thing. here's abc's ginger zee. reporter: an incredible sight, a water spout traveling on shore. watch as the swirling winds knock this tractor trailer from its side back onto all 18 wheels. the u.s. postal truck
5:41 pm
>> a little bruised up, but i'm doing good. reporter: randall was on his usual route sunday morning in tampa bay, when his truck was hit by those intense winds. >> all of a sudden i started feeling this gust of wind and i thought, oh, no, is this what i think it is? i've never been to hell, but i thought i was in hell. reporter: this water spout strong enough to knock over and then lift an 80,000-pound truck within a matter of seconds. >> first thing i did when i got home was hug my son. god was definitely watching over me today. josh: wow, that's amazing. nothing like the weather we've been seeing around here this weekend, which has been none short of beautiful the last few days. today in particular with temperatures reminiscent of indian summer. here's the monadnock region, blue skies, a few clouds, you can see find at the bottom of
5:42 pm
the screen to the right there and the temperature 72 degrees right now in the monadnock region. dew point 48. and light wind out of the south. so it really was nice. here's your current temperatures all around the granite state, still in the low and mid 70's. virtually everywhere. unbelievable. if you're heading out this evening it will be very nice, at least for the evening portion of the upcoming hours. here's a look at those clear skies, heading out tonight no problems whatsoever. gradually we see the cloud infrill traiting in from the west and the southeast, we're being hit from two different directions over the next couple of days. first is this system here, with a spinning low pressure center and a cold front out in front of it. you better believe it bringing some cooler weather that gradually works its way in. also this system coming up the coast they sort of combine together and increase the clouds during the day tomorrow.
5:43 pm
up and the chance of a couple showers, but still fairly warm, because that cold front will not have passed through until tomorrow night. here's a look at the clear skies tonight, watch the clouds from the coast come on in and there's that front to our west which moves in later on. first some showers off the ocean are possible during the morning hours, and then tomorrow afternoon and evening, showers from the system to our west roll through, maybe a downpour or two in some locations. wednesday it's breezy and it's cooler, but still some sun and clouds back and forth. a spot shower or two particularly north and west of the lakes region. thursday it cooler still, but we've got more sunshine at least on the way. so stepping downward, day by day. here's the jet stream bringing up the warm weather, that's why it's so warm today, and part of tomorrow as well. but this dip in the secret stream moving in later in the week, and it's coolest over the upcoming weekend, when it dips down over us. and then starts to pull out again, so next week not quite as
5:44 pm
warm as today, but get is a little better. if you're heading out this evening, very nice, clear skies, quite pleasant. a very slow cooldown overnight, 55 to 65, for the evening hours, then it does chill off but only into the fowrlts most places. 30's farther to the north. there's your guide for the rest of the week, 70's again tomorrow, 60's in the northern elsewhere. so not as warm as today, not quite as nice, but still the warmer weather will be around. by the time we get to the weekend we're in the 50's on saturday with scattered showers and highs in the 40's on sunday. so that will be a different story. tom: los angeles dodger infielder chase itly is not in the starting playoff in tonight's playoff game. jean: he is eligible to play while he appeals his suspension for what the league called an illegal slide that broke the leg of the shortstop. the man being called the most
5:45 pm
report fair our foul? >> utley going hard at second. reporter: it depends on whom you ask, but according to major league baseball it was an illegal slide and the punishment is a two-game suspension for chase utley. it's a decision utley is now fighting and the play that broke the hoip's leg, ruben tejada. >> obviously the last thing you want to see is something like that happen, to lose a player like that, we got to go out and do our talking by going out there and doing our best to beat them. reporter: the reaction to the play, so far has the analysts divided. >> as a base runner in that situation your job is to clear him out of the way. >> chase utley is not a dirty player, he's not even overly aggressive. but he did slide late. reporter: and at least one mets
5:46 pm
while calling in to the radio show. >> i want to see it done tomorrow night. >> are you crying? reporter: utley maintains he wasn't trying to hurt tejada. utley says he feels terrible about the injury, but right now he and his teammates are focused on doing everything to win the series. >> bruins host the pampa day lightning today, a 1:00 start, b's looking for their first win of the season. they got zdeno chara back. erickson had scored twice. the breubs tied it up #-3. but the lightning regained the league before the perfect ended. tuukka rask allowed six goes. bruins have defensive issues,
5:47 pm
one of the biggest road races in new england was held today, the 10k for women in boston, 39th year of this race. molly huddle broke the course record, 31 minutes 21 seconds. there are over 4,000 finishers, all the runners were women. maguire was the top new hampshire finisher. and we take you back to columbus day 25 years ago. lynn jennings won the 10 sc in boston. the first one was held in 1977 well. tom: up next veterans aren't letting age slow him down, one veteran isn't i should say. jean: after the break we'll show you the birthday celebration that will have you cheering for him. jennifer: then up next at 6:00 the mysterious disappearance of a manchester woman ends where it began, right in her own home.
5:48 pm
after an extensive search where police believe they found her body. jean: and the presidential candidates turn out for the no labels convention, the main points made today. and voter reaction. >> they are just so full of joy, and they just want attention and
5:49 pm
jean: there you have the big cheers for former president george h.w. bush, who flew out the first pitch at last night's astros game. the 91-year-old is still in a neck brace after a fall this summer. former first lady barbara bush was at his side for the toss. good for him. tom: yes, sir, i a florida veteran celebrated is a 92nd birthday with a sky dive. jack says he wanted to try something new. jean: and his friends admit they were a little skeptical of his birthday plan, but they promised
5:50 pm
to be there to cheer him on. >> i said god bless you, i says i'll be there when you do it, jack. >> why, why, jack? because it sounds exciting, never done it before, let's try it. you're floating, like out of a cloud, there's no noise, just floating. it's serene. tom: the world war ii veteran enjoyed the jump so much he promised his instructor he'd be back for his 95th birthday. jean: he looks right at home doing that too, good for him, happy birthday to jack.
5:51 pm
jennifer: now at 6:00 a body is found inside the home of a manchester woman who had been missing for weeks. what family members noticed that led to the discovery. tom: presidential hopefuls meet
5:52 pm
why both sides of the aisled are agreeing on one thing, the need to work together. josh: there's not much to complain about after the weather this weekend. now we'll focus on the week ahead and how much longer until the cool temperatures return. jennifer: and columbus day is bringing tourism to the granite state, how business is booming from the seacoast to the mountains this holiday weekend. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 6:00. tom: we do begin with a developing story tonight. authorities believe they have found the body of a missing manchester woman weeks after she disappeared. good evening, i'm tom griffith. jennifer: and i'm jennifer vaughn. police searched the home of sue hutchinson after she was reported missing back in september, but when they went again last night they found a woman's body hid then a crawl space. andy hershberger live in manchester where a memorial has
5:53 pm
been created for her.
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