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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  October 17, 2015 11:30pm-12:05am EDT

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best defensive fronts in college football. >> heather: how does j.t.'s performance and the way the quarterbacks worked today sort of effect the way you might use them in the future? >> keep evaluating. we just want to win one and try -- the best thing about 7-0 is a chance to get to 8-0. >> heather: coach, thank you. >> chris: good job dodging a question that many others will ask. want to know very soon what the quarterback plan is for next week. let's go back to heather. >> heather: chris, thank you. joined by j.t. barrett. patient. how did it feel to come in and lead this team, not just in the red zone, but throughout the second half? >> it was good. my mindset was just trying to do team win. that's all i tried to do tonight and last week it was the red zone and this week, i got a chance to play in the second half and i took advantage of that. >> heather: how does your mindset and philosophy change once it goes from the red zone to what it turned into the second half? >> it woubt different ld be different if i just ran the ball, but it was jus going into our regular
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offense and doing, i mean, normal things. it's not anything different from going red zone to the open field. >> heather: what is the key in your mind to making this multiple quarterback situation. coach said it wouldn't work would your personality. what is the key to you? >> for us, it's just knowing that at the end of the day, doing what's best for the team. set. and really doesn't matter who gets the glory, who gets the stats, anything like that. well worry about winning and i think that's the team philosophy. that's what we try to do in the system we have. >> heather: certainly worked well tonight. performance. thank you. >> chris: that's what you hope your quarterback would say in that situation. and be the starter. the at&t strong performance looks at the two 100-yard rushers. barrett averaged more than nine yards per carry. two touchdown passes. elliott, again, with 153, has hit the 100-yard mark, 12 games in a row. >> kirk: just a really nice job
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by ohio state, having a balanced running game and there was a jolt. you could feel the plan was, when ohio state got into the red zone, maybe they would see more and more j.t. barrett like last week. you saw more of him in the open field and it just does. the quarterback threat opens up so many different aspects of this offense where you can run j.t. barrett. you can run zeke elliott and you can use play action off of it, stop. that's who they were last year with barrett until the injury and when cardale jones stepped in. >> chris: they go to rutgers next week. bye, minnesota, here, at illinois. massive fave riflts in those three games. setting up the end of the season. michigan state and then at michigan. going to be interesting down the stretch. >> kirk: it's going to take all they have to stay focused week to week and not get excited about the last two games. >> chris: an ohio statement here in columbus. 38-10 is the final here. tonight's game pro . for kirk herbstreit, heather cox, our entire team here in
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frosty columbus, chris fowler saying good night. time for the ford wrapup show and cassidy hubbarth. thanks, chris. so many wild plays on this showdown saturday. but none crazier than the blunder at the big house. michigan state had a .2% probability to beat michigan before the final play of the game. further proof you always play to the final whistle. ten seconds to go. michigan punting up two points. blake o'neill muffs the punt. recovered by jalen watts jackson for the game-winning touchdown. sparty with their first lead of the day, coming as the clock hits zero. unfortunately, the hero, jalen watts jackson hurt his hip during the celebration and had to be taken to the hospital after the game. stay tuned to for the latest on his status. but michigan state with the improbable win. little brother once again taking home the paul bunyan trophy. they've won seven of their last eight over the wolverines.
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wild, wild win. >> we just came in here, something that we felt like we had to prove. and, i don't know, you know, i guess we won on a crazy play, but we played hard and with conviction. >> what's this win mean for your program? >> we're 7-0, we advance. that's what it means. that's -- in the big picture, our dreams are still alive. >> thanks, coach. congratulations. >> thank you. another crazy play, florida/lsu. tigers lined up to kick a field goal. trick play. 16 yards. the mad hatter magic at it again. tigers hand the gators their first loss of the season. leonard fournette, 31 carries and two touchdowns. alabama and texas a&m. fourth quarter. fitzpatrick was huge in this game. a 55-yard interception return. his second pick six of the day. alabama wins. derek henry, 236 yards rushing and two tds in the 41-23 win. hugh freeze and number 13 ole miss visiting undefeated
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memphis. third quarter. paxton lynch. play action. throws deep and finds frazier for the 31-yard touchdown. memphis, 6-0 gr the first time since 1961. ole miss, 2-2 since beating bama. usc in their first game after firing steve sarkisian. close game. go ahead td. notre dame scored the final 17 points of the game. they win it 41-31. arizona state and utah over on espn right now. utah leading arizona state, 7-0, midway through the first, kicking off to the sun devils after scoring a touchdown and tim white, gone. 100 yards for the touchdown. arizona state would tie it up at seven. right now, utah up 14-10 in the second, again, this game on espn. number 20 northwestern taking on number 17 iowa. second quarter. wadley. this kid had a game.
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35-yard touchdown run here. part of a 204-yard rushing day. four tds. iowa wins 40-10. they are 7-0 for the first time since 2009. elsewhere, baylor tying the fbs record for consecutive 60-point games with its fifth in a row. trevone boykin, he's having quite a season. 436 yards passing, four touchdowns and adding a rushing score for his sixth straight four-touchdown game. boykin, man, oh, man. dalvin cook paced florida state with 163 yards on the ground also they beat louisville by 20. desean watson, he had his second career 400-yard passing game in college. i'm cassidy hubbarth. have a great week. (nature sounds) she can rage, and roar,
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and storm. but mother nature can't stop us. the new 2016 ford explorer.
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tt4watv# 1d " lzt& j- stephanie: a teenager found dead in a hotel. what may have led to her suspicious death. >> we have about 1000 here and world, it' s unbelievable. hayley: after a cold start, the temperatures don' t recover much.
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stephanie: speculation over whether joe biden will run for the white house. what factors are signaling he will make an announcement soon. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. wmur news 9 tonight. stephanie: some of you are seeing the first snowfall of the season tonight. this was the scene in peterborough just a few hours ago. hard to believe. good evening, i' m stephanie woods. meteorologist hayley lapoint tells us about some freezing temperatures and other snow flurries. hayley: the cold air is generating all of these snow showers passing through the higher elevations up north. 41 in manchester. everybody else across the state has fallen into the 30' s including laconia at 36.
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once we see the skies clear out a little bit more, temperatures are going to drop. a freeze warning has been posted . there are the snow showers to the north. clearing skies will take place over the next couple of hours and that is when the temperatures will drop. those temperatures in the 20 statewide, that is what we will wake up to. i will break it all down for you in a couple of minutes. stephanie: a 17-year-old girl was found dead in a motel room this morning in rochester. police say it could have been a drug overdose. her mother was in the room with her. wmur' s mike cronin joins us live in the studio to explain. mike: police say was a man was also in the room with them. authorities say her death is suspicious. police say a drug overdose could
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>> the heroine problem is a real issue. mike: investigators say they were with her mother. her mom' s acquaintance called police just before 5:00 saturday morning. >> when the personnel arrived, the female was deceased. mike: the teenager was a student at spaulding high school. >> our officers are working with the administration to work on a plan for grief counseling and things of that nature for monday morning. mike: an autopsy will determine how she died. police are still investigating the circumstances of her death. >> police are doing a thorough investigation, looking into the suspicious death. mike: police will release more information when it becomes available. mike cronin, wmur news 9. stephanie: now to commitment
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2016. democratic presidential candidate martin o' about new hampshire' s drug problem today in manchester. the former governor hosted a round table discussion at the farnum center this morning. he also spoke to about education at southern new hampshire and ended the day with a town hall in nashua. and kentucky senator rand paul is back in the granite state for a three day trip. s restaurant in hooksett for a meet and greet this morning. with 15 candidates in the republican playing field, paul is trying to set himself apart from the others with his budget plan. >> i consider myself to be the one true fiscal conservative. i' m not willing to waste money. there are some who want unlimited military spending. stephanie: he also stopped for a house party and a town meeting. tomorrow morning he will stop at
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senator ted cruz held a rally at the hopkinton fairgrounds in contoocook this morning then stopped at a 603 alliance event at the fairgrounds. the gop hopeful said his -- rallied against corruption in washington. he also made time for a few jokes about the democratic front runner. >> tom brady was framed. and i have it on good authority hillary clinton did it. why else do you think she deleted her e-mails? the men and women gathered here scare the living daylights out of politicians in washington. liberty is never safer than when politicians are terrified. stephanie: he has served in congress since 2013. vice president joe biden was in new york city tonight, amid a swirl of speculation about whether he' ll announce a run for the presidency. the vice president is under
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increasing pressure to declare his intentions about a run for the white house. so far, he' s kept the nation guessing. abc' s richard cantu reports from new york. >> vice president joe biden was in new york city to receive a humanitarian work. joe biden: tonight is an honor. >> he kept his political intentions a mystery. at one point joking -- >> i can be anything i want to be. [laughter] >> the vp jogging past cameras in delaware, making a stop at his granddaughters cross-country meet. he is not saying whether he will join the campaign to succeed his boss. obama is also staying mum. >> you can direct to those questions to my able vice president. >> even hillary clinton has pushed for an answer.
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>> a decision has to be made. >> is an e-mail a sign? >> his staff would not be doing those things unless he was getting ready to get in the race. >> hillary clinton may have kept him out of the ring with her impressive showing at the debate. biden' s brother says he is having a dialogue that may or may not end in a run for the white house. stephanie: a mother arrested triggered for her baby. the car had new hampshire plates. tonight the baby is in state custody. information on the case. mother. >> driving 300 miles, arriving at the children half to go with
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her six sun. it was the act of a loving mother, says the friend of tiffany jerry. >> qs getting the best medical attention for her child. >> yesterday she took qau vai to the hospital. he was dehydrated and in need of medical attention. rather taking him to a pennsylvania hospital, she drove to boston. >> she did not like the medical advice she was getting. she would not abduct her child. she wants to get the right medical attention for her baby. >> an amber alert was issued. a nurse contacted police after realizing she had committed the infant boy. >> she went to the hospital with their child. they found her. >> she was arrested on a child endangerment warrant.
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>> i do not think it is fair. >> she is originally form cambridge, massachusetts. her son was actually born here and a friend says that is why she drove all that way to come back to the place he was born. reid lamberty come wmur news 9. stephanie: tomorrow would have been james foley' s 42nd birthday. instead his life was cut short in syria. today his family and the many people he inspired are moving forward. with a 5-k race in his name. the event was to raise money for the foley foundation. it raises money to advocate for american hostages, protect journalists and provide schooling to kids with disadvantages. >> he would be right here smiling and having fun.
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this is his kind of thing. it is a beautiful way to celebrate jim. >> i know what he was thinking. fritz: they' ve raised $700,000. if you would like to donate, go to our website, big crowds in manchester today to honor a young mother killed in a domestic violence murder in 2009. the 6th annual missy' s hope 5k kicked off this morning with more than 300 runners, joggers and walkers. the race is held in memory of missy cantin charbonneau, who was shot and killed by her estranged husband while trying to move out of their apartment. the event raises money for domestic violence prevention and awareness. first place finishers were dan healie of manchester and stephanie kerrigan of durham. a welcome home ceremony today for the new hampshire national guard. the group returned home in july
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from a nine-month deployment to the middle east. maggie hassan and kelly ayotte were among family and friends who attended the ceremony. >> it is good for people to know people are still going and coming back. sometimes in the bigger population people don' t realize this is still happening. it has been going on for a long time. it is going to keep going on, in my opinion. stephanie: the unit has been on a break for a few months and is preparing to get back to work. hundreds of students and families stood up today for principal jean connolly. the tough walk benefits the head of concord high school who was diagnosed with als 18 months ago. the walk was part of the school' s homecoming parade and raised $15,000. to donate head to our website hundreds of cyclists raised money for a chance to ride with a professional cyclist who raced in the tour de france.
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new hampshire native ted king hosted his fifth annual krempels king of the road challenge. it raises money for the krempels center in portsmouth, where his father was treated after a stroke 13 years ago. ted' s team sponsor presented him with a custom-painted cannondale race bike as a retirement gift as he ends his 10-year career of racing in europe and america. he says this is the day that stands out for him. >> more than any other day, this day means more to me. so much family, so many friends. sponsors, supporters, new england is great. stephanie: they hope to raise year. crews in california trying to clean up the mess mudslides left behind, while officials warn it could happen again this weekend. and the first ski resort in north america will open this weekend in new england.
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starting tomorrow. hayley: a lot of white. tomorrow, we are back to full
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stephanie: welcome back. a worker at yale university has died after falling into a smoke stack on the connecticut campus. police say a man fell off a lader while working inside a chimney at yale' s power plant . fire officials have not released his name but say he was from oregon. emergency crews had to cut through stainless steel to get to him. he was stuck inside the chimney for an hour. some people in texas are returning home after a wild fire burned their neighborhoods. firefighters are still trying to battling the blaze that has destroyed dozens of homes. the hidden pines fire has scorched more than 7 miles. today, authorities said it' s about 40% contained. officials say the worst of the fire is likely over. >> the fire is consigned inside of a footprint. we have a solid line around it. now we' ve got to go inside and put out the hotspot and ultimately we will get to total control. stephanie: no one has died or been seriously hurt in the fire. roads are still a mess after a massive mudslide in california.
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mudslides could happen again. abc' s aditi roy is in southern california with how crews are trying to clean up. >> crews clearing mud-blocked roads in southern california are racing against the clock and mother nature. saturday morning, construction equipment arriving to help before another round of whether. >> they are expecting more rain this afternoon. what we are going to do is clear the personnel that are working in the area in case there is more mudslides. >> it is scary to see the water moving quickly and rising. i was thinking about how i was going to go out the sunroof. >> thousands of cars remain mudslide. >> this is what i can' across. >> this video shows how fast to across freeways and
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as road crews work, families and businesses are cleaning out, leaving belongings out as trash. the roads so covered it is hard to see the curb. >> we were probably three inches thick in mud. we have been cleaning it off. it' s been a lot of cleanup. >> everyone is holding their breath for possible round two has more rain moves in. stephanie: a new england ski resort will be the first to open for the season in north america. tomorrow morning, killington ski resort in vermont will open. only pass holders will be allowed into the resort tomorrow and it will open to the general public on monday. the resort saw a dusting of snow today but is firing up the snow cannons to powder the slopes. >> now hayley lapoint and your
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hayley: crazy to think skiing is happening right now. especially with the cold weather we are having, it will be easy to get started. conway. it was one of those days where we were in and out of the clouds and then one moment you might even have snow coming down. that was the case in the distance about 3:00 this afternoon. going on. if you have not had a second to drive around, you still have time tomorrow and in fact tomorrow would be even brighter with sunshine and less cloud cover. all right, how many of you saw the snow? a lot of you send me pictures of a snowman. some of us had at least a little bit of snow during the day today and overnight tonight. especially up in the white mountains and also in the monadnock region. there has been a couple of snow showers and even still a few remaining.
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temple, the mount washington valley. the higher elevations near that area. clearing skies taking place and that is going to set us up for a cold night. any of these snow showers will hang on for another hour and then all of us should see the skies clearing and that is going to mean temperatures dipped down. when we lose those, the temperatures plummet quickly. here is where we got to today for temperatures. only in the 50' s and a few of you north in the 40' s. that is where a lot of us will be tomorrow. so it is going to be very chilly as the cooler air mass comes 30 degrees right now. 33 berlin. 36 in keene. holding onto 40 at manchester. s the
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the wind of an active. nine miles per hour at the airport. that is out of the northwest, bringing down the cool air. here is what you can expect tomorrow morning. 20 north in littleton. and then when you get into concord, manchester, the mid-to-upper 20' s. that will mean we will have a hard frost. basically means cover of any sensitive plants you may have growing because we are going to have a hard frost overnight tonight. we will have clearing skies tomorrow morning. it is going to be a cold start if you' re going to church services, you will want to bundle up. we will warm up quickly because of all of the sunshine. maybe a couple of scattered snow showers in the white mountains because of the cold air meeting up with the mountains. that is only in the higher summit. monday we are back to sunshine and temperatures finally warming
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up a little bit. tomorrow the giant pumpkin event going on. 44 is going to be chilly for the people jumping in the river. showing off the big pumpkins. pretty cool event. we warm up slowly this week. we will make it to 60 degrees by wednesday. no more snow showers in the forecast. it was interesting to see some of the people that got some snow today. stephanie: say it ain' t snow. hard to believe when you see 60 degrees. a lot of people are sharing their snow pictures with us on ulocal. check out the snow in marlow, looks like almost one inch of snow there. hard to believe. hayley: and this was the scene in bethlehem today. just a dusting of snow but enough for one viewer to write hello winter in the flakes. stephanie: very cute. and a snowman. thanks for sending us your pictures. that is awesome.
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you can upload them any time at jim: more on today' s football
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the republicans finally admit it. >>"republican kevin mccarthy saying ...the committee investigating benghazi and clinton's emails was created to destroy her candidacy..." "everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together a benghazi special committee... what are her numbers today?" republicans have spent millions attacking hillary... ...because she's fighting for everything they oppose... ...from affordable health care. equal pay... she'll never stop fighting for you. and the republicans know it.
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>> now news nine sports. jim: let' s see if the west coast vibes do the bruins any good. boston continues its road trip visiting the arizona coyotes. brad marchand is back after missing a week with a concussion. here is a look at the action underway. unfortunately, gives up another
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