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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  October 19, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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tom: now at 11:00, nearly three dozen animals ranging from a guinea pig to a horse, taken from a home. the reason the woman kept to the home -- the animals in horrible conditions. shelley:shelley: guilty on all counts for a man charged in a robbery that turns into murder. the frustration from the defense attorney over some of the prosecution' s witnesses. tom:tom: no word from vice president joe biden about his plans for 2016, but excitement is building among supporters in new hampshire. mike: temperatures are heading higher. how mild it gets over the next few days. shelley: a fight on board forces a plane to turn around. the issue involving seeds of that had strangers in a physical altercation. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> no one covers new hampshire like we do.
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starving animals living in filthy conditions. they are safe tonight after the m shelley walcott. m tom griffith. police in derry say they found severely malnourished animals just in time. jean mackin explains why the facing charges. jean: police in dairy say neighbors called in, reporting the possible neglect of pets at a home in town. and they arrived, they say they living in filth. when police arrived on friday, they found this force in the yard. a veterinarian call to the site said the horse was severely underweight and malnourished. it was immediately removed from the house on mckinley avenue in derry where police say a woman was keeping three dozen pets in poor conditions, including 17
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with six cats, three dogs, a guinea pig, and an iguana. >> we determined that she had fallen on hard times. she was unable to care for the animals. luckily, she voluntarily gave them up. jean: police say animal waste cover the floors of the home and cages. the stalls were filled with manure, and many of the animals had no access to food at all. the spca in stratham are going to work to bring the animals back from starvation and treat a parasites. police say they are working with the woman, and right now, no animal cruelty charges have been filed. >> there are no charges right now. jean: the new hampshire spca says the animals won' t be ready for adoption until they are healthy again. that will be a costly rehabilitation process. they are asking the public for donations to their sos fund. wmur news 9. shelley: if you would like to
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link on our website, tom: a jury delivered a guilty verdict for a man from rochester charged in a deadly shooting. -- stabbing. of all charges, including death of a teenager and madbury last year. micron and has reaction from the victims dad. mike: wolusky had two co-conspirators who testified he was the one who killed aaron wilkinson. tristan wolusky left a dover courtroom showing no emotion after a jury found him guilty on all charges related to the murder of 18-year-old aaron wilkinson. after weeks of listening to difficult testimony, wilkinson' s father is glad it' s finally over. >> the evidence didn' t portray him like an angel or anything. he wasn' t a gangster. he wasn' t evil.
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prosecutors say wolusky and two others went to wilkinson' s home with the intent of robbing him. wilkinson was stabbed more than 20 times, and his body was dumped along a road in maine. the state, in exchange for testifying against the 19-year-old. >> they got to watch two people guts out. mike: wolusky' s lawyer was shocked by the trial. >> if you get penalized for taking a case like this to trial instead of lying and taking a stand, there is something wrong. s mike: the state calls it a just verdict. horrible criminal choices, and i t fathom what was going they were thinking. they made their choices. mica: wilkinson'
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conviction doesn' comfort. son. >> he had compassion. he had a good heart. he was a child. mike: wolusky will be sentenced around the end of next month or beginning in december. appeal. as for the others, they will be sentenced november 10. tom: there are new charges for a man from middle 10 of holding a violent standoff. richer say while richard penney was being held at a state t supposed to have contact with according to his bail orders. he is now charged with stalking. penney was charged with holding a gun to his brother' s head and forcing his way into a woman' s home and holding her hostage for three hours. that court paperwork said he was found not competent to stand trial. s due in court tomorrow for
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two hearings. shelley: newington is discussing plans for new propane distribution in the region. the sitting planning board met so members could review the safety plans associated with the capacity. a superior court judge ordered the board to determine whether updated. pan am railways has said it will use its railyard near downtown portsmouth for loading liquid petroleum from railcars to waiting trucks if the expansion continues to be delayed. a decision is expected next monday. eversource officials are calling it a major milestone for the northern path project. the company made an officials f l filing with the new hampshire oversight committee. this initiates the regulatory
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192-mile hydroelectric transmission line from canada. the site evaluation committee has two months to review the latest filing, and if it' s approved, public hearings will resume 45 days later. tom: speculation continues to build about vice president joe biden as he is expected to make a decision soon about a bid for the white house. plug-in supporters in the granite state are anxious to get moving if the vp decides to jump into the race. wmur political reporter adam sexton has more on this anything but ordinary joe. adam: we are having an exciting and dynamic primary campaign underway in new hampshire. things could get even more interesting if the sitting vice president throws his hat in the ring. plenty of smoke but no fire just yet from vice president joe biden who' s reportedly said to make a decision soon about a possible run for president. should he joined the fray, it' s important to remember he is no
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primary. in 1987. he took a strong stand against the seabrook nuclear power plant. s one of those the next president is going to have to make. 30 adam: years later, the watershed decision before biden is whether to make a third bid for the white house. >> what you see in jill biden is what he is. he' s very down-to-earth. adam: the houston credit leader 2008. >> i thought he was a strong candidate then. i think he will be a strong candidate now. adam: political analysts point out that neither one of those previous primary campaigns and did particularly well for biden. in this cycle, trying to map out his hypothetical path to the nomination is difficult. >> how is he going to present himself as a candidate given what the democratic field looks like? is he a little bit to the right
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of hillary clinton or left of hillary clinton? we don' t know what is going to be his case for making a claim to the presidency. adam: if biden gets in, his top supporters in new hampshire already have a handful of staffers set to go with office space ready to be rented in concord. wmur news 9. shelley:shelley: the democratic presidential primary field could says he' s considering running his campaign says he will discuss more during a news vermont senator bernie sanders leads hillary clinton among new hampshire democrats. the franklin pierce university/boston herald poll surveyed likely democratic primary voters in the days after
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clinton has 38%. if vice president joe biden enters the race, this poll finds he would have the support of 19% of democratic voters. sanders drops to 38%, and clinton, 30%. republican president for candidates donald trump and ben carson have asked the secret service for protection. the secretary of homeland security has to consult with five senior members of congress to determine if trump and carson will get it. it' s not unusual for candidates to request and receive protection from the secret service before the presidential nominee is selected. tom: the state attorney general' s office, warning about a scam targeting people who have filed for bankruptcy. investigators say scammers use information you get from public filings and bankruptcy court. they are claiming to be the victims lawyer or a member of the office staff and tell the victim to wire money to pay off
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anyone who gets a call like this should contact their lawyer as soon as possible. the attorney general' s office. shelley: a woman from portsmouth s death. prosecutors say amanda burgess sold fentanyl to joseph cahill this summer. he use the drug and die. convicted to prison. tom: national was school district is considering a new step to combat the heroin narcan kits are said to be in high schools and middle schools, and while the superintendent says he has no reason to believe nashua students are using heroin, he said he would rather be safe than sorry. >> i would rather have invested dollars, if that is what it costs, and have the proper child' that it doesn' t happen. >> we will begin a processing of
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bringing together some of the community agencies that have experience with this, such as our school nurses. shelley: at this time, the superintendent doesn' t have estimates on price or plans for training. you can join us thursday night for a one-our townhall on new hampshire' s heroin epidemic. here what it' s like on the front lines of this battle. police and medical experts will be there, too. that is thursday night at 7:00. shelley: the director of the cia is reportedly the victim of a hacker. coming up tonight, the information he allegedly hacker says he accessed. tom: a flight in california was forced to return to the airport after a fight between passengers turned physical. the seating issue that started it. mike: showers for some tonight at the latest front moves through. if we will see anymore as the week goes on.
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apps from tom: a hacker claims to have access the cia director' s personal e-mail account. that anonymous hacker has posted documents online, including a list of e-mail addresses reportedly from john brennan' s contacts. a person claiming to be the hacker has talked to the "new york post" and claims he is a
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high school student. the cia would only say it referred the matter to the proper authorities. a flight from los angeles to san francisco was forced to turn around after passengers got into a fight. shelley: the issue apparently started when one passenger reclined in her seat. lauren lister reports from los angeles. >> southwest flight 10. lauren: the southwest jet was 13 minutes into its flight when the pilot called air-traffic control. >> a flight attendant just called. evidently, we' ve got two passengers in a physical altercation. we need to get turned around. >> flight 2010i' m declaring you an emergency. lauren: inside the jet, an escalating situation, a fight between two passengers. some on the flight say it was over a reclining seat. a woman reported she was choked by the man behind her after apparently putting her seat back. >> the lady -- she was like, he
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me. she was emotional. lauren: the jet returned to lax. police and fbi were there, and the man walked off the plane and was taken into custody, with officers talking to the alleged victim. >> he attacked you? >> i don' t know what i' m going to do. am i going to stay here all night? lauren: we have seen reclining seats become an issue in the past. there were passengers last year who got kicked off a united flight after fighting over the use of the so-called knee defender that keeps the seat in front from being reclined. the man in this case was questioned and released. the fbi says there is no arrest or charges at this time. the passengers did get to san francisco on another plane five hours late. shelley: a man is facing charges, accused of punching a flight attendant on a jetblue plane. the flight was going from new york city to florida last week. witnesses say the man ran down
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attendants, and push a third. they said he threatened to blow up the plane. the man is now out on they' ll and has to wear a gps monitor on his ankle. tom: apple says it has removed hundreds of apps from its store that secretly collect personal information. an analytic service discovered the software by a chinese ad company, the company that was gathering data about the people who downloaded the apps. the information included e-mail addresses, and 256 apps were removed from the itunes store. scary stuff. mike: it is scary tom: stuff. temperatures are headed back up now,. mike: this time last night, below freezing in many spots. just about all areas now, above 32. if you like warmer air, here it is. newfound lake, beautiful scene we had from sun up until sundown. a very cold start statewide.
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no records, but certainly colder than we' far in this fall season. and a good part of the spring. you have to go back to april 2 to find when we were this cold at 19 in concord. 27 along the shore, just above record lows, and as we go through the overnight, no more concern about record low temperatures. a warm front is approaching from the west. behind that, temperatures are jumping well above the average. along that front, that is where there has been a scattering of showers. now they are beginning to work into seven parts of new hampshire. they are in the form of rain. there were a few wet snowflakes mixed in across the north country. . 21 on top of mount washington.
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a lot of the snow coming in, of course, over this past weekend. temperatures in the mid-30' s north. as you get points south and east, low-to-mid 40' s. certainly warmer than we were at any point last evening and during the overnight. here is a nice wedge of springlike warmth heading in our direction. it looks like temperatures tomorrow make a run into the upper 50' s and lower 60' s. here is a look at the jet stream flow. it gives you a good idea of where temperatures are going to line up. when you are in the blue shade, you are going to do a temperatures lower than the average. notice where we are over the next few days. somewhere in between. that puts temperatures right where they should be this time of year, upper 50' s and lower 60' s on average. slightly cooler air will punch in on friday but will only drop temperatures to were three below the norm. we warm up a little bit more as we going to saturday afternoon,
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and especially on sunday and early on monday. in terms of rain chances, we' ve got a scattering of showers. they will move through early tomorrow morning. as you head out for the morning commute, your best shot at a couple showers will be from the lakes region and points south. during the afternoon, clouds and partial sun, a be a leftover sprinkle. it should be a dry wednesday, especially morning and early afternoon. there could be a shower late day or into the evening. high temperatures tomorrow, much higher than they were today. lower to mid 50' s north. upper 50' s and the lakes region. 60-63 south. for tonight, bottoming out a few more degrees. it' s a warmer start your tuesday. that means a warmer day on average up near 60. there could be a passing shower, partial sun. a couple showers scattered about with a warmer thursday and
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we should dry out for the afternoon. tom: all in all, pretty good. let' s jump over the jason king. he has our sports tonight. jason: coming up in sports, we are going to tell you about this local mma people want change, they want reform, they want to see something done, but just carping about it and
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>> now jason king and news 9 sports. jason: let' s start tonight with the baseball playoffs. the american league championship series shifted to toronto for and the royals. this thing was huge for toronto.
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jays. troy tulowitzki takes johnny catered deep -- johnny cueto d. they led 11-4 in the ninth, but kansas city made it interesting. toronto wins it 11-8. that series, 2-1. after losing to william & mary, unh, not ranked in the top 25. after 162 consecutive weeks, new hampshire falls out of the national rankings. they are 3-3 overall and would technically be number 26 this week. the dartmouth victorino are in the poll for the first time since 1996. dartmouth' s 5-0 after beating central connecticut state saturday. 34-7. they' ve outscored five opponents 190-47. >> we are having a great time. we knew we would be a good team this year. it' s great to go out there and execute.
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we played really well. s been key for us, protecting elin, and getting open. >> jason: monday night football. i think we have a scoreboard for you. the giants are losing the philadelphia 27-7. at last check, there were seven turnovers in the football game. their home field. amherst, new hampshire' s nevis olson is preparing for the biggest fight of his career. dennis competes in mixed martial arts and will take on brent afford this friday night at the mohegan sun arena in connecticut. the event will be live on spike tv. dennis is 29 years old. he was a two-time state wrestling champion at sign vegan high school and was the captain of the football team his senior year. this will be his second major televised fight. he says it has been a long time coming. >> just years and years of training and grinding out local
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fights, local winds. this will be my 25th professional mixed martial arts fight. i' ve been teaching, training, and competing in brazilian jujitsu and martial arts, rustling pretty much, and it led up to this. jason: good luck to dennis. high school soccer, goffstown hosting milford. goffstown penalty shot. will bags makes it count. peter steps in to make it 2-0, goffstown. russell lipid fights through the defender and finds the net. it' s 2-1, goffstown at halftime. how about some girls volleyball? merrimack defeated exit or 3-0. joe coffee led the way with 35 assists and 2530 -- service points. katie flynn added 23 diggs and
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merrimack improves to 15-1 on the season. they are tied for first place in division i. one final note -- new hampshire amateur hockey association along with usa hockey will be hosting skate, pass, and shoot events this upcoming weekend. the clinics are free for boys and girls ages 12 and under. you can go to that website to get specific times and days. it runs from friday through sunday this weekend. tom: pretty cool. still to come on news 9, one of the cog railway' s original engines has a new home. shelley: where you will see the colonel t.
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shelley: a historic steam engine has a new home in bretton woods. today, the mount washington railway company moved the number 10 steam engine to the intersection of base road and route 302. tom: the kernel teed used to be s marshfield station. it' s part of a new sign for the now we know where the old engines go. when it' to go.
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tonight. s time for us to go.
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have a great nig if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. v v the super wealthy call the shots. they don't stand up for they don't support paid family leave. they don't even really support refinancing student debt. we've got to get this economy working for the vast majority of americans, not just for those at the top.
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to do as president. i'm hillary clinton and
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