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tv   News 9 Noon  ABC  October 21, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

12:00 pm equal pay... she'll never stop and the republicans know it. >>i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. >> the smoke was so black. amy: now at noon, a deadly fire in somersworth. smoke and flames so intense, they trapped a victim on the second floor. a father faces a judge accused daughter so hard, she had internal bleeding. kevin: back into the 50' s this afternoon. we will talk shower chances and peek toward the weekend ahead. amy: and police say this man tried to get rid of his heroin while being questioned for another serious crime. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 at noon. amy: developing news this noon, a u.s. marine has died in a jet crash in britain.
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base in laken-heath and crashed on a farm about seven miles away. the military has not released the pilot' s name but says he was flying a f-18-c hornet from a fighter squadron based in california. no other casualties have been reported. good afternoon. i' m amy coveno. one person is dead in somersworth after flames swept through a house there. fire broke out at the home on indigo hill road a little before midnight. two people got out, but they say a third person was trapped upstairs. wmur' he' s live in somersworth. ray: amy, that survivor says he is having difficulty, branding what happened. he says he feels like he is still in shock. family and friends have been stopping by all morning, the released at this time, nor is the name of the other person who is recovering at a boston hospital. bruce jones: i went running to my door, i opened the door, and
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the smoke was so thick and it was hot. i turned around to get to the window. ray: this picture, taken by a neighbor tuesday night, shows what bruce jones and the two others home at the time were trying to escape. jones says all three were on the second floor when he heard the female occupant cry out that jones and the other man thought the woman was behind them and managed to get out through the wasn' the two ran to a neighbor' s house for help. logan breton: they knocked on the door and rang the bell a bunch of times, which woke up my parents and then my mom was the one who looked out the window and saw their was a fire. ray: that was 11:37. the first truck was on the scene at 14 indigo hill road 3 minutes later. chief hoyle: the windows of the second floor were issuing heavy fire upon our arrival of the first engine company. ray: the chief says that firefighters were told that someone was trapped inside, but were hampered in their efforts chief hoyle: we couldn' t get through the front door because the porch was loaded with
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could not get access theire re. we had to go through a side door. ray: firefighters would eventually discover the woman' s body in a second floor bedroom. now jones is trying to cope with the aftermath, but he says it still somehow seems very unreal. bruce: i woke up this morning it was not. it is a nightmare. at the bedroom where the woman' the state fire marshal' is leading the investigation of the fire at this time. they say it is too soon to talk about because, but it may have started in the area of the living area according to firefighters and jones. jones says that' s the area where they kept the computer, however that hadn' t been working since the garage was struck by lightning back in july. reporting live in somersworth, ray brewer, wmur news 9. amy: no one was seriously hurt in a crash that shut down the 101-114 interchange this morning. police say two drivers collided , sending one car into the guardrail before it caught fire. you can see the skid marks
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there. investigators haven' t said why saw the crash, you are asked to call state police. claremont police say they caught a juvenile in the process of vandalizing the planned parenthood office in that town. out if that person is connected to damage done to that office earlier in the month. they say this latest round of vandalism included using a hatchet to destroy computers, medical equipment, and plumbing fixtures causing a flood that also damaged the business next door. a manchester man is accused of leaving his infant daughter with brain injuries. wmur' s andy hershberger was in court today,as jonathan legault faced a judge on assault charges. he joins us live in manchester. good afternoon, andy. andy: good afternoon. police say that jonathan legault initially told hospital staff that the child fell off a couch causing the injuries she sustained. legault is facing one count of first-degree assault for allegedly causing a subdural
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hematoma and retinal hemorrhaging to his 3-month-old daughter. police say legault took the child to the catholic medical center on october 10 and said the child was sleeping on the couch while he was changing his clothes in another room. lagault allegedly told them he heard a thud and a cry and immediately went into the living room to find the baby lying face down on the floor. court records say lagault later changed his story, telling police he allegedly shook the baby because she was crying. lt. o' keefe: emergency staff members at catholic medical center back on october 10 notified the police department that a 3-month-old infant had come in with what they felt were suspicious injuries to the head area. detectives were called, an investigation was performed. andy: bail was set at $75,000 with another court date scheduled for next month. reporting live in manchester, andy wmur news 9. amy: the prep school graduate convicted of sexually assaulting an underclassman will appeal that verdict to new hampshire'
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s supreme court. owen labrie was found guilty on five charges. earlier this week, a judge upheld a charge related to computer use, which requires labrie to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. today, labrie' s attorney told news 9 that he will appeal the vermont teen' s conviction to the state supreme court. state police say a man who tried to use a also name -- a to use a false name for a new hamsphire driver' s license also tried to get rid of a bundle of heroin while being questioned by investigators. they say hecter arias-ramirez is a dominican citizen, who has been living in boston illegally. police say he applied for a driver' s license in nashua under a fake name. while they were questioning arias-ramirez, they say he asked to use the bathroom, and on the way back, he pulled a packet of heroin out of his pocket and tossed it on the ground. president obama is expected to lay out a plan today for fighting heroin use. the white house says he will reveal details during a trip to west virginia focusing on things like better training for doctors
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treatment. and news 9 will take an in-depth look at the heroin epidemic here in new hampshire with a special town hall. hear from the people on the front lines of the fight from families living with it every day to medical professionals and law enforcement. "a state of addiction: the war on heroin" airs tomorrow at 7:00, right here on wmur. in washington, house republicans will begin elections for their new speaker in exactly one week. morning, and as abc' s kenneth moton reports from washington, one of the favorite candidates has imposed his own deadline. kenneth: he' s a man with demands, congressman paul ryan. >> do you think you would have the support? kenneth: this morning, a steady stream of house republicans made meeting on capitol hill. the behind the scene deals are happening as those who want ryan to be the next speaker are s demanding. rep. ryan: we need to do this as s a 180 for the wisconsin lawmaker.
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kenneth: dedicated to his family and the powerful house ways and means committee. at first, ryan refused to go for the job. the dissension amongst the house republican ranks even came oozing out of their meeting last night. rep. jones: if i knew if it was a paul ryan rally for speaker of the house, i wouldn' t be here. kenneth: hard-line house conservatives have posed threats to ryan' s candidacy at every corner. it will be a gop viper' s nest. rep. ryan: if i can truly be a unifying figure, then i will gladly serve. kenneth: republicans, including outgoing speaker john boehner , have been courting, pleading, even begging ryan to take one of the most powerful positions in the government since boehner' s original pick, kevin mccarthy, quit the race. rep. boehner: it is up to the house, but i thought last night went very well, and hopefully soon we will have a nominee. kenneth: boehner says next wednesday, october 28, the gop
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conference will make its pick for speaker. just one day later, the full house will vote. kenneth moton, abc news, washington. amy: there' s a menu makeover coming to subway. up next, the change that will affect nearly all of the sandwiches on its menu. and a local district that opted out of the federal lunch program has discovered an unexpected effect from that decision. why it could impact other schools that didn' t make the change. kevin: up and down temperatures over the next couple of days with a few shower chances to dodge as well. = amy: plus in today' s cook'
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amy: walmart has taken "made in the usa" logos off its website after the ftc questioned their accuracy. the retailer has been working to expand products assembled in and made with materials from the united states, but a watchdog group says it found more than 100 items with that label, which didn' t meet the criteria. subway will stop using meat raised with antibiotics. the sandwich chain had already announced a similar switch for year. now it says that by 2025, it will make the same move for beef and pork. several advocacy groups have collected petitions asking for
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the change. londonderry' s decision to pull its high school out of the national school lunch program has raised new concerns. the district decided to make the change after seeing how much food ended up in the trash. but because all district lunches are made at the high school, the usda could re-classify that building as a food processing facility, and that could introduce a new set of regulatory concerns. nathan greenberg: our whole goal was to provide nutritious lunches at the high school for our students, give them choice, and limit the waste we saw last year. amy: the middle and elementary schools are still part of the national lunch program. the district will reach out to members of new hampshire' s congressional delegation to see if they can help get a waiver from the usda. three high schoolers in new york face criminal charges after hacking into school computers to change their grades. police say the juniors put hardware on a computer that let them collect passwords.
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computer tampering and trespassing. the alleged ringleader is also charged with burglary and identity theft. all three will be charged as adults. vintners in portland, oregon were not about to let thieves get away with stealing their wine barrels. these barrels were empty but with harvest time just around the corner, there wasn' t much time to spare. the wine makers found a craigslist ad for barrels at a local scrap yard, and they turned out to be the missing equipment. this is the third time in six weeks that thieves have targeted this facility, so the owners are increasing security. hi, kev. kevin: how are you? amy: i am ok. not a bad day. kevin: it is one of the middle of the road days.
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weekend and a chance of showers. amy: welcome back to we are going live right now to the rose garden purity jill biden to make an announcement. vp biden: as my family and i have worked through the gravy process, i have said all along what i' ve said time and again to others -- that it may very well be that that process, by the time we get through it, closes the window on mounting a realistic campaign for president , that it might close.
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i know from previous experience that there is no timetable for this process. the process does not respect or much care about things like filing deadlines or debates and primaries and caucuses, but i also know that i could do this -- i could not do this if the family was not ready. the good news is, the family has reached that point, but i' ve i have said many times, my family has suffered a loss, and i hope there would come a time, and i have said this to many other families, that sooner rather than later, when you think of your loved one, it brings a smile to your lips before it brings a tear to your eyes. well, that is where the bidens are today, thank god.
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beau is our inspiration. unfortunately, i believe we are to mount a winning campaign for the nomination. but while i will not be a candidate, i will not be silent. i intend to speak out clearly and forcefully, to influence as much as i can where we stand as as a nation. and this is what i believe -- i believe that president obama has led this nation from crisis to recovery, and we are now on the cusp of resurgence. proud to have played a part in that. this party, our nation, would be making a tragic mistake if we obama legacy. the american people have worked too hard, and we have come too far for that. democrats should not only defend
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record. done. over the next 15 months, and there is a lot that the president will have to get done. but let me be clear that we will be building on a really solid foundation. but it all starts with giving chance. i know you and the press like to i know in washington that means you are not a compliment -- it re not that the middle class. economic growth. it is a matter of social stability for this nation. we cannot sustain the current levels of inequality that exists in this country.
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unlimited and often secret money fundamental threat to our that. i think it is a fundamental will never have a fighting chance in this country as long as just several hundred families, the wealthiest families control the process. it is just that simple. and i believe we have to level the playing field for the going to take access to work. we need to commit. we have been fighting for 14 years. we need to commit to 16 years of free public education for all of our children. we all know that 12 years of public education is not enough. as a nation, let' s make the same commitment to a college education today that we made to a high school education 100 years ago. children and child care is the one biggest barrier for working
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families. we need, as the president has childcare tax credit. that alone will lead to dramatic increase in the number of women workforce and will raise our economic landings -- our economic standings. this. we can pay for all of this with one simple step -- by limiting the deductions in the tax code to 28 percent of income. a little bit more, but it is my guess -- and i mean it sincerely -- they will be happy to help build a stronger economy and a better educated america. i believe we need to lead more by the power of our example, as by the example of our power. we have learned some very hard lessons for more than a decade of large-scale open ended military invasions.
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we have to accept the fact that we cannot solve all the world' s problems. we cannot solve many of them alone. the argument that we just have to do something when bad people do bad things is not good enough. it is not a good enough reason for american intervention and to put our sons and daughters' liv es on the line, put them at risk. i believe we have to end the divisive, partisan politics, and i believe we can. it is mean-spirited, it is petty, and it has gone on for much too long. i do not believe, as some do, that it is nai ve to talk to republicans. i do not think we should look to republicans as our enemy. they are opposition. they are not our enemies. and for the sake of the country, we have to work together. as the president said many times, "compromise is not a dirty word."
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at it this way, folks. how is this country function without consensus? how can we move forward without consensus? four more years of this kind of this country can take. we have to change it. and i believe we need a moonshot in this country to cure cancer. it is personal. but i know we can do this. the president and i have already been working hard to increase funding for research and development because there are so many breakthroughs just on the horizon in science and medicine, the things that are just about to happen. and we can make them real with an absolute national commitment to end cancer as we know it today. and i' m going to spend the next
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as hard as i can to accomplish this because i know there are democrats and republicans on the hill who share our passion, our passion to silence this deadly disease. if i could be anything, i would have wanted to be the president who ended cancer because it is possible. i also believe we need to keep me when ford -- i also believe we need to keep moving forward justice. the rights of the lgbt community, immigration reform, it will pay for women and protecting their safety from violence, rooting out institutional racism -- at their core, every one of these things is about the same thing. it is about equality, it is about respect. as my dad used to say, it is about affording every single person dignity.
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every single one of these issues is about dignity, and the ugly forces of hate and division -- they will not let up, but they people. they do not represent the heart of this country. they represent a small fraction of a political elites, and the to take it on. most of all, i believe there is country. i do not know how many of the white house staff and personnel that we are so much better positioned than any country in the world. we are so -- i have been doing this for a long time. when i got elected as a 29-year-old kid, i was called the. i am more -- i was called the optimist. i am more optimistic about the incredible possibilities to leap
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time in my career, and i believe to my core but there is no country on the face of the earth world in the 21st century than the united states of america. washington, though, just has to begin to function again instead of being the problem. it has to become part of the we have to be one america again. and at our core, i have always believed that what sets america apart from every other nation is that we, ordinary americans, believe in possibilities, unlimited possibilities. the possibilities for a kid growing up in a poor inner-city neighborhood, a spanish-speaking home, or a kid from mayfield in delaware, pennsylvania, like jill and i. to believe we could be anything we wanted to be.
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to do anything -- anything -- that we want. that is what we were both taught, that is what the president was taught. it was real. that is what i grew up believing. and you know, it has always been true in this country. and if we ever lose that, we have lost something very special. we will have lost the very soul of this country. when i was growing up, my parents, in tough times, looked at me and would say to me, my brothers and sister, "honey, it is going to be ok." and they meant it. they meant it. it was going to be ok. but some of you cover me, i say go back to your old neighborhoods, talk to your contemporaries who are not as successful as you have been. there are too meet people in america, too many parents who do not believe they can look in
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their kids in there i and say -- in their eye and say with certainty, "honey, it is going to be ok." that is what we need to change. it is not obligated. that will be the true measure of all success. we will not have made it until every parent can look at their kid and say in tough times, "honey, it is going to be ok," and mean it. that is our responsibility. and i believe it is totally within our power. the nation has done it before and difficult times. i had the great, good fortune and privilege of being in public service most of my adult life, since i have been 25 years old. and through personal triumphs and tragedies, my entire family, my son beau, my son hunter, my daughter ashley, jill -- our whole family -- and this sounds corny, but we found purpose in
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