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tv   News 9 Noon  ABC  October 14, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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erin: now at noon, a face-off in the race for mayor in the state' s largest city. the heroin epidemic and the state of the city' s economy at the forefront. plus, what happens next after an historic turnout at the polls in derry? residents have been fighting controversial cuts. kevin: it is cooler, but still fairly mild for this time of year. when that really starts to chance with futurecast ahead. karen timbrell: it was the support of the community, it really was, the people were amazing. erin: and rebuilt and reopening, we will take you to the ribbon cutting for this popular market in sunapee destroyed by a huge fire earlier this year. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> no one covers new hampshire like we do.
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erin: the battle against heroin and the future of the city of manchester taking center stage this morning at a debate between the two candidates who hope to lead the city. good afternoon. i' m erin fehlau. alderman joyce craig is challenging incumbent mayor ted gatsas, who is running for a fourth term. wmur' s ray brewer joins us now live in studio, and ray i gather the two candidates have very different opinions about the current state of the city. aaron. -- erin. the challenger in the mayoral race says when it comes to helping the city move forward , the current mayor is roadblocks. while the mayor says he is a person who brings people solutions to the problems. t sit back any more and watch this city crumble. mayor gatsas: i have a passion, i have a passion for this city. ray: a debate wednesday morning in manchester brought together the incumbent mayor of manchesternd the challenger. the first question dealing with statewide polls have identified
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as the number one problem facing new hampshire. mayor gatsas: we put together a 60-day plan with the fire department, the chief of police, with the health department, and i can tell you they are making some inroads. alderman craig: we need more facilities for detox. we have nothing, we need treatment and recovery services . ray: economic issues dominated much of the debate, which was sponsored by the chamber of commerce. that would help secure the s economic future is alderman craig: it would provide development in the area, it would increase property values. mayor gatsas: i support rail talked about the cost, and who' s going to pay for it. ray: ultimately though both candidates say it comes down to who you believe can best secure the future. alderman craig: from what i got from mayor gatsas -- he' s very comfortable with what exists today, and i hope what you got from me is that there are opportunities in manchester.
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mayor gatsas: my opponent has great ideas, but i haven' t heard any of them yet. i haven' t heard anything that talks about how are we going to pay for things. ray: now, the voters will have other opportunities to compare the candidates side by side as the two are scheduled to do several town halls together. in the studio, ray brewer, wmur news 9. erin: turning our attention to commitment 2016 now -- both hillary clinton and bernie sanders are looking to build on their strong democratic presidential debate performances. while she had the coveted center spot, she was challenged from all fronts. abc' s karen travers has more. karen: five democratic contenders on stage, but it was really was a two-person show. anderson cooper: secretary clinton, is bernie sanders tough enough on guns? mrs. clinton: no, not at all. sen. sanders: what i can tell secretary clinton that all the shouting in the world is not going to do what i would hope all of us want.
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hands of people who should not have those guns. karen: hillary clinton versus bernie sanders, the frontrunner going on the attack right from the start against the vermont senator who' s drawing massive crowds and chipping away at her lead in the polls. clinton couldn' t avoid tough questions. mrs. clinton: tonight i want to talk not about my e-mails but about what the american people want for the next president of the united states. karen but here she got a : surprise boost from sanders. sen. sanders: let me say something that may not be great politics, but i think the secretary is right. and that is that the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. [cheers and applause] mrs. clinton: thank you, bernie. thank you. [laughs] karen: sanders is shaking up the primary race, but still trying to explain his far left positions and whether he can win the general election. sen. sanders: what democratic socialism is about is saying that it is immoral and wrong that the top 1/10 of 1% in this country own almost 90%. karen: for the other three
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candidates, it looks like a missed opportunity to make a splash. and where does vice president joe biden fit in? even his supporters say the window is closing for him to announce a run. karen travers, abc news, washington. erin: meanwhile here in new hampshire, republican presidential candidates continue to meet with voters. senator marco rubio kicked off his day with a house party in portsmouth. well actually in the backyard in front of dozens of people. he first explained why he is running for president, then hit on immigration, small business taxes, and making life more affordable for families. sen. rubio: we will either leave our children for your and more prosperous than any americans, or we will have to explain to them why be country is worse than the ones we grow grew up in. . with your help, we will leave them not only greater than ourselves, we will leave them a century greater than the 20th century. erin: in the next half hour, he
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will be holding a town hall in derry. and john kasich is meeting and greeting voters in plymouth. he will spend the rest of his day in the lakes region. with a visit to the police motorcycle museum in meredith and end his day with a house party in tuftonboro. and senator lindsey graham continues his 10-day trip with several business tours, tonight he' ll hold a town hall meeting in conway. jeb bush is also holding two events, one this afternoon in manchester, and he' ll end his day with a town hall in concord. historic turnout in derry for a special election leads to the repeal of controversial budget cuts passed by town leaders. more than 6000 people cast ballots yesterday and passed all 8 articles. one of the biggest ones was the cutting of firefighter jobs. 58% voted to repeal that cut. the derry town council is now expected to schedule a meeting to decide what happens next. new this noon, the city of franklin will no longer enforce its juvenile curfew after
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raised by the aclu. the curfew applied to anyone under the age of 16. they had to be off the streets by 9:00 sunday through thursday night and by 11:00 on the weekend. the aclu says parents and guardians are in the best position to know when children should be home, not the government. s market in sunapee. investigators were not able to find the exact cause but say it was not suspicious. now, nine months later, the owners have rebuilt and are getting ready to reopen. wmur' s kristen carosa was there for today' s ribbon cutting. kristen: january fourth was an emotional day for all involved with jake' s market. but now, fast-forward nine months, and now the staff is celebrating a new beginning. the owner and staff of jake' s market cut the ribbon on the new building this morning after a devastating fire destroyed the building back in january.
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that day the owner, karen to rebuild fast and bring back jake' s market is a well known business, a place many people can call their own, many visit karen timbrell has owned the building for 9 years. while the day the building karen slowly began the process of rebuilding with the help of the community. karen timbrell: january 3rd and 4th, that whole evening and morning was a big shock, nothing i had ever experienced before, and to be able to get to this point and see the store back and the building back and the porch back -- it means a lot. kristen: the general manager tells us the store will be able to greet customers by the end of the week, most likely on friday. reporting in sunapee, kristen carosa, wmur news 9. erin: customers will be lining back up. next the noon, a manslaughter
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charged, and the focus of the investigation centers on a church. plus, a major lawsuit that could impact gun control across the country after a gun shop is found negligent in a case where kevin: a couple of systems approaching, both of which come straight out of canada and bring the cooler air with it. we will talk about a much chillier weekend ahead. erin: plus in today' s cook' s corner, we are learning how to make a salad that is not only healthy but the proceeds will go
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erin: check out this plane crash in lake worth, florida. it was caught on surveillance . witnesses first thought it was part of an airshow until they saw a huge fireball rise above the trees. it crashed into a mobile home park. pilot and a person in one of the police in new york are investigating a bizarre manslaughter case this noon. the parents of a 19-year-old are charged with fatally beating their son inside a church. four fellow church members are facing assault charges. the victim' s 17-year-old brother is hospitalized with serious injuries. swat teams stormed the world of life church monday, and multiple children were removed. police aren' t talking about a motive but say more arrests are expected.
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now to a major lawsuit that could have big implications for gun control. a jury found a gun shop negligent in the sale of a gun used to shoot two milwaukee police officers in 2009. abc' s marci gonzalez takes a closer look. marci: a land-mark lawsuit. a gun store found liable in the shooting of these two police officers that left them physically and emotionally didn' t deserve to live anymore. i actually considered committing suicide. marci: officers bryan norberg and graham kunish shot in the face following this 2009 altercation with suspect julius burton. he was 18, too young to buy a gun at the time, and this video shows another man illegally purchasing the pistol for him at badger guns in milwaukee. even admitting on the form that the gun was for someone else. the officers sued the gun store, claiming it repeatedly looked
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milwaukee authorities say that between 2006 and 2009, more than 1800 firearms from badger guns were used in crimes. gun store officials argued on intention. donald flora: the last thing we want to do is put a gun in somebody' s hands that' s going to marci: after nine hours of deliberations, the jury awarded the officers nearly $6 million in damages, a rare ruling experts say could have broader implications. >> i want to gun dealers to make sure that individuals who cannot legally possess guns do not get there hands on guns. marci: and the man who pulled the trigger is serving an 80-year sentence and testified in this case. lawyers for the officers say they feel vindicated. marci gonzalez, abc news, new york. erin: a precedent being set there. outside for us, we are seeing temperatures above normal. kevin: yeah, sky condition variable depending on where you are. changes are coming, much cooler
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air. we will talk about that. erin: plus in the news 9 kitchen, we are serving up a making strides salad with a blueberry vinaigrette. the good cause this will benefit. we need to disrupt the old order in washington, dc. we can do a lot better by applying conservative principles we should lower rates and simplify the code
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to allow people to freely decide their money. what we need is leadership to fix a few big things... and soars where people can dream the biggest possible dreams... and pursue them with a vengeance. (applause) jeb. proven conservative. real results. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but the republicans... v they want to go back to letting v the super wealthy call the shots.
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they don't stand up for equal pay for women. they don't support paid family leave. they don't even really support refinancing student debt. we've got to get this economy working for the vast majority of americans, not just for those at the top. that's what i intend to do as president. i'm hillary clinton and
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>> now, meteorologist kevin skarupa with your stormwatch 9 forecast. kevin: very changeable conditions across the state, depending on where you are great of digger cloud cover in the northwestern half of the state. peak foliage in southern parts of the state. everyone is in on a westerly wind this afternoon along with the couple of reef showers a possibility for southern areas while of north, it will be off and on through the remainder of the afternoon is over air continues to bring in. today, the transition is to get away from the above normal temperatures we have been in recently and continue to see through the afternoon to temperatures by closer to the average is running tomorrow -- averages starting tomorrow. a flow coming out of canada. we are watching several disturbances coming out of canada. each one of these is difficult to determine exactly when they will come through. the trend, big picture, we
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those organized showers in the north country, central and southern areas will see lots of clouds, and with that the chance by passing shower or two through the evening commute or 6:00, 7:00 this evening. north of the great lakes and continues to slide southeast. disturbance that we will get season diving in in time for the weekend. low-to-mid six is across a good part of the state -- low to mid 60' s across the good part of the state. you see the wind gusting at times 10, 15 miles an hour. as it turns to the northwest later tonight, again you can see that trend of knocking temperatures that close to the average. and a shower chances later this afternoon give way to clearing skies tonight. basel be in the 30' s to the lower range of the 40' s tomorrow.
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we will see maybe a passing shower tomorrow night and then friday off and on with the shower to be. similar temperatures saturday. 50' s, lower 60' s. behind second-level disturbance, we have a wave of low pressure coming in, not all of that in liquid form on saturday. warming in the morning hours back into the 40' s, lower 50' s. far northern parts across the state, coldest temperatures right now look to be on sunday with highs only in the 40' s with gusty winds, and then sunday night, temperatures drop back into the 20' s to mid-30' s, so that is the chilly us of the air with the system. and you can see a pretty fairly quick rebound come on monday we start back into the 60' s on tuesday, and a milder stretch next week. we are not quite done with the milder temperatures, but certainly a chilly weekend is on the way. let' s head to cook' s corner. erin: looking like great
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strides in against cancer -- making strides against breast cancer walk. we' re joined by linda dinoto from the american cancer society. linda: making strides against breast cancer. erin: and also jim st. jean -- and also dan st. jean from the common man restaurants in concord. you have a special salad on your menu, which money from it goes to the cancer society. dan: it does, 41 from each salad -- dan: it does. $1 from each salad we self goes to the american cancer society. the salad we actually sent out to the society to give them the nutrients and minerals and stuff they need to help fight cancer. today we have a salad that is baby spinach, a couple of ounces of baby spinach in here. we have a wild blueberry vinaigrette, which is high in
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antioxidants, so we will toss that with the spinach. and this is the same way we do it at the restaurant. you can add a protein if you want to get this as a meal. you can give some more nutrients out of there. erin: anderin: $1 from every salad -- dan: this month will go back to the making strides foundation. erin: there have been other walks, but there are more coming up. linda: absolutely. the american cancer society has walks in new hampshire, vermont, and maine. you can participate in a walk close to you by going to, and you can register for a walk -- makingstrideswalk.o and yourg
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dan: we' re talking this with fresh carrots, marinated chickpeas, red grapes, and toasted walnuts, and we finish it off to get a more burst of color, and the other topics get the dressing on it, too. erin: that is beautiful, and it is great the work with the cancer society. dan: we work with a lot of different organizations, charities, and this is one we feel strongly about. the reviews sound fairly well. erin: dan, thank you for being
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luck with all of the walks erin: this is too cool not to share. nasa' s hubble space telescope has snapped jupiter' s annual portrait. did you know that this was done? the planetary version of school picture day. the maps confirm the great red spot is shrinking and becoming more circular as it has been doing for years, but a zoom in to the picture revealed a feature not previously seen.
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equator. so school picture day for jupiter. kevin: yeah, how about that? then it is lunch, right? we notice in the extended forecast low and mid 60' s this afternoon with a chance of a few more showers. it will be relatively cooler as we work our way to the weekend. seven-day. yikes. starting tonight at 5:00, the brother' s ex-wife learns her prison sentence this afternoon. michele corson admitted to helping with the murder of amy warf. and this ski jump is gone, but the fundraising for a replacement is racing right along. that does it for us. have a great afternoon. people want change, they want reform, they want to see something done, but just carping about it and
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