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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  October 20, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> now on day break nearly 3 dozen animals found living in deplorable conditions. why their owner isn't facing any charges in the case and how you can help with their care. >> and a rochester tenal is found guilty of a death and what the victim's father had to say about the ruling. >> gradually turning milder over the next few days with future cast. >> will he run? the clock is ticking for vice president joe bide. -- joe biden.
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we'll tell you if he will run for president. . >> now wmur news 9 daybreak. >> good morning and thanks for starting your day with us. i'm aaron. >> i'm sean. starting to feel like winter out there. but we'll call it back to normal. kevin: yes. 89% is rain but temperatures ranging anywhere from about 36- 46. we have the clouds out there and the scoured activity most falling in liquid form but if you live in one of those shelters valleying you could see something different. highs today between 53 and 63. much more on the warming trend and how long it will last but let's take a look at your
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we're joined by deb davidson. deb: right now the roads will slow you down a bit. right now 93 looks good as you make your way from concord to the tolls then from manchester to the state line it's incident free. we're not seeing problems on 293 in either direction and ten again southbound to the turnpike. it's up to speed through the bedford tolls. also up through the hampton tolls. this is being brought to you by minute man. sean: deb, thank you.
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in dery. aaron: wmur's ray brewer is live in stratum. >> police found about three dozen animals starving and living in filth. police confiscated those animals and among them a horse, 20 birds, three dogs, six cats and a guinea pig and an eguana. they say the floors in the home were covered with animal waste and many animals had no access to food. >> through the investigation we determined she had fallen on hard times and was unable to care for the animals and voluntarily gave them up.
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animals is not facing charges and the spca say the animals are going to be put up for adoption but their care is costly so if you want to donate, help is welcome. aaron: a rochester teenager has been found guilty 19-year-old tristan malesky was led away in handcuffs. they say the rochester man and two others went to rob aaron wilkinson at his home. he was stabbed more than 20 times and his body dumped along a road in maine. >> he had compassion. he was a kid, a child. he was our child.
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i -- i'm not going to. >> as part of a plea agreement his two friends pleaded guilty in exchange for testimony against 19-year-old. the city planning board met and -- to expand offloading capacity, a superior court judge ordered an investigation on whether -- sean: turning to 2016 speculation. stephanie ramos has the details from washington. stephanie: will he or won't he join the 2016 presidential race? that's still the biggest
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question looming over vice president joe biden. >> he will make a decision when he is prepared to make it. stephanie: everyone but biden is weighing in on this decision. >> it's about respect. >> have you made your decision yet? stephanie: and still no decision. but how about this? subtle comebacks potentially aimed at the two frontrunners. hillary clinton and berny sanders. >> a possible response to clinton's debate question? clinton later calling her answer tongue in cheek and was this? >> i'm not one of these guys, let's go after the rich and the powerful and they are the problem. they are not the problem. >> on the republican side, trump versus bush suggesting george w. bush was to blame for
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the 911 attacks. >> does anyone actually blame my brother for the 911 attacks? if anybody does they are totally marginalizing the situation. >> polling on the democratic side show voters think hillary clinton is a stronger leader than biden but biden is a more likable leader. we recently sat with two and we should hear more. sean: meanwhile if biden does enter the fray, he is no stranger to the new hampshire primary. he me began in 1987 taking a strong stand against the seabrook power plant and they say if biden mountains a third
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to nomination is difficult. >> how will he present himself? is he sort of a little bit to the right of hillary clinton or to the left or all those sorts of questions. what's going to be his case for making a claim to the presidency? sean: as john destaceo was fist to report. if he decides to go in he has a handful of staffers ready to go . >> today we learn former senator jim webb says he is considering a run for president as an independent. his campaign says he will discuss the issue more during a news conference today. sean: meanwhile donald trump and ben parsons have asked the secret service for protection
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five members of the -- whether they will get protection. it's not unusual for candidates to seek protection before the party is nominated. coming up a good samaritan to the rescue how a 71-year-old helped a police officer make an arrest. >> and a former olympic released from jail but where he will serve the rest of his sentence. kevin: the latest filing made by ever source and what it means for the future of the
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the republicans finally admit it. >>"republican kevin mccarthy saying ...the committee investigating benghazi and clinton's emails was created to destroy her candidacy..." "everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together a benghazi special committee... what are her numbers today?" republicans have spent millions attacking hillary... ...because she's fighting for everything they oppose... ...from affordable health care. equal pay... she'll never stop fighting for you. and the republicans know it.
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sean: tuesday morning. temps in the upper 30's to near 40 degrees. kevin: we will look at showers drying up and we will have details.
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cast coming up. erin: new hampshire fish and game has put in place an emergency measure after a hunter buzz shot. they are releasing more than 12,000 fess nts for hunting put hunters are hunting the birds as they are released. this led to a person being shot at a stocking site last week. no hunting will be allowed at stocking sites hoping this gives the hunters and game a chance to spread out. sean: a 71-year-old new hampshire man helped police make an arrest. ryan wilson was pulled over near south willow street and authorities say as the per approached the car wilson stepped out of the vehicle then confronted the officer. that's when a man who witnessed
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>> based on the fact that the officer was fighting with this gentleman for a length of time a 71-year-old witnessed the other deal and assisted officer smith and they ended up subduing him and placing him into custody. sean: wilson faces charges and will be arraigned in court. erin: former olympian oscar pistorius will spend the next four years of his sentence under house arrest. it is now 13 past 5:00 and coming up, a new place to find job training. the new center that just opened and how it can help you find a career. sean: also excitement is building for the new "star
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why some fans will have to w we need to disrupt the old order in washington, dc. we can do a lot better by applying conservative principles we should lower rates and simplify the code to allow people to freely decide how they want to spend their money. what we need is leadership to fix a few big things... so that this country takes off and soars where people can dream the biggest possible dreams...
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and pursue them with a vengeance. (applause) jeb. proven conservative. real results. right to rise usa is responsible for the content
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sean: manchester has a new job corps center this morning, the program has been almost 15 years in the making. it provides job training for 21st century positions for men and women between 16 and 24 years old. the program lasts about two years and is free for those who qualify. they live on campus and learn everything from culinary skills to accounting and contradiction. >> while the dream is free, the struggle is sold separately. meaning, you're going to have to work hard. you are going to have to persevere. sean: work is just getting started. they have 68 students enrolled with room for up to 300. erin: want to secretly obtain information from people?
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problem led apple to remove 200 apps from the app store and discovered soft aware was gathering data about the people who downloaded those apps. apple official it's are now working with developers to fix these apps to make sure they are safe. oprah is buying into weight watchers buying a 10% stake in the company and taking a seat on its board of directors. weight watchers has been struggling with profits plummeting nearly 10% this year. sean: and whether the personal email accounts were hacked. the alleged hacker who says he is a high school student recently spoke to the c.i.a. and says it has private files including a security clearance
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application and law enforcement says it doesn't appear any classified information was breeched. after the trailer debuted and yes fans were waiting. the demand was so great the sites crashed. "star wars" the force awakens opens around the world on december 18th about a month from now. i think this might be time for our "star wars" intervention because one of the three of us hasn't even seen the original movie. kevin: i have not seen any of them. sean: you're familiar with the term binge watch? kevin: there's no room in science for science fiction. erin: luke, laya? hans? kevin: about as fun as a root
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we have a wet start to the day. chillier temperatures throughout yesterday. today we start to warm up a little bit. we go up between 53 and 63. a couple more showers in our forecast and eventually we are looking at some in and out clouds and sunshine and a chance for clouds. most of this falling in liquid form but there's a couple pockets of freezing rain. we are looking at temperatures in the mid levels of the atmosphere that are just around the freezing spots so some falling at a little bit of sleet or freezing rain but a lot of that will be pushing to our east and i lunch time we should be drying out and eventually breaking up throughout the afternoon. you will notice from the mid 30's to the valleys and 39 in other areas.
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of the 40's. as fars as the temperatures after the cold start yesterday we are running 10-25 degrees above where we were yesterday at this time and the trend continues upward into the afternoon. all this ahead of the next front that arrives with a few more showers. high temperatures. of course it will be a slow, stubborn start to the day. lit take a food part of the an to get here. we are looking at temperatures between 353 and 63 to the south. we will keep temperatures at bay and then through the afternoon as we start to brighten up a bit. temperatures will then start to jump. any sort of sunshine we start with begin with an isolated chance as a front comes through. temperatures will be highs in
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back into the 50's and clear skies out as we start the weekend. temperatures in the lower 30's and 40's then eventually either side of 60 by this afternoon. we fall back into the 50's with quite a few clouds then right out ahead of the next front we jump back into the lower 60's. a cooler breeze sets up with highs in the mid 50's on friday. then a few showers on sunday but not a washout. temperatures in the 50's and 60 , right where we should be around this time. sean: yes. it's been really cold out there. kevin: a degree warmer than usual for the month of october. erin: nice to be back to normal. we do want to check back in
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here's ray brewer. >> three dozen animals were living in deplorable conditions. police searched a home and among the animals confiscated was a horse, three cats, 20 birds along with a guinea pig and eguana and many animals had my newer in their stalls or cages and had no access to food. sean: a rochester teenager has been convicted of all charges in the death of a madbury teen. they say wilkinson was stabbed more than 20 times and his body dumped along a road in maine. and the clock is ticking on joe biden and whether or not he will run for president. erin: and coming up on news 9 daybreak this morning a piece of new hampshire history has a
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sean: tuesday morning october 20th. we start out with some scattered shower activity. kevin: temperatures are going anywhere from the upper range of the 30's to mid 40's when you walk out the doors so we should turn to drier and briketter throughout day as we jump into the mid 60's. erin: an historic steam engine the mount washington rail cogway moved the number 10 steam engine to the intersection of route 302 and the engine known as the colonel tieg used to be at the marsh
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field station now part of the new sign for the railway. sean: most of the old trains run on biodiesel. now the trains kind of crooked like that. coming up, a murder victim remembered a new memorial for denise roberts. erin: and a school district has a new plan to combat the hair
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>> now wmur news 9 daybreak. sean: wake up everybody it is tuesday, october 20th. we are waking up to some clouds out there and rainfall and still some chilly temperatures. not a pretty morning.
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but we are going to get it back to normal temperatures and kevin has your forecast coming up but first to our top stories, dozens of animals rescued from filthy living conditions. and a man who held a woman expected to be arraigned today and considering a plan to keep kits in both the high school and middle school as the state continues to battle the hair win especially dentalic. kevin: the colors are still gorgeous out there. i know they are kind of fading a little bit but -- sean: when the sun hits those leaves, it's brilliant. kevin: after a couple showers out there to start you can see most of what we have out there is on the light side and most of it in liquid form. we will continue to see it dry up around lunchtime after a
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cool start we get back into the 50's and lower 60's. very close to where we should be this time of year. sean: people have been enjoying the pictures from out there. kevin: we are joined live by 95.7's deb davidson. good morning. deb: good morning. and no major problems on the major roadways including 93 and 89, as you make your way up to hanover and lebanon. if you're coming 89 southbound be prepared for wet roadways as the rain continues to fall in that area. as you make your way southbound approaching the everett turnpike, the turnpike is up to
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and from merrimack it's traffic-free at the time. minute man health, join the revolution. from the wzid traffic -- i'm deb davidson. erin: derry police say they rescued dozens of animals from filthy conditions. sean: now the animals are being cared for by the new hampshire spca in stratham. that's where we find ray brewer. the woman who owned those animals is not facing charges at this time? ray: not at this time. the woman is said to be cooperating but the situation still remains under investigation. police in derry say the neighbors reported the possible neglect of pets and when officers arrived they found
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and living in filth. a veteran veterinarian said this horse was severely underweight and malnourished. a woman was keeping nearly three dozen pets in deplorable conditions including several chickens and the pigeon missing a wing along with three cats, several dogs and a guinea pig and eguana. >> luckily she voluntarily gave them up to the stratham spca. ray: police say the stalls were filled with my newer and many animals had no access to any food at all. veterinarians are going to work to bring the animals back from starvation and treat them from a variety of illnesses and parasites.
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the spca says the animals will not be put up for adoption until they are healthy but it's costly. you can find information on donation at our website. reporting from stratham, ray brewer. wmur news 9. erin: police say richard pen ye was being held when he allegedly called someone he was not supposed to have contact with and is now charged with stalking. a separate hearing is also set today on whether to dismiss charges stemming from a violent incident in 2013. he was charged withholding a gun to his brother's head and then forcing his way into a woman's home and holding her hostage for nearly three hours. court papers said he was found incompetent to stand trial and
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not likely to be restored. sean: the company the northern pass which has oversight of all large scale projects it -- the transmission line from canada that is smarked a lot of controversy. >> as we get into the formal site evaluation process there's many opportunities for public input so we will continue to listen and make adjustments as appropriate. >> it's pretty disappointing that northern pass didn't listen to 80% of the comments at recent hearings that were in opposition to the proposal and went ahead with what they had already proposed to do. >> they now have two months review the filing by ever source. if it resumes, it will resume 45 days later. erin: a school bus driver in connection with a crash in
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police say stephanie boyd crashed the bus while downloading an app to her cell phone. one child onboard suffered a fractured jaw. she is now facing reckless conduct and endangering the welfare of a child and one other charge. sean: the family of denise robert planted a tree along with a monument next to the brookside congregational church. robert was shot and killed while walking in the city's north end. no arrests have been made and a reward is still being offered for information in the case. erin: the school district is considering attacking the hair win epidemic. they say narkan kits should be available in high school and middle schools.
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george farrington says he has no reason to believe any of their students are abusing the drug but thinks it's better to be safe than sorry. >> i would rather have invested a few hundred dollars and have the proper training and be able to save a child's life rather than just hope it never happens. >> we will bring together some of the community agencies that have experience with this as well as our own school nurses to discuss it. erin: at this time the superintendent doesn't havest mats on price or plans for training. be sure to join us for a one-hour town hall on new hampshire's hair win especially dentalic. hear from families living it to police and medical experts.
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the war on heroin. sean: coming up we are hearing more from parents on the concerns of a leak of antifreeze on a school bus. kevin: more activity out there. looks like we trend milder
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kevin: it is tuesday morning tuesday, october to the where we start out with a look at our sky cam. temperatures not lower 40's but i had no upper 30's in some of the sheltered valleys. gradually giving way to brighter and drier conditions. ahead in our forecast at other shower chances in a few minutes. sean: sounds good. canada has a new leader. voters elected 43-year-old justin trudeau as the country's new prime minister bringing an end to stephen harper's nearly 10 years in office. he is the son of pierre trudeau
5:38 am
and second youngest prime minister in canadian history. erin: some parents are outraged over an incident on a school bus. surveillance shows students scrambling to get off the bus when a heater hose started to leak antifreeze but now parents are concerned over how the district handled the situation. kara has the story. >> what is that? >> surveillance video on an ocean shore video captures the moments students realize something was terribly wrong. >> open the windows. >> what is it? >> we don't know. >> on their way to ocean shores elementary school when a heater hose ruptured in the back of the bus and started to leak antifreeze. samuel and sara both had children on the bus and their concern over the way the school
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district handled the situation notifying the parents and ensuring medical care. after the frightening incident the kids were loaded on another bus and brought to school and later evaluated by the school nurse. she says her kids waited more than an hour for medical care. >> they both said they had stomach aches and their eyes were burning. the parents were upset the children were not checked at the scene. as the superintendent says the hose that ruptured is encased and did not spray any kids but mason says his son had burns and wet shoes. >> the buses that we purchase to begin with are the best available to us and all consider safety -- we're not going to buy something that's unsafe. >> the district says they will take any potential lessons from
5:40 am
this incident and make changes if necessary. in ocean shores, i'm kara. sean: facing charges is possible after superintendent brian hyde is accused of entering a home and rummaging through a student's things and hyde says he was not invited inside. they will hear from a clerk magistrate before deciding. before dyeding if any charges will be filed. erin: and six people were killed when a building crumbled to the ground and police say griffin campbell controlled the work site and lied after the collapse about how the demolition was being conducted. he will be sentenced in -- soon. sean: and the execution dates
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will be pushed into the future. ohio last put someone to death in january of 2014. erin: in sports the american league championship series shifted to toronto for game three between the blue jays and the royals. kansas city thread series two games to none going into last night's game. in the bottom of the third a three-run homer gave the blue jays a 6-2 lead but toronto hung on to win this game. 11 how much 8. sean: the new hampshire hockey will be hosting skate, pass & shoot fee for biss boys and girls ages 12 and under. here's a list of the site hosting the events. you can go to nh to register. erin: and dennis competes in mixed martial arts and will take on brandon moore this
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dennis was a two-time state wrestling champ at south egan high school and captain of the football team his senior year. this will actually be his second major televised fight and he says it's been a long time coming. >> just years and years of training and grinding it out in local fights and wins. this will be my 25th professional mixed martial arts fight and for the last 10 years i've just been teaching, training and competing in jiu-jitsu martial arts and wrestling, and it just kind of led up to this. erin: the fight airs live on spike tv. sean: if you ever ever dreamed of becoming a anyonea warrior a new gym might be able to help you out. opening up its ninja warrior-style training center.
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a peg wall, salmon ladder and rotating monkey bar is set up and there's definitely a margaret for this. >> you've got the spartan racers, the mudders, the cross if it people. it's a crazy market right now. >> it's not just for cross trainers. anybody like body builders or even kids who come in here and train. >> it's different. you didn't really realize you were working out. like right now my body is sore. >> all the equipment was built in six weeks and installed just one day. for folks who haven't hung by their arms as an adult. it's hard to do. i mean when you're a kid -- you just need upper body strength like never before. erin: it's like a jungle gym sean: yes. i do that every day after the show. kevin: well you've got to get
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starting off early this morning we have scattered shower activity falling in liquid forms initially. some soft covered valleys you're on the borderline. in the 30's and 40's but a lot of this falling in liquid form and we're kind of in that season where if teresa shower activity around there's a potential for showers but the most active part of this system continuing to move to the east while west we have showers and off and on through 9:00 and 10:00 before skies attempt to clear as this sags a little farther south. so clouds, a few scours through the morning commute and then drier and brighter in the afternoon with temperatures jumping above 60 in quite a few areas south of the lakes region. this morning scoured activity with temperatures from the mid
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lower volleys to lower and mid 40's out there generally between 36 and 45. really no area colder than the other except for the lower valleys and those are just catch as catch can. and it is falling in the form of a little bit of light rain. it's going to be a slower climb due to the clouds. i think we hold etemperatures in the 50's throughout the morning then eventually in the afternoon we work our way out in the 60's. partly cloudy start to the evening. and looks like any sort of sunshine we start with tomorrow or filtered sunshine should give way to clouds throughout the afternoon. from there it looks like a front approaches from the west with a few showers.
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once that moves by, setting up sunshine as cooler air again rushes in. temperatures back into the 50's friday and saturday. temperatures today getting back into the lower range of the 60's. giving breaks into the afternoon then partly cloudy skies tonight. not quite as chilly. 40's for most overnight and some 30's in the northern part of the country. we dip back in the 50's tomorrow to head back into the 60's thursday. we will turn the sunshine back on for friday but the temperatures cool off. we will be in the 50's friday and saturday and see chillier nights over the weekend. the more reliable of the two weekend days looks completely like saturday. sunday i don't think it will be an all-day rain but if you're trying to plan between the two outdoorsy days, saturday is
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your day. erin: thank you kevin. london's iconic big ben could go silent for the first time in eight years. according to a parliamentary report the famous clock and the bell inside are in desperate need of repair. the clock which was built back in the 1800's has chronic problems with the bearings that could make it stop and the -- they are concerned the big hands might just fall off. of course you wouldn't want the hands to falloff. sean: no. of course one of the biggest tourist attractions there too. kevin: could take four months to fix it.
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of timber is b sean: an interesting contest was held in the florida keys this weekend.
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this was the scene at the fifth annual stone crab eating contest. more than 30 contestants cracked their way through 25 stone crab claws each vying for the fastest time and contestants were penalized for any meat left behind. the winner says his secret is using a butter knife rather than a commercial cracker or malt. so -- or mallet. so butter five in is the secret. erin: it's already starting to look a lot like christmas. the tree stands 115 feet tall, 40 feet taller than the rockefeller christmas tree. kevin: the outlets are also home to the world's largest bow that was established last week. erin: now we need a wreath. erin: look at that bow. kevin: fair enough.
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that's a biggest bow. erin: i thought things were bigger in texas. sean: coming up oscar pistorius is back home after being released from prison one year after he was sent there for the death of his girlfriend. ray: we'll tell you why derry police confiscated about three dozen animals from a home. erin: and thousands of people are now on a mission to get the australian dollar renamed the
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