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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  October 13, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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organizers say they have next to a podium ready just in case the vice president shows up will stop -- just in case the vice president shows up. sean: good morning, everybody, thanks for waking up with us. i' m sean mcdonald. we had gorgeous weather over the last three days. today, we' re a little bit of fog and rain. kevin: some showers for the morning commute in places and then for the evening commute. in between, we will go back and forth between clouds and breaks 60' s. making its way northward early this morning. light showers along the connecticut river. the most organized activity will be from the coast during the height of the morning commute. the next front to the west roles in the western areas late this later this evening. a couple of rain chances, 60' to lower 70'
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s today with the wind out of the south. details another rain chances in the cooldown coming within of the week ahead. but let' s take a look at your joined live by 95.7 wzid' s deb davidson. good morning, deb. >> we have a mess on the area highways on 93 northbound in the vicinity of the waystation in windham. a serious crash has all three northbound lanes closed and authorities are asking you to avoid the area if possible. if you' re in the area, authorities are asking you to get off at exit 3 because the need to keep the highway clear and open for emergency vehicles. the southbound side is very busy for a couple of miles approaching the scene as onlooker traffic is flowing things down and also using the vehicles as well. northbound 93 is close to the waystation near you. get off at exit 3. minutemen help.
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m deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. sean: thank you. school officials a nashua are meeting with parents this morning after a threatening list was found at nashua high school north. school officials say a student spoke up after discovering the student had a book called "death note." the book has the power to cause harm in this listed, according to the coaching. the superintendent said' s students were never in any danger, but they' re still taking situation seriously. >> we did not find any evidence that the student had intended to harm students or that there were any plans beyond simply placing the students' names on the list. >> i think the mystery shrouding this is what is causing the alarm to parents. parents are afraid, kids are afraid.
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the superintendent can' t say , what discipline the student action has been taken. autopsy today will positively identify the remains of a woman found in manchester as those of a woman missing for 3 weeks. sue hutchinson was last seen on september 20 with her roommate stephen andrade. but late sunday night police , found what they believe is her body hidden in a crawlspace that was walled off behind a closet. investigators had actually searched her home twice before and found nothing. a friend stopped by last night to place a candle in hutchinson' s memory. >> i loved her and my heart goes out to her and her family. i would to it for anyone that i loved. i loved her and she was special. sean: investigators say andrade allegedly made statements before he killed himself that indicate he also killed hutchinson. his body was found last week.
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will also show how she died. sean: in just a matter of hours, the democratic candidates for president will share a stage for the first debate of this election cycle. hillary clinton will be front and center, but unlike the crowded republican field, every candidate will take our tonight. kenneth explains what to expect in las vegas. >> it is a high-stakes debate in sin city. round one for the democrats tonight and hitler clinton will be front and center. hours before the primetime debate, the front runner made a surprise appearance at a union rally outside the las vegas hotel of donald trump. >> some people think mr. trump is entertaining, but i don' t think it is entertaining when somebody insults immigrants, insults women. that is just unacceptable. >> but trouble will not be on the stage tonight, neither will joe biden, even though his podium is nearby and ready. national polls show clinton with
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but a new poll shows a sobering look for her rivals. fenton is a 25 point lead in south carolina, 16 points in nevada where the debate tonight to be make or break for the candidates on the bottom. >> i' m not asking for ideas from the left or the right or whether it is democratic or republican, i ask whether it works. if it works, we do it. next taking a break -- >> taking a break at this dancer form, working to get noticed tonight, launching a steady stream of attacks against the embattled former secretary of state. sanders. clocks let' civilly. clocks the candidate spouses are usually in the audience. t be at the debate. sean: through republican presidential hopefuls are spending the day here in new hampshire. jeb bush kicks off a three-day visit with events in manchester
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senator lindsey graham has stops planned in derry, bedford, concord and newport. john kasich has townhall meetings scheduled in bow and tilton as well. the massachusetts firefighter is on leave after police say he beat a man because he was upset about how long it took the victim to order food at a restaurant. charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. investigators say he threw the victim, who appeared to be then punched and kicked him over and over. ward told police he asked the man up front of him to hurry up and at them and later challenged him to a fight. the man accused of robbing a bank a nashua earlier this month is due in court today. 20-year-old waldy pena was arrested by police in methuen exam part two surveillance tips. still to come, crews have
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part of a larger problem with the underground infrastructure. check out this giant pumpkin. find out what it tipped the scales at two take home top honors over the weekend. >> you have been very loved and cared for, haven' t you? sean: in the next half hour, find out how you can help this girl from goffstown battling a doesn' t even have a name.
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and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. they want to go back to letting v the super wealthy call the shots. they don't stand up for they don't support they don't even really support refinancing student debt. we've got to get this economy working for the vast majority of americans, not just that's what i intend to do as president. i'm hillary clinton and
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>> it is tuesday morning, october 13, clouds continue to thicken and a few light showers making their way through western areas of the state early this morning. if we' re going to see any steady downpours, it will likely be in southeastern areas of the state for the morning commute. that should push away late morning, setting up a note around of showers late this afternoon. details on that, milder air and cooler conditions and are forecast coming up. sean: thank you. officials in salem say they' re taking a survey of infrastructure in town after yet another water main break. water from a broken pipe flooded the intersection of main and pleasant street yesterday morning. there have been at least half a dozen water main breaks in just the last five months in salem. officials say many of the pipes in town are cast-iron and our aging. in fact, some of the pipes date s. the new hampshire food bank is generous little boy. seven-year-old ryan saw on tv that food bank needed supports we put on a yard sale and sold
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he made $40, which is mother than matched. the food thing shared reince picture yesterday as a way to say thank you for proving that anybody can make a difference. check out this massive gourd. the pumpkin weighed in at an oppressive 1751 pounds, more than enough to take first place at this past week and smell for punk and festival. the grower is steve geddes from boscawen and briefly held the world record in 2012 with a pumpkin he displayed at the deerfield fair. the largest pumpkin ever grown tops 2000 pounds. steve wins $600 and bragging rights. coming up, hoverboards seem like a great piece of the future, but it seems police in england are not sold on the idea. they have actually banned them in public. plus, talk about a date gone wrong. stealing an airplane wasn' t even
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sean: two firefighters were killed last night when a wall collapsed inside a burning building in kansas city. two other firefighters were hurt. investigators say those who died had are ready carried to people to safety after saving them from the second floor. flames were still shooting from the rubble hours later will stop it is not clear what sparked the fire. in early snowstorm is causing serious problems in southern poland. blanketed the area, making driving dangerous. the storm is overly blamed for at least two deaths. many residents say they had seen really believe it. the vatican is now opening up nuns. the facility has 34 men each peter' s square. 20 people are already staying there, just days after the shelter open.
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this is the latest in a string of efforts i the vatican to provide services to homeless people, including free showers and a barbershop. a man in texas only made a lasting impression will trying to amaze his state, but not the one he wanted. police say 30-year-old nathan henley confessed to stealing an airplane so he could take his day per ride. but it gets worse because he then crashed the plane. fortunately, both people walked away and were not heard. the plane was for sale and was not insured. a hunter in australia is recovering this morning after spending six days lost in the outback. police say he was tracing -- chasing a camel when he got lost. he survived without any water by eating ants. he was found about nine miles from where he got turned around and rescuers say he was "basically delusional." dell is buying data storage company emc, one of the largest employers in massachusetts.
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billion. emc is based in hopkinton and provides other i.t. services to companies. officials say hopkinton will be a technology hub for the combined company but are no plans for any layoffs. benefits of the way we are transaction in -- structuring this transaction. presently, privately controlled company. more people employed in massachusetts that emc does today. sean: the deal still needs to be approved by emc shareholders. there' s a new effort this morning to make at least some college textbooks free. durbin are cosponsoring a which would force schools to create open online textbooks that could be modified to fit specific classes. a similar effort failed to years ago. the average college student spends about $1200 and books and supplies each year. bad news for marty mcfly. don' t bother taking your
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hoverboards of the u.k. they are banned in public. officials consider them to be vehicles, so they' re not allowed on sidewalks and are too dangerous to be on roads will step malls and his dissenters can make their own rules, so hoverboards could still be used on private properties. if you bring it to london, you can ride it in the mall. kevin: "back to the future" still had the cubs winning the world series this year. they are still alive. sean: all of this stuff is coming true. i want one of those jackets were you just hit the button. kevin: we start off with some fog in place to showers and others. temperatures have dropped back into the 40' s to mid 40' s -- the 30' s to mid 40' s. there should be some dryer hours to the day. the first line of some lighter showers making their way into southwestern parts of the state and making the at the western
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half of the state, and another line of showers making the way northeast headed toward the southeast portions of the state and time for the height of the morning commute. this front back to the west makes slow progress toward us. at of that, a southerly breeze gets temperatures in the upper 60' s to lower 70' s. tomorrow, a sharp cooldown which actors tomorrow will only be in the 60' s and likely 50' s thereafter through the end of the week it into the weekend. a couple of downpours lifting northward and eventually the timeline is between about 7:00 and 9:30 this morning for southeastern areas of the state while a couple of lighter showers are going off to the west. temperatures in the upper 30' s while in the 40' degrees elsewhere. a steady progression backward, eventually getting temperatures about 10 degrees below normal by each of the next several days we start to step back today after s to lower 70' s today. showers this morning for about 10:00 to 11:00, then another
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round late this afternoon and this evening. once we get the first round out of here by 10:00 to 11:00, likely back-and-forth between clouds and a few sunny breaks allowing the temperatures to warm up on the southerly wind. in this line of showers moves through to the evening for skies to clear overnight tonight. likely starting with a little sunshine tomorrow, adding clouds. any passing shower for the afternoon, nothing to cancel outdoor plans over. cooler air rushes in. after that, highs only in the 50' s to near 60 on thursday. that will be with sunshine. thursday and friday, highs only in the 40' s to mid 50' s. another round of showers late thursday into friday. maybe just cold enough in some areas of north and the higher locations to see that as mixed shower activity on friday. maybe even a few flurries early on saturday. the coolest of the air rotates in on sunday with ties likely only in the 40' s. it is a gradual step backward.
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southern areas of the state with clouds and showers this morning, giving way to a few brakes and an evening shower only giving way to clear skies overnight tonight. the bottom line, changing conditions today. still a chance of a passing shower tomorrow, then partly sunny skies thursday. by then, 50' s to lower 60' s. low-to-mid 50' s friday, a couple of showers which could be in mixed form of north, maybe a few flurries on saturday. there will be a breeze over the weekend that times, over 15 to 20 miles per hour. those highs in the lower 50' s saturday and upper 40' s on sunday are going to feel even colder than that through the weekend. sean: plus, it may blow some of those leaves off the trees. kevin: don' t say that. sean: our top stories, following breaking news from window more the northbound side of interstate 93 is closed near the waystation because of a serious crash involving a tractor-trailer.
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you can see the backups. drivers are being told a get off at exit 3 and traffic is backed up on the southbound side as well as you can see in this picture. school officials in nashua our meeting with a group of parents this morning after a threatening list was found last week at north high school inside a book old "death note." officials say students were never in any danger, but they are still taking the situation seriously. police believe they have found the body of a missing manchester woman, believed to be that of sue hutchinson, found in a crawl space that have been will. behind a closet in her apartment. an autopsy is scheduled for today. salem officials are surveying the underground infrastructure in town after the sixth water main break in the last five months. officials say some of the water pipes in salem day back to the 1890' s. coming up, running away from your wedding usually isn' t a good thing. one couple got hitched in a very
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kevin: starting off with clouds continuing to make their way in after a clear start. 51 degrees at hampton beach and likely some showers pushing in for the height of the morning commute. other shower chances along with milder temperatures today in the cooldown begins a tomorrow. sean: sounds good. las vegas is don' t for quick weddings, but one couple chose chicago this weekend to get married on the run. they actually got married while running the chicago marathon. he wanted a big ceremony with lots of people and she wanted a short and sweet function, so this is how they compromised. kevin: the couple stopped at the moment are 8, got married in 3.5
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minutes, the axle he had customized bride and groom raise bids, toasted with gatorade, then went on to finish the race. sean: that is one way to do it. i would be exhausted, huffing and puffing the "i do' s." a company says they have joined a pack of wolves as part of an effort to help save the animals. they say the wolves often get a bad rap and they want to change perceptions. kevin: they say wolves can be very gentle and are very important to controlling animal populations in the world. -- populations in the wild. they' re working with three wolves at a wildlife refuge and say they have developed a very close bond. sean: joint with your family? kevin: i don' t think my little dog would like that. sean: coming up in the next half hour, the bruins captain returned to the ice last night, but was he enough to help austin
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plus, ending partisan politics in washington. eight presidential hopefuls from both sides of the aisle laid out
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i'm todd from aarp riding to make some noise possibilities we're providing right here in our community because if you don't think real possibilities in greater manchester when you think aarp then you don't know "aarp" movies for grownups series or heard about how our fraud watch network protects families from being the victims of scams we're also helping people achieve their goals with life reimagined get to know us and see all the real possibilities at
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sean: can morning, tuesday, october 13. hope you had a great long weekend. here' s a live look at meredith, 40 five degrees. we' re going to see fog and clouds and rain today. let' s get to our top stories. school officials in nashua will meet with parents today after a threatening note was found at nashua high school north. officials say the student' s list had 17 names on it. derry residents will head to the polls today for a special election. this comes after controversial budget cuts were made by the
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and today, the 2016 democratic candidates for president take the stage for their first debate in las vegas. every candidate on the ticket is set to take part tonight. so we had beautiful weather over the weekend, but it will not continue today. kevin: we start off with clear skies in the north country early this morning. fog and a couple of light showers and central parts of the state. in southern areas, you can see pockets of rain making her way northward. it looks like that will be centered around southeastern new hampshire for the middle of the morning commute and then this morning. the front through western parts the state late this afternoon and this evening. 40 still or 50' s early, highs from the mid-60' s to lower 70' s. still fairly mild and above average, but maybe dodging rain chances early in the day and again later on this afternoon with the wind out of the south, but it is secluded cooler temperatures that eventually right behind the front that will make steady progress toward the
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week in which is the big story. sean: we have seen some issues out on the roads this morning. let' s shut them out will stop this is 93 and windham. kevin: for a look at the morning drive here in the granite state, we' re joined live by 95.7 wzid' s deb davidson. good morning, deb. >> good morning, you are right, it is a serious crash on 93 northbound this morning that has the entire highway closed on the northbound side. emergency vehicles are on scene and they' re asking you to stay off the highway if you can. they need to get the mess cleared up and get people out of there. get off exit 3 or avoid the area altogether. looking at about a 10 mile backup in both directions i-93 north and southbound is due to emergency vehicles and onlookers. 93 northbound is completely shut down in the windham area along the waystation. this report brought to you by minutemen health.
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m deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. sean: today, nashua school officials will meet with parents after a threatening list was found at nashua high school north. officials say the list was placed in a japanese anime cartoon book. wmur' s ray brewer joins us live for the store. ray: danielle and eric charest say their 15-year-old daughter came home from nashua high high school north us friday scared after her name was discovered on a threatening list. this is what' to parents. parents are afraid. kids are afraid. ray: school officials say a student spoke up after finding a classmate with a book called, "death note." it' s based on a japanese anime cartoon where characters can write down the names of people who have wronged them and the book supposedly has the power to cause harm to those listed. s list >> we don' t believe children were in danger in any point in time. ray: school leaders emailed parents and contacted those whose children were included in
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the book. >> we did not find any evidence that the student had intended to harm students or that there were any plans beyond simply placing the students' names on the list. ray: the charest' s are frustrated by what they say is a lack of information from officials. more recently, they say the student reached out to their daughter on facebook to say that there was never any intent to be threatening. but that didn' t put the charest' s at ease. >> i pray with every ounce of my being that it' s never something that would turn into a tragedy. but how do you know it wouldn' t? how do you know this isn' t the beginning of a tragic situation? sean: because of confidentiality, the superintendent can' t say what discipline the student will face. today people in derry will get to vote on controversial budget cuts made by the town council. councilors made the cuts, which included public safety, over the summer. residents filed petitions asking them to reverse the cuts or have a special election.
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three people sued when councilors did nothing, and a judge ordered an election. voting will be held from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. at hood middle school. governor maggie hassan is asking federal authorities to provide resources to those affected by the contaminated wells at pease air force base. hassan wants a long-term program to monitor citizens for health problems after they were exposed to pfc' s, a type of chemical compound used to make a variety of products. it' s still unclear what the long-term affects of pfc exposure are. in a letter to president obama, governor hassan asks for additional resources to ensure the water quality is restored. residents in marlborough can now drink their tap water again. a water sample tested positive for e-coli last week. but newer samples tested negative for the bacteria and health officials say the water is now safe to use without boiling. fewer than half of granite staters on public water systems have access to fluoridated
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a new survey places new hampshire 43rd in the country. experts say fluoridated drinking water is a safe and simple way to help prevent cavities, keep to the enamel strong, and protect against tooth decay. a new hampshire lawmaker is proposing legislation to ban therapy aimed at changing the sexual orientation of minors. state representative eric schleien says research has led him to believe therapy aimed at changing someone' s orientation can be dangerous. if the bill passes, new hampshire would become the fifth state to ban the practice. farmington police say a report of shots fired with someone injured turned out to be fake. multiple agencies responded to glen street yesterday after the call came in. police are now investigating who made the false report. two motorcyclists are charged with reckless driving for speeding on i-93 monday afternoon. state troopers say the drivers
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hour in a 70 mile an hour zone. 26-year-old christopher grant of manchester and 25-year-old brandon clark of weare were taken into custody and later released on personal recognizance. and state police say a third motorcyclist was speeding on i-93, this time in campton. a state police aircraft clocked the motorcycle at 113 miles per hour in a 70 zone. 20-year-old eoin gillespie of massachusetts is charged with reckless driving in that case. a campaign is underway in one new hampshire town to help a remarkable family. pam takes care of her 15-year-old daughter, maura, who was born with a chromosome disorder so rare it does not have a name. maura is non-verbal, in a wheelchair, and attends special classes in the goffstown school system. her mother is a single mom, working full-time as a nurse and struggling to get her daughter the family' s old van. now friends hope to raise money to buy a wheelchair van. i don'
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t want to hurt me, because i want to take care of her as long as i can. you know, because she' s -- she' s my daughter. sean: to learn more about the wheels for maura fundraiser coming up in november and how you can help, just log onto new from overnight, anheuser-busch inbev and sab miller have agreed in principal on a merger to create world' s biggest beer company. a.b. inbev already has six of the world' s largest beer brands, including budweiser. if the deal with sab miller goes through, the united company would be the world' s largest, controlling 31% of the global beer market. coming up on daybreak, the stage is set for tonight' s democratic debate in las vegas. what the candidates can expect as they take the floor. and manchester residents have a new app just in time for the election. how you can stay connected with your favorite candidates. kevin: a couple of shower chances over the next few days
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and a gradual step backward making it feel like mid to late
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i had no idea snhu had this amazing campus. even the walk to class
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community. people actually hold the doors open for you here. all my professors really know who i am here. they genuinely want you to succeed. i've made so many friends here. friends i know i'll have for life. snhu is the place for me.
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>> we start out with temperatures around 50 and looks like showers continue to make their way in early this morning, pulling away around 10:00 to 11:00, then another round of showers late this afternoon into this evening. temperatures will still be mild, in the 60' s to even lower 70' s today, but we do have cooler air and the forecast, much colder air by the weekend. details coming up. sean: turning now to commitment 2016 coverage, it' s going down tonight in vegas. the first democratic debate of the 2016 cycle kicks off in a few hours. wmur' s nikole killion is live in washington with more on what to expect. nikole: party officials tell us the tone will be much different than the republican debates as the democratic candidates get their first chance to take on each other and the issues. democrats debate in vegas. five candidates will appear in
6:36 am
the ring, but some are placing bets whether there will be a sixth -- vice president joe biden t speak to that. you' ll have to tune in to find out. the cocoa biden may not be tipping his hand yet. >> that means saying no to donald trump. nikole: but hillary clinton is trying to increase her odds after losing some ground to vermont senator bernie sanders. >> let' s treat each other let' s treat each other respectfully. jackpot, former maryland governor martin o' malley. >> i' m looking forward to the democratic party finally joining this game and having a debate. nikole: and lower-tier candidates like former senators jim webb and lincoln chafee. >> debate is a great opportunity for unheard of candidates to make a name for themselves, show off their charisma, show off their dynamism. nikole: asked if they expect to break viewership records like the republicans, democratic officials won' t say, but note hundreds of debate watch parties are being held tonight around
6:37 am
wmur news 9. sean: a political convention in manchester yesterday was all about ending partisanship in washington. eight candidates for president addressed the full room of undecided voters. the five republicans laid out their plans for the economy, reducing drug dependence and gun control while each had a different plan, they all said it was important for the president and congress to work together to fix the country' s problems. >> believe me, i will take care of the people in this country far better than anyone your looking at right now. that i can tell you. >> i want to take what we did in south carolina to washington. i want to unleash the greatest economy in the world. >> that is why trust is so important, and there has to be a sense of trust that you develop with the people you represent post up the question is how do , you do solve the problem the problems as opposed to just talking about it? >> when you go about doing this,
6:38 am
everything doesn' t have to be slash and burn. it is trying to figure out the most effective way to do it to serve the customer. sean: the three democrats who participated spoke via satellite because they are in las vegas preparing for the debate. another update to the breaking news that we have been following for you, a semi truck is on its side right near the waystation on i-93 northbound, lanes are closed because of this in windham, northbound side. traffic is being diverted at exit 3 on i-93 north. southbound is open, but traffic is backing up so avoid the area if possible. manchester is one of two test cities for a new political app that just rolled out. the man who helped start napster and served as facebook' s first president is one of the minds behind brigade. it' s designed to engage young people in the political process by helping them find information about candidates and issues, and connect with other people who have similar opinions.
6:39 am
yesterday in manchester and in san francisco. one of the biggest road races in new england was held monday. the tufts health plan 10k for women in boston. the 39th year of this race. molly huddle broke the course record in minutes. 31.21 there were more than 4300 finishers. all of the registered runners were women. newmarkets keely mcguire was the top new hampshire finisher in 35th overall. the boston bruins were on the ice yesterday against the tampa bay lightning. the b' s got their captain back. zdeno chara played for the first time this year. game number three of the season , the b' s still looking for their first win. pick it up later in the second period, bruins power play, and david krejci scores on a blast from the blue line. 3 to 3 game. but the lightning regained the lead before the period ending, steven stamkos with a power play one time. 4-3 lightning after two.
6:40 am
bay, including jonathan drouin here. tuukka rask gave up 6. blame the bruins defense there. the lightning win 6-3. boston is 0-3 to start the season. today former patriots player aaron hernandez is due in court for a pretial hearing. hernandez is charged with murder in the 2012 deaths of safiro furtado and daniel de abreu. prosecutors are seeking access to physical evidence involving a third party. their motion has been sealed from public view, and neither side would describe the evidence. hernandez was convicted in a separate murder earlier this year and is serving a life sentence. kevin: let' s take you outside, a lot of folks waking up to fog this morning. 49 degrees. we will see some rain. the weather conditions this morning across the state region by region cannot be more different. you have clear skies up north,
6:41 am
patchy, dense fog in places, and showers and other spots early this morning. in general, any clearing skies up north give way to close this morning. we will have showers lifting northward. the most focus will be right along the seacoast over the next couple of hours, then pulling away after 9:00 or 10:00. then another round of showers pushes in from the west into the afternoon. you can see it a little more clearly on the set light and radar. a couple of light showers on the western half of the state this morning. some pretty thick fog in southern areas, clear skies up north. here' s the next batch of rainfall, lifting northward into southeastern parts of the state just over the next few hours. all the while, this front makes its way toward us. southerly winds that of that will allow temperatures to get back into the 60' s to lower 70' s , despite the fact we are in the 30' s to mid 40' s early this morning across a good part of the area. there it is again. a couple of brief downpours
6:42 am
much of this will be to the north and east by 9:30, 10:00 will stop by then, you will be done with the morning commute. temperatures in the 40' s to near 50 degrees in southern parts of the state. we had clear skies for a little bit longer during the evening and overnight hours, so temperatures were allowed to fall back into the 30' s. look for general increase in clouds as the morning moves along in a couple of showers before midday. 60' s to lower 70' s again today, so not quite the warmth from yesterday. certainly, not quite the sunshine we had yesterday. just a few sunny breaks your or their other side of midday between shower chances. -- either side of midday between shower chances. a couple of showers during the evening, then clearing skies overnight tonight. tomorrow, we look for little bit of sunshine to start, small chance of a passing shower in the afternoon, 60' s for most tomorrow afternoon as we continue to edge things backward. 50'
6:43 am
partly to mostly sunny skies on thursday. by thursday night into friday, another cold front arrives and with that, show activity is a possibility on friday. with cooler air coming out of canada along that front, there' s a possibility of a couple of mixed showers in the northern half of the state on friday or friday evening, maybe a few flurries on saturday for the northern half of the state. all the while, temperatures will be sliding back, 60' s to lower 70' s today, the end of that. mainly 60' s tomorrow. 50' s to lower 60' s with partial sunshine thursday. friday, a few showers around with highs only in the 50' s. upper 40' s to mid 50' s saturday with a really good breeze out of the west and northwest, which continues through the weekend. the brighter of the two days looks to be on sunday, but highs in most locations only in the 40' s with a breeze on sunday. sean: a true fall weekend. bundle up. still to come, a final check on your top stories
6:44 am
found at a nashua high school. what it said and what officials plan -- why officials plan to sit down with parents this morning. time for our ulocal hotshots. a perfect time to check out fall colors in the granite state. this is wheelwright pond in lee. very pretty. you can submit your pictures and video, and join the thousands of
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sean: if your drive takes you along i-93 in windham, it' s going to be a rough commute. a semi truck is on it' s side near the weigh station. ray brewer joins us on the phone with the latest. ray: i can tell you the highway completely shut down, 93 northbound. the crash involved a box truck and a car. it happened just before 6:00 this morning. we don'
6:47 am
accident at this point, but there were a total of three people involved. the driver of the box truck and two people in the car. when firefighters arrived on scene, all three people were outside of their vehicles and walking around. the two people in the car, however, were transported to the hospital. we' re told there injuries did not appear to be life-threatening. the highway is completely shut down block at exit 3, not allowing any cars on the highway at this point. 93 southbound is getting by, but also backed up probably from rubbernecking. at this point, the car has been removed from the scene. the box truck, they' re moving their right now. the wrecker' s here. they hope to have one lane northbound opened shortly. by shortly, that may be a least another half hour or so. that is the latest year. once again, the good news, did not appear to be any life-threatening injuries. all three people out and walking around after the crash. reporting live from 93
6:48 am
northbound in windham, ray brewer, wmur 9. sean: you can see the traffic being diverted. it is starting to slow things down, so be aware. if you' re heading up 93 north, you' re going to be diverted at exit 3 due to a tractor-trailer crash that has blocked the entire highway. here are some of the highway times -- kevin: some pretty heavy fog this morning along with some shoppers making the way in from the south. a few light showers out to the west. we will continue to see this show activity push to the northeast by 9:30 or 10:00. beyond that, we' re talking warmer temperatures, eventually fading each of the next several days. we continue to cool down by two or three degrees per day and another round of possible
6:49 am
maybe a passing shower tomorrow, then partial sunshine thursday. in the coldest air of the season so far moves in friday and it will be around for the weekend. sean: cold out there. coming up next on "good morning america," debate preparation. what candidates are doing ahead of tonight' s the democratic debate in las vegas. we' ll also have the latest on the two firefighters killed in kansas early -- kansas city.
6:50 am
it is time to deal with skyrocketing out-of-pocket costs. commentator: the 32-year-old head of a pharmaceutical company raised the price of a life-saving drug overnight by 5,000%. i'm announcing a detailed plan to crack down on these abuses. commentator: he may be lowering it after hillary clinton blasted him out of the water. her plan would limit the out-of-pocket costs that consumers have to pay. clinton: nobody in america should have to choose between buying the medicine they need and paying their rent.
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