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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  October 23, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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but he is wearing a mask and carrying a gun. concord police say the surveillance video shows a man robbing the fisherville road mcdonald's at about quarter of one friday morning. police say at one point the suspect pointed what looks like a rifle at one of the employees threatening to kill her. >> it was very aggressive, clear, i will kill you, that's one of the quotes, he repeated this multiple times. so the staff, to their credit, they maintained their composure and were able to alert police. reporter: police say the man demanded money, when one employee opened the register police say the suspect took the entire cash drawer. authorities say they could only speculate about the man's bizarre appearance. >> obviously the weapon is seen, you can see that in several of the stills. somebody may recognize that. it's unusual that we would have a robbery involving a large weapon, a rifle or shotgun, it's not typical.
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that stands out in someone's mind. reporter: the man left the restaurant and ran north and may have driven away in a dark colored car. police say there yourself things about this robbery that are troubling. >> it's a pretty busy place, we believe there were cars in the drive-through, there were people in the business, this is concerning to us for a number of reasons and that is it's very brazen and that's the biggest concern. reporter: police are hoping to get some help from the public on this one, they are asking anyone who may have information about this case to please call the concord regional crime line. i'm andy hershberger, wmur news 9. josh: in franklin tonight a father is charged after police were called to a home to investigate an alleged case of domestic violence. and then learned he was holding his 1-month-old hostage. stephanie woods is live with more on this case. reporter: josh, police say they got a call around 8:30 this morning that a man assaulted his
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wife, locked her out of the house and barricaded himself and his baby girl inside. state troopers and franklin police say they rushed to 72 west bow street and surrounded the home. 33-year-old thomas carroll was allegedly standing in the doorway, holding his baby girl and threatening to stab officers with a screwdriver if they stepped on his property. police say they talked carroll into taking the baby out of the dangerous cold and setting her down inside. carroll allegedly struggled by officers tackled him to the ground and took him into custody. tonight carroll is facing several domestic violence charges, being held on $25,000 cash bail and will be arraigned on monday. tonight both the wife and baby are out of the hospital and recovering. live in franklin, stephanie woods, wmur news 9. jennifer: a man found passed out in a restaurant bathroom is now facing drug charges. police arrested robert parent after responding to a north conway restaurant for an
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unconscious man with a needle in his hand, he was arrested after he was taken to the hospital for treatment and is now facing three drug charges. josh: calling hours under way in rochester for a spaulding high school senior whose death is being investigated as a possible drug overdose. police responded to a call early saturday at a rochester motel where 17-year-old eve tarmey was staying with her mother and her mother's boyfriend. fellow seniors recall seeing eve on friday when they all gathered for a group senior portrait and say this has been a very difficult week at school. they will have a candle-light vigil in her honor this saturday night. >> we wanted to community to come together and support one another and also grieve together because this is such a tragic loss. we just want to celebrate the life of eve and try to remember her. josh: the teens also started a go fund me page in eve's name to help pay for funeral expenses. and we dedicate a town hall
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the growing heroin epidemic in new hampshire, you can watch it on our website right now at jennifer: the commission examining the state's growing drug abuse crisis voted in favor of having a drug czar, even after current funding runs out. the $123,000 position will be covered with money from the commission's budget and a contribution from the new hampshire charitable foundation. it's still not clear if current czar jobbing woznak will keep the position. josh: commitment 2016 now, the democratic race for president now down to three major candidates. >> after much thought i've decided to end my campaign for the president today. thank you. josh: lincoln chaffee, the former rhode island governor and senator announced that he is out. he also thanked the democrats that he met here in new hampshire. chafe feef has struggled to raise money and gain traction against hillary clinton and bernie sanders. and some turmoil today on the
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presidential campaign of one jeb bush. as it announced another round of cutbacks on payroll and travel. but those reductions at the top mean more resources will be flowing to the bush operation here in new hampshire. adam sexton joins us now to explain. reporter: it is a tough day on the national level for bush, his local team is ready to make the most of this effort to refocus the campaign on the first in the nation primary. jeb bush employs a bigger campaign team in new hampshire than all of the other republican candidates running for president. and bush senior advisor rich killian will be hiring more soon. >> we're going to take some resources at the national level and worry going to apply them here on the ground in new hampshire, where they matter most. reporter: but national campaign recalibration comes as bush, the son and brother of presidents, struggles to break through the dominant polling numbers of outsider candidates like donald trump and ben carson. but killian believes investing more in new hampshire will pay dividends.
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weeks in bedford, in concord, and in lebanon, the more people see them in town hall seatings support him. we're going to add to that with time. reporter: the strategy has worked in the past. most recently for jim mccain in 2008. but wmur political reporter says putting more emphasis on new hampshire not only raises expectations here, it also requires a strong finish to carry the campaign through the rest of the primary process. >> he's got to try to do it now the old fashioned way and jump off the what george bush used to call big mouth and use new hampshire as momentum. reporter: it's important to note that not everyone who bets big on new hampshire sees great results, john huntsman the latest one in that category. adam sexton, wmur news 9. josh: thanks. coming up next in our 2016
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calm. josh: getting to know candidate george pataki and the death wife. jennifer: plus customers forced to pay detoes to it keep their power turned on. why one long-time business owner is upset with the bill he's facing. mike: a dry start to the weekend, but showers are approaching from the west. the forecast ahead. >> we're getting ready for friday night football, week eight, timberlane owls, a live report if you think storm damage is the only cost of climate change, think again. to higher insurance rates for homes and businesses, the economic damage but with american-made we can save money
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on electricity and spur innovation to create new businesses and jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030.
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josh: sources said that through the winter it will not shut off electricity to residential customers who are not paying their bills. jennifer: but the moratorium
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does not affect commercial customers. many of them are upset the utility is threatening to cut off power if deposits aren't paid. reporter: eversource says the deposit request policy follows public utilities commission guidelines. but a business owner we spoke to says he doesn't agree with the way the policy is being carried out. alan has owned al's auto service for more than two decades in laconia. >> for 21 years i've been here, i've never ever had the power shut off in either one of my buildings. reporter: he admits he paid his bill to eversource late a few times but says he's always eventually made his account current. but he's been ordered to pay a $260 security detoes to it keep his account open. >> if i don't pay it by the 29th or the 30th, from what i under they're going to come out and shut my power off. reporter: he a eversource perfect miss to discuss his account with us. eversource says he's received three disconnect notices in the
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last 12 months. >> for us it's a minimum of two disconnect notices before we would request a deposit. and a disconnect would only come after a bill is paid more than 60 days past the time it was issued. reporter: for residential customers, security deposit requests are sent after four disconnect notices. eversource says those deposit are eventually given back, with interest, after one to two years of on time payments. for reaper he thinks the security deposit is unnecessary, especially for someone with a currently up to date account like his. >> you know, i might have been late a couple of times or whatever, but bottom line is my bill is still paid. reporter: but eversource says delinquent accounts do impact the 97% of eversource customers who pay on time. >> they are deposit policy is in place to protect those customers, because the millions of dollars of unpaid electric bills wind up being paid by everybody else. report eversource says if you're
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residential or commercial bill, reach out to them first before you receive a disconnect notice so they can help. kristen carosa, wmur news 9. josh: all eyes on mexico tonight. mike: yes, quiet here, a whole
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jennifer: commitment 2016 coverage now, former new york governor ma tack i is in new hampshire hoping for a late surge in the polls before the primary. josh: he also took part in our candidate cafe where he was asked about everything from his holiday traditions to the most met. it is tough for a new yorker to break bread in new england without sports coming up. >> i was about to say here's an honorable red sox fan, and then you have to rub it in about the patriots. i am a long suffering jets fan. reporter: but for george pataki, his smile comes easily, especially when talking about his wife who he met while body surfing in north carolina during a hurricane. >> we were riding these massive waves and this one crazy woman was out there with my friends and i and she catches a wave and i catch a wave and we crash into each other.
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to this day i'm convinced she intentionally crashed into me, she saw this hand some young guy out in the water and said i'm going to go crash into him. reporter: pataki also talks about his faith and the most impressive person he says he's ever met,. >> pope john paul ii, i got to meet him a few times with he came to new york and he was such a charismatic guy. and obviously such an important historical figure, and yet when you met him, within 10 seconds you felt like you had known himmer whole life. >> i'm wondering what your family traditions are for the holidays. >> before everybody goes to bed we read the polar express. and it's just a great little story, and we each take a little bit and the kids all laugh because it's -- i always cry. josh: that might not be a confession you'd expect to hear from a candidate for president. could you imagine if we only had his favorite dish?
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>> it's not home cooked, but i love pizza. josh: he's the latest candidate to take part in our candidate cafe series with undecided voters chosen by st. anselm college. all this will be in a show that will air before the election. mike: we'll start with our satellite imagery showing you fair skies across a good part of central and southern new hampshire, while the clouds have been holding stubborn across the north country today. but notice to our west there are such showers that will be approaching and they do play a bit of a game in terms of our weather as we go into the second half of the weekend. time lapse showing clouds this morning, fair amount of sunshine during the afternoon with again the thickest cloud cover far to the north and to the west. as for temperatures, yes, it's quite chilly out there, upper 30's to lower 40's statewide. if you'll be heading to one of the friday night football games, dress accordingly, because it starts off chilly and gets colder. by half time down to the mid to
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upper 30's, and lower to mid 30's statewide by about 9:00 or 10:00 this evening. speaking of cold, take a look at the temperatures by early tomorrow morning. down to around 20 along the canadian border, upper 20's to 30 elsewhere, a few mid 30's hanging on right along the coast. it does warm up a little bit as we advance through the weekend. at least low 60's and possibly mid 60's for some, as we go into sunday. but before that point temperatures will run a little below average right through tomorrow. fair skies right now, clouds up north will melt away, a lot of sunshine for the day tomorrow. then late in the afternoon a few high clouds will begin to approach from the west. but it stays dry all day long evening. that will change later tomorrow night, well after bid night,es early sunday morning, a band of showers will work on through. but it's a quick mover, by midday on sunday the showers are gone. ask we're right back into dry air for the afternoon. milder sunday as well. tomorrow seasonably cool. after that cold start in the 20's, we bounce back to between
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50 and 55. maybe you want to hit the lakes region for the pumpkin festival, temperatures on average right around 10:00 when it all gets going, 41 degrees. lots of sunshine right around 4:00 when they begin lighting all the jack jack-o-lanterns. fair skies for the early part of the evening when the counting will begin. will the record be broken. mid 40's there during that time. here's an update on a catastrophic hurricane, catastrophic in the coming hours, and the reason, this is the most damaging hurricane in terms of wind speed and low central pressure we have ever seen in the western hemisphere. that is hurricane patricia, with top wind right now at 190 miles per hour, only about an hour from reaching landfall. it will diminish quickly as it bounces into the mountains over mexico, but nonetheless create a lot of devastation, a lot of destruction there, and flooding rains. and a little piece of that moisture could affect us
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sometime along about late wednesday or on thursday. up until that point, only chance of showers comes in late, late saturday night, through midday on sunday. dries out nicely for the afternoon. bright and cool for early next week. then there's that shot of rain later wednesday into thursday. as we warm up again and then cool down. wouldn't you know it right for friday, and halloween, a week from saturday already. jennifer: gosh, how can that be. so some frosty football tonight. josh: let's check it out. jamie?
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jamie: this event sound so cool. i just want to make sure you know all about it. this weekend at new hampshire motor speedway the extreme chunking competition, watching push kips to see how far they'll go. the world record held by merrimack's brian labrie, almost 4,700 feet. labrie is coming with with his air cannon. they'll be launching things like pianos and boats as well. that's at new hampshire motor speedway this weekend. plaistow, week eight of friday night football, spaulding at timberlane. here to before for us, the
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take it away. good job. i think we cut that halfway short, but we'll get the rest of it after maybe. let's hear from the timberlane head coach. how much win against pinkerton. >> a great win for the program, great win for the community of it not often you get a chance to knock those guys off and we felt like we did going in and were able to take care of business. got a little dicey late, but our kids hung in and were able to pull one out. reporter: you could penning potentially clinch a proof spot tonight. >> we've got a good opponent in spaulding, we're trying to take care of our business and whatever happens happens. we're certainly in a good spot right now. we haven't clinched anything, we're still looking to get better each week and looking for a win tonight. reporter: d # looks wide open in the playoffs. >> yes, there's a lot of good football teams.
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there will probably be a few left home. we're trying to stay focused, i've got a really good senior class, try expog get better each week and improve. jamie: so week eight, 17 games on the schedule. jason king will have highlights tonight. >> i love being on the road, but it's our first game in league competition, so it's an opportunity for us to start the regular season. then playing union, the last couple years has been a real strong team. jamie: here are the cheerleaders with another performance. go. jesse hughes is going to do a back flip for us, quick, quick, here we go, and there it is. back to you.
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jennifer: nicely done. josh: makes me nervous every time. good night. if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but the republicans... v they want to go back to letting v the super wealthy call the shots. they don't stand up for equal pay for women. they don't support paid family leave. they don't even really support refinancing student debt. we've got to get this economy working for the vast majority of americans, not just for those at the top. that's what i intend to do as president. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. people make mistakes. like paying too much for wireless. so switch to u.s. cellular and we guarantee we'll beat the price on your current verizon or at&t plan. that's right, guaranteed to beat. plus, right now we'll give you a $150 promo card when you switch. don't let your next mistake be missing out.
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for a price that's guaranteed
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