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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  October 19, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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can i get a medium coffee, cream, two sugars? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- see you at the window. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. sean: now on "daybreak," counselors will be on hand after a teen's death. how officials are trying to prevent it from happening again. riot anniversary. we'll look at how the city of keene is doing one year after riots near the annual pumpkin festival. kevin: a rather chilly day on the way for us. a warming trend setting up. all of the details ahead. sean: breast cancer awareness month. how the community stepped up in a big way to help those battling the devastating disease. >> no one covers new
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hampshire like we do. now wmur "news 9 sean: welcome back. good morning. if you are waking up this morning, you probably have a lot of blankets. it was cold last night. weekend. i got to tell you, it did not feel like mid october. kevin: you are only a month into the autumn season. you start to see that. you have two months winter. not necessarily something you expect. we do get that in october on occasion. remember several years ago, the big snowstorm a few days before halloween. we start off from the upper range of the teens to mid 20's. we're expecting a lot of sunshine. just a few areas of fog this morning. down as cold as 17 up in pittsburgh and as warm as 29 in manchester. highs today in the 40's. a good deal of sunshine. no flurries today. a warming trend setting up with a couple of shower chances. all of the details coming up in just a bit. we want to look at your monday morning ride here
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we're joined live by deb davidson. good monday morning, deb. deb: good monday morning. 93 southbound looks great through at the state of new hampshire. we're not seeing any delays at all. from tilton down to the stateline with massachusetts. 293 is also moving well through the mill yard at this time. no delays between exits five and three or at exit six. we are, however, just getting word of a couple of crashes that are going to start slowing things down for you. the first one is in portsmouth. it is on the route one northbound bypass at 399 maple wood avenue. police are on the scene. they are getting there and asking you to avoid the area if possible. the other crash is on 93 southbound at route 110 in massachusetts. it is just over the state line. we're getting reports that left lane is completely blocked. it is involving three cars. traffic at a stand still.
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you by peter's honda and nissan. sean: thanks. today counselors will be at school after a death over the weekend. they are investigating the apparent drug overdose. ray: the teen was found in a hotel room along with her mother. an autopsy is planned to determine what caused the teen's death. as police continue to investigation, they are highlighting the importance of families addressing substance abuse issues with their children at a very early age. >> it would be wonderful if parents of younger children would come. just when they started noticing things that may be they are smoking cigarettes or started smoking pot or skipping school or not making their after school job or -- they just got a gut feeling of worry. ray: there are several support groups were families dealing with substance abuse issues.
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more information on you'll find information about how to access the apparent support groups across the state. thanks. it has been one year since riots broke out near keene state college during the weekend of the pumpkin festival. there will be more than 100 arrests. in april, keene city counselors denied a festival. they moved it to laconia where it is scheduled for next weekend. stores and restaurants in keene are trying to compensate for the drop in business. >> i imagine it will hit everyone's pocket a little bit. everyone. the non-profits, the local businesses, you know, from the girl scouts to the charter school. it will hurt us all. sean: on saturday at pumpkin festival last year they made $14,000 in profits. this year they made $4,000. as a way to keep the
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tradition alive, the new monadnock pumpkin festival will be held at the cheshire fairgrounds on saturday. a goffstown boy remains in critical condition after he was hit by a car. the 14-year-old was riding his bike friday afternoon. the driver hit him and then fled the scene. late saturday they arrested 45-year-old richard marin. he's charged with leaving the scene of a personal injury crash. this morning police at boston university are investigating an alleged sexual assault. an alert said the incident happened early yesterday morning in a student dorm room. police say the victim did not know the attacker. students in the building say this is not the first time they've heard of people bursting into dorm rooms overnight. >> someone came into the main room. it was unlocked. all of our doors were locked. sean: police are checking
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surveillance to try to identify a suspect. today catherine creag, whitey bulger's girlfriend, will appear in court. she's serving an eight year prison sentence for helping bulger avoid capture for 16 years. they want greig to say who helped during the time on the run. october is breast cancer's awareness month. staff at the bonne vee salon donated their time for a special cause. 100% of the proceeds went towards creating hospital gift bags for breast cancer patients. we've learned the event raised more than $5,800. it was held for former miss new hampshire who was diagnosed with breast cancer at 36 and had a double massectomy in march. it's been her dream to
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>> it is really hard to go through chemotherapy. even the smallest things make a big difference, mouthwash, gentle toothbrushes, just a water bottle. they may seem small to someone who is watching. they are huge when you are going through chemotherapy. sean: she has created an online support group called fighting fabulous with her friend who is also battling breast cancer. wishing them both the best. still to come, winter is coming. for many places, including some in new hampshire, the first snow of the season fell this weekend. the latest on the conditions out there. california continues to dig out from severe mud slides. the latest on the clean up efforts today. coming up in the next half an hour, a marathon bombing memorial. how one of the victims is being remembered. 6:07.
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but we put together a benghazi special committee... what are her numbers today?" republicans have spent millions attacking hillary... ...because she's fighting for everything they oppose... ...from affordable health care. equal pay... she'll never stop fighting for you. and the republicans know it. >>i'm hillary clinton and
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kevin: starting off with a view on top of mt. washington. five degrees early on with patchy fog continuing to move through. we're expecting a chilly day again today with highs in the 40's to near 50. a lighter breeze with sunshine. details on a warming trend and a couple of shower chances coming right up. sean: for much of the nation, cold temperatures have arrived. snow fell in the great lakes over the weekend. stephanie ramos has the details. stephanie: it is beginning to look a lot like winter. the weather is changing on us fast. just last week near syracuse, new york, this is what it looked like.
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a week later? this. >> i woke up this morning and i thought it was christmas. stephanie: it may be october. the oldest air mass has swept from the midwest into the east. across new york, a blast of winter bringing dangerous conditions. more than 50 accidents in syracuse blamed on the icy roads. snow collecting on this backyard deck. nine inches so far. another backyard buried under the snow. kids aren't complaining. >> i have not seen this snow this early in a long time. stephanie: the snow also falling early. temperatures in the mid 30's didn't stop the dedicated marathon runners. >> this is great weather to run in. stephanie: thousands of runners taking the weather in stride. despite the chilly temperatures and snowfalling, a first frost like this is not unusual. these cold temperatures will linger into today across the east. here's some good news,
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it is going to warm up later this week. get ready to ditch the cold weather gear. stephanie ramos, abc news, washington. sean: more than 16,000 people have been forced to evacuate their homes due to super typhoon koppu. two people have died because of the storm. officials say flooding and landslides are possible over the next few days as the storm slowly moves west. this morning texas firefighters have managed to contain 60% of a wild fire near austin. 275 firefighters and seven aircraft are working to battle the flames there. their progress is being threat offed by high winds and lower humidity today. no injuries have been reported. 4600 acres have burned since the fire broke out last week. crews in california continue to dig out after mud slides washed
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over the weekend, crews re-opened stretches of five roads in mountain communities about 40 miles north of los angeles. work continues to two other roads that were inundated as thunderstorms unleashed flash flooding last thursday. more than 100 cars, buses, rv's, and semitrucks trapped in the thick mud. most have been pulled free. police in florida are still searching for the person who opened fire at the zombie con festival over the weekend. fans dressed as zombies and other characters added to the confusion as crowds ran for safety. five people were shot. a 20-year-old man was killed in the chaos. >> i didn't believe it. i thought it was a part of what happened. >> we didn't know if it was real or fake. we ran. then we're like, wait? was that real or fake? people were screaming it was fake. sean: local businesses are looking at surveillance videos.
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chicago police say a 6-year-old boy accidently shot and killed his 3-year-old brother. police say the two were playing saturday when the older boy grabbed a loaded handgun off of the top of the fridge and accidently shot his brother in the face. the boy's brother, 25-year-old michael santiago was arrested on a felony child endangerment charge. 14 minutes past 6:00 on monday. coming up, amazon lawsuits, why the online retailer is going after people who leave fake reviews. more air bag recalls. the new vehicles added
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sean: new hampshire residents finances. it is based on a report on consumer confidence. when 5:00 about their household finances, most think they are better
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were a year ago at 36%. 29% they they are worse. 39% say things are about the same. 31% think businesses are in good times over the next year. 32% think businesses will have bad times. 27% think conditions will be mixed. add another several hundred more vehicles to the more than 23 million involved in the takata air bag deflect recall. this morning general motors is recalling certain 2015 buick lacrosse, cadillac xts, equinox, malibu, and gmc terrain vehicles. they have side impact that may rupture when deployed. amazon is going after people who sell fake reviews. more than 1,000 people sold five star reviews through the web site the policies ban fake product reviews.
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people were breach of contract in violating federal consumer laws on friday. there you two. you never know when you look on the internet. some of the reviews seem a little too glowing. some of them seem too negative. be careful out there on the internet is my advice. by the way, you are heading out the door, bundle up. kevin: careful on the forecast. it is the future. we know. it is in the end the future. start off with a look at coast. looking off shore early this morning. a lot of clouds out there in the warmer waters of the gulf stream. otherwise we're looking at a beautiful sunrise setting up this morning and what should be a bright, sunny day for us. temperatures up into the 40's. a much lighter wind today out of five to ten miles an hour into the afternoon. looking at a couple of showers here. not much in the way of that out there today. today temperatures will be fairly similar to what we had yesterday.
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lower 40's up north to upper 40's in southern spots. no flurry chances though into the afternoon. next system driving its way in here later on tonight until the way of high clouds and a passing shower up north during the evening and overnight hours. temperatures have dropped back. there's a lot of areas between 20 and 25 degrees this morning. a few upper teens out there in some of the lower valleys. in the upper 20's from manchester through the coast. 28 in portsmouth. flee degrees shy of the record low. temperatures running a few degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. it is typically what we'll see in the second night of the clearer skies with some cooler air rushing in as you get those winds a bit lighter and you have the temperatures which only climb to a certain level and fall off quickly during the evening. we have a tendency to see those. just a couple of degrees cooler than the night before. high temperatures up into the 40's to near 50 in a couple of southern spots. there will be a light breeze out of the southwest. a few high clouds late in the day. a shower up north.
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maybe a shower around tomorrow. we're looking at at least quite a few more clouds at least to start the day with the chance of a at least a little bit of sunshine into the afternoon. again we're not going to completely shake any sort of shower chances this week. there may be a passing shower on wednesday with temperatures similar to what we'll have tomorrow which is 50's to lower 60's. we'll run the risk of a couple of showers ahead of the next front that arrives on thursday. temperatures by then will be making their way up into the 50's to even some lower 60's. that will be cut off by the front coming through and eventually the cooler air starts to drain in behind that late in the week. high temperatures today as you'll notice going into the mid to upper 40's. a light breeze out of the southwest. sunshine and a few high clouds. all in all, chilly temperatures. temperatures running about ten degrees below the average. a lot of areas into the 30's later on tonight right around 40 for manchester to the coast. there could be a shower around. best chance will be up north in the way of a big shower or two. again that chance of a
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shower around tomorrow, wednesday, or thursday. temperatures will be back into the 50's to lower range of the 60's. notice that cooler breeze around on friday. air. high temperatures in the 50's. high of where we should be for this time of year. i don't think we're done with the milder temperatures. we should start to run into the 60's by early next week. sean: there's still some beautiful fall colors. some trees are bare. kevin: a little bit of a breeze. sean: get the rake out soon enough. ray: grief counselors will be available following the death of a teen from an apparent drug overdose. she was found in her motel room saturday morning along with her mother. drug prevention specialists are highlighting the importance of family addressing issues of substance abuse with their children at a very early age. sean: it's been a year since riots broke out in keene on the same weekend as the pumpkin festival. this year the festival and the thousands of
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visitors are gone. because of this, businesses say they are feeling a dip in sales. police at boston university are investigating an alleged sexual assault. it happened early yesterday morning in a dorm room. the victim did not know the attacker. coming up on "daybreak" this monday, kangaroo on the loose. the strange call the new york police responded to this weekend and how
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kevin: starting off early this morning. temperatures down to 20. there are some upper teens. we are looking at temperatures into the afternoon. making their way up into the 40's. a good deal of sunshine through the rest of the day.
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sean: i noticed when i went out on the lawn yesterday morning, there was a crunch in the grass. it was frozen. one of the world's most prestigious races started this weekend. kevin: the solar challenge included 46 cars from 25 countries. participants drove in more than 1,800 miles in the race. hundreds line the streets to watch. the first cars are expected to cross the finish line on wednesday. sean: the forecast very important to the race. kevin: you can't do it in rain. sean: you can't. that's kind of cool. kevin: you could. it would be a slow race. sean: police responded to an unusual call this weekend. an escaped kangaroo. kevin: officers got a call about a strange animal in a backyard. they discovered buster when they arrived. he escaped through the owners beat. the animal was soon returned to his owner. no challengers filed.
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category when you live in new york that i've seen it all. coming up, the new lady is revealing her web site today. and an air show in texas takes an scary turn. why the sky diver ended up in the middle of the
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people want change, they want reform, they want to see something done, but just carping about it and whining about it and making speeches about it doesn't get it done. nobody has shaken up the system more than i have. i've always been unorthodox in this and against the grain. but you know what? i know how to get it done. new day independent media committee, inc. is responsible for the content
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sean: good morning. it is monday, october 19th. a live look at goffstown. it is below freezing this morning. another chilly start to day. some folks saw snow. it is going to return to more normal-like weather. first the top stories. counselors will be on hand in rochester today after police say a 17-year-old student died
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apparent drug overdose. two people from connecticut are facing charges following a drug bust in vermont in which police seized hundreds of bags of heroin. three hikers are safe after being rescued. when they got lost. the way they got lost was rather interesting. we'll talk about that in a moment. what do you got back here? is that like alaska or something? kevin: they had ten inches of snow in mt. washington. that's led them to a temperature early this morning of five degrees zero. you think you are chilly morning? we start off with temperatures in the 20's highs today will be in the 40's with a light breeze out of the southwest into the afternoon. sean: break out the skis; right? let's check out the roads start, a live look at i-93 from the common man camera in windham. davidson. good monday morning,
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deb. deb: good monday morning, kevin and sean. 93 and 293 are a nice easy commute through the state of new hampshire without seeing any problems. the everett turnpike is moving well through the bedford tolls. from merrimack into nashua. if you are commuting into massachusetts and into the boston area right now, we're seeing some big delays due to several crashes. an earlier crash is now cleared. residual delays are extending from north of the new hampshire state line into the salem area. we're getting word of another crash at exit 36 which is in wooburn. that has you stopping at exit 39. the report is brought to you by honda, nissan, and kia of nashua. i'm deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. sean: thanks. counseling will be on hand at spaulding high school in rochester
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cope with the death of their classmates. a 17-year-old died of an apparent drug overdose. determine her exact cause of death. ray brewer joins us live in the studio to tell us what one drug prevention specialist is saying about the problem of youth drug abuse in new hampshire. ray: as police continue to investigate, drug prevention specialists are highlighting the importance of families addressing substance abuse issues with their children at a very early age. susan mccowen has been working with families for years. >> it is affecting every age group and families. there's no socioeconomic level that's spared. ray: this year it is asking even more families. the amount of people overdoses on heroin continues to rise. >> everybody knows somebody. whether it is under your own roof, it is your
6:32 am
neighbor, it is your co-worker, it is a family member, it is just affecting everybody. ray: she's a pediatric nurse that to co-founded a support group called f.a.s.t.e.r. >> it stands for families advocating substance treatment and recovery. we have run a parent support group. ray: she's also the family support coordinator for the behavior health collaborative. it has 12 support groups with volunteers ready and waiting to help. >> it would be wonderful if parents of younger children would come when they started noticing things they are smoking greats or started smoking pot and skipping school or not making their after school job or just have a gut feeling of worry. although not everyone who smokes heroin goes on to be a heroin addict for sure, every parent in our groups, all of their children started with marijuana.
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ray: if you are looking for family and support resources, find information about how to access parent support groups all across the state by heading to our web site at in the studio, ray brewer,wmur news 9. sean: thanks. federal agents say they blocked 88 pounds of heroin from hitting the streets of vermont. they discovered a heroin shipment in miami earlier this month that was headed to burlington, vermont. an agent disguised delivered one package on october 8th and then took him into custody. @also in vermont, tw@people from connecticu@were arrested on@charges, includin@trafficking heroin.@they say they searched @car last thursday and@found nearly 600 bags of@heroin as well as mor@than an ounce of crac@cocaine >> fish and game came to the rescue in rumney. two hikers were lost. they were using a google app to find their way up
6:34 am
the mountain when the app sent them to the wrong trail. rescuers had to hike steep off trail cliffs in the dark in order to reach them and help them back down the mountain. an investigation is underway this morning into a deadly fire in massachusetts. the flames broke out yesterday morning at a house in chicopee. police say two people were killed in the blaze. three others were able to escape. a ground breaking ceremony was held yesterday for a memorial named in honor of one of the boston marathon bombing victims. the krystal campbell peace forwarden is being built near medford city hall. it is meant to memorialize the victims and survivors. she lived one block from medford city hall. her parents were on hand for ther garden ground breaking. >> your insistence that this garden be more than
6:35 am
is a message to us that you know what others only strive to believe. we are better together and together we will create a better world. sean: medford's mayor says the project will cost about $1.2 million paid for with grants and private donations. attention new hampshire students, government maggie hassan is launching the second annual what's so cool about manufacturing contest? the video contest is meant to encourage middle school students to learn about exciting career opportunities in advanced manufacturing. last year's winner was fairgrounds junior high school in flash what. the deadline to submit entries is february 2nd. for more information, head to the railway is moving a steam engine to a new location. the number ten will be moved by flat bed truck from the marsh field station to the intersection of base road and route 302. the train will be part
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of the new sign for the railway. you'll see this thing. the number ten engine was build at the base station between 1969 and 1972. coming up on "daybreak" this morning, a frightening situation for a parachutist in texas. he had to land in the crowd after running into trouble in the air. a long way to match up on the football field. highlights from the game between the patriots and the colts. kevin: clear skies and light
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20's. kevin: monday morning, october 189th. beautiful look at the sunrise. 28 degrees early this morning. three degrees shy of a record low in portsmouth of 25. highs today well into the 40's to even near 50. lighter wind with that sunshine through the afternoon. we'll talk about the moderating trend and the shower chances coming up. sean: 6:41. if you are just waking up, the feud is escalating between donald trump and jeb bush over 9/11. this is as several of the republican hopefuls
6:38 am
vie for the religious right. dozens continue on biden watch. nikole: today some of the candidates may be talking on the trail. as the war of words from the most noticeable names. >> mr. trump talks about things as though he's still on "the apprentice." nikole: jeb bush is down. boom. he's taking on them over 9/11. >> i'm not blaming george bush. i don't want jeb bush to safe. september 11st of the one of the worst daying in the history of the country. nikole: the donald doubles down. >> look my brother responded to a crisis, and he did it as you hope a president would do. the country. he kept us safe. there's no denying that. nikole: the rivalry reaching a boiling point
6:39 am
other contenders to whoo evangelicals. >> to win the election, we have to talk to people who don't know they degree with us. nikole: still no announcement from joe biden. the vp made a call over the weekend to a labor leader to gauge support. sean: all right. thanks. meantime first lady, michelle obama is unveiling a new web site today encouraging students to continue their education. will be a place where students 14 to 19 can access information on signing up for the s.a.t. or a.c.t. exams. that can fill out forms and share stories about what is inspiring them to go to college. if you own a drone, you'll have to let the federal government know about it. the u.s. department of transportation is expected to announce the formation of a task force on drones. their duties include the creation of a policy
6:40 am
who buys a drone to register with the department. currently only commercial drone users are required to register with the faa. in the middle east, violent clashes continue to break out. on sunday night, a palestinian man opened fire inside of a bus station, killing an israeli soldier and wounding ten others. this is the latest in a recent series of lone wolf attacks and growing clashes. john kerry is now getting involved. he plans to meet with week. at least one person is recovering after being shot during a gunfight reenactment in the old west town of tombstone, arizona. the skit was supposed to involve blank bullets. one of the actors guns fired live rounds. at last check, the person that was hit was undergoing surgery to remove a bullet. an ohio man accused
6:41 am
of kidnapping and raping a 14-year-old girl while wearing an electronic monitors twice. he used social media to lure the victim where he got her pregnant and refused to let her leave for near lay month. the man was already facing kidnapping charges in a separate case. they admit having him out of jail and on an electronic monitoring device may not have been the best idea. now to a scary situation in texas. a parachutist was forced to land in the crowd. the sky diving team was preparing to do a performance when the stunt was called off due to high winds. one member of the team had jumped. he could not steer the parachute and ended up landing on a tent. >> we knew he was coming into the crowd. we just didn't know where. actually that probably was the best place for him to come because he didn't hit anybody. >> just like you see in the old military movies. they have a hard landing and drop and roll. >> right. he dropped. >> he dropped and he rolled.
6:42 am
into the tent. sean: the air show announcers say he was taken to the hospital with a broken limb. turns now to sports, fans across new england tuned in for last night's patriots highly anticipated game against the colts. this was the rematch from the deflate gate championship game. tom brady passed one to edelman. the touchdown pass tied the game. new england was trailing 14-10. blunt broke through for a 28-yard touchdown putting the pats ahead, 17-14. brady added two more touchdown passes. they went on to win 34-27. the new york mets took on the chicago cubs. the mets took a 1-0 lead in the first inning when david wright doubled to deep center.
6:43 am
later in the first, daniel murphy hit a homer. the mets went on to win taking a 2-0 lead in the series. the hollywood 400 yesterday. logano hit kenseth's bumper to take the lead. logano took the flag for the second week. runners had to deal with snow flurries marathon. look at pictures. this was the tenth anniversary. they finished the half with another 550 doing a 5k race. the important number is the amount of money raised to support the kids at the children's hospital in dartmouth. the event raised more than 700,000. the ten year total is 4.3 million. kudos to everybody who helped out. a chiropractor in massachusetts has set up an interesting halloween
6:44 am
display inwayland. the display shows a model of nfl commissioner, roger goodell, tied to a stake and sitting on top of a pile of wood. he said it is related to the deflategate scandal. >> people are like, burn him. all kinds of funny things. lots of comments. i thought what was going on with the whole legal aspect, it is kind of a witch hunt. sean: the chiropractor plans to keep the display up until thanksgiving so people can come by and take photos with it. the scary guy. is that supposed to be tom brady holding the number 12 football? the demon on his shoulders or something? kevin: now they faced each other last night, it is over. we'll never hear about it. sean: that's in our past. the colts played pretty well. they thought it was going to be a blow out. didn't happen. at least we won. kevin: good guys win again. five degrees on top of mt. washington. that's a live webcamera.
6:45 am
the wind is blowing. you have a wind chill of 21 below zero. they go with the opposite of that this morning. 28 degrees above zero. the sun developing there out of hampton beach. water temperatures in the lower 40's. sean: to wake up. a little dip in the morning. kevin: as you can see, a lot of sunshine. a nice mid to late autumn day with high temperatures into the afternoon. tonight we'll see temperatures drop back into the 30's. not as many 20's out there. tomorrow we start the warming trend of getting back into the 50's. there will be a couple of passing showers each of the next several afternoons. no big system to focus on with clearer skies on either end. we're going to go back and forth after full sunshine today. you'll notice this system diving southeastward out of canada. it eventually brings us the chance of a passing shower later on this evening up in the north country. temperatures have fallen back. a lot of areas into the
6:46 am
if you were in the upper 20's to near 30, count yourselves lucky. we're down to 19 in marlborough. 21 in sunapee. in the mid to upper 20's along the big lake. you don't have to go very far away from the lake itself to drop back into the lower 20's. as cold as 17 in pittsburgh. 21 in jefferson. 17 in lisbon. it is a cold start to the day. for some areas, as cold oar colder than we were yesterday at this time. high temperatures into the afternoon up into the 40's. making a run at 50 in a couple of south eastern areas. anywhere between 44 to 48 for most into the afternoon. north country. you start out in the upper teens to near 20. for a lot of locations, you are up about 20 degrees. into the afternoon. and forth between clouds, some sunshine, and a couple of passing showers here or there. unlike yesterday, a lot of this will be in liquid form over the tomorrow we jump into
6:47 am
the 50's. 50's to near 60 wednesday. even some lower and a few mid 60's by the time we get to thursday. that's out ahead of the next front that races in here with a couple of showers is a possibility. again no real big systems here. looks like that moves through and we'll cool it back off by the end of the week. high temperatures into the 40's. about as chilly as we'll be for the next several days. you'll notice we go back into the 50's to lower 60's. warmest day right now sets up to be thursday. we cool off by the end of the week. one last day with highs in the 40's. at least a lighter wind and a good deal of sunshine today before we start to bring in the warmer temperatures yet again. sean: a lot of people had the fireplaces going. the river fire festival was held in berlin over the weekend. 4,000 people turned out for the event which featured a number of activities. at dusk on saturday, the androscoggin river was lit up with fires that appeared to be floating
6:48 am
on the water. it burned on boom peers during the height. a wonderful tradition in berlin. 6:51. still to come, a final check on your top stories, including a
6:49 am
appearance in boston. sean: 6:55. updating the top stories. counselors will be on hand to help students cope with the death of their classmates. a 17-year-old girl died over the weekend from an apparent drug overdose. an autopsy will determine her exact cause of death. the girlfriend of former boston mob boss, whitey bulger, is due in court today. catherine greig is facing contempt charges
6:50 am
for refusing to testify about bull bulger. a driver is facing charges after he hit a new hampshire bike and took off from the scene. richard marin was arrested after allegedly hitting the boy on friday. the 14-year-old remains in critical condition. and three hiker are safe after being rescued when they got lost in rumney last night. fish and game officials say the hikers were using a google app which sent them to the wrong trail. kevin: a cold start to the day. a lot of areas down into the 20's. there are some upper teens and parts of the north country looking at high temperatures today up into the 40's. lighter wind, good deal of sunshine, and then from there we jump into the 50's starting tomorrow. each of the next three days after today will run the risk of a passing shower here or there. no big systems. warmest day looks to be on thursday. sean: what you know season starts today? when kids start losing
6:51 am
they are going to wear them to the bus stop. a couple that survived after their plane hit a powerline and crashed in texas is speaking out. here what they have to say about their miraculous survival. if you own a drone or plan on buying a drone, there are new rules. back here in 25 minutes.
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