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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  October 14, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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shelley: now at 11:00, salem `police say a mom admitted to `them that she used heroin right `in front of her 4-year-old `daughter. `>> it just goes to show you how `serious this drug, heroin `epidemic is. `shelley: the unusual sequence of `events when police went to help `the woman. `there are new calls for the `state drug czar to step down `following remarks by the `president of the new hampshire `medical society. `the response from the society' s `president and the governor. `mike: temps return to average `for the next couple of days, but `then a big chill arrives by the `end of the weekend `how cold it gets `shelley: and, he' s fast with an `oyster knife and he' ll put his `skills to the test this weekend. `meet one of new hampshire' s `representatives in a national `shucking competition. `>> no one covers new hampshire `like we do.
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`shelley: starting tonight at `11:00, salem police are calling `this woman' s arrest a sign of `just how serious the heroin `epidemic has become. `officers say she overdosed on `the drug in front of her `4-year-old daughter. `good evening, i' m shelley `walcott. `the mother is now in custody, `and her daughter had to be taken `to the hospital. `wmur' s stephanie woods has our `top story from the salem police `department. `tonight. `stephanie: kari houlne is facing `a child endangerment charge and `her daughter is staying with `family after police say she shot `up heroin at a salem hotel with `her daughter in the room. `>> it is scary. `uses a -- it is a scary thought. `we are seeing it a lot more `often than we have in years `past. `stephanie: salem police say a `man called them from the la `quinta hotel on keewaydin drive `around 2 tuesday afternoon. `31-year-old kari houlne had `allegedly shot up heroin passed
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`out, and stopped breathing. `lieutenant joel dolan says `houlne' s 4-year-old daughter was `in the room. `>> it just goes to show you how `serious this heroin epidemic is. `that even while she' s supposed `to be taking care of her child, `the illness and the addiction `just took over. `stephanie: dolan says the caller `said he gave houlne narcan and `reversed her overdose. `police rushed to the hotel but `no one was in the room. `dolan says what they did find `was evidence of heroin use. `>> needles, cotton balls, `spoons, it looked like they were `using heroin in the room.we also `found discharged, empty narcan `unit in the room. `stephanie: officers say they `found houlne, her daughter, and `the caller at a location on `stiles road. `>> the female did admit that she `had injected heroin and she had `overdosed. `the man admitted that he had `in mr. narcan -- administered `narcan, and they both admitted `that the child was in the room
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`when this was going on. `i' m sure it had to do with all `of the circumstances combined `but we do not believe that she `got in to any of the heroin or `the narcan. `we do not believe that that was `immediately related to her `medical emergency. `stephanie: houlne is out on bail `november 23. `wmur news 9. `shelley: a man in gilford is `accused of trying to break into `the same home twice in one day. `gilford police say on sunday, `they arrested jameson cyr `outside a home on hoyt road. `he was released on personal `recognizance bail. `a few hours later, cyr went back `to the police department, said `he' d broken into the same home, `and asked for help getting into `rehab. `he was taken to jail for `breaching bail conditions. `as the state fights to make `progress against the heroin `epidemic, top officials are `trying to sort out another `controversy surrounding the `state' s drug czar.
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`comments made about the czar by `the head of the new hampshire `medical society. `wmur political reporter adam `sexton joins us now to explain. `adam: the drug czar endured some `harsh scrutiny this summer when `top police chiefs said he had `not reached out to them about `the opioid crisis. `this week after a similar `statement from one of the `state' s high ranking doctors, `the czar is back in the hot `seat. `but now that doctor is saying `that was not his intention. `yet another firestorm erupted `around state drug czar jack `wozmak earlier this week when `the head of the new hampshire `medical society said `wozmak hasn' t reached out to `physicians, adding, though, that `doctors could certainly try `reaching out to him. `that comment led one state `senator to call on governor `maggie hassan to fire wozmak, `who faced questions this summer `after it came to light he had `not been communicating with top `law enforcement officials, like ` . `on wednesday governor hassan `defended her appointee.
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`governor hassan: my senior `director of substance abuse and `behavioral health, jack wozmak, `has been in regular contact with `leadership of the medical `society. `adams: speaking to newsnine `the president of the new `hampshire medical society, dr. `lukas kolm, says he did not `expect his comments to spark `controversy. `>> the medical society, myself, `other clinicians, anybody who' s `involved in this only welcomes `more partnership from anybody `who has a titled position, or `those who are part of a `committee that are as eager and `passionate for the circumstances `to have clearer ways of `resolution to meet together. `reporter: governor hassan `believes this dust-up is `connected to her efforts to gain `more oversight of prescription `drugs. `governor hassan: we are getting `about this. `i understand that change is `difficult but we have to focus `on saving lives and stemming the `tide of this terrible epidemic. `reporter: dr. kolm says this is `not about politics, but adds `that if the state limits `legitimate access to `painkillers, it could have `unintended consequences.
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`accessing the illegitimate side `of drugs. `adam: both the governor and dr. `kolm stressed the need for `everyone to keep working `together toward the common goal. `to that end the medical society `is hosting its annual scientific `conference in early november and `the topic will be the many faces `of addiction. `adam sexton, wmur news 9. `shelley: right now customs `computers are back online after `airports including boston' s `logan international airport. `travelers at a number of `airports dealt with long lines `while the system was down. `the u.s. customs and border `patrol agency says there' s no `indication the glitch was `malicious. `other airports affected by the `problem included jfk in new york `, los angeles international `airport, and hartsfield-jackson `atlanta international airport. `fire heavily damaged a northwood `restaurant this evening. `flames erupted at ma' s an mine `just before 5:00. `crews responded from multiple `towns, but local firefighters
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`had things knocked down quickly. `while they saved the building, `the kitchen equipment and `restaurant is considered almost `a total loss. `the cause of the fire is under `investigation, but does not `appear to be suspicious. `>> we had no issues with water. `the building was all clear. `nobody was present in the `building at the time the fire `started. `shelley: ma' s an mine opened a `year and a half ago. `the owner says they hope to be `back in business as soon as `possible. ve `caught the man who held up a `convenience store at gunpoint. `police say on monday, john `conkle showed the clerk at `irving mainway a gun tucked into `his pants and demanded all of `the money in the register. `he took off after getting cash. `several officers recognized `conkle from the store' s `surveillance video, and they `arrested him today. `the fish and game commission `approved today increases for `hunting and fishing license fees `for the first time in 12 years. `regular hunting and fishing
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`licenses will cost $10 more next `year. `are currently free, but they' ll `fish and game says the price `increases are needed to fill the `department' s $1.2 million budget `hole. `parishioners of a long-closed `catholic church in scituate, `massachusetts, have lost their `appeal. `the group has been holding a `vigil inside the building for 11 `years, since the boston `archdiocese closed it in 2004. `but today, an appeals court `confirmed a judge' s ruling that `the parishioners are `trespassing. `the group plans to review their `remaining legal options with `their attorney. `in commitment 2016, `senate president chuck morse `announced his support for fellow `republican jeb bush tonight. `>> because one stands head and `shoulders above the rest, and `that'
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`shelley: the former florida `governor was in concord to hold `a town hall meeting. `earlier in the day, he visited a `business in manchester, next `step bionics and prosthetics. `tomorrow, bush will participate `in a domestic violence `prevention roundtable at the unh `law center. `ohio governor john kasich `wrapped up a day of campaigning `in tuftonboro. `the republican presidential `candidate attended a house `party. `his stops today included `woodstock, plymouth, and `meredith. `kasich continues his visit to `the granite state tomorrow with `an event in nashua. `this week republican `presidential hopeful lindsey `graham took part in our `candidate cafe series. `the south carolina senator `shared a meal and stories with `voters at the airport diner in `manchester. `graham talked a lot about `growing up with his parents in a `pool hall, losing both at an `early age, and the circumstances `behind being a lifelong
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`mr. graham: life is funny. `you wake up and you are 60. `there is a german girl i got `close to. `she didn' t want to come to south `carolina and i could not stand `to germany and that is like. `it is ok to be single. `i have had some good `relationships. `shelley: the voters taking part `in the candidate cafe series are `chosen by the institute of `politics at st. anselm college. `florida senator marco rubio `dipped into new hampshire for a `quick, but busy trip today. `this afternoon he drew a large `crowd to the derry opera house `where he talked about a number `of issues including the national `debt. `earlier in the day rubio `attended a house party in `portsmouth. `his campaign says new hampshire `will be a more frequent stop in `the coming weeks. `the deputy chief of the salem `police department jumped into `action when he found a man `unconscious. `deputy chief james chase was `leaving a private security job `at rockingham racetrack `overnight when he found a man `unconscious and not breathing.
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`having a heart attack and `started doing cpr, reviving him `twice before first responders `arrived. `chase says he' s no hero. `>> i didn' t expect that, it was `pitch dark in a parking lot. `you just kind of go into a ` motion and do your job. `it' s a great feeling that it `actually worked and that he' s `actually going to recover :08 ` . `when i woke up this morning, i `wasn' t sure if they were going `to say he was alive. `when the officer called me i was `like while. `i was happy to hear that he was `ok and talking. `shelley: chase says the man may `need surgery but he' ll likely be `ok. `coming up on news 9 tonight. `athlete and reality t.v. `personality lamar odom is on `life support tonight, a day `after he was found unconscious `at a brothel. `the problem first responders had `when they tried to get him to a ` the hospital. `mike: a bright and seasonably `cooler thursday is on the way
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`the forecast coming up. `shelley: plus he' s one speedy `shucker. `>> anywhere from 3 to 8 seconds `and it depends on the oyster, `too, some are harder to shuck `than others.
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` `shelley: lamar odom remains on `life support after he was found `unconscious at a brothel in `nevada. `the owner of the brothel says it `was the first time odom had been `there. `first responders rushed odom to `a hospital, but say they `couldn' t take him by helicopter `because at 6 foot 10, he was too `tall. `>> when it was determined it was `in prudent, it was determined to `be prudent to to transport by `ground, utilizing the advanced `care provided by mercy air `staff. `shelley: odom' s family and his `estranged wife khole kardashian `are at his hospital bedside. `ride-service uber is launching a `new partnership to get amber `alert information to its `drivers. `the partnership is with the
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`national center for missing and `exploited children. `when an amber alert is issued, `uber drivers will immediately `receive geographically-targeted `information that could help `locate a missing child. `when it comes to shocking -- `the best in new england. `a new hampshire man will put his `skills to the test. `jean mackin stopped by to see `him in action. `jean: how fast can chris buxton `shuck, when chris buxton shucks `an oyster? `>> anywhere from 3 to 8 seconds `and it depends on the oyster, `too, some are harder to shuck `than others. `jean: you can find the man and `his fans gathered ' round the raw `bar at surf restaurant in `portsmouth where he can crack `open 700 oysters on a busy `night. `>> how lucky are we because we `live right up the hill here `jean: chris has perfected his `art using his own shucking `knives, and his own style he `clinched the title in `neighboring maine, shucking a `dozen oysters in one minute 9 `seconds. `he earned a spot in the national
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`oyster shucking competition in `he' ll take on 2 dozen oysters, `technique. `no shell fragments left behind `a trip to the internationals in `ireland, with 17 other `oyster-loving nations, is on the `line. `i think i got a pretty shot i `> . `i looked at past records of `i am just as fast. `it is nervous and being able to `focus in on shucking and `everything like that. `jean to be fair, chris is `: sharing the shucking `responsibility. `a man from franklin oyster `house, also here in portsmouth, `qualified for the national `competition. `>> it' s all about technique, `speed, skill i' ve had a lot of `practice, i' ve shucked probably `more than 100,000 oysters and i `keep working to try to improve `my shucking ability.
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`the nationals. `in portsmouth, jean mackin. `shelley: i love pictures. `that looks good. `anchor: that is why he is doing `his inc.. `weather-wise, our thing is `seasonably cool too mild. `eventually, more like mid-to `late november. `moving on in soon. `take a look at that time lapse. `as the tide rolls up and back. `sunshine with quite a few `clouds. `very little precipitation. `another day with above normal `temperatures. `overnight low, down to 48. `the actual low for the day is `47. `holder for today than yesterday. `this afternoon, mid-to-upper `60' s.
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`all of that is about to change. `a satellite picture, the clouds `are thinning out. `temperatures are actually -- due `to cloud cover. `that traps in work. `one of the cool spots is `plymouth, 42. `the low for the day, 47. `cooler than today. `woods. `my temperature pattern, back to `average as cool air moves in. `eventually, once we get into `saturday afternoon, temperatures
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`a cool pool of air. `that means in advance of that, `temperatures drop below average. `into monday, they are going to `be running below the norm by `15-18 degrees, making it feel `more like thanksgiving. `by tuesday afternoon, `temperatures back near average. `above the average wednesday. `2-3 days of the chilly stuff. `satellite imagery, clear skies `tonight. `up north again, a few scattered `clouds. `those will move on through. `can'
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t rule out a passing shower. `best chance of showers friday, `saturday, they will mix in with `a bit of wet snow. `could be a light accumulation. `behind that, a blast of `mid-to-late november. `shelley: i keep zeroing in on `sunday morning. `the football parents will be `freezing. `layers. `thank you. `jamie standing by with a preview `of sports. `jamie: a lot tt2watv# #d bt@q?=l tt2watv# #d "a@q/1(
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tt2watv# #d bm@q$:$ tt4watv# #d " dztq .lh tt4watv# #d " entq ^h( tt4watv# #d " gzt& gop tt4watv# #d " hnt& wa< tt4watv# #d " iztq =(d tt4watv# #d " jntq /x$ tt4watv# #d " lzt& 75x r the republicans finally t admit it. r >>"republican kevint mccarthy saying t ...the committee` investigating benghazi and r clinton's emails was r created to destroyr her candidacy..." r "everybody thought r hillary clinton wasr unbeatable, right? r but we put together @ a benghazi special committee... @ what are her numbers today?" r republicans have spent @ millions attacking hillary... @ ...because she's fighting for @ everything they oppose... n...from affordable health care. r
11:21 pm equal pay... nshe'll never stopnfighting for you. nand the republicansnknow it. @
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@ people want change, they want` reform, @they want to see something done, @ but just carping about it and ` whining about it @ and making speeches about it ` doesn't get it done. @nobody has shaken up the system`more than i have. @ i've always been unorthodox ` in this and against the grain. @ but you know what? i know how ` to get it done. @ new day independent media` committee, inc. @ is responsible for the content`
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` `jamie: the bruins are on the ice `right now, trying for their `first victory of the season. `they are taking on the avalanche `in colorado. `the b' s started the season with `3 straight losses. `looks like they have had enough `of that. `first, they strike just 2 `first. `minutes and 22 seconds later, `jimmy hayes scores for the `bruins. `his the former bc eagle `first. `in the 2nd period. `bruins lead 4-0 in the second. `nba exhibition baseball, the `celtics at the brooklyn nets.
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`the celtics win 109-105. `they never trailed in the game. `the celtics play the 76ers one `week from friday in manchester `at the verizon wireless arena `major league baseball rule `603 a. `loosely translated if a batter `or bat is struck with the ball `while in the batters box by a `catchers throw then the ball is `in play. `that rule was enforced in the `decisive game 5 between the blue `jays and rangers. `in the seventh inning jays `, catcher russell martin hits `the bat of shin-choo shoo as the `ball rolls away, the runner `rougned odor is able to score an `error on martin the run counts `three have been to texas. `a big blow to the jays. `but in the bottom of the inning, `3 big errors by texas. `including elvis andrus dropping `the force out at 3rd. `incredible how the rangers `defense folded under the `pressure. `they give them about 5 outs that `inning and jose bautista made `them pay. `6-3 jays `a crazy 7th inning jays go on to `win 6-3 they are going to the `american league championship `series.
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`astros of the royals. `luis valbuena with a two run `homer in the 2nd inning an early `211 zero astros lead. `would you believe, no astro `reached base after that home `run. `alex rios with a ground ball `down the line in left that goes `for double. `johnny cueto was awesome 90 ` . `90 pitches, 8 innings, he `retired 19 straight astros after `that home run by valbuena. `the royals are going back to the `alcs. `they win 7-2. `kc has won 10 of their last 11 `when facing elimination. `it is the blue jays and the `royals for the right to go to `the tough injury news for the `world series. `patriots. `they will be without their big, `starting left tackle for the `rest of the season. `he has a torn right biceps `muscle. `that will be a big hole for the `patriots to fill. `that left tackle has the job of `protecting tom bradys back. `the rivals.
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`health up to play the penmen did `snhu. `the penmen did their damage in `the first half. `1-0. `celebrating. `38 seconds later nate horton `scored from the top of the box `. `they got one other goal. `third ranked snhu wins it `4-1. `wildcats. `junior co-captain chris wingate `scored new hampshire' s goal in `60th minute. `the manchester monarchs are `ready to kick-off their season. `their first in the echl. `they host the brampton beast on `front and night 7:00. `>> we are going to have a lot of `skilled forwards. `tough guys. `a lot of personal defensemen.
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`another season of monarchs `hockey, two weeks away. `shelley: for the first time in `99 years, new faberge eggs have `been created. `and you can actually see one of `them in person here in new
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` `shelley: one of the first `faberge eggs created in nearly a `century is on display in boston. `the spring egg was delivered to `dorfman jewelers on newbury `street this morning. `it features 138 karats of `emeralds and more than 5600 `white diamonds. `it' s part of a set called the 4 `seasons, valued at nearly three `million dollars all together. `one of the portsmouth police `department' s dogs has more `protection on the job. `k-9 max now has a vest to `protect him from getting shot or `stabbed. `a fundraiser with the charity `vested interest in k-9s at `hampton animal hospital paid for `the vest. `the charity has donated vests `1580 police dogs in 49 states `since it started in 2009.
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`thanks for joining us for `newsnine tonight at 11. `tom: jimmy kimmel live is next, `followed by night line.
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