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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  October 12, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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they' ve discovered the body of a woman who has been missing for three weeks. the answers police hope to get about sue hutchinson' s final days. parents are worried after threatening list was found that nashua high school north. >> how do you know this is an to situation? tom: the response from administrators who say no one was in danger. josh: that much to complain about after the weather this weekend. he will focus on the week ahead and how much longer until the temps cooldown. tom: family and friends are coming together to lift up a mom and daughter. the tool that would help this mom make sure her daughter doesn' t miss an opportunity. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> no one covers new hampshire like we do.
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tom: the search for missing manchester woman has likely ended with the gruesome discovery in her apartment. i am tom griffith. police searched her property twice before and found nothing, but after being summoned to the apartment a third time, they found her body in a crawlspace. adam sexton' s live in manchester with our top story. adam: friends and family members had been holding out hope, hopeful sue hutchison could be found alive. the search for sue hutchison who was missing for the last three weeks appears to have ended with a gruesome discovery at her apartment. she disappeared from her home september 20. >> last night, we responded to a call for an odor coming from her apartment. family members called it in. we did an extensive search of the apartment, which we had done twice previously. this time, we were able to locate a hidden crawlspace that
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adam: investigators found a body. >> something had been discovered, and i was anxiously awaiting to hear the news and hoping they had found something good regarding this situation. >> sue has been missing since september 20. she lived in manchester with her roommate. she went long -- missing not long after her remade went missing. he was found at a hotel in massachusetts, shot himself in the head. adam: police say andrade made before his suicide indicate that he killed hutchison. positive id of the body is scheduled for tuesday. >> manchester police detectives continue to gather information from the suicide seen in massachusetts, as well as what we think is the murder scene in manchester with the goal to be able to give the family and
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can. adam: in that autopsy, investigators are hoping to determine sue hutchison' s cause and manner of death. adam sexton, wmur news 9. tom: parents are on alert after a threatening list was found last week at nashua high school north. officials say the list was placed in a japanese animated cartoon book. the superintendent says students were never in any danger. mike cronin joins us live from nashua tonight with the story. mike: the book that this list was found in was sold online and in stores. officials say they don' t believe there were any plans by the student to harm others, but say they are taking this situation seriously. last friday, danielle and eric say their 15-year-old daughter came home from nashua high school north scared after her name was discovered on a threatening list. >> i think the mystery shrouding this is what is causing the alarm. parents are afraid.
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mike: officials say a student spoke up after finding a classmate with a book called it' s based on a japanese cartoon where characters can write down the names of people who have wronged them, and the book has power to cause harm to those listed. officials say the students list had 17 names on it. >> we don' t believe children were in danger. mike: school leaders e-mailed parents and contacted those whose children were included. the superintendent isn' t releasing information about the student who had the book but says they have taken appropriate action. >> we did not find any evidence that the student had intended to harm students or that there were any plans beyond placing the students names are on -- names on the list. >> my child is being threatened, but you can' t tell me what kind of protection you' re going to offer her. mike: more recently, they say the student reached to their daughter on facebook to say
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threatening, but that didn' t put them at ease. >> i pray with every ounce of my being that it' s never something that would turn into a tragedy. how do you know it wouldn' t? how do you know this isn' t the beginning of a tragic situation? mike: because of confidentiality, the superintendent says he can' t say what discipline the student will face. school officials will meet here with parents tomorrow morning whose children were on that list. mike cronin, wmur news 9. tom: agencies responded to glen street this afternoon after getting the call. police are investigating who made that false report. nashua police have arrested this man for a bank robbery. investigators say he passed a note to a teller on main street earlier this month and got away
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officers say surveillance pictures from the bank helped them identify pain you, and they arrested him friday. he is due in court tomorrow. commitment 2016, and organizers say a political convention in manchester today was all about ending partisanship in washington. eight candidates for president address the room full of undecided voters, five republicans laying out their plans for the economy, reducing drug dependence, and gun control. while each had a different plan, they said it was important for congress and president to work together. the ultimate goal of this convention. >> believe me. i will take care of the people in this country far better than any of the folks you are looking at right now. >> i want to take what we did in south carolina to washington. i want to unleash the greatest economy in the world.
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important in this, also. there has to be a sense of trust you develop with the people you represent. >> the question is, how do you solve the problem the echo how do you actually get it done? -- solve the problem? how do you actually get it done? tom: the three democrats who participated spoke via satellite, because they are in las vegas preparing for tomorrow' s debate. two republican presidential in new hampshire tomorrow. jeb bush arrives tomorrow morning for a three-day visit. he will give a speech in manchester and hold a town hall in lebanon. senator lindsey graham will visit his misses in derry and bedford, as well as new hampshire technical institute. he will hold a town hall in newport in the evening. for more details, check out the candidate tracker at
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tomorrow. podiums have been prepared for hillary clinton, senator bernie o' malley, and lincoln chafee, but cnn says it is prepared to advice president joe biden if he decides to run anytime before the debate begins. abc' s karen travers reports. karen: las vegas has been the site and many legendary prize fights. tuesday night, round one for the democratic presidential contenders. front and center, front runner hillary clinton to it to her right, vermont senator bernie sanders who keeps inching up in the polls. it' s a high-stakes showdown, an opportunity for clinton' s rivals to go after her head to head on the issues that are hurting her. president obama weighed in on the ongoing controversy over clinton' s personal e-mail server and interviewed on "since -- 60 minutes." looming large over the democratic field is vice
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debate organizers, still hoping joe biden surprises everybody and shows up. they have a podium ready for him just in case. sources tell abc news the vp will announce his campaign plans this week. biden spent the weekend in delaware with family but gave no hints of his plans to reporters. the president says he will let biden make his own decision but had big praise for his number two. >> i think joe will go down as president' s in history and one of the more consequential. karen: the first two presidential debates had record television ratings. the democrats are getting a later start, with only five candidates, they will have much more opportunity to break through. karen travers, abc news. tom: people in derry will get to vote tomorrow on controversial budget cuts made by the town council. counselors made the cuts, which
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residents filed petitions asking them to reverse the cuts or have a special election. three people sued when counselors did nothing. voting will be held from 7:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. at wood middle school. dell is biting emc, one of the largest employers in massachusetts. the deal is valued at $67 billion. emc is based in hopkinton and makes data storage equipment. emc executives say the hopkinton headquarters will remain one of three technology hubs for the combined company and say layoffs are not being considered. >> this is one of the benefits of the way we are structuring this transaction as a privately-controlled company. we are going to make sure as the business grows, more people employed in massachusetts than emc does today. tom: some lawmakers say they are concerned about the potential for layoffs. the deal needs approval from emc
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anheuser-busch in bed has increased its bid for rival brewer sab miller. there are offer is up to $1.82 billion, 14% higher than the initial offer. a.b. in bad already has six of the world' s largest beer brands, including budweiser. if it combined with sab miller, the company would be the world' s largest, controlling 31% of the global beer market. iran says it has convicted of an american journalist of espionage. coming up, the questions still unanswered about the charges against him and his trial. a community hoping to help support a mom caring for her daughter who is in a wheelchair. >> mommy needs to get a wheelchair-accessible van. tom: why that van would make such a difference in the lives
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jamie: it was a nice one today and a pretty great weekend, but you knew this couldn' t last forever, right? a look at the changes we have for the rest of the week ahead. tom: now to our u local hotshot. bright colors popping along the courier and ives scenic byway. you can submit your pictures and video and join the thousands of u local members by logging onto
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tom: south carolina' s governor says the state is moving away from emergency mode. flooding from heavy rain hit the capital city of columbia particularly hard. a 16-mile stretch of i-95 reopened after it was closed for more than a week. assessment teams will be sent out across the state to determine how much damage the flooding caused. iran says a washington post journalist held in the country has been convicted of espionage. jason rezian could reportedly face up to 20 years in prison. lytle is not about the evidence against the reporter because his trial was held behind closed doors. he has dual u.s.-iran citizenship and worked in iran. he was detained in july of last
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>> it' s cruel, it' s inhumane the way they are treating him, and it' s taking a huge toll on him. he' s very depressed, and i' m worried for him. tom: the paper says he' s an innocent victim arrested without cause, and they are working with family and legal counsel to pursue an immediate appeal. zimbabwe is no longer pursuing charges against the american dentist who killed a wild online and over the summer. a cabinet minister said zimbabwe would push for the extradition of james palmer who killed cecil the lion, but today the minister said palmer hadn' t broken the country' s hunting laws. it his -- he has been cleared of any wrongdoing. the campaign is underway in one you have your help a remarkable mother and daughter tonight. they are an unstoppable duo. a single mother who wants the best life for her daughter despite being born with a rare disorder. jean mackin met up with the two in goffstown and shows us why
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ve been very loved and cared for, haven' t you? jean: not much can slow down pam taber mccarthy and her 15-year-old daughter maura, born with a chromosome disorder so maura is nonverbal in a wheelchair and a big part of the goffstown school system. >> they do adapt physical education, music, art, and she goes to science and social studies. jean: getting around is getting more difficult. this is the family van, 236,000 miles, nine years old, considered to will to modify for a wheelchair. her family and friends what to raise money for a wheelchair van. you can see why. >> come on, honey. clear her head. jean: pam finds the strength to get maura in the van and her wheelchair loaded in the back. >> this is about 50-plus pounds,
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that is what i have to do. jean: this single mother and full-time registered nurse says she cannot get hurt because she needs to care for her daughter. >> mommy needs to get a wheelchair-accessible van so we can go see the world. friends hope to raise some of the $30,000 to $40,000 that is needed. >> what she will and won' t do is yet to be seen, but we are always hopeful, aren' t we? jean: in goffstown, jean mackin, wmur news 9. tom: for more information on how you can help, log on to guess who is in with a look back at today' s weather? another good one headed our way tomorrow. josh: today was amazing. let' s relive just a little bit of it with our time lapse photography.
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this is looking towards mount washington today, some cirrus clouds lighting up that foliage. temperatures are still warm out there at the moment after reaching highs like this, 78 degrees in berlin and manchester. those are the two highest readings. a lot of other places, mid-to-upper 70' s. amazing for columbus day. no records. the record, 87 for concord. t get near it. that the type of whether you would typically see for this through the 50' s. we kind of hit the brakes after we get lower than this. s we go, but clouds will start moving in into as the mild air in place. it'
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clear skies have carved out much of new england right now. it stays that way for several hours, but there are two systems we' re watching that will bring us clouds and a few shower chances. one is off to our west with a cold front. that brings cooler air behind it. this swirling, spinning area follows on wednesday with the risk of a shower or two. you smaller system riding up the coast, that will bring us some clouds early tomorrow morning. here are the cold temperatures streaming down from canada, which will drive in slowly the next couple days. we will see things cooling down each day after that. streaming up towards us. by 4:00 a.m., they are taking over the skies in southern new hampshire, and maybe a couple
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the first half of the day, dominated by this weather system, and then to our west, the cool front approaches. the chance of a downpour and a spot or two. behind this front, that is when the chilly air starts to move in. wednesday, clouds, breaks in southern new hampshire, maybe a shower. you can see this cooler dip from canada comes down. in the weekend, it will be the chilly as before things moderate a little bit more. check out some of the cold temperatures at the end of the week and into the weekend, but we gradually ease into it with upper 60' s in the northern half of the state. there' ll be lots of dry times, and as you can see, by the
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gradually sliding into the weather you expect. tom: not too bad. thank you, sir. right now, let' s jump over to jamie and talk baseball.
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>> now jamie staton and news 9 sports. jamie: there were four playoff baseball games on this columbus day, and in the american league, both road teams were able to come up with game four wins. let' s start with the blue jays who had to be the rangers to keep their season alive.
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including josh donaldson with a two-run homer. former new hampshire fisher cap kevin -- kevin palau are went yard. the series is tied to-two. they will set the lit wednesday starting at 4:00 p.m. kansas city royals at the houston astros. royals needed to win to stay alive, and it looked like they were going down, especially when carlos koran hit his second home run. the place was electric. in the bottom of the eighth, five straight face it' s for the royals. five runs in the eighth, two more in the ninth. an epic royals come back as they win 9-6, forcing the decisive game five wednesday night at 8:00. now to the national league. cardinals at the cubs, game three, series tied 1-1. taking michael wacha deep to
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next batter, new picture, anthony rizzo launches one d to write, his first postseason homer. hoyer. he' s from plymouth new hampshire -- for myth, new hampshire. the cubs win 8-6. game 1 -- game four is tomorrow night. travis star no, former fisher cats catcher with a two-run homer in the third inning for the mets. former red sox player adrian gonzalez, a home run for the dodgers, but right now, the mets are in control. holiday hockey against the tampa bay lightning. the bees got there captain back. game three of the season, the bees looking for their first win. second. it was a 3-3 game. steven stamkos, a power-play one-timer.
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third, including jonathan schroon. tuukka rask gave up six goals. the bruins defense is terrible. boston, 0-3 to start the season. the fcs college football rankings, unh was idle last week, but they moved up two spots. they are sitting at number 19. they have a huge game saturday at number 24 william & mary. girls soccer, central played at the tomahawks. second half, tied at one. that made it to-one. little green, looking for more. the shot is going to go off the crossbar. later in the half, a nice pass. sarah swetland scores. central ends up winning it 3-1. one of the biggest road races in
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4301 finishers. all of the registered winners were women. however, tom, there are a few men who sneak into that race, t blame them. tom: i guess not. still to come on news 9, this boy is starting young, raising money for the new hampshire food he'
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tom: a local elementary school or is proving anyone can make a difference. seven-year-old ryan decided to help new hampshire food inc. after seeing on tv the group was in need. he sold his old toys and raised $40. his mom matched his donation with another $40. the food bank shared reince picture today to say thank you. that' s pretty neat stuff. josh: a kid brought up right. tom: what have we got? josh: warm conditions continuing. tomorrow will still be in the upper 60' s in the northern half
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elsewhere. it does gradually cooled down, as you can see.
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tom: the republicans finally admit it. >>"republican kevin mccarthy saying ...the committee investigating benghazi and clinton's emails was her candidacy..." "everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together a benghazi special committee... what are her numbers today?" republicans have spent millions attacking hillary... ...because she's fighting for everything they oppose... ...from affordable health care. equal pay... she'll never stop fighting for you. and the republicans know it. >>i'm hillary clinton and
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