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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 22, 2015 3:05am-4:30am EDT

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officer randolph holder. the empire state building going memory. according to nasa scientists, the los angeles area
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earthquake measuring at least a magnitude 5 sometime in the next three years. they based their findings on how the earth's crust was changed by a 5.1 quaking in that same area last march. the u.s. geological survey has done its own analysis and pegs the probability at 85%. and in the southwest, some extreme weather. hail was the problem in new mexico. some of it coming down was the size of an egg. at one point, the storm was so intense it forced some trucks off the road. there was also large hail and strong wind in the el paso, texas area. the storms across the lone star state are far from over. here issious tin pavek at accuweather. >> thanks and good morning to you. it looks like one extreme to the other on the way for the south plains whereas we've been tracking dry conditions and drought major drought, in fact. now we're switching gearser and we're moving it to flash flooding potential.
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this become a likelihood later on thursday into friday and saturday. two to five inches of rain alone on thursday could cause some rivers to jump out of their banks but i'm po more concerned about the additional rain friday into saturday which is going to leave somebody with over a foot of water. and then we're also watching the tropics. this is patricia moving off to the north and west expected to bend back north into mexico and bring additional rains into the southern u.s. reena and phillip, back to you. >> thank you. a stinning new study about the use of marin in our country. nearly 10% of u.s. adults more than 22 million people say they use pot those numbers represent a doubling in the number of users in the last decade. researchers say the trend reflects an increasingly permissive view about the drug which is legal in 23 states for medicinal states. recreational use is legal in four states. new science is revealing why so many of us can't get enough cheese. researchers say cheese is just
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as addictive as some drugs and it affected the same areas of our brain. one scientist calls cheese dairy crack. i think that's a good term because i think it's true. he says a protein component is concentrated during the cheese making process and the brain teets it like morphine. i'm also addicted to crack mac and cheese. i wonder what's in that little powdery mix. >> i don't want to know but it is so delicious. >> i also like brie and cheddar. >> we can go on all day with that. munster is great. well, there could be more changes coming to the mcdonald's menu. the company reportedly going to offer $2 for two value menu including items like a small fry and mcdouble which includes cheese. just last month, they launched all day breakfast and a handful of stores now have monster energy drinks on the menu. the turn around players to be working. their stock hit a record high last week. >> i hope you can get a
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>> at all hours. all right. youtube is offering a new subscription service. for $10 a month subscribers can watch videos ad free and save videos to watch later on their tablet or phone. >> i was watching gwen stefani's new video. >> did you have to sit through ads? >> i did have to. >> sports with reena can only start with one thing. baseball's new national league champion the new york mets. >> big night for mets. we're excited about this one. they were looking to advance to the world series for the first time in ten years, and boy they got right to work in the first. i'm sorry, it was the first time in 15 years. it's been awhile. very long time. lucas duda slamming a three-run home run. next batter travis dar know made it 4-0 with another homer. in the eighth inning, daniel murphy made history crushing a
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home run for the sixth straight postseason game making it-1. they held on to win 8-3. the mets might either the royals or blue jays in the world series starting next tuesday and to the cubs i say, next year in jerusalem. you never know. and speaking of these two teams, the blue jays were facing elimination but blew their game with the royals open in the sixth inning. they scored four times to open a 5-0 lead. the jays tacked on two more along the way to a 7-1 victory. they trail the series 3-2 with game six tomorrow night in kansas city. >> there you go. no matter who makes it all the franchises have not won in an xwhil. >> to cubs fans out there, boy was it a good year for you guys. go jerusalem. and also, go cubs because they've made more progress than the hover board has in 30 years. >> good point. there you go. cubs are well on their way like they always say there, maybe next year. >> or in jerusalem.
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coming up "the mix," sesame street's new character and the her. >> also has chris rock mellowed since the last time he hosted the oscars? hollywood buzzing about his stage. >> and we are taking you to a stage few journalists have been allowed to go where thousands are trying to flee oppression, imprisonment and fear. >> look for us on instagram abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, this is an important message. so please, write down the number on your screen. the lock i want to talk to you about isn't the one on your door. it's a rate lock for your life insurance that guarantees your rate can never go up at any time, for any reason. but be careful. many policies you see do not have one, but you can get a lifetime rate lock through
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a marine pilot has been killed in the crash of an f/a-18 jet near a british air base. the aircraft was returning to its home base in california after deployment to bahrain when it went down. that pilot was part of a group of so-called red devil pilots that supported u.s., iraqi and coalition air strikes. >> secretary of state john kerry meets in berlin today with israel prime minister benjamin met net over the middle east crisis. complicating matters netanyahu's comments blaming a former palestinian leader for inspiring the holocaust. those comments quickly denounced by israeli historians. >> now to a rare look inside one of the most oppressive nations in the world. myanmar. >> tens of thousands are risking their lives trying to escape persecution in the country. abc's bob woodruff traveling to a place most journalists are not
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allowed to go. >> reporter: we're on our way into a highly repressive area of myanmar to see first-hand what is happening with the rohingya minority. a population of over 1 million people, desperate and on the move. willing to risk death and slavery to escape. journalists are almost never allowed in this area. matt smith, an activist and founder of fortify rights, is taking us in. not an easy trip to get. >> it's so bad here, the best option is to force death, torture or other abuses at sea and in thailand, just to escape. >> reporter: this has been called the world's largest outdoor prison, home to over 140,000. they cannot leave the camps to attend school, work or seek medical care. children born in the camps are not issued birth certificates. >> they are surviving on very little. very little. >> reporter: we met a young mother of five. she and her children were stranded on a cargo boat for 50
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days over the summer. your children were beaten by these traffickers? "yes," she said. "if they cried for rice or water, they were hit." trafficking is a big business here. if i wanted to be trafficked out of here, how much would it cost? how much would i have to pay? he said it would cost me about 2,000 u.s. dollars. here in the camps, the rohingya children tell me they want to go home. but for now, they must stay in the camps, enjoying what they can. once the rain stops, thousands of men, women and children will take to the water again, willing to risk it all for a chance at a better life. bob woodruff, abc news, myanmar. >> they've been described as the world's least wanted and one of the most persecuted group of minority. just a heartbreaking scene there. great reporting by bob. >> absolutely. really was. >> coming up in our next half hour, the incredible survival
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story of a woman who was trapped in her car for nearly a week and how she's now going after general motors in a major lawsuit saying it was responsible for the crash. but first, the oscars go to chris rock. the always edgy comedian tapped to host this year's kraepd awards. from producers are hoping he let's hollywood hear it. you're watching "world news now."
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prif every winter hollywood's best and brightest come out to celebrate the silver screen's best offerings of the year. there's one person who has the tough job of entertaining all the stars. >> this is a tough job. a job hosting the academy awards. but this guy's solid as a rock. here's abc's ron claiborne. >> chris rock. >> reporter: that was ten years ago. chris rock tweeting look who's back #oscars.
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>> there's only four real stars. the rest are just popular people. okay? like clint eastwood is a star. that's a star, okay? toby mcguire is just a boy in tights. okay in. >> rock is sti best known for his edgy high velocity standup comedy often about race. >> black movies don't have real names. you get names like barber shop. that's not a name. that's just a location. >> chris rock first hit it big in the early 1990s on saturday night live." >> here comes nat. >> he's now 50 years old. so has he mellowed? >> measurement year they're going to give out oscars in the parking lot. a drive through oscar lane. get your oscar and mcflurry and keep it moving. > probably not. we'll find out in february. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. >> i think he's a good pick. >> he's my favorite comedian. if i was wavering whether i would watch or not, definitely
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going to make me watch. >> i also loved ellen when she was there that time we hosted it, right? in our dreams. >> there it is. the only time we'll see that. at least me into new details on sesame street. we'll be back. nfants. unfortunately, many people who spread it . into new details on sesame street. we'll be back. may not know they have it. it's called whooping cough. and the cdc recommends everyone, including those around babies, make sure their whooping cough vaccination is up to date. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about you and your family getting a whooping cough vaccination today. [ man ] look how beautiful it is. honey, we need to talk. we do? i took the trash out. i know. and thank you so much for that. i think we should get a medicare supplement insurance plan. right now? [ male announcer ] whether you're new to medicare or not, you may know it only covers about 80%
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so your favorite clothes stay your favorite clothes. downy fabric conditioner. wash in the wow. mix." i do love my sesame street, especially the initiatives they take. they've just introduced on character. i want you to meet, everyone, julia. their latest character and she has autism. she's a character with autism and they want to help families deal with the stigma of autism. and she makes a point of talking about how sometimes she likes to play a little differently. she says just because she's not making eye contact with you doesn't mean she doesn't want to play with you. the researchers have worked three years in developing this initiative hoping to bring people together. even on social media they're
3:26 am
children with autism are five times more likely to be bullied and they're hoping this character might take weight difficulties. >> what a great inclusive idea. count on sesame street to hook that up. we know the cubs did not win the series and you know the flying cars haven't happened yet but we do have some self-tying shoes. remember those cool shows that marty mcfly? this is the first pair.of course, going to michael j. fox from his twitter page. he posted this video showing these cool new tied up -- all themselves. they do it all by themselves. which is what we were waiting for. they're called the nike mag and then he, later on he supported them on jimmy kimmel. >> great. they made -- they make more sense. they'll only be available by
3:27 am
auction which will benefit our foundation. mark parker from nike brought them today. and they lace up. >> they place up on their own. >> yeah. >> wow. >> so cool. >> get me a pair. how do we get a pair? i like the color, i like the style. >> very cool. not till next year. some of the money was going to go to his mike j. fox foundation which helps parkinsons. >> good cause, good shoes. love it. you can put your back into it. remember that song? >> that was a marathon runner back into it for his dating life. he decided he's going to run this marathon and husband his back as a personal ad for dating. it kind of worked. he got 12 facebook friend requests from women and they noticed his shirtless ad and he said that the conversations have been promising. he actually met with one of the women who reaped out to him.
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the things guys do to get noticed.
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who needs this morning on "world news now," tough questions today for hillary clinton. members of congress want answers about the deadly benghazi attack again. the political firestorm for the democratic front-runner just hours from now. clinton's democratic rival joe biden deciding he's not running for president. biden's gut wrenching decision and what it means for the entire presidential race. >> and new this half hour, cries for help moments after a plane crash. >> a 14-year-old girl's pleas to 911 operators after her father's small plane crash. the critical moments for first responders trying to locate her. >> and later the personal decision made by lamar odom and khloe kardashian after his trip
3:30 am
death. that's in "the skinny" on this thursday, october 22nd. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." busy thursday morning. i'm reena ninan. >> and i'm phillip mena. we begin in washington where hillary clinton heads to capitol hill this morning where she will face intense questioning on the benghazi attack. >> yeah, her supporters say the appearance before the republican-led committee is all about politics. abc's serena marshall has a preview. >> reporter: eight hours at least in front of the house select committee on benghazi for democratic front-runner hillary clinton. investigating the september 11th, 2012 attacks that left ambassador chris stevens and three other americans dead. it was the first time in three decades that an american diplomat died overseas in 2013, clinton took responsibility. >> the fact is we had four dead americans.
3:31 am
was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided they'd go kill some americans? what difference at this point does it make? it is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again, senator. >> reporter: today clinton will be questioned by seven republicans and five democrats on the panel, each getting ten minutes and don't expect questions about clinton's private e-mail unless they're directly related to benghazi. >> chairman trey gowdy looking for answers to new evidence. >> none of the seven previous committees bothered to access the e-mails of our ambassador. if you want a window into libya and what was happening in the weeks and months before these four were killed, why would you not look at the ambassador's e-mails? >> as for clinton, she isn't expecting to add much. >> i've already testified about benghazi. i testified to the best of my ability before the senate and the house. i don't know that i have much to add. >> reporter: the pressure is on the committee accused of playing politics during an election year
3:32 am
to produce new evidence. and for clinton, after a strong showing at the first debate and official word that vice president biden isn't running a successful day means clearing her third political hurdle in recent weeks. serena marshall, abc news, washington. >> thank you. also on capitol hill, congressman paul ryan is getting support from a key group of republicans in his bid for speaker. two-thirds of the freedom caucus, a group of about 40 lawmakers agreed last night to back ryan as the speaker and while that's good news for ryan, it's still not enough to ensure that he will be elected. >> on the other end of pennsylvania avenue, that big announcement from vice president joe biden making the painstaking decision not to run for president. a white house spokesman says president obama served as a sounding board as biden considered mounting what would have been his third presidential campaign. it's your voice, your vote. and abc's jonathan carl was there for biden's big announcement. >> reporter: with his wife and his boss at his side, joe biden walked into the rose garden, the final steps on a painful
3:33 am
journey. he and his family were finally prepared to run, but he concluded, the window has simply closed. >> unfortunately, i believe we're out of time. the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination. >> reporter: biden's friends say he had desperately wanted to run for president -- he had even talked to supporters about launching a campaign -- but always hanging over his decision was the grief surrounding the death earlier this year of his son, beau. you could see biden still struggling with the loss in an interview last month with stephen colbert. >> but i find myself -- you understand it, i -- just sometimes, it just sort of overwhelms you. >> reporter: in the rose garden, with virtually all of the president's and vice president's senior advisers looking on, biden said his family is now in a better place. >> sooner, rather than later, when you think of your loved one, it brings a smile to your lips before it brings a tear to
3:34 am
well, that's where the bidens are today, thank god. >> reporter: in fact, much of biden's announcement sounded like a campaign speech, including two clear messages to hillary clinton. one on what she said in last week's debate, when asked to name her favorite enemies. >> well, in addition to the nra, the health insurance companies, the drug companies, the iranians, probably the republicans. >> i don't think we should look at republicans as our enemies. they are our opposition. they are not our enemies. and for the sake of the country, we have to work together. >> shortly after biden walked out of the roz garden, he received a call from hillary clinton who then put out a statement praising him saying, i am confident that history isn't finished with joe biden. jonathan carl, abc news, the white house. breaking news from new mexico where an albuquerque police officer has been shot. investigators say the officer
3:35 am
making a traffic stop. the suspect considered armed and dangerous, is still on loose. residents are being warned to stay behind their locked doors. >> also from albuquerque, breaking news in that deadly road rage shooting that left a 4-year-old girl dead. police have arrested tony torrez after they say he confessed to the shooting. lilly garcia was riding in the back of her dad's truck when he was forced out of his lane by another driver. the two exchanged words, and then police say torrez fired into garcia's truck hitting the little girl. we're now hearing the brave 911 call made by a 14-year-old girl who had just survived a small plane crash. the teen was flying with her father last week in idaho when their plane went down. despite the traumatic event, she made a call for help. >> 911, what is your emergency. >> my dad had a plane crash and i don't know where we are. >> she stayed on the line while
3:36 am
>> a search plane located them and directed a rescue team on the ground. during that time, the girl tried cpr on her father four times but despite her efforts, he passed away. extreme weather making a real mess in the southwest. hail was a problem in new mexico. some of it coming down was the size of eggs. there was also large hail and strong wind in the el paso, texas, area. the storms in the region are far from over. justin povick at accuweather has more. hey, justin, good morning. >> rina and phillip, thanks and good morning to you. very concerning what's going on over the south plains with the potential for flash flooding in very heavy rainfall and mind you, this is an area that has been in a drought for the past couple of months. heavy rains will continue here through texas into the weekend. we also have patricia which is making its move off to the north and west bending back into mexico as a hurricane. later on this week. reena and phillip, back to you. >> thank you, justin. hands free technology is apparently not the ultimate
3:37 am
solution for distracted driving. a new study found it can take 27 seconds for a driver using voice commands to regain full alertness. researchers say people blew through stop signs and had close calls and traveled the length of three football fields all because their text or call was still on their mind. the aaa study also found the type of system in your car also impacted the level of distraction. >> u.p.s. has agreed to return more than $4 million to settle accusations over overcharging. the lawsuit was brought by government customers in 14 states claiming they paid premium prices for overnight deliveries that did not arrive on time. the suit also charged that u.p.s. employees falsified delivery records preventing customers from getting refunds. that's not cool. >> huh-uh. what is cool, the nfl week seven, that gets under way tonight which basically that means there's still a long, long way to go before the super bowl. but preparations for that day are well under way.
3:38 am
it was filmed yesterday here in new york, plenty of cute kittens running around in kitten sized stadium. they were climbing on the uprights and playing with little footballs just having a great time and looking for dan harris. he loves cats. >> that's right. >> the kitten bowl is meant as a way of getting these cats into permanent homes. which that's the cool part of it. it will air on the hallmark channel on february 7th. of course, that is the day of the super bowl. >> they are very cute. i'd love to adopt all of them. >> that's such a great idea. they had the puppy bowl for a while and now they've got the kitten bowl. >> spread the love. i'd like that one. >> it's a great cause. peel yourself away from the game at halftime i guess so able to check it out. >> sounds good. coming up in "the skinny," the time travelers from "back to the future" a little confused about 2015. their laughs with jimmy kimmel. >> also ahead, the science of fear. take a trip inside a university laboratory dedicated to scaring people. could fright actually be good
3:39 am
for you? >> but first a real-life scare for a woman trapped in her car for six days after an accident. her crippling injuries and her lawsuit against an automaker. that's after a look at today's national forecast map. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" weather, brought to you by lysol. ow" weather, brought to you by lysol. cold and flu. because lysol wipes and spray to kill more types of germs than including those that can make you sick. for a healthy home this cold and flu season...
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in a world that's trying to hair color wants to help you keep on being you. nice'n easy. natural-looking color... ...that even in sunlight, doesn't look like hair color... v nice'n easy: colorv as real as you are. it's been plaguing an orlando, florida, family. it's now gone from their backyard. the expert called in to remove the hive says he was impressed with its size, thought to weigh about 100 pounds and swarming with tens of thousands of bees. they'll all be relocated. the wax recycled and the honey harvested.
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honey. >> i don't know, but yuck. >> you'd rather not know. >> i'd rather not. wait for it in a jar. a consumer alert about a fire risk in millions of toyota cars and trucks. the automaker is recalling 6.5 million cars worldwide because can overheat, melt and cause a fire. most of the cars are in north america and they include toyota's most popular compacts, sedans, pickups and suvs. the problem is blamed on a factory error. one injury has been reported. >> another auto recall involving jen motors vehicles is at the company. >> the woman who filed it claims gm's recall notice beak got her too late. >> reporter: 45-year-old kristin hopkins survived six days trapped in her wrecked car and ultimately lost her legs below the knees, is taking on automotive giant gm,
3:44 am
the company's fault. >> i woke up on the roof of my car because it was upside down. >> reporter: her 2009 chevy malibu plummeting 300 feet from this colorado road. the single mother of four writing on an umbrella, "need doctor, hurt and bleeding." how do you survive that? >> the sheer will to live. hoping to see my kids again. >> reporter: her lawsuit just filed alleges that the power steering and electronic stability control failed. >> we think that had these failures not occurred, then this crash wouldn't have happened. >> reporter: in fact, gm has issued safety recalls for the same problems she alleges she had with the 2009 malibu, but she says, she got her first recall letter from gm nearly three months after her accident. the second, just weeks ago. what is your message now to gm? >> basically, why did this happen? >> reporter: and now gm tells us it is taking this very, very
3:45 am
at that car to see what happened and why. reena and phillip. >> thank you so much for that. >> kristin hopkins is now 3 inches taller because of the prosthetic legs and while she's going through this rehabilitation, her kids were sent to live with her etch >> that must be hard. >> hard to do. her attorney apparently saying they hope maybe this teaches gm a lesson not to wait so long to issue a recall. >> maybe it will. coming up, khloe kardashian and lamar odom rethinking their divorce. >> and the actress who calls out a magazine for how they photoshopped her figure. "the skinny" is next. "world news now" continues
3:46 am
tt2watv# 1t bt@qu?8 tt2watv# 1t "a@qe3\ tt2watv# 1t bm@qn8p tt4watv# 1t " dztq 6]( tt4watv# 1t " entq fyh tt4watv# 1t " gzt& _^0 tt4watv# 1t " hnt& op\ tt4watv# 1t " iztq %9$ tt4watv# 1t " jntq 7id
3:47 am
skinny, so skinny >> kim kardashian celebrated her 35th birthday yesterday with a surprise birthday bash thrown by kanye. >> one guest was notably absent, her sister khloe. she remains by lamar odom's side as he recovers from an apparent overdose. >> the formerly estranged husband and wife were headed for divorce but yesterday they put all that on hold. khloe's attorney successfully petitioned the county court to pull their divorce papers. >> they filed in 2013 but remain legally married. khloe has had to make his
3:48 am
in a coma for four days. he is reportedly still on dialysis but is recovering which is great news. >> so many people really pulling for him and a lot of people happy to see they're back together. love can conquer all. it can help a lot of people. >> you hope so. >> zendaya is known for her advocacy for positive body image. and i sure love this story because she's speaking out once again after discovering how a major fashion magazine photoshoped her body. she's only 19 years old and the actress landed a cover of and shocked to learn her thighs photoshoped to look thinner. >> she release the before and after shots. these are the things that make women self-conscious and create the unrealistic ideals of beauty we have and thanked the magazine for pulling the manipulated images. photoshoped.
3:49 am
the pressure on the magazine and saying that's not my body because most people would not do that. >> that's darn right. you get a chance to be in a magazine, photoshop all you want. definitely giving a better view for all the young women out there. >> yesterday was "back to the future" day. the day marty mcfly and doc brown traveled to the future. last night on jimmy kimmel live" had he made it from hill valley in 1985 to brooklyn. >> having just time traveled 30 years they were confused and disappointed with our apparent lack of development in the time being. >> apparently, the technological and cultural achievements of this era are somewhat underwhelming. >> smile. >> what is this? >> this is -- i'm taking a selfie with you guys. this is how we document important life events now that happen. >> that was a great moment. >> yep. >> also guests on the show last night was democratic presidential candidate bernie
3:50 am
sanders who earlier in the evening had a chance to talk who knows best, of course, doc brown. >> that's a cool picture. >> it sure is. and bernie sanders he might be getting some competition from a new candidate. >> at last night's 30th anniversary screening here in new york, our skinny street team hit the red carpet and caught up with goldie wilson, the young diner worker from "back to the future" who ended up mayor of hill valley and we got the exclusive on his campaign policy. >> as the mayor of hill valley in the future, i wanted to reign spreep over traffic issues in the air. progress is my middle name. honesty, decency, integrity. vote for goldie. >> heard it here first, folks. vote for goldie. progress is his middle name. if you were banking on biden, goldie. >> there's some room in the race now. and did you enjoy your "back
3:51 am
to the future" day? everything about it. too bad it's over. cubs didn't win. >> all right. coming up, how getting scared can actually be good for you. getting scared
3:52 am
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3:54 am
this time of year, plenty of us love to get creeped out. and if you ever wondered why that is, the answer could be biological. >> abc's nick watt spent some time with researchers and as it turns out, getting scared might actually be good for you. aah! ? >> reporter: why, oh, why, do we do this to ourselves? the answer might lurk right here. let's rewind. >> let's get this over with. >> nice to see you. >> hi. >> reporter: i'm in a makeshift lab in the basement of the scare house, halloween attraction with
3:55 am
scientists who think getting scared. >> hi, might actually be good for us. so i'm a guinea pig in your experiment. >> absolutely or you will be once you sign this consent form. >> then a series of prescare house stress tests including holding hands with one of the scientists while listening to ugly noises. they've been wiring up a few volunteers like me. i'm going in. >> no, no, no, no, no, no. >> i jumped so hard, i pulled my finger monitor off. going to take many good readings. this place is only open 24 days a year and the run up to halloween has amazing sets and 100 actors and margie kerr, one of the designers of this terror fest who just wrote a book aptly nameded "scared." a break. all of the worry and concern gets pushed to the side because
3:56 am
things that help us survive. >> reporter: my post scare house analysis -- >> i didn't flinch at all with the noises. i should be more chilled because i've just been scared half to death. this really might be good for us, and that's why we do it. >> hi. happy halloween. nick watt, abc news, pittsburgh, pennsylvania. >> oh! >> no thank you. no thank you. my brain can take breaks in other ways. >> wow. >> look, it's already getting weird. >> it's pretty spooky. it's getting very weird. this earthquake that's happening. > starting to get the fear. >> i think our eyes are going to be killed by this light right here. >> there you go. no possible way we're going to be able to read what's in front of us. thanks a lot, guys. >> i've just been blinded by the light. >> i have no idea. go to social media. you know what it is. i can't see anymore. >> scary. scary stuff.
3:57 am
this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
3:58 am
tt2watv#@64 bt@qv9h tt2watv#@64 "a@qf5, tt2watv#@64 bm@qm> tt4watv#@64 " dztq ly4 tt4watv#@64 " entq
3:59 am
good morning. i'm phillip mena. >> i'm reena ninan. here's some of the top headlines we're following this morning on "world news now." polices in albuquerque have arrested tony torrez and charged him with murder in a case of deadly road rage that left a 4-year-old girl dead. details in just a moment. >> bowing out, joe biden decides not to run for president removing a potential obstacle for hillary clinton. the vice president said he was ready to run after grieving the death of his son but it was now simply too late. a new government study finds nearly 10% of u.s. adults say they use marijuana. that's doubling the number of users in the last decade. researchers say the trend reflects an increasingly permissive view about the drug.
4:00 am
4:01 am
tinted windows. shortly after making the plea, police say tips led detectives to this. >> they observed a subject that appeared to match the identity of the person they were looking for. the car pulled over without incident. and the individual was taken into custody and detained. >> the daughter is not conscious. she's going to be 4 years of age. >> reporter: police say lilly was sitting with her 7-year-old brother in the back seat of the pickup truck when the suspect drove up and opened fire. lilly's father saw her bleeding and pulled over. >> there's an adult holding what looks like an unresponsive child. >> i'm going to need the freeway shut down. >> reporter: for hours police shut down the busy i-40 highway sweeping an the area for the suspected gunman, to no avail. >> we still need tips. >> a go fund me page has been set up to pay for her funeral and police continue to ask anyone with knowledge of the shooting to do the right thing.
4:02 am
>> i cannot imagine being the father of little lilly and to have your child in your hands under such circumstances is going to live with that father for the rest of his life. >> reporter: but late wednesday, police announced their search is now over. and her killer was under arrest. now, on the phone lilly's father told abc news lilly just started school two days ago adding she was very bright, she was very smart, and she was his world. reena and phillip, back to you >> thanks, elizabeth. more breaking news from albuquerque. a police officer is fighting for his life after being shot multiple times during a traffic stop. dozens of officers throughout the area joined the hours long search for the suspect who was considered armed and dangerous who is now in custody. we're expecting more about the suspect in the coming hours. the new york police department is also being rocked by a tragic shooting. the suspect in the killing of an
4:03 am
cops. career criminal tyrone howard is charged with first degree murder. with more on the death of the officer, here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: gunshots and grief captured on police radio. >> 10-4, i got a cop down! >> reporter: playing out in real time, a police chase and shootout that claims the life of new york police officer randolph holder. his partner breathless and in distress. >> my partner is down! >> reporter: it started out as a gunfight between rival gangs tuesday night. >> we heard a bunch of gunshots. it was pretty chaotic. >> reporter: the suspects fled, one of them reportedly stealing a bike at gunpoint. holder spots the suspect, tyrone howard. and then, an exchange of gun fire. >> a recovered firearm with blood on it and a bicycle. >> reporter: holder suffers a fatal bullet in the forehead. >> four police officers murdered in 11 months. that's about as bad as it gets.
4:04 am
silently saluted holder, a third generation police officer. >> he should have been closing on a house in the next month. all of those dreams went down >> reporter: police say the suspect was a career criminal. previously convicted of a drug charge and released from jail early and after a recent drug bust, a judge opted to put him in rehab instead of behind bars. linsey davis, abc news, new york. the surviving brother in that upstate new york church beating has given the first public account of what happened. christopher leonard says he was first punched in the stomach by then his parents and half sister attacked him. he was then placed in another room with ear plugs so he couldn't hear what was going on. when he returned his brother was not breathing. > hours from now hillary clinton to go before the benghazi she will face tough questions from seven republicans and five democrats about the biggest state. four americans including the
4:05 am
benghazi attack. republicans say they are pressing for new information. clinton supporters say the gop is playing politics. >> in moscow, russian president vladimir putin met with syrah's bashar al assad at the kremlin. it was his first known trip outside syria since the civil war in his country began four years ago. they discussed russia's air campaign over syria in a meeting the white house is calling "unproductive." >> six more people arrested in connection with the prison escape of mexican drug lord joaquin "el chapo" guzman. one man identified as the mastermind of the jail break and another suspect is believed to be el chapo's brother-in-law accused of supervise ago the mile long tunnel used as an escape route. nearly two dozen prison officials and employees are also facing charges. the vatican is denying a report that the pope is in ill health saying he's perfect. italian newspaper reported pope
4:06 am
francis has a small but curable brain tumor. the vatican spokesman called the story completely unfounded, irresponsible and inexcusable. some extreme weather right now after the aftermath of another deadly typhoon in the philippines, the storm roared through on sunday leaving behind extensive damage and plenty of flooding. the death toll climbed to nearly 40 and expected to go higher as remote areas are accessed. more than 100,000 people were forced out of their homes. this was the 12th major storm to hit the philippines this year. in the southwestern u.s., hail was a problem in new mexico. in some areas hail was egg sized. there was also hey storms and winds in the el paso, texas area. the region is in for more extreme weather because of a tropical storm system. justin povick at accuweather has the details. >> good morning to you. once again, we're tracking the tropics in the latest on
4:07 am
patricia has it moving off to the north and west and again, this could cause some major flash flooding throughout mexico, eventually some of the rains getting pulled off to the north into the gulf of mexico and even before that happens, we are concerned about major flash westbound thursday through saturday. reena and phillip, back to you here's one for the dumb houston. >> a couple of guys tried to rip off coach's sports bar and grill after breaking through the door. they tried to get into the atm but could not. one of them falling over trying. they also tried to take down a big tv but ultimately they failed. >> crazy, scary. i mean you just don't think it's ever going to happen at a place that you work or anything that you're associated with. >> when i saw the guy fall, i thought it couldn't happen to a better person. >> one of the crooks he was nice enough to look straight into the security camera. while he was behind the bar.
4:08 am
now you try to cover your face. there you go. coach's, that establishment they're offering $1,000 for information leading to the arrest of these geniuses. good luck to them. >> not exactly oceans 11. >> the high cost of parenthood and some financial advice on when to splurge on your kid and when to be cheap. >> also ahead, high school students accused of hacking into a computer system to change their grades. the serious trouble a so-called ferris bueller now faces in court. >> later the stars of "back to the future" on a key day in movie history. "world news now" gets up close and personal with the time travelers overnight. that's after today's forecast map. you're watching "world news now." >> "world news now" weather. brought to you by mucinex fast max. max. s and go. but these liquid gels are new. mucinex fast max. it's the same difference. these are multi-symptom.
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drones are being used to capture the striking images of all 81 or -- orcas living off washington state. researchers say they look pretty healthy. there are five new babies and several appear to be pregnant. they're hoping to use the images to track the health and growth of the orcas over time. >> a warning about a popular over the counter cold medicine called corycidin. it comes in pill form or syrup form and when taken with soda to get high, it can cause serious problems including hallucination. at least five teens were hospitalized in one northern california district alone. all right. a recent survey conducted by rutgers university says that 95% of high school students admitted to some form of cheating. > that includes tests, plagiarism on papers or copying homework. but hacking into school software to straighten up straight up change your grade is as severe as it can get. three students are now finding
4:13 am
that out the hard way. here's abc's mara schiavocampo. >> reporter: three new york students trading the classroom for the courtroom. facing serious charges for allegedly hacking into their long island high school's computer system. officials saying daniel soares used his cyber skills to boost grades for himself and a friend as well as access class schedules of hundreds of other students. his alleged accomplices eric vaysman and alex mosquera, all 17 years old. >> soares, the alleged mastermind now facing charges, including burglary, computer tampering and identity theft. some now calling him a modern day ferris bueller. >> i've got it right here in front of me. he has missed nine days. >> i asked for a car. i got a computer. >> but officials say this is no laughing matter.
4:14 am
types of information that may have been viewed include student id numbers, name, address, contact information, and student schedules. >> we're waiting for a full investigation to be done, and he maintains his innocence. >> mara schiavocampo abc news new york. >> we should highlight the teens have pleaded not guilty and have been released on bond. >> if convicted soar el ed faces up to seven years behind bars. >> the other two looking up to four years in prison. the school district says they have beefed up security since the breach. you're smart enough to pull that off, you're smart enough to do what you got to do the right way. >> a lot of people feel like they can cheat and get away with it and get ahead. that's unfortunate. >> excellent example of that not being the case. >> coming up, celebrating back to the future with the people that matter most. >> we caught up with all the stars of the films, plus their super fans last night. find out why michael j. fox still prefers the walkman to the
4:15 am
ipod. "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. tt2watv#@64 bt@qv9h tt2watv#@64 "a@qf5, tt2watv#@64 bm@qm> tt4watv#@64 " dztq ly4 tt4watv#@64 " entq
4:16 am
tt2wlr=[gk po j# :&h tt2wlr=[gk p!!*n j& tt2wlr=[gk p4!j# tt2wlr=[gk pt#j'`:/>d tt2wlr=[gk pt#j)`:$^ tt2wlr=[gk pp#j*`:3e< tt2wlr=[gk pp#j,`:r?\ tt2wlr=[gk pl#*.`:[6p tt2wlr=[gk pl#*0`:@ 8 got to get back in time >> all day yesterday, we celebrated "back to the future" day. and last night, they rolled out the red carpet for the stars of the beloved films for a special 30th anniversary screening.
4:17 am
>> fans of all ages lined up around the block to watch along with marty, doc and lorraine and our team were there to experience the frenzy surrounding the classic blockbuster. >> doc. >> i'm kind of a big nerd when it comes to this movie and only this movie. >> i dress for marty for halloween a lot of years. >> you control your future and your destiny so you have to go out and make it a good one. >> it surprised me about 15 years ago when i realized it was going to last. it's lasted now all these years. >> 30 years after the opening of a film that's still -- >> it means more to them than just a show. that's an amazing privilege as an actor. you don't get that many chances to make that kind of connection. >> it's a mashup of all these different genres that just plays through almost effortlessly. i found my father's high school yearbook when i was visiting my parents.
4:18 am
the president of his graduating class and i wondered wow, i didn't like the president of my graduating class. if i'd have gone to school with my dad, would i have been friends with him and that's when lightning struck. >> it's exciting that people out here that you guys are out here. thank you and you still want to watch the movie and share it with your family. >> it's an iconic film and words can't even begin to describe how amazing it is. >> marty, yeah. i'm just visiting just for a couple hours. >> i hear there's a secret that nike's going to really come out >> are those the self-lacing nikes? >> fashion that you wish is i'm still into the big hair. check it out! big hair. not giving it up. >> my kids make fun of me when i talk about the ipod.
4:19 am
i call it a walkman. and they like roll their eyes. >> walkman were advanced technology. >> you have to rewind it. >> it was pathetic. >> thank you. >> that was really cool. >> hover boards. brooklyn from the kimmel show. took us an hour. an hour and 15 minutes. hover board i could have been here in about ten. >> probably the hover board. i like the hover board. >> you've got the fish tail design i see. >> how does it taste? >> i don't know. i'm not going to open it. just going to have to guess about it. i'm curious but at the same time i'm not trying to open it. >> it probably tastes terrible now if it's from back then. >> definitely. it's perfect still. >> the delorean is a legendary vehicle in my mind. that's a key player. >> if you could ask doc one question, what would it be? >> how does it feel to know so much from so many different time
4:20 am
>> what caused him to slip and bump his head because had he not slipped and fallen, he never would have come up with a flux capacitor. >> a genius ahead of his time, really, ahead.times. >> go somewhere on the field, knock the ball out of one of the guy's hands and let the mets win tonight. that's all. >> what do you say to haters of the third movie. >> how could anyone hate -- will the cubs come back from 3-0? >> absolutely. >> it's going to happen. it's 2015. there's no reason for it not to happen. it's 2015. >> you have to root for the cubs. >> and strike three called. and the mets are on their way back. >> oh. we got some things right. >> some things. but that was interesting though that the cubs got so close to this premonition or whatever you want to call it. >> the foreign correspondent within me wants to know what doc felt when they got gadhafi. are the libyans still chasing him?
4:21 am
>> that we find out in back to the future 4. when they capitalize onall of this stuff, which they should do very soon. coming up, saving for the future. >> and you won't need a delorean. we'll explain. >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, this is an important message. so please, write down the number on your screen. the lock i want to talk to you about isn't the one on your door. it's a rate lock for your life insurance
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new from mucinex fast max. the only cold and flu liquid gel that's max-strength and fights mucus. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. finally this half hour, we're going to take a look at the financial challenge of raising children. >> each little one will cost you an average of a quarter million dollars until they're 18. that does not even include college. abc's rebecca jarvis has a new way to lock up a secure future for your kids. >> reporter: meet adorable charli massey. the 3-month-old has her future ahead of her.
4:25 am
the challenge for mom sharon and dan craig is how to pay for that future. >> you want the best for your kids and you want better for your kids than you had. >> reporter: babies come with considerable price tags. according to government studies, the average cost of raising a child to age 18 is $250,000. fortunately, to help baby charli's parents, we just who to call. catherine alford, a financial writer and mother of 18-month-old twins who specializes in family finance. >> hi, guys. how are you today in >> step one says catherine, start an education fund. beyond a 529 plan, catherine likes to advise couples to invest in a mutual fund in a child's name. >> the benefit of that is that they can use that money for anything so if they want to go on a trip or study abroad, they can do that. >> reporter: step two, don't splurge on luxuries like too many baby gadgets or annual over the top birthday parties. >> get used to the idea of minimalism. there is so much pressure to
4:26 am
parties. >> step number three, consider investing in a rental property. >> the key is to buy a home with a 15-year mortgage. by the time they're 18 and going to college, the mortgage is totally paid for and it just becomes a cash generating property. >> reporter: real estate can come with downsides notes catherine but it's a risk that can prove worthwhile for a baby's future. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> another reason i don't have any kids. wow. that is something. >> don't let the money hold you back. >> 30% on housing, child care 18%, food another 16%. mom, dad, buy me jordans. >> you know, i always like to factor in grandma. >> look, you're able to figure it out very nicely. >> that's because i live in downtownton abby. >> there you go. >> and i borrow the middleton's, prince william's carriage. >> she's got it all figured out. >> actually it's prince george's carriage. .
4:27 am
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