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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  October 16, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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mike: the coldest air, so far, this season is on its way to new hampshire. how chilly it gets plus which areas could see snow. shelley: the search for a missing hiker has turned up a body in the area where she was last seen. the dangerous conditions she may have encountered. tom: the campaign trail took half a dozen candidates through new hampshire today. we' ll show you their meetings with voters. shelley: law enforcement officers who rushed into danger to help others were honored tonight. their stories of bravery and service. tom: it is week 7 of friday night football and there are quite a few games with playoff implications tonight. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, news tonight. tom: the calendar still says october but by the end of the weekend it will feel more like
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november. shelley: i' m shelley walcott. parts of the state will see a let' s get the details from chief meteorologist mike haddad. mike: it happens every so often. a preview of winter. eventually, it warms back up. the colts, cold, relatively' s out long. just above the magic 32 degree mark. a system approaching. with it, rain showers. snow. the great north woods and northern part of the white coating by tomorrow morning. what about saturday? colder air by sunday. we will look at all of that. shelley: searchers looking for a missing hiker in the white mountains have found a body that matches her description.
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claire marie cocuzzo, from massachusetts, takes an annual hike. her family thought she was going last week, but some people saw her at the galehead hut in she may have run into trouble the next day. fish and game says the night before she left the hut was a rainy one. more than 2.5 inches l. >> so i am sure the gale river was really flowing at that point so any river crossing in that amount of water would have been dangerous. >> oh, god. she always looked forward to it. really, i was her life more than anything. shelley: the body was found two miles from where cocuzzo was last seen, but an identification hasn' t been made yet. tom: a worker in auburn was killed tonight in an accident. first responders say a large steel object fell on a man who was sandblasting at arc electrostatic painting. workers and the fire department tried to lift the steel off him,
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but he was pronounced dead at the scene. the man was 43 years old. the accident is under investigation. shelley: in commitment 2016, several presidential candidates spent their day in new hampshire and plan to campaign here this weekend. jean mackin joins us with some highlights from the campaign trail. jean: with a half dozen candidates in new hampshire today alone they' re vying for the spotlight a few doing it some unique ways hillary clinton wrapped up her day in new hampshire rallying democrats in nashua. ms. clinton: count on me, count on me nashua democrats, count on me young democrats not just my campaign, but helping you build the democratic party here. jean: republican chris christie put down stakes opening campaign headquarters in bedford. mr. christie: another milestone in our campaign to have our headquarters in new hampshire to get it open, get it working jean: fellow gop-er george
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republicans in manchester. mr. pataki: i think as we get to february here in nh ans as the process rolls forward, americans are goin got want a responsible leader. jean: we caught up rand paul bowling a spare to kick off his weekend in the granite state saying he stands out in the pack mr. paul: there are a lot of candidates and you have to break through but i think the good thing about my candidacy is that i think we have our own niche. jean: democrat martin o' malley took the stage at a housing forum hosted by st. anselm college. republican mike huckabee attended the same forum his first visit to new hampshire since april. mr. huckabee: with 324 republican candidates in the primary, not everybody is playing everywhere. jean: but he played here jamming on stage with scott brown' s
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jean: and republican donald trump wasn' t far from hillary clinton tonight holding a rally in tyngsboro, massachusetts where he said he will win the bay state and that his crowds are so large he could fill shelley: it' heat in new hampshire between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. that is according to a new suffolk university-boston globe poll about the democratic just two percentage points separate clinton and sanders. 50% of the people polled say that vice president joe biden, who has been considering entering the race, should stay out. 36% say he should get in. tom: a ceremony in concord tonight honored the men and women who protect the people of new hampshire. hundreds of police officers, family, and friends attended the 2015 new hampshire congressional law enforcement awards. our stephanie woods talked to some of the honorees and has
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stephanie: the officers who they' re not heroes just men and women doing their jobs. >> basically i saved his life. i definitely was thankful for that. stephanie: on august 1, bernard found a suicidal man straddling the granite street bridge. two struggled, and he pulled him to safety. i was like, this could have gone a lot crazier. i could have gotten pulled over with him over the bridge and i' m just glad i could save his life. stephanie: bernard was just one of the many brave men and women honored, at the new hampshire congressional law enforcement awards friday. the state' s congressional delegation remembered those who made the ultimate sacrifice, like brentwood officer steven arkell. >> steve was an incredible police officer, but also an incredible man, family man, coach, and member of the community. stephanie: officers from 31
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different department stood up for putting down the keene pumpkin festival riots one year ago on sunday. a more positive anniversary the longest-serving chief in the country chief edward garone was , celebrated for his 43 years at derry police department. >> i thought of all the men and women that i' ve worked with and how they made my job not only rewarding, but from a professional level, easy. stephanie: but the ceremony was also about younger officers like kicked down the door of a house on fire to save an elderly couple trapped inside. >> i didn' t have time, i just inside that needed my help, and i just acted and did what i had to do. i was fortunate enough to be so close, and i was able to help those people, and i' m fortunate for that. stephanie: the ceremony also . s been 9 years since manchester police officer michael briggs was shot and call. live in the studio stephanie
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woods, wmur news 9. shelley: a major highway in california is blocked by mud tonight. coming up on news 9 tonight. the storm that caused the mudslides and how long it could take to reopen the road. a few mixed showers to kick off mike: sunshine and the weekend on saturday as temperatures continue to fall. a look into a colder sunday, coming up. >> we are cheerleaders. get ready for friday night football. tom: and cheers from the jungle
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get ready for week 7 of friday tom: runners will be hitting the pavement literally and virtually for the foley foundation 5-k in rochester tomorrow morning. new hampshire native and journalist james foley was killed by isis in 2014. if you can' t attend, you can participate virtually using the hashtag i run for jim. the event benefits the foley legacy foundation, which supports american hostages, their families, freelance journalists, and disadvantaged children. representatives for lamar odom say that he has actually regained consciousness. shelley: the former nba player and reality t.v. personality was found unconscious at a brothel
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in nevada on tuesday. today, a family spokesperson said odom was speaking from his hospital bed. blood tests are still pending, but the brothel said odom said he' d done cocaine and also took supplements sold as herbal viagra. california highway patrol says it will take days to clear up all this mud from a major highway north of los angeles. the mud is two to six feet deep. rescuers had to help people trapped in their cars, but no deaths or injuries were reported. powerful storms yesterday triggered flash flooding and mudslides. at least a dozen homes were damaged. el nio factor. way. mike: the colder side of things, no doubt about it.
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a lot of the color held off and has exploded. of the granite state. another several days to go in southeast new hampshire. a few spots past peak. nonetheless, a lot of color out there. we will add coding of white as we go through the next 24 hours. from the west, just enough air. temperatures just around freezing. higher terrain and upstate new york, rain showers mixed in. that will march to the east. bad band of showers, by about 8:00 in the morning, it is gone.
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a possibility of a passing shower south. a good part of your saturday drive. chilly, below freezing. we bought amount where we are. temperatures creep up. by early morning, upper 30' s in southern zones. a lot of cold air for this time of year. writing the jet stream. the next couple of days, temperatures continuing to -- to recover after the coldest morning so far this season. snow showers, ending midmorning.
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sunday, breezes continue out of the northwest. colder air. more sunshine to be had. we are talking about a bit of snow. injury to in the mountains. a coding and some of the valleys. low 40' s will do it up north sunday, highs only in the 40' s north. a hard freeze in many spots. a killing freeze and frosted statewide. tom cole and bring in your moms -- tom: bring in your mums.
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jason: a few undefeated teams in
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>> this is a game that will have conference championship expectations. supreme effort. last home game of the regular let' s go out the way we need to. jason: the astros hoping to take care of business on their home field, a huge game in derry, and we have it for you right now on friday night football.
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>> you are watching friday night football on channel nine. jason: welcome to the show, the playoff race is very interesting for several teams with just two weeks to go in the regular season. few teams have clinched, but others still have some work to do. this is pinkerton and timberlane. playing a game that could decide the south conference championship. opening drive junior quarterback ryan albrecht to tight end tristan brown goes for a 47 yard gain and a first down. a few plays later, the astros albrecht 21 yards to james tulley for the touchdown,7-0 throwing again. tulley for the touchdown,7-0 pinkerton. their next drive started at the seven yard line. a 33 yard run out to midfield.
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s. nice move at the end. 14-0 astros. but timberlane came to play too . jake post running right at us he goes down the sideline to the 6 yard line. a 21 yard gain. that led to a 6 yard touchdown run to make it a great win for 14-7. kevin fitzgerald' s team on the road. timberlane takes it 31-28. back to back losses for the astros. dover and white, jack priester rolls right and throws complete to zach thurber for a good gain, but later in the drive, priester passing again. this time, it is going to be picked off by exeter' s jackson allen. allen with a great return.
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inside the dover that set up a five. short touchdown run. alan finish in dover' s defense played well tonight, dylan russell and erik stephens in on the stop, th goal. exeter improves to 7-0, they win 37-14. straight times entering tonight 3rd quarter, the salem qb uarterback makes an ill-advised throw to avoid a sack and its picked off by avery paulson, who makes a nice return into blue devil territory. that leads to a touchdown pass . justin grassini to tyler deneill on the far sideline tomahawks . that's when the flamethrowers came out on the track. it worked.
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20-6, merrimack. a short touchdown run. salem winds, 37-26. londonderry played at spalding. nick donnoly caught four balls for 145 yards and a touchdown. portsmouth traveled down the road to hampton. the warriors coming off that huge win over pinkerton, second half, already 41-7 winnacunnet, michael lewis breaks free for a 37 yard score. portsmouth had a hard time stopping the run and could not move it very well. joey auger doing his best on offense. good gain for a first down, / but winnacunnet was just too good. liam mcnamara rips off a 4th fourth quarter touchdown run. dives to the far pylon, no let
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down for the warriors, winnacunet wins 55-7 bishop guertin and north playing for first place in the west. cardinals add to the lead, jordan hiscoe finds nick lorden, 38 yard touchdown hook-up, 40-7 . next series for the cardinals, hiscoe hits matt theriault who makes a great adjustment on the ball. that one goes for 34 yards. north didn' t quit, jared levesque finds levi gosselin . maybe the play of the night. great diving catch in the end zone. touchdown for the titans. but jackson housman had at least four touchdowns. they win 54-14. the cardinals take control of the west. memorial and alvirne both looking for their first win the broncos get it. brad kamla ran for 200 yards
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with four touchdowns. blackbirds win sean corrigan 45-14. threw four touchdown passes alex . there are only two unbeaten one of them is the defending teams left in division ii and the windham jaguars looking to champs. improved to 6-0. picked off by matt shea. territory. that would lead to this, griffin lippold finds ben emrick in the flat. he takes it in for a jaguar touchdown. barrels his way into the end zone, another touchdown for the jaguars. gagnon throws a strike down the gagnon throws a strike down the second. touchdown for the pythons, near side line. jaguars extend the states longest active winning streak. 39-19.
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kennett and lebanon both 4-1 in the north conference. big win. no score here. 14-7 in a close one. improve 5-1. cougars ticket 25-14. dan spezzarre threw for 384 yards with four touchdowns. how about plymouth? the bobcats get a big win derek derek macomber ran for two 29-14. touchdowns. / trinity and souhegan in the jungle. sabers in black, first qurter, jonathan nogueria plows in from two yards out, 7-0 souhegan trinity answers. saikou bah gets it started with a 15 yard run to set up a short will shepard score, 8-7 trinity after the 2 point conversion second quarter, souhegan qb michael mancini connects with
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brendan cray, 14 yard gain down to the one. cam kenney finished the drive with a touchdown. so begin -- souhegan is 5-1 they win 4121. merrimack valley, they win 39-14. ran for 208 yards on 34 carries. he also had a touchdown. a pair of one win teams met in pembroke. dominique linehan 28 carries for two of three yards and two touchdowns. reed winter also ran for 140 a reminder, you can watch all of our friday night football shows on our website. you can also folow us on twitter. that does it for week 7, the season is flying by. some good games tomorrow, including 4-1 stevens at 5-0
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still to come tonight, the monarchs played their season opener at the verizon wireless arena.
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anchor: manchester monarchs hockey is back, with a new twist. the american hockey league council last year are gone. the opener came against the brampton beast at the verizon wireless arena. down 1-0 into the 3rd matt leitner gets the first goal of the season for manchester out front. the first in eca jail history. 1-1 game. many things havent changed for the monarchs like max. just 30 seconds later, another goal for manchester. a rebound out front. monarchs win it 2-1 . richard seeley and jeff guiliano on their first victories. the monarchs play a home and weekend. calling talking, unh loses to number 19 same lawrence.
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a goal wins it in ot. new hampshire,, the first goal of the game. baseball playoffs, royals and blue jays game one. american championship series. a solo home run. royals when i' ve-zero. only three had its for toronto. isaiah thomas and transition. celtics lose for the first time in the preseason. they are three have been one. college football, only plymouth state is home. big one for unh at william & mary. >> the coach is excited to do some good things. we have been working hard on the bye week. this is a big game for us. >> we got them last year. they are looking to get us back, leave off where they started.
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