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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  October 13, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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shelley: now at 11:00, for the first time all the democrats vying to be president met in a debate. the top issues the candidates covered, and the way they tried to set themselves apart. tom: a huge turnout in derry to vote on budget cuts affecting s exciting to see people participate. tom: and that turnout caught town leaders by surprise. mike: even though temps remain above average, a cooling trend is beginning to take over. when it turns the coldest, plus how chilly it gets. shelley: friends gathered in manchester in memory of sue hutchinson a day after police believe they found her body. >> i need to say goodbye to her. and let her know that we shall remember her always and forever. shelley: the lasting impression she left on her loved ones. like we do. now, wmur news nine tonight.
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tom: 11:00 and it was the democrats turn to debate tonight, with 5 of the presidential candidates taking the stage in las vegas. issues they covered ranged from good evening, i' shelley: i' wmur' s jean mackin begins our commitment 2016 coverage with a recap. jean: during their first debate, the 5 republicans found disagreement within the party arguing over experience, ethics in the white house. one of the most memorable moments happened when hillary clinton' s email was brought up hillary clinton, center stage, found support from vermont senator bernie sanders when it comes to her e-mail scandal. >> i want to talk not about my emails, what american people want let me say something that may not be good politics but i think -- >> let me say something that may not be good politics but i
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and that is that the american people are sick and tired hearing about your damn emails. >> thank you, me too. >> credibility is an issue out there in the world and we need repair work to be done. we need someone who has the best in ethical standards for our president. secretary clinton, do you want >>secretary clinton, do you want to respond? no. >> jean the candidates tackled : issues like race relations, the economy, climate change, and curbing gun violence. former maryland governor martin o' malley challenged senator sanders. >> its time to stand up and pass comprehensive gun safety legislation. not by pandering to the nra. >>not by pandering to the nra. >> i don' t think i am pandering, but you have not been in u.s congress. check it out. jean foreign policy was a major : topic, including iran, and russia' s involvment in syria. former virginia senator jim webb
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touted his experience as a lawmaker and a marine. >> i am very comfortable im the most qualitifed to be commander in chief. >> war should be a last resort and we' ve got to exercise , take this country into war if that is necessary. jean: despite a podium being ready for him, vice president joe biden remained in washington d.c. during the debate. no word on when he' ll announce whether he' ll join this race, but he did meet with advisors today. live in the studio. jean mackin. wmur news9. shelley: we spoke to the chair of new hampshire' s debate. jennifer horn says there' s nothing hillary clinton could say to sway her opinion, and she spoke about the man standing next to her on stage. >> when the only viable alternative to hillary clinton is a lifelong devout socialist that tells you this is not your father' s democratic party.
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liberal and too out of touch for the american people. shelley: the democratic presidential candidates will debate again next month in des moines, iowa. then, on december 19, they' ll be here in new hampshire for a debate we' ll host in partnership with abc news. the next republican debate will be in about two weeks on october 28. that debate will be in colorado. the presidential candidates will come to manchester for a debate we' ll host with abc news on february sixth. tom: a trio of republican presidential candidates campaigned in the granite state today. jeb bush was in lebanon for a town hall meeting earlier in the day. he unveiled his plan to replace the affordable care act if he succeeds in getting it repealed. it removes the individual mandate to purchase insurance and gives more power to states to tailor the plans. john kasich took a walking tour of main street which of course , included a trip to the world'
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longest candy counter at afterward, the republican held a it was kasich' of the day. he had one in bow this morning. south carolina senator lindsey graham spent the day meeting with voters, including a stop at nhti in concord this afternoon. earlier in the day he was in derry in bedford. tonight, he hosted a town hall meeting in newport graham is in the middle of a nine-day campaign trip to new hampshire. shelley: right now, derry election officials are counting today' s special election. in may councilors passed controversial budget cuts. residents then fought back leading to today' s vote. wmur' s mike cronin has been covering this story for months, and joins us live from derry. mike the polls closed at 8:00 : here at the middle school and people were still voting right up until the last minute. voters made history tonight. more than 30% of registered voters filled out ballots.
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the line stretched outside of hood middle school as thousands cast ballots on eight budget petitions. the town clerk says it was the biggest turnout in a derry election as more than six >> i' ve lived here 13 years. ve never seen a turnout like this. >> five months ago the town council passed a controversial departments, in favor of lowering taxes. cuts include slashing fire and police positions and the closing of a fire station. residents then filed petitions asking the council to either reverse the cuts or hold a special election. councilors took no action so a judge ordered that today' s special election take place. a yes vote would reverse the budget cuts. >> what was the facts and data behind closing a fire station. the impression that this particular council gave was that these things were just, it was a dart board. while a no vote would keep the >> cuts in place. >> you see houses up for sale everywhere. and a lot of the elderly who lived here for 30 years said i can'
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t afford to pay these taxes. that' that' s just not right. >> the clerk ordered 2500 ballots and ran out this afternoon. the remaining ballots were printed and are being tallied by people are now waiting for the results. >> i want to see services restored. i live in the far end of derry where the fire station was i' m over an 8 minute response time on a good day. >> obviously i stand by the crafting the budget that i believe our town council was cut taxes substantially so that so that we can attract more business to our local economy. mike: the town clerk says they probably won' t have results until tomorrow morning. we' ll bring you those results as mike cronin wmur news 9. senator is calling for the state' s drug czar to be fired. senator sam cataldo is makng the demand after foster'
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s daily democrat reported that the president of the new hampshire medical society said that drug czar jack wozmak has not reached out to physicians. a spokesperson for governor maggie hassan' s office says wozmak has been in contact with leaders at the new hampshire medical society on multiple occasions. shelley: a vigil was held tonight to remember a manchester woman believed to be dead after a body was discovered inside her home. sue hutchinson was last seen 3 weeks ago. investigators hope an autopsy will positively identify the victim. but her friends are already in mourning. outside sue hutchinson' s calef road apartment today dozens gathered to pay their respects, to the woman they called selfelss. >> if she had to give you the shirt off her back, she would do that. >> i need to say goodbye to her. and let her know that we shall remember her always and forever. hutchinson disappeared three shelleyhutchinson disappeared three: weeks ago. friends and family were immediately suspicious. we knew something was wrong
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>> because she was a person of habit. and she took care of her mother because she has a mother in a nursing home here. shelley hutchison' s roommate : stephen andrade went missing around the same time she did. police say he killed himself in a massachusetts motel room. an investigation is underway to determine if andrade had anything to do with hutchinson' s disappearance. friends have feared the worst, >> i had a feeling. once he was on the run, i knew that something bad had happened to her. shelley and then on sunday, a : gruesome discovery in hutchinson' s apartment. someone called police after noticing a strange odor. after a search, police found the body in a hidden crawl space. an autopsy was scheduled for today, to determine if the body but friends here, are already in mourning. missing the woman, they say, deserved so much better than this. s in heaven where she need to be, you know. hearts. because she was a very good person. shelley: and again,
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investigators are waiting on results from today' s autopsy in order to positively identify the body found in hutchinson' s apartment, as well as the manner of death. tom: a motorcycle rider has died from his injuries from a crash last week. police say last monday, 53-year-old john berry was headed north on elm street when he collided with an suv at the intersection with clarke street. berry was taken to a hospital but died from his injuries over the weekend. the driver of the suv wasn' t hurt. senator jeanne shaheen says the u.s. should do more to take in some of the refugees leaving syria and other countries. shaheen is currently leading a delegation from the senate on a trip to europe to learn more about the refugee crisis. this is a picture she shared yesterday, as the senators met with ukrainian officials. the delegation has also met with refugees and business owners. shelley: vandals have destroyed two scarecrows created by kids in jaffrey. these are pictures of some of the scarecrows though not the ones that were set on fire. police say early yesterday
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morning, a few scarecrows on turnpike road were knocked over, and one was set on fire. last night, another scarecrow was set on fire on a trail behind peterborough road. the scarecrows are part of a downtown event by team jaffrey, where kids make scarecrows. police are investigating. tom: a gun store will pay millions to two police officer shot while on the job. the signs they say were ignored that made it negligent. shelley: amazingly no one was hurt when this piece of metal smashed through windshield. mike: clouds won the battle today but will we see bright skies return on wednesday? plus the rest of the week ahead shelley: playboy says it will no
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>> now for our ulocal hot shot. you can submit your pictures and
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continues. shelley: a gun shop in wisconsin has been ordered to pay millions to to injure police officers. the milwaukee officers were seriously wounded when a man shot them with the gun bought at that store. chores decided the gunshot was should have spotted warning signs that the gun was being sold to a man illegally purchasing it for someone else. a new bill before the state legislature would provide funding for drug courts in every county in new hampshire. tom: the proposal was announced this morning at manchester city hall. the 3 million dollar bill would fund half of the cost for creating new drug courts and give financial help to counties that already have the program. counties would have to come up with the other half of the funding. drug courts offer an 18-month program for chronic drug users as an alternative to jail time. the participants submit to
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random drug testing, constant monitoring and counseling. >> i saw the people graduate and go on to return to their families, return to work. begin to be positive influence on our society when they were a drag on it in the past. so it will work, if run right. tom: if the bill is passed through fast track legislation, the courts could be up and running in every county by the spring. shelley: amazingly, a driver in massachusetts wasn' t hurt at all when a piece of scrap metal smashed through her windshield this morning. the woman was driving south on route one in saugus, headed to logan airport. the metal came off a truck and hit the windshield doing most of , its damage on the passenger side, where no one was sitting. >> i was coming under the overpass, it flew out of the truck, sparks kind of flying from the truck. shelley the driver says she : didn' t see any signs that the metal was about to go flying. massachusetts state police are still looking for the truck involved, and say the driver likely doesn' t know anything
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fell off. there' s a new warning from the federal aviation administration about lithium batteries in luggage. when parked in checked luggage, the batteries can ignite and start fires in the baggage compartment of the plane. the faa is recommending that airlines warn passengers about the batteries, which are used in electronics like cell phones, laptops, power tools, and toothbrushes. tom: playboy says the magazine will no longer feature photos of naked women. starting in march, playboy' s print edition will stop including nude photos, instead opting for pg-13-type pictures. the company' s ceo says the internet has changed expectations for provocative content. nudity was actually banned from playboy' s website last year, and the magazine says its web traffic saw huge increases. i won' t ask you what you think about that. >> i' ve always heard people just read the articles anyway. that' s all i have to say.
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we have some beautiful shots out it newfound lake today. take a look at the fall early in the day, lots of overcast conditions. we did squeeze out a few breaks at times. take a look at the almanac data for concord. the normal high right around the lower 60' s, even though the cooling trend started today. still well above average. 88 was the record, set way back in 1930. take a look at the sun up & down time. we set the clocks back one hour on november 1, and that means sunset will be prior to 5:00 in the evening. so we have less and less they like to work with, but a cooling trend is working in right now and with it a few scattered showers, mostly in the north country. a good part of central and southern new hampshire will be clear in the next hour or two as
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scattered showers in the north will wind down in the next couple of hours, clearing will develop mostly in southern new hampshire the clouds will win out during the overnight in the north country and that will linger until early in the morning. the normal high in the low 60' s, we' re still holding onto those readings over toward the coast line and a little bit cooler off to the north and west, down to 37 atop mount washington. tonight 40' s and lower 50' s. the normal of this time of year about 37. we start off tomorrow well above the average, but unless the last -- unlike the last several days, during the day tomorrow. still a little above the average, but much cooler air back in the northern part of the it' s all pivoting in our direction, so by tomorrow night and early friday its right on our doorstep. then it blasts in just in time
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for the upcoming weekend. the past weekend we saw big warming trend. this upcoming weekend, a big cool down. no more of those reds and oranges, they are well to our south and southwest. they may make a run back at a sometime next week but at least in the short-term term the focus is on the cooling trend. take a look at the very cold air right over us early sunday to monday. both mornings could feature temperatures dipping into the 20' spots with a hard freeze. we are looking at sunshine early tomorrow morning. more clouds rotate in from the west. in the afternoon. temperatures not all that bad, s and lower 60' s, during the early to mid morning and late morning we s.
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a brief shower a possibility. it clears out tomorrow night, temperatures much lower than that will be early tomorrow morning. notice by friday right around 60, so you notice the cooling trend. we ease into it through friday s north, 50 south and sunday is more like mid-to-late november. but it' t stick around all that much. morning on those football fields. tom: let' s find out about chip kelly, what is going on? jamie: there are some rumors
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>> now, jamie staton and news 9 sports. jamie: manchesters chip kelly, the next head coach of the usc trojans? dont beleive the hype. but then again, you never know. usc fired their coach steve sarkisian yesterday and almost immediately kelly' s name was thrown around as an attractive leading candidate. but kelly is the head coach of the eagles, and has extensive authority over all of the football operations for the team. that is a big-time job. kelly' s next media availability is on thursday. but dont expect him to talk too much about leaving the eagles. -- leaving the nfl. have you been catching the baseball playoff games? great october drama playing out daily, and chicago fans are certainly enjoying the fun. game 4 against the cardinals, a chance for the cubs to win the series. first inning, good start for st louis. stephen piscotty with a 2-run
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2nd inning javier baez with a 3-run homer for the cubs off john lackey. tied 4-4 in the 6th anthony rizzo with a solo shot to right field. this postseason has been all about the long ball tons of homers. they finish it off with a strikeout. cubs win 6-4 and win the series. the first series clinching win at wrigley field in team history. cubs go to the nlcs for the first time since 2003. >> were going to celebrate this. we deserve to celebrate this. it' s been a long time coming for this city. we' ve just got to enjoy this moment like we have done all year, celebrate it, have a great time and then get ready for whoever we have to play. jamie magic johnson rooting on : his dodgers in ny against the mets. top of the justin turner of the third, dodgers rips one down the
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it goes all the way to the wall and he has been dodgers take a red-hot. 3-0 lead. dodgers when 3-1. that series now tied 2-2. the decisive dramatic game five is set for thursday in l.a. it was an off-day for the winless bruins, but they are out west to play at colorado tomorrow night. brad marchand missed the last game with concussion-like symptoms but he is on the trip with the team. >> you never know. these things are day today. you can feel good for a few days and then have a setback. i' m happy with how i feel and hopefully i don' t have any steps back here. jamie: girls high school soccer nashua south at dover , dover is in white some great , passing and big pressure by the green wave and finally erin hartwell is able to drive it
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souths goalie kept them in it with the breakaway shot. dover ends up finding this one with a final score of 1-0. we have a new #1 its goffstown, who defeated the bedford on s loss to winnacunnet vaulted goffstown to the top. the grizzlies, number one in the power poll for the first time ever. >> we still have to prove it. we have a target on our back so we have to prove it. >> i think we still have a lot of work to do and we have to prove that. jamie and the rest of the top : ten winnacunnet moves up 3 spots after that big win over the astros. on friday night, londonderry at spaulding come you get in free
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and on channel nine saturday, iowa at northwestern, oklahoma against kansas state and at 8:00 , the ohio state buckeyes. tom: still to come on news 9 tonight. a woman from new york had an own nephew. shelley: the suffering she claims she experienced because the boy was too excited to see
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shelley: a man in california is suing over an injury he got from a giant pine cone. an attorney for sean mace says he was under a pine tree in a national park in san francisco when the 16-pound pine cone fell, hitting him in the head. tom: glad we don' t have any of those around here. mace says he suffered an irreversible brain injury. the park does have signs that warn about giant falling pine cones. shelley: a jury in connecticut has rejected a woman' s lawsuit against her 12-year-old nephew. she claimed the then 8-year-old acted unreasonably when he jumped into her arms to greet her at his birthday party. she fell and broke her wrist. ,
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and says her injuries severely disrupted her life in manhattan even making it hard for her to if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but the republicans... v they want to go back to letting v the super wealthy call the shots. they don't stand up for equal pay for women. they don't support paid family leave. they don't even really support refinancing student debt. we've got to get this economy working for the vast majority of americans, not just for those at the top. that's what i intend to do as president. i'm hillary clinton and
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