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tv   News 9 at Seven  ABC  October 17, 2015 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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stephanie: right now at 6:00 -- a teenager found dead in a rochester motel room today. officers calling her death suspicious. what authorities say may be responsible for her death. hayley: get ready. tonight will be the coldest night we' ve had so far this season. we' ll all wake up to a hard frost sunday morning. how cold it gets in your town. >> you cant underestimate the goodness of people and this really shows it. stephanie: thousands gathering to remember journalist james foley in a 5-k. how many are remembering the man killed by isis. presidential candidates touring the granite state this weekend. what issues they' re tackling
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. wmur news 9 at 6:00. stephanie: some of us saw snow showers today as winter settles then. good evening and thanks for joining us. hayley lapoint tells us about the hard freeze warnings that have been issued across the state. hayley: temperatures cold enough to support snow in the northern part of this date where it has an accumulating in pittsburgh, berlin, especially on the you' down. 35 right now. 41 concord. when the skies clear out, the cold is really going to settle in. there is a freeze warning that has been in for the counties in purple meaning the end of any
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growing you still have going on tonight with the cold temperatures. still a few snow showers. overnight, and teens north and statewide into the 20' s. i will have a breakdown ahead. stephanie: rochester police are investigating the death of a 16-year-old girl found dead this morning in a motel room. police say it could be a drug overdose but an autopsy will , determine the exact cause of death. wmur' s mike cronin joins us live from rochester with more details. mike: she was found with a mother and a man her mom knows. he is the one who called police. first responders arrived at the riviera motel in rock chester. the girl was dead when they got there. police are calling it suspicious and say it was a possible drug overdose. she was a student at spaulding high school.
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her name is not released while her family is notified. an autopsy was scheduled this afternoon. >> our officer is working with the administration to work on a plan for grief counseling and things of that nature for monday morning. mike: police say they will release more information as soon as it becomes available. mike cronin, wmur news 9. stephanie: now to commitment 2016. democratic presidential candidate martin o' malley spoke about new hampshire' s drug problem today in manchester. the former governor hosted a round table discussion at the farnum center this morning. he also spoke to about education at southern new hampshire and ended the day with a town university hall in nashua. and kentucky senator rand paul is back in the granite state for a three day trip. he stopped at tucker' s restaurant in hooksett for a
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with 15 candidates in the republican playing field, senator paul is trying to set with his budget plan. >> i consider myself to be the m not willing to waste money. there are some who want unlimited military spending. stephanie: he also stopped for a house party and a town meeting. tomorrow morning he will stop at the gun range at 8:00. senator ted cruz held a rally at the hopkinton fairgrounds in contoocook this morning then stopped at a 603 alliance event at the fairgrounds. the gop hopeful said his supporters are grassroots conservative activists, fed up with washington. but he also made time for a few jokes about the democratic front runner. >> tom brady was framed. and i have it on good authority hillary clinton did it.
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why else to you think she deleted her e-mails? the men and women gathered here scare the living daylights out of politicians in washington. politicians are terrified. stephanie: he has served in congress since 2013. an amber alert for a baby boy has been lifted. that infant is getting emergency treatment. police issued an alert last night for two and a half month old qavai cherry. officers say the boy' s mother fled pennsylvania yesterday afternoon when medical personnel told her to take the boy to a hospital for dehydration. she was believed to be driving a car with new hampshire plates. officers arrested cherry in massachusetts. tomorrow would have been journalist james foley' s 42nd birthday. instead isis terrorists cut his life short in syria last august. but today his family friends and
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the many people he inspired are moving forward. with a 5-k race in his name. wmur' s kristen carosa tells us about how the walk not only remembers foley but aims to protect the men and women like him. kristen: the first fully 5k took place today. more than 1000 took part. people were taking part all over the world. people poured out of the fairgrounds for the first annual fully foundation 5k. >> he was an amazing man. he exposed to the suffering of the syrian people. everyone connects with that. kristen: james foley was from rochester, held hostage and killed by isis in syria. >> he went to the most dangerous person -- places in the world to shine light on people who were being murdered and whose human rights being violated. kristen: the event was to raise
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created his mom, to carry out his legacy. >> he would be here smiling and having fun. it is a beautiful way to celebrate jim. kristen: people were invited to in. >> jim was something everyone wanted to believe in, goodness, courage, compassion, commitment to help others. kristen: the foundation is raising money for hostage advocacy to protect conflict journalists and provide educational opportunities to kids with disadvantages. >> his family and the state should be proud. kristen: jerry vandyke is also a journalist. in 2008, he was the first
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>> i know what he was thinking. i know what it was like. i think he' s the most courageous m and worldan -- man in the world. everything he stood for came from them. that is why it is wonderful to be a part of this. kristen: the foundation has raised $700,000. if you would like to help, go to our website, stephanie: a welcome home ceremony for the new hampshire national guard. they returned home in july from a nine-month deployment to the middle east. maggie hassan and kelly ayotte were among family and friends who attended the ceremony. >> it is good for people to know people are still going and coming back. population people don' t realize
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it is going to keep going on, in my opinion. stephanie: the unit has been on a break for a few months and is preparing to get back to work. still to come, concord high school homecoming has a special meaning to help its visible. why are they raising money. showers today. we will be clearing out overnight. in the meantime in colebrook, the pavement is wet because of
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temperatures crashing ov stephanie: welcome back. ted king hosted his fifth annual king of the road to challenge. it raises money for the center where his father was treated
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they hope to top $5,000 in fundraising this year. hundreds of students, teachers and families stood up today. , for principal gene connolly. the 2015 connolly tough walk benefits the head of concord high school who was diagnosed with als 18 months ago. the walk was part of the school' s homecoming parade and raised $15,000. to donate head to our website the pictures, looks like everyone had a fantastic day. really positive. great job to everyone. a nice day to get outside. hayley: definitely a little bit cool. the wind, making it feel brisk. tomorrow even colder actually. we' ve got a big turn in the temperatures. stephanie: and in sports, the
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>> hayley lapoint and your storm watch 9 forecast. hayley: some beautiful pictures coming into us. today was beautiful even with the foliage starting to get past peak.
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ve got those score just -- those gorgeous yellows and a dark cloud that produced a snow squall. this picture was sent to our u local section and you can see some snow behind jim and nancy at cannon mountain. even the lower elevations, we' ve had snow. this is pittsburgh way up north and look at that. you' ve got snow on the roof, the grass, the p are. it is continuing to fall. portsmouth is not white thankfully. it is just dry pavement. it is going to get cold across the state tonight. look at the temperature is now, in the 30' s. berlin 35. 41 degrees in concord. 39 laconia. this is just the beginning. especially when the skies clear out, that is when the temperatures are really going to plummet. the wind has not been helping either.
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cold air to seek down from quebec. it feels cooler with the wind blowing. look at these temperatures overnight. the coldest we have been since last spring. teens up north and 20' s everywhere else. closer to 30 at the seacoast. this is some cold stuff and will signal the end to the growing season. a freeze warning has been issued in the counties and purple. if you have sensitive plants, cover them up. a few snow showers, especially in the higher terrain where they continue through the overnight hours. a couple of rain showers, very hampshire. we will have a least of the risk higher summit as we go through the next day because of the cold
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and condenses and then you get snow. so on the mountain peaks tomorrow, and the higher elevations, the threat of some snow showers. for the rest of us, sunny, despite the sun, it is not going to feel warm. temperatures in the 40' s in the southern part of the state. in the 30' s north and with the wind blowing, a little bit of a wind chill will make it feel chilly throughout the day. tomorrow night probably colder than even tonight. monday morning at the bus stop, that is going to be real cold. we warm-up on monday with high temperatures finally cracking 50 degrees. tomorrow a super cool event if you are looking for something to do. the giant pumpkin, dressed up and they float them down the river. 43 degrees at 3:00. you' 44 at the high temperature tomorrow with sunshine.
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temperatures go up a couple of chances for showers once we get to about wednesday and thursday. >> now the news 9 sports. jim: sean goldrich is back under center today for the first time since september 12, the unh quarterback played and started. unh visiting william and mary, head coach sean mcdonnell looking sharp with the neck tie. the punt game played a huge factor in today' s game, initially it' s unh that benefits. casey deandrade returns a first quarter punt 90 yards for a touchdown, 7-0 wildcats. missed opportunities became the other storyline of the game, final play of the half, unh down wildcats go for the endzone, 21-15. goldrich to matt torrey, who drops it. then in the second half, christian breda missed a 22 yard field goal, then he muffed a punt which led to a tribe touchdown. then another punt was blocked which led to a tribe touchdown,
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dropping their record to 3-3. dartmouth football takedown central connecticut state. williams with another big game. not a record breaker. 249 passing yards. saint ann' s loan-loss to merrimack college 41-16. 146 yards rushing in the loss. click the loss. limit state football lost to bridgewater state 45-19. too much from the bears. at the high school level, suddenly three teams are tied atop the division one south. yesterday pinkerton lost for the second straight week, this time to timberlane. also salem won its game, making all three schools to the action 5-2. from today, division two, sanborn hosting monadnock. first quarter, sanborn tries to get the run game going, brian mcgough tosses back to shawn gowans, 18 yard gain, but sanborn can'
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t get any points from the drive. in the third quarter, sanborn down 8-0, the field goal unit gets the indians on the board, christian ehlers kicks a 21 yarder through. sanborn goes on to win, 9-8. division iii, guilford already 21-0. the touchdown pass from ryan kelly. 28-0. guilford gets its only touchdown of the game here. he goes up for the ball and holds it down. 28-6. he will sneak in another touchdown. 42-6. down 33-0. hunter causes the fumble, picks it up and takes it back for the touchdown. 40-0. more defense causing turnovers.
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jake throws it deep. cody is there for the interception. gets the bears the ball back in they add to the lead. 53-0 final. still ahead, more high school football scores and game to highlights, a big game. there are many sides to basketball star an fashion icon russell westbrook. and with coverage in the middle of anywhere from u.s. cellular,
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jim: more high school football scores. goffstown stays undefeated. connor, seven touchdowns overall. bedford takes down concord 28-14. division iii scores, bow beats ramin 42-zero. they have scored more than 40 points in all escape' s this
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couple other scores we got, campbell taking down farmington-nute. franklin takes down mascoma valley 25-8. kansas city -- we will get to that in a second. newport takes down stevens 42-12. kansas city in toronto, the royals are leading the blue jays 6-3. we will show you the highlights later on tonight. couple of other notes, the bruins have brad coming back tonight from a concussion. on the patriots, terrel brown going on season ending season reserve. stephanie: that does it for news 9 at 6:00. join us back at 11:00. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy.
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