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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  October 22, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> i'm wearing makeup. not very tough. >> confessions of an early morning anchor. sean: a clermont county -- planned parenthood victim to vandalism. kevin: the up-and-down temperatures continue today, skewing upward with a few showers around. erin: a derry fire station is reopening after a record-breaking special election. sean: hillary clinton trading the campaign trail for the hot seat in washington today, taking center stage before the house committee on benghazi. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do.
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erin: good thursday morning and thanks for starting your day with us. i' m erin fehlau. sean: good morning. i' m sean mcdonald. what are we going to see today? kevin: despite the drizzle and the clouds, temperatures will run 10-50 degrees warmer than yesterday in southern -- 10-15 degrees warmer than yesterday in southern parts of the state. some showers back to the west are focused toward northern new hampshire for the morning commute. a southerly wind gets temperatures into the 60' s this afternoon. cooler air arrives tonight. let' s take a look at your morning ride. we' re joined live by deb davidson. deb: good morning, kevin. patches of the fog and drizzle
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are slowing the speed limit down a little bit on 93 north and south through the state. things are looking good as you make your way through the hooksett tolls and down through the mill yard. we are seeing minor taps of the brakes through the lane shifts. we are seeing the speed limit moving well through the everett turnpike down through the bedford toll down through the lane drops. this report being brought to you by peters honda, nissan, and kia of nashua. i' m deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. sean: a vandalism rampage at a clermont planned parenthood clinic is under investigation. erin: an intruder destroyed computers, phones, and thousands of dollars worth of equipment,
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the health target -- health center was targeted this month. we have learned that the prime suspect is a juvenile, right? ray: that' s right. police got a juvenile boy inside this facility here on wednesday morning armed with a hatchet. he broke dan -- in and completely trashed the location. he did major damage to the exam rooms and the plumbing, causing major flooding even into the restaurant next door. clermont police say they are working with planned parenthood to make sure their employees are kept safe. >> planned parenthood has serviced this community for over 18 years without incident. they are not a facility that provides abortions. they provide critical reproductive health services and family planning services to the
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citizens in this community and the damage to them is felt community-wide. ray: the full extent of those damages is still being assessed. we do know the juvenile was taken into custody, but it is unclear what charges he might face. sean: thanks. police in atkinson have busted a sizable marijuana growing operation. investigators found more than seven pounds of marijuana in the atkinson home of robert and valerie zdrada. both husband and wife are facing charges of felony drug possession with intent to distribute. robert said he endured a number of health problems over the years including heart disease and stage four cancer. erin: dover police are looking for a missing woman. 28-year-old danielle isabelle was last seen at her home on 1st
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street last saturday. she has medical issues because of a recent car crash. she' s 5' 4", 126 pounds, with brown hair and green eyes. derry' s hampstead road fire station will reopen three and a half months after it was shut down due to budget cuts. voters overturned those cuts in an historic special election. the station reopens this morning at 8:00 a.m. sean: it is an effort to disrupt the drawing -- growing drug crisis in new hampshire. the fourth operation granite hammer initiative was conducted. ramon martinez was charged with possession of a controlled drug. jordan duran was found with a
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a search warrant of a brimmer street apartment led to the arrest of jessica bouchard. her alleged co-conspirator jason lafrance was charged with sale of a controlled drug and possession with intent to distribute. erin: some hope for drug addicts and holding them accountable. the program called new hope is aimed to high-risk offenders who can stop using drugs on their own. violations are dealt with immediately. one new member of the program told us he hopes it will turn his life around. he has been using opiates and cocaine for five years. >> a shortly. they give you enough growth -- rope to hang yourself, but you need a plan that will keep you true to your word.
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march and the coordinator says she is seeing people stop breaking the rules and spending less time in jail. sean: news 9 will take an in-depth look at the heroin epidemic in new hampshire with a special town hall. you will hear people on the frontlines of the fight. "a state of addiction: the war on heroin" airs tonight at 7:00 right here on wmur-tv. still to come, democratic front-runner hillary clinton taking center stage on benghazi. what we should expect to hear from her today on capitol hill. erin: it is official. joe biden is not running. find out why he is not going to make a run for the white house. sean: remember that viral announcement regarding a bun in the oven? it turns out the baby surprised
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>> you are watching wmur news 9 daybreak. with erin fehlau, sean mcdonald, and kevin skarupa. now, news 9 continues. kevin: a live look from the charter trust building. temperatures falling back to either side of 50. catchy fog out there. some of that locally dense. it could be less than a quarter-mile early this morning in some spots. afternoon. up. erin: in commitment 2016, the biden watch is over. vice president joe biden has announced that he will not run nomination. both president obama -- with president obama at his side, he yesterday. he said the grieving process after losing his son in may has taken time and has closed the
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window on launching a realistic campaign area sean: continuing our coverage, it is a big day for hillary clinton. the democratic front runner will be on capitol hill to answer questions about the u.s. response to the deadly attacks in benghazi. stephanie ramos has more to expect -- has more on what to expect. stephanie: this morning, hillary clinton will once again testified to the special house committee investigating the 2012 benghazi attacks. the assault by islamic militants americans dead, including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. >> is it because of a protest or guys out for a walk who decided that go kill americans? what difference does it make? state clinton nearly three years ago. republicans leading the probe want more answers.
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her private e-mail server may come up if related to benghazi. >> if you wanted a window into libya and what was happening in the weeks and months before they were killed, why would you not s e-mails? stephanie: there have been seven congressional investigations into that attack. this one is expected to go for eight hours or more, not including breaks. t know that i have very much to add. stephanie: she will face tough questions from several republicans and five democrats. house republicans having knowledge that it has been an exercise in bringing down clinton' s pull numbers. >> we' ve put together a benghazi special committee. what are her numbers today? stephanie: all eyes will be on this testimony, which starts at 10:00 this morning and could go well into the night. sean: it could take a while.
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on the republican side, the lineup for the next debate has been set. right here. wisconsin governor scott walker suspended his campaign. the debate is next wednesday at 8:00. the five candidates who did not place in recent polling will debate earlier in the evening. erin: the new hampshire preservation alliance unveiled its "seven to save" list. it includes a property we showed you last night -- the chandler home in manchester, which went on the market and faces possible demolition. also on the list, the hall of flags in the state house, the collection of all it torn an -- bullet-torn and bloodstained banners are deteriorating.
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attention to places in need and to attract the resources they need to succeed in saving historic places. erin: the other five properties, the oceanic hotel and the pickering house, the right town hall -- rhye town hall, the community center in berlin. sean: 14 minutes past 5:00. coming up, get the inside scoop on the unique ice cream flavor soon to come from ben & jerry' s for a limited time. hint, you will want a pint of this.
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groundbreaking the republicans finally admit it. >>"republican kevin mccarthy saying ...the committee investigating benghazi and clinton's emails was created to destroy her candidacy..." "everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together a benghazi special committee... what are her numbers today?" republicans have spent millions attacking hillary... ...because she's fighting for everything they oppose... ...from affordable health care. equal pay... she'll never stop fighting for you. and the republicans know it. >>i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. erin: comcast is looking to expand its brand big-time.
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you could use a comcast branded cell phone, placed calls on comcast network, and search the web on comcast mobile data. it could be capable of competing with at&t, sprint, t-mobile, and verizon. sean: new belgian brewing and ben & jerry' s or double dipping and creating a salted caramel, brownie ale ice cream. it combines ice cream and beer. it is available for a limited time. you won' t need an id to enjoy. the new flavor is dedicated to climate change. both companies will donate part of the proceeds to help protect our winters. an interesting new trend. beer seems to be getting everywhere. there is a new muppet friend heading to "sesame street your co erin: her name is julia and she is the first muppet with autism. she is a preschool girl with autism and does things a little differently when playing with
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her friends. sean: it is a part of a new digital effort to promote understanding and lesson stigma. erin: for now, juliet is only part of the digital resources and not on tv, but i' m sure that will be soon to follow. sean: "sesame street" still plays well with my kids. kevin: we start off early this morning with a shower a pattern for us today with milder temperatures going anywhere from the mid-50' s up north to the lower 70' s in southern areas as a front crosses the state today. it is going to set up a huge shift across the state. the sunshine returns and is around to start the weekend before we could see a couple more showers. there is a look at what we are up against today.
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a lot of this does not necessarily hold together into the afternoon. as this continues to work its way into the state, some of this weekend' s a bit. -- weakens a bit. it should not be an all-day rain. nonetheless, there are chances with quite a few clouds. the southerly wind looks like it produces some warmer temperatures for southern areas. up north, it is going to be rain-cold air -- rain-cooled air a lot quicker. some areas which start in the s get back into s and lower 70' s this afternoon. the cooler air starts to drift in later on tonight and that eventually is our reality tomorrow and to start the
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weekend. high temperatures range from 56 and pittsburgh to 72 in nashua. we will have a southerly breeze to go along with 20 of clouds today. the first wave is to our east. anything we see later on this afternoon will be very scattered in nature. the best rain chances between now and lunchtime with an additional shower or two around this afternoon. later on this evening, we have the clearing skies, flurries up in the mountains -- does look like a cool breeze tomorrow with ties from the lower 40' s to the lower 50' s. from there, we drop into the 20' s and 30' s with clear skies on friday night. likely a cold start to saturday. we get back from the upper 40' s to mid 50' s on saturday. we will have some shower activity for the morning hours on hyundai -- sunday before that system pulls away. today, not all is lost.
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we will have a few showers out there. otherwise, mostly cloudy skies. after the shower activity drops away, we will be clear. it looks like the writer of the two days over the weekend looking to be saturday. don' t cancel the outdoor plans. sean: getting warm out there today. kevin: yes. should be. sean: i had a chance to speak with some students at nashua community college yesterday. some of them could be future journalists. we talked about media and technology, how it is changing, and if there are ever any bloopers. kevin: unlike me, you wound up in the photo. [laughter] sean: i stay away from that. erin: we need to get you in this video. kevin: wait until 6:45. sean: ok. erin: we start off with ray brewer. ray: the juvenile boy has been
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taken into custody after claremont police say he trashed the planned parenthood in the city. the boy was found inside the clinic on wednesday morning armed with a hatchet. he had trashed the location, destroying examination rooms and also causing major damage by destroying plumbing. police are investigating whether or not this is related to an earlier incident in which the word "murder" was printed -- spray-painted on the side of the building. sean: an atkinson couple facing charges after seven pounds of marijuana was found in their home. the marijuana was found in the atkinson home of robert and valerie zdrada. they both face felony drug possession charges with intent to distribute. erin: dover police are looking for a missing woman. 28-year-old danielle isabelle was last seen at her home on 1st street last saturday. you should give police a call if you have seen her. coming up on daybreak, it is an
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adorable tribute to celebrate a get your tissues ready. these 80-year-old grandparents may cause tears of joy with their reaction t
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if you think storm damage is the only cost of climate change, think again. from the rising price of food to higher insurance rates for homes and businesses, the economic damage will only get worse. but with american-made clean energy, we can save money on electricity and spur innovation to create new businesses and jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030.
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erin: it is a story that is tugging at hearts nationwide areaan 80-year-old couple marking a special day in a special way. sean: these grandparents three enacted the opening sequence of disney pixar' s "up." the duet is composed of various elements of the opening sequence of the movie. [laughter] sean: there he is. the couple'
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s grandson wrote the grandparents. it is a very famous opening everybody really sad. erin: if you have seen the movie and you hear the music, it is all you can think about. it is a great movie. sean: we will be right back
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like we do. now, wmur news 9 daybreak. erin: good morning to you on this thursday, october 22. as we look around the state, we
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are seeing a lot of fog out there. going to be sticking around. sean: it is going to be warm. moment. the planned parenthood in after a juvenile broke in hatchet to cause thousands of dollars of damage. death row inmate michael addison is appealing his murder conviction after his attorneys say the trial judge violated his rights. federal authorities will try to our -- auction off the plainfield property of ed and elaine brown. erin: it is the time you hear when you are trying to find skycam' s where you can see something, but it is dark out there. kevin: and getting darker by the morning. fog in some areas early on. s
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to lower ranges of the 50' s. it is not going to be an all day rain. southerly winds push temperatures into the mid-50' s up north. we could approach near 70 for the last time in the calendar year in southern new hampshire later on this afternoon. erin: i want to wish you a happy smart is cool day. kevin: i don' t think i' m either. erin: come on. this is how things are moving on the roads. kevin: thank you anyway. for a look at the morning drive, we are joined by deb davidson. deb: good morning. 93 is moving well through the entire state of new hampshire. we are not seeing any problems through the hooksett tolls and over to the state line. from manchester to salem is about a 21 minute ride. if you are commuting in the
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concord area, exit 12 north is closed for construction and travelers are being detoured to exit 12 s. the bedford tolls are moving well. if you are commuting into boston, all major roads are looking pretty decent at this time. from the wzid traffic network, i' m deb davidson for the 95.7 wzid. erin: the planned parenthood office in claremont is closed this morning after being badly damaged by a juvenile. sean: a juvenile broke in and destroyed thousands of dollars worth of equipment. police say this is not the first time this clinic has been targeted, right? ray: that' s correct. police telling us that someone spray-painted the word "murder" on the outside of this planned parenthood three weeks ago.
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this latest incident is related. officers saw someone inside the clinic. to destroy computers, lab equipment, and phone lines, also damaging flooding -- plumbing, causing flooding in the clinic and the restaurant next door. >> thousands and thousands of dollars. ray: authorities are not saying how old the suspect is, only that he is a juvenile. in a statement, governor maggie hassan said that the acts of vandalism are an attack on the fundamental right of women to access health care and should be strongly condemned by all. planned parenthood says it is doing everything it can to get
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reporting live in claremont, ray new hampshire' s only death row inmate is appealing his conviction to the u.s. supreme court. michael addison was convicted in 2008 for the shooting death of michael breaks. -- briggs. his attorneys say the trial judge violated his rights. the new hampshire supreme court upheld his conviction in 2013 and ruled that the death sentence was fair. the u.s. supreme court is not required to heal the appeal -- here the appeal. sean: the plainfield home of convicted tax evaders and and elaine brown -- ed and elaine brown is up for sale. the notice of the sale comes with a warning. investigators have also found explosive devices on the
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property. the browns are each serving 30 years in prison for tax evasion and staging a nine-month standoff with officials in 2007. today, the starting bid is $125,000. the auction starts at 11:00 a.m. erin: merrimack police are trying to track down the person responsible for a commercial burglary. a camera on a local business caught this truck heading toward kig on october 11. a half hour later, the truck left and the owner found thousands of dollars missing -- in high-end industrial equipment missing. >> we believe an individual familiar with the layout and the cameras, there were a -- was computer equipment taken. someone may have had working
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erin: if you recognize this contact the merrimack police department. sean: a nashua mother will not be let out of prison early. 24-year-old unique gould requested an early release to care for her sick mother. she is currently serving a 12-30 year sentence for eating her two-year-old son to death. to death. erin: 23 cats and two dogs were rescued from a home in lebanon after their elderly owner fell ill. she is not being charged. she surrendered the pats. -- pets. >> we were glad we were able to be part of the solution for this family, the human and the pets involved, and able to provide them a clean and safe environment.
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erin: one of the cats gave birth to five kittens after arriving at the shelter. the animals are not ready to be just yet. sean: a couple of presidential candidates are hitting the today. lindsey graham as events in salem, amherst, and milford, before a townhall in derry. townhall. erin: yesterday was the day that marty mcfly and. brown time traveled to the second movie time making predictions about 2015 and some have come true. fans got all dressed up. it was a great way to see the movie on the big screen 30 years later. >> it was just like 1985 all over again. >> it was phenomenal. >> it is really good for an old movie. >> an old movie? >> it is pretty old to me.
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sean: what? old movie? erin: we are so old. one big prediction did not come true. they predicted the chicago cubs would win the world series, but they were a limited it from the playoffs last night. we will have highlights coming up in sports. how cool would that have been? sean: yeah, a lot of people are hoping for that storyline. erin: they were psyched to be in the playoffs. sean: a disheartening situation for people in vermont. burlington police say someone badly damaged a beloved statue outside the ronald mcdonald house. erin: it is your chance to leave a mark on scientific history. one man is selling the naming rights to a news he sees -- species of mom.
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i had no idea snhu had this amazing campus. even the walk to class i love the sense of community. people actually hold the all my professors really they genuinely want you to succeed. i've made so many friends here. friends i know i'll have for life. snhu is the place for me.
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kevin: some patchy fog out there with rain shower activity on the doorstep. we jump into the 60' s to even some lower 70' s. behind the front, it is 40' s to
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lower 50' s. a big change leads us into the weekend. erin: it is now 5:42. hillary clinton will testify before a congressional committee on benghazi today. there could be lots of fireworks over what some believe is a political probe into the 2012 attack that killed the u.s. diplomat and three other americans. nikole killion is in washington dc with a preview area >> . >> the stakes could be high for hillary clinton and her campaign. this is not clinton' s first time testifying about the benghazi attack. she went before a senate panel in 2013 in an explosive hearing. this time around, she is expected to take the high road, although her campaign and the panel. point to them as having a
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witchhunt going on and they want to point to her as an incompetent secretary of state . >> lawmakers may also ask questions about her e-mails. sean: police in new mexico made an arrest overnight in connection with a road rage incident that left a four-year-old girl dead. lily garcia was shot in the back seat of her father' s pickup truck when someone opened fire on the freeway. the father told police he was trying to get off the highway lane. the drivers exchanged words pulled out a gun and started shooting. tony torres confessed to the crime late last night and is charged with murder. erin: a woman is recovering after falling off a platform at a t station. she was not run over.
5:39 am
rescue crews rushed to pulled her to safety. t officials say she was conscious and alert when brought to the hospital. investigators are trying to determine why she fell. sean: a vandal is being blamed for causing thousands of dollars worth of damage to a beloved that you at burlington, vermont. someone desecrated the ronald mcdonald statue on three separate occasions -- burning his face, decapitating him, and cutting off his big red shoes with a saw. damages estimated at $7,500. erin: the irs is updating its policies to recognize same-sex marriages no matter where they
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sean: in sports, the new york mets are heading back to the world series for the first time in 15 years. the mets are a after beating the chicago cubs in game four of the nationally championship series. daniel murphy marked his sixth consecutive playoff game with a long ball -- that is a major league record. the mets went on to beat the cubs by a final score of 8-3. this will be their fifth trip to the new york' s -- to the world series. there is one in the 1980' s that we do not talk about. the toronto blue jays and the kansas city royals are still battling it out. troy ty troy tulowitzki broke the game open and the jays went on to win the game 7-1.
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the royals still lead the series 3-2. erin: onto the ice we go. the bruins hosted the flyers last night. brett connolly tied it up with his first goal of the year. the bruins went down 2-1 later in the period on a power-play goal. earlier on in the day, bergeron and his wife welcomed a baby boy, zach. the bruins ended up losing the game in overtime by a final score of 5-4. erin: the celtics are playing in new hampshire tomorrow night. they will host the 76ers at the verizon wireless arena in manchester. the game starts at 7:30. erin: people across the globe scientific history. the naming rights to a new species of moth.
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money raised will go to the association. the bidding starts at $500. $12,000. if you want a species of ma named after you -- moth named after you or your company, let the bidding begin. sean: a skarupa moth. anniversary. [laughter] erin: i don' t know if the wife will appreciate that. sean: this is the perfect gift for a lady. kevin: i would take her advice on this one. [laughter] kevin: you are going to notice temperatures in the 40' s to near 50 degrees. some fog out there in spots making it difficult to see from a lot of our webcams early this morning. a couple of showers starting to
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a couple of showers for southern areas of the state mid to late morning. then we get into the afternoon and things become widely scattered. the cooler air makes its way in late this afternoon and continues through this evening. temperatures should drop back into the 30' s and 40' s. the shower activity will be out there today. no one is going to see anything over 0.25 inches of rainfall today. the should be hit or miss showers. maybe about a 20-30 minute shower two or three times during the day seems to be the thumbnail sketch for most. it should be much warmer in the southern part of the state. temperatures start in the mid 40' s to the lower 50' s out along the coast. up north, temperatures are starting a bit cooler. it will be tougher to get much above the mid-50' s today in far northern parts of coalesce
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county. there could be southern areas that reach above 70 degrees. for southern areas of the state, you have to wonder that this is the last time we get to 70-less for the rest of the calendar year. i expect mid and upper 50' s for far northern areas of the state. after the first band moves through, maybe a break and a couple glimpses of sun. you notice lighter showers moving through this afternoon until the clearing take so later on. you notice a few flurries for the north country. clearing skies mean a sunny sky for tomorrow. highs tomorrow between 42 and 52. that is where temperatures are early this morning. crazy to think about. a colder night tomorrow night as temperatures drop back into the 20' s and 30' s.
5:45 am
into sunday afternoon, it should be drier with a little bit of partial sunshine by the time we get there. 56-72 -- a large range of high temperatures today. southern areas should warm more than the northern ones. highs tomorrow only in the 40' s to the lower 50' s and that will be with some sunshine involved. on saturday, we get back from the upper 40' s to the mid-50' s. we will have a shower chance early in the day on sunday and then kind of leveling off with the sunshine. temperatures in the 50' s on monday and tuesday. sean: a little cooler out there after today. kevin: yes. it is going to come with quite a few clouds. erin: thank you so much. it is a growing debate across the country. how much supervision to kids really need? fears that your child could get hurt or worse lead parents to
5:46 am
parents say allowing children to explore the world on their own up. coming up tonight, the debate all of that. that is starting tonight at 11:00. sean: that is a talker, no doubt. still to come, a connecticut school that is home to a unique wrote -- playground made from recycled dental materials. he is back, folks. this is victor trying on his viking costume for halloween. maybe he will go with the viking this year.
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and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but the republicans... v back to letting the super wealthy call the shots. they don't stand up for they don't support they don't even really support refinancing student debt. we've got to get this economy americans, not just for those at the top. that's what i intend to do as president. i'm hillary clinton and
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sean: listen to this. a connecticut school as a playground made from recycled dental materials.
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students say they can' t tell the difference between the recycled equipment and a regular playground. i certainly can' t, either. erin: no. interesting. how about that? we have an update on a story we told you about earlier this month on daybreak. you may recall this video of a man breaking down in tears when his wife announced she was pregnant. now, the baby has been born. news 9 about the situation.
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ray: planned parenthood in clermont hit by vandalism again. police are investigating whether this is related to an earlier in and. >> hillary to the hill. the former secretary of state faces a grilling from lawmakers. more on the high-stakes hearing coming up. erin: ever wish you could soar through the sky like a bird? scientists have created a special simulator that allows people to experience what it is like to fly. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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