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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  October 14, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> that's what's making news in america this morning. erin: now on daybreak, the democrats running for president took the stage in las vegas last night for their first debate and they covered a wide range of topics. but it was one issue that really drew the applause. >> very proud of my community showing up in numbers. erin: there was record turnout for a special election in derry and voters have overturned a series of controversial budget cuts. kevin: mixed skies today and still fairly mild. cooler air builds in. we tell you when. erin: the damage is done. police in jaffrey are looking for the vandals targeting some
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special scarecrows in town. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 daybreak. erin: good wednesday morning. looks like we' re going to have somewhat of that is cooler than yesterday. kevin: each of the several days: in the day before and eventually the bottom drops out for the weekend. today' s back-and-forth between clouds, sunshine and the chance of a passing shower. quiet this morning, thicker cloud cover. we start with sunshine for southern areas and add clouds. temperatures in the low and mid 60' s. cooler 50' s up north. we talk about the cooling trend and when it arrives. let'
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we are joined live by 95.7 wzid' s debra davis. deb: not seeing any problems on 93 from tilt into the hooksett tolls and from manchester to the state line. it is a nice, easy ride. 293 looks well through the millyard. a top of the brakes in the lane shifts between exit five and three. the everett turnpike looks good for the beverly hills -- three bedford tolls. 95 looks good in both directions . this report is brought to you by peter honda of nashua. i am debra davis from 95.7 wzid. erin: thank you. the democrats running for president shared a stage in las vegas. the debate focused on issues,
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bernie sanders even jumped in to defend hillary clinton. abc' s kenneth moton reports. kenneth round 1 the democrats : sparring over the issues. hillary clinton feisty, defending her record in the senate and as secretary of state. >> i would not ask anyone to vote for me because of my last name. i would ask them listen to what i am proposing and look at what i' ve accomplished. from gun control. is bernie sanders tough enough >> on guns? >> no. not at all. >> it' s time to stand up and pass comprehensive gun safety legislation. kenneth to foreign policy. :>> the greatest strategic threat that we have right now is resolving our relationship with china. kenneth the biggest moment of : the night, bernie sanders on clinton' s email scandal. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your -- e-mails. >> thank you. me, too. me, too. kenneth lincoln chafee trying to
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: seize on the moment. there' s an issue of american >> credibility out there. >> secretary clinton, do you want to respond? >> no. kenneth: that received the most attention on twitter. former president bill clinton tweeting this picture and the hashtag i' m with her. donald trump posting sorry, there is no star on the stage tonight. the top two contenders in the polls celebrating post debate, hillary clinton thanking supporters, bernie sanders calling out republicans. >> i would hope that the american people see the difference between people that are trying to address real issues rather than call people kenneth then there' s the joe : biden factor the vice president was not mentioned last we' re still waiting to hear this week if he' ll be at that next debate as a candidate. kenneth moton, abc news washington. erin: we caught up with the chair of new hampshire' s repubican party to talk about last night' s debate. jennifer horn says there' s nothing hillary clinton could say to sway her opinion and she doesn' t feel much better about bernie sanders. >> when the only viable alternative to hillary clinton is a lifelong devout socialist
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father' they are too extreme, too liberal and too out of touch for the american people. erin: we want to know which candidate you think helped their s debate. and right now bernie sanders is leading the pack followed by hillary clinton and martin o' malley. you can still weigh in on our website, facebook or by calling the number on your screen. there is another debate today in the manchester mayoral race. republican incumbent ted gatsas and democratic challenger alderman joyce craig will face off this morning at the puritan conference and event center with the debate to focus mostly on business issues. the debate starts at 8:00. gatsas hopes to win a fourth term in november, while craig would be the first woman elected as mayor of manchester. voters in derry turned out in record numbers yesterday and overturned a series of controversial budget cuts. more than people cast ballots in wmur'
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from derry this morning and town there for months. ray: it really has been, ever since the town past budget cuts to public safety. residents forced the special every single budget cut. the most overwhelming result , more than 58% voting to repeal those cuts. almost as many people voted to overturn cuts to the police department and the closing of a fire department. the closest vote concerned the council' s decision to eliminate the director of human resources, that repeal passed by less than 60 votes. >> i want to see services restored. i live in the far end of derry where the fire station was closed. i' m over an 8 minute response time on a good day. >> obviously, i stand by crafting the budget that i
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believe our council was elected to do. and that was to cut taxes substantially so that we can bring in more residents so that we can attract more business to our local economy. ray: more than 30% of registered voters in town cast ballots a record for a town election. the clerk only ordered 2500 ballots but those ran out in the , afternoon forcing them to , scramble to prepare more and they had to count the results by hand. all eight budget cuts have been repealed by voters. live in derry, ray brewer, wmur news 9. erin: police in danbury are getting creative as they try to find someone who has been growing marijuana. officers pulled these plants from a wooded area and left a note behind that said if your summer' s horticulture project is gone and you' d like to talk to somebody about it it please feel , free to give us a call. and you should have our number,
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the red cross is helping a family of six this morning, including four children, after a house fire in center ossipee yesterday. everyone inside the home on laurel road got out safely when flames sparked in the basement -- though the exact cause is still under investigation and the home is not liveable right now. police in jaffrey want to know who destroyed several scarecrows in jaffrey and even set two of them on fire. they were made by kids and on display downtown. the scarecrows shown here are not the ones vandalized. officers say damage was found monday on turnpike road and on a trail behind peterborough road. jury selection has been delayed in the trial of a massachusetts teen accused of killing his math teacher back in 2013. philip chism' s laywer says she is concerned that he may not be competent to stand trial. a court-appointed psychologist will try again today to evaluate him. she says chism has been unresponsive during two previous attempts and was even banging his head on the floor at one point.
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, population in new hampshire is growing. and now officials are considering letting people hunt the animals. with the drug and opioid crisis facing new hampshire there is a , new effort to establish drug courts in every county. ahead at 5:30, a crowd gathered in manchester last night to remember sue hutchinson after
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kevin: wednesday morning, october 14. temperatures in the lower 50' s. recovering into the mid-60' s. back-and-forth between clouds and a small chance of a passing shower. cooler air is on the doorstep here to we look towards the weekend coming up. erin: should new hampshire host
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a hunt for bobcats? the new hampshire fish and game commission is scheduled to discuss that today. bobcats have been protected since 1989 when their numbers dropped. biologists said the population is growing and fish and game officials say there may be enough to support a limited hunt of about 75 per year. today' s meeting starts at 1:00 in concord. there is a new call this morning for the state' s drug czar to be fired. state senator sam cataldo is making the demand after foster' s "daily democrat" reported that the president of the new hampshire medical society said that drug czar jack wozmak has not reached out to physicians. a spokesperson for governor maggie hassan' s office says wozmak has been in contact with leaders at the new hampshire medical society on multiple occasions. there is a new bill in concord to provide funding for drug courts in every county in the state. the $3 million bill would fund half of the cost for creating
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new drug courts and give financial help to counties that already have the program. drug courts offer an 18-month program for chronic drug users as an alternative to jail time. participants submit to random drug testing, constant monitoring and counseling. >> i saw the people graduate and go on to return to their families, return to work. begin to be a positive influence on our society when they were a drag on it in the past so it will work, if run right. erin: if the bill is passed through fast track legislation, the courts could be up and running in every county by the it is 5:13. still ahead, most parents do whatever they can to make sure their children are healthy and now it seems that when your baby is born could play a key role. plus the serious health risks served at ground zero. new research looks at some
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the republicans finally admit it. >>"republican kevin mccarthy saying ...the committee investigating benghazi and clinton's emails was created to destroy her candidacy..." "everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together a benghazi special committee... what are her numbers today?" republicans have spent millions attacking hillary... ...because she's fighting for
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everything they oppose... ...from affordable health care. equal pay... she'll never stop fighting for you. and the republicans know it. >>i'm hillary clinton and
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erin: a new study from the new york police department adds to research that officers who served at ground zero after the september 11 attacks have significantly higher rates of cancer. researchers looked at nearly 40,000 officers and found that cancer rates for those who served between 2002 and 2014 were roughly 50% higher. rates of malignant brain tumors and kidney cancers tripled, while thyroid cancer and non-hodgkin' s lymphoma increased by about 50%. if you want to have a healthier baby, you may want to plan on giving birth in the summer. researchers at britain' s cambridge university say babies born in summer months have a healthier birth weight and are taller. girls may also start puberty later in life compared to girls born in other seasons. researchers say more work is needed, but the difference may be because moms-to-be get more
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second trimester. the only nuclear power plant in massachusetts is closing. owners of the pilgrim nuclear power station in plymouth say the facility is too expensive to keep running. federal inspectors recently downgraded the plant' s safety rating and the owners admit it needs millions of dollars in upgrades. it is scheduled to close by june of 2019. the unemployment rate in new hampshire continues to drop. it now stands at 3.4%, down 7 tenths compared to a year ago and is well below the national rate of 5.1%. if you are looking for work, help is available today. congressman frank guinta is hosting a job fair from 4:00 until 7:00 this evening at manchester community college with dozens of potential employers on hand.
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if it seemed like traffic was especially busy on monday you' re not imagining things. the department of transportation says we set a record for traffic on columbus day with more than 390,000 vehicles on new hampshire highways. and for the holiday weekend traffic was up 4% as huge crowds streamed in to check out the fall foliage. probably spending a lot of money at local businesses. kevin: it did not seem that there was a lot more traffic. you had in your head that it was a holiday. erin: the weather had a lot to do with that. kevin: we' ve been lucky with a lot of holiday weekends. to get us where we are as far as crowds in the state. cloudiness in western and northern areas. showers through northern vermont continuing to angle their way towards northern new hampshire. a few passing showers anytime
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farther north, less of a chance. from there, upper-level system to our north is cool enough to produce a couple what snowflakes through ontario. eventually we get into the cooler air. a couple weeks systems will reinforce the cooler air. continue to drive temperatures backward. right now, temperatures within three or four degrees of our normal highs for this day. s with a thicker cloud cover up north and clear there' s a step backward here and between now and sunday start to come through. high temperatures today range s with cloud showers up north. the rest of us in the low to mid 60' s, thicker cloud cover out west end up north. does not mean we will not see a shower but it will be a lesser
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chance at 30% into the afternoon. skies clearly do tonight, partly sunny skies tomorrow. " east to lower 40' s. highs tomorrow in the 50' s to lower 60' s. any shower should hold off until late in the day. the next system starts to approach tomorrow night. a couple showers around friday. cooler air, i would not rule out some higher elevations starting the coolest air arrives. even cooler air, highs in the low and mid 50' s on saturday. highs statewide sunday likely s. that will be with a good wind and most locations. it chance of a passing shower in most locations. we fall back later tonight. s in southeastern areas. the extended forecast shows the
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through sunday. high temperatures tomorrow in the 50' s to lower 60' s. alex to be a nice day, feeling autumn like. there will be the risk of a couple showers. friday, a couple in the higher elevations could be what snowflakes. a few flurries could be fr flying around saturday. with a breeze over 15-45 miles an hour, that is going to feel like late fall. erin: you' ve had the snowflakes since monday and i keep waiting m not ready for snow. t have to worry about shovels. erin: not yet. a look at things to come. stories. we start with ray brewer. ray: voters in derry have decided to repeal budget cuts adopted in may. it was a record turnout for a town election, more than 6000
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residents forced the special election. the most overwhelming result concerned cutting firefighter jobs. more than 58% % voting to repeal it almost as many voting to stop the closing of a fire station. erin: police in jaffrey want to know who destroyed several scarecrows like these in jaffrey and even set two of them on fire. the scarecrows were all made by local children. state fish and game officials are discussing a proposal today to allow a limited hunt for bobcats in new hampshire. bobcats have been protected since 1989. coming up on daybreak, it is tradition for fathers to walk their daughters down the aisle at their weddings. but it
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who's toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis and jeb bush had the best record. billions in pork, vetoed. eight budgets, balanced. and tax cuts every single year. right to rise usa
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who has the plan for jobs? jeb. tax cuts for the middle class. eliminates special loopholes. an explosion in growth and new jobs. jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right to rise usa is responsible for the
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erin: wedding ceremonies are always special occasions. there was some added a motion this weekend in old orchard beach, maine. ralph duquette has been battling leukemia and he and his daughter agreed long ago that he was too weak to walk her down the aisle. kevin: but he has been secretly practicing walking all summer and surprised her at the ceremony. the two even got to share a father daughter dance at the reception. erin: that is so sweet. obviously it was a struggle for him to do it. i' m sure there was not a dry eye in the place. coming up and our next half hour, space in high definition. the new red camera at the space station is providing detail like
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announcer: no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 daybreak. erin: good wednesday morning. seeing some temperatures in the 50' s. we are going to have a cooler day than yesterday. details coming up. but first, today' s top stories. derry residents turned out in record numbers yesterday and unanimously overturned a series of controversial budget cuts. more than 6,000 people cast ballots in the special election which is an historic turnout for , the town.
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hopefuls vying for a seat in the white house took the stage in las vegas for their first prime-time debate last night. frontrunner hillary clinton took some hits and even received some support from her rivals. the trial date for matthew dion, the man accused of killing his parents and setting their manchester home on fire, has been scheduled. the court set jury selection for january 19. we' ve had some nice weather. a little rain yesterday. brought october 2 normal. we will start slipping below that. we eventually fall below and it looks like it is timed out right around the weekend. a couple showers up north, maybe a passing shower for central and southern areas pick clouds low and mid 60' up north. erin: you have information about
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when we might see snow showers. kevin: a few places may see some flakes. erin: first we want to take a look at the roads. here' s a look at 93, this is how things are moving in windham from our common man camera. kevin: for a look at the morning drive here in the granite state we' re joined live by 95.7 wzid' s deb davidson. good morning deb. ,>> traffic moving well in both directions on 93. below the speed limit at 293 split just past the hooksett tolls southbound. at that the low speed limit. 293 through manchester, not seeing problems as you make your way through the mill yard and past a' s six. wayne shifts between exits 5 and 3 leslie down. 101, 111 and the spotting look at.
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from the wzid traffic network i' m deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. , commitment 2016, what happened erin: -- erin: commitment 2016, what happened in vegas didn' t stay in vegas as the democrats faced off last night in nevada. all five candidates eyeing the top spot in the oval office taking the stage for the first time. nikole killion has more. nikole: this morning, the democratic candidates are back on the trail after a fight night in vegas. in las vegas, the democratic candidates for president laid their cards on the table. >> i' m not taking a backseat to anybody. nikole: hillary clinton defended her frontrunner status as she faced more questions about her ongoing e-mail controversy. >> i want to talk not about my emails but about what the american people want from the next president of the united states. >> senator sanders? >> i think the secretary is
5:29 am
american people are sick and tired of hearing about your -- emails. >> clinton, thank you, me too me too. nikole: while clinton' s closet rival bernie sanders came to her defense the velvet gloves eventually came off. >> secretary clinton just said her policy is tougher than yours. that' s not true. >> nikole: as the candidates sparred on a range of issues from the iraq war. >> there was no real evidence of weapons of mass destruction in iraq. nikole: to the economy. >> we do need background checks. nikole: and gun control. >> i come from a rural state and the views on gun control in rural states are different from s not about rural and urban and still respect the hunting tradition of people who lived in our rural areas and we did it by leading by principal, not by pandering to the nra. nikole: of the hot topics included income inquality, climate change and the syrian civil war. next month in iowa. killion.
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erin: the democratic debate certainly generated a lot of buzz on social media, particularly from the gop contenders. donald trump live-tweeted during the debate, his feed was mostly filled with retweets, but he did post he was sorry there was no star on the stage. jeb bush tweeted that the democratic contenders are running for president obama' s third term. but a post that drew thousands of responses didn' t come from a from any of the candidates, instead, it came from a spouse. bill clinton tweeted this in the middle of the debates saying what happens in vegas is i watch hillary clinton prove she' s the most qualified candidate. we want to know which candidate you think helped their campaign the most during last night' s debate. right now bernie sanders is , leading the pack followed by hillary clinton and martin o' malley. you can still weigh in on our website, facebook or by calling the number on your screen. the democratic presidential candidates will debate again
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next month in iowa. then, on december 19, they' ll be here in new hampshire for a debate we' ll host in partnership with abc news. the next republican debate will be in about two weeks on october 28. that debate will be in colorado. the presidential candidates will come to manchester for a debate we' ll host with abc news on february sixth. in local election news, a record-breaking set of votes in derry yesterday. the town of returning highly controversial budget cuts. wmur' s ray brewer is live in derry this morning, and ray, i hear people were still voting right up until the final minute? ray: that' s right, erin. more than 6000 voters turning out in derry. that is a record. it meant that more than 30% of voters cast their ballots. when ballots were counted, the budget cuts have been repealed. the line stretched outside of hood middle school as thousands
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cast ballots on eight budget petitions. the town clerk says it was the biggest turnout in a derry election as more than six thousand people went to the polls. >> i' ve lived here 13 years. i vote in every election, local, state, and federal, but i' ve never seen a turnout like this. ray: five months ago the town , council passed a controversial budget that cut public safety in favor of lowering taxes. departments cuts include slashing fire and police positions and the closing of a fire station. residents then filed petitions asking the council to either reverse the cuts or hold a special election. counselors took no action so a judge ordered that yesterday' s special election take place. a yes vote reversing the budget cuts. >> what was the facts and data behind closing the fire station? the impression that this particular council gave was that these things were just, it was a dart board. ray: while a no vote would have keep the cuts in place. >> you see houses up for sale everywhere.
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and a lot of the elderly who lived here for 30 years said i can' t afford to pay these taxes. i have to sell my house and move. that' s not right. that' s just not right. ray: the clerk ordered 2500 ballots and ran out. more than six thousand people casting votes. >> i want to see services restored. i live in the far end of derry where the fire station was closed. i' m over an 8 minute response time on a good day. >> i stand by the crafting the budget that i believe our town council was elected to do and that was to cut taxes more residence and attract more business to our local economy. ray: erin, now one vote in particular it was very close. that was article seven, which had to do with the elimination of director of human resources -- that passed by 60 votes. the most overwhelming vote was a response to closing the fire department, that repeal passed
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erin: thank you. for more details on the derry special election visit , a vigil was held yesterday, to remember a manchester woman believed to be dead after a body was discovered inside her home. sue hutchinson was last seen 3 weeks ago. police say see she vanished around the same time as her roommate stephen andrade. police say he killed himself in a massachusetts motel room last week. right now, investigators hope an autopsy will positively identify the victim found in hutchinson' s apartment. but her friends are already in mourning. >> if she had to give you the shirt off her back, she would do that. >> i need to say goodbye to her. and let her know that we shall remember her always and forever. erin: an autopsy was scheduled for yesterday to determine if the body is in fact hutchinson. determine if andrade had s disappearance. the trial date of matthew dion
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has now been set. dion is accused of killing his parents and setting their manchester home on fire. the court scheduled jury selection for january 19. the trial is expected to take two weeks. the home where the murder took place is expected to be demolished before trial so prosecutors will use video to show the scene. two pelham teenagers were arrested for burglary yesterday. police say the duo broke into a house on campbell road. as officers arrived on scene, they say a black ford was attempting to drive from the scene. police say that a 14-year-old male and 15-year-old female attempted to steal alcohol and then stole the keys to a vehicle parked in the driveway. both were transported to the police department and released to family members on burglary related charges. an attempt to steal a bottle of cologne has landed a manchester man in jail. police say victor alvarado was confronted by loss prevention officers as he tried to leave the store without paying. that' s when he is accused of
5:36 am
threatening them with a switchblade and warned them not to call police. he is charged with robbery and criminal threatening with a deadly weapon after he was caught in a nearby swamp. coming up on daybreak, a former nba star hospitalized after being found unresponsive. more details ahead. and the new piece of technology stirring a lot of buzz from outer space. kevin: upper level system continues to bring cooler air out of canada. that means chilly temperatures by the weekend. details coming up. you'
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and mid 50' s across the state. mild start for a lot of folks and sunshine in the southeastern half. clouds to the north and west. there will be passing showers. works its way in by the end of the week. erin: dutch investigators confirmed today a surface to air missile over ukraine downed malaysia airlines flight 17 last year. in its final report, the dutch safety board concluded a russian
5:38 am
yard from the cockpit, causing off. found in victims. the report says while some of the passengers may have been conscious in the time it took ground, they probably weren' t fully aware of what was happening. a baltimore judge says statements made by one of six officers charged in the death of trial. gray died from a severed spinal cord while in police custody back in april. the judge denied a request to suppress sergeant alicia white' s statements to police investigators. three other officers withdrew motions today to have their statements suppressed. the six officers face charges ranging from second-degree murder to assault. they have all pleaded not guilty to the charges. former nba star lamarr odom is hospitalized in nevada after being found unconscious at a
5:39 am
airlift odom to the hospital 10", he was too tall for the helicopter instead. odom has been out of the nba since 2014 after being cut by the knicks. the 35-year-old is also known as the ex-husband of reality tv star khloe kardashian. his current condition is unknown at this time. s chip kelly, the next head coach of the usc trojans? you never know. usc fired their coach yesterday , and almost immediately kelly' s , name was thrown around as an attractive candidate. but kelly is the head coach of the eagles, and has extensive authority over all of the football operations for the team. kelly' s next media availability is on thursday. moving now to our high school football power poll, after 6 weeks we have a new #1. it is goffstown, who defeated the bedford bulldogs on saturday. the grizzlies are the number one
5:40 am
time ever. >> there are six more games, a lot a football to be played. the goal is to be at the top of the season. >> it means a little that we are number one in the state but we have to prove it. >> it means a lot to be recognized but i don' t think we are the number one team yet, we have a lot of work to do. erin: and the rest of the top 10, winnacunnet moves up 3 spots after bearing down on number 1 pinkerton last week. other teams receiving votes were nashua north and merrimack. you may not find a sweeter chicago cubs fan than this, loretta dolan has been waiting more than a century to see a post-season cubs' victory. this week she attended her first playoff game at wrigley field, that' s where she recalled decades and decades of tracking the cubs. >> i' m 101 in two months. we used to take our own lunch and pop.
5:41 am
and we never paid anything. i would sit and cry when they don' t, when they don' t win. erin: dolan was treated to a dramatic playoff victory monday. the cubs beat their arch rivals, the saint louis cardinals. the cubs beat the cardinals again last night 6-4. announcer: now, your storm watch 9 forecast. erin: a lot of 50' s out there. kevin: low and mid 50' s with cloud cover up north. start. s statewide. s up north. a couple showers on and off through the day. from the cooling trend has begun for the first couple days of bottom out by the weekend. some showers friday or into early saturday could be mixed in
5:42 am
with wet snowflakes. we start off with showers making their way east through northern new york and northern vermont. thicker cloud cover there. such a one southern areas looking at a little bit of sunshine to start the day. clouds will win out at times. next one, a train of these systems, slated to move in on friday. and in between situation for tomorrow with partial sunshine. temperatures right now, low and mid 50' s. fairly mild start to the day. normal lows this time of year in the 30' s statewide. upper 30' s in southern areas and lower 30' s up north. looks like we can stretch out the growing season for another four or five days before the cold air starts to build. high temperatures statewide in the 60' s. a couple exceptions will be
5:43 am
north country and areas of elevation where you are going to be between 55-58 here it comes with a westerly breeze 5-15 miles per hour ahead of the front into the best chance of showers, a few moving through in the afternoon. a stray shower for southern areas as the clouds win out. lows tonight near freezing up north, lower 40' s in southern spots. tomorrow into the 50' s to the 60' s. similar readings friday. tomorrow it will be with sunshine and friday with more cloud cover. this leading edge of even colder air that arrives in time for the weekend. i did not say cooler, but colder . saturday, highs in the upper 40' s to mid 50' s with a breeze. it will be more persistent by the time we get to sunday. highs will be in the 40' s after starting off in the 30'
5:44 am
the coldest night looks to be sunday night, and a lot of 20' s across the area. could be the end of the growing season for several southern areas. high temperatures into the low and mid 60' s with a chance of the passing shower. sunshine for southern areas. clouds clear later on this evening. the 30' s to lower range of the 40' s. temperatures continue to slip back. 40 statewide for highs with a good wind sunday. and little bit of the recovery next week. it is going to feel like mid to late autumn this weekend as opposed to the milder temperatures we' ve been pampered with. erin: it is cooler temperatures overnight doing a lot for the color. kevin: it has been beautiful and it continues through the weekend. erin: speaking of views, a new camera on the international space station is playing a key role in experiments. kevin: the red camera shoots video at a resolution four times
5:45 am
higher than normal high definition cameras. that lets researchers on earth see more details when they review video of experiments. in this one, astronaut scott kelly pops alka-seltzer tablets into floating water, which makes them dance. erin: that looks awesome. it cool, that is amazing. kevin: that is beyond ridiculous. erin: really cold. well, here' s a story that' s certainly been trending, a presidential wedding crasher. the commander in chief turned into the crasher in chief while golfing in california. the couple put the ceremony on hold to watch president obama play through the 18th hole, which was right behind the altar. he waved at the guests and decided to jump right into action. the bride and groom so excited defied the tradition of not seeing one another before the ceremony. making his way into wedding photos. still ahead on news 9 daybreak, a new study revealing how many
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people are offline. the number of people who find themselves not on google and
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kevin: clouds and passing showers in the north country. temperatures will hold in the 50' s. you start at 52, a high have only 57 or 58 this afternoon. low and mid 60' s and southern areas. erin: you may not know this, but more than 4 billion people are offline. according to a new report from the united nations, most people in the world not not google, tweet, or even bank online. the u.n. broaband commission says 57% of the world is off-line. so many people are on that all the time. there are some that never go online. kevin: wow. that is surprising. erin: coming up in your next half hour.
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ray: a record turnout in derry. what the voters decided when it comes to budget cut. nikole: after a big night in las vegas what are the candidates up , to next? i' m nikole killion with a review of the democrats' debate performance coming up. erin: combating the state' s heroin crisis. there' s a new effort under way to establish drug courts in every county. more details ahead. the state commission will gather today to discuss one idea is particular. should new hampshire host an annual hunt for bobcats?
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people want change, they want reform, they want to see something done, but just carping about it and whining about it and making speeches about it doesn't get it done. nobody has shaken up the system more than i have. i've always been unorthodox in this and against the grain. but you know what? i know how to get it done. new day independent media committee, inc. is responsible for the content
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erin: now on daybreak the , democrats running for president took the stage in las vegas last night for their first debate. they covered a wide range of topics but it was one issue that , really drew the applause. >> very proud of my community showing up in numbers. there was record turnout for a special election in derry and voters have overturned a series of controversial budget cuts. kevin: mixed skies today and still fairly mild. cooler air builds in. erin: the damage is done. police in jaffrey are looking for the vandals targeting some special scarecrows in town. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: no one covers new hampshire like we do.
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