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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  October 19, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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week, everyone. sean: now on "daybreak," counselors will be on hand after a teen's death. how officials are trying to prevent it from happening again. riot anniversary. how the city of keene is doing one year after riots near the annual pumpkin festival. kevin: a rather chilly day on the way for us. all of the details ahead. sean: breast cancer awareness month. how the community stepped up in a big way to help those battling the disease. >> no one covers new
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hampshire like we do. now wmur tb "news 9 daybreak." sean: good morning. thanks for waking ups on this monday. for many of us, we saw the snow flakes over the weekend. some of us saw it collecting. kevin: yes. the cooler air. in 20's and teens. this is the coldest start that we've had all season. we have the clear sky, the light winds. a little bit of fog as you get into some of the lower valleys. we're looking at anywhere between 18 in berlin to 21 in concord. 28 in portsmouth only three degrees shy of the record low. temperatures today making their way up into the 40's to 50. good deal of sunshine. we look for a moderating trend through midweek. we'll talk about that and a couple of shower chances in just a bit. let's look at your monday morning ride here in the granite state. we're joined live by deb davidson.
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good morning, deb. deb: good morning. it is a cold start this morning. if your car is parked outside, you got to give yourself extra time to scrape the frost off. it is a cold ride this morning. the good news is all major roads are up to speed at this hour. 93 southbound is looking good from tilton down to concord through the hooksett tolls and from manchester down to salem. you looking at a 21-minute ride. 293 is not seeing any delays through the city ofman chest person things are up to speed between exits five and three. from merrimack to nashua, no lane drops. we're not seeing any problems on either direction through the hampton tolls. from the wzid traffic network, i'm deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. sean: all right. thanks. today counseling will be on hand at spaulding high school in rochester
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this weekend. they are investigating the death as an apparent drug overdose. : sean, the teen was found at a hotel room saturday morning along with her mother. an autopsy is planned to determine what exactly caused the teen's death. as police continue town -- continue to investigation, they are highlighting talking to why it would be wonderful if parents of come. if they started notes they are smoking cigarettes or smoking pot, skipping school or not making their job or just have a gut feeling of worry. ray: there are several support groups for families dealing with substance abuse issues. we've posted a link with more information. from you will find information about how to access parent support groups all across new hampshire.
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r news 9. sean: thanks. it's been one year since riots broke out during the weekend of the pumpkin festival. there were more than 100 arrests causing the city more than $90,000. the city denied a license for the 2015 festival. they move it had to laconia. it is scheduled for next week. stores and restaurant in keene are trying to compensate for the drop in business. >> i imagine it will hit everyone's pocket a little bit. everyone. the non-profits, the local businesses, you know, from the girl scouts to the charter school. it will hurt us all. sean: another business said on saturday last year they made $14,000 in profit. this year they made $4,000. as a way to keep the new tradition alive, the monadnock pumpkin festival will be on the
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fairgrounds. a goffstown boy is in critical condition after he was hit by a car. the driver hit him and fled the scene. late saturday police arrested 45-year-old richard marin. he's charged with leaving the scene of a personal injury crash. today a meeting will be held to discuss a proposed solar array in durham. if approved, it will become one of the largest in the state and will be able to power the electric demand. a $501,000 grant has been awarded. tonight's meeting is at 7:00 in durham. police are investigating assault. an alert sent the student said the incident happened early yesterday morning in a student dorm room. the victim did not know the attacker. students say this is not the first time they heard of people bursting into dorm rooms overnight. >> someone came into our main door that was
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of our single rooms. thankfully they were all unlocked. sean: campus police are telling students to lock their doors. today the girlfriend of whitey bulger will appear in federal court in boston. catherine crieg faces charges. they want creig to say who may have helped. october is breast cancer awareness month. the staff in bonne vee salon in derry donated their time. 100% of the proceeds went toward creating hospital gift bags for breast cancer patients. the event raised more than $5,800.
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former miss new hampshire, mary carlan. she was diagnosed with breast cancer at 48. she had a double massectomy in march. >> it is hard to go through chemotherapy. the smallest thing like the mouthwash, gentle toothbrushes, a water bottle. they may seem small to someone who is watching, but they are huge when you are going through chemotherapy. sean: she has created a support colleague. wishes her the best. still to come, winter is coming. for many places, including some in new hampshire, the first this weekend. we have the latest on the conditions. california continues to dig out from severe mud slides. and in the next half an
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how one of the who's toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis and jeb bush had the best record. billions in pork, vetoed. eight budgets, balanced. and tax cuts every single year. right to rise usa is responsible for the content
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who has the plan for jobs? tax cuts for the middle class. eliminates special loopholes. an explosion in growth and new jobs. jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right to rise usa is responsible for the
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was christmas. isreporter: it may be october, but some of the colder weather is conditions. more than 50 accidents in syracuse blamed in part on icy roads. snow collecting on this backyard deck. nine inches so far. another backyard buried under the snow. kids aren't complaining. >> i haven't seen the snow this early in a long time. reporter: snowfalling early in parts of upper michigan. in grand rapids, just plain cold. temperatures in the 30's didn't stop the dedicated marathon runners. >> it is good weather to run in. reporter: they say despite the chilly temperatures, the frost like this is not unusual. the temperatures will linger. here's some good news, it is going to warm up
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get ready to ditch the cold weather gear. stephanie ramos, abc news, washington. sean: texas wild fires have managed to contain 70% of a fire the progress is being threatened by high winds. 46 acres have burned along with 50 homes and seven businesses. it is the opposite story in california. crews continue to dig out after mud slides washed away cars. they re-opened stretches in mountain communities 35 norths of los angeles. other roads were inundated as the flash flooding last thursday. cars and semitrucks were trapped in the mud. most have been pulled free.
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police in florida are searching for the person that opened fire at the zombie con festival. the characters added to the confusion. five people were shot. a 20-year-old man was killed during the chaos. >> i didn't believe it. it was a part of what happened. >> we didn't know if it was real or fake. we went back and people were screaming it is fake. sean: local businessers are trying to review surveillance videos to try to identify the suspect. cyst police say a 6-year-old boy accidently shot and killed his 3-year-old brother. police say the two were playing saturday when the older boy grabbed a loaded handgun off of the top of the fridge and accidently shot his brother in the face. the boy's father, 25-year-old michael santiago was arrested on a felony child
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engagement charge. 5:13. why amazon lawsuits are going after people who leave fake reviews. and more air bag recalls. the it is time to deal with skyrocketing out-of-pocket costs. commentator: the 32-year-old head of a pharmaceutical company
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raised the price of a life-saving drug overnight by 5,000%. i'm announcing a detailed plan to crack down on these abuses. commentator: he may be lowering it after hillary clinton blasted him out of the water. her plan would limit the out-of-pocket costs that consumers have to pay. clinton: nobody in america should have to choose between buying the medicine they need and paying their rent.
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sean: new hampshire residents are more optimistic about their findings. when asked about their household finances, most think they are better off than a year ago. 29% say they were worse. 35% say things are about the same. 41% think businesses are in good times over the next year. 32% think businesses will have bad times. 27% think conditions will be mixed. add another 27 vehicles to the takata
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they are recalling buick lacrosse, cadillac stx, camaro, equinox, and other vehicles. amazon is going after people who have fake reviews on the web site. more than 1,000 people sold five star reviewsers through the web site the company sued those people were breach of contract and violating federal consumer laws on friday. a children's spooky comedy took the top spot in the box office this weekend. jack black's flick "goosebumps" is expected to fake in $23.5 million. matt damon's sci-fi drama, "the martian" dropped to number one.
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"bridge of spies" is expected to be next making more than $15 million. i would imagine not a lot of folks were heading to the movies. it was so pretty. beautiful fall weekend. kevin: it was. you've seen all of those; right? you keep up with all of this. sean: i just haven't had a chance to see that. kevin: we start off this morning chilly start to the day. that 28 you are seeing in portsmouth is just three degrees shy of the record low of 25. a lot of upper teens to mid 20's this morning. coldest readings that i've seen away from mt. washington. it is 17 in pittsburgh right now. plymouth in the lower range of the 20's. could be a little bit of fog in some of the lowest lies valleys this morning. we're expecting sunshine with just a few high clouds into the afternoon. temperatures today will be up into the 40's. then we start to turn milder, aka, back to near the averages which is the upper range of the 50's. wednesday and thursday, temperatures within a few degree of 60.
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it will come with partial sunshine each day. the chance of a couple of passing showers here or there. not one large system to hang our hat on. it will be a couple of quick-moving fronts. today we're looking at the sunshine with a few high clouds. later on this afternoon, ahead of the system, which starts to roll in. with that, a passing shower. could be in mixed form up north or a rain shower for southern areas tomorrow morning. here's a look at chilly details this morning. anywhere from 28 or 29 from manchester to the coast. you'll notice temperatures back into the lower range of the 20's in some of the lower valleys down in lebanon to 20 degrees, 21 in concord, 20 in berlin. five on top of mt. washington. temperatures actually running a few degrees even colder than we were yesterday. usually the second day of the area of high pressure coming in tends to be the coldest because you start off cooler in the afternoon. less to fall at the same time you have the lighter winds out there with usually clearer that second night
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first night. that's what we're seeing playing this morning. moderate. lows back into the 30's as opposed to teens and 20's after highs today back into the 40's. good deal of sunshine into the afternoon. just a few high clouds late in the day. could be a shower up north late this afternoon or early this evening. for central and southern areas, there will be the risk of a shower overnight or early tomorrow. most of that will be in liquid form overnight and early tomorrow. beyond that, we'll look again at partial sunshine. still that risk of a shower with a couple of quick-moving fronts. really no big systems to look at. that warm front approaches wednesday night. that could mean the warmest of the days on thursday ahead of the next cool front that arrives thursday with the best chance of a few passing showers across the area. high temperatures today will be in the 40's statewide. light breeze out of the southwest. tonight we'll gradually see an increase in clouds. temperatures won't fall
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quite as far or as fast overnight. extended forecast shows temperatures working their way back into the 50's tomorrow and wednesday. lower range of the 50's. each of the next several days there will be the chance of a passing shower or two. looks like partial weekend. sean: you had to break out the winter gear. kevin: we're now in true autumn weather. sean: all right. the top stories with ray brewer. ray: the death of a teen in rochester is being investigated as a drug overdose. she was found with her mother in a hotel room. they are highlighting the importance of families addressing substance abuse with their children at a very early age. sean: it's been a year since riots broke out in keene at the pumpkin festival. this year the festivals and the thousands of visitors it brought to the city are gone. because of this, businesses say they are feeling a dip in sales. university are
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investigating an alleged sexual assault. the incident happened early yesterday morning in a dorm room. the victim did not know the attacker. coming up on "daybreak" this morning, kangaroo on the loose. the strange call new york police responded to
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kevin: monday morning, october 19th. we start out with clear skies and light winds. temperatures from the upper range of the teens to upper 20's this morning. we'll have a light southwesterly breeze. highs in the 40's with a lighter wind. sean: i would imagine that was a busy intersection. one of the world's most
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races started in the australian desert. kevin: it included 46 cars from 25 countries. they drove in more than 1,800 miles in the race. hundreds lined up the streets to watch the cars. they are expected to cross the finish line on wednesday. there's one weather condition you need for this race, yes? sean: you need to have a sunny disposition, if you will. very interesting designs that capture as much sunlight as you can. police responded to an unusual call over the weekend. an escaped kangaroo. kevin: they got a call about a strange animal. when they arrived, they discovered a 1-year-old kangaroo named buster. he escaped and made a brief run to freedom. at 22 pounds, three foot tall animal was soon returned to his owner. there were no charges filed. sean: i feel for the guy. he looked scared there. coming up, the first lady is unveiling a new
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web site today of how it will help students prepare for college. and an air show in texas took a scary turn. why this sky diver ended
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crowd. if you think storm damage is the only cost of climate change, think again. from the rising price of food to higher insurance rates for homes and businesses, the economic damage will only get worse. but with american-made clean energy, we can save money on electricity and spur innovation to create new businesses and jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030.
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur "news 9 daybreak." sean: welcome back. it is morning, october 19th. still waiting for the sun to come up. first let's get to the top stories. counselors will be on hand at spaulding high school in rochester today after a 17-year-old student died over the weekend from an apparent drug overdose. two people from connecticut are facing charges following a drug bust in vermont in which police seized hundreds of bags of heroin. three hikers are safe
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rattle snake mountain in rumney. the reason why they got interesting. we'll talk about that in a moment. very cold. kevin: upper teens to mid 20's. 28 along the coast. 29 in manchester. you'll notice early this morning we're expecting nothing but sunshine. once it comes up, there are a few areas of fog. it is just rather chilly morning. much like yesterday will be up into the 40's. where we were yesterday with a good deal of sunshine. just a lighter wind through the afternoon. it certainly help. the flurry activity. sean: that's what it was. when the wind hit your face, it felt like winter time. let's check out the roads this morning. maybe you are going to need the heat on in the car. kevin: for a look at the morning drive here, we're joined live by deb davidson. good morning, deb. deb: good morning, kevin and sean. you are definitely going to need the heated on in the car this morning. you might want to start it early to let it warm
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up before you jump in to start your morning commute. 93 southbound is looking very nice this morning from tilton down to concord. then from manchester down to the state line. we're not seeing any problems at all. 293 is moving well through the mill yard with no delays at the lane shifts between exits five and three. on the northbound side, just a reminder that the exit four onramp is closed for construction. 101, 111, and spaulding are all up to speed. if you are commuting into boston, it is trouble and incident free. this report is brought to you by peter's honda, nissan, and kia of nashua. i'm deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. sean: all right. thanks. counselors will be on hand at spaulding high school in rochester today to help students cope with the death of one of their classmates. rochester police say a 17-year-old girl died over the weekend from an apparent drug overdose. the teen was found at the riviera molt on route 125. an autopsy will determine her exact
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cause of death. ray brewer live in the studio to tell us about what one drug prevention specialist is saying about the problem of youth drug abuse in new hampshire. ray: as police continue to investigating the apparent overdose of the 17-year-old girl, drug prevention specialists are highlighting the importance of families addressing substance abuse issues with their children at a very early age. susan has been working with families dealing with substance misuse issues for years. >> it is affecting every age group, every family, there's no socioeconomic level that's spared. ray: this year it is affecting even more families. >> everybody knows somebody. whether it is under your own roof, it is your neighborhood, it is your co-worker, it is a family member, it is just affecting everybody. sean: she's a pediatric nurse
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dealing with substance abuse called f.a.s.t.e.r. >> families advocating substance treatment. ray: he's also at the behavior health collaborative which has 12 support groups with volunteers ready and waiting to help. >> it would be wonderful if parents with younger children would come. when they started noticing things. maybe they are smoking cigarettes, smoking pot, skipping school, not making their after school job or just have a gut feeling of worry. although not everyone who smokes heroin goes on to be a heroin addict, for sure. every parent in our group, all of their children started with marijuana. ray: if you are looking for support resources, find the information about how to access the support groups across new hampshire by heading to the web site at
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brewer,wmur news 9. sean: thanks. federal agents say they blocked 88 pounds of heroin from hitting the streets of vermont. they discovered a heroin shipment in miami earlier this month that was headed to burlington, vermont. an agent disguised as a runner delivered one package to a man on october 8th and took him into custody. also in vermont, two people from connecticut were arrested on charges, including trafficking heroin. they say they searched a car last thursday and found nearly 600 bags of heroin as well as more than an ounce of crack cocaine. fish and game officials say they came to the rescue of three hikers who got lost on rattle snake mountain in rumney. the teens called 911 after getting lost just below the summit. officials say they were using a google app to find their way up the mountain when the app sent them to the wrong trail. rescuers had to hike off of the cliff in the dark in order to reach the hikers and help them
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back down the mountain. an investigation is underway this morning into a deadly fire in massachusetts. the flames broke out yesterday morning at a house in chicopee. two people were killed in the blaze. three others were able to escape. a ground breaking ceremony was held yesterday for an memorial named in honor of one of the boston victims. the krystal campbell peace garden is being built near the city hall. it is meant to memorialize the victims and survivors. krystal campbell was one of the people killed in the attack. her parents were on hand of the garden ground breaking. >> your insis dance that your beautiful tower is a message to us that you know what others only strive to believe. that we are better together and together we will create a better
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world. sean: medford's mayor sayses project will cost about $1.2 million paid for with grants and private donations. attention new hampshire students, maggie hassan and the department of resources and economic development are launching the second annual what's so cool about manufacturing contest? the video contest is meant to encourage middle school students to learn about exciting career opportunities in advanced manufacturing. last year's winner was fairgrounds junior high school in nashua. the deadline to submit entries is february 2nd. for more information, head to the mt. washington cog railway is moving a steam engine to a new location. the number ten colonel teague will be moved to the train will be part of the new sign for the railway. the number ten engine was built at the base
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station between 1969 and 1972. coming up on "daybreak," a frightening situation for a parachutist in texas. he had to land in the crowd after running into trouble in the air. an unawaited matchup. highlights between the patriots and the colts. kevin: very cold start to the day out there. moderates temperatures. coming with the milder air will be additional shower chances.
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kevin: monday morning, october 19th. a bargain in a lot of areas across the state. lower 20's and upper teens. highs today up into the 40's. a lighter breeze out of the southwest. details on a warming trend in our forecast coming up. sean: 5:41. the feud is escalating between donald trump and jeb bush over 9/11. democrats continue on biden watch. nikole killion with the latest on the campaign trail. nikole: today some of the candidates may be
5:40 am
it is the most noticeable names guarderring attention. >> mr. trump talks about things as though he's on the "apprentice." nikole: he took jeb bush on. i'm not blaming george bush. i don't want jeb to say my brother kept us safe. september 11th was one of the days in the history of the country. nikole: jeb bush is not backing down. >> look my brother responded to a crisis. he did it as you hope the president will do. he organized and united the country. he kept us safe. there's no denying that. nikole: they reached the boiling point at a texas mega church to whoo evangelicals. >> to win the election, we have to talk to people who don't know they agree with us.
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nikole: still no announcement from vice president joe biden. he made a call to a labor leader to gauge support. in washington, nikole killion, wmur news . sean: thanks. michelle obama is unveiling a new web site today for her initiative encouraging students to continue their education. will be a place where students 18 to 19 can access information for sign ugh up for the s.a.t. or a.c.t. exams. they can also share stories about what is college. in the middle east, violent clashes continue to break out. on sunday night, a palestinian man opened fire inside a bus station killing an israeli soldier and wounding ten others. this was the latest in a recent series of lone wolf attacks and growing groups. john kerry is now getting involved. he plans to meet with the prime minister and
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the palestinian president later this week. at least one person is recovering after being shot during a gunfight reenactment in the old west town of tombstone, arizona. the skit was supposed to involve blank bullets. one of the actors guns fired live rounds. at last check, the person who was hit was undergoing surgery to remove a bullet. an ohio man is accused of raping and kidnapping a girl. the 20-year-old suspect used social media to lure the victim to his apartment where he got her pregnant and are fused to let her leave for nearly a month. the man was already facing kidnapping charges in a separate case. investigators now admit that having him out of jail and on an electronic monitoring device may not have been the best idea. now to a scary situation at an air show in texas. watch this, a parachutist was forced to land in the crowd.
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preparing to do a performance when the stunt was called off due one member of the team had jumped. he could not steer the parachute and ended up landing right on a tent. >> we knew he was coming into the crowd. we just didn't know where. actually that probably was the best place for him to come. he didn't hit anybody. >> it is like you see in the military movies, the hard landing. drop and roll. >> hard landing. >> he dropped and rolled into the tent. sean: he was taken to the hospital with a broken limb. scientists believe they found a way to detect signs of schizophrenia earlier this life. they are using brain scans to look at cells which could be an indicator if a person is at risk of developing schizophrenia. they hope this will allow doctors to treat the disease before patients start showing signs of the illness.
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turning now to sports, maybe you stayed up for this. fans across new england tuned in for the highly anticipated game. this was the rematch from the deflategate afc championship game. first quarter the pats were down 7-0. edelman with a touchdown pass. lagarette blunt broke through for a touchdown. he added two more. the patriots went on to win the game 34-27. the new york mets took on the chicago cubs last game two. the mets took a 1-0 lead. david wright doubled to left center. later in the first, murphy hit another post-season home run. the mets went on to win the game 4-1 taking a
5:45 am
two game lead in the series. to the racetrack. nascar drivers hit the track for the hollywood casino 400. they made a big move. logano took the flag for the second straight week. runners had to deal with snow flurries before taking part in the marathon. this year was the tenth anniversary. 496 runners finished the half with another 550 doing a 5k race. the important number is about the amount of money raised to support the kids at the children's hospital at dartmouth. sunday's event raised more than $700,000. the ten year total, by the way? $4.3 million. kudos to all of the runners and those who helped raise the money. a chiropractor in massachusetts has set up an interesting halloween display outside of his office. the patriots fan decided
5:46 am
to go with a pretty intense football theme here. the display shows a model of nfl commissioner roger goodell tied to a stake. he says it is related to the deflategate scandal. >> people are like burn him. lots of comments. i thought what was going on during the summer with the legal aspect, it is a witch hunt. sean: the chiropractor plans to keep it up until thanksgiving. no doubt it will turn some head and get people taking pictures. so the deflategate controversy continues. we saw a lot of that in the game with a lot of deflated footballs in the stands. what are you going to do? [laughter] sean: roger goodell doesn't have a lot of fans around the new england area. kevin: everybody needs to just move on. sean: you might be right on that one. yeah. kevin: it's been nine months. sean: it is cold out there. let's talk about the weather. kevin: yes. how about the cold air
5:47 am
out there. anywhere from the upper range of the teens to upper range of the 20's this morning. we have a fairly light breeze. if anything, that will pick up out of the southwesterly direction. temperatures will recover nicely into the afternoon. we are expecting a lot of sunshine to go along with it. anywhere from let's say 40 to 42 up in pittsburgh and colebrook to as high as 48 maybe 50 in a couple of southern locations into the afternoon. a few high clouds will start drifting in late today. there may be a stray shower late today. overnight tonight and quick-moving front look at the temperatures. you are going to notice an up and down regime elevation. down to 20 in londonderry, and 20 in litchfield. there are places like the upper 20's closer to the shoreline and out at the manchester boston regional airport. 21 in swanzey. 23 in north field. lake. you have the warmer temperatures along the warmer temperatures of
5:48 am
the water. you get into the outlying areas, and temperatures as cold as 20 degree and even some mid to upper teens up north. that's 17 in pittsburgh. about as cold as we've seen away from mt. washington. it is down into the single digits this morning. high temperatures going anywhere from the lower half of the 40's up north to upper half of the 40's in southern areas. places like nashua later on this afternoon. the chance approaching 50 degrees. it is going to be a quick climb later this morning. notice the wind around five to ten miles an hour. an good deal of sunshine into the afternoon. high clouds start to drift in late today and into this evening. notice a passing shower chance overnight. most of that will be in liquid form. if you are going to see it, the chance really only around 20%. best chance will be up tomorrow you'll notice quite a few clouds early. the chance of a passing shower. temperatures tomorrow back into the 50's just about statewide. 50's to lower range of the 60's on wednesday. again we're not going to
5:49 am
be able to completely shake that shower chance wednesday or thursday. thursday will be out ahead of the next front that eventually arrives. with that, temperatures ahead of that will be in the lower half of the 60's. behind it, we'll fall back likely into the 50's. temperatures starting the day in the 20's in most areas. for most, you climb into the 40's. should be another chilly day. with a lighter wind that will feel better than yesterday. no flurry activity through the afternoon. temperatures back into the 50's tomorrow and wednesday. temperatures within a couple of degrees where they will be each day there with a chance of a passing shower. there could also be a shower or two around on thursday. that will be the warmest day. we'll slip back into the 50's by friday and saturday. both of those with partly to mostly sunny skies. kind of a fairly quiet forecast after today and the chilliest of the temperatures we rebound and get temperatures closer to the average for each of the next several days. sean: we had some frosty weather over the weekend. kevin: some flurries. sean: you know what will warm things up?
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a little fire. the river fire festival was held in berlin. 4,000 people turned out for the event which activities. at dusk on saturday the androscoggin river was lit up with fires. the fires burn on boom peers used during the height of the logging area. if you've been up in the area, kind of cool to see them lit up on fire like that; right? sean: the main street program put on a series of events to celebrate the end of the pumpkin growing season. the main event was the giant pumpkin regatta. there was a weird scary boxing match with a scary pumpkin guy as well. still to come on "news 9 daybreak," someone in texas is making their political preference very clear. they saved an image of one presidential candidate right in the back of their head. now time for our u local hot shots. looks like this little
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guy is making sure the firewood in francistown is ready to go. you may need it. submit your pictures and video.
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local members by sean: look at this. a photo showing the most infamous iceberg in history is going up for auction. they believe this aceberg is the one that sank the titanic in 1912. they snapped it hours after the titanic sank. it is expected to bring in at least $15,000 when it goes up for auction on saturday. could be incredible if that was the actual iceberg that did the job. there are a lot of them out there. a woman in texas has let her love of politics literally go to her head. kevin: she got an image of hillary clinton shaved into her hair. it got the attention of the presidential candidate.
5:53 am
the do on social media. sean: a credit to the barber or stylist. that was accurate. this is going to start a trend. we're going to see trump ones and bush. kevin: eventually the hair is going to grow back and look strange. sean: i hadn't thought that far ahead. a tragic story out of chicago. a 6-year-old boy accidently shot and killed his little brother. now their father is facing charges. sean: you'll hear from an expert on substance abuse. this is following the death from a teen in rochester. reporter: for much of the nation, a crisp warning that temperatures have arrived. are they here to stay? i'm stephanie hand-crafted...layer by layer. the new macchiato from dunkin' donuts. experience the flavor of fall
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