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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  October 23, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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ray: an explosive discovery erin: now on "news 9 daybreak," a street in franklin shut down after a discovery. what sparked investigators are arrive on the scene. and the water is back on in boscawen. why some were stuck without water for 24 hours. hayley: how cool it will feel and your up. >> rocking out for a beloved radio host. a special benefit in blacksmith. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do.
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erin: beautiful warmth out there yesterday. we were really in for a treat. today the temperatures are going to take a little bit of a fall. hayley join us right now with a look at what to expect into the weekend as well. hayley: the weekend looks pretty good. we'll have sunshine and warmer temperatures. the problem is today it is not going to warm up much more than where we are right now. maybe a degree or two. take a look at what you can expect here when you are stepping out this morning. first the live look in manchester where the temperature is 49 degrees. we have some clouds overhead. nothing in the way of wet weather expected today. the cold front that we had some through overnight has arrived. the cold air just draining out of canada. you can see 30's up north. 45 now in concord. it is 49 in manchester. most places were only going to go up a degree or two. especially atz clouds go up. it is going to be breezy today. wind out of the northwest between 10-15 miles per hour with a lot of sunshine.
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despite the sun, still a cool day. i'll have the latest on the weekend forecast in a couple of minutes. first a look at the morning drive here in the granite state. we're joined live by deb davidson. deb: hey. right now 93 looks great through the entire part of the state and starting your early morning friday commute. 93 is incident free from north of the notch all the bay down into concord. then from the hooksett tolls into manchester. no delays or incidents are going to slow you down. 293 and the everett turnpike are moving well from the mill yard into nashua. we're not seeing any delays in the southern part of the state either. if you are on route 3 or 93. it is great news for commuter heading into boston right now. as of right now, all major roads in currently incident free and up to speed. this report is brought to you by autofair. from the traffic
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davidson for 95.7 wzid. erin: we are following some breaking news this morning. another fatal campus shooting. police say one person was killed and two others injured at tennessee state university in nashville. police say the shooting was prompted by a dispute over a dice game in an outdoor courtyard. at this time, we don't know if the victims were students. there's no word at this time on the status of the shooter. new developments regarding a fatal motorcycle -- motor newport. a call came in shortly single motor vehicle with one person inside drove off of john stark highway into the woods and struck a tree. fire officials say when crews arrived there was fire. the driver and a canine the scene. another dog was taken to a local vet for treatment. all lanes are back open now in the area. now to franklin will
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police say a man made an extremely dangerous discovery walking his dog. they quickly jumped into action and set up a perimeter on south spring street. ray brewer is live in franklin with more on the disturbing find that caused a big response. ray: it was wednesday afternoon. the man was walking a dog when he came across what police are calling meth in a bottle. now the police chief says the individual portions of meth known as one pots can be just as explosive. that prompted response teams to sale off spring street. >> we were able to secure the scene and seize 15 plastic bottles filled with the chemical s. ray: franklin's police chief say they have suspects in mind and expect to make an arrest soon. live in franklin, ray brewer, wmur news 9.
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erin: is it unusual for police to find the individual portions of meth, ray? : it is somewhat unusual, erin. franklin's police chief says the one pots do have an advantage for the drug dealers in that they are more mobile. people have been known to manufacture the drug in their cars. erin: thank you, erin. some people have been without water for more than a day. it was shut off wednesday because of unpaid water bill. one person still lives there. even though the precinct is independent of the town, yesterday the health officer ordered the water to be turned back on. >> i know there are still issues that need to be resolved. i hope the two parties are able to work things out and come up with a plan so that something like this isn't necessary in the future.
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the precinct align decided to shut off the water. the den tenants who have been paying on time should not have been affected. 15,000 gallons of contaminated water was spilled. the water should have gone to a treatment plant. an investigation to figure out why it didn't happen. and police are searching for a man that robbed a cvs. the suspect was wearing a black bandana. anyone with information is urged to contact the local police department. today is the day that granite state car enthusiast have been waiting for. look at the cars. the annual auto show
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begins at noon. this is the third year for the event that will showcase about 100 new automobiles. there are custom cars also on display. it is a great family event and a fun way to look at cars in a low pressure environment. that show runs through 5:00 on sunday. still to come on "news 9 daybreak," on this friday, hillary clinton facing 11 hours of tough questions. her answers to the house committee. and a special night in memory of andy blacksmith. the amount of money raised from an overnight concert that will help people. and ahead in your next half an hour, the victim of a vicious dog attack in bowe is speaking out. the reason he and his own dog survived. it is 6:07. you are watching "news 9
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hayley: good morning, new hampshire. here's a live look in berlin. it is cold up there. certainly not as cold as it has been. that's going to change during the day today. our temperatures won't be anywhere near the 60's and 70's. instead, we're trading it in for 40's and 50's. the weekend's forecast ahead. >> i've lost more sleep than all of you put pot. i have been racking my brain about what more could have been done. erin: 11 hours in the hot seat. democratic presidential front runner, hillary the house select committee regarding the attack in benghazi that killed four americans, including a u.s. ambassador.
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reporter: it was a marathon day. hillary clinton in the hot seat for over eight hours. the entire hearing lasting 11 hours. right out of the gate, republican committee chairman telling clinton the investigation is not about her. it is about what happened before, during, and after the attacks that killed them. reporter: democrats had a different take. >> this is a campaign to derail hillary clinton's presidential run. reporter: and one e-mail sent to diane reynolds, the name she used for her daughter.
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two people have been killed because of an al qaeda-group. the state department responds. >> you had two ambassadors that made several requests. here's basically what happened to haze requesting. they were torn up. >> that's just not true, congressman. reporter: once again, hillary clinton took responsibility. she grew emotional talking about how much sleep she's lost. erin: two gop presidential candidates will be in the granite state. lindsey graham and john kasich.
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for rock 101's greg and the morning buzz. concerts in memory of andy blacksmith. the radio personality passed away in june while awaiting a heart transplant. the $10,000 will help others waiting for a life-saving organ donation. >> that's andy's legacy is giving life to others. we're proud and happy to be a part of it. bands. this is what he would have wanted. a big party. >> he's watching in the front row. >> thank you to everybody. on. his donated his organs to others in need. 6:13, coming up, a new change facebook users are liking a lot this morning. thanksgiving is a little more than a month away. so is the holiday shopping season. the way retailers big
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up. i thought southern new hampshire university was only online. but then i visited and saw that there was this amazing campus, with a great campus culture. the community was just amazing, i really feel like this is my family. i've made so many friends here, friends that i know i'll have for life. i have everything i need to succeed right here. there's always something happening here. this is such a fun place to be. everybody really loves what they're doing here.
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erin: welcome back. this week's hometown hero is joanne coffey. she broke the record for career assists in the state. she has over 1,900. she's a candidate for the gatorade player of the year and underarmour all american nominee. she's committed to play volleyball at snhu next year where she plans to study business. have you noticed anything different on facebook? maybe you should search again. they debuted numerous features thursday, one biggy that users are liking is the new search tool which makes it possible to see all public posts, including groups and pages that
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users follow. another new feature, they will highlight about developing news as you start to type. it is almost the time of the year ago. in preparation for the holiday season, amazon says it will hire 100,000 workers. that's 25% more than last year. the boost comes in time for the rise in online shopping. even traditional retailers like macy's and walmart have added extra facilities just to handle the borders. although that doesn't necessarily mean an increase in hiring. new job numbers in new hampshire could mean you could pick up extra cash this holiday season. last month the county with the lowest unemployment rate was grafton county with 2.5%. at 3.5, coos county had the highest. statewide, 3 burst of unemployed. the national unemployment rate is also low at just other 5%. hundreds of thousands of seasonal jobs are up for grabs, including here in
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little local spots like with hardin hands gift shop and van otis chocolates are hiring. >> christmas starts the day after thanksgiving. it is a big holiday. it lasts all month. people are right into the holiday season. we get going right away. erin: the openings vary. van otis chocolates needs a few holiday workers to make up to 6,000 boxes of that famous swiss fudge. it is oh, so good. it is nice to see a lot of people are hiring out there. hayley: exactly. crazy to think we're almost to the holiday season. less than a week -- a week now from halloween. and the clocks changing next weekend too. it looks like things move a long here. it is going to feel more like late october. a nice sunrise. a few clouds still overhead. the same thing is true in portsmouth too. we're starting out on a cool note.
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not cold. 30's up north. 39 in laconia. 45 in concord. it is 49 in manchester. 50 in nashua. here's the problem, despite all of the sunshine we'll see today, the temperatures here only a few degrees warmer. it will be the highs later on this afternoon. compare that to yesterday. many of us in the 60's and 70's. this is a big cool down. 68 degrees compared to the 50 we'll be able to get to today. in manchester only about 50 compared to the 71 yesterday. we have some big changes. that's courtesy of a cold front that's swept through. that's what's bringing the clouds still in place. also the wind is really helping to usher in the colder air coming right down out of the northwest. it is starting to crank. 17 miles per hour in concord. it is going to be a breezy day as the cold air seeps in from quebec and ontario. there are the clouds still hanging out, especially up north. there are even a few clouds in southern new hampshire too.
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diet the clouds early on, they are going to move away. this is the cold air. much chillier air behind it. you see all of the rain in the central u.s. here. this is what's going to move in sunday morning and bring us the threat for wet weather. not the entire day. just the morning and midday hours. here we go through today. mostly sunny. temperatures 40's up north. low 50's in the southern part of the state. tonight is going to be come. we'll fall into the 20's. we'll begin with sunshine saturday and clouds fill in by dinner time. rain showers will move into the area after midnight. we wanted to give you a quick update. that's something historical going on. this is hurricane patricia. as of just a couple of moments ago, it is now the strongest hurricane ever on the planet. that's pretty crazy.
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hour. it is going to cause some huge issues on the west coast of mexico. we'll be hearing about that news as we go course. here are the temperatures. today 40's, and at the north will get into the 50's in concord and salem. games. bring on the cold weather gear. home. temperatures falling into the 30's by the times the kids are wrapping up the game. morning showers on sunday. the weekend, you are good to go. it will be cool. temperatures in the 50's. erin: really? the strongest hurricane ever. hayley: in the atlantic or pacific. this is big. it will cause huge devastation. erin: all right. we'll stay tuned on that. now to the top stories. ray brewer has news of a discovery in franklin. ray: a dangerous discovery.
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dog in a wooded area along the spring street when he came across what was essentially meth in a bottle. it can be just as explosive as an actual meth lab. the street was sealed off. they do have some suspects in mind. they expect to make arrests soon. erin: one man is dead and three women wounded. it happened overnight. the shooting was prompted by a dispute over a dice game in a courtyard. we've learned the male victim who died was 19 and not enrolled at that school. newport police are investigating a fatal motor vehicle accident that happened overnight. police say the driver was killed when the car ran off of john stark highway into some woods and then caught fire. coming up on "daybreak," an obnoxious bird in massachusetts has now been captured. why residents in one brookline neighborhood
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erin: a pet on the most wanted list in brookline, massachusetts. very intimidating. dino is a pesky cockatoo. he's been pecking holes in people's homes. thanks to one neighbor's mission to feed the bird, he was able to be lured into a cage and won't be pecking holes in people's homes anyway. people at the heart of the heroin crisis in new hampshire coming together to talk about the problem and solutions. the new ways treatment is expanding. paul ryan is officially entered his name into the race for house speaker. the special elections
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the republicans finally admit it. >>"republican kevin mccarthy saying ...the committee investigating benghazi and clinton's emails was created to destroy her candidacy..." "everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together a benghazi special committee... what are her numbers today?" republicans have spent millions attacking hillary... ...because she's fighting for everything they oppose... ...from affordable health care. equal pay... she'll never stop fighting for you. and the republicans know it. >>i'm hillary clinton and
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can i get a medium coffee, cream, two sugars? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- see you at the window. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it.
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that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur "news 9 daybreak." erin: good morning tow. it is friday, october 23rd. we're seeing temperatures out there in the 40's in some areas. pretty shot there in portsmouth. we're going to look at your forecast for the rest of the day and into the weekend right after today's top stories. we continue to follow some breaking news out of tennessee this morning. authorities say one person was killed, three others wounded in an overnight shooting at the state university in nashville. it is unclear whether the shooter is still on
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an investigation in franklin after a man discovered bottles of walking his dog in the woods. state police say a woman wanted in pennsylvania for the last 12 years was finally arrested in of course, a lot of people have big plans. we have the pumpkin festivals over the weekend. weather looking good? most part. there are a couple of times there might be through. it will be a dry weekend. temperatures in the 40's up north. the problem with all of the sun we'll have, it is not going to feel much warmer and won't get warmer than a lot of the temperatures that you see there. the current wind speeds are starting to get piped up. 20 miles per hour in the manchester. it is going to be a breezy day. it will feel cooler with the wind too. for the school bus forecast and the bus stop this morning, not the t-shirts and the shorts like maybe some of the kids had on yesterday. it is back to the fall
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gear. temperatures in the lower 50's. erin: all right. we have news about a hurricane coming up too. for anyone that's visited mexico. we want to check the roads for you. here's a live look at 93 from the common man camera. hayley: for a look at the morning drive, we're joined live by deb davidson. hey there, deb. deb: good morning. right now traffic is starting to see some volume increasing trying to get through the bedford toll plazas and making your way down through the lane drops. it is still heavy into merrimack and nashua as well. give yourself extra time commuting on the everett turnpike. we're seeing delays on 101 eastbound as you are approaching route three and trying to get on to route 111. it is pretty heavy. 93 north and south looks good in the southern part of the state. we're starting to see some slowdowns in massachusetts that's
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just south of the 95 interchange. that will take you into sullivan square in boston. those are some minor delays as well. this report is being brought to you by autofair. from the wzid traffic network, i'm deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. erin: now to the breaking news we're following out of tennessee, one man was killed and three women wounded in a shooting in nashville. witnesses say the shooting happened during a dispute over the dice game in the outdoor courtyard. police say the 19-year-old who died was not enrolled at the school. officials say the three people who were wounded suffered non-life threatening injuries. it is not clear if the shooter was still on the loose. a supervisor says there's no indication of an active shooter. we're also following breaking news out of brighton, massachusetts. right now police are searching for the person who shot and killed a man last night and left him to die in the street.
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when officers arrived on the scene, they say they found a 30-year-old man dead from multiple gunshot wounds. again the shooter is still on the loose. police are checking surveillance cameras in the area in hopes of identifying a suspect. back here in the granite state, a disturbing discovery made here in franklin. a man was walking his dog in the woods when he stumbled across bottles of meth. ray brewer live now at the franklin police department with the latest on the investigation. good morning, ray. erin: -- ray: good morning. dangerous material found on the street and the dea called in to dispose. >> it was a plastic bottle that was smoking. it had some ingredients in it he didn't recognize. ray: what that man discovered was meth inside of bottles. authorities jumped into action after immediately
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>> we were able to identify it as possible one pot methamphetamine production. ray: those one pots are just as explosive as any other meth lab. drug enforcement and the fire department sealed off the area as they materials. >> we were able to secure the scene. we were able to seize 15 plastic bottles. ray: there's a good reason that people are making individual portions of meth. >> much more mobile. people have been known to do in this their cars. ray: the police chief say they an arrest soon. live in franklin, ray brewer. erin: a woman on the run for 12 manchester last night. a trooper was on interstate 93 when he
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he checked the driver's license and discovered she was wanted in pennsylvania. 35-year-old andrea erceg of manchester has a warrant out for her arrest for failing to appear in court. the warrant was issued 12 years ago. erceg is expected to be arraigned today. littleton police say they arrested a suspected heroin dealer. officers say 32-year-old kenneth humphrey was arrested last week following a lengthy investigation. he's charged with three felony accounts with the intent to distribute. humphrey is due in court next week. they made several arrests yesterday. they found cocaine and heroin during the search of a home. joseph sindoni is accused of possessing cocaine with the intent
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brandon coombs and douglas nettleton were also charged. experts shared new and effective ways to battle opioid abuse. they are teaming up to cut the supply and dropping stereotypes is important. >> there's no one face of addiction. getting more people involved and getting a better understanding of what addiction and how people are pulled into addiction. erin: licensing restrictions are being eased in order to open up new treatment facilities and
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go to to find all of the video and prior coverage. recovering after suffering serious injuries. the accident happened 4:00 yesterday afternoon. carbone went off of the road causing her suv to she was brought to the hospital with head and facial injuries. dog attack says he likely survived because of the experience with wild animals. the fish and game officer says he and his dog were attacked by a pair of pitbulls out on a walk on a dollar trail in bowe. dave fought off the dogs with a pepper spray and also his fist. the owner of the dogs eventually came to help. dave is convinced if the dogs attacked a woman or child, the outcome could have been catastrophic. >> i've been in law
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enforcement for 20 plus years. i've never had anything like that. not wild or domestic animal. this was a fight for our lives. literally. it is not an indictment against pitbulls, you know, you have to control them. erin: dave's dog needed 30 staples to close her wound. the owner faces violation level offenses. the plainfield home has been sold at auction. it was once owned by ed and elaine brown. they brought the property for $205,000. the items inside are going up for auction next month. >> the first thing i noticed was the kitchen stove. it is a crawford stove. apparently looking at it, it is a $20,000 on some antique sites. erin: the auction is set for
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the auctioneer is reminding bidders to come with cash or certified checks. a warning for hands free driver. the hands free systems can still cause people to be distracted. a popular halloween costume raising concerns. why parents are taking issue with the invisible man suit. hayley: tracking a few showers moving across the u.s. that may impact your outdoor plans over the weekend.
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you are watching hayley: welcome back. it is 6:43. a live look in meredith. temperatures have been crashing. the problem is even with sunshine that we'll see today, we aren't going to warm up all that much. getting into the 40's later this afternoon up north. maybe a couple of us hitting 50 in the southern communities later on. bright sunshine and breezy. the latest on the weekend's forecast ahead. erin: 6:43. paul ryan officially declared his candidacy for speaker of the house. ryan will face elections next week on wednesday then on the house floor on thursday. the 45-year-old republican agreed to run under some conditions,
6:36 am
including full support from his party and a schedule that does not interfere with his family time. now to a developing story out of france, police say at least 42 people were killed this morning in a crash between a bus and a truck. they say the bus caught fire after that collision. according to europe 1 radio, it was carrying mostly elderly people. an american service member was killed yesterday during a raid on an isis compound in iraq. the fallen troupe was the first american to die in combat in iraq since the u.s. began the campaign against isis. the service member was assisting in a mission to free hostages facing an execution. american troops stepped in after iraqi soldiers came underfire. excite the death, it was highly successful. about 70 captives were freed. some business owners in saugus, massachusetts are trying to track down the thief that stole
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some prized possessions from a shop. it was caught on camera. the owner says it was the barber supplies, they say the man made off with 12 signed jerseys worth about $6,000 including a tom brady one and also a david ortiz jersey. a new study by aaa finds that hands free driving doesn't necessarily eliminate distractions behind the wheel. the study says that hands free systems can distract drivers for up to 30 seconds while they messages. voice activated systems like siri and google now have landed in the high distraction category. free. using your voice to try to interact with the systems can lead to levels of distractions that are unsafe. erin: researchers are stressing the importance of keeping your eyes and brain focused on the road. a certain halloween
6:38 am
costume is raising serious concerns. the black invisible man costume is a simple black suit. some people worry that kids wearing it will be almost invisible to drivers at night. that could lead to a tragic situation. >> some parents, yes, are out with the kids. sometimes that doesn't make a difference. your kids are excited. they've had a ton of candy. they are running around. you turn your back. they are not street. erin: some stores say the black version sells 40% more than other colors. in sports, good news for the red sox. manager john ferrell's cancer is now in remission. the skipper left the team in august to be treated for stage one non-hodgkins lymphoma. he received the good news after testing on monday.
6:39 am
back next season for the sox. they resigned to a two-year deal as primary color analyst. he will do a minimum of 100 games and maximum of 120 games. a little boy is being reunited with his beloved teddy bear because of a special search and rescue mission. it began when deputy matthew white received a special call. a mother from minnesota said her son lost the bear somewhere along the highway in indiana. the bear belonged to the mom when she was a child. they believed that finding the bear would be a long shot. when she went to check found it. >> a lot of the calls know what to expect. this one sometimes -- you know, you can concern when you get a chance to make a huge positive impact on somebody, this kid will probably never forget the story. erin: i love the story, the bear
6:40 am
back to the rightful owners. there's a lot of history with the bear in the family. it is nice they found it. hayley: nice the deputy took time to do that. erin: i know. you are busy watching the forecast for us and the hurricane. hayley: there's no threat to us. this is on the other side of the continent. it is hurricane patricia. it has made history in the pacific and atlantic, it is the strongest hurricane ever recorded. this is a big deal. the winds within this thing are up near 200 miles per hour which is the equivalent of an ef5 tornado. and tornadoes, of course, you think of small. this is a big storm. unfortunately it is headed right for the west coast as a category five hurricane into the west coast of mexico during the night tonight. it is going to likely cause some catastrophic damage to the areas. a lot of resort towns
6:41 am
right along the coastline too. we'll keep you updated on that through the weekend. we'll make headlines. no impacts for us here in new hampshire. a cold front for us. that's what moved through during the overnight. you can still see some clouds lingering. especially up north and hampshire too. these are going to move away. we'll have sunshine through the rest of the for saturday as well. you can see this little area of clearing basically between the system leaving and then this system in the central u.s. that's going to move through on sunday. this is going to bring in a few showers for us primarily sunday morning. it is not going to be an all weekend thing or even an all day thing on sunday. just a few passing showers from time to time on sunday morning. temperature-wise, this is the big story. we're going to really be feeling the chill today. 30's up north now, 45 in concord, 49 in manchester. this isn't that cold. we've had colder mornings so far this fall season.
6:42 am
go up. we won't rebound much through the afternoon here. we'll have sunshine though. just a few passing clouds with highs in the 40's up north. tonight is going to be cold with clear skies. we'll fall back into the 20's almost statewide. after a frosty start on saturday, we begin the day with sunshine. then clouds will fill in later on in the afternoon. should be good to go for any outdoor plans. the pumpkin festival is going on. if you have apple picking plans, it is going to be an increasing clouds. on sunday, that's when we'll have the showers rolling through. today sunny skies, cooler, winds out of the northwest. up north, 40's. the southern communities approaching 50 degrees. tonight. a scary one at that. at 7:00 tonight in rochester. the sixth annual zombie walk will be going on. some of the zombies may need a couple of layers. another big event this weekend, the laconia
6:43 am
pumpkin festival. temperatures into the mid 50's later on in the afternoon tomorrow. perfect for checking out the jack oh lanterns and next week temperatures in the 50's. looks like our temperatures kind of moderate after the big bump up. erin: the laconia pumpkin tomorrow. this is showing the trucks bringing in the jack-o'-lanterns. organizers are trying to break a guiness world record. keene holds the record of 30,580 pumpkins in 2013. taking place is the monadnock pumpkin festival. the festival begins at 10:00 tomorrow morning and runs until 8:00 p.m. a lot to check out this weekend. in this week's viewer's
6:44 am
haunted houses are the best and scariest in new hampshire. there was a two-way tie for fourth. fitz's fright fest, and nosalg haunted haven. number three is spooky world; second, haunted overload; and the number one haunted house according to viewers: fright kingdom in nashua. a lot of places to check out, get scared, maybe scream a little bit. a lot of people checking that out this weekend. final check of your top stories, including a disturbing find in franklin. police say a man stumbled upon bottles of meth while out walking
6:45 am
erin: it is now 6:55. updating our top stories this morning, an investigation is underway after bottles of meth were found in the woods. here's ray brewer. ray: the discovery made by a man walking his dog in the area of spring street. the police chief says
6:46 am
the one pots as they are known as just as dangerous of an explosive as meth labs. they do have suspects in mind. they expect to make an arrest soon. erin: a driver and a dog were killed in a fiery crash in newport. it happened shortly after midnight on john stark highway. police say a car went off of the road and crashed into a tree before bursting into flames. state police say a woman wanted in pennsylvania for the last 12 years was finally arrested in manchester last night. 35-year-old andrea erceg was wanted for failing to appear in court on burglary and theft charges. and a fish and game officer says he and his dog were attacked by a pair of pitbulls while walking on a popular trail in bowe. the dog needed at least 30 staples to close the wound.
6:47 am
the owner of the pitbull faces violation offenses. hayley: a live look in plymouth. not cold. it is not going to warm up all that much. we'll reach about 50 degrees later this afternoon. more like 40's in the northern part of the state with lots of sun and a few passing clouds. as for the weekend, a morning. we'll begin in the 20's and then climb into the afternoon. a couple of small chances for showers on sunday morning. most of the weekend sunny. erin: okay. still ahead, the latest hurricane. i'm todd from aarp riding through the mill yards to make some noise for all the real possibilities we're providing right here in our community because if you don't think real possibilities in greater manchester
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when you think aarp then you don't know "aarp" maybe you've caught our movies for grownups series or heard about how our fraud watch network the victims of scams we're also helping people achieve their goals with get to know us and see all the real possibilities at
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