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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  October 16, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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granite state right now. but for the first time this year we're talking about a sign that a true new hampshire fall is here as well. good evening, thank you for joining us. i'm josh mcelveen. jean: and i'm jean mackin. chief meteorologist mike haddad is here now with more on when some of you could see snow this weekend, yes, snow. mike: that's how cold it's going to get, jean, no doubt about it. there's plenty of snow flying in southeastern canada right now and that disturbance is heading in the direction of northern new hampshire. right now it is pleasantly cool in southern zones in the upper 50's to around 60. these temperatures right now are right at average, so we're not talking about anything extreme as we go through this evening. but you do notice back to the west, once a band of rain did clear early this morning more showers have been gathering around toronto and back through ottawa, points west. but notice how they begin to change over to a little snow. here's a look at the forecast for tomorrow, it will be much cooler than today, low 40's north with mixed and snow
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showers, with even a light accumulation in the great north woods and northern part of the white mountains. while southern new hampshire will top off in the low 50's. certainly cooler than today, but believe it or not it turns even colder before the weekend is over. more on that straight ahead. jean: new developments tonight in the search for a missing hiker. authorities have found a body in the gale river in bethlehem that looks like the woman they've been searching for. claire marie cocuzzo was last seen september 29 but wasn't reported missing until wednesday. as heather hamel reports, search crews spent the past two days looking for her until they made a grim discovery earlier today. reporter: searchers are only on the ground for three hours before they found a body it on the banks of a river. the medical examiner was taken into the mountains by atv, this
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cocuzzo reported her missing. the 64-year-old massachusetts woman takes an annual hike in the white mountains, her family thought she was going last week, but some people saw her at the gale head hut on saturday night trouble. after her employer reported that she hadn't come to work following the columbus day holiday, her family called officials, her car was found and a search was initial naited. the night before she left the hut was a rainy one, more than two and a half inches fell. >> i'm sure the gale river was really flowing at this point. so any river crossing in that amount of water would have been dangerous. >> oh, god. she always looked forward to it. it was, really that was her life more than anything. reporter: this was just the second day of the search. a national guard helicopter was in the air yesterday. and today there was up to 50 searchers on the ground. heather hamel, wmur news 9.
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jean: good samaritans helped rescue two hikers near the birch trail in jaffrey last night. a friend called 911 when they didn't return on time. the pair became lost, tired and dehydrated. officers were preparing to rescue them when two people helped them down the mountain. the hikers may have to pay for the costs related to their rescue. josh: commitment 2016 now, a busy day here, hillary clinton back in new hampshire. she's back with a bounce in her step and in the polls following tuesday night's debate performance in nevada. political reporter adam sexton was with the candidate today at it a town hall in keene. reporter: the clinton campaign is business-like but it definitely has a bounce back in its step in new hampshire. today the applause for the candidate was a little more enthusiastic and extended than usual, and importanters say they feel like they've got momentum coming out of tuesday's debate. >> i think that fafsa
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it is just absolutely absurd. reporter: hillary clinton drew big applause in keene state college friday afternoon talking about how she tackles student debt. but the central theme of this town hall was gun violence. >> as president i will push and achieve universal background checks, something that the majority of americans support and the majority of gun owners support. sensible, responsible gun owners support it. reporter: the former secretary of state called on responsible gun owners to organize against the n. r.a. >> it's just scare responsible folks into thinking that, you know, a black helicopter is going to land in the front yard and somebody is going to show up and take your guns. that is nonsense. reporter: clinton answered 15 yeses, one of them on the northeast energy direct natural gas pipeline proposed for the state's southern tier and the
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>> what will you do to change f.r.c., because candidates tell us it's a local issue. it's not. we have no control. >> the concerns that residents have expressioned about ferc are legitimate because the process that it's employing does not give enough weight to public opinion in the locations where pipelines are going through. reporter: there was plenty of buzz in the crowd about clinton's recent debate performance, but at least one undecided voter says he is still shopping for a candidate. >> at the moment i'm not too sure, but i'm definitely making sure to hear what they all have to say. reporter: the candidate is rounding out her day with an event in nashua. coming up at 6:00 we'll tell you about a new poll in new hampshire that could explain some of the clinton campaign's renewed confidence. adam sexton, wmur news 9. josh: thanks. a rare appearance for republican candidate mike huckabee the new hampshire today. unlike a lot of the other candidates, huckabee has been putting his energy and resources in states like iowa and south carolina.
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in fact he hasn't been here since april. while he did finish third in 2008 and says he likes the state, he needs to see that the state likes him back. >> you have to put your flag where you believe it's going to be saluted and that's always something you evaluate every time, you look at it and you say where are we doing welsh where do we have to do well. josh: fair enough, but while he was here today he as took part in our candidate cafe series, sitting down to talk about everything from his love of music to his time as a of tv talk show host. and don't count him out yet, there's a new sign today that vice president biden may jump into the race for the white house after all. sally kidd is in washington with the latest update. reporter: josh, this latest speculation comes after one of the vice president's closest advisors send an e-mail to former biden staffers.
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people guessing. and president obama? >> i'm not going to comment on what joe is doing or not doing him reporter: but now this from an ex-biden chief of staff, former senator ted kaufman. in an e-mail to staffers, quote, if he runs he will run because of his burning conviction that we need to fundamentally change the balance in our economy and the political structure to restore the ability of the middle class to get ahead. >> former senator kaufman is one of the few close confidants of vice president biden, so for him to sort of preview a campaign message is significant. reporter: the e-mail dampened speculation that biden would not launch a bid after hillary clinton's strong debate performance. >> hillary clinton has good reason to be concerned because joe biden pulls support disproportionately away from her. reporter: kaufman says the vice president would run a campaign
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from the heart, and he also writes, if he decides to run, we will need each and every one of you yesterday. underscoring the organizational and fund raising disadvantages biden might face if he makes the leap. another possible clue, sources close to the vice president say he's been making calls this week to leading democrats in some of the early primary states, like iowa and new hampshire. sally kidd, wmur news 9. jean: senator rand paul arrived in new hampshire today for a three-day trip tonight at 7:00. he'll be stopping at a bowling for liberty event in manchester. tomorrow senator paul will be in ashland. or ted cruz will also be in contoocook tomorrow at the hopkinton fair grounds. and former governor martin o'malley has events planned in laconia, manchester and nashua. senators kelly ayotte and jeanne shaheen are working together to bring mental health care
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coverage to veterans. they met with providers and officials today in manchester. the coverage would come from the choice card program which would allow any veteran who does not live near a v. after hospital to access care from any hospital. >> we want to make sure this program works for veterans, that it works for those people who are providing care and it's clear there's still information that everybody needs. jean: new hampshire's only v.a. hospital is in panthers. josh: time now to see how traffic is flowing around the state, looking live at 293 north in manchester, where traffic appears to be moving pretty good for a friday. jean: peggy james joins us live with a look at your evening commute. saw a lot of leaf peepers heading north today, peggy. >> yes, heading into the weekend people are headed north and so far they've got a pretty good ride and can enjoy the foliage at a good pace.
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93 northbound coming up from the massachusetts border some slight slowdowns between derry and londonderry. once you're past londonderry you're good up through manchester on 2 # 3, moving well in both directions around manchester at this point. further north up towards concord the hooksett tolls are moving well. we do have some congestion in concord itself right from the 89 split up to about exit 14. quite busy there. 89 itself is a good ride. the everett turnpike, lots of company, you're busy northbound between exits 10 and 11, but overall no major issues for you. so 1 west moving through -- 101 west slowdowns until you get past wallace road. 101 east is a hassle-free ride at the moment. 95 going well through the hampton tolls north and south. with from the wzid traffic network, i'm peggy james. josh: coming up at 5:00, people are trying to clean up after
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heavy rain and flash flooding causes mudslides in california, and forecasters say this could happen again soon. >> it's opening night for the manchester monarchs, a new era in monarchs hockey, coming up. mike: sunshine did develop in many spots today, but do we see bright skies as temperatures tumble over the weekend? the forecast ahead. jean: new numbers show the drug epidemic the manchester is getting even worse, how state leaders are trying to stop the problem. josh: a new polls where new hampshire voters stand in the democratic race for white house,
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and clinton t if you think storm damage is the only cost of climate change, think again. from the rising price of food to higher insurance rates for homes and businesses, the economic damage will only get worse. but with american-made clean energy, we can save money on electricity and spur innovation to create
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with 50% clean energy by 2030. so, what are we waiting for? jean: a huge scaffolding collapse is under investigation tonight in houston, six workers were hurt. but it appears they're going to be okay. the 7-story building was under construction when the scaffolding collapsed, scattering debris all over the city block. authorities are still trying to figure out what caused this accident. josh: medics say israeli troops killed three palestinians after clashes in several west bank towns today. also dozens of palestinians fired at a holy site known in
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the israeli military says a palestinian man wearing a yellow vest with the word press written on it stabbed and wounded an israeli soldier. the attacker was shot and killed by other soldiers. jean: people in southern california are cleaning up after major mudslides there. cars were buried and people stuck on top of homes. as lauren lyster tells us, forecasters say there's a chance it could happen again. reporter: today parts of southern california still stuck the the mud. and even many who aren't wedged in dirt are stuck in traffic, hundreds of big rigs stranded on this 10-mile stretch of highway since last night because of road closures. this as crews and a car owner here dig out from the debris and make rescues. after a sea of mud rushed across some areas outside of l.a. late yesterday. >> everybody up here is completely land locked in.
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cars and putting drivers in danger. >> we're stuck. report triggered by severe thunderstorms and flash flooding watch as the mud furiously sweeps away this car, right into this bus. shutting down a 30-mile stretch of interstate 5, one of california's busiest freeways. this truck flipped on its side. >> it was coming down too fast. >> she's at least waist deep. reporter: abandoning her car, trudging through flood water. while this driver find refuge by climbing on top of his semi. now as the cleanup continues, some of of these cars aren't going anywhere. take a look at these two, still submerged in mud, this one national weather service says a flash flood warning is the effect this afternoon and evening. mike: unfortunately on the west
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a sign of things to come with the very strong el nino, that's the warming of the pacific ocean, and it really churns up the jet stream and drives a very active weather pattern out west. what does that mean for us? possibly a slightly milder winter. take a look right now at a fall scene up there in plymouth where yeah, the find is in full peak conditions right now. a beautiful shot up there at plymouth state university. you're also looking at more find in warren and mount kearsarge. right now we're at peak conditions across most of new hampshire. you recall how warm september was, that kept the foliage from kicking in across the north country. so we've seen it pop in many areas all at the same time within a 7 to 10-day period. yes, there are a few spots up north that are a little past peak, but most of the great north woods, white mountains, points south all at peak right now, and just another few days away from manchester points south and southeast. so get out and enjoy the fall color. but bundle up, because times are
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achanging and the weather pattern is changing big time over the weekend. you'll notice quite a few showers upstream moving in our direction, in the form of rain right now. as it's too warm to support anything but liquid. but later on tonight colder air will begin to approach from southeastern canada. can you see it played out on the radar scopes around north bay and points north, with some snow showers that will likely hit the north country after about three or four in the morning. but again ahead of that today, still relatively mild. right at the average in the lower 60's, after bottoming out at 40. tomorrow and sunday a different story though. right now cooler air beginning to filter in across the northern part of new hampshire, mid to upper 40's. but around 60 in southern new hampshire. this is as warm as we'll see through the next several days. maybe you want to take in one of the friday night football games, yeah, seasonably chilly but very pleasant. low 50's at kickoff, near 50 at
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half time and low to mid 40's on your way home. that's the average for kickoff in southern new hampshire. if you're going farther north, be prepared for five or six degrees cooler in terms of the temperature pattern. mid 30's will do it up north by morning, on average upper third to around 40 central and southern new hampshire. here comes all that cold air out of canada for the next couple days with the coldest sunday and sunday night. in terms of showers, notice what happens on our future cast, yeah, those rain showers move in by early morning, in the form of a mix or snow in the great north woods, down through the white mountains, scattered about for your saturday and we could see anywhere from a coating to an inch or two in the white mountains and a coating to on inch in the great north woods. behind that even colder, with more sun on sunday, could even be a scattered flurry anywhere late sunday afternoon as a
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comes in for monday and then temperatures bounce back to average for most of next week, after monday night. so a little preview of november, before we get there, but it won't last all that long. jean: thanks, mike. how about this, we are less than two hours away from the return of hockey to manchester. josh: the brand new echl monarchs open their season tonight at the verizon wireless arena. jason king is there now with a preview. reporter: that's right, guys, hockey back here in manchester, it's opening night for the manchester monarchs and a new era in monarchs hockey. of course although it the 15th season of professional hockey here at the verizon wireless arena, it's the inaugural season for the echl. as you mentioned. so to put it in perspective, we use a baseball analogy, the ahl monarchs that left and went to ontario, california also an affiliate of the los angeles kings, is like triple a in baseball.
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the echl is like double a, like the fisher cats we have here down the street. and also in case you're wondering, echl, used to stand for east coast hockey league. but because teams aren't really from the east coast, many of them, they did away with the words, so it's simply the echl, and echl doesn't stand for anything, if you can follow that. what it stands for is great hockey, and that's what the guys expect to play tonight. >> hard working team. we've got pretty good skill set, a lot of guys that like to score goals, so it should be exciting hockey to watch. >> guys are ready, to get the regular season under way. one game in weekend, friday night at home. so i think everyone is excited. i think it will be a good turnout and hopefully will get first w on the board. reporter: they're expecting about 7,000 fans. seats still available, so come
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they play the brampton beasts. jason king, wmur news 9 sports. jean: thanks. next, health officials in maine are looking for the connection between two toddlers after they both came down with the same strain of e-coli. josh: at 5:30 the new hampshire film festival is in portsmouth this weekend, we'll tell you what movies and entertainment you can see. >> i have a big old barn, i go in there and tinker and tinker,
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this and what kind of junk jean: a maine toddler is back home after fighting the same e-coli bacteria that took the life of another maine child. public health authorities confirm the two boys carried the same strain of e-coli. both children attended the oxford county fair last month. but the state is also searching for other common factors in these cases. studies have shown that moderate use of some alcohol like red wine can have health benefits. josh: but a new report says binge drinking and underage drinking has a significant cost to the country. dr. timothy johnson explains why. reporter: out with friends after work, maybe it starts with one drink. no harm in getting another. but the true price could be far
5:23 pm
more than you think. the c. d. c. researchers measured the cost to the country due to drinking alcohol including health care expenses, criminal activity, and property damage. they found that binge drinking alone costs the government more than $190 billion each year in health care and productivity. add in underage drinking and drinking during pregnancy and excessive alcohol consumption costs the country $250 billion in 2010. the message is clear. excessive alcohol consumption is expensive and these costs are often lowered by taxpayers, so drink responsibly and not too much, because you may not be the only one who pays for the tab. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. josh: up next, more disturbing numbers on the growing drug abuse problem in new hampshire, and state leaders are meeting today to try to do what i they
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jean: a car crashes into a massachusetts liquor store overnight, what sent it
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500 drug overdoses in manchester alone this year. we'll tell you how state leaders are trying to tackle substance abuse today. jean: and a car crashes into a store, caught on camera how the owner was able to clean up the mess and open on time. mike: average temperatures once again today, but that changes over the weekend as a november-like chill moves in. when the growing season will end statewide. >> the 15th annual new hampshire film festival has arrived in portsmouth. i'm jennifer crompton, the big names, big movies. jean: staggering new numbers today on the heroin epidemic in new hampshire as of yesterday ambulance service american medical response says manchester alone has seen 578 overdoses this year. 74 were deadly. josh: average age of users, 33,
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the majority of overdoses happen around 4:00 and 9:00 p.m. welcome back, i'm josh mcelveen. jean: i'm jean mackin. this morning state leaders gathered to find a way to decrease drug overdoses in the state. ray brewer has more. reporter: the point that many speakers wanted to drive home was that prevention does work but will take time. that we need to change society's attitude much like what happened with smoking. >> the first time i ever smoked pot i was 9 years old. reporter: this p.a.s. is designed to throw the spotlight on the problem of substance abuse. new hampshire youth are the number one abusers of alcohol, according to a recent study. one reason, it's difficult to mess the message across? >> they they it's just in movies and tv shows where people get hurt from alcohol and substance abuse. reporter: the governor has called substance abuse and the heroin epidemic in particular the number one problem facing the state, noting that many
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prescription drugs. >> so we are working with the medical society and the board of medicine to change the rules for how doctors prescribe opioids and how much training they get. reporter: senator ayotte got a look at the problem on a recent ride along the manchester. >> i was there about an hour and a half, we went to two heroin overdoses. reporter: while police are seizing more drugs than ever, colonel quinn says we need to understand addiction and from talking to former addicts he says there are three keys to keep them from slipping back. >> it's treatment, it's professional treatment, and the one thing that they keep saying, it's after care. reporter: the executive director of the coalition says recent publicity about the problem does help. >> someone who is struggling with addiction is afraid to ask for help, they sometimes think they're a bad person or they've done something wrong. addiction is a disease, just like any other disease. reporter: clark says the publicity does help for families who are dealing with addiction
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they've done something wrong. if the publicity lets them know that they're not alone, that help is available. ray brewer, wmur news 9. jean: and crackdown on drugs in manchester nets another arrest. police arrested 44-year-old anthony alderet after finding heroin and a needle and cotton ball saturated with heroin, he's due in court next month. josh: students evacuated pelham high school today for a planned search of drugs. this morning k9's searched the school and parking lots, good news, they found no drugs in school or vehicles on the property. pelham police says this is part of their effort to ensure that schools remain safe. jean: the department posted this photo of barko today. josh: and a car slammed into a worcester, massachusetts liquor store, the crash caught on several cameras, around
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1:00 this morning. an alarm company told the owner it was a burglary, but when he checked the security cameras from his cell phone he saw the car inside the store, two cars crashed outside the store sending one through the window and creating a big mess. took hours to clean up, but the store still managed to open on time at 9:00 a.m. >> i have never missed a day in 45 years. hurricanes, snowstorms, i was here. open for business. josh: the store still needs cleanup, which will take several days likely. teenagers were seen running out of the car after the crash. the good news is no one was seriously injured. jean: merrimack police arrested a man who was allegedly following cars and trying to force drivers off the road yesterday. officers say ryan mercier fought with them during the arrest. mercier is charged with stalking, reckless driving, simple assault on a police officer, and resisting arrest.
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a suspect in a gas station robbery, a man entered a station on east hollis street shortly after midnight, demanded money from the clerk. he's described as an african-american male with with a thin build, approximately five foot seven, to five foot ten. wearing a blue sweatshirt, jeans and black shoes. if you have any information you're being asked to call police. jean: still to come, a wildfire destroys homes in texas and this isn't the first time residents have seen this kind of devastation. josh: new chip security in credit cards is causing problems for some companies. netflix says the new technology is slowing its growth. mike: another weekend is here and this one the coldest so far this season. why, this bit of snow moving towards us. jean: and some lottery winners aren't feeling so lucky, why they aren't receiving their
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it is time to deal with skyrocketing out-of-pocket costs. commentator: the 32-year-old head of a pharmaceutical company raised the price of a life-saving drug overnight by 5,000%. i'm announcing a detailed plan to crack down on these abuses. commentator: he may be lowering it after hillary clinton blasted him out of the water. her plan would limit the out-of-pocket costs that consumers have to pay. clinton: nobody in america should have to choose between buying the medicine they need and paying their rent. i'm hillary clinton,
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josh: good day to close the week on wall street, dow jones picking up 74 points, s&p 500
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arrow. jean: target is stepping up security after a data breach that exposed personal information of 70 million shoppers two years ago. the retailer is converting all of its store cards to chip and pin cards. that means customers have to enter a pin number or use a chip enabled card for each transaction. target is in the process of sending out millions of new cards. josh: so that new chip technology is causing some problems for companies. video streaming companies, gyms, subscription based companies say it's causing problems when millions of cards are being issued at the same time and customers aren't updating the information. netflix says the cards weren't updated in customer accounts and it is slowing subscriber growth. jean: lottery winners in illinois are getting i.o.u.'s from the state instead a check. people who win more than $600 will have to wait for their money because the state hasn't passed a budget. out. two winners filed a federal
5:36 pm
lawsuit with the, when the state month. one winner is waiting for $50,000. >> i bought the ticket, i won. they're not coming through with their part of the deal. jean: the lawsuit alleges dozens of people are waiting for more than $288 million in prizes. josh: it's the end of an era, the final u.s. airways flight took off today from philadelphia. the airline was retired today, this after merging with american airlines. flight 1939, named for the airlines founding year and will return from charlotte to philadelphia tomorrow are the american airlines banner. this is just the latest big airline to merge. together the big four airlines, american, delta, west and united now control 87% of the u.s. flying market. coming up on news 9, texas is declaring a state of emergency after a fire destroys three dozen homes there. what authorities believe may have started those flames.
5:37 pm
jean: and why the reopening of a burned down months ago will have to be delayed. mike: we're live in pinkerton
5:38 pm
josh: the 15th annual new hampshire film festival now under way in portsmouth. jean: the festival started
5:39 pm
stars like winona ryder and al pacino were on the big screen as the port city bustles with action. jennifer crompton with the view from the balcony. reporter: they're rolling out the red carpet in portsmouth, over 10,000 people expect forward the new hampshire film festival. movie makers, movie buffs, big films, and big business. the banners are hung, the streets and businesses packed, as 110 movies roll at four different venues, straight through sunday. from comedies to documentaries, chosen from more than 1,000 submissions. >> i've already been to one, it was great. reporter: the festival is in its 15th year, the sundance of the east, but more affordable. >> tick totes sundance are over thousands of dollars, yet we're bringing the same films and we're combining them with the local filmmakers. >> my wife will be with me tomorrow, but it's a great time, lots of cool movies. reporter: aside from all the
5:40 pm
screenings and after parties, we also have a whole lineup of panels and workshops. reporter: on topics like raising awareness through film. on the panel this year, the maker of beating market basket, and another making a movie about battling heroin as a community. and there are four comedians on the ever popular comedy panel. we bumped into two, michael higgins most recently of pitch perfect fame, and actor comedian jimmy dunn, both fans of the festival. >> it's a perfect place for it, you've got great theater itself, some of the best restaurants in the world here, and i don't just say that because i eat for free at most of them. report those restaurants along with hotels and shops very busy, as art through film takes center stage on the seacoast. >> i think it's fantastic, it gets better every year. reporter: passes are available for a film, for a day or for the whole weekend. movies and panels run through sunday.
5:41 pm
jennifer crompton, wmur news 9. jean: thanks. tonight authorities in texas believe a farming accident may have sparked a wildfire that's destroyed three dozen homes. the hidden pines fire has been burning since tuesday, and has consumed more than six square miles in central texas. texas' governor has declared a state of disaster which frees up more state resources as crews battle the flames, and in difficult conditions. >> they've been dealing with challenges, shifting winds that have caused it to the go in different directions. and they have a singular goal. and that is to try to eliminate this fire as quickly as possible to reduce the extent of damages. jean: the same texas county was devastated by fire back in 2011. 1500 homes were destroyed and two people killed. josh: historic flooding in the southeast has left the red cross in need of help for victims there. the red cross is looking for donors to make up a critical blood shortage.
5:42 pm
the floods forced a number of blood drives to be canceled and closed at least one donation center to. help keep the blood supply strong the red cross donation center on reservoir avenue in manchester is extending its hours tomorrow. >> it's put us short of about 1400 blood and platelet donations that we were counting on. so we have to make up that short fall. josh: the red cross tomorrow will be open from 7:30 to 1:30. can you schedule a donation online or just walk in. mike: the weekend just about to kick off here and looks to be a chilly one, no doubt about that. the coldest air so far this season moves in. right now from our live web cam network, claremont, lots of fine fall color there downtown. also some nice color in downtown portsmouth at market square, as some of the leaves begin to turn bright yellow.
5:43 pm
still a little sun to be had, but it sets at 6:01 tonight. and that will be the latest sunset until march 13th, as the daylight continues to dwindle here. what else is dwippedding, the warm air and mild temperatures. we have cooler conditions for the upcoming weekend. so the coldest air has been well advertised this week, no doubt about that, moves in beginning tomorrow. but really will be felt later tomorrow night into monday morning. the growing season will end for many tomorrow night, where it doesn't end early sunday morning it will certainly end everywhere by early monday morning. teens and 20's by then. mixed and snow showers up north later tonight, especially predawn hours of saturday morning, into saturday evening. even a light accumulation and then temperatures do bounce back nicely starting tuesday of next week. not a whole lot on radar, so if
5:44 pm
you have travel plans this evening no major weather headaches. but showers will begin to approach by early morning from the west, with the next disturbance. as that moves in, cold air will chase it from the back side where there's a bit of snow flying, and that will cause the rain hours to quickly change over to snow in portions of the great north woods and the white mountains. elsewhere not that bad, 50's to around 60 to start off the evening. later on tonight temperatures quickly tumble into the 40's. and by early morning 30's to around 40 in many parts of the state. notice a lot of cold air in eastern parts of canada, all nosing in with the jet stream flow at least through monday, then retreats tuesday and wednesday. in terms of rain chances, again the best shot will be later tonight in the great north woods. but once again, cold enough air mixes in at the same time. so a little bit of wet snow and a coating by morning cannot be ruled out. mixed or snow showers north
5:45 pm
tomorrow, best chance of a light accumulation in the higher terrain, very little accumulation in the valleys, could be a sprinkle anywhere during the late morning and early afternoon. once we get beyond that it dries out in many spots later tomorrow night into sunday. by sunday even colder than tomorrow. after low 30's tonight up north, low 40's south, temperatures only jump back into the lower 40's north, lower to mid 50's south tomorrow. about seven, eight, nine degrees colder on sunday despite a lot of sun, it will be breezy too. then monday starts off very cold, the coldest start so far to a day since last april. then temperatures bounce back. so we'll get there, but a little bit of a preview of november on the way. josh: it thickens up the blood a little bit. so when, for this week's viewers we asked you to tell us who has the best apple cider donuts. jean: we need promise. number five, carter hill
5:46 pm
four, the windy ridge orchard in north haverhill. number three, cider bellies at moulton farm. number two, mackenzie's farm in milton. and number one place according to your votes for the best apple cider donut is meadow lent farm in loudon. jamie: welcome to pinkerton academy. timberlane at pinkerton. we have the pinkerton band, exactly 185 members strong, ready to play for us. astros, let's do it.
5:47 pm
>> the astros, nice job, gang, way to go. friday night football week seven, 15 games on the schedule. jason king will have all your scores and highlights tonight at 11:00. take a quick look at the college football schedule, three of the teams on the road, only plymouth state is home. let's roll through that again, i want to hear a little bit more, just preten they just got a touchdown or something. you guys can take this, josh and jean, when ever you want. josh: like the guy at the boston pops. jean: yes, maestro staton. they sound great. a little girl is reunited with her teddy bear more than a year after she lost it.
5:48 pm
bring them together. tom: then on news 9 at 6:00 tonight searchers find a body matching the description of a massachusetts woman missing since setting out on a hike in the white mountains, what they suspect happened to that experienced hiker. and a new poll is looking at the democratic presidential candidates after their first debate this week. we're going to break down the numbers for hillary clinton and
5:49 pm
jean: a little girl is reunited with her teddy bear after a year apart. josh: ruthy lost her bear at a mall in new york state. and the security guard found it and turned to social media to find its owner. a picture of the bear was shared more than 10,000 times on facebook and was featured on a local tv channel. it was ruthy's brother who spotted the bear on tv, and mom set up the reunion. >> most people would have tossed it. i am so grateful, because a lot of people, like you said, it just a little teddy bear so most people would have thrown it out. josh: thank you for joining us. people want change, they want reform, they want to see something done, but just carping about it and whining about it and making speeches about it doesn't get it done. nobody has shaken up the system more than i have. i've always been unorthodox in this and against the grain.
5:50 pm
but you know what? i know how to get it done. new day independent media committee, inc. is responsible for the content
5:51 pm
mike: the coldest air so far of this season arrives over the weekend, how chilly it gets plus where a bit of snow could fall. tom: a disheartening discovery during a search of the white
5:52 pm
mountains for an experienced hiker from massachusetts, the danger claire cocuzzo may have run into during her hike. jennifer: hillary clinton in keene today, the factors that have given her campaign a renewed confidence. tom: the new manchester monarchs open their season tonight, meet and coach and players who are ushering in a new era for the team. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 6:00. jennifer: most of the tate will get its first taste of wintery cold this weekend, some northern communities like colebrook could even see a coat of snow tomorrow. yes, i said snow. good evening, i'm jennifer vaughn. tom: and i'm tom griffith. let's get started with chief meteorologist mike haddad. mike: mid-october usually brings the first snow for many up north and i think that will be played out very late tonight as the coldest air so far this season moves in. notice right now it's seasonably chilly across the great north woods, in the 40's, 23 atop
5:53 pm
mount washington, yeah, it's
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