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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  October 16, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> it is always disappointing. you always hold out hope. erin: investigators have confirmed they found the death of a missing woman. her death has been ruled a homicide. sean: searching for a missing hiker in the white mountain. she's now nearly a week overdue. >> there's a chance of snow showers for the few of us. the weekend forecast ahead. >> i don't know what the purpose of this was. erin: it is one of the most infamous properties in new hampshire. now we're getting our first look inside the
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brown before it goes up for auction next week. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur "news 9 erin: good morning. happy friday. i'm erin fehlau. i'm sean mcdonald. it is cooling off. i was going to wait to tell you, but i moved full fleece. it is chilly. hayley: it is good that you did that. you might need the winter coat. we're taking a big turn. like december by the time we get to sunday. at least it is a temporary thing. we'll fall back and increasing the temperatures as we get into next week. here's a live look at manchester. we have a couple of passing clouds. there are a few scattered showers too. mainly in the southern part of the state. they are widely
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like by jaffrey or temple. there might be a couple little splashes of rain. 41 in concord. 48 in laconia. 45 in manchester. definitely a cool start. we'll rebound into the upper 50's. there may be a couple of sprinkles this morning. once we get to the afternoon, looks like we'll clear out and see sunshine at much cooler temperatures as i mentioned for the weekend and the chance for a little bit of snow too. i'll have more on the forecast in a couple of minutes. first for a look at the morning drive here in the granite state, we're joined live by deb davidson. good morning, deb. deb: good morning. 93 north and south look great. we're not seeing any delays down to concord and then from the hooksett tolls to the state line with massachusetts. 293 is moving through
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at the lane shift. the onramp is closed for construction. 95 looks great in both directions on the seacoast and through the hampton tolls. this report is being brought to you by autofair. i'm deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. sean: thanks. investigators have confirmed the body they found is that of sue hutchinson. erin: the attorney generals office has officially ruled her death a homicide. ray brewer live with the information. : based on the autopsy results, the attorney general's office says that 57-year-old sue hutchinson was strangled. the prime suspect was that of her roommate 36-year-old stephen andrade. hutchinson was last seen on september 20th.
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his body was found last week in a hotel in massachusetts. he shot himself. this past sunday, family members reported a strange smell inside hutchinson's apartment. when they searched again, they found her body hidden in a crawl space behind a closet. there are challenges in cases like this. >> in any case where the suspect is disceased, it is difficult. the person who knows what happened can't give you the story. ray: the attorney general's office says they are investigating the circumstances that led up to the death of hutchinson and andrade. they are not commenting on any possible motive. ray brewer. erin: thank you. this morning fish and game officials say they will at least double the number of people searching for a missing hiker in the white mountains.
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64-year-old claire marie cucuzzo set out on a hike on october 5th from the mt. garfield trail head to wonderfully and back. she planned to return last weekend. she has not been seen. her car was found. officers have been searching from the air and ground. they checked the amc huts in the area. sean: jury deliberations will continue in the trial of tristan wolusky on monday. he is charged in the stabbing death of aaron wilkinson. two other men have pleaded to second-degree murder and testified against wolusky. the defense claims they lied. he only tackled the victim to rob him. they allege wolusky is the one that is lying and all three men worked together. a man from maine is
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71-year-old daniel alexander died at the hospital. his passenger was treated for non-life threatening injuries. it is not clear why the road. erin: new hampshire is getting more time to comply with the federal id act. they have not adopted the homeland security standard. starting sometime next year, non-compliant driver's license will not be enough to let you board an airplane. now homeland security says it will accept new hampshire licenses until june. there's a new bill in concord to bring the granite state in line. a man from guatemala is accused ofdy trading investors out of $9 million. federal charges were unfilled yesterday. according to documents, he diverted money and subsidies. the fbi is still trying
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to find montano. sean: you won't have to look very hard to find presidential hopefuls. fresh off of the first debate of the cycle, hillary clinton and martin o'malley had multiple stops scheduled. they all have events planned today. for more details, check out the candidate tracker on the politics section of a special woman home ceremony is set for tomorrow in concord for members of the new hampshire army national guard. this is video when 18 of the operational support air lift deployed late last year. july. they spent nine months in the middle east flying government officials around the region along with more supplies. erin: for the first time ever, we're getting a look inside the home of convicted tax evaders ed and elaine brown. the 100-acre property is going up for auction again next week.
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square feet of living space. much of it is unfinished, as you can see. there's also a secret door, a hidden bunker, and a 360-degree view of the property. they also found explosive devices on the property. the notice of sale comes with a warning. >> they can't guarantee they found everything. they've done a good faith search over and over again. erin: officials tried to auction the home last year. this time the bidding starts at $125,000. bidders are allowed to tour the building. the auction is next thursday. you can find out more information on it is not often that a listing includes a warning. the property? i've been out there. inside. sean: sure is. human trafficking is a serious problem. a group of frat brothers are stepping up.
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they hope their effort grows. erin: the stories they can share. governor haas son sat down with seven women who have all celebrated their 100th birthdays. sean: coming up, a huge rally of support. there's still time for
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conn new hampshire. we have a few passing clouds. back to sunshine with temperatures in the 50's. erin: a fraternity at a college in upstate, new york is now the only safe haven for victims of the human trafficking in the northeast. sean: the alpha sigma phi was just certified by the safe haven campaign. members were trained to spot signs of human trafficking and become allies while helping
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them find proper resources. with the proximity to the canadian border, members felt it was an important effort. >> it is a way for us to start reaching out and try to encourage other groups and other student organizations to become a safe haven as well. sean: the goal is to help them become the first college as a safe haven for human trafficking. erin: governor hassan stopped by to meet seven women who have reached their 100th birthday. she spent time with each woman and the staff that cares for them. >> they honor the contributed so much to their families and to their communities. we are so lucky to have you in our midst here today.
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staff members and family members. i bet your family members can tell us a story or two. erin: on average there are typically about 200 serge theirians living in new hampshire at one time. sean: can you imagine living through all of the amazing decades? talk about a traffic nightmare? hundreds of cars were stranded because of a massive mud slide. erin: las vegas is a gambling capital. why did they shut down daily fantasy leagues? sean: the pitbull mix liked to run and play in the yard. for more information
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adoptable animals erin: welcome back. two highways are closed after mud slides. many people are trapped in their homes. flooding started just before the evening commute. there are no injuries. crews are working to clear the highway. it could take all day. in some places the mud is five feet deep. a large wild fire has claimed about 6,000 mile. they will get air support from a tanker that can drop about 12,000 gallons at a time. the fire is now about 25% contained. sean: regulators shut down sports leagues like draft kings and fan duel inny because they don't have gambling licenses. they argue they are
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skill-based and not chance-based. they have been under scrutiny, especially after an employee from draft kings won $350,000 on fan duel and may have posted inside information. today marks the end of an era. the final flight under the name u.s. airways leaves from philadelphia this morning from san francisco. the plane will return tomorrow as an american airlines flight. two airlines merged in 2013. 1939 is name for the founded pittsburgh in all american aviation. erin: a native granite staters is paddlig 180 miles to maine to raise awareness for river connecticut vagues efforts. matt and daniel are stand-up paddle borders. they are camping out at night. it includes going around 20 dams. they made it to maine yesterday. they are paced to finish
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the trip two days ahead of schedule. the rage. good luck to them. 180 miles. sean: it is actually pretty decent weather. snow. we know where they are. a few of us might be waking up to it tomorrow morning. this isn't a big storm. still the first for a few people as we get into the start of the weekend here. here's a live look in derry. a little bit quiet. the traffic will be picking up soon. there might even be a couple of sprinkles that have been tapping through the southern part of the state this morning. looks like the pavement portsmouth. we're just partly clear conditions there. cool temperatures. if you are looking at the webcam rays you notice it is still dark. it continues to get seems like in the morning hours. you are right. today will be the first day where the sunrise
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a.m. at officially 7:01. here's the good thing, once we get to november 1st, our clocks fall back. we'll get a little bit more light at the beginning of the day. 6:21 will be the sunrise time by november 1st. by the middle of next month, you start to lose the time again. about 6:40 will be the sunrise by the time we get to thanksgiving. a few clouds moving through and even a few scattered rain showers. most of the rain showers maybe a couple of drops when you get toward manchester and merrimack and jaffrey too. you shouldn't run into any big problems driving into work this morning. it is part of one cold front that comes through. that will bring you cooler air for tomorrow. behind that, another cold front. that one is going to bring in a bigger reinforcement of cold air. look out toward fargo. temperatures in the that's what we're to about sunday. get ready.
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big change in the way it feels over the next here's where we're starting now. 45 in manchester. 41 in concord. 48 in laconia. northern part of the state. clouds and a few scattered showers through the morning. once we get to noontime, most of us clear the skies. by the afternoon, all of sunshine. tonight we have clouds increasing again as that comes through. look at that. some snow up in the northern part of the state through the morning hours tomorrow and in the higher elevations it will continue into the afternoon as some colder air comes in. for the rest of us, we're back to sunshine. a repeat tomorrow in the forecast for what we have today. snowfall accumulation a dusting to one inch north of the notches. certainly up in pittsburgh and berlin wouldn't be surprised to see a light gusting. if you are heading out, budged up. temperatures into the 40's.
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at least it will be dry. temperatures today 50's up north and 60's south. for the weekend, looks like we start out with a spotty shower on saturday. sunday will be cool. look at that. 44 and those are the night temperatures too in the 20's even here in the southern part of the state. welcome to late fall. erin: we are going to be cranking up the heat over the weekend. hayley: then it warms up next week. sean: we start with ray brewer. ray: an autopsy confirmed the body was that of sue hutchinson. she was strangled and the prime suspect is stephen andrade who took his own life. his body found last week in a hotel in massachusetts. sean: jury deliberations are underway. the jury is off until monday. in closings yesterday, the defense claimed that
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lied and wolusky only held the victim down to rob him. search efforts for a missing hiker in the white mountains. 64-year-old claire marie cucuzzo didn't return last weekend. erin: still ahead, when it comes to pictures, it is all about the subject matter.
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a stunning amount. erin: talk about a return on investment. a collector in california paid $2 for the photo. it is worth about $5 million. sean: really? erin: yes.
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photo of billy the kidd. the picture is from 1878 and shows him playing croquet. erin: how do they snow maybe it is someone dressed up in a halloween costume. sean: all right. fair enough. scratch that. erin: i'll still take the millions. another rare find is pulling in big bucks. r & r auctions sold a better written by wolfgang mozart. sean: she's pretty popular. mozart asked to return the score for three letters. can you imagine? erin: that's amazing. coming up in your next half an hour, it's been 30 years since the flight was bombed over
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scotland. now navy they have
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the republicans finally admit it. >>"republican kevin mccarthy saying ...the committee investigating benghazi and clinton's emails was created to destroy her candidacy..." "everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together a benghazi special committee... what are her numbers today?" republicans have spent millions attacking hillary... ...because she's fighting for everything they oppose... ...from affordable health care. equal pay... she'll never stop fighting for you. and the republicans know it. >>i'm hillary clinton and
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur "news 9 sean: welcome back. good morning. it is finally friday, october 16th. a live look in meredith. 48 degrees. that will seem balmy. erin: overnight we could see some flurry actions in some spots. the details. first the top stories. the attorney generals office says they confirmed the body found is a missing woman from manchester. sue hutchinson was last
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seen on september 20th. crawl space. two suspects have been identified in the 1980 bombing of an aircraft over scotland. it killed 11 people on the ground and 259 people on that plane staters. members of the concord community will take part in a fundraising walk to help a beloved principal diagnosed with als more than a year ago. sean: it is a right of passage when you start using the word snow. hayley: i know. i made my first snow accumulation map this morning. thankfully it is not much. it is in the spaces that, you know, usually get -- maybe you are says i don't want it. the clouds linger. later this afternoon, we'll break out and see some sunshine. the warmer temperatures
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are in the northern part of the state this morning. you guys walking out this morning. 50 degrees in whitefield and berlin. the clouds have been overheadlonger and the rain showers too. it might be a safe bet to have at least the rain jacket this morning at the bus stop. in a few spots, there might be some sprinkles. it is going to be light. by the second half of the day, looks like we'll be drying out and back to sun. temperatures in the 50's. that will feel nice carried to the temperatures on sunday. sean: we start with a live look at i-93. hayley: we're joined live deb davidson. deb: hey, hayley and sean. traffic is moving well. especially 89 northbound from concord up to new london and the hanover and lebanon area. if you are coming on the
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seeing no delays through weare and into the bow junction. 93 southbound is trouble free. the everett turnpike is moving very well. the lane drops and from merrimack into nashua. this report is brought to you by autofair. i'm deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. sean: thanks. the attorney general has fears. the body found sunday night was sue hutchinson. erin: it took a second search of her home for police to find the 57 years old's body. ray brewer has details on how they believe she died and whom may have killed her. ray: the medical examiner says they fueled her death a homicide. her body was found in the crawl space in a shared department.
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>> it is always disappointing. you always hold out hope they have just gone away. ray: since september 20th, they have been searching for sue hutchinson who disappeared with their roommate, stephen andrade. even they though searched, family members noticed a strange home. >> we were able to do some additional searching. they discovered a false front on the closet in the back. ray: thursday an autopsy confirmed the woman was hutchinson. john kennedy says someone killed her by strangling her with a foreign object. >> it is very disappointing. i know it is hard for
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our hearts go out to her family. >> that's were we're focusing the investigation. we're investigating both hutchinson and andrade's murder. ray: based on statements, they believe he killed hutchinson, fled, and took his own life. >> in any case where -- ray: once again the attorney general's office is looking into the motive behind the murder and subsequent suicide. erin: thank you. nashua police are investigating an overnight robbery that happened at mobil gas station after midnight. no injuries have been
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reported. search is underway for the suspect. sean: two new suspects have been identified in the 1988 bombing of an airplane over lockerbie, scotland. the u.s. department in scotland says there's a legal basis to treat a pair of libyan nationals in the 103 pan am bombing. only one person has been tied to the bombing and he died in 2012. it killed 11 people on the ground and 293 people on the plane, staters. erin: they are considering a new way to educate students about the heroin epidemic. last night parents were invited to hear from first responder and other experts. they shared graphic images and stories. a similar presentation middle school students in manchester. most parents said they
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want their children to see the reality of heroin use. >> i have two sixth graders. i would let them watch that. of this. this is terrifying. >> i think it is something that every child in the city need to learn. it. it is scary. these are the times we live in. erin: the school superintendent says some graphic images will be reviewed before the students see the presentation in 2016. students in the granite state are going undercover to show how easy it is for kids to buy marijuana inside. a youth group visited four different malls in new hampshire. they entered a series of stories and made purchases. at one mall, four out of five stories sold merchandise to the members as young as 10, 11, and 12. they later handed the
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concern. sean: friends of concord's high school's principal are holding a walk on saturday. money will go to gene connolly's family. i know the disease have robbed him of his voice, they say they learn day. >> he can inspire kids just by walking by them and giving them a fist bump. you can see it in their eyes. gift. it is magnified now. >> i love concord high. i have a lot more to give. i have a lot more in my tank. sean: he uses body language and an ipad program that speaks for him. last year's walk raised $25,000 for research. this year the money collected will go directly to the connolly family. erin: the school community is
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his extended family. sean: coming up, for the first time, we're hearing from one of the vice president's about the race for the white house. big question this morning is will he run? erin: the action that landed one utah man in court. you won't want to miss a beat of the story. hayley: passing clouds and showers. over the weekend, a few of us see the showers
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the forecast ahead. hayley: good friday morning. 41 degrees. we'll see sunshine and temperatures in the 40's where we are now into afternoon. those 50's will feel light compared to some this weekend. the forecast in a few minutes. sean: the numbers are out. they show the democratic candidates for president are leading their republican competitors. nikole killion live from washington to break down the fundraising figures.
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what have we learned from them? reporter: what we're learned is that hillary clinton and ben carson are leading the parties in terms of bringing in the most cash. hillary clinton raised $28 million in the third quarter. bernie sanders wasn't far behind with $26 million. on the republican side, ben carson collected $20 million. he's burning through his war chest quick re. he's followed by jeb bush who raised over $13 million. this time around, donald trump is no longer fully financing his own campaign. he brought in $4 million. only a fraction of that coming out of his own pocket. sean: they are giving us some insight as to why some candidates decided to drop out of the race. what are we learning about that? >> that's right. not too long ago, we saw scott walker and rick
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race due to a lack of funds. they said when walker dropped out, he was almost broke. he's still struggling to deal with some of the campaign expenses. others could be on the verge of running out of cash as well, including george pataki and jim gilmore who are down to a couple of thousands dollars. sean: thank you. erin: continuing our commitment 2016 coverage, we're on the biden watch. the family reportedly is saying yes to a run to the oval office. the big question is will he? new morning, one of the top political advisors says if he decided to run for president, his focus would be on restoring middle class values. attorneys for former house speaker, dennis hastert, say he intended to plead guilty in a federal case. the 73-year-old illinois republican is charged with breaking banking laws and lying to the
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prosecutors say he paid someone $3.5 million to hide claims of past mid conduct. a plea deal would help keep any potentially embarrassing secrets quiet. hastert is expected to appear in court at the end of the month to enter the plea. president obama is amending troop withdraws from afghanistan. there are about 9800 troops. all were supposed to be home by 2016. he will leave as many as 5,5h groups on the ground. he says it a modest, but meaningful extension. runners will be hitting the ground for the foley 5k in rock chester. james foley was killed by isis. it starts at the rochester fairgrounds at
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if you can't pretend, you can still participate virtually using the hashtag i run for jim. sean: we are checking in on the dartmouth big green. they are undefeated in four games. they have outscored 156-40 which includes winds over penn and yale. day-linn williams is yards. >> we're competing every week. it is always tough to have a goal and do a good job. we have to keep it going. sean: they will go outside of their league playing at central connecticut. there are two football games collecting food. londonderry at spaulding
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bring a canned food item. stevens at newport saturday is come homing for the tigers. 55,000 pounds of food have been collected in new hampshire. >> now meteorologist hey -- hayley lapoint with your forecast. hey li: -- hayley: it is going to be cool. 45 degrees in manchester. do you have any plans to check out the foilage? erin: let's hope so. hayley: the foilage has been popping with the colder temperatures. it is only about to get started. erin: i feel like it is brighter, more so than years past. hayley: it is gorgeous. up and down the state, looks like all of us at peak. i'll show you the latest in a second. first a live webcam in claremont. we have dry pavement there. no problems commuting off toward work.
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maybe a couple of spotty showers across the state. they are very hit or miss. mainly dry at the moment. a few clouds over head and maybe even a little bit of fog in the distance over the big lake. a quiet morning here. it is cool. especially coolest when you get into the southern part of the state. look up north. at least you have 50 there in whitefield. 41 in concord. 45 in manchester. big difference is where we have clouds and where we don't. then it is why temperatures are warmer the clouds have been firmly in place. look at the high temperatures. basically where we are now up in the northern part of the state. this is a cold front that's sweeping through bringing in the scattered showers and the clouds this morning. behind it some sharply cooler air. this will be all we can muster in a lot of spots. we will in the southern areas get into the 60's later this afternoon. nashua the front not there. you can see it draped
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across the state from the southwest. anywhere along the boundary there could be a couple of scattered showers that move through. you see some showers along the western slopes there and the green mountains. most of them haven't been able to make it into new hampshire. a few heavier showers along route 302 there between littleton, bethlehem, north conway, and glen. a couple of showers into the upper valley and maybe one loan shower too. mostly these are light and spotty. through and we're going to see some sunshine for day here. we get through the showers. there you go. at lunchtime today. breaking out of the clouds, especially in central and southern new hampshire and seeing some sunshine. tonight we'll start the overnight hours clear. then we'll have clouds filling in by day break tomorrow morning. look there. there's some white. yes, there's going to be
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some snow showers up in the northern part of the state. some of you north of the notches may come away with a dusting to one inch of snow. the rest of us in the southern part of the state, maybe a few sprinkles. you might see a couple flurries flying through the air as far as south anything. gusting to one inch north of the notches on saturday morning. here's the latest for the fall foilage. everybody except right at the seacoast at peak it is beautiful. check it out if you can. here's the weekend forecast. morning snow up north saturday. sunday noticeably colder. 44 degrees for the high temperature. look at the temperatures overnight too. killing frost saturday night and sunday night. good thing is, guys, right back down. here's the fall roller coaster temperature ride we're on. erin: i know. it just keeps on going down.
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handy. erin: this week we asked who has the best apple cider donuts. number five is carter hill orchard in concord, four windy ridge orchard in knorr haverhill, four cider bellies in moulton, two mckenzie's, and according to your vote the best place is meadow ledge farm in loudon. we need a sneak a sample of them all. sean: they smell so good. two men accused of reckless driving are facing new charges this weekend. a state police trooper says on monday he clocked christopher grant and brandon clark going 118 on their motorcycles on i-93 northbound through ashland. police say they've now
5:45 am
seized video from a helmet that shows him going up to 160 miles per hour. erin: wow. dance moves landed one man in court. steph unger was cited for dancing on the sidewalk. he pled not guilty at hearing last week. the retired anesthesiologist is welcome known for his dance routines. sean: he said he was getting his car repaired. after a complaint, they say he was uncooperative. there's been widespread support for unger. several people showed up at his hearing, he was dancing outside before. erin: he is a dapper dancer. he's all dressed up. sean: that's some great foot work. erin: still ahead, the gift that
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ape. tt2watv# 1d bt@qz$( tt2watv# 1d "a@qj(l tt2watv# 1d bm@qa#@ tt4watv# 1d " dztq st0 tt4watv# 1d " entq #pp tt4watv# 1d " gzt& :w( tt4watv# 1d " hnt& *yd tt4watv# 1d " iztq @0< tt4watv# 1d " jntq r@\ tt4watv# 1d " lzt& j- who's toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis and jeb bush had the best record. billions in pork, vetoed. eight budgets, balanced. and tax cuts every single year. right to rise usa
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who has the plan for jobs? jeb. tax cuts for the middle class. eliminates special loopholes. an explosion in growth and new jobs. jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right to rise usa
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erin: animals in the detroit zoo had a smashing good time. hayley: to bring in fall, they are given pumpkins filled with yummy treats. sean: it is not easy. they are hidden in the habitat. sometimes they eat it, play with it, or smash it on the ground. that's neat though. hayley: group of smashing pumpkins. sean: yes. appropriate. do you want me to start singing? probably not. erin: we've got to move on. sean: coming up. ray: what an autopsy revealed about the death of a manchester woman whose body was discovered in her apartment on sunday. erin: search teams are expected to double for a hiker missing in the white mountains. the 64-year-old woman went on a hike and the hasn't been seen. officers have been
5:49 am
searching from the air and ground and have checked amc huts in the area. sean: new development in the 1988 bombing over lockerbie, scotland. it killed 11 people on
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people on >> it is always disappointing. you always hold out hope that, you know, maybe
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