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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  October 24, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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good morning, america. hurricane. patricia makes laund fall. the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the western hem fear slams into mexico at a category 5. 160-mile-per-hour winds battering the coast. fancy hotels, american tourists taking cover. hunkers down, caught by surprise by this fast moving storm. conditions. we are live this morning. texas. the brutal one-two punch over 20
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million in the flash flood zone as the storm sets its sights on water-logged texas. >> gone. >> some parts already hit by more than a foot of rain. streets as deep as rivers. >> look how quickly dallas has gone from drought to a flash flood. >> highways shut down. residents stranded. we have team coverage of this dangerous weather event right now. live from abc news in new york, saturday, october 24th, 2015, this is "good morning america." >> good morning, and we are coming on the air in the midst of a major breaking weather story. the most powerful hurricane ever to hit the western hem sfees threatening mexico and texas. >> we want you to take a look at this video. a truck flipping over in the
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the storm made land fausm overnight. it's dangerous and already headed to texas. a state dealing with devastating floods. >> we are team coverage with rob standing by in texas. but we're going to start here with matt gutman on the ground in mexico. matt? >> reporter: this morning, we are getting our first look at the damage hurricane patricia left behind. a tropical nightmare for vai gagsgoers, hit by torrential rain and howling winds. the storm witching through the area like a buzz saw with 165-mile-per-hour winds. the roaring currents in the streets making travel nearly impossible. ambulance plowing through the winds. and watch the truck hydroplaning
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across the highway, spinning out of control from the dangerous high winds, smashing into the median before tipping over completely. from the space center, hurricane patricia covering a good part of the globe. tens of thousands of tourists evacuated, kramd on buses. airport. place. we talked to the lady coming in to clean our room. and she hugged us and she was crying and we were crying. still. friday afternoon, the airports along the coast all closed. civil authorities moving in where tourists had been before.
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many of the 10,000 americans forced to ride it out in puerto vallarta. >> we are struggling for a game face for the kids. >> reporter: in the eye of patricia when she was just a category 4. >> thanks to matt gutman from mexico this morning. hundreds of american tourists have been caught in the path of this storm, including elizabeth and oscar vargas who are in the middle of their honeymoon. police talked to her askinging if her hotel was ready for it. >> it didn't seem that way. it seemed like it was happening fast. and everybody was evacuated and we weren't. that was concerning. they had us stay in a conference here. >> you are in a conference room. how was the night? >> he actually didn't have to
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we went in the about 3:00 in the afternoon and they held us there until 10:00 p.m. and the government said it was safe for residents to return back to their room if they wanted. >> so the worst is over. can you get back actually to honeymooning? >> well, we were scheduled to fly out saturday, which i think is today, a little disorienting. but our flight's been canceled and the main concern is landslides and flooding and everything. so we don't know when we're going to be able to get back home at this point. i think we're going to be here at the resort at least another day. and it's pretty rainy. >> when the storm was barreling in, why did you decide not to just take off. >> yesterday morning, we woke up and we went into town. and i had a mishap where my atm card was eaten by an atm machine. so we had limited funds down here.
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i was trying to get money wired from family and we weren't able to. so actually a few things literally prevented us from being able to leave town. >> so all in all, would you say it put a damper on your honeymoon or was it just a fun kind of adventure. >> i guess it was a pretty fun adventure. if my husband and i can survive the worst recorded hurricane in history, i guess we can survive anything. >> that is the right way to look at it, i can tell you after a few years of marriage myself. congratulations on your recent nuptials. we gave us a marriage advice this morning. she is not to be concerned confused with abc news' elizabeth vargas. that is a different elizabeth
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vargas. >> they deserve another honeymoon. part two. >> and ron said it was a two-part question whether or not they were going to be habl to get back to honeymooning. >> yeah, going out to eat, kayaking. that is what you were referencing referencing, right? >> clearly. and rob is tracking patricia. drenching rain and flash flooding in water-logged texas. hi, rob. >> reporter: paula, i tell you what, the hurricane is something else. it's thankfully weakening rapidly but the situation has gone to flooding and the potential for mud slides. and some of that moisture, as you can see, is fed up into this area in texas and will be sliding down to the south. we had several waves come through. this was a creek. now it's a wide river. the latest rain started at 6:00 since.
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raging throughout dallas, texas. streets transformed into rivers. stop signed swallowed by the high waters. others taking on the knee deep waters. nearly 16 inches of rain coming down. the torrential downpour stranding drivers. >> we are running crazy. it's been a nightmare tonight. >> reporter: mother nature is not done yet. >> we are expecting a significant rainfall event this weekend. >> reporter: more rain on the way for an area that has gone from drought to flash floods. look at the water trying to squeeze thaurnd bridge. le and moisture from patricia closes in, coastal areas would get a foot of rain. warning residents to stay off the roads. the radar lit up pretty much from texaco to texarkana.
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where it's raining, it's raining very, very hard. and there are numerous roads that are closed across central texas. that is going to be a problem through time. we have flash flood watching that encome pass much of texas. expanding to louisiana monday morning. a situation where we could see an up to a foot of rainfall. look how indense the future radar lights up along the texas coastline. typically, it rains heavier down there. we have a mich feed coming in from patricia and another storm that is coming in from the west. and a big rainfall likely to continue here. have gone from drought to flood here in a hurry. letting up. >> you might need a kayak next time we see you. stay safe. for more grorks to we want to the move now to
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the race for the white house. and donald trump lashing out over night at doctor ben carson who for the first time is leading trump in the polls in the key state of iowa. meanwhile, hillary clinton is on a roll and she is prepared to celebrate at a rally with katy perry. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, a very good morning for hillary clinton. she is hitting the trail with benghazi behind her. and tonight, she parties with katy perry. now benghazi is behind her, she is all smiles. >> i'm not running for bill clinton's term. i'm running for my first term. >> reporter: she turned it to her advantage. >> you going to be able to come to the katy perry concert? >> i hope so. >> i hope so too.
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joe biden stepped aside. democratic race. and now only did dernny sanders and mark o'malley stand in the way for the nomination. the biggest question, what does katy perry open with tonight? "roar" or "this is how we do." one thing for sure, it's not going to be "dark horse." meanwhile, the new republican front runner iowa is spending his time signing books at barnes & nobles in missouri, kansas, and texas. ben carson is out on his book tour, letting a new campaign ad speak for them. >> learning from crowds they are hungry for honesty and real solutions to the problems that ail us. >> reporter: donald trump had this to say. >> he is super low energy.
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super low energy. >> reporter: that event in miami was the first time that donald trump has gone off against ben carson, clearly driven by the polls and i guess it bothered him. >> the low energy comment is what he was using with jeb bush for a while. is there a sense in the republican hierarchy the dip in the polls in iowa may be the beginning of the end for him? >> some of them may be crossing their fingers and hoping so. but his end has been predicted many times. >> it has. and she is still strong in the out. we will have more on the presidential race tomorrow morning right here on abc with donald trump himself. appears on abc's "this week". >> that will be super, super high energy mmpl let's go to ron to the top stories. new evidence in the deadly campus shooting in tn stn? >> that either right. good morning, everyone.
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video at a fatal shooting in a tennessee campus. the shooter opens fire in a courtyard thursday night. metro nashville police released the footage. looking for the two suspects, both still at large. one person who did not attend the school was killed in the shooting. two opportunities injured and released from the hospital. the shooting was sparked following an argument over a dice game. in iraq, an american commando was killed, a hospital was shot carrying 30. the hostages about to be executed according to u.s. officials. army sergeant joshua wheeler, a father of four, was killed in a
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birthday. in texas, a garage collapse that started at the top level of a seven story garage with the floor. no one was injured. in prison, james holmes was attacked by a follow inmate. mark daniels, another inmate, him. daniels will still will charged with assaulting holmes and a correction officer. he is serving multiple life senn tentss of the colorado movie theater massacre. a high school football game stopped by this play. watch. he is having trouble tying his shoe with his gloves on. and the dansville defensive end clay scroll crosses the line of scrimmage, gets down on his knee
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defense. and couldn't his teammates, the shoe? play. >> no, could have been. and finally, president obama is taking on internet sensations channels grumpy cat. on america. they are gloomy. they are like grumpy cat. >> what do you think? did the commander in chief nail the frown? that looks like the pouty face. >> not far off. >> did you think he has to practice that in the mirror a couple times? >> i think it was impromptu. >> i think dan -- try it. >> no, i'm a smiley man. >> happy cat. >> let's talk about something
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entirely different. big sports news. we know who will be facing off in the world series and it's neither the red sox or the yankees, it's the mets and the royals. >> the royals downed the blue jays last night to punch their ticket against the mets. on a magical ride. and espn's tony realley has the story. >> reporter: october baseball can be a lot of things. and last night for kansas city and the royals, and the long suffering fans, it was all three. >> and they win the pen net. >> reporter: the matchup is set. the kansas city royals will face the new york mets in the world series after becoming american league champs, running away with a lead thanks to a controversial call. >> the umpires are going to get together to make sure there is
9:17 am
no interference. >> reporter: a fan catching the ball. the umps calling it a home run for the royals. the redeem their shot in last year's classic. >> giants win! mets. >> and strike three called. >> reporter: hoping to win their first world series since 1986. and taking it on jimmy kimmel. >> did you expect it to happen? did you have a shot at it? >> you got to believe. you got believe. >> but the true is, we never really do, do we? capitol hill. >> the mets are socking the ball. everybody's coming down to meet the mets, meet the mets, step right up and greet the mets.
9:18 am
never get tired of hearing. but something ron gets tired of hearing. >> it's the billy joel that drives me crazy. >> long suffering fans, you heard jimmy kimmel there. you got to believe. they haven't believed for a long time. >> how long since each team -- >> 30 years since the royals won. and 29 for the mets. >> who do you like? >> i like the mets in six. >> i like the royals. >> i like the yankees in four. >> four more years. >> exactly. >> the way things are going. >> all right. >> thanks, tony. appreciate. >> yeah, and if rob were here, he would pick the royals. let's go back to rob who is in dallas. who do you like in the series? royals or mets? >> george brett brought a lot of pain to my heart. i'm going to go with the mets. it's going to be a great series. if they were playing in dallas
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today, it wouldn't go on. look at this rainfall. it's just unbelievable. several waves the past several days. flooding all over the place. we had water rescues just in ft. worth, south of dallas as well. and also in san antonio. and the rain band is going to through time. let's take a look at the radar. intense and you can almost sense how deep the moisture feed is areas and trains. you see that feeding in across the rio grande. here is the radar, you see the intensity shifts to the south and east. the attention goes to houston, in southwest, louisiana, and tomorrow morning, starting to crest across the sabine river. rainfall is going to get all the way up, i think, into michigan. this moisture stream really
9:20 am
encompassing a chunk of the central u.s. and halts across the southeast. 66 degrees expected in d.c. showers across southern florida and southern california for the most part i pretty dry here, not that bright directions. temps are lower 40's to mid 50's. overnight it doesn't cool off that much, allows us to get 10 degrees warmer after morning showers coming in early in the morning, through the mid morning and getting out of here. we cool off for monday and tuesday, and before the remnants of patricia come in late on wednesday, wednesday night and early thursday. very heavy rain and wind expected there with enough warm air left behind nothing like good old texas barbecue. you need a tent if you're going to fire it up today.
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we appreciate you braving the elements for us. the new leads in the murder mystery of a teenager also in texas. the search for witnesses who last saw her alive, getting in a minivan with a man. and deadly high school football. is the sport more dangerous than ever. what is the most popular halloween costume in your neck of the woods? we have it ahead in "pop news". >> what are you going as? >> an olive. i love martinis and i miss them. ahh... yeah! ahh... ahh... ah. you probably say it a million times a day. ahh... ahh... ahh! but at cigna, we want to help everyone say it once a year. >>ahh... cigna medical plans cover one hundred percent
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want to make the best jack-o'-lantern? try a cookie cutter fehr perfect cutting. all right, coming up here on "good morning america," who killed a teenager on her way to work? could a video hold a key here? >> the new concerns this morning and the advice for parents.
9:27 am
>> now from wmur news 9. amy: good morning, i'm amy coveno. a quick check on what's making news at this hour. a father in franklin is accused of holding his one month baby hostage. they found thomas carroll standing in the doorway holing
9:28 am
his daughter and threatening to stab officers with a screwdriver if they stepped on his property yesterday. he's charged, drug endangering-- including endangering the welfare of a charge. laconia is trying to break a guinness world record for the most pumpkins lit. they will have good weather for that, won't they, chris jarzynka. chris: yeah, 40's to 50's. tomorrow morning after morning showers, afternoon sun a little bit. and 10 degrees warmer. it cools off monday and tuesday before the remnants of patricia
9:29 am
patricia, the strongest hurricane ever on make laund fall, roaring over the coast of mexico. she is weakening now but dropping significant rain across texas. we will check back in with rob in a bit. >> it's what they don't need in texas. we will be reporting on this throughout the weekend. coming up on the show this morning, it has happened again. another high school football, the seventh of this year, has died. why does it keep happening and what should parents know. and we start with new clues this morning, huntding for
9:30 am
whoever killed a teenager who was on the way to charge. >> they were looking for a man who was last seen with zoe haitsings. philip menes is here with the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. finding video evidence he will be crucial. we talk to an eyewitness who may have seen the girl before she disappeared. this cell phone video comforting to her family. and whatever happened to the violence. slain as she was just about to leave for a mission trip. and an act of kindness. people. >> wanted to make them happy.
9:31 am
>> reporter: she left her home on october 11th for a 5:00 class at the church of latter day saints. she never made it. van. >> the color of her skin. i could tell that she had died. >> reporter: now police reveal a suspect. an eyewitness saying they saw a woman fitting her description talking to a man outside of walgreens. >> they saw her get in the van and the female moving over to the passenger seat. >> this sighting, the last time she was seen alive. crashing into a street sign nearby. officials hoping to find surveillance video. >> they are zeroing in on a
9:32 am
last seen with that man in the van. >> good luck to them finding that video. that could be really important. thank you. >> you got to believe some surveillance video exists. ron, you have an update on patricia for us? >> that's right. weakening. the powerful storm battered mexico's coast when it hit land. becoming the strongest hurricane on record in the pacific. and torrential rains that could cause floods and mud slides. john kerry is in jordan for a meeting with the president and king. they are trying to ease tensions following the recent wave of violence between israelis and palestinians. and a texas tanger with his homemade clock that officials thought was a bomb. it wasn't.
9:33 am
house. other. three sumo wrestlers taking part in a foot race. which one wins? it leaves a photo finish. nose -- >> he won by a belly though. maybe an olympic event. >> did they run a 4.40? >> 40 yards. i don't thip they can do -- >> that is how i feel when i run now. the curves are different than they used to be. >> i think we would rather see you run than those guys run. >> i feel like, ran on, this is something we have not weigh in on. back to rob marsan flow in texas this morning. covering the big weather story of the weekend. rob, ice what's cooking? >> reporter: i can't hear you
9:34 am
it keeps on coming. it hasn't let up. moderate to heavy rainfall after they had record setting rainfall the day before here in dallas. a series situation, no doubt about that. this is usually a small creek enter it's expanded into a river and in is a situation across dallas. and a couple weeks guy, they are still in a drought situation. the front is coming through and squeezing the moisture from patricia patricia. and it means that cooler weather is coming down. frost advisories in the texas panhandle. and temperatures in the freezing mark in spots there. and 40 in wichita and 42 degrees saturday. and classic fall storm rolling in the pacific northwest as well. here is the future radar as it approaching. later this afternoon and tonight, a story in oregon and pressing to portland tomorrow.
9:35 am
the rainfall here, will be heavy and lefiest dpr south to east, where the focal point will be tonight and tomorrow morning. corpus christi and getting to lake charles, louisiana. we could see a foot of rain as patricia feeds in here. and you can feel the tropical moisture feeding up in the central u.s., >> cloud decks coming at us from both directions. mainly cloudy, partly sunny. temperatures in 40's and 50's. morning hours get out of here, back into the this weather report is brought to you by pet smark where i'm sure they have really cute dog rain jackets that would be sold out.
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have to walk the dog in this stuff. preservers. >> wee wee pads. >> they probably don't need. sara, thank you for weighing in. >> you're welcome, dan. >> rob, thank you for covering the story for us. more from you tomorrow morning. and coming up after the break, we are going to re-examine the safety of high school football after the seventh death this season alone. advice for parents coming up. >> sit weird when i stand here? >> no, it's not weird. >> sara is doing periscope. >> this is what it looks like to be dan and paula. >> talk to the hand. >> no, this is the set back here. we talk tv shows here. ron gave his sense of what is going on. and we check -- no spoiler
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>> the numbers are shocking.
9:41 am
a seventh high school football game. >> already, the fatality rate is outpacing last year. the burning question, why does it keep happening. mara mara ski yav cam poe is here. >> reporter: they raise concerns about the saferty of port for young players. the death of 17-year-old andre smith sending shock waves through the high school football community. passing away friday after he was hit hard in a game the night before. >> all the things people with live and die from, i never thought it would be something as simple as that. >> reporter: it's not yet known if his death was football
9:42 am
the seventh high school player to die seven weeks into the season. >> football, a high collision sport, you will see more acute injuries. >> reporter: one weekend earlier, texas junior cameron matthews collapsed on the sidelines. his death attributed to a brain aneurysm. and another one died after taking so many hits on the football field, doctors say in part due to a mono infection. but the concern is concussions. over a 10-yard period, only 32 injuries proved fatal, more had long term disabilities. >> the child is going to want to play. the coach is going to want the
9:43 am
so the parent has to be the advocate. >> about 12 high school and college football players die each year. the leading cause of death isible football related. it's sudden cardiac arrest. they don't want to be pulled from a game. >> i love watching football, it's my favorite sport. i have told my sons -- the baby can't understand, they can't play football if they are under my roof. >> it's a decision that parents have to deal with. >> and some pro football players say they wouldn't want their kids to play. it's a tough decision. appreciate. coming up on "good morning america," what kind of wine goeps with your favery canada? there is an app for that and sara does covered this. >> this is a major development
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jeb bush was a very strong governor, probably the strongest governor in the history of the state of florida. he was a young guy and i think there were some folks in the legislature that thought they might be able to run over him. that didn't happen. one tax cut wasn't enough- it wasn't enough to have 15,000 kids he wanted to have 100,000 kids. if he didn't like a project, it didn't matter if you were a republican. it didn't matter if you were his best friend. he said: 'this is where we're going, this is how we're going to reform state government...' every politician comes in talking about making change, and generally there's not much change. but governor bush made a lot of changes. he got the nickname veto corleone. if he saw something in the budget that he thought violated his conservative principles, you could guarantee it was gonna get whacked. he vetoed a bunch of my stuff and i was the senate president. the message to washington, d.c., is 'get ready...' because there will be change. nright to rise usa is responsible
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pop news, i'm not ready. >> last weekend, i was off. and i missed you guys and i was actually at a meditation retreat. and one point, i looked up at the clock and i said, those guys are doing "pop news" right now. i might v might as well have been on tattooine. >> this is very halloween friendly. the famous hotel from "the shaning" is about to get spookier. the stanley hotel in colorado could be turned and a film mu seen and studio. it inspired from steven king's best selling book and was from the model hotel in the 1980 movie. now, all that stands in the way
9:48 am
from the house being upgraded to a house of horrors is a very big price tag. they are hoping the museum tourism board will not get spooked by the request. $11.5 million. i can be like, johnny's here -- here's johnny. >> red rum, red rum, red rum. >> i have not seen that movie. i'm too scared. >> here's johnny. you're welcome. time to brew up magical ideas for your halloween costume. the last thing anyone wants is to show up to a party saying that witch stole my look. which costumes are the most popular in your area. people in twin falls, idaho, can see plenty of tinker bells around. and in duluth, minnesota, residents should be prepared to be overrun by minions.
9:49 am
here are the top five costumes with the number one most popular, harley quinn, who i didn't recognize. from the upcoming movie "suicide squad". i would have thought star wars, coming out. out. i would not have guessed that. >> now we know. >> yeah, i wanted something a little more pop cultury. >> like "game of thrones". >> clearly i'm a fan. and we have candy going up here. i don't want to go slow. and tips for parents looking to raid their tricker treat candy. pass these down. you want to know what to pair with a stash of kit cats? the geniuses have uncovered the perfect pairings for the candies you see here? >> i k i have chocolate?
9:50 am
>> that has a twix on it. >> you want to the write this down. get a pen. you have a glass of merlot, you want to the reach for a snicker those go with that, paula. >> what am i eating with a snickers? >> merlot. >> and sparkling wine and nerds. kit kats and mounds. >> i have seen mounds. >> would you think, let me think of a wine that goes with a nerd. >> it could be a fizzy adventure. >> would you like a twix? >> yeah, thank you very much for "pop news". that is a "a" plus. >> here's a nerd. tecfidera is not an injection. it's a pill for relapsing ms that has the power
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are you in a sugar coma yet? >> that this is amazing. >> so addicting. >> 8:00, you will be in bed. and 8:00, the big college football game here on abc. number one ohio state and rutgers. see you tomorrow. >> now from wmur news 9. amy: good morning, it's 9:56. headlines. concord police are on the lookout for a shirtless robber point. surveillance shows him walking in on fisherville, wearing a
9:54 am
be water shoes. police say he pointed a gun to the cashier and threatened her if she didn't hand over the cash drawer. if you think you can yo-yo, these contestants are walking the dog like you've never seen. the new hampshire state yo-yo contest is happening today. the contest features yo-yo players not only from the granite state from all over the east coast. the judging panel include state, regional and national champs. the contest begins at 1:00 at st. marie parish, and no, no, chris, i wasn't calling you a yo-yo. chris: i wondered for the ceremonies if they had cellist yo-yo ma there. it's going to warm up today. and it's going to be cloudy with clouds coming at us from both direction. temperatures, optimistic, 47 to 50's.
9:55 am
and western new hampshire for showers, to eastern new hampshire by dawn and get out of here mid to late morning. and we're 10 degrees warmer tomorrow afternoon before cooling off monday and tuesday, and the leftovers of what was once hurricane patricia come in late on wednesday, wednesday night and could be heavy rain and gusty winds, with that tropical air brought in by the storm, with any clearing on thursday afternoon. we could be back into the mid, possibly upper 60's before cooling back off at the end of the week. . amy: thank you for joining us, have a great day.
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