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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  October 20, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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he's pulling the plug. the american cancer society is changing its recommendations when it comes to mammograms. good evening, thank you for joining us. i'm josh mcelveen. jean: i'm jean mackin. under the new guidelines the american cancer society suggests women should have mammograms shelley walcott is here with with all the details. shelley: the american cancer society used to recommend women get mammograms starting at age 40 and every year after that. now some are worried the suggested changes could limit how much screening insurance for. for years, women turning 40 got annual mammograms because it's what the american cancer society recommended. tuesday that advice changed. >> we want people to actually understand what the science actually says so that they can make their own decisions. reporter: the new guidelines say women at average risk of breast
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mammograms at 45 instead of 40. >> if she starts screening at the age of 40, she increases dramatically the lifetime risk that he's going to have a false positive result, that she's going to need a breast biopsy that turns out with the doctor saying, well, you don't have cancer, sorry we put you through all of this. reporter: the new guidelines means three different medical groups recommend three different ages for starting mammograms. some physicians say they're concerned insurance plans may decide not to cover costs of early mammograms or that the guidelines may shift focus away from catching cancer early. >> picking up cancers earlier where the treatment is easier for patients, we can spare patients mastectomies or chemotherapy is very important for the one in eight women that breast cancer. reporter: the guidelines no longer recommend a clinical breast exam or breast self exams for women of any age. no the group points out that the guidelines should not stop a woman who wants extra scening at
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any age from getting it. and breast cancer is a leading killer of u.s. women. every year 200,000 women are diagnosed, about 40,000 women die of the disease annually. jean: these new recommendations may be raising questions about when should start breast cancer screenings. coming up at 5:30 we'll be joined in the studio by a doctor, an expert in breast center. can you ask your questions on our facebook page or send them to us on twitter, at wmur 9. jennifer: breaking news now, a judge has upheld the felony conviction of owen labrie in 19-year-old st. paul school graduate guilty of five charges a teen-age girl. his attorneys had argued that a felony computer related charge should be flown out saying it carried too harsh a penalty, but this afternoon the judge ruled that the felony conviction will
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stand and that means labrie faces lifetime registration as a sex offender when he is sentenced next week. jean: in 2008 a tornado tore a path of destruction through several new hampshire towns. now a deerfield couple who survived the tornado are shocked bill. it raises their land value by $70,000 for the view left after the twister took out hundreds of trees. as amy coveno reports, the family says they're feeling punished twice by the same disaster. reporter: no up with would argue with the spectacular view atop echo valley farm road in deerfield. but the russells dp ask for it, create it or want it. now the town wants to collect more than $1600 a year in extra taxes thanks to a view created by a deadly natural disaster. the russells love their home. when they bought it 14 years ago it looked like this. >> those are the trees without any view.
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and then after the tornado. reporter: it's been seven years since the tornado. the repairs are complete, but the property will never be the same. and the view, they say, is in the eye of the beholder. >> seeing ourselves from echo valley farm road or route 107 exposed, and as a result of that the winds, the high, high winds and the water damage from the trees not being here any more. so exposed. reporter: tax records show that in the years immediately following the tornado the value was reduced. the russells weren't taxed at all for their land in 2009, and only taxed 50% for the next five years. now town officials say it's fair to reassess and raise the rate to reflect the panoramic view. >> based on their assessment, the value of the home is back up and while the property will never have the scenery around it that it did, it has new and different scenery that affect the value.
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reporter: deerfield contracts with avatar for property assessments. in a letter it said, in part, the property is afforded a view that enhances your property's market value and must be considered in arriving at market value. >> if we cut the trees down for a view i don't beef we'd be taxed for it, but in this case i don't believe it's just for this tax. so i plan to fight. reporter: taxes are due in december. the russells were advised to file for a tax abatement. we'll keep you posted. amy coveno, wmur news 9. josh: commitment 2016 now, the democratic race for president just lost a candidate, but could be gaining a new one. jim webb says he's out. but joe biden might be in, who knows. aixa diaz is in our washington bureau with whether the vice president is even close to announcement. reporter: josh, speculation is growing that joe biden may be close to entering the
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presidential race, while one democratic candidate has dropped out. new polls show hillary clinton with a commanding lead in the race for her party's nomination. but the landscape of the democratic field could soon be changing. >> as vice president i have traveled now over a million, almost 100,000 miles. reporter: amid speculation of a 2016 presidential run, joe biden stayed away from campaign talk at a george washington university forum. instead he focused on his relationship with president obama which he calls a genuine trendship, and his camaraderie with congress. >> i really respect the members up there and i still have a lot republican friends. i don't think my chief enemy is the republican party. >> i'm stepping aside from the democratic primary process. reporter: jim webb, whose numbs have stayed between 1 and 2% announced he's no longer seeking the democratic follow nation. he is leaving the door open for an independent run. >> americans are disgusted by all this talk of republicans and democrats calling each other the enemy instead of reaching out
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across the table ask actually finding ways to work together. reporter: during the democratic debate last week, clinton said the enemies she's most proud of having are probably republicans. josh: abc news and the "washington post" are out with their latest poll, former secretary of state hillary clinton rebounded from last month, to you up 12 points to 54%, this is a national poll. vermont senator bernie sanders dropping one percent to 23, while vice president joe biden, who has yet to announce plans, sits at 16%. former maryland governor martin oh pally at 1%, while lincoln chaffee didn't move the needle in this poll. compare with the candidates' stand on the issue, we've posted the positions of both the democratic and republican presidential hopefuls in the politics section of our website on jean: let turn to the traffic watch, see how things are moving
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out there. live pictures in manchester, here's the view overlooking 293 near exit 5. josh: peggy james joins us now with a live look at the road home. >> hi, josh, jean. had some problems on the seacoast. taking your ride up from the massachusetts border to manchester, only slight slowdowns between exits 1 and 2, then you have a pretty good ride into manchester. 293 looking pretty good in both directions and moving further north on the hooksett tolls it's a good ride all the way up to the bow junction, 89 and 93 in well. the everett turnpike has lots of heavy volume in both directions, you're definitely busy northbound through the merrimack stretch. 101 west you have your usual slowdowns through bedford and over towards the seacoast that's where we've had problems. there was an earlier car fire in
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exeter and another accident, so you're backed up on 101 west all the way from exit 11 past exit 8, that's where the problem has been today. 101 east no problems, and 95 is a good ride through the hampton tolls. from the wzid traffic network, i'm peggy james for 95.7, wzid. josh: up next -- jean: lamar odom is now in l.a., what his family is saying about his progress after being found unconscious in a brt el. josh: could house republicans be one at the closer to picking the next speaker? the issues they'll be discussing in a met tonight. mike: clouds tend to win the battle with cooler conditions on wednesday, but milder air will return again. the forecast coming up. jean: at 5:30, the manchester police department has a shortage of officers.
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others are facing so many job vacancies. josh: tonight is the first derry town council meeting since residents voted to accept increases in the budget.
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josh: israeli police say a palestinian rammed his car into a group of civilians in the west bank. reports say he then jumped out of the car and started stabbing people. police then shot him. two people were hurt. the attack was just one of several between palestinians and israelis today. russia and the u.s. have reached an agreement to minimize risks in syrian skies. josh: the pentagon says the deal was signed today and laid out safety protocls and specifies which frequencies both sides should use to communicate. russia began air strikes in cooperation with the syrian government earlier this month. jean: former nba star lamar odom has been moved from a las vegas hospital to the los angeles area. a family representative says odom was airlifted last night. he was found unconscious in a nevada brot el last week. he regained consciousness on friday. a family state calls his
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progress miraculous and says he's taken a few steps on his own. josh: it a sex scandal that's putting one of the top college basketball programs in the entire country under scrutiny. the woman at the center of it all spoke to espn outside the lines accusing a former director of operations for the louisville basketball team of putting together sex parties to recruit players. elizabeth hur has the latest. >> if they wanted to make extra money, that's what the side deal was, sex. reporter: shocking claims from katina powell who alleges andre mcgee, former director of basketball power house university of louisville cardinals hired female dancers to wiggle for recruits and paid for the arrangements. >> andre was the one who always had the money, passed out the money, made it rain, made the deals, paid for the deals. reporter: in an interview with john barr of espn the self
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proclaimed madam and author of the book, breaking cardinal rules, says she attended about 22 parties between 2010 and 2014, some in on campus dorms, adding he and several other women including three of her daughters took part in sex acts with recruits, team members and even some of their fathers. >> it almost got me sick to my stomach. reporter: meanwhile the team's championship coach rick pa teen e maintains he did not break any rules. >> four years of boat load of recruits, dances, loud music, alcohol, security, cameras, basketball players who came in in -- report powell does say she never met with or talked to pitino, and today he says mcgee needs to do the right thing and tell the truth.
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comment. josh: the nation of japan is confirming the first case of cancer stemming from the dangerous work that took place at the fukushima reactor taking it off line. obviously the nuclear plant suffered a catastrophic meltdown after being hit by a tsunami four years ago. that worker helped install covers on damaged reactors, the country's health minute industry says that former worker was diagnosed with leukemia after he compensation claim. 10 other workers have filed similar claims. jean: heavy rains in arizona caused severe flooding, trapping a woman in her minivan. rescuers used ropes to get her out. she tried to drive through the flood thinking the water was just mud and not deep. she ended up calling 911 after getting stuck. the fire department says the woman was the only person in the van. heavy rains in southern california brought another round of flooding, streets in some neighborhoods were covered with a foot or more of water. and officials are warning
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flooded roads. mike: quite a few changes in our weather over the past 24 hours, quite chilly, but dry yesterday. clouds did roll in with showers, on the back side of that front much warmer today. take a look right now at our live web cam network, up in plymouth, where as you can still see a little fall color holding on, but the clouds are winning the battle right now over sunshine, it's a different story in parts of southern new hampshire, did squeeze out a fair amount of sun during the late morning and especially the afternoon stretch. as for highs right now, they're running in the 50's and lower 60's courtesy of the breaks in the overcast. thicker cloud cover is not too far away, in the eastern great lakes, and that front will roll walk on top of new hampshire through the night. so there could be a few sprinkles or a light shower very late this evening and overnight. but a good part of the night will feature dry conditions. as for the radar scopes again, all quiet right now, but it will
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early tomorrow morning where there could be a popup shower in any one given community, mainly south of the white mountains. notice temperatures a lot warmer than yesterday, lower to mid 60's statewide, chilly atop mount washington, but in the mid 30's there. seasonably cold for over 6,000 feet up, notice the highs today, right now we're still in the lower to mid 60's in many spots. so a nice warmup today, and tonight not all that chilly. very close to where we were early tomorrow morning, compared to where we were early this morning. it mid 30's by 8:00 a.m. up north and 40 to 45 elsewhere for the morning commute on your wednesday. what about temperatures over the next few days, they'll take a dip tomorrow, even though there's a lot of warm air trying to roll back in and again we get a piece of it today. winds will turn back out of the north so that will cool us slightly tomorrow, winds will be primarily on shore and that will dip temperatures for your wednesday.
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the 60's, maybe a few spots nudging near 70, then a bit of a saturday. by the second half of the weekend we warm back up before early next week. so that's basically how temperatures will play out. fairly typical for the mid to late part of october. what about the cloud cover, thickest clouds right now in the north country, but tomorrow most of them will be central and southern new hampshire, and a few sprinkles cannot be ruled out overnight boo the day on wednesday, but the best chance of showers the rest of this week will actually come in very light wednesday night into thursday, as the next front moves on in. winds will be sowft south, driving temperatures into the 60's to near 70, despite a lot of clouds. notice the back side of that, in new york state it begins to dry out on thursday night, and that means friday in the first half of the weekend will be dry. notice again after 60's today, temperatures dip a little bit tomorrow, especially in eastern parts of new hampshire, due to that on shore wind, low to mid 50's there.
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keep in mine the ocean water temperature beginning to dip a little on average into the lower to mid 60's, as we go into the, 50's i should say, so that's why it will be cooler at the coast, near 60 farther inland. a big jump again on thursday, and again on sunday squeezed in between a dry end to the week and start to the weekend. coldest will be early on saturday, many spots a little below freezing, but not as cold morning. josh: it was chilly. jean: thanks, mike. fish and game says opening weekend for this year's moose hunt had a 33% success rate. josh: 36 moose were taken over the weekend from a total of 108 hunters, the largest bull had a dressed weight of 810 pounds. the success rate for opening weekend is down by 6% from last year. the moose hunt runs through sunday. jean: still to come on news 9, the work one local organization is doing to help veterans in new hampshire. josh: then at 5:30 we'll sit down with the chief of breast
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imaging at at lick medical center to discuss the new guidelines. >> the local food movement is a mazing and at miles smith farm we've been able to share the word about what we do.
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food. josh: it's a cliff hanger in congress.
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who will be the next speaker of the house. jean: republicans are meeting behind closed doors tonight to figure it out. sally kidd is in washington with the very latest. reporter: it is topic number one here in washington, and there's plenty of speculation about who will fill that top post. tonight house republicans are holding a special closed door meeting to mull over their options. a lot of the focus is on congressman paul ryan of wisconsin. republican leaders have been encouraging him to run for speaker, and today he even received an endorsement from across the aisle over in the senate. >> it oh -- look at some of the other people. i'm a paul rand fan, i don't agree with him on much of what he does. reporter: ryan has said he does not want the job. if he doesn't run at least half a dozen other lawmakers are considering making a bid. and some conservative lawmakers
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speaker, sighting his support of comprehensive immigration reform. while the drama drags on, the current house speaker john boehner is set to leave office on october 29th, but says he will stick around until the new speaker is decided. from washington, i'm sally kidd. josh: hundred gathered in manchester this morning for a new hampshire veterans salute our soldiers breakfast, the easter seals event celebrates successes of of the past year in supporting our veterans, service members and their families and to gain continued support for this project. today's keynote speaker was major general kenneth clark. >> those monies raised are used to empower our social workers, our care coordinators to take care of currently serving military, veterans of all generations back to world war ii, as well as their families.
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helped state thousands of veterans and their families. jean: a desperate need for police officers statewide. why manchester is working overtime to fine call filed recruits. >> this is the year 2015? josh: so tomorrow does mark the day that marty mcbride traveled into the future in back to the future, we'll take a look at what predictions filmmakers got right and which ones they got wrong. jean: this company came just in time for coffee, they were enjoying foliage as a snack. you can submit your pictures and
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>> this month alone we've gone to probably or will have gone to about 10 different events. josh: the work one new hampshire farm is doing to try to fill empty positions. jean: why a massachusetts judge ordered a second autopsy for bella bond.
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mike: after a milder one today, temperatures dip a little bit on wednesday before rising again on thursday. a look into friday and the upcoming weekend ahead. josh: the chief of breast imaging from catholic medical center joins us to answer your questions about the new recommendations for women. jean: right now the manchester police department has 20 officer openings and recruiters are working overtime to fill those positions. welcome back, i'm jean mackin. josh: the number of applicants has dropped over the years. as heather hamel explains it's a statewide trend that has a lot of agencies stretched thin. reporter: yes, that's for sure, it become a very slow process recruiting here at the manchester police department. they only get about a quarter of the applicants they once got, and are only able to hire about a handful of them.
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when you figure there's only an average of two tests per year, it's really hard for them to catch up. double digit openings at the manchester police department and they are doing everything they can to get qualified applicants in the door. >> years ago we with probably put an ad in the sunday paper and we'd attract 8 had hundred to 1,000 candidates. now we're looking at about 200 candidates, 250 or so. reporter: the he can't point the one reason why saying it's just a trend across the state and country. in nashua the police force is down nine officers, the chief pointing to a string of retirements in lackluster turnout at tests. concord only has three vacancies but the recruitment pool is down, and it's concerning since they have over a dozen officers who could leave at any time. >> this month along we've gone to probably or will have gone to about 10 different events that includes job fairs, college job
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doing seminars, presentations to college kids. reporter: he says there is a stringent vetting process. >> it takes two to three months from the day you take to test to get hired here. there's a long process that includes background investigations, polygraphs, interviews, medical exams, psychological testing. reporter: they lose some during this, and there's also automatic disqualifications, drugs and list. they will not lower their standards. and many departments are vying for the very same candidates, making the search more difficult. he says it can be a dangerous job, but very rewarding. >> once they come in here and realize what type of job this is, it's a very fulfilling job, and i think that they'd be happy in this career. reporter: if you're interested in becoming a manchester police officer, the next test is on november 21st, however you must apply by november 12th, aall of this information is on our website, heather hamel, wmur news 9.
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a second autopsy will be done on baby doe. bella bond's body washed ashore back in june, her mother rachelle bond and her boyfriend are charged in connection with the death of the 2 used. the judge decided defense attorneys can have a second autopsy performed on the remains of the child. jean: earlier today the american cancer society announced it revised at vice on when women should start getting mammograms and how often. the upgraded guidelines recommend these cancer screenings should start at 45 instead of 40, and then every other year after the age of 55 instead of 50, which is it now. joining us now, the chief breast imaging at catholic medical center. thank you for joining us. guidelines? >> thank you for having me, first of all. i think it's really great to have the conversation restarted
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if you don't come for your screening mammogram, we can't see what's there and diagnose cancer early at the soonest possible moment. and so i'm excited that the message from the american cancer society recommends screening mammogram at an earlier age than the government tack force did -- >> yes. so that's better. they give their strongest recommendation starting at age 45, they support screening mammography every year starting at 45. at age 40 they do give a qualified recommendation of annual mammography, but they qualify their answer saying, you know, there's going to be an increase chance of a false alarm. and false alarms, when you get called back for something that we see on the mammograms, we know that causes anxiety.
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their answer under age 45. reporter: was it both getting that false alarm say at 40 or 41 when there's a better chance of detecting cancer earlier? >> thank you for asking that question. yes. we strongly believe and we hope that all those women between age 40 and 45 will still keep coming for their annual mammogram. we're very concerned that this kind of recommendation may confuse or bewilder younger women, and put off that first mammogram when we might see cancer at its earliest moment and have the greatest impact on her life. reporter: speaking of early detection, we have a question from one of our viewers who wrot in and said i was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer at 34, i have no family history, i tested negative for the gene. how does this new age going to benefit my daughter?
5:31 pm
tv. so you should obviously consult with your doctor. but it's possible that her daughter is at increased risk, and for patients at increased risk we recommend screening mammography at eve answer an earlier age. so with a mother or sister or daughter, with premenopausal breast cancer, we'd start annual mammography at an even earlier age, possibly age 35. reporter: quickly, will this impact whether insurance companies pay for mammograms? >> so far there hasn't been a negative impact. and actually now recent guidelines in 2012 made it so that you don't even have to pay a copay or a deductible to have your screening mammography. so screening and preventive medicine is encouraged. reporter: doctor, thank you so much. bottom line, the guideline
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>> yes. reporter: back to you, josh. josh: thank you, doctor. join us thursday night for a one hour town hall focused on new hampshire's heroin epidemic. hear what it like on the front line of this battle, join us thursday night, airing at 7:00. still to come, the september jobs report is out, a look at how many states lost jobs last month. jean: the new star wars trailer hit tv screens last night, but the ticket sales break the internet. mike: outside of a couple showers the weather pattern remains relatively quiet at
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how long it could continue. if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but the republicans... v they want to go back to letting v the super wealthy call the shots. they don't stand up for equal pay for women. they don't support paid family leave. they don't even really support refinancing student debt. we've got to get this economy working for the vast majority of americans, not just for those at the top. that's what i intend to do as president. i'm hillary clinton and
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jean: let's check your numbers for the day, the dow on the down slide, losing 13 points. the s&p off by two, the nasdaq off by two dozen. as for your average gas prices, nationally we're at 2.25. here in new hampshire, 2.14. most u.s. states reported job losses for the month of september. josh: the department labor says hiring only increased in 20
5:35 pm
natural, that's the fewest since march. 27 states lost jobs and three reported no changes. new hampshire is also one of 37 states where unemployment rates fell. not only did hiring slow nationwide, though consumer spending also dropped sharply. jean: tesla released its latest automatic software update and now some owners had the first self driving cars on the roads. the update is for the model s built after october 2014. tesla drivers can -- it offers features like active steering a cyst. the c.e.o. says the update increases driver confidence behind the wheel with features to help the car avoid hazards and reduce driver workload. josh: beer drinkers who thought that beck's beer was still a fancy german import can now get a cash payment under a $20 million settlement. the federal judge approved the settlement for the 2013 lawsuit that claimed that the company
5:36 pm
that the beer was an authentic german pilsner when really it was brewed in st. louis. people with proof of purchase can get up to $50 per household. it's been almost 30 years since back to the future. jean: tomorrow marks when he would have arrived in 2015, coming up find out what filmmakers got right. josh: in ports the cubs need a win tonight and they'll send a dartmouth grad to the mound to get it done. jean: the foley foundation 5k was a huge success, how much money thousands helped raise in
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i'm todd from aarp riding through the mill yards to make some noise for all the real possibilities we're providing right here in our community because if you don't think real possibilities in greater manchester when you think aarp then you don't know "aarp" maybe you've caught our movies for grownups series or heard about how our fraud watch network protects families from being the victims of scams we're also helping people achieve their goals with life reimagined get to know us and see all the real possibilities at
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jean: the highly anticipated first full trailer for the first star wars film hit the small screen last night. josh: a two-minute spot offers fans the biggest tub yet to revisit a galaxy far, far away. the movie opens on december 18. ticket went on sale monday night, causing some of of the
5:40 pm
biggest online sellers to crash. or slow to a crawl. a lot of buzz. around the world, fans of back to the few are also counting down. jean: tomorrow, october 21, 2015 is the day many mcfly and doc brown landed in the future, that's in the second movie. todd shows us what the original 1985 film got right in its depiction of 2015. >> you're in a tile machine. and this is the year 2015? >> october 21, 2015. reporter: yes, october 21, 2015 has arrived, but where are all the flying cars? a lot of the stuff he saw in the future is reality today, the head sets being worn at the dinner table, well, we have google glass, they also look very similar to samsung's gear vr. and yes, video conferencing is also reality. and it's another one of the predictions that back to the
5:41 pm
future part two nailed. marty also had self lacing shoes. in 2011nike auctioned off replicas, but it was missing an important feature. >> does this power race? >> not until 2015. >> wonder if they'll solve my shoe tying problems for good. and the drought still exists today. with the cubs in the playoffs, there's still a chance that this one could come true. the one invention everyone wants is the hover board. several companies have tried to make this childhood favorite. lexus concept must stay on track. and a company is developing one that works on a particular type of surface, but if you want to buy one now we're stuck with wheels. then there are the items that only exist today because of back to the future part two. pepsi, for example, put out a limited edition pepsi perfect bottle, just like the one in the movie.
5:42 pm
and universal just released a fake trailer for jaws 19. all in all, 2015 has lived up to most of the promise in back to the future part two. but you know, a still like a flying car. jean: mike says they have a little work to do. but the granite state has certainly seen some changes since '85. check out our back to new hampshire slide show at to see photos from then and now. mike: nice and mild today, night change from the past few days when we had the preview of november weather. take a look at the scene in dublin, 60 degrees with clouds winning the battle out there. we've seen the clouds taking over a good part of the morning into the early afternoon. now some sunshine in southern zones as it gets ready to set. in littleton, a lot of leaf drop, and across parts of northern new hampshire clearly past peak in terms of fall color
5:43 pm
state. having said that, still a little color in some areas up north. speaking of the north country, thickest cloud cover clearly up north right now, but eventually they'll win out in all of new hampshire later this evening and overnight tonight, and there could be a few spot sprinkles or very light shower, especially in the southern half of new hampshire, but nothing going on right now, if you have outdoor plans this evening it should be dry, but that could change a little bit during the overnight. temperature wise, 50's and lower 60's, in a good part of now. 50's to around 60 the the monadnock region, beginning to cool down into the 50's to around 60 in the lake sunapee zone, but still mild, a few low to mid 60's hanging on in places like franklin, and even farther to the north, even though it's cooling down, not all that chilly compared to where we were over the past few days. we'll look at future temperatures, dipping back to the mid to upper 30's north and on average lower to mid 40's in central and southern parts of new hampshire. there could be a couple of low
5:44 pm
50's by the end of the morning commute tomorrow. temperatures still very warm out to our west, a lot of summer warmth still trying to hold on here in the central part of the plains states and points south. we will not get this warm. but come thursday we get a surge of milder air and a few parts of southern new hampshire could make a run up near 70 degrees. so, low 60's, couple of mid 60's today, even aa little milder as we go into the day on thursday. so next front moves on in tonight, clouds will lower and thicken. could be a few sprinkles or a light shower. tomorrow partial sun in northern new hampshire. the brightest skies during the day tomorrow and the thickest cloud cover, central and southern new hampshire. but not a lot of rain. best chance of rain will be wednesday night into thursday, as the next front moves in, but the wind are out of the southerly direction and that will jack temperatures up big time as we go into the day on thursday. how warm do we get tomorrow? a little cooler than today. courtesy of an on shore breeze
5:45 pm
so mid to upper 50's in many spots, coolest at the coast, but again much warmer as we go into thursday. for tonight it's 30's north and 40's elsewhere. on wednesday again mid to upper 50's for many, 60's on thursday and bright and cool friday. a chilly start to saturday. but a mild finish to the weekend as we get back into the 60's. couple of showers on sunday. jamie: baseball playoffs, nlcs shifts to chicago where the cubs most the mets tonight, the cubs need a win and they will turn to a dartmouth college graduate to try to get it done, kyle hendricks starts for chicago. >> yeah, there's pressure, it's the playoffs, there's always going to be some pressure, but you got to let the pleasure exceed that. i'm just going to go out there and try and have fun. this is why we play the game, this is why you want the ball,
5:46 pm
>> game four going on right now in the alcs, blue jays trail the royals 5-2 in. goffstown, exeter, bedford salem, owls upset pinkerton this week. the astros fall to six down to windham in number 10. coming up at 6:00 you'll meet the next varsity high school football team, the hillsboro -- we'll hear from the red hawks coming up at 6:00. jean: thanks, jamie. still to come at 5:30 -- josh: if you have a sweet tooth we have a treat for you. we'll have a look at the new deluxe hershey kiss. tom: then at news 9 at 6:00 tonight, request denied, the judge upholds the felony conviction in the case against owen labrie. and new charges filed against a
5:47 pm
from his brother and holding a
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josh: all i can say is finally. hershey kisses are getting bigger.
5:49 pm
jean: we're making some progress. the company says it will start selling hershey kisses deluxe in the united states two weeks from now. they are double the size of regular kisses with a hazel nut center and chris by rice. the deluxe hershey kisses will be on sale through valentine's day, conveniently. hershey's first introduced the deluxe kisses in china two years ago. it was such a huge success that now they're bringing it right here to america. josh: it's turned into a candy bar. jean: just about.
5:50 pm
people want change, they want reform, they want to see something done, but just carping about it and whining about it and making speeches about it doesn't get it done. nobody has shaken up the system more than i have. i've always been unorthodox in this and against the grain. but you know what? i know how to get it done. new day for america is responsible for the content of
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tom: now at 6:00, felony conviction upheld. the judge's ruling in the owen labrie case after his lawyers asked to set aside the verdict that would have put him on the sex offender rent industry for life.
5:52 pm
decision in the case of a man charged withholding a woman hostage, why the county attorney is concerned. mike: after a run into the 60's in spots today, temperatures dip a little bit tomorrow with with quite a few clouds. will we get back to the 60's and a timeline ahead. tom: a natural disaster led to a better view. tonight the story of a deerfield homeowner who is now paying more taxes because of it. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 at 6:00. tom: good evening, new hampshire, i'm tom griffith. jennifer: i'm jennifer vaughn. the judge in the la below case has denied his lawyer's request to set aside his felony conviction. tom: the former prep school student was acquitted on felon write charges last month but convicted on a charge that requires him to register as a sex offender for life. his attorney called it too harsh. shelley walcott has a closer look.
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