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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  October 22, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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auctioned off in november. auctioned off, their belongings are up for sale. news 9 gets an up close look. like we do. wmur news 9 at 5:00. jean: the victim of a vicious dog attack in bow says he likely survived because of his experience with wild animals. good evening, i' m jean mackin. josh: i' m josh mcelveen. the man was attacked by a pair of pit bulls while walking his dog. wmur' s jennifer crompton has his story. jennifer: it was down this path a deputy officer with fish and game was walking with his dog when they were viciously attacked by two pitbulls. dave says it was a surprising counter. eight-year-old lady next to him
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lady was grabbed by the neck and shaken as dave felt another dog jumped from behind, pulling him to the ground. he fought it off with pepper spray. a 10 minute battle that included the owner of the home where the dogs lived. dave able to grab lady and run for help. she is still recovering from 30 staples. the pitbulls still at that home. he is convinced if they had attacked a woman or child, the catastrophic. coming up, how the laws' hands are tied in cases like this. jean: a compound once at the federal agents has a new owner. this morning, businessman james hollander of plainfield bought the home that once belonged to convicted tax evaders ed and elaine brown for $205,000. there were no bidders at a similar auction last year, because of concerns the property
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s suzanne roantree joins us now with what will happen to everything that was inside the home. suzanne: the contents of the home was packed up in over 1000 boxes and move by eight moving trucks. in addition, 10 dump trucks took away trash. workers unloaded thousands of items into the storage unit, fine china, crystal, and jewelry, tools, and even the kitchen sink. duplicates. i said maybe we can recovers some of the funds we have expended by doing a personal property sale. bargain hunters dream come true. it is a crawford.
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it' s a $20,000 item. the wood stoves. >> a crew has been going through the box organizing and throwing out the unwanted items. >> they wrapped it up and put it in the box. dead plant. >> because of the way the auction is structured, deals will be plenty. >> the dental equipment, we will put that into one lot. or be able to set up their own practice by the time they are done. >> the estate is in or miss and will likely have something for everyone. >> tools, jewelry, the antiques. >> the auction has been set for november 18 with eight review the day before.
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suzanne roantree, wmur news 9. josh: more information today about the federal response to the heroin epidemic. frank said the stop abuse act will bring funding from washington to new hampshire. >> we want to bring the resources to make sure they have an opportunity to go through a recovery court and have long-term treatment and make sure they are no longer addicted. >> we are a small states. we need to to have coordination of our medication programs where they keep track of who is trying to get access to opioids. it is multifaceted. josh: the task force will hold a roundtable at new hampshire' s department of safety, next friday. in a recent survery commissioned by wmur. new hampshire residents called heroin and substance abuse the most important issue facing the state.
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amy coveno as we host a very special town hall focused on the crisis of addcition in new hamphshire. doctors, police officers treatment specialists are all , part of the discussion, as recovering addicts and parents ask questions that could help make a difference. >> why are they not getting any treatment while incarcerated? >> i' m a proponent of having standardized treatment in every correctional facility. josh: this is a one-hour special airing tonight. we will talk about what is working, what more needs to be done. all of this tonight at 7:00. jean: hillary clinton is resuming her testimony answering questions for the congressional panel invest gating the 2012 attack on the consulate in benghazi. sally kidd is in washington with
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the hearing. >> the hearing is viewed as a high-stakes moment for hillary clinton as it she seeks the nomination and for republicans as they tried to restore the committee' s credibility. hillary clinton: most of my work was not done on e-mails. >> republicans forced to defend claims this is nothing more than a partisan witchhunt. signed up to investigate you or your e-mail. >> they say it is about uncovering the truth. >> you knew the truth. that is not what the american people got. clinton: the insinuations do a disservice. >> accusations the former secretary of state was not fully engaged as the situation in libya deteriorated. clinton: i would imagine i' ve thought more about it than all
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>> why please for more security were not addressed. >> certain things got to your inbox and the request for more security did not. clinton: he raised it to where it would be properly addressed. would tell you he had. >>' s theme session with e-mails been the task. >> democrats accuse republicans of carrying out a taxpayer-funded fishing expedition. >> they set them loose because you are running for president. >> the investigation does not end with clinton. 20 more witnesses will be called. sally kidd, wmur news 9. josh: senator kelly ayotte will go to guantanamo bay.
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the team will review operations at the prison and meet with the troops serving there. they also plan to address concerns that female guards may be prevented from performing certain duties for male detainees. senator ayotte is a member of the senate armed services committee. jean: what a gorgeous and warm day. hope you enjoyed it. things are about to change. some people might be reaching for their thermostats again let' s check in with meteorologist hayley lapoint. hayley: the temperatures come crashing down. this was a one-day ring. -- thing. take a look what is happening right now. you might be coming home from work and say we did not see the sunshine. you might have seen a midday because we have' s and rain showers passing through in southern portions of the state, especially the seacoast of into rock gesture and south toward hampton.
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mainly some light rain coming down. that will move out overnight along with the warmer air. 61 in the cognac. 63 concord. high temperatures, 20 degrees below where we were today. a big difference. we will get more sunshine. i will talk about the forecast for the weekend coming up. jean: this is the bottleneck on 293 southbound near exit five. josh: 95.7 wzid' s peggy james joins us live with a look at your evening commute. peggy: a tough commute today. we' ve have a rollover accident 101 westbound that occurred earlier with injuries and so we have major backups in the area
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delays. the wreckage has been cleared. there are still backups and also busy as well. coming up from 93 from the massachusetts border, a 24 minute ride. 293, a little bit sluggish on the southbound side. 101 busy through bedford. this report brought to you by peters honda. jean: the new hampshire sportsplex in bedford is gearing up for the annual new hampshire auto show. this is the third year for the event that will showcase about 100 new automobiles . there are custom cars on display as well. organizers say it' s a great family event and fun way to look at cars in a low pressure environment. the show has grown every year. >> last year was up 12% over the
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year prior. we expect good things again. it is a great show. jean: doors open friday at noon in bedford. the show runs through 5:00 on sunday. josh: coming up on news 9 at 5. what looked like a halloween prank turned out to be real at a school in sweden. a man armed with a sword killed a student and a teacher today. >> an american service member has been killed rescuing hostages in iraq. i' m aixa diaz in washington, how the pentagon describes this mission and why this casualty marks the first. >> i don' t think anybody should mistakes. jean: the water is back on in
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why it was people want change, they want reform, they want to see something done, but just carping about it and whining about it and making speeches about it doesn't get it done. nobody has shaken up the system more than i have. i've always been unorthodox in this and against the grain.
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get it done. new day for america is responsible for the content of
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jean: a teacher and a student are dead, after a man with a sword attacked a school in sweden. josh: many people thought the masked man was part of a halloween prank. he stabbed four people, including that teacher and student, before being shot and killed by police. investigators say the attacker
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knocked on the doors to two classrooms and then stabbed the s home but have not released any information yet about a possible motive. jean: the first american killed in action against isis died during an operation to free wmur' s aixa diaz is live in our washington bureau, to explain what happened. >> the pentagon says the u.s. was helping with this rescue kurdish government. forces accompanied soldiers to a compound in northern iraq where isis was threatening to execute 70 hostages. the defense department says an american service member was killed when he came under fire. president obama said the u.s. is not serving a combat role in iraq. the pentagon does it knowledge the mission was different.
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where forces are training and assisting. they have the right to defend themselves, those forces. this was a unique circumstance. it is not something that has played out across iraq previously. >> this is believed to be the first u.s. casualty in the fight against isis. all of the hostages were rescued safely. jean: do we know anything else about the server member killed? >> the pentagon has not released any information on the service member. his name, branch of the military. the hostages, none were american. somewhere iraqi civilians or security forces. jean: thanks for the update. josh: the white house has released a look behind the scenes of vice president joe biden' s announcement that he will not run for president. this photo was taken just before the press conference biden and president obama reviewing the
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remarks. a lot of biden' s own staff didn' t know what his decision would be. a second picture shows the oval office immediately after the announcement. president obama with the vice president and his wife. some republican candidates campaigned around new hampshire today. lindsay graham held events in salem, amherst, and milford and has a town hall in derry starting at 6:30. and john kasich will hold a town hall meeting in newport, starting at 6. jean: we' re counting down to halloween. josh: we' re visiting some of new hampshire' s scariest sights each week this month for tonight' s haunted thursday. wmur' s mike haddad went to the house in haunted hill. mike: i am still here. joining me right now is the owner, the founder of this place . thanks for inviting us. i think thank you because we are surrounded by some of your friends./
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>> friends and family. >> what will people find when they come to visit? >> this is the 20th season. we have 26 rooms of ghosts and goblins and things. >> it has taken 20 years to build up. how many specific rooms? >> 26. mike: have you added to it every year? what is the workload like for everybody? >> we started this year in june putting it together. it takes to an half months of framing and everything to get it going. we' ve had a lot of help. mike: when can people visit? you' re not open today. they will be in full operation working tomorrow. >> tomorrow. all the way through the first of november.
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mike: what is the cost? >> $10 for adults. five dollars 12-5. mike: we will have a tour of this place coming up in a little bit. we got some video. we' ve survived so far. i' m not sure if we will at 6:00. what about the weather? things will change. hayley: yeah, the forecast is house. the weather is looking brighter. the sun. more sunshine in the forecast. let me show you the spooky forecast if you have plans to go to any of the other spooky things across the state. this is the forecast tomorrow. today. highs in the 50' s and on saturday, highs in the mid-50'
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sunday close to 60. sunday is the one day where there is a chance of rain showers. we do have them moving through in the southern part of the state. beautiful. moultonborough. the south, very pretty. temperatures warm today, into the 70' now it is 63 degrees. 67 degrees in nashua. the winds have been picking up out of the northwest at 10 miles an hour now. earlier they were southwest. that was the warm air coming in. now the cooler air is going to be arriving and you' re going to feel a difference tomorrow morning. the rest of the state, a little breeze, six miles per hour. same thing concord. here are the rain showers
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passing through, confined to concord. the heavier showers, right along route one and 95 down to hampton and seabrook. these are moving off toward the east. on the couple more hours for most of us to have the showers around. rain showers toward the temple. could be a few showers lingering. we have a cold front. this will bring in the cooler air. it is still back in canada. we' ve got a little while to go before we will notice the cold air coming down from quebec and ontario. look at these differences. today most of us into the 60' s or 70' s. tomorrow, that should say 50' s across the state. s. forward.
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so here is what happens as we go through the overnight. clouds and showers dissipate. tomorrow some lingering clouds, possibly a snow shower north. for the rest of us, sunshine and temperatures are going to be cooler. clear skies, a cold one saturday morning. saturday looks good. some passing clouds. rain showers are expected to move through on sunday. tonight, clouds clearing. temperatures in the 30' s. tomorrow, highs into the upper 40' s, and that is it. compared to the 70 we had today. not a bad weekend. sunday chance for a few showers. here comes fall. josh: not so bad. jean: voice command systems are supposed to help drivers stay focused.
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they may not work as well as you think. josh: bae systems -- a secon the republicans finally admit it. >>"republican kevin mccarthy saying ...the committee investigating benghazi and clinton's emails was created to destroy her candidacy..." "everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together a benghazi special committee... what are her numbers today?"
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republicans have spent millions attacking hillary... ...because she's fighting for everything they oppose... ...from affordable health care. equal pay... she'll never stop fighting for you. and the republicans know it. >>i'm hillary clinton and
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jean: drivers may be more distracted by car systems that use voice commands. josh: a new study from triple-a found that it can take drivers
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up to 27 seconds to return their after using hands-free technology to make calls or turn on the radio. researchers looked at the voice systems used in 2015 vehicles. part of the delay is because t recognize commands very well which means drivers have to repeat domino' s pizza is giving its delivery cars a technology upgrade. 100 chevrolet sparks are being fitted with warming ovens and extra storage areas. those features mean there' s only one seat, for the driver. dominos dxp vehicles will roll out in certain markets, that does include boston. talk about distracted driving. jean: there' s a new twist in the world of ice cream. straight ahead at 5:30 ben and jerry' s has a new combination for beer lovers with a sweet tooth. plus -- >> for growers who are competitive, it' s year round they' re studying, they' re researching, they' re building greenhouses. josh: the giant produce so
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takes an enormous commitment. we' ll go behind the scenes with one of new england' s record-setting growers. jean: now to our u-local hot shot. speaking of pumpkins, look at these works of art. created by mark, kaitlynn and
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you ca jean: hayley: now at 5:30, a big temperature slide. after many of us got into the 70' s today colder air returns for the end of the week. how chilly it will be. >> the water has been turned back on in this mobile home community in boscawen after it was shut off because of unpaid water bills, what the town is saying is coming up. josh: a man has confessed to the road rage shooting that killed a four-year-old girl. jean: and the fire station closed during controversial budget cuts is back in business. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do.
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josh: the water is once again running in a mobile home park in boscawen after it was shut off for more than twenty four hours. welcome back, i' m josh mcelveen. jean: i' m jean mackin. the water was turned off because some water bills haven' t been paid in more than twelve months. wmur' s kristen carosa has reaction from residents and the town. kristen: the water was turned back on around 11:00 this morning. while they are relieved, they are looking for the situation to be resolved so it does not happen again. the fossett' s are running once again. a moment tenant says and waiting 24 hours for. >> we pay every month on time. why was our water shut off? kristen: the water was shut off wednesday because of outstanding
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the town. the officer did step in to help turned back on. >> i have a responsibility as the health officer, when the appearance of a public health emergency arise is, i should act on behalf of the town. property sent this notice dating it was the decision to shut the water off, not theirs. all homes were affected because not all of the units have individual shut offs something the officer says is required. >> i know there are issues that need to be resolved and i hope the parties are able to work things out and come up with a plan so something like this is not necessary. kristen: the outstanding bills have not been paid for more than 12 months and they say a letter was sent to the owner of the property 60 days ago stating the bills needed to be paid.
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water was shut off your it even though the water has been turned on, tenants are upset. for somebody else' s mistakes. kristen: if you are having trouble paying a water bill, get help. kristen carosa, wmur news 9. jean: a second man has been armed robbery in concord. police say 36-year-old steven jones was seen running from the irving mainway convenience store last week with another suspect. they say he was acting as the lookout for john conkle, who is accused of holding up the store at gunpoint. jones is now charged with conspiracy to commit armed robbery. josh: a man has confessed to pulling the trigger. he was forced out of his lane while he was driving his children home from school. the men exchanged words, and then torrez pulled out a gun and shot at the family' s truck.
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a bullet hit 4-year-old lilly garcia, who died at a hospital. torrez has been charged with murder. a suspect has also been arrested in a shooting that wounded an albuquerque police officer. the chief says that shooting happened during a traffic stop. the officer has had surgery, but is still in critical condition. jean: another investigation is underway in st. louis. after the 7th fire at a church in the last two weeks. this time, someone set fire to the rectory doors of a catholic church that' s 172-years-old. abc' s elizabeth hur has the latest. >> it happened again. another church damaged from a fire that is believed to be arson. >> whoever is responsible did some research and new they could get in and get out. >> this is the seventh
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officials have linked the previous six fires, noting while different denominations, they were black congregations within three miles of each other. >> i want that person to get help. >> while the latest church is outside of that area, and the congregation is mostly white, all seven churches are miles from ferguson, missouri, recovering from the riots following the shooting death of teenager michael brown by a white police officer. for investigators, they have yet to determine a motive. >> it can be somebody who' s got a beef against the church. somebody might have mental issues. >> officials say they don' t know if the latest fire is the work of a copycat or one serial arsonist. they remain on high alert. josh: the derry fire station
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closed because of budget cuts re-opened this morning. the hampstead road station closed more than 3 months ago. but last week, voters overturned those cuts in an election that had the biggest turnout the town has ever seen. this week, councilors officially reinstated more than one and a dollars into the 2016 budget, half allowing the station to reopen. still ahead on news 9 at 5:30. a warning for atm users. the mistake that many people make, that leaves their account open to thieves. josh: ups will pay out another seven-figure sum, to settle accusations that it overcharged customers. hayley: we are on a temperature roller coaster ride. we will take a nosedive overnight tonight and on friday. how about the weekend? jean: and what is the best treat to collect on halloween? we have a new survey on the most popular candy, just ahead. this week' s adopt a pet is phoebe. the 4-year-old boxer-lab mix loves people and gives lots of
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kisses. she' d do best in a home without cats or young children but would make a great hiking companion, and also loves the water. for more information on phoebe
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>> a big day for the down. the s&p up by 33. the nasdaq picking up 79 points. the fuel index, the average price is 2.22. ups will pay 4.2 million dollars as part of a settlement for overcharging government customers. josh: the company already shelled out $25 million this year, to settle complaints about employees recording inaccurate delivery times for next-day shipments. the new payout will be split between 14 states and 3 local entities. amazon will hire 100,000 workers this holiday season 25% more than last year. the boost comes from the rise in online shopping. even traditional retailers like macy' s and wal-mart have added extra facilities just to handle e-commerce orders although that doesn' t necessarily mean an increase in hiring. jean: police are seeing people
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think it vantage of a simple mistake of the atm. at the end of a transaction, when the machine asks if you would like another transaction many people just walk away. but that leaves your account open ready for a criminal to swoop in and take your money. police say to make sure you log out of your account before leaving the machine. some good advice. josh: it sounds like science fiction but it' s very real. up next, what nasa says we need to know about the asteroid heading for earth right now. in sports, the monarchs gear up for their first of the season. josh: then new at six, the plans for re-opening a planned parenthood badly damaged by
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stay with us. josh: here' s a real-life scare this halloween, nasa says an asteroid will buzz by earth next weekend. it' s estimated to be at least a thousand feet across. nasa says there isn' t any reason to panic right now. jean: but some scientists are using this as an opportunity to plan for the next time there is a threat. reporter tom abrahams has the story. tom: it may seem like something out of a movie, but it is just a matter of when, not if. >> we found out about that one. >> that is why this astronaut is
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>> we try to educate people. take the responsibility. >> he was invited to speak in houston by a group of scientists and engineers who want to do something about the threats with the right funding. >> we can do something about it and we are not utilizing the best technology. if something did happen, it would be a very sad day. >> that includes a gravity tractor, which would nudge an asteroid on its course with earth, deflecting it from ahead. >> this is something we can do in our time in history which will make a difference forever. >> we know about 97 percent of the asteroids, but we don' t know about the medium and small ones, where they are or where they are
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headed. >> the risk is low. just put it into the spectrum. >> now hayley lapoint and your storm watch 9 forecast. hayley: i' m glad he' s feeling that way. for us, maybe the threat of rain showers. those are imminent. in dublin we' ve had some showers moving through. the pavement is wet. the rain showers should be wrapping up within the next couple of hours. look at all of that traffic. and the foliage looking pretty. most of the state, is passed peak. we are getting the yellow colors , the leftovers. still beautiful, don' t get me wrong. the latest on the satellite and radar, a few showers, especially
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into manchester ride along the seacoast. these are on their way out. shower action. down through salem, windham, hampton and seabrook. this is moving to the east. it should be free of us. north. you see the showers from north of toronto, quebec city, these are the showers that are part of the cold front. we will not see rain, but we will feel the difference in the temperatures during the tomorrow. especially in the southern part of the state. these were the talents that got s. nashua, salem 73. dover 72. s after the
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rain showers and of course with the sun going down earlier. 65 in berlin. all of these temperatures about to make a crash downward. the average this time in october, 59. tomorrow, 50 degrees for the southern communities. north and central new hampshire, the 40' s. we get a little bit of a bump into the weekend. rain showers, clouds, they all move away overnight. maybe some lingering clouds tomorrow morning. then a lot of sunshine. perfect for friday night activities. it is going to be chilly tomorrow night. saturday, a few passing clouds. we will crank it up into the 50' s. tonight, passing clouds. the wind out of the northwest at 10 miles per hour and then
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getting closer to 50 in places like manchester, salem. as for the weekend, morning showers and the rest of the weekend looks sunny and warming up close to 60 on sunday. weather. i had two today. you can see all the the wonderful folks i got to talk to at the senior center. spoke to 308 graders. they were great to visit with. josh: good stuff. jean: ben and jerry' s has once again created something new. brownie ale ice cream is the result of a team effort with new belgium brewing. it' s only available for a limited time.
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jean: over the summer, we told you the finalists for lay' s annual flavor contest. now the winner has been southern biscuits and gravy will s flavor rotation. the woman who suggested the flavor will get a million dollars for her winning idea. this is sure to be a controversial story. a new survey from the website ranker asked people which halloween candy is the best. josh: turns out a lot of you like peanut butter. reese' s peanut butter cups took first place with peanut butter pumpkins in fifth. in between were twix, kit kat and snickers. all good stuff. jean: you had to go down to number seven to find a non-chocolate candy that was starburst. skittles and gummy bears also made the top ten. >> now news 9 sports. >> m an dm d ms' ? the boston celtics will be busy for two nights they host the ny knicks in boston tonight. tomorrow night, they come to the verizon wireless arena to host the philadelphia 76ers.
5:46 pm
game time is 7:30. just one game into their season, the manchester monarchs will start playing with more frequency. they have a home and home with the adirondack thunder this weekend. in new york saturday night, and home on sunday afternoon. >> it will be a grind. we play them 15 times. we will need to take care of bodies and hydrate. big game on sunday. hopefully we can come out hot on the road. >> there are 2 football games collecting food as part of the nh tackles hunger food drive this weekend. on saturday, free admission to the newport at franklin game with a donation. and the game at mascoma is also a collection sight . seriously on the m&ms? josh: being a competitive grower takes more than a green thumb. jean: up next. a world-record holder explains
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harvests that win blue ribbons. >> coming up new on newsnine at six. a narrow escape for a man and his dog, attacked by two other dogs on a popular trail in bow. why the man says it could have been deadly. and, an accidental discovery in franklin, what someone stumbled upon in a wooded area, and why the feds quickly moved in. tt2w`t3n`!d# bt@qn%$ tt2w`t3n`!d# "a@q^)@ tt2w`t3n`!d# bm@qu"l tt4w`t3n`!d#" dztq xzd tt4w`t3n`!d#" entq (^$ tt4w`t3n`!d#" gzt& 1y\ tt4w`t3n`!d#" hnt& !w0 tt4w`t3n`!d#" iztq k>h tt4w`t3n`!d#" jntq yn(
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i'm todd from aarp riding through the mill yards to make some noise for all the real possibilities we're providing right here in our community because if you don't think real possibilities in greater manchester when you think aarp then you don't know "aarp" maybe you've caught our movies for grownups series or heard about how our fraud watch network protects families from being the victims of scams we're also helping people achieve their goals with life reimagined get to know us and see all the real possibilities at
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jean: you know the giant pumpkins that dominate festivals this time of year take more work than many people realize. josh: it starts with the seed some prime varieties sell for hundreds of dollars per seed. a group called the great pumpkin commonwealth even keeps records, much like tracking bloodlines for purebred animals. this new england grower, the first man to grow a gourd more than two-thousand pounds, says one of the most important investments in time. >> most competitive grower' s are not taking summer vacations. they are not watching tv. they are in their garden. anyone who competes is doing 20 and 40 hours a week worth of
5:50 pm
jean: this is a full-time job. he says when the conditions are just right, his pumpkins can add up to 45 pounds per day. he actually won the top prize with a pumpkin that wade 1,975 pounds. that is an enormous. josh: thanks for joining us for news 9 at five. jean: stay tuned, news 9 at six
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if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but the republicans... v they want to go back to letting v the super wealthy call the shots. they don't stand up for equal pay for women. they don't support paid family leave. they don't even really support refinancing student debt. we've got to get this economy working for the vast majority of americans, not just for those at the top. that's what i intend to do as president. i'm hillary clinton and
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>> if it had been a woman or a child it would have been catastrophic. tom: now at six concern in bow after a pitbull attack on a popular walking trail. the victim is speaking out
5:53 pm
tonight. jennifer: a disturbing find in the woods of franklin - what federal agents say a dozen suspicious looking bottles were used for. tom: plus an update on new hampshire' s war on heroin from those fighting the battle from the front lines. jennifer: and hours in the hotseat and tempers flare as hillary clinton faces questions . hayley: the mild temps we had cooler air returns in time for the weekend. how chilly it gets coming up. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. wmur news 9 at 6:00. tom: police are investigating an attack by two pit bulls, that its believed could' ve been deadly if one of the victims
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