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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 21, 2015 3:05am-4:30am EDT

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tay >> a just ttle b longer >> theroceedg s a paid advertiseme for sttaertameantime l
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handgun three days before the officer-involved shooting. >> reporter: police say there is no dash cam or body cam video available of this incident, and so an independent investigation
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and pending the outcome of their findings, officer raja has been placed on paid leave. kendis and reena, back to you. >> elizabeth, thank you so much. st. louis area police are increasing patrols around predominantly black churches after six arsons in the past two weeks. authorities believe the fires are linked but aren't sure whether race has played a part in the arson. the aclu calls it domestic terrorism. the pastor of one of the churches is calling for a prayer meeting today at noon. >> if someone is attacking that or stepping on that, americans should come together in one voice and say this is wrong. >> the region of course has been rocked by racial tension since the shooting of a black teen last year. the churches include catholic, lutheran, baptist, and non-denominational congregations. a major health alert this morning. new breast screening recommendations from the american cancer society. it says women with an average risk for breast cancer should start annual mammograms at age 45 instead of 40 and women
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should get screened every other year starting at 55. the group also said it no longer recommends a clinical breast exam in which a doctor or nurse feels for lumps. well, nasa says halloween is going to be a little more special this year because it will include a close call with an asteroid. no, we're not making this up. this massive speeding rock is set to zoom past earth at about 78,000 miles an hour next saturday. apparently, nothing to worry about. so it will be around 310,000 miles away. the asteroid was discovered this month. the next time it's expected to fly by, 15 years from now. >> so this is a frequent visitor. >> who needs a haunted house when you have a possible asteroid? >> yeah. oy. a couple of baseball teams of world series. and that's a perfect way to get into another short episode of "sports with reena." >> i like how you call it an episode like it's a telenovela. >> oh, it is. it is dramatic.
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>> here we go. league. right? the royals and the blue jays in toronto. it didn't take kansas city long to get going. top of the first, ben zobrist puts them ahead 2-0 with a home run. inning. in the second alex rios went yard. >> rivers. >> went yard for the royals. kansas city had scored two touchdowns while only surrendering a safety. final score royals 14 jays 2. we should mention that kansas city wraps up the series today. and then it was the mets and cubs in chicago. it was 1-1 in the third when daniel murphy of the mets did it again. home run for the fifth straight game. that tied the postseason record. the mets took the lead for good in the sixth, scoring on a two-out wild pitch. you got that, kendis? two-out wild pitch. they tacked on two more in the
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next inning, and that was enough. mets now just one win away from the series. after a 5-2 win game 4 tonight folks. put on your tighty whities. >> or something like that. coming up in "the mix," we've got to move on. the software engineer who calls a cargo truck with no electricity his home. >> my episode's not done yet. you're already -- sports. >> all right. back to the future day. the very day marty mcfly visited the flying delorean. we look back as marty looked ahead. >> and the video along a texas motorcycle. the driver of that car speaking out from jail and he's offering an explanation. >> and i did have an update on the michigan state punter but it will have to wait. i want to remind you. lots of good details. and @abcwnn. now." mucinex fast max. it's the same difference.
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surveillance video shows the frantic moments inside a commuter bus before it bursts into flames in washington state. the driver asked passengers to leave the bus because of a fire. look at that. they exit as the flames start to spread. commuters line up along the side of the highway while the bus is engulfed in flames. the cause of that fire is under investigation. well, turning now to a terrible incident on a texas highway. a driver charged after swerving into a motorcycle, injuring two. but he claims it was an accident.
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>> he's defending himself now with a rather unusual excuse you might say. lauren zacalat from our dallas station with more. >> have a seat right up here. >> reporter: 68-year-old william crum may be cuffed and in custody, but he didn't hold back when it came to his comments. >> i'm pissed off, just to put it bluntly. because the other guy didn't get charged with anything. and his own video incriminates him. >> reporter: in an unusual press conference set up at the hood county jail crum talked about against him. two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after he was recorded on video swerving his car into two people on a motorcycle passing in a no-passing zone. >> you hit them! >> i don't care. >> reporter: he maintains swerving was a reaction to getting bitten by a spider. the bite. >> a lot of people say there is no way that that was an accident when they look at that video. >> well -- >> what do you make of the video
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when you watch it? from a different perspective. >> it was another person that actually wasn't inside the car, thing they did. thinking? how did he possibly think he was with it? >> reporter: eric sanders who was driving that motorcycle with his girlfriend on the back was thrilled to learn crum had been charged. his girlfriend had yet another surgery on her injured arm. crum says he would never hurt someone on purpose but holds back on saying he's sorry to sanders. >> if he hadn't have been breaking the law it wouldn't have happened. >> reporter: lauren zakalak, channel 8 news. man. well, coming up in our next half hour, the college basketball sex scandal rocking the ncaa. the self-proclaimed madam allegedly hired to have sex with louisville players is speaking out. what she says really happened. but first, lace up your hoverboards. we're going back to the future.
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it was this day that marty mcfly caught a glimpse of 2015. so how much did the movie get ride?
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welcome to the scenery channel. >> i'm in the future. >> okay. so there might not be a scenery channel just yet. but there are some other things that "back to the future part 2" got right. like the cubs. they still have a chance. a tiny chance of winning the world series. >> okay. in addition to the cubs, marty mcfly hopped in a delorean to travel into the future, he arrived on this very day. october 21st, 2015.
3:19 am
by riding along with abc's darren rovell in doc's time machine. >> hill valley, california at 4:29 p.m. on wednesday october 21st, 2015. >> reporter: well, we're finally here. the future as imagined in the 1989 film "back to the future ii." there are no flying cars, and "jaws" stopped way before 19. but the cubs could still win the world series this year. >> cubs win world series. >> reporter: and there are these. fully tricked-out converted deloreans on a side road off a highway in a dallas suburb made to look like the time-traveling vehicles that were used in the film. >> the thing is a hobby that turned into a crazy business. >> reporter: turning these vintage deloreans, a short-lived brand of the early '80s, into so-called time machines is the
3:20 am
former restaurant owner who as a fan himself bought a delorean. >> the thing about it is if you own a delorean you're going to have to deal with "back to the future" references. so everywhere i went somebody would say hey, mcfly, where's your flux capacitor? and because i have an engineering background i built a flux capacitor, i put it in the car, and reaction of people seeing it was so great that i just kept adding on to the car until eventually you end up here. >> reporter: selling the cars for up to $100,000 each. including celebrity customers like san antonio spurs guard tony parker. picking up a time machine on this day is ron laudner, the ceo of a telephone and cable provider in iowa. >> well, it's the iconic year, right? and the iconic movie vehicle. >> reporter: and of course when the car hits 88 miles per hour, the required speed to travel in time according to the movies, which are being rereleased -- >> 88 miles per hour! >> reporter: -- mosley has it rigged with all the bells and whistles. >> every single lights up.
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the dates change. speedometer goes to 88. so you really have the full experience of the time travel event. >> what do you think you? want to go for a ride? >> am i driving? >> no, i'm driving. but i'll let you ride in the passenger seat. >> okay. all right. >> all right. here we go! >> 121 jiggawatts. >> let's see if you bastards can do 90. >> this thing is a dangerous responsibility because people are so busy trying to take a picture of it. for instance, this guy next to us he's taking pictures with his phone. sure, that's my stereo. >> reporter: for "nightline" i'm darren rovell in duncanville, texas. >> he got to ride in it. >> he got to ride it. >> i'm not picky. i would take a delorean, a batmobile or the knight rider car. remember with k.i.t.t.? >> you would take all three of them?
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new from mucinex fast max. the only cold and flu liquid gel that's max-strength and fights mucus. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. time for "the mix." i've got to say this was a brilliant idea by a 23-year-old new google employee. he realized this -- the prices in silicon valley for living out there in mountain view is pretty expensive. so here was his concept. he's just going to post up in a ford truck outside the parking lot there. >> that car? living inside that car? >> he lives inside there. 128-square-foot. it has a bedroom, kitchen, hopefully not a bathroom as well. and that is where he lives. he says the idea came about when he was living -- he realized how expensive it is to live. so he spent $10,000 on a truck, and that is it.
3:26 am
>> i guess you don't need heating in california, huh? >> not in northern california -- you need a little bit of heating. but i'm sure that it's all good inside of that. but it's not really a room with a view, but there are many new yorkers looking at that going where do i sign up? >> and what do the ladies say when you invite them over? >> ladies love the couch. no, ladies love cool j. i always get that confused. >> the couch and cool j? >> yes. >> here's a sight to see over in california. you've got to take a look at this. 61 wingsuit skydivers. they set a world record. this diamond-shaped formation. it was a record. this is saturday over skydive perris 80 miles southeast of l.a. isn't it pretty remarkable? the old record was 42 flyers. in june. they upped it to 61. 12 nations participated in this from canada toing south africa to israel.
3:27 am
looks like they kicked the record. they made it. this is 13,500 feet in the air. and they break apart at a little under 6,000 feet. >> very impressive. hey, do we have a little bit of sound up of this next guy? the beatbox? oh, yeah. little calvin harris remix. talented beatboxer. and what he's using right there is a mcdonald's up and straw to make those sounds. all the sounds you're hearing there. do you know what all the customers there at mcdonald's said? >> what'd they say? >> i'm loving it. >> that's pretty impressive. i wonder if i could do that. okay. negative. >> that was awesome. >> epic fail. how about the next one? we're going to move on to pumpkins. carving pumpkins so tough. but look at this.
3:28 am
don't have to carve a pumpkin without drilling into it. >> why is one leg up?
3:29 am
unique ways to this morning on "world news now" -- joe biden backtracks. did the vice president support the bin laden raid or not? new insight about biden as america awaits his decision about a presidential run. reluctant paul ryan. the congressman decides he will run for the role of house speaker. but will his fellow republicans support him? unusual scene caught on camera at a busy airport. >> an anxious passenger trying to stop a plane. the newly released video and how it got that passenger in big trouble. and later, the actor known for movie magic as harry potter shares something very personal. revelations about daniel
3:30 am
this wednesday october 21st. >> announcer: from abc news this is "world news now." we do say good morning to you on this wednesday. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm reena ninan. we begin with the surprising reversal of joe biden. will he? won't he? we don't know. but today he was talking about how yesterday the decision to go after osama bin laden, getting a lot of tongues wagging in washington. >> yeah, and that has a lot of people saying maybe he might actually be running after all it comes as biden continues to weigh his options in that run we get the very latest right now from abc's jon karl. >> reporter: president obama has called the day of the bin laden raid the most important of his presidency, and his vice president clearly concurs. >> osama bin laden is dead, and general motors is alive. >> reporter: biden has described obama's decision as especially courageous because in that key meeting when it came time to decide, most of the president's
3:31 am
advisers including biden himself were not in favor of the raid. direct answer. mr. president, my suggestion is don't go. we have to do two more things to see if he's there. >> reporter: biden offered an entirely different account of what happened on that fateful day, saying he didn't give his opinion until after the meeting, when he was alone with president obama. and then he said go for it. >> so as we walked out of the room and walked upstairs, i said -- i told him my opinion, that i thought he should go but follow his own instincts. but it would have been a mistake. imagine if i had said in front of everyone don't go or go and his decision was a different decision. >> reporter: biden has said he told obama and his team that night to hold off on the raid. >> ladies and gentlemen, i said wait another seven days for the following information. >> i wanted him to take one more day to do one more test to see if he was there.
3:32 am
wrote of the fateful decision in her memoir. "vice president biden remained skeptical," she recalled. "but i concluded the chance to get bin laden was worth it." advice she alluded to in the democratic debate. >> whether you're talking about the tough decision that president obama had to make about osama bin laden where i was one of his few advisers. >> reporter: the white house refused to say whether biden's new account was correct. >> the vice president's office said his latest comments are accurate but offered no explanation as to why his account of what happened in that meeting has changed so significantly. white house. >> a little bit of changing history there in washington. speaking of d.c., congressman paul ryan has given his republican colleagues there until friday to decide if they'll support him as speaker of the house. ryan is a former vice presidential candidate and says he doesn't really want the job but he says the country is in desperate need of leadership. the search for a new house since john boehner announced he
3:33 am
overseas now where secretary of state john kerry is heading right now for europe and the middle east later today. and one of his goals is to help ease the escalating violence between israelis and palestinians. killed in the past month. attacks on israelis by palestinians. but there were also clashes along the border with gaza. police in albuquerque are looking for whoever shot a 4-year-old in a moving car. the little girl died at the hospital. the only one injured in the vehicle. her father says it was a case of road rage. another vehicle pulled up alongside his. but police don't have a suspect and any clues may be spread over a large area, miles of interstate 40. breaking news here in new york, where a police officer has been killed in the line of duty. the 33-year-old officer was shot in the head during a gun battle in east harlem. a suspect is in custody. the victim is the fourth new york city police officer to be murdered in just the past 11 months.
3:34 am
officials in the st. louis area believe the six fires at predominantly black churches in the past two weeks are connected. all are located within a few miles of where an unarmed black teen was shot by a white police officer last year. abc's alex perez is there. >> reporter: investigators in st. louis on the hunt trying to figure out who is setting fires at churches. >> original doors built in 1948. >> reporter: reverend roderick burton says the damage to his church could cost more than $7,000 to repair. the building's original 1948 doors charred. >> if someone is attacking us, americans should come together in one voice and say this is wrong. >> reporter: in the last two weeks six churches, all within three miles of each other. the fires all set near an entrance. different denominations but mostly black congregations. >> it is arson. these are being intentionally set. it's not spontaneous combustion.
3:35 am
they're not occurring on their own. >> reporter: this area still recovering from the riots sparked after ferguson police officer darren wilson shot and killed michael brown. many in this community praying for the culprit and for an arrest. and you can see the flames are so hot, completely melting the siding from this church right here. atf investigators believe the same person is responsible for all of these incidents. information leading to an alex perez, abc news, st. louis, missouri. a body has been found inside a car buried in the mud at the scene of last week's flash flooding in california. it could be the first death related to the mudslides and severe flooding north of los angeles. the vehicle was found upside down and tilted sideways in a retention basin. it was six feet deep in the dirt. and in arizona it took a team effort to rescue a woman from a flooded roadway while there were three first responders wading to the van and then they walked the driver to safety. others were upstream to make
3:36 am
toward the rescue team. and there were workers downstream in case either the rescue team or the driver were swept away. the driver said the water rose rapidly. and in the southwest it is bracing for more severe storms today after yesterday's extreme weather brought strong winds, hail, flooding, and possible tornadoes. at least one funnel cloud spotted yesterday northwest of phoenix. more than three inches of rain could fall in the region by noon. flash flood watches and warnings have been issued across that area. a dozen people are in intensive care at a hospital in san jose suffering from an apparent case of food poisoning. a mexican seafood restaurant has been closed since sunday. there got sick. lab tests on at least 15 of these cases have shown the presence of what's called shigella bacteria. hands but can also stem from contaminated food.
3:37 am
>> they had a major violation last month for cooling, but at that time the food was actually discarded voluntarily by the facility owner. and then we had a few what we call minor violations, which are not likely to contribute to food-borne illness but are nonetheless still a violation. >> it's unclear how many of those 80 cases we mentioned were people who actually ate at that restaurant or got sick from coming into contact with someone who did. doctors say the symptoms usually go away in five to ten days. ten days. that's a long time. >> that is a long time. "consumer reports" is no longer recommending the tesla model s. the magazine editors say the $76,000 electric car is tops in performance but its predicted reliability is poor. the news hit tesla especially hard. the stock fell more than 6% yesterday. so here's a list. the automakers ranking tops in reliability. lexus, toyota, audi, mazda, and subaru. number 6-ranked kia from south korea is now considered more reliable than honda or nissan.
3:38 am
>> so those people are probably going to buy a toyota camry you think instead of that fancy car? >> they probably are going to move on. but today i'm thinking people are all about the deloreans. >> the deloreans. >> yes. >> i still want my knight rider car with kitt talking. back in 1988. if you thought today was any other day since you mentioned, kendis, you've got to rethink that one, right? >> you realize it was john forsyth. it wasn't really a computer. okay. because today is october 21st, 2015, the date that was on the time machine in the 1989 movie "back to the future ii." of course the movie also makes reference to the cubs winning the world series. oops. >> yeah. that still could happen. let's be honest. ain't looking good right now. pepsi releasing a limited edition "back to the future" bottle. >> the price, $20.15. >> that looks like the obama logo from 2012. >> that is, until they hit ebay when they will likely skyrocket as fast as that time machine.
3:39 am
>> look at us. >> oh. >> if you're driving, i'm scared. >> you should be scared. >> we've got a kid in the back. >> oh, boy. what a day. what a day. >> all right. >> are you going to speed up or what? >> all right. coming up in "the skinny," donald trump skips last night's appearance on "jimmy kimmel live," and jimmy has some choice >> look at the creepy kid. also ahead, love is in the air as the king of romance is out with an all new novel. the new adventures, thrills, and mystery from blockbuster author nicholas sparks. and new revelations about a sex scandal involving money and one of the top college basketball programs in the country. that after we look at wednesday's forecast map. you're watching "world news now." where'd the delorean go? >> we're no longer in the car. >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by
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take a look at this. newly released video reveals the moment a passenger desperate to catch his flight runs onto the tarmac at denver international airport. how'd he get on? prosecutors say he pushed open a secure emergency door exit. did he get on? no. he was arrested after the door triggered an alarm. this week he pleaded guilty to tampering and sentenced to two years probation. the passenger was trying to get to his high school reunion. >> i guess he'll have to wait for the 20-year reunion. >> yeah. >> in prison. now to a sex scandal that is rocking one of the top college basketball programs in the country.
3:44 am
the woman at the center of it all speaking out to espn's "outside the lines." >> she's sharing new accusations against the university of louisville's team. abc's elizabeth hur has the story. >> side deals were sex. and if they wanted to make extra money that's what the side deal was. sex. >> reporter: shocking claims from katina powell, who alleges andre mcgee, former director of operations for the college basketball powerhouse university of louisville cardinals hired female dancers to win over recruits and paid for the arrangements. >> andre was the one who always had the money. passed out the money, made it rain, made the deals, paid for the deals. >> reporter: in an interview with john barr of espn's "outside the lines" the self-proclaimed madam and author of the book "breaking cardinal rules" says she attended about 22 parties between 2010 and 2014, some in on-campus dorms, adding she and several other women including three of her
3:45 am
with recruits, team members, and even some of their fathers. >> it almost got me sick to my stomach. >> reporter: meanwhile, the team's two-time national championship coach rick pitino maintains he does not believe in cheating and he did not break any ncaa rules. >> four years. a boatload of recruits. a boatload of dances, loud music, alcohol, security, cameras, basketball players who came in at will. how could rick not know? >> reporter: powell does say she never met with or talked to pitino and pitino just told espn mcgee needs to do the right thing and tell the truth. so far mcgee has declined to comment. reena and kendis, back to you. >> elizabeth, thank you so much. and coming up, donald trump keeps kimmel hanging so jimmy let him have it. >> and which celebrity will now be living in tom cruise's house? "the skinny" is next. living in tom cruise's house?
3:46 am
tt2watv#@64 bt@qv9h tt2watv#@64 "a@qf5, tt2watv#@64 bm@qm> tt4watv#@64 " dztq ly4 tt4watv#@64 " entq
3:47 am
all the clothes on there. and in a candid interview the star opens up about why he struggled with alcohol during filming the beloved movie series. >> he looks really good there. radcliffe tells "playboy" he used it to escape anxiety that came with fame. he says camera phones in particular had a big influence with fans and of course the paparazzi constantly taking his photo. radcliffe says he drank to feel less self-conscious through all of it. >> and he adds his passion for acting kept him from becoming a child star gone wrong, saying he wouldn't allow anything to jeopardize his dreams of being a star. >> good to hear that. >> yeah. good to know he's coming back. next, jimmy kimmel bringing the show here to new york this week. >> yesterday we told you the donald would be on the show, but he canceled his appearance at the last minute. one of his aides saying something just came up. well, last night jimmy didn't take too kindly to getting stood up. >> i'm dying to find out what this major political commitment was. usually it means he had to go on cnn and call someone an idiot or
3:48 am
something. but don't worry. tonight we're going to give everyone in the audience a basketball dipped in cologne so you can fully experience what it would have been like had donald trump been here. [ cheers and applause ] >> from there jimmy took a trip from brooklyn to the bronx zoo with tracy morgan taking in some nature with some colorful commentary you might say. >> and unlike trump jimmy's other scheduled guest did show up. you see him there, jay-z treated the audience to tickets to his big tidal concert and then actually walked, like on his two feet, walked right down the street. >> they took a stroll over to barclays center just in time for jay-z to get up on stage and perform the anthemic "empire state of mind." >> i bet that was a good one. >> packed show. >> and meanwhile, in another high-profile concert event janet jackson's fans are crying foul. you know she's got the number
3:49 am
touring to support it, but according to page 6 certain fans posting images and videos from the show to instagram are finding their accounts frozen or deleted. >> what is up with that? those users said they received e-mails from instagram saying, quote here, "a third party reported that the content violates their copyright." a rep for instagram told page 6 that the issue was due to a bug that has since been fixed and noted that only repeat infringers will have their accounts deleted. >> good to know. >> good to know it wasn't janet, future hall of fame -- rock and roll hall of famer. and finally, the beans have been spilled. "variety" reporting the person to shell out more than $11 million for tom cruise's hollywood hills estate is no more a secret. eva longoria. >> there you go. the gated and heavily fortified compound, panoramic -- look at that. i'd move in. panoramic views of the san bernardino valley and two-story main house is described as a european style villa that overlooks a lagoon-style swimming pool.
3:50 am
spanned by a foot bridge. not bad. 300-acre colorado ranch remains on the market, listed at $59 >> i bet there would be some great parties thrown there. >> oh, i can imagine. romance.
3:51 am
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new from mucinex fast max. the only cold and flu liquid gel that's max-strength and fights mucus. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. oh, love is in the air. kendis gibson. the new page turner to get you in the mood. >> got to get my barry white clothes out. we're not talking about anything with shades of gray. we're talking about classic romance straight from the pen of nicholas sparks. and abc's sara haines sat down with the master himself. >> reporter: over 100 million books sold worldwide. 10 major motion pictures with the 11th on the way. author nicholas sparks has definitely earned his title of the king of romance. >> very lofty title to carry,
3:54 am
why not? >> reporter: now sparks is back with his 18th novel, "see me." i caught up with the renowned author at le parker meridien in new york to talk about his latest page turner. >> it has like a thriller aspect. >> a twisty mystery thriller. >> reporter: old favorites. >> you want to step aboard? >> reporter: and of course ryan gosling. >> anything with him i'm in. how do you keep doing this? >> i know, right? i don't know. it's strange but i don't even think of it in those terms. they just kind of add up. >> tell me about "see me." >> "see me" is this good love story with two great original characters, but it's also a novel that devolves into a very twisty mystery thriller by the end. >> reporter: sparks's film filled with hollywood's biggest headliners like richard gere,
3:55 am
miley cyrus and rachel mcadams. >> have you ever seen someone perform on screen that you're like i'm going to get this guy or this girl to be in my movie? >> oh, sure. channing tatum. right up there. he'd been in "step up." those kinds of things. like okay, that guy's going to be a star, let's move him on in. >> now the father of five says he's about a third of the way done with his next love story. and still has plenty more left to tell. >> have you ruined men for your daughter? >> that's what my daughter tells me. i feel bad about that. i'm like i'm sorry, i didn't mean to. i'm okay. i'm a nice guy. you can meet me. bring him on in. that's fine. just be a gentleman. >> reporter: sara haines, abc news, new york. >> i do enjoy his books and the movies. i think they're really fantastic. >> i have to admit i have seen "the notebook." >> oh. >> and i didn't get dragged to it. >> oh. a willing participant there. >> yes. >> follow us on facebook, >> announcer: this is abc's
3:56 am
"world news now," informing
3:57 am
good morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm reena ninan. here are some of the top headlines we're following this morning on "world news now." new breast cancer screening recommendations from the american cancer society say that women should get mammograms later and with less frequency as they age. details coming up. a 4-year-old girl is dead after what her father says was a case of road rage. the driver of another vehicle pulled up next to theirs in albuquerque and opened fire. her father and mother were not injured. no one has been arrested. prosecutors in texas have charged a driver with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon
3:58 am
the driver seen swerving into a motorcyclist claims he was bitten by a spider. two people were injured. the driver has not apologized. and nasa says an asteroid will speed past earth on halloween traveling at about 78,000 miles an hour. still be around 310,000 miles away. stories on this wednesday, october 21st. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." and we're going to get started this half hour with new breast cancer screening recommendations. >> it's kind of confusing but apparently the american cancer society says healthy women should get mammograms later and with less frequency, but at least one influential group disagrees. here's abc's linzie janis. >> reporter: the american cancer society now saying women should
3:59 am
age of 45, five years later than its previous recommendation of 40. so women between the ages of 45 and 54 who have an average risk of developing breast cancer should have a mammogram once a year. but after 55 a mammogram every other year as long as the patient is healthy. >> i can't believe that. >> yeah. i don't think that's right, honestly. >> i don't either. >> those are the new guidelines. >> i think that's wrong. and i hope that the insurance companies are still going to pay for it if you want to have it more often than that. >> reporter: the new guidelines based on increasing evidence that mammography often produces false positives in younger women, results that lead to additional testing and surgery, often unnecessary. but at least one other influential group still recommends starting at 40, and another says mammograms aren't necessary until 50. the american cancer society also dropping its previous recommendation that women have a manual exam so doctors can feet for abnormalities because it's never been shown to save lives. linzie janis, abc news, new york. breaking overnight here in new york, where a police officer
4:00 am
duty. the five-year veteran was shot in the head during a gun battle in east harlem. the officer and his partner were responding to a call about gunshots at a public housing project. a suspect is in custody. a florida police chief is speaking out for the first time about a controversial shooting death by one of his own officers. the chief says a handgun registered to the victim was found at the scene of the shooting. with more now here's abc's pierre thomas. >> reporter: family and friends of corey jones says he was a peaceful man, a church drummer who ended up shot dead by a police officer after his car broke down early sunday morning. >> it's a big blow. it's a big blow. it hurts, man. it hurts so bad. >> anything you need corey would be right there. if you needed his shirt, he would give you his shirt.
4:01 am
he would be cold just to keep you warm. >> reporter: the circumstances of jones's shooting by officer nouman raja on this highway exit ram np palm beach, florida are murky at best. jones had called a friend for help with his car only a short time before being shot. officer raja was not in uniform, driving an unmarked police car that night. confronted him when raja approached the disabled vehicle. with concern growing in the minority community, authorities conference. police say they've confirmed that jones did have a handgun. >> we've confirmed that palm beach county sheriff's office incident. the handgun was found on the ground outside the vehicle. >> reporter: police say they have no dash cam or body cam video to support the officer's account. so with emotions running high the mistrust may only grow. washington. new york city police commissioners among the leading joining a prison reform effort. more than 130 officers, expected to announce later today address the issue. they'll meet with president
4:02 am
rid of mandatory minimum sentences. bernie madoff's victims may be getting more of their money back. some in fact may get all of it back. that's a complete reversal from when madoff's ponzi scheme fraud first came to light. abc's brian ross has the story. >> reporter: when bernie madoff's massive ponzi scheme was exposed almost seven years ago his wiped-out investors held out little hope of getting any of their money back. >> you jerk, you know. how could you possibly live with yourself? >> reporter: but some good news for hundreds of those investors from the lawyers tracking the madoff money. >> the calculations are that anyone who put in $1,161,000 is going to be made completely whole in this distribution. >> 100% back. >> correct. and that's most of the people who had valid claims. >> reporter: and investors who lost more than a million dollars will get at least 61 cents for every dollar they first put in. a huge amount of the recovered
4:03 am
the palm beach lawyer who was found dead at his swimming pool ten months after madoff's arrest. investigators have now determined that jeffrey picower was in on the scheme with madoff for years and after his death his widow turned over $7.2 billion, virtually every dollar picower made in the scheme. much, much more than anyone else including madoff himself. investigators tracking the money say they have now recovered some $11 billion of the $17 billion that was stolen. and they say they hope to recover another 2 to 3 billion in the years to come. brian ross, abc news, new york. the captain of the doomed cargo ship that sank after sailing into the path of hurricane joaquin had planned to outrun it. federal investigators say that the "el faro" sank after the captain radioed that they had lost an engine and were tipping and were taking on water. it was the worst cargo shipping
4:04 am
flagged vessel in more than 30 years. maritime experts say the plan to outrun the storm was a risky one. to washington now and congressman paul ryan says he doesn't really want to be speaker of the house but he's willing to run if his republican colleagues support him. ryan made the surprise announcement last night after a closed-door session with gop lawmakers. the former vice presidential candidate says there would be certain restrictions. >> i cannot and i will not give up my family time. i may not be on the road as often as previous speakers. but i pledge to try and make up for it with more time communicating our vision, our message. >> you can put restrictions on it. >> what about his cross-fit time? >> that could be part of it. >> ryan has given the support him. well, amazon is going ton a season. the online retailer adding 100,000 workers. we're talking 25% increase from last year. meanwhile, walmart, target, and kohl's adding about the same amount of jobs as 2014 but
4:05 am
macy's, jcpenney's, and toys "r" us are hiring fewer workers. holiday hiring by retailers expected to be flat this year. i wonder why they're shutting down that toys "r" us in times square. got to get there. you might remember the controversy that erupt bd two years ago when consumers blew the whistle on subway's foot-long sandwiches. those foot-longs were found to be just 11 inches. well, a class action lawsuit was filed over the whole thing. now a settlement is in the works under which subways would have to measure their bread to make sure consumers are getting every inch they're paying for. the deal could be approved early next year. >> what, do you show up with a ruler at subway? >> every inch. every inch! >> every inch counts. >> so does your waistline. you really don't need that extra inch. they were doing you a favor. little did you know. >> if you're going to get 12 inches, you should get 12
4:06 am
to dessert. how about that? this morning that means hershey kisses. the company's worked out something special for the holidays. >> they are called hershey's kisses deluxe. they have a hazelnut center and are flecked with rice crisps. maybe the best part, they are double the size of the usual hershey's kiss. >> kind of reminds me of the ferrero-rocher. >> what? >> never mind. hershey's officials called it the big evident innovation in the kisses brand. since almonds were added to some of them 25 years ago. they're expected to be on shelves early next month. i do love the cherry ones that they -- cherry filled ones. they used to have some up in the newsroom around christmas time. i'd always steal from one young lady's desk. i'm not sure who. >> some young lady that's never been able to have her hershey's kisses -- >> i would apologize and say i would refill them and never refilled them. >> from subway to kisses. coming up, the daring art heist in broad daylight taking place in a multimillion-dollar mansion.
4:07 am
also a consumer alert about popular credit cards. the warnings about sky-high interest rates. and later the rock musician speaking out about surviving a plane crash. his fears today and when he'll be ready to fly again. that of course after our billings at 65. winter's coming in billings. weather, brought to you by lysol. your clever moves won't stop the cold and flu. but disinfecting with lysol can. because lysol wipes and spray are approved to kill more types of germs than clorox. including those that can make you sick. for a healthy home this cold and flu season...
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for your free information kit. police in south florida searching for this man. take a look at the surveillance camera here. he reached into the basket of a woman's motorized shopping cart, stealing her purse. the woman uses crutches to get around after a fall in the spring and says he got away with $500 cash from her wallet and even her new cell phone. wow. and get this one. in san francisco a 39-year-old man seen here was arrested after staying at a long-abandoned mansion and selling pieces of art that were inside.
4:11 am
another one ready to go. those pieces were valued at more than $300,000. the guy claimed to have bought the multimillion-dollar mansion that's been vacant for years. they called the cops. which led to his hair-raising arrest. now to some new numbers from the retail world. the average american shopper christmas gifts this year. that sounds like a steal to me. >> that is a steal. that is one pair of shoes for reena. but there's a new warning about those popular credit cards that are offered to you right at check-out. abc's linsey davis with those details. >> reporter: a warning about just how much some of that plastic in your wallet could be costing you. >> if you're somebody who carries a balance, retail cards probably just aren't for you. >> reporter: according to a new report, the average store credit card carries a 23% interest rate compared to 15% on average for other credit cards.
4:12 am
>> reporter: retailers with the highest interest rates -- staples charges 28%. have to fork over 29%. even when stores offer a deep discount for signing up watch out. >> that 20% off at the counter can be a great deal. but when you team it with a 25% interest rate, it gets to be a lot less good of a deal. >> reporter: let's say a payments on a $1,000 balance on it would take them 72 months to pay it off. a year and a half longer than on a typical credit card. according to the experts, you only want to use retail credit cards if you pay your balance off every month. if not you may want to stick to the regular credit cards. many of them offer 0% interest for at least the first year. linsey davis, abc news, washington. >> zero percent's pretty good. >> yeah. but if you pay it off right away for the year. i can't imagine you that would actually get any of those credit cards.
4:13 am
of -- >> i believe cash is queen. >> and what about credit? >> i believe credit is a joker. >> that's pretty much you on an average wednesday, isn't it? >> that's pretty much me every night. >> leaves the office. >> on >> oh, man. is my enemy around these hours. i've been there. >> you don't binge eat, you binge shop. >> yeah. drinking and amazon. that should be a thing. >> christmas is like 67 days away. i'm sitting right next to you. >> okay. coming up one of music's biggest drummers opening up >> how he survived a plane crash and conquered his demons with the help of his family. you're watching "world news
4:14 am
tt2wlr=[gk po j# :&h tt2wlr=[gk p!!*n j& tt2wlr=[gk p4!j#
4:15 am
tt2wlr=[gk pt#j'`:/>d tt2wlr=[gk pt#j)`:$^ tt2wlr=[gk pp#j*`:3e< tt2wlr=[gk pp#j,`:r?\ tt2wlr=[gk pl#*.`:[6p tt2wlr=[gk pl#*0`:@ 8 well, that's travis barker tearing it up on the drums. best known as a beatmaker for blink-182. he's now the author of a brand new tell-all. >> and in that book he describes
4:16 am
his life as well as his hellish recovery. abc's chris connelly sat down with barker for really an emotional one on one. >> the plane's on fire, my hands are on fire. i unbuckle my seat belt and i jump right into the jet which i basically ignite my whole >> reporter: that's drummer travis barker. known for his buoyant work with all the small things true care speak for the first time about the night of september 19th, 2008 when the chartered plane he, bff dj a.m., real name adam goldstein, and two of their cohorts were in crashed on takeoff in columbia, south carolina. >> i'm soaked in jet fuel. there's nothing i can do to put the fire out. and then we realize, you know, we're out of the plane and the and then i stayed in burn centers for like the next four
4:17 am
>> reporter: two close friends and the two pilots would die in the crash, severely burned over 65% of his body. barker would know searing unimaginable pain. >> what does that feel like? >> that -- i mean, that feels like hell. >> reporter: as he captures in his compelling new memoir "can i say," barker would undergo 27 surgeries and at one point considered taking his own life. >> i would call friends of mine and say i'll deposit a million dollars into whoever's bank account -- >> you were willing to pay someone a million dollars to take you out. >> oh, yeah. they had to take my phone out of my room. >> reporter: what pulled him out were visits from his children, >> it was just hard for them to see me in the state that i was in. you know, they'd color in class and he had -- everyone's drawing pictures of their family or what they did on the weekend and landon's drawing a picture of a plane crashing. so yeah.
4:18 am
>> it was -- i mean, it was definitely something that he was old enough to understand. you know? >> reporter: one year later another blow. with adam goldstein losing his courageous battle with drug addiction. barker says his book tells of a wild reckless lifestyle that he's put in the rearview mirror. with 40 one month away, his existence is focused on drumming -- -- and minding his kids. he's still playing gigs including with mark hoppus in a reconstituted blink-182. he hasn't been in a plane since that night. he's not ruling it out. >> you know, i tell my children when you're ready to fly i'm ready to fly. >> what a compelling story. i am just cheering him on. i really hope he is able to get back on that plane and those
4:19 am
loves his children. happened some seven years ago and you can still see the emotional toll on his face. and for such a tough guy to break down like that. >> yeah. back in just a moment. ashes. advertise your eyes! supersize your lashes. hypnotize the guys! covergirl's super sizer mascara with the amazing lash styler brush. it loads on. combs through. for dramatic volume. corner to corner. volumize. mesmerize. supersize your lashes. advertise your eyes! the super sizer. new from easy, breezy, beautiful. covergirl and try new intensify me! liner for even bigger drama. in a world that's trying to turn you into someone new... hair color wants to help you keep on being you.
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ahhh the sweet taste of victory! prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. "star wars" fever taking hold with the new trailer. how cool. the force awakens. and the film's star daisy ridley awake herself watching for the first time. >> nothing will stand in our way. i will finish. >> tonight the 23-year-old actress plays ray, one of the lead roles, and her life is about to dramatically change when the film hits theaters in less than two months. isn't there somebody here who has an advance copy of this
4:23 am
somewhere? >> probably does. >> b.k. >> and just as excited as the actors are of course the fans. >> every frame of the new trailer has been dissected and almost all the theater tickets snatched up. so we are all in for a record-breaking movie experience. abc's elizabeth hur explains. >> reporter: just two minutes long, but this was the longest and final glimpse of the much-anticipated "star wars: the force awakens." >> it's true. all of it. >> reporter: the movie set some 30 years after "return of the jedi" reunites fan favorites han and leia. >> nothing will stand in our way. i will finish what you started. >> reporter: in the trailer we even get a preview of a light saber fight between new characters kylo ren and finn. >> i was created to do one
4:24 am
fight for. >> reporter: speaking of finn, watch actor john boyega who plays finn in the movie reacting to his first look at the trailer. he seems to like what he saw. >> what? what? >> reporter: as did these cheering fans who say the wait was worth it. >> that was awesome. >> i'm like blown away. >> reporter: this is the seventh installment in the "star wars" series and turns out some theaters plan on hosting marathon screenings of every film in the series leading up to opening night. and while some lucky fans have already scored tickets, with online vendors crashing under the demand, tickets are available for resale on ebay for hundreds. the movie doesn't open for another two months but already we are told a lot of theaters are sold out for the first couple of days. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. >> this is going to be a good one, kendis. >> it is. i already have my costume in mind. going to get all dressed up. b.k. and i are going december 13th.
4:25 am
that's the news for this half
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