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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  October 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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reporter: friends and family have been stopping by here at 15 indigo hill road, all day long, many of them leaving flowers. bob bragy lived here with his wife julie and rented a room to their friend bruce, all three were home last night when fire tore through. tonight julie is gone, bob is in a boston hospital and the friend bruce is crediting him with saving his life. >> it hasn't really sunk in yet. julie was my best friend. reporter: bruins jones returned to the house wednesday afternoon, the house he had escaped from hours before, haunted by julie's screams to her husband, that let him know something was wrong. >> she was saying something's burning and she yelled his name twice, and then last i heard of her. reporter: he says bob believed julie was behind him when he opened their bedroom door and ran into the hallway to bruce's room.
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her room and just was over taken by smoke, it was hot and black and we couldn't see her, he was yelling for her. he didn't know where she was. reporter: he describes his friend being driven back by flames and smoke, again and again. then helping bruce out a window and off the upstairs ledge. >> he got me a ladder after he knew that she was gone. reporter: it was bob bragy who ran to alert neighbors, fire crews on the scene almost immediately learning someone was still upstairs. >> we couldn't get through the front door because it was, the porch was loaded with various paraphernalia and we couldn't get access there, we had had to go through a side door. reporter: the fire was under control quickly, julie found in her room, a victim of smoke inhalation. >> she had a heart of gold and he's a nice guy. reporter: it's not clear whether the house had working smoke detectors.
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believed the fire started in the middle of the living room downstairs, but the fire remains under investigation. ironically, this was the second fire on the property in a matter of months. fire crews were called here this summer after lightning struck the garage in back. jennifer crompton, wmur news 9. tom: the father of a 3-month-old child faces a felony charge tonight after he allegedly shook the infant, causing bleeding to her brain. jonathan legault is charged with first degree assault and appeared by video today in manchester circuit court. police say legault took the infant to catholic medical center back on october 10. court records say he initially told police the baby fell off the couch, then later told them he shook her because he was frustrated with her crying. >> juvenile detectives investigated the case, they spoke to the mother, the father and after putting the pieces of the puzzle together they determined that the father was the most likely culprit to cause
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injury to the child. tom: police say the child is out of the hospital and back home with her mother. bail set at $75,000. jennifer: a nashua mother serving time for the beating death of her 2-year-old son will not be let out of prison early. 24-year-old unique gould made the request to care for her sick mother at her home in milford, she's rusht currently serving a 12 to 30 year sentence. the judge denied the request, saying she's not el available for a reduction in time served. tom: lawyers for the st. paul graduate convicted of sexually assaulting an under class man will file an appeal to new hampshire's supreme court. owen labrie was found guilty on five charges. earlier in week a judge upheld a charge related to computer use which requires labrie to register as a sex offender for life. today labries attorney told news 9 he will appeal the conviction to the state supreme court. on now to commitment 2016. the decision is in, vice
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president joe biden will not seek the white house in 2016. jennifer: the long awaited announcement was may around noontime as biden says simply that the window had closed to mount a serious campaign. josh mcelveen is here now with reaction to this decision that caught some here in new hampshire off guard. josh: this was a heartbreaker for a lot of joe biden supporters in new hampshire. and it's made tougher because many believe up until today that biden's presidential campaign was a done deal. it was a rose garden announcement with with his wife and the president by his side that joe biden talked about the window to run a realistic campaign. >> i've concluded it has closed. reporter: for his supporters in new hampshire, the vice president's decision against a run was both stunning and unexpected. >> haven't got a clue. this has taken everyone off guard. reporter: biden's would-be state chair calls the decision a gut punch, because as late as monday night the biden campaign appeared to be go for launch. >> we thought it was imminent
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that we'd get a go announcement, and that would be from the draft biden upper staff but also from personal contactses. i completely respect his decision, he has to do what's right for him. reporter: how d'allesandro is a long-tiend friend and says biden's decision doesn't diminish what he has accomplished. >> he has a distinguished record of public service. and it just seems to me he's done a lot of good for this country. reporter: so who benefits from biden taking a pass? >> i don't think that joe biden is in a position to endorse, i think he'll sit this one out and play the statesman of the party. i don't think he has any grit affect hundred for hillary clinton, that he would feel the need to get in on her behalf. josh: while the vice president
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2016, he also says he won't be silent during the campaign season. but it appears his focus will be more on policy rather than politics. but at least the field is now set. as democrats no longer have a very big question mark looming over the other candidates. josh mcelveen, wmur news 9. tom: four arrests have been made through operation granite hammer. jordan duran was found with a nighted el in his pocket, but it was empty so he was charged with resisting arrest and falsifying evidence. in a separate case, ramon martinez was found in possession of heroin and marijuana, and a search warrant of a apartment throwed the arrest of jessica bouchard. her alleged coconspirator jason la france was arrested and charged with sale of a controlled drug and intent to distribute. german alternative approach to probation is bringing some hope to drug addicts and their families. the program, named new hope, is for high risk offenders who can
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stop using drugs on their own. and as heather hamel reports, violations are dealt with swiftly and there is a clear message of personal accountability. reporter: the rules were laid out and the reigns put in justin's hands. >> you're going to report every day, from here on out until she decides that it's no longer necessary. reporter: today he became part of new hope, a new spin on probation. >> i'm all out of good excuses, there's no more credit line for me any more, so i need to be true to myself and check in. they want you to be honest, and the hardest thing is to be honest with them. reporter: he came to his required hearing with a ching in his armor, as the judge put it, already failing to check in with his probation officer. >> what's your drug of choice? >> opiates or cocaine. >> when is the last time you used? >> this past weekend. report he got a pass today, but from this point on every violation has a consequence. punishments are short, but
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unlike traditional probation it's immediate. >> we don't tell our kid you do something wrong we're going to punish you six months from now. you take care of it every time it happens, you tie the consequence close to the action. reporter: unlike drug court which targets those that are high raisk with high needs, this is for those who can stop using on their own, but benefit from structure. >> he does better when somebody is watching over him, so he has some freedom but still being watched. reporter: her family has been on a five-year roller coaster ride. justin even stealing from them to feed his addiction. he now has a four paf to nine-year sentence hanging over his head and know this is shot at freedom all depends on him following the rules. >> you're going to have to change your people, your places, the playground and do the right thing. jennifer: news 9 will take an indepth look at the heroin epidemic in new hampshire with a special town hall. a state of addiction, the war on heroin, airs tomorrow night at
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tom: so many people need help and we'll try to fill you in on what's available out there tomorrow night. still to come tonight, thousands of dollars in high end equipment. police hope this surveillance will lead them to a suspect. jennifer: plus bloodstained flags in the state house are monk the items making the short list for urgent preservation. mike: next system brings under clouds with milder air, but do we see any showers? the forecast coming up. >> carlton fisk's famous home
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tom: merrimack police are hoping someone will recognize a truck captured on surveillance video and lead them to the person responsible for a commercial
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burglary. jennifer: this is the truck heading toward kig ground maintenance off the dw highway. a camera on a local business caught the truck heading in shortly after 6:00 p.m. on october 11. a half-hour later it left, and the owner later found thousands of dollars in high end industrial equipment missing. >> we believe based on what we have for information from inside the scene that an individual is probably familiar with the layout, the cameras. there were some computer equipment also taken that was tied in directly with the camera equipment, which tells us that someone may have had some working knowledge as to how the business operated. jennifer: police say the truck is a three quarter ton dodge or ford pickup, early 2000's model with ladder rack and scaffolding. increased surveillance at the planned parenthood health center in claremont helped police to make a fast arrest. when a vandal broke in. computer and lab equipment was destroyed, along with phone lines, exam rooms and even the plumbing fixtures.
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the intruder was caught but this is the second time the claremont center has been targeted this month. tom: good day to play golf tomorrow. mike: is that where you're heading? tom: no, not me.
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school, tomorrow is t tom: this afternoon the new hampshire presser vase alliance unveiled its 10th annual seven to save list. jennifer: this year's designation of historic items in need of help includes the chandler home in manchester which just went on the market, and faces possible demolition. also on the list, the hall of flags in the state house. the collection of bullet torn, bloodstained banners is rapidly deteriorating. >> this list of endangered or threatened historic properties really is designed to call attention to places in need and hopefully to attract the resources they need to succeed in saving historic places. jennifer: the other five properties on the list, the oceanic hotel on the aisled of shoes, the pickering house in wolfeboro, the rye town hall, the community center in berlin
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stratham. mike: nice and mild during the day yesterday, and some spots did hold onto lower 60's for highs today while other spots were cooler. right now in the lakes region as can you see from the time lapse from sunup to about the present time, clouds have been winning over the sunshine, but temperatures have been running right at the average for this time of year. big changes coming on in over the next couple of days, in terms of those temperatures, as a warm front clearly marked by these clouds here moves on through tonight allowing allowing the winds to kickback out of the southwesterly direction. certainly a warm air direction for new hampshire. and that means temperatures will be higher than the average for thursday. following that the wind bank around to the northwest, driving in much cooler air and that classic fall chill for friday. so that's basically how the next couple of days will play out. along that warm front that's moving in, signaling the warmer thursday, a couple of widely scattered showers, a lot of these drying up and will have no impact on our weather tonight.
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but can't rule out an isolated shower the next several hours. the high in concord, 62, just a little above the average. tomorrow will be well above the norm and friday several degrees below. the average it altogether, that's where we get the average temperatures in toucher 50's for this time of year. right now it's upper 40's to near 50 along the canadian border. elsewhere in the 50's. lower 50's at the coast, that seabreeze has kept temperatures a lot lower than yesterday, when you made a run into the 60's. overnight tonight not all that chilly. the average low in the mid 30's, so well above that by at least seven, it a, nine, 10 degrees in many parts of new hampshire. again behind the warm front that moves in for tonight, temperatures climb nicely as high as the low 70's in spots tomorrow, and then all the chilly air, it's not too far away, just over the border here, a good part of october and early november, it will dive back at new hampshire come later thursday night, setting up a much cooler friday and chilly start to the weekend. especially early saturday morning.
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widely scattered showers, same story tomorrow, we could see some breaks of sun but also a couple of widely scattered showers even into the early evening. once that moves out, then it turns much dryer for friday and on saturday. here's a look at the sky cast over manchester for tonight, skies becoming mostly cloudy, while there could be a shower, a good part of the night will be rain-free, a lot clouds could make for a fiery sunrise, but clouds could produce a widely scattered shower. then it brightens up midday and afternoon and temperatures jump up near 70 degrees. and a few spots even above that. so we go into a warm thursday, with low 60's north, low 70's south. and notice how much cooler it gets by friday, classic fall chill is in. 40's up north and through the lakes region, lower 50's from manchester points south. 40's for tonight. could be a brief shower, but most of the night rain-free. nice and warm tomorrow, despite a chance of a shower, good part of the day dry. much cooler for friday, quite
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breezy as well. saturday starts off very chilly, the afternoon not all that bad with light winds. a little milder, maybe a shower on sunday before it dries out and turns seasonably cooler early next week. so a little of everything. tom: still looks pretty good. >> remember when we were at the super bowl we went to arizona state, the pen men hockey team is headed there now. if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to
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they want to go the super wealthy they don't stand up for they don't support paid family leave. they don't even really support we've got to get this economy working for the vast majority of americans, not just for those at the top. that's what i intend to do as president. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. we need to disrupt the old order in washington, dc.
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we can do a lot better by applying conservative principles we should lower rates and simplify the code to allow people to freely decide how they want to spend their money. what we need is leadership to fix a few big things... so that this country takes off and soars where people can dream the biggest possible dreams... and pursue them with a vengeance. (applause) jeb. proven conservative. real results. right to rise usa is responsible for the content
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jamie: 40 years ago today one of the biggest moments in boston and new hampshire sports history. carlton fisk's famous home run against the cincinnati reds, game six of the world series, won by the red sox 7-6 in 12 innings, that home run was actually hit on october 22 early in the morning, because the game started on october 21st. fits grew up in charlestown, new hampshire, played hoops and baseball at u.n.h. this could be elimination wednesday in major league baseball. both the blue jays and cubs need to win their games or their seasons are over. royals and mets can advance to the world series with wins. the american league game going on right now in canada. the blue jays have the lead, but the story is really former fisher cats pitcher estrada, he's allowed just one hit to the royals team that scored 14 runs last night. looks like they could be headed to a game five on friday night.
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meanwhile, as for the cubs, here's the manager after last night's loss. >> our guys need to come prepared to play. the mets pitched exceptionally credit. so from my perspective, business as usual tomorrow, come out here ready to play and take it from there. jamie: on friday at 7:30 the celtics play here in new hampshire, the c's will host the 76ers at the verizon wireless arena, tickets still available for that game. boston bruins back at home for an 8:00 puck drop against the philadelphia flyers tonight, the bs won both of their games out west so they are riding a two-game win streak. the snhu hockey team leaves their rink at 3:00 a.m. tomorrow, they have a 6:00 a.m. flight out of logan, bound for arizona, the pen men open their season with a great adventure playing arizona state on friday and saturday nights. the sun devils are a new team to college hockey, playing a division one schedule. >> it's a lot of excitement,
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spring when we first found out. guys had a great week of practice and are looking for to a flight tomorrow morning. >> it's very exciting to get out there, they play a lot of good teams this year, and for us to start out against them it's going to make us better throughout the season. >> college football on channel 9, three games on saturday, and two football games collecting as part of new hampshire tackles hunger food drive this weekend. if you're going to franklin or going to mascoma, those games the final two collection sites for the program. tom: thank you. right now on a cobra is back with his owner in florida after nearly a month on the run, find out why the owner says he wasn't actually too worried about safety with the snake gone. jennifer: and we're helping you plan your halloween celebrations, make sure you use our list of trick or treat times to build your candy collection plans. tom: tune the for new hampshire krun kill, it follows "world
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