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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  October 21, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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conditions sean: a fatal fire in somersworth. what we know so far about the investigation. kevin: cooler temperatures out there today with more clouds. we will look at shower chances toward the weekend ahead. erin: an undercover operation leading to the arrest of a milford man. sean: the controversial reversal from the american heart association that has one new hampshire woman battling breast cancer live it this morning.
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now, wmur news 9 daybreak. erin: good morning, new hampshire. thanks for waking up with us. i' m erin fehlau. sean: i' m sean mcdonald. let' s talk the weather. it turned into a beautiful day yesterday. kevin: we are going to knock temperatures back into the 50' s today. quite a few more clouds around into the afternoon. there are a lot of areas where temperatures are in the 40' s early this morning. quite a few clouds building in. we have seen a couple of sprinkles out there. otherwise, a fairly quiet start to the day. temperatures make their way up into the 50' s to near 60 degrees. not much in the way of any kind of shower chances. we are looking at things continuing to settle down by the
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we will have much more coming up. we' re joined live by 95.7 wzid ' s get davidson. deb: we are getting word of a car fire and crash in bedford. it is on the eastbound side of 101 right by macy' s. that entire intersection is closed on the eastbound side. they are asking you to avoid that area if possible. if you are traveling on 101 westbound, you are getting by, onlooker delays at this time. moving well through the mill yard at manchester city. also, we are seeing a little bit of a delay in goffstown. temple court is closed due to construction and demolition taking place off to the side of the road and it is closed for safety reasons until october 30.
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this report is brought to you by peter honda, kia, and nissan in nashua. sean: thanks. let' s get to that breaking news we are following out of somersworth. at least one person is dead after a two alarm fire overnight. erin: the fire broke out at a home on indigo hill road. ray brewer is there with more details. ray: the fire is out here at 15 indigo hill road, but the state fire marshal' s office is just beginning their investigation into how this fire started and where it started. it was about 11:30 last night when fire was reported. a neighbor reported seeing the flames at 15 indigo hill road. there were three people inside at the time. when firefighters arrived, two of them had made it out. there was heavy fire on the
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one of the occupants inside the home at the time told them there was a third person trapped in the second-floor bedroom. the fire chief said that those two people did make it out on their own, but it was not easy. >> as soon as they opened the bedroom door, they were hit by heavy black smoke and heat. somehow they made their way to a window on the far side of the building. they were able to take the window out. one of them clambered onto the roof and jumped down. ray: subsequently was able to assist the other person. you are taking a live look at the second floor bedroom where the female victim' s body was discovered. by the time firefighters were able to get in, it was too late to save her. no firefighters were injured in fighting the fire. the two walk human' s --
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occupants were transported to the local hospital. one was then transferred to a hospital in boston. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. erin: a dairy man -- derry man caused a neighborhood to be put on high alert. 18-year-old sean quigley was armed with a handgun and threatened to harm himself and others. he ran into the woods when police arrived. officers convinced him to surrender around 9:00. he was taken into custody for his own safety. sean: manchester police are investigating a shooting that sent an 18-year-old to the hospital. he was shot around 8:00 last night near gill stadium. full extent of his injuries have not been released. he was transported to a local
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hospital. while details are limited, the shooting does not appear to be random. in milford man is facing a slew of charges this morning. john miller allegedly tried to illegally sell firearms in massachusetts. the 29-year-old sold an assault rifle, shotgun, and over 3000 rounds of ammunition to an undercover agent. he is due to be arraigned in lowell, massachusetts today. erin: manchester police have 20 openings and recruitment officers are working overtime to bring in quality people. it is a stringent vetting process and some people are automatically disqualified. the recruitment officer says he has been to 10 in events this week. >> years ago, we would put an ad in the sunday paper and we would
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attract 800-1000 candidates. now, we are looking at 250 candidates as a good test for us. erin: the next entry-level police test on manchester is on november 21. sean: a woman in weare has surrendered her horse. an officer inspected the barn and could not find any food. the officer discovered the horse had chewed a large hole to escape. for it. the horse will go to a farm for rehabilitation. erin: the american cancer society has released new guidelines changing the standard recommendations for mammograms and more than a decade. they are now recommending women start having mammograms at the age of 45 and then every other say it would cut down on false alarms and callbacks.
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decade ago. she says she was stunned when recommendations. >> if i was not diagnosed at 27, where do you think i would be? i' ve been fighting it for 10 i' m still fighting it. erin: experts agree you should talk to your own doctor about when to be screened for breast cancer. one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point. more than 200,000 women are diagnosed each year. sean: lee harvey oswald' s wedding ring, which was auctioned by a new hampshire company, is now on display. the sixth floor museum in dallas, texas said that visitors can see the ring for themselves. erin: an anonymous buyer paid
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lee harvey also all was never known to take the morning he assassinated john f. kennedy, he left the ring at home. sean: tremendous historical value. erin: still ahead, a major development in the race for speaker. paul ryan said he is willing to serve on one major condition. sean: a veteran officer shot and killed in the line of duty in new york. erin: ahead at 6:30, the aftermath of a tornado left one deerfield family without hundreds of trees, but they are facing a monetary dilemma regarding a view they never
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if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but the republicans... v they want to go back to letting v the super wealthy call the shots. they don't stand up for equal pay for women. they don't support paid family leave. they don't even really support refinancing student debt. we've got to get this economy working for the vast majority of americans, not just for those at the top. that's what i intend to do as president. i'm hillary clinton and
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kevin: we have quite a few clouds drifting in. temperatures near 50 degrees this morning. we are expecting the risk of a shower. the front changes everything in time for the weekend. sean: new york city is waking up in morning after another officer was killed in the line of duty. it happened in manhattan near east harlem. it is not happened -- not clear what happened to the armed man. officer holder was a five-year veteran. he was 33 years old. erin: republican congressman paul ryan said he is willing to run for house speaker under certain conditions.
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unification and a mandate regarding endorsements. stephanie ramos has more. >> paul ryan is no longer resisting the pressure to run for house speaker. >> i consider to do this with reluctance. >> this comes after weeks of lobbying for republicans. now, the former vice president candidate says he is down to do the job, agreeing he will run to replace john boehner only if republicans unify behind him. >> if i can truly be a unifying figure, then i will gladly serve. >> he has a few conditions. even though he has support from most republicans, he says he will only run if supported by all key groups, including the hard right freedom caucus. he also wants changes to house rules to be made as a team. he wants to make it harder to
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he also wants a better work-life balance. >> i cannot and i will not give up my family time. i may not be on the road as often as previous speakers, but i pledge to try to make up for it with more time communicating our vision, our message. >> kevin mccarthy was up for the job, but abruptly with grew. -- withdrew. >> everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together a benghazi special committee, her numbers, what are they today? >> kevin mccarthy says he supports paul ryan as speaker. some democrats remain cautiously optimistic. sean: it is 14 minutes past 6:00. a trial in the works that is perfect for the younger generation. could you imagine making a
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purchase through a selfie?
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the day has finally arrived sean: most u.s. states reported job losses for the month of [inaudible] mastercard is trying out a new technology that lets online shoppers authorize a purchase with a selfie instead of a
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you can scan either a finger or a smartphone selfie to verify your identity. erin: hershey' s kisses are getting bigger. the company will sell hershey' s kisses deluxe in the u.s. in two weeks. they are double the size of regular kisses with a hazelnut center and crispy rice. hershey' s first introduced this in china two years ago, where it was a huge success. sean: there is a lot going on in that hershey kiss. i' ve got to try it out, eventually. we have finally reached the day all "back to the future" fans have been waiting for. erin: it is october 21, 2015. sean: that is the day michael j fox travels to in his delorean. we are getting somewhere on the hover board flint -- front. videoconferencing has become true. skype and facetime.
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out. world series? they are one game away from eliminated -- elimination. sean: what about the shoes and the shirt that come together? to celebrate the 30th anniversary, movie theaters will be replaying the trilogy, including here in new hampshire. erin: there will be a marathon at the common man roadside or h way diner. e of stops on by. sean: you should stop on by, kevin. kevin: i should. sean: how about those sneakers? erin: didn' t we do a story on the self tying sneakers? sean: i want a pair of those. [laughter] kevin: we start off early this morning with a look outside. a lot of clouds have been drifting in overnight.
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that has kept temperatures up in a lot of locations. will do the opposite later on this afternoon. quite a few clouds and a light wind in place. back to our west, there are a couple of showers. maybe one or two of these wandering the southern areas. maybe one or two to the north country. cold front located right now north of the great lakes eventually arrives here tomorrow. we will not contend with the snow end of that. we have a couple of light showers early this morning. most of this will make its way into the state. this will have to battle to fall to the ground. temperatures are in the 40' s to near 50 degrees. another five or 10 degrees warmer.
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wind turns to the north. the couple interior sections of the state. a little bit more sunshine further north. a better chance of a shower this morning in southern areas. the better chance of a shower up north late this afternoon. temperatures will stay in the 40' s to lower 50' s later on tonight. tomorrow, quite a few clouds. a couple of passing showers. you notice by late in the day, the skies are trying to clear. with the clearing skies, we will start to cool off. we will notice how the brees could create a few mountain flurries with the cooler upper-level temperatures. a sunny start to our weekend sets up before the next is to arrives on sunday with quite a
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few more clouds and that risk of a shower. we have a lot of clouds streamlining and from the west. s in most locations before dropping into s later on. clouds, milder temperatures, maybe a shower tomorrow, and then the cooler breeze kicks in for friday. we will add clouds and maybe a stray shower on sunday. 50' s to lower 60' s are a reality for most of the seven-day forecast. sean: let' s check out our top stories. ray: one woman has died following a fire overnight in somersworth. the fire at 15 indigo hill road was reported at 11:37 last night. when firefighters arrived on the scene, there was heavy fire coming from the first floor and second floor of the structure. three people were home at the time of the fire. two of them made it out on their own.
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the woman was finally discovered already deceased. no firefighters were injured. investigation. society issued new guidelines getting mammograms. the organization says women should start getting mammograms at the age of 45 instead of 40. it is no longer recommending regular clinical exams. sean: mn in milford sold guns to an undercover agent. erin: coming up, it is like a scene out of a fairy tale.
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erin: talk about jumping into fall. these utah residents took it
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quite literally. sean: they are racing across the pond in a pumpkin. this is the fifth annual ginormous pumpkin regatta in salt lake city. they used their own giant pumpkins. i don' t know how they grow pumpkins that big. but apparently they make good boats. erin: you have to come in costume apparently, as well. sean: we will be back after the
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people want change, they want reform, they want to see something done, but just carping about it and whining about it and making speeches about it doesn't get it done. nobody has shaken up the system more than i have. i've always been unorthodox in this and against the grain. but you know what? i know how to get it done. new day for america is responsible for the content of
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announcer: no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 daybreak. sean: good morning, it' s wednesday, the 21st of october.
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quiet and could feel cooler today. erin: we continue to follow some breaking news out of somersworth. right now crews are on the scene , of a fatal fire on indigo hill road. we' ll have a live report coming up in just a few minutes. also, derry town councilors have reinstated all of the budget cuts they passed earlier this year meaning a fire station that , was shut down will reopen tomorrow. and a deerfield family that lost hundreds of trees in a tornado seven years ago says the town is now taxing their property for the view they never wanted. sean: our days seem to be getting shorter and shorter. the sun is trying to break through the clouds. kevin: temperatures in the 40' s to lower 50' s. that will provide a running start but temperatures are not going to be productive. clouds drifting from the west.
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most locations in the 50' today. there may be a passing shower today. all in all, pretty nice. sean: the clock change is a week from sunday. let' s check out the roads, a live look at i kevin: for a look -93. at the morning drive here in the granite state we' re joined live by 95.7 wzid' s deb davidson. good morning deb. ,deb: 93 looks good in both directions but we have a headache in the bedford-manchester area on 101 eastbound at 114. an accident and clarifier has the intersection closed. traffic is backing up. seeing some delays on the westbound side, even though the intersection is open, due to onlooker traffic. authorities asking you to avoid 101 eastbound if you can.
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manchester, as is the everett turnpike through the bedford tolls. route 3 in massachusetts is slow at the lowell connector as you make your way to trouble cove road. brought to you by peters honda, nissan and kia of nashua. i' m deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. sean: let' s get back to the breaking news out of somersworth. crews are on the scene of a deadly fire. erin: the fire broke out late last night at a home at 15 indigo hill road. ray brewer joins us live from the scene now with the latest details. ray: the state fire marshal' s office waiting the investigation into the fatal fire. the call came in from a neighbor at 11:37 last night here at 15 indigo hill road.
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firefighters attended to make entry from the first floor but had to go in through the side. by that time, the fire had spread to the second floor. there were three people home at get out through a window. when one of the occupants made something firefighters say you should never attempt to do. >> one of them tried to reenter the building to get to the trapped occupant on the second floor and was driven back by the structure. ray: you are looking live at the second floor bedroom where the s body was discovered. firefighters say that it took them less than an hour to get the fire under control. no firefighters were hurt. the 2 other occupants were taken to a local hospital and the state fire marshal'
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s office leading the investigation. at this point they do not know where or how the fire started. no names are being released. live in somersworth, ray brewer, wmur news 9. erin: derry town councilors met for the first time last night since voters overturned budget cuts that were passed earlier this year. the council voted unanimously to put $1.6 million back into the 2016 budget. that money will be raised through taxes. in a majority of the council may, passed a controversial budget that included cutting funding to public safety departments, slashing police and fire positions, and closing a fire station. during a special election last week, voters overturned every cut the council made. the fire chief says the closed fire station will reopen tomorrow morning. >> we' re looking forward as a community to moving forward from this. we' ve learned a lot from it and i think ultimately derry' s going to be a better place as a result of everything that' s happened. erin: councilors say they will be working with other town
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departments to restore money to their budgets as well. sean: a death investigation is underway in gilford. authorities say they are awaiting toxicology reports to determine what caused a woman to die. at this time, they are not releasing her name or saying where she was found dead. s office says it is assisting police in the investigation. erin: a man wanted in new hampshire on a charge of aggravated sexual assault has been arrested in vermont. police say 20-year-old christopher hollis was arrested yesterday during a traffic stop in royalton. hollis had an active arrest warrant for allegedly sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl. right now he is being held without bail, pending an arraignment in vermont today on a fugitive from justice charge. sean: a judge has upheld the felony conviction of owen labrie. that means he will face lifetime registration as a sex offender when he is sentenced next week. in august, a jury found the 19-year-old st. paul' s school graduate guilty of five charges related to the sexual assault of
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his attorneys argued that a felony computer-related charge should be thrown out saying it , carried too harsh a penalty . but again, that conviction was upheld. erin: plymouth police are on the lookout for the robbery who held up the cvs pharmacy on highland street monday night. they say this man handed the pharmacist a note indicating he had a gun and demanded all the oxycontin. after getting some drugs police , say the robber took off in a dark colored sedan that was lowered to the ground. sean: londonderry schools are facing a tangle of federal regulations after opting out of the national school lunch program earlier this year. last night the school board agreed to reach out to new hampshire' s congressional delegation for help on this matter. londonderry pulled its high school out of the first lady' s lunch program after it saw how much food ended up in the trash. but it kept the middle school and elementary schools involved. now, because of the discrepancy, the usda may reclassify the high school, where all district lunches are made, as a food processing facility, which could trigger a cascade of regulatory
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superintendent nathan greenberg is hoping one of new hampshire' s senators or reps can obtain a waiver from the usda. erin: take a look at all this damage. it has been 7 years since a tornado tore through the state killing one person and leaving , miles of destruction in its wake. a family in deerfield lost hundreds of trees in the disaster and now the town is taxing their property for a view they never wanted. the russells say they loved the privacy of being nestled in by old evergreens. but the 2008 tornado decimated hundreds of the trees and forever changed the character of the property. after years of discounted property taxes in the wake of the tornado a new assessment this year tacked on $70,000 in value for the panoramic view, adding more than $1600 annually to the tax bill. the russells say they' re being punished twice by the same tornado.
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review, i believe we should be taxed for it. in this case i don' t believe , it' s just for this tax. so i plan to fight. erin: taxes are due in december. the russells were advised to file a tax abatement. sean: interesting predicament. coming up, a scary situation for drivers on a massachusetts highway. >> i' m amazed how much damage there is to this and no damage to me or my wife. sean: a loose tire caused a highway. erin: attention house hunters, a historic mansion in manchester is on the market. we explained by the massive home is being sold for a fraction of what it is worth.
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or a peek towards the weeke kevin: quite a few clouds. along with that, a risk of a passing shower. should be a lot of dry hours. the trend will be cooler temperatures. highs in the 50' s and a fairly light win in the afternoon.
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calling off again for the weekend. we will talk about the changes coming up. sean: 6:42 right now. to the nation' s capital now. nikole killion is live in washington with a look at what' s making headlines. this morning we' re getting news , of a meeting between key russian and syrian leaders. nikole, what are you learning? nikole: we are learning through syrian state media that it' s president bashar assad met with russian president vladimir putin in moscow. the first time we' ve seen the syrian president take a trip outside his country since the civil war began. the two discussed military operations against terrorists in syria. the u.s. has repeatedly called for assad to step aside. meantime the u.s. and russia are , implementing new rules to avoid potential collisions as both countries continue their strikes over the war-torn country. sean: nikole, switching to a lighter note, back to the u.s. -- it' s back to the future day and the white house is getting in on this. what do they have planned? nikole: the white house says it'
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everyone can nerd out together. everybody remembers back to the future. in the sequel, the characters traveled from 1985 to today. the white house says we' ve accomplish a lot in those 30 years. now they' re looking ahead another 30. all day long they are hosting a series of online conversations with scientists and innovators. asking folks to tweet in questions like what will 2045 look like? using the hashtag #backtothefutureday. sean: thank you very much. erin: a tire is blamed for causing a crash on interstate 495 in lawrence, massachusetts. state police say a cement truck was traveling south yesterday when a tire flew off and crossed into the northbound lanes. the loose tire hit one car then a camper rolled over while trying to avoid it, causing a lot of damage. >> i see it bounce and it is rolling straight at me. >> i think i' m fortunate to be alive, i really think so. erin: police say they are now
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that tire to fly off the truck. hospital last night after he tripped and fell while walking in hollywood. the former "price is right" host hit his head on the sidewalk. some police officers happened to see barker fall and they responded immediately. the 91-year-old suffered some lacerations, but was conscious and alert on the way to the hospital. erin: now to a dramatic rescue in the pacific ocean off the coast of alaska. a frenchman was forced to make a daring leap from his sailboat to a rescue ship after his boat was battered by high seas. not only did the man save his own life, he also saved his cat. the animal was tucked inside his coat when he made the jump to the ship. sean: an alabama judge is coming under fire for an unusual decision. a civil rights group says the judge threatened people who owed fines with jail time if they did not donate blood. >> thank you for donating.
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>> i normally do. i do not like then telling me i have to or i am going to jail. sean: the southern poverty law center says dozens of defendants were in court on the same day a blood drive was being held outside the courthouse. the group says the judge told the defendants that if they could not pay their fines, they needed to give blood, or else they would be sent to jail. the judge could now face an ethics investigation. erin: if you are the eldest child and your family, you might like this story. a new study says the first born child tends to have the highest iq. the study also found that every successive child in the family has a lower iq than the last. researchers believe the reason is that younger siblings are given more freedom to do what they want. older siblings tend to be put to more pressure and need to achieve more. i don' t know what you think about that. my younger brother went to harvard. i am not sure about this.
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my older brother went to cornell, i did not go to cornell . perhaps there' s some truth to it. turning to sports, after two games on the road, the bruins are back on their home ice tonight. erin: they host the flyers tonight at 8:00. the b' s have 3 wins and 2 losses so far on the season. sean: looks like the storybook may not be happening. the chicago cubs and new york mets faced off last night in game 3 of the national league championship series. in the daniel murphy hit a home third, run to give the mets a 2-1 lead. murphy has hit a homer in five straight postseason games. the mets went on to win it 5-2. they now lead the series three games to none and they could sweep the cubs tonight when the teams go head-to-head in game 4. erin: now to the american league championship series. the toronto blue jays played game 4 at the kansas city royals last night. the royals hit 4 runs in the first inning setting a new alcs , record. and they kept that momentum going. kansas city won the game 14-2
6:41 am
three games to one. both teams hit the diamond again at 4:00 this afternoon. announcer: now, your storm watch 9 forecast. kevin: milder temperatures yesterday. today in meredith, a little gray. 48 degrees. kevin: it is a milder start. the same clouds that kept temperatures up overnight are going to keep temperatures from climbing into the afternoon. in the 50' s today before getting into the 60' s tomorrow. we run the risk of a passing shower today. nothing more than that. in the higher elevations and you are in the clouds at 6000 feet. temperatures are in the 20' s and 30' s early on. we continue to see clouds streamlined their way in. the exceptional be far northern areas of the state where you experience partly to mostly sunny skies.
6:42 am
a couple showers through southern part of new england and extending back through new york in this ribbon of moisture with weak showers that will progress to the east. later this afternoon or this evening, the better chance of a part -- of a passing shower or two. if you' re going to see a 20 minute or 30 minute shower, it will be early this morning or in the afternoon. temperatures in the 40' s to near 50' s. a light wind so we will have a brisk field to the air. temperatures are not going to be moving up quickly. that is the potential with the same ms in place. clouds giving temperatures down and a lot of areas with light wind. between 54 and 60 is where most will see the high temperature at 3:00 this afternoon with a light wind and clouds.
6:43 am
both countries more sunshine but you notice the better chance of the shower during the evening and overnight hours as we ease into the 40' s. tomorrow, a jump. a warm front. after that goes by, we get more of a westerly breeze tomorrow. coming with the cold front tomorrow will be a couple passing showers. nothing that is going to last all day. temperatures tomorrow will get into the lower half of the 60' s and southern areas. air drains in. early friday morning, lows in s. s. the 20' s. it will be a chilly start to the weekend saturday morning but s saturday afternoon.
6:44 am
sunday will dodge a shower or two along another quick moving front. 40' s to near 50 early and 50' s foremost into the afternoon. into the 60' s tomorrow with a west wind and the chance of a couple passing showers. once that goes by, we clear skies out and a good breeze for friday. then it is 50' s saturday with sunshine near 60 with a chance of a passing shower or two sunday. and a lot of week systems gliding out of canada. nothing that is all day rain. much either. erin: if you are in the market for a home and you have wanted few now' s your chance. s a string attached. a 20-bedroom, 7-bath home in manchester is now on the market. this is nearly curry museum. the former george b. chandler home was valued at more than 600 thousand dollars but the owner
6:45 am
is selling it for 29,900 dollars. greg barrett of kasbar realty, who is handling this unique listing says there' s just one catch once you buy the mansion, you can not keep it in its current location. the entire structure must be moved to make way for a parking lot. barrett estimates that moving the home locally could cost you $200,000-$300,000. it is beautiful inside, you just have to move it. erin: the stained glass and a word work is gorgeous. still the come, if i' ll check on your top stories.
6:46 am
erin: 6:55. sean: an investigation is underway this morning into a deadly fire in somersworth. here' s ray brewer. ray: one woman died in the fire overnight at 15 indigo hills road in somersworth. when firefighters arrived last night at 11:40, they had heavy fire from the first and second floors. there were three people home at the time of the fire, 2 made it out. the woman' s body was discovered in a second-floor bedroom.
6:47 am
erin: police in weare say they rescued a malnourished horse. the owner agreed to give up the animal because she could not care for it. police say she is not facing any charges. sean: recruiters for the manchester police department are working overtime to bring in qualified people to fill 20 openings. the next entry-level police test in manchester is november 21. the deadline to apply is the 12th. erin: a deerfield family that lost hundreds of trees in a tornado seven years ago says the town is taxing their property for a few they never wanted. taxes are due in december and the family was a biased -- was abatement. sean: traffic alert in bedford near the intersection of 101 and 114, there' s a link shut down and an accident. impacting some travel through the area by 114 and 101. kevin: a love clouds early this morning.
6:48 am
40' s to near 50' s. in the 50' s for the afternoon and a lot of lingering clouds. maybe a passing shower today before we start cooling off. looks like a nice start to the weekend with sunshine. erin: ahead on "gma," paul ryan says he' s willing to be speaker of the house but he has some certain things that he wants to go along. he' s interested in spending time with his family. sean: plus, it is "back to the
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this is connor like so many kids, he was missing things in school - distracted - disengaged - just not getting it. we tried tutors but they didn't connect. then we heard about sylvan's new teaching system, sylvansync. personal lessons, taught by sylvan certified instructors, using technology kids love. i've never seen him more engaged. r p kids like connor typicallyr times more growth than if theyr hadn't come to sylvan. and now sylvan has fun, and coding classes. call 1-800-educate
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