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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  October 14, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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josh: the third person involved in the murder of amanda amy wharf was sentenced today, but not before the victim's mother addressed her in court. i'm josh mcelveen. jean: i'm jean mackin. wharf was found murdered in a concrete plant in exeter in 2013. today michelle corson was sentenced for her role in the crime. andy hershberger was in court today and joins us live with more. reporter: the victim's family says they blame michelle corson more than anyone else for the murder of amanda. corson pleaded guilty to two charges connected to wharf's death. she was sentenced today for her crimes. wharf was found in an abandoned concrete factory in ebbser the in 2013 with her throat slashed and her body burned. wharf's ex-husband pleaded guilty to first degree murder and is spending life in prison. his wife sarah pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges and was sentenced to 15 to 30 years. corson pleaded guilty to similar
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sentence as sarah desjardins. wharf's family told corson and the court about how this murder has devastated their lives. >> forever we will wonder, what if, and forever we will remember. was it worth it, michelle? reporter: corson made no statement to the court today. wharf's family had no comment after the hearing. jean: both sides say it's time to move forward, after derry voters spoke and overturned the deep budget cuts that were passed in the spring. heather hamel is live there now with more on where the town goes from here. reporter: this has been a very long process for derry residents, those who have been fighting felt that public safety had been compromised and felt that more money in their pocket wouldn't make up for that.
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what happens next is we have an obligation to follow throw, and the voices were heard. reporter: cuts that impacted police and fire, even shutting down one fire station, have all now been overturned. >> it will be as if nothing ever happened, and that money should go back into the budget. our tax rate will be set accordingly. it should be sent to the d.r.a. and they will send out the tax bills. reporter: after the controversial budget was passed in may, derry residents filed petitions asking the council to reverse the cuts. when the council took no action a judge ordered one to be held yesterday. >> i can't speak for other counselors or citizens who may want to take advantage of this new petition form of government. but for me, yeah, it's over. reporter: mark osborne says he still believes public safety wasn't compromised, but will use the special election results to guide him going forward.
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interested in high tax cuts, they're not really interested at this point in lower spending. reporter: 59% of the people voted to overturn the cuts. >> people lost their jobs. okay. they lost that fire station. it's ridiculous. is. reporter: so you were disappointed? >> yeah, probably enough to leave town. reporter: differences of opinion that caused record setting attendance at the polls. now, taxes will still be lowered but not nearly as much as the previous budget had called for and the council will meet again on october 20, possibly to discuss this further. heather hamel, wmur news 9. josh: the 2016 coverage now, republicans spread out across new hampshire today, a day after unveiling his health care plan in manchester. jeb bush headed to bionics company, he's wrapping up that visit now and be holding a town hall at 7:00 in concord.
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meanwhile marco rubio dipped into new hampshire for a quick but busy trip today. this afternoon he drew a large crowd to the derry opera house where he talked about a number of issues including the national debt. at $19 trillion rubio says the u.s. is reaching a tipping point and talked about the reforms that are needed fast. >> the national debt is not defense spending, which is the most important obligation of the federal government. the driver of our long-term debt is the way very important programs are currently structured. medicare, medicaid and social security. josh: rubio attended a house party in portsmouth, his campaign says that new hampshire will be a more frequent stop in the coming weeks and months. john kasich greeted people in woodstock and visited the motorcycle museum in meredith. a house party for the ohio governor will be starting in tuftonboro sometime the next hour. and lindsey graham visited
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his town hall starts just after 6:00 tonight. we'll have more in candidate cafe on news 9 at 6:00. democrats are sifting through the details of last night's debate to see who gained an advantage and who may have lost ground. aixa diaz is live in our washington bureau with a look at the analysis coming out of last night's debate. reporter: josh, analysts say that with the private e-mail controversy and the rise of bernie sanders, hillary clinton needed a strong debate, and they say she delivered. >> i'm running because i have a lifetime of experience of getting results. reporter: political analysts say hillary clinton outperformed her opponents in the first democratic debate of the season. >> you may not love her, but she's pretty good at speaking up for herself. reporter: clinton's biggest challenger, bernie sanders. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you, me too. reporter: while the two agreed on some issues, clinton criticized sanders for
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supporting legislation that gives gun manufacturers immunity from lawsuits. >> this was a large and complicated bill. >> i voted against it. i was in the senate at the same time, it wasn't that complicated to me. reporter: three other candidates, analysts say jim webb, martin oh pally and lincoln chaffee did little to leave their mark. >> their performances were i think overshadowed by the dynamic between clinton and sanders. reporter: while joe biden considers another presidential run, some say the vice president may have missed the right opportunity to enter the race. >> hillary clinton's performance prospects. reporter: today the vice president told reporters he thought the candidates did well last night. he's proud of them, he said nothing about when he plans to announce his decision. live in washington, aixa diaz, wmur news 9. josh: the stage is one thing, but a big barometer is social media, and the response there, who takes home the trophy from last night's debate?
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>> bernie sanders was not only the most searched candidate on google but also the most discussed on facebook and twitter. and to add to that his campaign says it raised more than a million dollars in the hours after the debate. josh: thanks very much. democrats will debate again next month in desmoines. they are coming to new hampshire for a debate in december, that will be hosted by wmur, also in partnership with abc news. the next republican debate, colorado. g.o.p. candidates will face off in the granite state in february. that debate will also be hosted by wmur, again partnering with abc news. jean: students at bedford high school have the chance to see the state supreme court in action today in their own auditorium. it's all part of the supreme court's on the road program that started in 2002. since then the courts held sessions at high schools and colleges around the state. the idea is to give students a firsthand look at how the
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>> this is authentic learning at its best. it's seeing what they're studying in the classes in action. they're seeing the judicial system in process and this is the kind of thing that our kids talk about with teachers in their classrooms. jean: the students were also able to ask the justices and lawyers questions, like what is law school like and how long does it take to prepare for a case. josh: time now to take a look at traffic. looking live at 293 north from the elliott at rivers end camera, traffic appears to be moving smoothly. peggy james joins us with a look at the rest of the commute. >> hi, josh. yes, the mid-week ride not doing too bad, a nice day to check out the find if you're heading up 93 northbound. some slight slowdowns between exit 1 and rockingham boulevard onto route 11.
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after that it clears out as you approach derry and up to manchester. 293 is a pretty good ride both north and southbound around the queen city. moving north towards the hooksett tolls on 93 some slight slowdowns as you approach the tolls. and we want to point out that the oakland toll road lanes at the hooksett toll booth will be closed tonight for maintenance from 7:00 p.m. until 5:00 tomorrow morning. you'll be directed to use the other ez pass or the cash lines, again that's at the hooksett tolls tonight starting at 7:00. in concord it's busy but no major issues. the everett turnpike is busy in both directions from bedford road right up to 293. 101 west as you're approaching mill fielder you slow down between 14 until you get to about wallace road, then you start moving well again. 101 eastbound is a good ride and 95 is in decent shape right now at the hampton tolls. this report being brought to you by peters honda, nissan kia of nashua. i'm peggy james for 95.7, wzid.
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jean: still ahead at 5:00 tonight, massachusetts police need your help to find a man who desecrated a church dressed in priest robes. josh: several members of a church have been arrested after a so-called counsel l session. that left one teen dead and another in serious condition. mike: a few changes move in for friday and the weekend. the forecast ahead. jean: and at 5:30, two lawsuits have been filed against officials in new durham over the decision to fire that town's police chief. josh: then a mother admits to getting high in front of her
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jean: police in massachusetts are searching for a man who broke into a church and put on a priest's robe before stripping naked and performing a lewd act on the altar. police say the man got into the church in cambridge through an unlocked door back in september. this incident was just discovered after church members reviewed surveillance video looking for stolen money. josh: and a couple from central new york was accused of beating their 19-year-old son to death in church. that's not all. marci gonzalez says has the other allegations against them.
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inside this secretive central new york church where police say a teen was beaten to death by his own parents. the len ardz are charged with manslaughter after police say their 19-year-old son lucas was brought to a hospital monday with injuries so severe doctors at first thought he had been shot. the teen pronounced dead, the swat team then surrounding the word of life christian church in new hartford, new york, officers going inside and after hours of searching finding lucas' 17-year-old brother, christopher, also badly beaten but alive. police say the two were assaulted the night before during what church members described as a counseling session. >> both brothers were continue actually subjected to physical punishment over the course of several hours. and hopes that they would confess to prior sins and ask for forgiveness. reporter: christopher is hospitalled in serious condition. police say seven children inside
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the church were taken into protective custody as decks tried to figure out what was behind the bizarre and deadly violence inside this house of `worship. ``>> i'm very sad for everybody `because there's many rumors and `i don't know what to believe. `reporter: the teen's parents pleaded not guilty and are being held on $100,000 bail. `the victim's sister is among `those other four church members `charged and being held on `$50,000 bail. `jean: former nba star lamar owe `come is reportedly on life `support at a las vegas hospital `after he was found unconscious `in a nevada brothel. `they are trying to figure out if `odom suffered a drug or alcohol `overdose. `the owner of the brothel say `odom had been drinking and used `her al capsules. `josh: investigators looking into `why a small plane slammed into a `mobile home kill two, including `the pilot.
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`was part of an air show until `they saw a huge fire ball. `the father of the woman who died `said he was outside the mobile `home had the crash occurred. `it's still unclear what caused `the pilot to crash. ``>> we are pulling all of the 911 `tapes and i have received a list `of the sheriff's department of `all the witnesses that have it. `i have not spoken to them yet. `that will probably be after the `on scene. `i will call them personally and `find out what exactly they `heard. `josh: the f.a.a. is partnering `in this investigation. `jean: the number of air traffic `controllers in the u.s. has hit `a 27-year low, that's according `to the controllers union. `it says many members are working `six-day weeks to make up for the `shortage and the crunch is `likely to get worse, as more `controllers retire. `the f.a.a. says it had to close `its training academy for nine `months because of budget cuts `and the ripple effect of `government shutdowns. `it says it's working to rebuild `the ranks of controllers.
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`stopped flying over iran because `of warnings about russian `missiles being fired into syria. `europe's aviation agency sent a `safety bulletin to airlines last `week. `cathay pacific already routes `its planes around afghanistan, `iraq, syria and the ukraine. `yesterday a report on the `malaysia airlines crash in `ukraine confirmed that a missile `destroyed the front end of the `plane. `mike: yet another day with `temperatures a little above `average. `they're coasting down a lit, but `still remaining above the norm. take a look right now at the `coast, a beautiful scene at rye `beach. `the clouds are winning the `battle, but certainly bright `spots in the overcast as well. `we take you farther inland, out `to warner where as you can tell `some of the fine fall color is `evident there, where right now
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`of foliage out in warner. `clouds winning the battle over `sunshine, but despite that, `temperatures did jump above the `average for six degrees, record `high 83, set way back in 1883. `that's right, the records go `back to 1881. `the sundown time now closer and `closer to 6:00. `but we did squeeze out some `sunshine, now the clouds are `winning out as they move in from `the west and bumping into the `cloud deck is a couple of widely `scattered showers. `they're going to fizzle out in `the next hour, so a good part of `the evening will be dry and in `the wake of that it's a nice dry `and bright thursday with `temperatures right back to `average. `on doppler radar not too much `happening a cross the granite `state. `a couple of widely scattered `showers, white mountains into `the lakes region the last hour `or two, but clearly they're `moving from west to east out of `new hampshire. `so again no need for the rain `gear tonight, it will be dry and `pleasantly cool. `right now nice and mild south of `the lakes region, 60's, concord,
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`cooler to the north and west, `but seasonably so. `near 50 along the canadian `border. `and a cold wintery 30 atop mount `washington. `you factor in the busy winds and `it feels much colder over `6,000 feet up. `the winds have been active out `of the west and forth west `today. `that wind direction is critical, `because it continues to drive in `cooler air by the time we get to `the weekend, it will be well `below the average. `overnight tonight, upper 20's `north to around 40 south. `so much cooler than last night. `again tomorrow and friday will `feature seasonably cool air. `but much colder air upstream `takes over as we go into the `second half of the weekend. `notice on the jet stream flow `how it plays out. `a surge of mid and late `november-type air blasts in for `the second half of the weekend, `preceded by a couple of rain or `even mixed rain and snow showers `on saturday. `that's right. `a few flakes may fly for the `first time in parts of northern
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`josh, don't do that. `no sigh, no need for that, `because temperatures will warm `up again, here we go. `we've got the sunshine tomorrow, `seasonably mild south, cool to `the north. `by friday more clouds than sun. `a few scattered showers, and `behind that front it turns much `cooler for the weekend. `seasonably chilly we'll call it `saturday, but then well below `average for sunday and monday. `but tuesday and wednesday, `warmth. `josh: i have no complaints. `jean: he just doesn't like `flakes, that's all. `mike: that's all right, don't go `up north, you'll be all right. `josh: thanks, mike. `jean: when we tell you that one `store's halloween costumes are `on fire, this is no joke. `how police say this man started `a fire inside a store. `josh: and a court decision could `have an effect on the debate `about gun control, why this `injury says that the gunshop
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@ people want change, they want` reform, @they want to see something done, @ but just carping about it and ` whining about it @ and making speeches about it ` doesn't get it done. @nobody has shaken up the system`more than i have. @
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i've always been unorthodox ` but you know what? i know how ` to get it done. new day independent media` committee, inc. @ is responsible for the content`
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` `josh: welcome back. `wildfires in the great plains `have now destroyed more than a `dozen homes in a season that's `usually prime for snow instead `of smoke. `fire officials say these areas `got plenty of rain over the `summertime, that also means `there's a lot of prairie grass `that fuels these flames. `1300 people had to evacuate near `a town in wyoming. `no people were hurt there in
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`that fire, but a lot of animals `died and that includes `livestock. `meanwhile fires are also still `burning in north and south `dakota, montana and idaho. `jean: an arson investigation is `under way near san francisco `where police say a man took `supplies from the hardware `section of this wal-mart to set `rows of halloween costumes on `fire. `in this cell phone video `wal-mart employees tried `desperately to get flames under `control. `police say a 40-year-old man `used a bolts of charcoal lighter `fluid from the store's gardening `section to set children's `halloween costumes on fire. ``>> to try to find a reason as to `why somebody would come into a `wal-mart store in the middle of `the afternoon and light kids `halloween costumes on fire. ``>> it is scary, it's ridiculous. `reporter: police say the man `spread lighter fluid around `several parts of the store but `was only able to ignite one `section. `workers were able to get the `fire under control with an `extinguisher, but there was so
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`much smoke the store had to stay `closed for about four hours. `security staff were able to grab `police arrived. `he was treated for smoke `inhalation. `police are still trying to `figure out a motive. `josh: straight ahead, the town `of franklin will not enforce its `curfew laws. `we'll explain why. `jean: and we know new england `pulls out all the stops at `halloween, we'll take you to `some of of the spookiest spots. `now to our u local hot shot, `autumn on the water in
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there are many sides tor basketball star an @ fashion icon russell westbrook. and with coverage in the middle@nof anywhere from u.s. cellular, @ he can find some new ones. t like, farmer.
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` ``>> our lawsuit is the first of a `number that will be filed. `jean: now at 5:30, families file `suit against the owner of the `ship that disappeared into a `hurricane. `josh: the candidates hoping to `lead new hampshire's biggest `city debate the biggest issues `including how to handle the `spread of heroin. `mike: a seasonably mild day `across new hampshire today, but `temperatures are heading much `lower by the weekend. `how cold it gets. ``>> most people don't really know `what an oyster looks like when
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`it's not in the half shell. `jean: and u.n.h. is leading a `special project to keep new `england's oysters from `disappearing and it involves `oyster foster parents. ` `josh: we're following breaking `news out of northwood. `route 4 is shut down right now `because of a fire there. `jean: multiple unit have `responded to the fire, which is `reported at 188 first new `hampshire turnpike. `we have a crew on the way to the `scene, we'll be bringing you `more information as soon as we `get it. `as the investigation into a `missing cargo ship continues, `the first lawsuit has now been `filed. `welcome back, i'm jean mackin. `josh: i'm josh mcelveen. `the el faro was headed to puerto `rico when it sailed into `hurricane joaquin. `it disappeared east of the `bahamas. `jean: as jennifer vaughn reports `live from our newsroom, one crew `member's family says the ship
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`jennifer: in fact the el faro `was 41 years old when it went `down on october 1. `it was set to retire from `caribbean duty and was slated to `be replaced. `the family of loni jordan says `he and the 33 other men and `women aboard the freighter `doesn't have to die, that the `captain and the owner of the el `faro were negligent in sailing `the ship into such dangerous `weather, that the el faro was `too old and hot fit for such `rough seas. `they filed the $100 million `lawsuit calling for `accountability. ``>> these families are seeking `justice, that's what they're `seeking. `they're seeking justice, not `just the money, they want to get `to the bottom. `they don't want this shoved `under the rug, and it won't be. `jennifer: a spokesan for tote `maritime insists that the `company is focused on supporting `the families of the victims and `refused to talk about individual `lawsuits.
5:30 pm
`jennifer vaughn, wmur news 9. `josh: two lawsuit have been `filed against the town of new `durham as well as the chair and `vice chair of the select board. `five residents representing a `group of 600 petitioners are `asking a stratford county judge `to invalidate the board's vote `july to fire police chief `bernier. `a conflict of interest is among `the allegations, and in a `separate suit they're asking the `judge to throw out a vote in `april that actually reinstated `the town's fire chief. `jean: the city of franklin will `no longer enforce its curfew `after concern from the aclu. `it applied to anyone under 16. `the aclu says parents and `guardians are in the best `position to know when children `should be home, not the `government. `josh: fighting heroin and ways `to help the economy, those were `two of the issues at the `democratic debate.
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`they have very different `opinions. `reporter: the challenger in the `mayoral race says when it comes `to helping the city move forward `the current mayor is continue `actually flowing up roadblocks, `while the mayor says he brings `people together to find concrete `solutions to the problems. ``>> they couldn't sit back any `longer and watch our city `crumble. ``>> i have a passion for this `city. `reporter: a debate wednesday `morning in manchester brought `together the incumbent mayor and `his challenger, the first `question dealing with the heroin `epidemic, something statewide `polls have identified as the `number one problem facing new `hampshire. ``>> we put together a 60 day plan `with the fire department, with `the chief of police, with the `health department, and i can `tell you that they're making `some inroad. ``>> we need more facilities for `detox, we have nothing. `we need treatment and recovery `services. ``>> economic issues dominate much `of the debate which was
5:32 pm
`aldermen craig saying one thing `that would help the secure the `city's economic future is `expanded rail service. ``>> it would provide jobs, `economic development, it would `increase property values. ``>> i support rail 1,000%. `but nobody has ever talked about `what the cost is and who is `going to pay for it. `reporter: ultimately both `candidates say it comes down to `who you believe can best secure `the future. ``>> from what i got from mayor `gatsas, he's very comfortable `with whattists today and i hope `what you got from me is that `there are opportunities in `manchester. ``>> my opponent has great ideas, `but i haven't heard any of them `yet. `i haven't heard anything that `talks about how we're going to `pay for things. `reporter: the voters will have `other opportunities to compare `the candidates side by side, as `the two are scheduled to do `several town halls together. `in the studio, ray brewer, wmur `news 9. `jean: a jury decision in `wisconsin could have big `implications for gun law as `cross the country.
5:33 pm
`jurors found a store neglect `generally for selling a gun used `to shoot two milwaukee police `officers. `abc's marci gonzalez explains `the jury's reasoning. `reporter: a landmark lawsuit. `a gun store found liable in the `shooting of these two police `officers that left them `physically and emotionally `scarred. ``>> felt like i didn't deserve to `live any more, actually `considered committing suicide. `reporter: officers norberg and `kunis shot in the face following `this 2009 altercation with a `suspect julius burton, he was `18, too young to buy a gun at `the time. `and in video shows another man `illegally purchasing the pistol `for him in milwaukee. `even admitting on the form that `the gun was for someone else. `the officer sued the gun store, `claiming it repeatedly looked `the other way and sold weapons `to criminals. `milwaukee authorities say that `between 2006 and 2009, more than `1800 firearms from badger guns
5:34 pm
`gun store officials argued on `the stand that was never their `intention. ``>> last thing we want to do is `put a gun in somebody's hands `that has, that's going to commit `a crime. `reporter: after nine hours of `deliberations, the jury awarded `the officers nearly $6 million `in damages. `a rare ruling experts say could `have broader implications. ``>> i want gun dealers to make `sure that individuals who cannot `legally possess guns do not get `their hands on guns. `reporter: and the man who pulled `the trigger is serving an 80 `year sentence and testified in `this case. `lawyers for the officers say `they feel vindicated. `josh: still ahead at 5:30, `volkswagen has revealed a new `round of advice that could give `the wrong information on `emissions test. `jean: if you don't want your `children to eat cafeteria food `and don't have time to pack a `lunch, there's a new business `that can help. ``>> what's the best tip you've
5:35 pm
`ever gotten? `josh: wait until you see the `rest of this generous gesture `from a congregation trying to `use lessons in real life. r the republicans finally t admit it. r >>"republican kevint mccarthy saying t ...the committee` investigating benghazi and r clinton's emails was r created to destroyr her candidacy..." r "everybody thought r
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but we put together @ a benghazi special committee... @ what are her numbers today?" r republicans have spent @ millions attacking hillary... @ ...because she's fighting for @ everything they oppose... n...from affordable health care. r equal pay... nshe'll never stopnfighting for you. nand the republicansnknow it. @
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` `ajosh: not a great day on wall `street, with the dow jones `losing 157. `s&p 500 and nasdaq also in the `down direction. `volkswagen says there may be `more problem software in its `newest diesel models. `jean: after admitting that some `software helped vehicles cheat `emissions test, volkswagen said `another device may also give the `wrong information. `regulators are still vetsing `whether that would be considered `a separate effort to cheat `emissions tests. `it could cost nearly a billion `dollars to shut down `massachusetts' pilgrim nuclear `power plant. `its closure was announced `yesterday, but the process can't `start until the owner proves it `has enough money to finish the `shutdown. `although it announced a target `date of 2019, the total process
5:38 pm
`josh: a new survey shows that `getting rid of debt is `millennials null one goal. `two-thirds of respondents in the `poll said that having zero debt `is their top priority. `but that's not enough for some `who say they won't feel `financially fit until they have `savings. `jean: if you don't have time to `pack school lunches, would you `do it? `that's the idea behind a boston `company attracting new venture `capital. `smart lunches works with schools `and caterers to provide healthy `lunch options. `parents let them know about `allergies and what their kids do `and don't like. `you can order meals for an `entire week or just certain `days. `a small portion of each sale `goes to your child's school. `wonder if they arrive in brown `bags. `josh: maybe so. `so what you see on the half `shell is barely half the story `when it comes to local oysters.
5:39 pm
`jennifer: up next an unusual `partnership is helping restore `new england's varieties. `josh: manchester monarchs `getting ready for the season `opener. ``>> a well-known as to store in `sunapee is ready to open after `fire destroyed destroyed the building back `in january. ``>> you got convenience, you got `your jewelry cleaned, and you're `99% of the bacteria is removed,
5:40 pm
`you just do it whi r in washington, dc. r we can do a lot better principles r r and simplify the code tto allow people how they want to spendt @ what we need is leadership @ to fix a few big things... @ so that this country takes off and soars where peoplet can dream @ the biggest possible dreams... and pursue them with at vengeance. t (applause) @ jeb. proven conservative. t real results. r right to rise usa @ is responsible for the content t
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` `josh: this will perk you up for `the first period, that's a bear `wandering the hallway of a `montana high school. `apparently got through a garage `door. this was still an hour `before classes started, but you `can see some students and staff `were already there. `school officials say the bear `left on its own, without any `problems. `jean: there's a major effort `under way to restore new `england's natural oyster `population and it's all thanks `to researchers at u.n.h. `they are combining resources `from all around the region to `help our oysters thrive. `josh: this work even involves an `unusual team of babysitters. `reporter: it's a popular seafood `delicacy, and it's taking a `whole community to ensure its `survival. `from conservationists to `restaurant owners, even oyster `foster parents.
5:42 pm
``>> in our particular estuary `we're down about 10% where we `were in the 1980's, and the `multiple cause, disease is one `of them, but some water quality `issues, sedimentation, `overharvesting. `reporter: to combat the natural `decline in the oyster `population, the university of `new hampshire has joined forces `with a variety of partners. `ray and his team work with `restaurants like this one in `maine, where oyster shells are `recycled. ``>> recycling the oyster shells `is such a no brainer, it feels `great. `some of the servers were `struggle having to separate `things, it's really not that `thrilling. `reporter: the shells end up here `in special tanks at a u.n.h. lab `where microscopic oyster larvae `can latch onto them him that's `where the foster parents come `in, caring for the baby oysters `in cages tied to their docks `until they're ready to make it
5:43 pm
`out on their own. ``>> the other fun thing has been `having our grandchildren help, `and other grandchildren in the `community as well, to help us `measure them. `and they get a big kick out of `it. `most people don't really know `what an oyster looks like when `it's not in the half shell `waiting to be eaten. `reporter: and they're not just `good for dinner, once the `oysters are big enough they're `brought to these newly built `reefs that provide a base for `the oysters to grow. ``>> in addition to fueled for `humans, other creatures as well, `they are great at water `filtration, they stablize the `sediments, and they provide `habitat for other species. `reporter: a hands-on effort to `help protect this particular `species and the environment. `mike: times of sunshine, times `of clouds today. `a couple of widely scattered `showers. `overall a pleasant early to mid `fall-like day. `but that's going to be changing `soon. `beautiful shot right now from
5:44 pm
`our live web cam network up `there at newfound lake and `across the sunapee area for `those heading up in that `direction in the next couple `days. `it looks fantastic, temperatures `dropping right back to average, `and a lot of nice fall color. `this is the scene from rindge `overlooking mount monadnock with `a nice pretty scene there in the `foreground, you notice the `mountain covered a little bit, `but the cloud will tend to thin `out as we advance through the `night. `notice on satellite things `beginning to dry out from west `to east. `the evening starts off dry and `the night will end up on the dry `note, as you can see, showers `completely fizzling out and `moving off to the east. `as for temperatures right now, `pleasantly cool in central new `hampshire, a little bit chilly `across the north country, near `50 in places like pittsburgh `down through erol, berlin and `whitefield. `upper valley near 60 degrees. `and pleasantly mild merrimack `valley towards the coast. `future temperatures tonight,
5:45 pm
`they do dip down near 30 along `the canadian border to around 40 `in southern new hampshire. `so much cooler tonight than it `was last night. `and that's the theme of the next `few days, in terms of the `temperature trend. `it's heading downward. `but again the next couple of `days right back to average. `as for this 45, around north `bay, you know what, by the end `of this weekend we may struggle `to hit that for a high `temperature, up until that point `nice and quiet though. `a few scattered cloud tonight, `they'll fizzle out. `the dry wins the battle. `as we advance through the day on `thursday we've got clear sailing `all across new hampshire. `on friday things will change a `little bit as the next front `moves in. `that's along the leading edge of `much colder air that arrives `over the weekend, especially the `second half on sunday. `with that front there could be a `few widely scattered showers, `best bet in northern new `hampshire. `as for highs tomorrow, again we `made a run mid to upper 60's
5:46 pm
`north country, upper 50's. `right around 60 through the `monadnock region and lower 60's `merrimack valley and over `towards the coast. `for tonight, clearing skies, it `will be cooler than last night, `upper 20's north, mid to upper `30's south. `notice the big change in our `temperatures. `we start off seasonably cool `tomorrow and friday, much cooler `over the weekend. `especially on sunday, it's going `to feel more like thanksgiving `as we get into sunday, sunday `night and monday with a hard `freeze beginning later saturday `night. `squeezed in between all of that `could be a few mixed snow `showers mainly up north. `tuesday and wednesday, boom, `here comes the warmth again, so `it will not stick around, `typically, in this time of year, `we get a little surge of a `preview of winter, and then `right back into warmth. `jean: thanks, mike. `josh: at this time of year a lot `of granite staters' most popular
5:47 pm
`destinations reveal their spooky `side. `jean: paula tracey took a tour `of some of new hampshire's `scariest attractions. ``>> my tour spattered at spooky `world in litchfield. `more than 60 ghoula good job of `making me and my friends scream. `it was frightening but fun. `this is just one of many spots `that put on their creepiest `colors at hall week time. `from north won okay's gulag to `cabobie lake park scream test. `best haunted atracks from haunt ` `even places like santas village `in jefferson holds silly spooky `halloween, a more kid friendly `way to celebrate. `this weekend brings berlin's `river fire, with lighted booms `on the river. `if you're interested in testing `your nerves at any of these `places, you might want to go `sooner rather than later. `the crowds pick up as we `approach halloween. `of course that just means more `screams to enjoy.
5:48 pm
`to pick your poison this `halloween, go to the escape `outside section of ``>> bruins and celtics both in `action tonight. `it's an exhibition game for the `c's, 7:30 at the brooklyn nets. `the bruins play 10:00 at the `colorado avalanche, still `looking for their first win on `the air. `manchester monarchs ready to `kick off their season, it's `their first in the echl. ``>> we're going to have a lot of `really skilled forwards ask `we've got some tough guys, a lot `of versatile defense men, two `goalies, i think we have a good `squad, great group in the locker `room, so we're excited. ``>> austin block used to play at `u.n.h. `rangers and blue jays on the `field right now, game five of `their american league divisional `series. `toronto hanging in there, down `2-1.
5:49 pm
`of the fifth inning. `jean: love it, get for the red `sox not being in it. `one church found a way to pay it `forward with its sermon. `josh: up next how the `congregation brought this `stranger to tears. `jennifer: then at 6:00 tonight, `sentenced for her role in the `murder of her former `sister-in-law, we'll tell you `how long this woman will spend `in prison for supplying a weapon `and an alibi for her brother. `and in salem, a mother charged `after overdosing on heroin right `in front of her 4-year-old `child.
5:50 pm
r it's the way we craft @ the subway chicken & bacont ranch melt r that sets it apart. ntender, all-white-meat chicken, t crispy bacon, r monterey cheddar, r and cool, creamy ranch, r on freshly baked bread. @ it's irresistible goodness @ that leads to nothin' butt happiness. t
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` `jean: october is adopt a shelter `dog month. `before you bring home a new `friend, here are some things you `should consider. `they're so cute. `think about how much time you `can devote to taking care of a `dog. `have an idea of the size of dog `that you can have. `and how much space there is in `your home for it. `also consider costs, like food `and trips to the vet, and how `much love can you give that `little puppy. `well, one church offered a big `tip to demonstrate a lesson `about generosity. `josh: this ohio congregation `ordered a pizza during the `service and told the delivery `driver to bring it up to the `pastor. `after paying the $6 bill, what `he did next brought this woman `to tears. ``>> we've been teaching in our
5:52 pm
`church this last month about `being generous, and so we did `something special for you today, `we took up a special offering `for a tip for you, so that's `your tip. `this is a gift we're going to `give you. `so from our three services `combined we collected this much `money, this is $1,000. `josh: it was actually $1,046. `besides a series of sermons on `generosity, sycamore creek `church also finished a `month-long emphasis on random `acts of kindness and it appears `that they managed to pull off `both. `jean: i love her reaction.
5:53 pm
if you work hard,r and you do your part, you should be able to@ get ahead and stay ahead. r but the republicans... v they want to go back to letting v the super wealthy call the shots. they don't stand up forr equal pay for women. they don't supportr paid family leave. they don't even really support@ refinancing student debt. we've got to get this economy@working for the vast majority of americans, not justr for those at the top. that's what i intend to do as president.
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` `josh: the final person sentenced `in the murder of amy warf. `we'll tell you how much time her `former sister-in-law will serve `for her role in the crime. `jennifer: this mother is charged `after police say she admitted to
5:55 pm
`in front of her 4-year-old `child. `mike: temperatures remaining `above average now, but a chilly `pattern is about to take over, `when it will feel like mid or `late november. `josh: and what's next after an `historic special e decks in `derry, the impact the repealing `of budget cuts will have on `residents. ` `josh: at this hour we're `following breaking news out of `northwood. `jennifer: firefighters are `battling a three-alarm fire at `ma's and mine restaurant on `route 4 at 188 first new `hampshire turnpike. `we also understand that a `section of that road is closed `right now. `we'll keep you updated. `josh: the top story, the mother `of a murdered woman had the `chance to speak face to face `with one of the people involved `in this crime. `jennifer: michelle corson was `sentence forward her role in the `death of amanda amy warf. `warf was found dead in an `abandoned concrete plant in
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