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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  October 25, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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tt4watv# 1$!" qzh! ` stephanie: right now, a rochester team remembered at a vigil. spaulding high school students mourning the loss of one of their classmates. the bedford' s little league complex, vandalized. how much it will cost the cleanup. hayley: back to sunshine monday, but it' s going to feel colder again. how does the rest of the work week look? the seven-day forecast is coming up. stephanie: a volunteer is helping the homeless record miracle messages. how he' s using his cell phone to bring families together. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 tonight. stephanie: tonight, family and friends celebrated the life of 17-year-old eve tommy who died last weekend in a possible drug overdose. good evening. i am stephanie woods. eve was found in a rochester
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motel room where she was staying with her mother and her mother' s boyfriend. mike cronin joins us live in the studio with how loved ones are remembering eve. mike: her classmates planned tonight' s vigil so those who knew her and those who didn' t could grieve and celebrate her life. more than 100 of eve' s family and friends were together to say goodbye to the girl whose life was cut short. >> it' s really hard to believe. it' s shocking. mike: a candlelight vigil was held at the rochester comments for the 17-year-old who died more than a week ago in a motel room. police are investigating her death as a possible drug overdose. she was a senior at spaulding high school. >> she would always help people. she was really sweet. she was a beautiful person. mike: her classmates organize the emotional gathering as
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>> she was such an outgoing, great girl to be around, and we had dreams of being fashion designers together. it' s nice to have that memory. >> for me, it' s personal. i know even his father. i don' t know eve. mike: while police haven' t released the official cause of death, friends say the drug crisis is getting worse and something needs to change. >> the greater hope is that we can start to have better facilities and more treatment for people in this community. mike: meanwhile, her fellow seniors are remembering her and trying to cope with the fact she won' t be there when they graduate. >> when she was walking across the stage with us, it' s a tragedy. mike: police say there are no new developments in the investigation. reporting live in the studio, mike cronin, wmur news 9. stephanie: the bedford little
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league complex was vandalized this weekend. the building was graffitied, windows broken, and the inside was sprayed with a fire extinguisher. the board estimates the damage will cost more than $5,000 to clean up. bedford little league says they are disappointed, but this won' t stop them from being ready for the 2016 season. the team recently traveled to connecticut to compete for a spot in the little league world series but lost. police say to manchester men were making and selling methamphetamine at a burlington motel room. a hotel employee told police he saw people carrying chemicals to and from the room. police say they found meth inside the room and plastic bags covering the smoke detectors. 24-year-old eric so mick and 52-year-old tony pickard were arrested and charged with possession. a burlington man is also facing charges. clear skies to start your work week. you are taking a live look in
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manchester where the temperature is a chilly 48. meteorologist hayley lapoint tells us about some sunshine in store for monday. hayley: indeed, this morning we woke up to dreary conditions, but by the sunset, we saw a little bit of sunshine. that' s a preview of the sunshine we are going to get tomorrow. there is a band of clouds up in north new hampshire, but for the most part, we are going to remain clear during the overnight. temperatures will go down because of that. we are all hanging out in the 40' s at the moment. 48 degrees in manchester. 45 in laconia. once the winds diminish -- they are still blowing a little bit in concord -- once they die down, temperatures will fall into the 30' s across the state. for the school day forecast for monday, we will have temperatures starting out in the 30' s and up to 45 by recess. at last bell, temperatures only in the 50' s.
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we have some rain and wind on the way as we get into the rest of the work week. i will have the full forecast ahead. stephanie: a main father is due in court tomorrow, charged in the murder of his three-month-old son. police say 24-year-old eugene charley martin no killed his one-year-old son. the baby was taken to maine medical center with serious medical injuries. he died yesterday. the baby and his twin sister were born premature, and the little girl remains hospitalized, although that is unconnected to her brother' death. leo' s mother said in massachusetts home exploded this afternoon. escaped alive. the blast and fire destroyed the home. fire officials say they believe the gas problem caused the explosion. neighbors say they heard a loud noise, and they thought the tree had fallen.
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the massachusetts hikers climbed mount moussa lock, but when they were climbing down, he took a wrong turn. fish and game used gps coronets from the hikers' phones to find them and help them back to their car. the epa released a clean power plan to protect the environment. u.s. senator kelly ayotte announced her support. the plan was published by the obama administration friday. it once existing power plants to reduce their carbon emissions 32% from 2005 levels. >> new hampshire is well on its way to positive steps that we have already taken to meeting these goals, but i' m going to carefully monitor the implementation of this plan to make sure there is sufficient flexibility. stephanie: each state has a set target and is responsible for coming up with a plan to meet its goal.
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hopeful donald trump will return to the granite state. he will host a town hall at atkinson country club in the morning. doors open at 6:30. you can rsvp online. a deadly rollover crash in windham killed one woman and injured another. state police say they responded to a crash on i-93 at 3:30 this morning and found a car on its roof with two women from londonderry inside. 20-year-old susan darcy was taken to parkland medical center where she was pronounced dead. crews took 22-year-old kelsey lent this to portsmouth regional hospital. police are investigating the cause of the crash. a man from san francisco is helping homeless people reunite with families. kevin adler is traveling across the country to carry out a project called your call messages. he is recording short videos and posting them to social media in hopes of making a connection. kristen carosa shows us his powerful act of kindness. >> we are going to do whatever
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kristen: kevin adler is helping the homeless find their family. >> my heart is, i guess, hurt. kristen: it isn' t emotional message from a father to his daughter. it will be posted to youtube and on social media in the hopes of making a connection. adler is calling it a miracle message, and it has already helped a homeless man in california. a connection was made in under three weeks. >> a sibling recorded videos back to johnny, but they flew up from across the country with their partners and kids to reunite in person. kristen: adler is helping several homeless people in manchester that frequent the 12 69 cafe , a spiritual organization that helps with food and support. >> i' ve got nobody. i' m basically alone. kristen: dale lambert has been homeless for years and is hoping to find his sisters.
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>> he' s doing a big effort on that. so that i can get back with my family. kristen: adler is doing it in memory of his uncle mark who was also homeless. > in memory of my uncle mark, traveling across the country, helping folks just what my uncle mark reunite with their families. kristen: he has been to maine, vermont, new hampshire, and next to massachusetts, not stopping until he helps 100 people, people in need of respect. >> someone who is just homeless joe or jane to you or i could be the most important person in the world to the one person working for them. that is what motivates of this. kristen: kristen carosa, wmur news 9. stephanie: thank you, kristin. a project to create a bike path from southern maine to northern massachusetts is on hold. the new hampshire seacoast cruises way would run with and 17 miles from kittery to salisbury, mass. negotiations for a section of
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are stalling the project. it' create an east coast walking path from northern maine all the way to the florida keys. people in manchester walked to raise breast cancer awareness today. it' s the american cancer society' s making strides against breast cancer of manchester. the goal was to raise more than 1600 walkers. organizers say this event continues to grow each year. >> we have a couple of people who have just jumped on board to be chairs next year, and we are looking forward to becoming bigger and bigger. stephanie: the money raised will go to the american cancer society to help find a cure for breast cancer and fund programs and services. lance corporal brandon guerra brent was remembered at a 5k at congo high school. brandon signed up for the marine corps, finishing boot camp in time to walk with his class at condo high school'
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kelly says her son made the ultimate sacrifice at just 19 years old. brandon was driving a truck in afghanistan when an ied exploded , killing him, two other marines, and a military dog. coming up tonight at 11:00, the driver accused of killing four people at the oklahoma state homecoming parade is facing murder charges. why her attorney says she wasn' t drinking and driving. halloween comes a week early for 110-year-old. how the rollins per community is giving a boy diagnosed with cancer the chance to trick and treat -- trick or treat today. hayley: the rain showers we had
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stephanie: the woman suspected of crushing her car into a crowd at oklahoma state university yesterday is facing second-degree murder charges. an attorney representing 25-year-old a day should chambers says he believes she suffers from mental illness and there is no indication she was drinking or had been taking drugs. four people were killed, including a toddler. developing tonight, multiple people are dead after a canadian ship sank off vancouver island. canadian authorities say a will watching boat with 27 people on
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the vessel made a mayday call shortly before 4:00 this afternoon. tonight, the rollins berg community came together to do just wanted to trick or treat. levi was going to miss halloween this year for chemotherapy until stepped in. >> trick or treat. stephanie: 10-year-old levi whitcomb, better known as captain america, is having a blast trick or treating with his away. >> it' s overwhelming to us. the sheer degree of support. stephanie: mom jennifer pepin says levi is battling brain cancer and will be recovering from the next round of chemotherapy on october 31. >> it' s got ups and downs, which is tough to take, but his spirit is very strong. i don' t know if i would bounce back as quickly as he is.
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levi would miss halloween, they organized a special trick or treating event called a little love for levi. >> this one is for you. we made one for your brother. >> thanks. oscar, one is for you. stephanie: school counselor julie person asked neighbors on stockdale circle to hand out levi' s favorite candy sunday. >> it' s not just willing to participate. it' s like they were thinking us for, isn' t this great you are allowing us to do something to help write in levi' s day? >> how are you? last year, i had cancer, and this is how much has grown back. here you go. have a nice day. stephanie: neighbor susan williams is a breast cancer survivor and says she was happy to give levi candy and wisdom. >> it made me excited, because i know what i went through last year when i went through chemotherapy. it' s big i can give him back something. stephanie: a golf course donated a golf cart for levi to use
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tonight. the third annual new hampshire auto show wrapped up today in bedford. more than 150 cars from 20 manufacturing brands have been on display since friday at the new hampshire sportsplex in bedford. people can research and get a feel for the cars in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. >> no pressure environment. there are salespeople to answer questions and to talk to, but there is no hard sell. stephanie: last year, attendance went up 12 bang percent -- 12%. weekend. parts of the state received more than a foot of rain when haddad. elizabeth hur tells us how people are recovering. elizabeth: outside new orleans, drivers, forced to slow down, and nearby, an elderly woman
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in dallas, more than 70 rescues, including this man and his dog. the floodwaters, so powerful, they derailed train cars. in the houston area, a funnel cloud. >> i looked out the window, and all you saw was a whirlwind of trash. elizabeth: this man got stuck trying to find his car. >> i just watched my car slowly disappear. elizabeth: he ultimately gave up. in galveston, wins at more than 50 miles per hour and 10 foot high, causing this empty tanker to run aground. this neighborhood, totally submerged. >> we have had other times when it has rained a lot. elizabeth: flash flood watches remain in effect from eastern texas to the florida panhandle. elizabeth hur, abc news. >> now meteorologist hayley lapoint and your storm watch 9 forecast. hayley: we started out the day on a dismal note, didn' t we? lots of clouds, showers, even a little bit of fog. this is the time lapse at newfound lake.
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you can still see some foliage, although on the tree here, barely any leaves left on the tree. at newfound lake, we finally got to see sunshine later on in the day as the cumulus clouds passed through. a nice sunset took place when we were able to see the sun as the clouds broke apart. here is the thing. there are still a few clouds passing across the state. you see that banned from lebanon up into the mount washington valley. these clouds are going to keep the temperatures a little bit warmer as we go through the overnight hours. i' m expecting them to also clear during the next couple hours. overnight, most of the sky should clear. to the west of us, that is the case, especially towards toronto and michigan. there is high pressure that is building in. that' s our weather for monday and tuesday, but then midweek, all eyes are going to be on the system that slowly will be approaching us and eventually giving us a heavy dose of rain
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and even some wind coming along, too. here are the high temperatures we got to today. it felt nice this afternoon, despite the fact that a lot of us didn' t get sunshine. 63 in manchester. 56 in jaffrey. the average high, 57. we were a few degrees above that today. right now, we have fallen back into the 40' s. relatively mild for this time of night. 48 degrees in concord. in the low 40' s up north. here is what will happen tonight. we will have generally cloudless skies, especially where we clear out. that is where temperatures will be coldest. i expect that to be in the great north woods. temperatures there in the upper 20' s by daybreak, and across the rest of the state, we fall into the 30' s, wins out of the northwest at five miles per hour. the full moon will happen in a couple days, but a big moonlit sky outside right now. for monday, all of us heading
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back to work, back to school, temperatures only reach the 40' s up north and 50' s in the southern part of the state. noticeably cooler stuff as this cold front we had today with the rain showers has march through. tuesday, mix of sun and clouds, temperatures in the 50' s. tomorrow night, a cold one, falling into the 20' s overnight. wednesday, the morning is probably dry, but in the afternoon, that is when we will have heavier rain showers passing through in time for the evening commute. the wins, picking up as well. thursday morning, light rain showers, but thursday afternoon, expect the showers to be all but done. the winds are also going to be coming with the system, as well. looking towards next weekend, if you can believe it, halloween on saturday. 50 degrees during the day, but for trick-or-treating, temperatures should be in the 30' s. it' s going to be a little cold for the kids and the parents going out and doing
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trick-or-treating, but at this point, it doesn' t look like you sunny on sunday in time to turn the clocks back, and that is when we experience darkness at 4:00 in the afternoon. the end of the day next week. stephanie: that' s the other side of the coin, a little more time getting dark little bit earlier. s going to feel more like winter soon. stephanie: we are not dealing with any losses with the patriots. jason: no, theyjason: passed the test against the jets.
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jason: tom brady set franchise record, making his 213th start for the new england patriots, breaking the mark held by bruce armstrong. brady went out not only to lead the patriots in passing but rushing, as well. things started out ok for the pats. dont' a hightower recovers. that led to a pats field goal. 3-3 in the second. here come the jets. fitzpatrick hits jeremy curley. patriots respond. tom brady with a one-yard touchdown run to tie the game at 10-10. 16-10, patriots. chris ivory slips out of the backfield, and that' s a touchdown to give the jets a 17-16 lead. it was 20-16 when brady woodhead danny amendola. -- would hit danny amendola. with under 2:00 to play, brady
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he caught 11 passes for 108 yards. brady threw the ball 54 times. they only ran at nine, and he was the leading rusher. patriots win 30-23. they are 6-0 and will host the dolphins thursday. speaking of the dolphins, they are playing like a completely different team. taking on the texans, ryan tannehill finds jarvis landry. he does the rest. 50 yards, cutting across the green. the touchdown, his first of two, made it 14-0. score. the dolphins win 44-26. the patriots, still in control of the afc east division with that 6-0 record, 6-0 for the first time since 2007. the jets gave them a test. they will meet in the second to
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back at home today, less than 2:00 to go in the first, zach lowe rosso skates in and beats the goalie with the backhand. when i zero, manchester. second. adirondack led to-one after two -- 2-1 after two periods. game-winner. manchester. the thunder win 5-2. manchester will play at the jackals next saturday. >> our mistakes right now are pretty big breakdowns, and they are costing us goals. it' the game. i like generally a lot of the things we did, but in the areas where it counted, being up underneath sticks and doing things we needed to win the
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in that respect, it' s a great get better. jason: charlie davies and the new england revolution taking on the new york city fc. 1-0, revs. davies fires one off the post, his 10th of the season. davies also had an assist. the revs clinch a playoff spot in the process. new england will play d.c. united the knockout round on wednesday or thursday. in girls field hockey, quarterfinals, bishop girton and bedford tonight. 1-0, bg. erica scores to give the cardinals a 2-0 lead, and then heather, watch io is going to beat her defender and feed it in. bishop girton goes on to win 3-0. when a comet and londonderry also one today.
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the semifinals will be played on thursday. a drivers are still eligible for the sprint cup championship. the round of 12 came to a close at talladega today. could dale junior get the win he
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do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male...
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where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the men who are r p
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jason: final race of the 12-drive around. a few drivers needed a win to get through. a late caution fire -- forced a green-white checkered finish. several cars wrecked behind the leaders. nascar determined it was legato in front of joey logano wins his third consecutive race during it he won all three races in the around. dale earnhardt jr. finished second. he needed the win to advance. >> i thought the green flag flew, and that was an attempt, but they said, we are going to do it one more time. we play by nascar' s rules. thankfully, it worked out for us. >> i did everything i could. i' m proud of myself, product my team. we did a good job. if this group sticks together, we are going to do great things.
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four drivers jason: eliminated.
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