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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  October 22, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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sean: a claremont planned parenthood victim to vandalism. the damage done, the young arrest, and the investigation. kevin: the up-and-down temperatures continue today, skewing upward with a few showers around. erin:a derry fire station' s reopening after a record-breaking special election. sean: hillary clinton trading the campaign trail for the hot seat in washington today, taking center stage before the house committee on benghazi. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 daybreak.
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erin: good morning and thanks m erin fehlau. sean: i' m sean mcdonald. the cubs are done. the warmer weather is coming back. erin: 70? kevin: one day. erin: just one day only. [laughter] kevin: we had right back downward later on this afternoon and this evening. we start off early this morning and it is not going to be that picturesque day in a lot of locations. although, there will be the chance of sunny breaks this afternoon. a couple of breaks of sunshine and a southerly wind in the afternoon allows temperatures for those few hours to get up near 70. up north, it may be a little stubborn. we will look ahead toward the weekend with your forecast in a bit. let' s take a look at your thursday morning ride with deb davidson. deb: good morning, kevin. right now, if you are traveling
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up to the upper valley on 89 north, we are not seeing any major problems, but the passing rain showers are slowing things down a little bit. 89 south looks good into concord and into the junction as you get onto 93 southbound. we are not seeing any delays 93 south through the hooksett tolls. as you make your way all the way down to salem, no delays. 95 is a good ride in both directions. if you are commuting into boston, 93 south, we are seeing pockets of heavy congestion from the 95 connector down to sullivan square. i' m deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. sean: helping our news, a vandalism rampage at a claremont planned parenthood clinic is under investigation. erin: police say an intruder destroyed computers, phones, and
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equipment. this is not the first time it was targeted this month. sean: ray brewer is live in claremont. ray: early wednesday morning, the juvenile inside the planned parenthood in claremont, the boy had broken in and trashed the location using a hatchet. he damaged exam rooms and also the plumbing, causing major restaurant next door. police are investigating whether the vandalism is linked to the word "murder" being spray-painted on the building earlier this month. >> planned parenthood has serviced this community for over 18 years without incident. they are not a facility that provides abortions. they provide critical
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reproductive health services and family planning services to the citizens in this community and the damage to them is felt community-wide. ray: the full extent of those damages is still being assessed. that juvenile was taken into custody, but it is unclear what charges he faces. sean: police in atkinson have busted a sizable marijuana growing operation. both husband and wife robert and valerie zdrada are facing felony drug charges with intent to distribute. the husband said he has endured a number of health problems over the last decade. erin: dover police are looking for a missing woman.
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28-year-old danielle isabelle was last seen at her home on 1st street. she has medical issues because of a recent car crash. she is 5' brown hair and green eyes. derry' s hampstead road fire station will reopen in just about two hours from now. it is going to reopen 3.5 months after it was shut down because of budget cuts. last week, voters overturned those cuts in an historic special election. town counselors added $1.6 million back into the 2016 budget and that station reopens at 8:00 a.m. sean: it is an effort to disrupt the growing drug crisis in new hampshire. the fourth operation granite hammer initiative was conducted. this one netted four arrests. ramos martinez was arrested. jordan duran was found with a
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needle in his pocket and was charged with resisting arrest. street apartment led to the arrest of jessica bouchard. her alleged co-conspirator jason lafrance was charged with the sale of controlled drugs and possession with intent to distribute. erin: a new spin on probation is giving hope to drug addicts and holding them accountable. the program is aimed at high risk offenders. violators are dealt with immediately. everything from punctuality to failing a drug test. one new member of the program said he hopes it will turn his life around. he has been using opiates and cocaine for five years. >> a short leash. they give you enough rope to hang yourself, but if you want to change your life, you need a lot of things in play to keep
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erin: the program started in march and the coordinator says she is seeing people spend less time in jail. sean: news 9 will take an in-depth look at the heroin epidemic in new hampshire with a special town hall. you will hear from people on the front lines of the fight. "a state of addiction: the war on heroin" airs tonight at 7:00 on wmur. still to come, democratic front-runner hillary clinton taking center stage on benghazi. what we should expect to hear from the hearing on capitol hill. erin: it is official. the biden watches over. the reason why joe biden will not make his third run for the white house. sean: more than a dozen animals rescued from deplorable conditions.
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sean: starting up early with patchy fog in the area. kevin: showers eventually come behind them. up. >> while it wilma be a candidate, i will not be silent. erin: biden watches over. the vice president has announced he will not run for the democratic residential nomination. -- presidential nomination. he announced his decision yesterday at the white house rose garden.
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over losing his son has taken time and closed the window on launching a realistic campaign. sean: it is a big day for hillary clinton. the democratic front runner will be on capitol hill to answer questions about the u.s. 3' s wants to the deadly attacks on benghazi. stephanie: this morning, hillary clinton will once again testify before a special house committee investigating the september 11, 2012 benghazi attacks. the assault by islamic militants left four americans dead, including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. >> was it because of a protester guys out for a walk? what difference does it make at this point? it is our job to figure happened. stephanie: testimony was supposed to be definitive three
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years ago on the attack, but republicans want more answers. her private e-mail server may come up if related to benghazi. >> if you want a window into libya and what was happening, why would you not look at the ambassador' s e-mails? stephanie: there have been seven congressional investigations into the attack and this round is expected to go for eight hours or more, not including breaks. >> i don' t know that i have very much to add. stephanie: she will face tough questions from seven republicans and five democrats. >> we put together a benghazi special committee. what are her numbers today? her numbers are dropping. stephanie: republicans deny this has anything to do with politics. all eyes will be on this testimony which starts at 10:00
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sean: the lineup for the next presidential debate has been set. cnbc' s announced that it will include these 10 candidates. wisconsin governor scott walker suspended his campaign. the debate is next wednesday at 8:00. right now, it is 6:13. coming up, get the inside scoop on the unique new ice cream flavor soon to come to ben & jerry' s for a limited time. you will certainly want a pint of this.
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a -- unveiled a new ad-free subscription service for $9.99 per month. "you to read" -- "youtube red" will include access to new shows by youtube' s biggest creators. new belgium brewing and ben & jerry' s are double dipping and creating a salted caramel brownie ale ice cream flavor. it is only available for a limited time. get this -- you will not need an id to enjoy. the new flavor is dedicated to climate change. both companies will dedicate the proceeds to protect our winters. erin: there are some sweet dresses on the runway in london. designers created the dresses out of chocolate for national chocolate week.
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chocolatiers teamed up with designers. that is an interesting look. [laughter] erin: fashion show coordinators say one of the most difficult thing about the chocolate could tour was making sure it did not melt. >> sometimes melting is a problem with the models. sometimes the hats melt under the lights. generally, it is quite quick, so it is not too bad. [laughter] erin: that is made out of chocolate, really? this year had a fairytale theme. it is called "once upon a time in the land of chocolate." i think that is just covered in chocolate. sean: there is a potential you could be sitting in the dress could just melt right off. is that with the lady was saying? erin: sean. m just asking a question. [laughter] sean: that is what we do here at daybreak. m just going to let you marinate.
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erin: those are delicious-looking outfits. sean: they were. [laughter] kevin: we start off early this morning with some patchy fog. temperatures in the 40' s and 50' s. a couple of showers continuing to make their way in from the west. we have seen some fog form in areas early on. that could slow you down in a couple of locations. some shower activity will move through during the morning commute. a lot of this line will be to our east by the time we get to lunchtime. behind that, a few sunny breaks that should allow temperatures to jump quickly into the afternoon before the cooler air starts to rush in into this evening. a window of time centered around the peak heating of the day. we have some shower activity out there early this morning that will be moving across the state. nobody is going to pick up more
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as a matter of fact, these likely will be warmer than our highs tomorrow afternoon. to give you an idea of the cooler air that is eventually rushing in. there is colder or to be had after a sliver of warmth. the front will come in and cut this off. i temperatures into the afternoon -- there could be a couple of areas above 70 degrees this afternoon. still that risk of an additional shower or two later on this afternoon. that chance of 70 degrees could go all the way up to the lakes region. further north, you are in the 60' s, except in far northern new hampshire. at the same time, the cooler air air is cut off. through. a thinning of cloud cover is all it is going to take with a southerly wind and then the chance of late they showers before temperatures start to
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s to barely near 50 degrees. lows will be in the 20' 30' s. temperatures from the mid-40' s s. a couple of showers over the weekend will be the next system that tries to arrive sometime on sunday morning. should be pulling away sunday afternoon. temperatures will get back up near 60 degrees. the front brings temperatures back into the 50' s. sean: i want to give a quick shout out to a group of duden said nashua community college area some of them could be future journalists.
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we talked about whether there are any bloopers at channel nine. somehow we talked 45 minutes about nothing. [laughter] sean: there is a new muppet friend headed to sesame street. erin: her name is julia and she is the first muppet with autism. she does things a little differently when playing with friends. sean: it is part of a new digital effort to promote understanding and end the stigma. erin: for now, julia is only part of the digital resources for sesame. she is not yet on television, but i' m sure that is soon to come. our top stories. we want to start off with ray brewer. ray: the planned parenthood clinic in claremont closed today
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wednesday morning, police found a juvenile inside the clinic armed with a hatchet. he had destroyed computers, exam rooms, and caused major damage to the plumbing, flooding the clinic and the restaurant next door. police are investigating if this was related to an earlier incident three weeks ago. sean: an atkinson couple now facing criminal charges as investigators say they found seven pounds of marijuana and the f can than home of robert and valerie zdrada. both are facing felony charges of drug possession with the intent to distribute.
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erin: it is a story tugging at hearts nationwide. an 80-year-old couple marking a special day in a special way. sean: to celebrate the 60th anniversary, they reenacted the opening sequence of disney' s " up." the couple' s grandson wrote the grandparents. he even makes an appearance at the end of the video, wearing a wilderness uniform like russell in the film. erin: that song is just wonderful. it really is great. we do have some breaking news concerning that missing dover woman. we have now heard that 28-year-old danielle isabelle contacted her parents overnight and we are told by police that she will be reunited with her
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breaking news on that missing woman in dover. sean: and good news. erin: vandalism at the claremont planned parenthood clinic. who police think is responsible. sean: two dozen animals rescued from deplorable conditions. why the woman who surrendered
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the republicans finally admit it. >>"republican kevin mccarthy saying ...the committee investigating benghazi and clinton's emails was created to destroy her candidacy..." "everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together a benghazi special committee... what are her numbers today?" republicans have spent millions attacking hillary... ...because she's fighting for everything they oppose... ...from affordable health care. equal pay... she'll never stop fighting for you. and the republicans know it. >>i'm hillary clinton and
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the planned parenthood in claremont is closed after a juvenile broke in early yesterday morning and used a hatchet to cause thousands of dollars in damage. death row inmate michael addison is appealing his murder conviction to the u.s. supreme court. federal authorities will try once again to auction off the playing field of convicted tax evaders ed and elaine brown. erin: later on today, it is going to be pretty warm out there. kevin: it should. s this afternoon. day. some showers pulling in from the west. those should be to our east by the time we get to where 11:00 lunch time. that chance of an additional shower later this afternoon, a lot of areas getting into the 60' s and if you lower 70' s this afternoon. erin: i don' t know if we are
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ready for the punch. kevin: it has been very up and down lately. erin: we do want to check the roads. this is 93 in windham. sean: four look at the morning drive, we are joined live id. david and. good morning. deb: good morning. it is still very dark if you' re commuting in the northern part of the state. no major delays, just take it easy through there. from tilton all the way down to the concord area, things are moving very well on 93 north and south. if you are on 293, watch for lane shifts in the city. the exit 4 onramp is also closed for construction. if you are on the everett turnpike, you are moving well. just south of the border on route 3, we are seeing typical delays.
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this report is being brought to you by peters honda, nissan, and kia of nashua. i' m debbie davidson for 95.7 wzid. erin: the planned parenthood office in claremont is closed after being badly damaged by a vandal. sean: police say it juvenile broke into the clinic early yesterday and destroyed thousands of dollars of equipment. ray brewer joins us live. ray: fairly recently, police say three weeks ago someone spray-painted the word "murderer" on the outside of planned parenthood. police are investigating whether or not this latest incident is connected to that. officers stepped up patrols in the area. early yesterday morning, they
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flooding was caused in the clinic in the restaurant next door. >> it is difficult to put a price tag on it. thousands and thousands of dollars. ray: authorities are not saying how old the suspect is, only that he is a juvenile and they are not commenting on what charges he faces. governor maggie hassan said that the acts of vandalism are an attack on the fundamental right of women to access health care and should be strongly condemned by all. planned parenthood says it is doing everything they can to get the clinic up and running as soon as possible and are talking to police about whether additional security is necessary for patients and staff. ray brewer, wmur. erin: thank you. new hampshire' s only death row inmate is appealing his conviction to the u.s. supreme court. michael addison was convicted in 2008 for the shooting death of manchester police officer
6:32 am
his attorney said his rights were violated because jurors were not allowed to hear testimony that he was remorseful. the new hampshire supreme court upheld his conviction. the u.s. supreme court is not required to hear his appeal. sean: the plainfield home of convicted tax evaders ed and elaine brown has a secret door, with a 360 degree view of the property and is going up for sale. investigators have also found property. the browns are serving more than evasion and staging a nine-month 2007. today' s starting bid is $125,000. the auction starts at 11:00 a.m. in concord.
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trying to track down the person responsible for a commercial robbery. the truck left and the owner later found thousands of dollars in high-end industrial whitman missing. >> we believe, based on what we have for information, that an individual was probably familiar with the layout, the cameras. there was a computer equipment also taken tied in directly with the camera equipment that tells us someone may have had working knowledge to have the business operated. erin: if you think you recognize this pickup truck, contact the merrimack police department. sean: a nashua mother serving time for the beating death of her two-year-old son will not be let out of prison early. 24-year-old unique gould requested an early release to care for her sick mother.
6:34 am
the judge said she is not eligible for a reduction in time served. erin: the upper valley humane society is taking care of more than two dozen animals found living in deplorable conditions. the 23 cats and two dogs were found in a home after their elderly owner was found ill. >> we were glad that we were able to be a part of the solution for this family, both the human and the pets involved. erin: one of the cats gave birth to five kittens after arriving at the shelter. the animals are not ready to be adopted just yet. sean: a couple of presidential candidates are hitting the campaign trail in new hampshire today. lindsey graham has events in salem, amherst, and milford, before a town hall in derry,
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erin: fans filled a theater last night to watch the "back to the future" trilogy. yesterday was the date that marty mcfly time traveled to in the second movie, making many predictions about 2015. some have come true. fans say it was great to see the movie on the big screen 30 years later. >> it was just like 1985 all over again. >> it was phenomenal. >> it is really good for an old movie. >> an old movie? >> it is pretty old to me. [laughter] sean: it is like "casablanca jirga same thing -- it is like cosan longe -- it is like "casablanca." erin: the cubs whirl a minute from the playoffs last night. sean: christopher lloyd said that was one of the things he hoped would come true.
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sean: the disheartening situation. someone badly damaged a beloved statue outside the ronald mcdonald house. erin: your chance to leave a mark on scientific history. one man is selling the naming mosque.
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kevin: s to lower 50' s. a lot of clouds earlier this morning. passing showers moving away this afternoon. maybe a couple of breaks of sun allowing temperatures to go into the 60' s to lower 70' s. a look ahead to the cooler air that rush is behind this system with your forecast coming up. sean: we are following a developing story out of sweden this morning. a masked man armed with a sword attacked the school this morning. he killed a teacher and wounded two students before being shot by police. he survived and is being treated at a hospital. the school has about 400
6:38 am
erin: today, hillary clinton will testify before a congressional committee on benghazi. the could be lots of fireworks over what some believe is a political probe into the 2012 attack that killed a u.s. diplomat and three other americans. nikole killion has a preview. >> the stakes could behind for hillary clinton and her campaign , which sees today' s testimony is one of the final hurdles before the campaign ramps up next year. this is not her first time testifying about the benghazi attack. she went before an explosive hearing in 2013. this time, she is expected to take the high road. her campaign has blasted the panel for going after her. >> she wants to point to them as having this political witchhunt going on. they want to point to her as an incompetent secretary of state
6:39 am
who allowed an ambassador to get killed. >> lawmakers will also ask questions about her e-mails. in washington, nikole killion. sean: police in new mexico made an arrest overnight in connection with a road rage and dent -- incident that left a four-year-old girl dead. lily garcia was shot in the back of her father' s pickup truck. the father told police he was trying to get off the highway when a car forced him out of his lane. the drivers exchanged words before the driver pulled out a gun and started shooting. 32-year-old tony torres confessed to the crime late last night and is charged with murder. erin: a woman is recovering after falling off a platform at a t station in boston. the one and up falling underneath an orange line train. fortunately, she was not run over. she got trapped in a crawlspace. rescue crews pulled her to safety. she was conscious and alert when
6:40 am
investigators are trying to determine why she felt. sean: vandals are being blamed for causing thousands of dollars of damage to a statue in burlington, vermont. someone desecrated the ronald mcdonald statue on three separate occasions, burning his head, decapitating him, and cutting off issues with a saw. the vandalism has traumatized children who have seen the famous clown as a welcoming and happy face while they stay at the house and receive medical care. erin: the irs is updating its policies to recognize same-sex marriages no matter where they were performed. the irs has recognized same-sex marriages for tax purposes since 2013, as long as they were performed in states where the marriages were legal. sean: the new york mets are
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heading back to the world series for the first time in 15 years. they are advancing after beating the chicago cubs last night. daniel murphy hit a two run homer in the eighth, marking his six consecutive playoff game with a long ball. that is a playoff record. the mets won by a final score of 8-3. this will be the fifth trip to the world series. now to the american league championship series, the kansas city royals and toronto blue jays are still battling it out. chris calla bello hit a monster home run to give the blue jays a 1-0 lead. troy tulowitzki broke the game open with a bases clearing double to put toronto up 5-0. the royals still lead the series 3-2. game six will be tomorrow night in kansas city. erin: the bruins host to the philadelphia flyers last night at td garden'
6:42 am
brett connolly tied it up with his first goal of the year. patrice bergeron tidied up by scoring a power play. bergeron and his wife welcomed a new baby boy earlier in the day. the bruins took a four-to lead, but ended up losing the game in 5-4. the snhu hockey team left bound for logan airport this morning. they play arizona state on friday and saturday night. the sun devils are a new team to college hockey, playing a division i schedule. sean: the celtics are playing in new hampshire tomorrow night. they will host the 76ers at the verizon wireless arena in manchester. erin: people across the globe are getting a chance to make scientific history. a new mexico scientist is selling the naming rights to a
6:43 am
a chance to name the insect is bidding on ebay. the money raised will go to the national parks association. as of this morning, the bidding is up to $12,100. if you are interested in having you go. s day. kevin: you are saying that this significant other? m not saying all. all of this. kevin: you have to understand that. if i' m going to drop 12 grand. erin: it depends on the lady or [laughter] [laughter] kevin: we start off with clouds and if you showers and then it turns milder into the afternoon. it looks like the cooler air north and then works its way
6:44 am
timing sets up where we may have a few hours this afternoon to s. a cooler breeze kicks in later tonight and tomorrow. a sunny start to our weekend. a similar front arrives early on sunday morning. you will notice the shower activity lines up to our west. southern spots will see quick passing showers between now and 11:00. left behind will be a couple of sunny breaks into the afternoon. from there, cooler air starts to rush in later this afternoon. lows are back into the 30' s to eventually the lower ranges of the 40' s. we start off in the lower half of the 50' s from manchester to the coast. these numbers are likely higher than any point tomorrow. we won' t quite recover despite the sunshine out there tomorrow and a pretty good breeze to go along with it. we are in the 40' s up north and we do edge back into the
6:45 am
mid-50' s in far northern parts of the state. a lot of 50' s to lower parts of the 70' s for southern parts of the state. later on tonight, with clearing skies and flurries in the mountains, we see temperatures drop back into the 30' s and lower 40' s. it should be a much colder day, lower 40' s to lower 50' s for highs. a lot of 20' s to lower 30' s for overnight lows and then a lot of sunshine for the day on saturday. look for an increase in clouds on saturday night eventually setting up a passing shower chance, much like what we will see for sunday morning. from there, we start to warm up on sunday afternoon. it looks like we start to drop back behind that front yet again monday into tuesday. we start off with temperatures in the 40' s and 50' s. there will be a couple of southern locations getting up to
6:46 am
near 70 degrees into the afternoon. your extended forecast shows the colder air around for the weekend. the coldest night will be tomorrow night. sunday night should not be a big issue for the weekend. we are just looking at a shower early around on sunday. i had a lot of fun talking to the folks at the hell am senior center -- pellham senior center. we were talking about the upcoming winter. this was taken by one of their computers because my camera was on the fritz. i snuck into the back of that photo. a big thank you and i' m looking forward to going back there this summer. maybe we will do a weather game show. erin: they are going to hold you to everything you say. [laughter] kevin: i know. what happens in that room stays in that room. sean: many of us would love the ability to fly. swiss scientists are giving you
6:47 am
they have created a bird simulator complete with a virtual reality headset. as you move your arms, the virtual wings flap, helping you soar higher or dive for the rooftops. atmospheric conditions are replicated through a fan and the played through the headphones. it is now being taken to exhibitions around the world. these things are getting better and better. they are getting more and more lifelike. erin: that is awesome. very cool. still ahead, a final check on your top stories, including a case of vandalism in clermont.
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erin: it is 6:55. sean: the planned parenthood in claremont is closed after a juvenile broken early yesterday morning and used a hatchet to cause thousands of dollars of damage. officers are investigating whether this incident may be connected to another case of vandalism at the clinic earlier
6:50 am
this month in which someone spray-painted graffiti on the outside of the building. erin: an atkinson couple is facing charges after police found more than seven pounds of marijuana at their home. robert and valerie zdrada are now facing charges of felony drug possession with the intent to distribute. sean: the plainfield home of convicted tax evaders ed and elaine brown is going up for sale today. the sale comes with a warning because they have found explosive devices on that property. the starting bid is $125,000. kevin: we start out with clouds, patchy fog, and a couple of showers. some of those already moving through the north country. as they travel through, they should be to our east by the time we get to 11:00 and lunchtime. we will get temperatures this afternoon in the 60' s to even a few lower 70' s before we start to cool off later tonight and he chillier forecast heading into the weekend.
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enjoy the 70 degrees out there today. coming up next, they are going to have the latest on the developing story that we have been following for you out of sweden. sean: authorities say a mask man armed with a sword attacked a school, killing a teacher and wounding two students. "gma" will also have the latest on hillary clinton today talking about benghazi. erin: and joe biden making his decision in regard to the white house. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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