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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  October 18, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> it' s unfortunate because the downtown area businesses made so much money. jamie: one year after the riots in keene, and businesses are missing out on tourism money. in rochester team found dead this weekend in a hotel room. officers are investigating her death as an apparent drug overdose. hayley: cold temperatures to start the work week. when we warm-up and our rain chances, coming up. jamie: two republican candidates taking stabs at each other on television, and speculation that an announcement from joe biden is imminent. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 tonight. jamie: it is a cold fall night in the granite state.
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had to work tomorrow. good evening, i' m jamie staton. meteorologist hayley lapoint tells us how cool it will get tonight. hayley: it' s going to be frigid across much of the state. we will fall into the teens up north, 20' s across the rest of the state. that is due to this cool air mass we have in place. and it clouds or snow showers we had earlier are long gone. 24 in whitefield. 32 degrees in manchester. only 30 at nashua. here is what i' m expecting by tomorrow morning. teens up north, and then you have that 20-degree reading at rochester. 25 degrees in manchester. definitely a morning where you will want to bundle up the kids. for recess, mostly sunny, temperatures in the low 40' s. the good thing is, if you are not liking this unseasonably
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cold october weather, that' s going to change as we push through the work week. jamie: today marks one year since riots broke out in keen on the same weekend as the pumpkin festival. the chaos did not happen downtown, but it cast a shadow on the event, which has been moved to laconia. mike cronin shows us the business impact that is having in keene. mike: behind us was the pumpkin festival where it was held in downtown keene for more than 20 years, but this year the festivities are gone, along with the thousands of people who brought business into the city. walk through downtown keene, and you will find pumpkins and halloween decorations, but nothing like the site people became accustomed to every october. it was one year ago sunday that violence corrupted near keene state college during the weekend of the keene pumpkin festival.
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organizers are bringing the event to laconia next weekend. people have mixed views about the festival' s absence in keene. >> i' m super bummed. it was always a nice community time. everyone was down on main street. just an awesome time of year. >> you couldn' t really walk around. you couldn' t do much. we were hearing bad things more than positive sometimes. mike: businesses are feeling a dip in sales. >> it' s unfortunate. downtown-area businesses made money. >> mike: local is still dishing out burgers to a steady flow of customers, but it' s not the boom they saw last year. >> the riots didn' t affect the actual festival, which is the sad part. >> we don' t have the pumpkins, but our spirit hasn' t been broken. mike: dori is trying to keep the halloween spirit alive by decorating her restaurants with skeletons and lights. she'
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s never done that before. >> i think it gives the kids and families a reason to come downtown. mike: despite that, she says the crowds aren' t nearly what they used to be. >> they were dining. they were going to the bars. we were busy. as you can see, it' s pretty quiet. mike: another business told us that on the saturday of pumpkin fest last year, they brought in more than $14,000 in profit. this year, just $4000. mike cronin, wmur news 9. jamie: counselors will be on hand tomorrow at spaulding high school in rochester after a student died this weekend. police are investigating the death as an apparent drug overdose, but an autopsy will determine the same cause of death. in the meantime, drug prevention specialists are highlighting the importance of families addressing substance abuse with their children at an early age. >> it would be wonderful if parents of younger children
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would come just when they started noticing things that, maybe they' re smoking cigarettes, pot, skipping school or not making their job. they' ve got a gut feeling of worry. mike: there are several support groups across the state for families dealing with substance abuse. head to for more information. in vermont, federal agents seized 88 pounds of heroin, the drugs destined for burlington. a federal agent disguised as a courier delivered a package outside a restaurant and took a 33-year-old guatemalan man into custody or the shipment was discovered in miami earlier this month. a crash slowed traffic in hudson this morning. a volvo spun out of control and hit a jeep. two drivers were taken to the hospital for minor injuries. no charges have been filed at this time. traffic was slowed for more than
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an hour while cars were towed from a road after a goffstown boy come in critical condition hit by a car. the 14-year-old boy was riding his bike in bethel. and fled the scene. officers arrested 45-year-old richard maren last night. now to commitment 2016 coverage -- two of the biggest names in the republican field, attacking each other on television this morning, while hillary clinton weighs in on a potential run for vice president joe biden. s capital tonight. debbie: it is a feud few republicans expected to see, donald trump and jeb bush going at it over 9/11. >> jeb said, we were safe with my brother. just fell down. i' m not blaming anybody. that' s not safe.
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debbie: jeb bush fired back in a campaign video. >> for him, it looks as though he' s an actor playing the role of a candidate for president, not boning up on the issues. debbie: the controversy began last week when trump suggested that george w. bush might be to blame for the 9/11 attacks. >> when you talk about george bush, say what you want. the world trade center came down during his time. >> you can' t blame george bush. >> he was president, ok. debbie: trump insisted that a tougher stance on immigration would' ve stopped the 9/11 hijackers. >> i' m extremely tough on people coming into this country. i believe if i were running things, i doubt those people would' ve been in the country. >> mr. trump talks about things as though he is still on the apprentice. >> on the democratic side, all eyes remain on vice president joe biden. >> it may be the greatest honor i' ve ever received. >> still no word on the race for president. democratic frontrunner hillary clinton says she' s not
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interested in adding pressure. >> he should not accept any timetable other than the one clicking inside of him. he has to make this decision. >> a decision that could come in the next few days. devin dwyer, abc news. jamie: kentucky senator rand paul finished up a tour through new hampshire today. the republican presidential candidate stopped at the dalton gang gun range. this weekend, he spoke about his tax plan. senator paul traveled to the white mountains where he will host a national donor' s retreat. it weekend of fall fun wrapped up this afternoon in goffstown. the goffstown back road program put on a series of events to celebrate the end of the pumpkin-growing season. today' s event was a giant pumpkin regatta that featured 10 teams. the was a 10k road race this morning and a pumpkin weigh-off. >> it is the best of small-town activities.
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it brings such joy about fall, and it brings the child out in us and reminds us what we love about living here. it lets you really embrace the community, and it' s a wonderful experience. jamie: the event included vendors, music, and through downtown. this was the scene at philly sports bar, similar to bars all over new england. the long-awaited matchup between the patriots and the colts, it is happening right now in indianapolis. the patriots are up 34-21. you will remember this as the rematch from the deflategate afc championship game. new england fans have been waiting for this. >> this is the game that everyone had on their calendars. it is deflategate. it is the grudge match against indianapolis. brady has been on fire all season. >> i think there is a lot of tension. i think roger goodell took advantage of his position, and quite frankly, it' s not right that one person can try to take
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>> watch brady throw three or four touchdowns. jamie: if they win, the patriots will improve to 5-0 p jim foley will have much more coming up. runners in hanover had to do with snow flurries before their big race started at noon. it' s the half marathon celebrating 10 years. the race begins on the dartmouth green and heads into vermont. 496 runners finish the half. the important number is the amount of money raised to support the kids who are patients at the children' s hospital at dartmouth hitchcock. the 10-year total, $4.3 million. today, the staff at a salon and spa in derry donated their time for a special cause. 100% of the proceeds from all services will go towards
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the event raised more than $5,800. the event was held for miss mary carlin p she was diagnosed with breast cancer at 36 years old. it' s been her dream to create treatment bags for other patients like herself. >> it' s really hard to go through chemotherapy, and even the smallest things make a big difference. the mouthwash, gentle toothbrushes, a water ball -- they may seem small, but they are huge when you are going through chemotherapy. jamie: carlin has created an online support group called fighting fabulously with her wife shawna penn at. coming up at 11:00, a gathering of zombie fans turns into real terror when a gunman opens fire on the crowd. >> it just lifted me up a lot. jamie: groundbreaking on a memorial garden. how it will honor victims of the boston marathon bombings, next.
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hayley: clear skies tonight means a cold start tomorrow, but we will see a lot of sunshine,
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the republicans finally admit it. >>"republican kevin mccarthy saying ...the committee investigating benghazi and clinton's emails was created to destroy her candidacy..." "everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together a benghazi special committee... what are her numbers today?" republicans have spent millions attacking hillary... ...because she's fighting for everything they oppose... ...from affordable health care. equal pay... she'll never stop fighting for you. and the republicans know it. >>i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. jamie: welcome back. police in florida, searching for a gunman who opened fire at the zombie con festival.
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including a 20-year-old man. detectives evacuated streets and blocked off roads. fans dressed as zombies and other ghoulish characters added to the confusion as crowds ran for safety. >> i didn' t believe it, because i thought it was a part of what happened. >> we didn' t know if it was real or fake. we kind of ran and were like, was that real? jamie: local businesses are reviewing surveillance video to try to identify suspects. the girlfriend of whitey bulger will appear in federal court in boston. katherine gregg faces contempt charges for refusing to testify about bulger in front of a grand jury. she is already serving and eight-year prison sentence for helping bulger to evade authorities for 16 years. legal analysts say they want greg to tell them who helped a bulger during his time on the run. her refusal to testify could add more time behind bars. a tribute garden will remember
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many celebrated the memory of kristen campbell today. jim lokay is reporting from medford tonight. jim: two and a half years isn' t a long time, but to the family of krystle campbell, it is still a long time coming. >> it lifted me up a lot. jim: under a massive american flag, the first steps taken towards the peace garden that will bear their daughter' s name but also pay tribute to the others who died that fateful marathon monday. >> this garden is a message to us that you know what others only strive to believe, that we are better together, and together we will create a better world. signs of krystle were everywhere. that was her favorite flower, and that is her life. she always had a smile, brightness, enthusiasm.
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she picked me up every day. jim: martin richards, books. >> the support that we' ve received from everybody, yeah, it' s terrific. jim: if you are noticing a change in tone after the event, that' s because it' s a celebration, a celebration of their daughter. i' m jim lokay. jamie: at least 30 vehicles remain trapped on a california highway after thursday' s mudslide. powerful thunderstorms tour triggering the mudslide. crews have been working to clear the road after more than 100 cars and truck' s were left buried in 5-7 feet of mud. a typhoon made landfall in the philippines today, knocking down trees, and dumping up to a foot of water in some places. wind gusts of up to 115 miles per hour were reported, but the
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storm has lost strength. thousands have been evacuated. only two deaths are being blamed on the typhoon. >> now meteorologist hayley forecast. hayley: it was beautiful today, perfect for checking out the foliage and enjoying fall activities. the other thing was, it might' ve been interrupted by snow showers. you can see in the distance there the dark clouds, and there was some snow that came out of those clouds. across the state, a lot of us were able to see snow showers coming down, not accumulating anywhere except for far northern new hampshire. everywhere else, maybe a stern warning by mother nature that winter is about to get started. i temperatures today were chilly. look at this, only in the 40' s across the state, a few 30' s in the north. 38 degrees was the high
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temperature you could muster in whitefield. the average high for this time of october, 60 degrees. 37 was it in keene. here is where we stand now. already, we have fallen into the 20' s in many spots. 27 in concord. 20' s up in the northern part of the state. this is going to be a cold night, probably the coldest night we have had so far this season. wins have diminished, and that tends to help the temperatures go down even more. you can see, we' ve got three miles per hour in concord. that' s barely anything. it' s low enough we will have the temperatures continue to drop like a rock. teams up north, maybe even a few teens when you get into plymouth and concord. otherwise, 20' s in the southern part of the state with passing clouds. it'
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you may have to do scraping with frost likely in basically the entire state. clear skies across the area. we had a few scattered snow showers. those are gone, maybe a few passing clouds or patchy fog. that is it across the area. any clouds we have in northern new york are also fading away. high pressure will build in, and because of that, tomorrow, we won' t have snow showers passing through. it will be mostly sunny throughout the day, and temperatures will respond to that. look at this, teens up north and 20' s in the southern part of the state, and once we get to the afternoon, we will climb into the 40' s. still well below the seasonable averages, but a few degrees warmer than where we were today. during the evening and overnight, there will likely be a few clouds, maybe sprinkles and snow showers up north as a weak system comes through.
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scattered showers coming through. this is a warm front, and it will bring in warmer air. tomorrow morning, we are getting frosty, but we will have sunny skies throughout the rest of the day. it' s going to be a cool one. the winds won' t be as strong come out of the west at 5-10 miles per hour, but the temperatures aren' t going to get much of a boost. warmer tomorrow night because of clouds. this be the coldest night we will have all week long. getting up closer to 60 by wednesday. especially tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. jamie: as soon as we talk about freezing temps, we might want to start talk about skiing. how about wildcat mountain firing up the snow machines? hayley: what a beautiful shot that was with the pink color. mother nature provided a little bit of help, of course, with 1-2
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wildcat mountain says they don' t have a planned opening date yet, but they are working on burying the links trail in snow. jamie: it looks like it will be sooner than later. the patriots are starting to pull away a little bit. jim: a little bit of a cold shoulder early on. it became a little competitive. the patriots are holding onto a 34-21 lead. we will have those highlights and a look at if you think storm damage is the only cost of climate change, think again. from the rising price of food to higher insurance rates for homes and businesses, the economic damage will only get worse. but with american-made clean energy, we can save money on electricity and spur innovation to create new businesses and jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030. so, what are we waiting for?
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park ranger. where am i? and t.v. spokesperson. that's my line. i got it. all the things you like, from the middle of anywhere. that is my line! >> now news 9 sports. jim: it is all about revenge in tonight' s primetime matchup. the new england patriots
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in the fourth quarter, the patriots have a 34-21 lead. pretty good. . brady responded with the edelman. indy followed with a pick six and had the lead. what garrett blunt responded with a touchdown blonde -- run. to blunt and gronk. that is where they stand with 7:00 and change left to play. all three other afc east teams played earlier this afternoon. first quarter, jets down 7-0, outside the goal line. 13-13, jets quarterback ryan he doesn' t do that too often, but here, and 18-yard touchdown. later in the quarter, fitzpatrick hits brandon marshall who really does the rest on this play.
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the miami dolphins are looking to get on track with interim head coach dan campbell facing the tennessee titans. first quarter, a little trickery to get the offense going. a handoff on the mis-direction, fights his way through for the touchdown. the dolphins defense looked more like they were supposed to entering the season. the returns a 30 yards for a touchdown. fourth quarter, 24-10. two-yard touchdown pass. dolphins win 38-10. ej emmanuel started at qb as the buffalo bills hosted the cincinnati bengals, and in manual gets it done early with his legs. second quarter, now tied at seven. giovanni bernard gives cincinnati the lead with this touchdown run.
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third quarter, bengals up 17-14. andy dalton takes the snap and acrobatic touchdown. the bengals stay unbeaten, winning 34-21. seven local high school football teams remain undefeated. top ranked goffstown is riding high after seven touchdowns from conor bork. d1. newport hasn' t lost in division iii while undefeated when to upcoming weekend. saint and some and southern new hampshire. hawks with a 3-0 lead. dodge. later in the half, cassidy hawkins with the chance, but the goaltender knocks it away, stop and seven shots overall. -- stopping seven shots of rock
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joey logano who won last week, making a big move, putting matt kenseth into the wall. he spins out. legato takes the lead from there and goes on to win for the second straight week. >> we' ve raced each other really hard, and i got him twice on the straightaways. it' s hard racing. jim: the chase is certainly getting close. still ahead, a look to the boston celtics coming to new hampshire this week. plus, game two of the national
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tt2wmrst9!`:l#*.`:^00 tt2wmrst9!`:l#*0`:e&x jim: lcs game too. we remember game six. that is when the beat the sox. taking on the chicago cubs, mets with a runner on, and david wright doubles to deep center. curtis granderson, apostles -- hustling around. daniel murphy with yet another postseason home run, his fifth of the playoffs, second of the series.
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runners on the corners for new york. yoenis cespedes reached on an infield single. granderson, scoring again, as the mets go on to win this game for-one to take a 2-0 series lead. four more exhibition games for the celtics. tomorrow, they host the brooklyn nets. friday, it' s new hampshire' s tyron -- turn to see the celtics. tickets are still available for that game. pga final round, open. second playoff hole between amelia know grillo and kevin knocked. two-putts to win the tournament. pats taking on the colts, that game in the fourth quarter, 5:00 left, the pats holding on to that 34-21 lead. jamie: pats, looking good. if they bring home a win, they would still be undefeated. it warms up this week, which is nice. hayley: this weekend has been really cool.
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